Wes McElroy - Hour 3 - Thom Loverro and Damon Hack (6-13-18)

Wes McElroy
Wednesday, June 13th
Wes welcomes Thom Loverro of The Washington Times and Damon Hack of The Golf Channel in the third hour. 

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Some no yeah and you know this. His last McIlroy on fox sports and I intend fox sports Richmond dot com. Only show it 34509. Tad more email west and fox sports Richmond dot job Syrians he is the man the last medical raw demo. And edit edit clack are on this Wednesday hall and some feel like it's a hot there and some feel like it's a hung over day after like to some of that party in DC yesterday. And it's you wonder how many people gone out fake sick yesterday is where does The Beatles are realizing I give noted in my body on a Tuesday. Via some capitals fans fielded today big cats they're still feel no pain. Putting it back from nick bachelor pad my favorite line yesterday of the parade. To see you guys out there today celebrating without us. We're absolutely nothing without you guys so thank you very much. Finally we start playing hard. Hockey like we can parties of the treatment. I play here's the one thing I can't figure out and that sound clip didn't Baxter who stumble over his words or is there a drunken hiccup and there are. A little bit cal looked like if you watched on TV Canada Stockton and says hey Kenneth Michael Knight hang on now now you never you never drank. And we're set that up because you've never experienced something called the stork effect. Which I know you're old enough to remember loses dork from the drunken or they would deliver the wrong baby will be delivered Bugs Bunny Tilly the dobbs family the kangaroo onetime. But he would walked on the hot how. And I still say that when you're that drug that you get to pick ups you have the store effect. Selig should trademark that yet I think nick maximize that he stumbled on the delivery or is that laugh ha ha. This boys were hurt yesterday. I did was it coups heated said it's been a rough couple attain his grip that it does not sound like currency. In accusing look like Tom Cruise in risky business. I was a conservative party's over for the caps but it's not there's going to be interviews there's going to be charity dinners each play is gonna get his day we pick up but man. Those boys they and they need to take a break they'd they needed day off from dragon they just they need to go relax sanitize go to a gym taken that. But what a scene yesterday it was in DC Tom Rivero The Washington Times also host a radio show weekends on our sister station when a 67 the fan. He will be here eight wanted to try to put. Was just happened in the Stewart perspective what we just saw from the capitals. And also we'll get back to our poll question about the aftermath and the after effect of what this does for the nationals. Or the capitals. For the Redskins our poll question this morning is. Who has the capitals winning the cup put more pressure the nationals. The Redskins. Where the wizards and I believe that there is something I will call the sibling effect here. Where it is hey. One brother did this what's the other brother going to do. And I say this is if you are siblings and I say this is someone who has sister who's fifteen months younger. I was 26 of my sister announced that she was pregnant she'd been married about two and a half years comes end. Tells mom and dad spammers go on crazy everybody's so happy. My aunts my cousins everybody is ecstatic. But their becomes this part and certain members of the family can relate to me on this one you get to the part where the family members it can't just be happiness for one. They got a look at the other sibling and my aunts who we've nicknamed the twisted sister's. They. They get to a point of all oh. What are you happy for your sister yeah. So. Aid anybody. Settle down any time soon. Have you thought about kids. See it happens it they just can't have happiness for one sibling get it you gotta turn on the otherwise it's the basically what's the other brother doing with his life. You're one brother gets married announces an engagement while he's seen it. You know I know he's gonna settle down what's he gonna do it is like this even have a job. We we all have those family members like could you just be happy for what news and not get some welcome back to you it's dissembling effect. And there is the sibling effect in DC there will be. Because you look at the caps and they say they got it done. And you look crossing you got all these images of as parade in 26 years you see the Redskins. And the motor coaches and Joseph Gibbs and Doug Williams earned mark written and blessed are they beat the bills and 92. But Williams is down 47. But there is that when. Whether it's in. Those glory days. In the Redskins beat team in the city. There's nationals I believe there's more pressure on the nationals. Because you have the ingredients you have the elements you have Cy Young award winner you have MVP. You have your 12 and three of your pitching rotation now they're coming off injuries I'm not just about the present state of the team on June 13 which. But again last night can't hit it's nothing gets shut out against the Yankees back to back shut outs for the nationals. Until about the bigger picture. If you look back at history will look back on this team you had and beat two time Cy Young award winner you've had an MVP. You had first round picks and rent build an harper and Strasburg and other guy