Wes McElroy - Hour 3 - Ryan Wilson and Brian McNally (3-13-18)

Wes McElroy
Tuesday, March 13th

Wes welcomes Ryan Wilson of CBS Sports and Washington Capitals Writer Brian McNally in the third hour.


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Some know. He this. His last medical rule on fox sports 910 fox sports Richmond dot com. The only show in three bored by 09 tag or email west and blocks towards Richmond dot job Syrians. He is the man the last medical all been run and eight dog hours foxwoods not Shannon Marie do dot com ask. Thank you for crank it is up on a morning where. The game of mix and match is already underway and game of dominoes falling an NFL free agency Ryan Wilson. CBS board stack common units on CBS gonna joy is being twenty minutes we had a historic hockey moment last night. And the basketball. I don't know what to withdraw last night but the basketball resumes tonight with two. Of the first floor late inning games guy can not wait points. We're number 3450910. Twitter handle outlets fox sports 910 say good morning to those listening. Either on fox sports 910 or the radio dot com crew is here Gary has on the updates the bottom of the hour. Pauly. First word headlines. It's Royce morning edition on fox sports I. I stories like you were sleeping and waking up to news that. Case Keenan is going to be a Denver bronco this time weld got this done tomorrow tomorrow at 4 o'clock. And she after ESPN he is breaking a whole bunch of news John Elway deciding to avoid the dreaded forward which only the dreaded. The broncos' goal and all in on key scheme expected to sign tomorrow thirty Euro quarterback coming off. In eleven and three mark in fourteen starts with the vikings. Now going on to the Denver Broncos which pretty much they had a good idea that they route Kirk cousins sweepstakes and John Elway with the what's the line better the devil you know than the one you don't. Elway going around a free agency. Not going to draft a quarterback at five well because John Elway and free agency quarterbacks have worked out a heck of a lot better than John Elway drafting a quarterback. But this is the first domino to drop Broncos gave way to wrap Kirk cousins to decide they know what they had to do he's gonna cost tremendously less. And in the case of the Broncos certain pieces that you wanted to have been born to keep you might not be able to keep with Kirk cousins and what you spend on him. A little details of any contracts because nothing's official until tomorrow but all signs pointing towards. That case Keenan is going to be new quarterback in Denver. She after also reporting that Alan Robinson will sign with the bears when things open up tomorrow if your redskin fan I got some bad news here the next sixty seconds. If you thought it was going to be either Alan Robinson or Sammy Watkins. It's going to be C neither this into Watkins expected to sign in Kansas City. And you are putting some speed around Patrick Holmes there what does that Tyreke killed. Sammy Watkins. Who Osi got their Paul curry Bryant grease traps calcium tight end as well you know. Lot of weapons for rookie quarterback early August 2 year quarterback beginning his first starts in the NFL which is not a bad idea now the question is whether or not Andy Reid will let the play makers go B play makers in the quarterback do his thing. That's conversation for another day where dog Ryan Wilson here CBS sports dot com as. Things are starting to move nothing official to tomorrow but you've got this. Legal tampering period in the NFL would start about two years ago where everybody is just trying to get their business in order and things become official tomorrow. Now I don't know who's gonna be official tomorrow at 4 o'clock whether or not Kirk cousins ends up being a viking or jet. Story number two Kirk cousins saying farewell to Washington. Penning a letter or I guess in this case in 2018. Posting a letter on the Internet in which he says I'm about to make one of the bigger decisions in my life. I'll be saying divide and my familiar life as a redskin. After Colin Washington over the past six years the team has decided to move onto another option an intern. My family and I will be moving on as well when he goes on to say thank you this guy and that guy. Says thanks for the opportunity when Cooper someday I asked me hey dad what was it like player for the Redskins. Are proudly tell that was a dream come true. Buick OJ until Cooper if he asked do you really is who was what was likely in the NFL. You might be able to see that below it VS yeah. You really feel about Bruce Allen targets like so it was a dream come true. When he's like united sweet sixteen hey dad know what's what was it like what's Kirk's wife Julie. Two is indication that the look at a pace that gives an island like OK yeah sure. Kirk cousins it's governed out of Minnesota and the jets and we figure that out long before somebody either deliberately or it. Accidentally or intentionally jokingly put that. That