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Contest Rules:

In order to win the $1000 gift card to Diamonds Direct in Short Pump. You must sign up online  at  and join our yahoo sports survivor pool (Group). Yahoo Sports rule apply and is solely responsible to the execution of the contest. Fox sports Richmond will only be responsible to providing the 1 grand prize. The grand prize can be substituted at any time.  Only 1 entry per person will be accepted. You must sign up before 6pm 9/7/18. Each week you must enter your most likely Pro football team. If your team wins, you move on in the contest BUT can never pick that team for the rest of the regular season. If your team loses or you forget to enter, you get 1 mulligan/mistake per entry/season. After 2 losses or missed entrees or combination of the two, you are eliminated. Your picks must be entered by you weekly.  Deadlines depend on Kickoff times. Designated by Yahoo Sports. it is your responsibility to remember your USERNAME and Password.   Only 1 person will win the Survivor Pool and the $1000 Diamonds Direct grand prize. If there are multiple winners of the regular season, the contest will go into the playoffs. We reserve the right have new rules that will apply and be given to the “Survivors” at that point. The contest ends when we have only 1 remaining player.  Fox Sports Richmond is not responsible for errors, either by Yahoo, Entercom Richmond, NFL or any other act of god. The rules can be changed at any time for any reason. General rules apply and can be found here. Yahoo sports rules will apply and are available here.

Contest Rules:

Thousand Dollar Draft Cash 

10/1/18 – 11/2/18

This is a national contest.  Click HERE for the official rules specific to this contest.