that they brought in in trade turner. And if they never got past the first round. Sadly there is more pressure on the nationals I believe that there is a sibling affected play. We'll talk to Tom of their about that from. The Washington Times when he jaws is it 81. Polygraph result the poll question brought you by call federal national still leading the poll question poll results 67%. When Nantz and I just I want that pictures clear that I was the second sibling to get married in the second sibling got a job is that. Is it clear that I think I think we just just wanna make sure that I I was the example right there. Those good married and again accuse. By twisted adds golf is ball. The guy just saw this come across the wire the capitals. In the midst of all they're celebrating they also took out a full page ad in the Las Vegas review journal congratulating the golden knights on their broadcasting contracts. Just picture of great hope is shaking hands with the one and only Marc-Andre Fleury that's pretty cool that's very very classy and might add speaking of classy. Courted the Washington Post. Zero arrest yesterday at the parade. And the lead total of everything the aftermath of all the partying all the rallies although it in the streets one arrests. You. It can teacher wasn't Billy couple there weren't any arrests thank you. I was coming there were there any arrest during nap Brady there that's fine it was a lot colder there was no worse is harmed in the celebration of the cap that was not a break on us saying which can connect to note is that new Santa Claus things that the new through IIS I don't want to register youth are only doing it because I can stir you. And other family members. 3450910. At west fox sports 910 dozens were rolling off news we do a breaking news if you're just tuning in this morning and it involves soccer. No the US is not magically found away into the 2018 World Cup that would be nice sounding great. Manhattan jacked up however they will be hosting that's when he won six World Cup along with Mexico and Canada. I've valves. Work is out of Moscow about an hour ago they had the vote where it's like 2 or 3 o'clock in the afternoon. This is supposed to drop some point today the closest competition was Morocco. I guess at the end of the day they looked at what Morocco could provide and what this Pegasus gold united dated. Where is these three countries and the projection is I guess the selling point was between TV contract revenue stadiums. Ticket sales. They said they could generate eleven point four billion dollars revenue. Not just for the countries but for the World Cup. And Osama tells me they can raise eleven point four billion dollars but my pocket and especially the by people of Eva you know how they like money sometimes on meet the table. They're listening. So you're gonna have an expanded field that's the year that expanse in 32 to 48. Sixty of the eighty matches will be in the United States I'm excited this doesn't make up my disappointment I really am. I'm disappointed I'm not mad I'm not angry I'm not that passion up as a soccer fan. But it just experience in the past 20 god I have truly love the patriotism. The camaraderie of getting together the viewing parties were not I'm bummed out there we're not gonna have that this go around. But may god keep me on this earth to 226. Because two things that always wanna cover. Bos one to cover the Winter Olympics now having more appreciation for soccer I'd love to go not cover I don't wanna work I wanna go experience a World Cup match in. Point are just ramble on this off. You're you're talking the US. Mexico and Canada and sixteen matches you have to imagine the spread through the major cities of New York Philly. And if you do that timeline the Redskins want to be in a new stadium by 42 when he seven. Via great World Cup site. And you would have to get it open you have to get the wrinkles out of it. So maybe. Maybe this pushes things a little bit quicker to find out that this is going to be in Maryland Virginia because you know against Matos spotlight. And he would love the world looking at his brand new stadium the get a World Cup and then potentially Super Bowl so that's the that's the news outs of people this morning as they begin against the World Cup is tomorrow it starts 11 AM our time. That's Russia and Saudi Arabia are we adopting teams on the show I feel this show should you wanna adopt Iceland. It gets when I've thought about batter that's a couple other teams I kicked around Spain nothing against Spain like Spain always wanted to go there Australia another good one but yes I think we should we should try to teamed up there's a lot of options here is that it's only you think Brazil now I don't think Spain can modify a country to understand this is what's gonna happen and I almost feel like it I know it's gonna happen there's going to be a good story that we jump on there's gonna be the little guy the little country. They gonna pull for and you're gonna watch it's just it's not gonna have the same effect is not going to be. Being down a Billy timber tavern. Four years ago when we beat guy and everybody jumps in the street the fans like their their memories that I have people at Buffalo Wild Wings the year. I who'd they get that the league goal against 2010. Mer Reno Wednesday morning we're buffalo allow he's amid located just dog pound the Richmond kickers who's crazy second get that. Somebody comes along. Some way that will be good story some little country