hash tags at the bottom of this note. Vikings and jets because you Edward like DC. Kirk cousins Redskins. Washington. Grateful and all of a sudden you saw vikings jets and you know it. Now mysteriously thirty wrestler they got taken down but look. Tag or note tag in a post is down in Minnesota it's down at the jets maybe Arizona can find their way into the door course right now. I know there's a report out there by the NFL network by Tom tells Sarah about the vikings reaching out to June breeze which looked. You'd you've got to pick up the phone he got at least see if there's interest they don't have a done deal with the New Orleans Saints. I believe they have to do one by tomorrow we're eighteen million dollars dead cap hit the saints and that's even if it's an expiring contracts so. Saints and Brees have got to get something done here. Ultimately if feels like he stays in New Orleans. And this comes down to Kirk either picking money from the jets the vikings Charles Robinson we discussed this earlier would bring this up with Brian Wilson. Could there be guaranteed contracts year. If push comes to shove. Would one team actually fold and do something unprecedented which I. I can't see them doing I think this would just set off a domino effect the of owners. Where the last thing they wanna do is start promising guaranteed contracts even if it's the quarterbacks. The two were from Charles Robinson is Kirk could be looking for three years shorter years been guaranteed money for the entire length of the contract. And trust me Matt Ryan and Aaron Rodgers just sit in their very impatiently wondering what the team will give Kirk cousins. We'll talk to write about this because. Now you got this domino to drop in Denver. Eventually bite out of cousins Dunn's. Maybe the jets have to draft a quarterback were still wonder what Cleveland's exactly duel at all these moves the fuel as they bring in Tyrod Taylor as a bridge quarterback. Did address somebody at number wonder they get the quarterback that they want. And what does that do for other teams that need a quarterback Denver needs at quarterback they don't anymore they sit there five. Could you see a rush you see Iran of quarterbacks. And could you see team. Watch the Buffalo Bills that yesterday the bills jumped on making a move. Where they got up from 21 to twelve. It sure does feel like they're ready for another move with all the picks they've got they've got 22 left it got two in the second they've got the first big in the third. It feels like they're gonna leap frog like Philadelphia did two years ago moving up. And you just don't LeapFrog to jump ball take a quarterback. You jump up to date the quarterback beat you one who is that. See what Ryan Wilson has a guess when he joins us at 81 knee and story number three. And since we're talking about number story number three deals with the number 600. Not make you brought Lucent but I helicopters don't stick will soon whether or. I live now it's. More they have one here. You know my daily news during this car 600. No it's good that they love that name not rare. It was John Walton has heard right here last night on fox sports night and it caps radio network of wedged in with number 599. And number 600. He's played his entire career with the capitals the twentieth player in the history of the game score 600. 32 years a 176. Days he is the third youngest player in NHL history to score 600. And to really put this into context. The sixth player in HL history to score 600. And do it all with one franchise forty house you guys and then Mario LeMieux Joe Sakic. And Bobby hole our buddy Brian McNally will join us. He will be coming up at 845 we'll talk about the capsule talk about last night he was on hand to see this as he was covering it and boy never given discussion earlier about Ovechkin. Where the conversation kind of start that we are trying to compare how you would compare the career production. Where movie's gonna go down as one of the top 2.5 greatest hockey players of all time. Any may go down as one of the greatest hockey players of all time to never win a championship. And today he's won the greatest hockey players of all time never win a championship. And never to get into a conference final. Employed are gone back and forth you got led to questions gone. Pick who would be the Alexander Ovechkin quarterback comparison. And people immediately jump right to Dan Marino great quarterback. Never to inseparable. Out of Dan Marino did play a suitable it was early in his career. Never went back but he still got to his ball Ovechkin never gotten to a conference final. So we're kicking around who would be Alexander Ovechkin is quarterback comparison. The best two I can come up with Dan bouts and war and move. And maybe more so deep and balanced because he played with one organization played with the chargers. And then we put the conversation over employ you come up with a list here we've got a couple of these. Hall of Famer or future hall of Famer. With a great career. Played with one franchise or is associated with one franchise. But has never won a championship. And some of the guys that we came up with who did you come up with so far. I thought of Ernie Banks mean he's mister Cobb. And ease hall of Famer never won a World Series. In his entire career. I think about this its attitude to your question Paul Bremer future hall of Famer. Associated with one franchise. But is never one championship. Ernie Banks is good and a couple write ins got game bouts always associated with the chargers on otherwise thought it was Patrick Ewing and this. Never won in his life now I don't know if you wanna pay because I don't know how much we've really blame running backs the Barry Sanders. Several times in his career he joined got to won the first round of the playoffs and they lost the clean everything I he might have got to one conference championship. Trying to think back here is in nine the moon and actually. Believe they've been the ones if they have the one of the top two seed they would again count championship put that up cause I'm trying to think here of Detroit ever got to a conference championship game they do it. If the Redskins. That would have been a Barry Sanders team looked it up for me see if he ever got to a converts championship game yet they actually did get to the conference championship 1990 when they played key. Yes they play direct skin Erica and lost 41 to ten all right. So that the shortlist ears or can get these names around big about this it it's probably a select elite group as we're talking about either hall of Famer future hall of Famer. And you're dumb our team pick a guy who's familiar always associated with one team. Was never won a championship so I got Ernie Banks stand out Patrick Ewing Dan Marino Jim Kelly. And if he can do better than a quarterback comparison for Alexander Ovechkin the only two I can really think of was Dan bout even without got to an AFC championship game. Back in 82 when they lost to the Bengals and even Jim Kelly got a four Super Bowls each lost album. As you said earlier Philip Rivers Phil rivers often Varnado hall of Famer who can see that. But even I don't wanna got another I give ma I don't whatever I can't compared to I can't compare vets into rivers because it. All of this game is an absolute ball fame as a sure fire integrates the rivers are never gonna say one of the top 45 quarterbacks of all time NFL history and certainly not. First ballot even if he makes it and outs of etched in the first bout hall of Famer. For you hockey fans Brian McNally the sports connection dot com he will join us at 845 adults and gas sake we'll talk about a movie also. The group Bauer is a year ago. Only moving forward yes that'll be hockey till opens up and everything on the show but I know what you want you want and if both free agency Ryan Wilson of CBS sports dot com. Anyone bracket talk we're putting that we'll bring back part of our conversation we Jason Wilford. Virginia assistant coach and we have the five hour energy real time bracket challenge brought to buy a friend to five hour energy who'd a five hour energy brackets dot com. Or go to fox sports Richmond back out and sign up for this. Truly unique contest houses unique. Houses divot in the brackets are played in your office pool. Because you can actually change your pick in the middle of a game. Not a concept is to get the most points how to get the most points you get the most points because. Well you pick game you stick waved it that's how you get Max pointed that school wins. Now say you get into a metal said he got Virginia Tech Alabama and you pick Alabama. In 89 match up on Thursday and an end Hokies of Virginia Tech looking good here. You like Virginia Tech down the stretch in the Def formats are nice that you would switch to Virginia Tech Virginia Tech wins good. You get those points you'll get Max boys -- still get points and Virginia Tech moves on that needs your chances of getting more points moves ought. It's the real time bracket challenge brought to buy a five hour energy go to five hour energy brackets dot com or fox sports Richmond dot com. Takes seconds to sign up just like it takes seconds to drink a five hour energy. Which my new flavor of the day sour. Apple check it out. Five hour energy get back to a 100% would all this basketball. Five hour energy fox sports 910. And fifteen minutes to update you on the first region of mackerel is a movie madness there right now against some type of madness going on the NFL. Free agency now officially underway but this things underway. We got pieces here we got people going there let's bring in Ryan Wilson CBS sports dot com he's brought you by plumber like plumbing and I ride a start here while you were sleeping case skiing and to the Denver Broncos thumbs up thumbs down by John Elway would he think. Like I've mentioned last week or so that they can be a possibility it could cut them loose. Either too much too much money for what John LA their team wanted