in the oval will pull for him but. Right off the bat right out issued a not nearly and dump for the World Cup the way out lust of the previous two. So are you on team Iceland. Yet with a team Iceland I feel I have to pull for England seeing how my daughter's name London. I one trip we shall we do the World Cup death pool the World Cup survivable low. Fortunately I assigned teams. I guess we get assigned teams is this article seems a little luster isn't there with the EU actually work did it look look look. When the games the majority of games begin. If they start before tomorrow's show up puts on the nonaligned. We'll match of listeners with a country and will will try to race image more interest in this World Cup scene when most of the matches began and then if we can do it tomorrow show. A parent listeners and we'll put a good prize in line to get more interest in the World Cup is. While the finals are done at the Stanley Cup finals done. We're basically got baseball until training camp at the end July so I need to sparks more interest in sports we've got one match tomorrow Russia Saudi Arabia that looks like EF three on Friday. Four on Saturday so that this weekend will be the majority pilots' argument promotions will find something we'll do a we'll do a World Cup draft tomorrow matching listeners with countries. Oh million more details but I out. We'll put cynical Sinegal is in the world 'cause they leave north manages and I don't know but there and woke up in the US is not so they win. Ouch I would do that for tomorrow right now I've got to get rid of a couple spots that get rid of spotting an award a couple spots in our McIlroy as many open of golf to benefit our dollars against diabetes. Fund raiser campaign this week you'll fox sports night and raising money asking you to donate your dollar against diabetes you can go to fox sports Richmond dot com and donate there all the money goes in the central Virginia chapter. Of the GDR left Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. Tomorrow night revealing a part of that act. He sports Bart you an inch out sixteen years or younger. Playing a round of golf. Mini golf. We've got trophies we've got prizes. Love for you to join his first two callers right now union job to play tomorrow night 3450910. These are less two spots in the many open 3450910. If he can make it tomorrow night 6 o'clock love to have a bogey sports bar. Tom Barrow of The Washington Times will join us next on the day that was in DC. And the bigger picture of the history that happened next fox sports 910. I'm from being deployed here and I've said these days. It's just off days but we're not that good stuff. Yeah get a grip public speaker you've got to leave Mon I notes. And over left them on a high note yesterday. Zander of action for the final words of the capital's. Parade and celebration yesterday what do day it was in DC. To further expand on it because he was there covering it for a success in the fanning is also fantastic columnist for The Washington Times. It's on the barrel back with a is on the and of DC sports history that you seen or witnessed how would you put dodges this past week how would you put this month. And and generalize it now would you I guess categorize it in all DC sports history. I think it integrated suite. Since I've been copper indeed he sport I started. Right where we are now a week after direct is urged to Opel championship. And 1992. The only thing I've been close it is that the George Mason run. Even Maryland's national championship in 2002 I don't think there's sort of impact. A around the area all we've seen nothing like it. You know that the number of reasons for that let that it is it's got to be integrated suite in the past 26 here. Tom you can expand on this and I respect you for so many reasons to want and and and jealous of you Samie reasons because I love the senior podcast we talk about great boxing matches that used to saw. He's the CB you remember a time in sports where it was. It was okay for fans and athletes to work together to be together to go to the corner bar and we didn't have this day and obviously as we didn't have this disconnect on contracts we social media has changed the game. The one thing I appreciated the one thing I've loved is that the cavs didn't have this celebration and a suite somewhere they didn't have a an or utility hotel. They took the party do the people and we hear so many times athletes say this is for you the fans. The capitals formally define that line. You know and at my theory behind act is. I think they felt already hurt certainly had felt. And shared the pain of those play all failures were the net we know players. You know like when you lose a year a year ago they all know how painful it is that what they would be here. From the capped and the criticism and frustration. Instead of lashing out and getting angry about it they empathize with I think we got like necklace back stripped. I got to be in the locker room with him after. I'll play all law been an early exit against Pittsburgh. And you could tell eat he knew what was coming from the plan. And he understood it. He says he says Leonard the quote after last year exiting and beat. The penguin I know the same question to commentators seem quite as backup or Colbert get. And he said it out of frustration or anger. So I think what these players felt. Let the same frustration that the end they'll be here and that is why. They wanted to bring that cup all might think to Washington. This year with the because I think they understood. What it meant to the ban does market that meant to them I think they shared that teen years and they want to share their larger. It was a great answer Tom of their joining us from Washington times when a success in the span also his podcast. A definite listen cigars and curve balls on iTunes. Tom. Alexander Ovechkin would have gone down as one degrees in DC he's gonna go down when the greats in hockey will be a hall of Famer. But this this changed it this took him to a new level and I was asking earlier it feels like. When we talk about Joseph Gibbs and Darrell green and art monk and Doug Williams eight. Oh he's now in that category I don't know if he would've been there without a championship but he's definitely they're now. You know I probably would have put up there in in that category of the past you know. 3040 years. What are greatest athletes we've never seen it now because you're right I mean. The he didn't need the Stanley Cup you don't recognize. That he would wanted to that you wondered greatest hockey players of his time. And certainly. We've never seen I think since in Italy and moderate Arab. An athlete Washington sport would like that we kind most valuable player. In their sport and would leave their lead in the light whatever what batting war touchdown passes or in this case school scoring second time. So I think we recognize that but you know I think Barry trot. He went he went to Russia this winter. Or a visit with his son. And he also met with Obi like he was there and yeah they have a conversation about redefining his school. And making some changes and I think that combined with you know all we get older those gray haired Eddie he's here every day. I think you recognize that he he he would endanger European. The decline in his career on what he hadn't done. As much as he had done. He's he always hurt them but he didn't win a Stanley Cup and I think he talks are running out. I think he he was worried that he didn't want. That would define you know it is time in the league and I think he made some changes. In his priorities. That helped them win the Stanley Cup and I think you're right that there are I think the guy Michael we all he needed one could stop a conversation. You know because you've got everything else on your weight. So I think it stopped back. Yep like you might you might hear you you know lone voices saying no he didn't wait two or tree but I expect ridiculous. I think I think he'd change the confrontation about himself. He took away the one thing that people would have criticized the war and now we're lucky it happened walks in the. I was discussing before I brought you on the sibling effect it's like gallon one brother gets married that violence at the other brother wondering if he's gonna date is gonna settle down was gonna do is live. As a there's now a sibling affecting DC because people are looking at the Redskins. The nationals the wizards in our poll question this morning. Who does this put the most pressure on to win next and that's Redskins wizards. Aren't international. I think I think the national I com. Two beyond any version of the capital. With their continuous early exit in the playoffs and 2012. What you heard from the national. And it's on my god they're becoming the app. So I think that perhaps that that kind of Peter natural connection. Moving forward plus they're gonna beat that team. To play the post be the that they do play in the post season. This year so bad debt that will be. The immediacy of the comparison. I think. I think it marked as read it plans wanna get excited about Alex Smith I beat you down if it gonna take something to prove it and that they can you know compete with the capital in terms of post season success to this point and. And delays there are are are up their fire. You know they're they're different dumpster fires that. That. You know that Carter embarrassment it's hard to believe that the same guy it'll help but oh well I try. It and end this cavs win we'll in a kind of push that back into the corner of KEO. Everyone look at the cabs Nolan or about the wizards and would jump on Bradley believes should be more top of arrow. Read his column it was the pain of the Stanley Cup failures shared by the capitals and fans that made the connection so strong we read in The Washington Times. And go check out cigars and curve balls and iTunes what do you have coming up the next podcasts. Well actually the other wanted to talk today we got. Well known female sports after it went we better get on the podcast this week. Nice I actually got to get the hang out what you are together a couple years ago completely out how to edit out out there yes she was awesome if you bail me out of a really boring conference that I was in and she said what do you do and as in any interaction is getting your car. I'm like cruising down the road Lesley Visser super nice. I will check it out I accidents on I hope we connect so we see each other soon I love having you on appreciate the time is always. Here thank you guys Tom of their own joining us from The Washington Times and you can listen to. He had any Poland on Saturday mornings in the radio dot com apple on 1067 the fan. The people that's it's a great perspective there of why the Castro celebrate with their fans. I welcome back it's been proposed budget but a simple question again who's put more pressure on. I agree with Tom I think it's the and that's a current results of the poll Paulie when we get. We are Satan on currently 64%. For the nationals cnet's who's got more pressure on the Redskins want 33%. If you want to argue the Redskins why they have more pressure to win now. I'll take that as I wanna hear your reason for voting. The way you do 3450910. Damon hack will be with us at 845 machine cocktails preview of the US open your calls our eyes are opened the next and if you are at the parade yesterday. I'll be here from yet. I also love to hear how you feel this morning. We're. Error 3450910. Fox sports 910. And one woman bitch. I indeed several night and fans. Yeah. So good you can hit it's one minute counts for a run. Grandson named us the realities. Before going on here for obvious he struggled as of late not last night. It's a grand salami Freddie free or the homer and the Braves beat the Mets eight to two. I'll these the NL leader an extra base hits and runs he guys in a one point five average in the month of June began. But it dead to thirteen days we crank it up last night as the Braves get the win 8220 and the with the nationals laws they hold the lead in the National League east and mentioned Bryce Harper getting plunked twice last night. He got. Hit in the right elbow by sabathia in the fifth inning and any got plunked by dealt with chances with that with a slider in that hole. It's we said it was in the left foot but he letters is told Witten on. Paul and I were debating what's worse getting plugged in the which which I can say the elbow I guess it's certainly the elbow. But it sounds like the way he described the way things went numb it Sally got hit directly in the funny bill. Which that doesn't tickle either man die UK do you think your elbow wrong and a desk you Bubba somewhere. You hit a funny bone present your morals that I can drop. And it dropped harper last night he's rolled down the pain he rolled down the floor in ground and pain and he kind of wanted to operate got buses elbow up. But he gets up he goes over his base and that he comes up in the Aden gets hit by doping dances and did get walked to first base but here's harper afterwards say and got checked out and good ago. What's like. Civil feels OK and pick toe to search a little bit of I got ex chairman Tom topic. Can't ball both pitchers are not in miles now are you gotta take one guy take it in the elbow would you rather take it in the foot. I think I'd rather take it in the elbow because we knew aged aunt aunt Freddie does or stub their total before. I mean just stepping in on something that's smarts and battle like you have to topple one fluently it's hard to Milwaukee you kind of walk with a a little dimple little limp. W it prod Bruce the Smart but. Foot must see all up and I think I'd rather take that one in the arm now he said he got hit in the so original gladly got hit on the the side of the foot but he got written itself did you watch in slow Molly did bright on the big tell I am totally with you I'd rather get in the elbow especially with its hello this what you don't want turf toe. He's got hurt two he's too we hurts the poor babies that. Do us W big toe you got that paint it. You a foot injury a toe injury it goes into your foot. It goes into your leg then you start doing things like over compensating and then you that your your ankle yet I'd I'd much rather take it right elbow. And it the funny bone. It's gaga that's another when you hit your funny bone right it goes to the elbow all the way up into your shoulder yes it's like it's. Just shoots all the way up it's it doesn't stay isolated. Ninety ma. And as they can now considering he has done. Well I don't feel like the united. And yes I would I won't even do that the 3450910. Last call phone calls. Damon hack will join us from the Golf Channel. We wanna remind everybody tonight I will be out at the diamond. As the flies grows they win and a walk off last night congratulations to Jeff Arnold. With day walk off two run double squirrels and on the night out beyond for the dime a from five until seven. With you McIlroy teachers to benefit dollars against diabetes will be collecting your one dollar donations ten dollar donation will be ET shirt because he was decent looks like. I'd like this logo. This this what might be my favorite T shirt that we have done yet. I think about embracing this logo as the new show Lugo. Pretty cool it's well done thank you promotional considerations. AC AC RT shirt sponsors you pick publisher for ten dollar donation tonight. We will also be a bogey sports book tomorrow from mackerel as many open of golf. And then it. Wanna party. Wanna throw a good party on Saturday night Al what you show up. Earliest aberrant for our annual dad's day corn hole tournament we will be their starting at 5 o'clock. If you don't wanna be part of the quarreled tournament I'm still inviting you and your family come out have some dinner Saturday a lot of fun. My whole family will be there you are you might listening family. Please join us for a great cause and donate your dollar against diabetes and I understand any school this week I understand you got family vacation. If you could please find some time to go Nate you'd donate your dollar against diabetes to benefit the JD RF the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. Please go donated fox sports Richmond dot com click on the dads they paved the link will take you directly to the donation page and the money goes right to the GDR that. But if you would like to play in the coral tournament. On a Saturday night 5 o'clock I got through spots right now to give away. Caller one caller to. 3450910. And you are in for some Saturday night on festivities for a great cause. And also Saturday why the US open in China cocktails it'll be on the TV early tavern but next we'll preview it with a TV guy. David sack of the Golf Channel fox sports 910. Got out for a good out here give him a little back room. It says the argument point five dollar give Carter hurl these tavern that's where we're going to be Saturday night for our tenth annual dollars against diabetes campaign. The benefits of Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. Spots to give away. Tomorrow got a last two spots giveaway for the corn hole tournament but if you wanna c'mon join us to be Saturday night early tavern in the shops at Innsbruck. Crazy it's been ten years since we started dad's day. Also crazy it's been ten years since Tiger Woods won a major 2008 at the US open. US open ocean a cock kill starting bright and early tomorrow a body from the Golf Channel mr. David hack with his on the the deemed Mercer rug cleaning hotline. How hard is it to believe I mean it's one of those things we know that how hard is it to believe it's been ten years is tiger won a major. It's amazing wet with such great have been with you specially during a major. Championship been. But they were meant when tiger hobble off that that. Playoff green with that brought a Rocco Mediate on Monday. Ten years ago you know we knew he was hurt but we didn't think that you know the incredible. You know tabloid frenzy. You know. All of his career you know obviously opened put it would happen in the injury happened it. You know these other players came in you know certain take the mantle from tiger we all kind of assumed it when he. 25 majors are Tiger Woods at the pace he would run at a you know picking ordered two year. And you beat it a decade later and that tiger is that you know tiger has of the bill righty but he. A face in the crowd when we talk about contenders for majors now. Even this weekend is tiger a contender or pretender there. Or an enigma. No great question. I would say I believe he's a contender I still think that you've put it on that list of 20/20 five players who it would a major championship. In that space on his help. Based on the back initial signs this year are you the shot out of a a play happen bows are. Played great at the Honda had a chance in the back knighted being ill. Didn't play great and it got the bit bounce back I thought with some really strong play at the players. And butt or a frigid cold putter at memorial. Well might have had win number eighty on the PGA tour I still think. There's something to be said for experience this especially on this golf course tiger played it quite. Only twenty players in the field of using computer at all at a US open it's gonna cut guilt because of that I'll look at guys like Phil Mickelson. Steve Stricker. Zach Johnson Tiger Woods played that experience on what the hardest US open golf course that these men will ever play. He's David hacker got gentle way this year on fox sports night and US open starting tomorrow you can see to covered pre post. Golf Channel part of NBC sports you mentions in a cocktails. Set this up force and how does that play. Does that play in regular weather how could have played in windy weather what are we looking after the week. On its is they vintage. Classic US open golf course with heavy heavy rough oh the with the width of the fairways will be why do you call back into that for the with with about thirty. 28 the thirty yard now we're looking at more like forty to 42 yards. No whole run in exactly the same direction when the wind blows. It almost plays like of a British I'll link that and that's where this golf course really hit its bones it's nuts and bolts or are from the the UK. That Charles Blair MacDonald. We've got a lot of American architecture put it in on the golf course William Lynn in 1931. Wolf recently Ben Crenshaw and bill or. Of this big golf course with it fantastic history a roster championed by Raymond Floyd. Forty people and Retief Goosen. If favors the grinder. That the player who can keep his wit. Not make that seven and could turn that the secret to a five in the I haven't to a war and when the wind blows. Should cut killed in this cup golf course that you line. So mean but out here or there who's the grinder of the group when you when I say griner when you say griner is the golf that comes into a mental image. Tell you I think Zach Johnson I think every tenth of the militia leader would have major chip it in the win two years ago a final round 63 at loyal true. Of that 82 year old Raymond what was 43. When he won a quarry even. You know that dispersed and only major championship after years of heartbreak. Retief Goosen had won a major chip could you crier. At southern ill 111 putt on Sunday according to one but the but the week over. I want the player who can bite can grind it out who has is not a million leadership under his belt at least has been. In the fire are all like Rickie Fowler because these are in the put together those rounds that you need to their major championship that brilliant weekend of 6567. At a depth that we'll just to let that go in gauge. Last week. Everything seems to be in working order is your respective ability. Particularly laughable that they pit in 510 years time rookie out of out maybe a handful of majors he's played 2 o'clock he'll. As a recreational. Player never competed at US open a cynic about but he absolutely love that Hampton loved that golf course and yet but when I'm also taking a very well look at this week. And who knows Damon Eagles when their first bowl caps when their first Stanley Cup Rickie Fowler at an eco electric car that's going on around sports world right now. That's a pretty good Trent Lott and missing so many. A first time major champ you know in the last three years that Jason day of the Brooke kept that in a penny will it. Patrick read on and on it goes up doctrine is two years ago auto lot. Well Britain Newport first major chip to that seem to be to Trent Lott and at that. These players are seeing their years it'd that the that lack a player like Rickie Fowler. Org on romp looks so appealing a because we've seen the likes of just comet that all these player breakthrough for the first major championship in the last few years. He's Damon hack the Golf Channel check out the coverage all week and weekend long on the god channel that I don't assume anything you name job Zach Johnson a couple times easier picked. I'm going with a different Johnson Dustin now. Out Hulu and admit that I like in the witness at major championship which Armon said last month that COLT neat. On morning drive at the players that you need to work harder. That a buyer of quick motivate or motivational. Coach not to the next and those swing coach which armadillos. How to do that players to perform at a high level like that and not in great driver of the golf all regarding what a US open coming up what it meant that we hold out it. Have beat that goal with a nine iron equal quote got a six shot win DJ is my pick to win a second major championship. In the win the 118. US open. My god you got your golf memory you need cycle Wikipedia database already dependent on the things that you remember about golf Dan and it is a masters open and that PGA and British Open championship tradition always ideal before a major. Enjoy the golf and happy early Father's Day to you until the boys Acela. Anyway it's great it. Sounds like a plan daylight actor got channel and AD Mercer road cleaning hotline for all you oriental rug cleaning needs just one call to Joseph indeed. Learn more the deed Mercer rug cleaning dot com and I thought I did the thing that I said we have to stop do it we have to watch. We do this via caller earlier about the Eagles in the cap swing their first championships. We keep the Internet the Houston Astros. We we really we only forgot about that member we did this poll how this is about a month ago or some about. What coach you'd want over the next ten any and you know easy JJ did you that we do separate poll. You asking if you know who AJ it was the majority of people now I don't know that it is guilty Abu discussing this earlier previous callers in the about the Eagles in the cast in winning their first championships in Calgary demos Phelan. I I admit this because I'm writing part of my column as we can at times dispatch about it. That we leave out the Astros and it's not like 1962. Is two years ago it did was in 1962. And that's when they started in. They'd won nothing since they got close in 86 and have been. Looked guides still World Series so yes to admit maybe Rickie Fowler it's all lineup for Ricky this year. It's an cocktails. Look at port of the US open much more tomorrow. Montell Griffin will join us VCU golfer. Was this GA golfer in 2009. Has made the US open an incredible story it's this is. This is your guy this is your baseball player who's played in the minors for six to seven years and. Finally gets the call up. Finally gets called to the big show. And Montel will be part of the US open wheel I've got more tomorrow Scott Allen will do I think Scott Allen is joining us from Russia Scott downed the Washington Post the post is. As full coverage of ads talking to a colleague of mine actually Michael Goldstone it is that. That part of the coverage that they were sending over to the World Cup in Russia. Got delayed an altered by those covering the Stanley Cup. However Scott Allen I believe is in Russia will be joining us tomorrow in the 7 o'clock hour. From a Russia on at the start of the World Cup and I've been told our promotional staff be listening tomorrow the 7 o'clock hour we will just do inspire. A little excitement without the US I know we we got the news about 226 and that's good news but it UEFA good soccer news until 226. I want what Hank for the difference so tomorrow I've been told by the promotional staff we got a nice prize. And we will do our World Cup listener draft where you will be paired with a country. Just you can sparks them. Patriotism. In this World Cup which begins tomorrow at 11 AM here's a corporate blog only on fox. Russia and Saudi Arabia miss anything on the show today on the barrel fantastic. I Dick Russell the Washington imposed. Both the about the capitals both putting endorsed historic perspective Damon hack on the US open or Mike Jones on the basically Pro Bowl roster. Not showing up at mandatory minicamp it's all available either fox sports Richmond dot com or on the apple iTunes store to subscribe to the US Mac like podcast. I'll see some argue with that Donna tonight I'll be out in front starting at 5 o'clock taking dollars against diabetes and your donations if not do it again tomorrow at 6 AM till then you tell me let it guide. And they don't want them love thing before they fear. I said not mis it's just. Saying. We're not sure. I.