to pay. Ortiz at sighted somewhere else and clearly as far as we know anyway hasn't hasn't gone anywhere just yet but the favorite seem to be. Minnesota and Deborah certainly an image but also the jets and the card also sort of wanted to support the sound like that it can make a lot of sense. It's soda. The thing is I guess and I was guessing that he would probably get something. Around twenty million Mike Florio PF two probable fox says today that is probably eighteen between arrangements sound about right for guys that are fantastic. So are one year flash in the pan whether he can. Do it again we'll see but I think he's certainly an upgrade. Don't question that over the record record at the struggle so much last year so now the question becomes darker cousins. That's one team can pick up your list about what's next so I suspect. That like people start to move and the like it is similar situation by the way favorite word on. Same forever probably come back ineptitude got so they have some decisions to make because. With a quarterback there's two bowl team without a quarterback. They can't hit it Broncos a 27 day. I know the vikings reportedly reached out going to Tom palace Errol reached out to Drew Brees which he doesn't hurt to make a phone call. And ultimately we all believe that Drew Brees will be back in New Orleans and I think this has to be done by 4 o'clock tomorrow. So that's stated. He did timeline is floating out there do you anticipate Kirk cousins. Having a decision on Thursday on Wednesday do you see him doing a trip to Minnesota doing a trip to New York Audi seat is gone now. He's going back and forth there the reports come back for the wedding you can have visitor not that I'm I'm with the I don't imagine Drew Brees go anywhere is similar to New Orleans and if given the choice political climate in the short of New Orleans or forwards mostly under interest a year element in New Orleans and I think Drew Brees probably. You know in this forum leverage as much he can so the question becomes a pay cut and we'll give what are you gonna do. I don't he doesn't necessarily have to go anywhere but she need to make sure you know blast guys anyone immediate steps could only so many. Teams in the quarterbacks and I can't imagine that Philip without him. But there's going to be a situation or he's not fairly forced to quote unquote to go to the jets who don't want their support to take a pay cut to go to the cardinals vehicle to play there. So there's some sort of jockeying going on I think we think we'll start to move pretty quickly. And you know by tomorrow the poor clock on the same jumpstart officially quote unquote. I would be surprised that he's he has maintained. Mornings of McIlroy Lewis McIlroy fox sports night Tim Ryan Wilson CBS sports dot com witness Charles Robinson had a piece yesterday Yahoo! Sports. Saying that some around the league executives and agents. Saying cousins could get a short term fully guaranteed contract that he may be looking at three years but all guaranteed money. I imagine it's an option on the table Ryan to correct me if I'm wrong I can't see GMs and owners willing to do this because you just. You're setting a precedent for down the road your opening pandora's box we start even if it's quarterback you start guaranteeing contracts. Yeah we have that conversation piece there about Russell Wilson before he got his second contract that I woman that can't keep illegal short get a short term deal. And I think one missile the stumbling blocks is it's literally a financial one in that. The heat on the still have that money on Hannity can't keep it and there's some sort of financial rules where you have to have it so there's no. Com. Understand what the upside is firms for owners and he had to do this and certainly they understand that that that's why we don't have guaranteed contract right now in the lead. Even though the unit opiates and bush support. But I. That would be you be curious if that happens or not only because it never happened before. Element that's present under the bed or rep not a great quarterback for the reasons you point out that press man and then the next thing you know. Everyone who wants. All their money up front and fully guaranteed so. Maybe happened but I think that would be outside. The expectations of you know how these things were being Buffalo's contract in and sort it. Did at that but I don't suspect that a team will be that short term but would cut and. K I'm looking here at the Buffalo Bills make him lose yesterday they trade to tackle. And they move up to 41 to twelve. And I start to think here that there may be looking at the Philadelphia Eagles two years ago they leap frog up. I think the Eagles moved up from thirteen to eight and then from eight to two. If you're doing that you got somebody in mind you're making a movie making the move for a quarterback but he you're doing it you're doing strategically. You're thinking about somebody which more of these quarterbacks. Could you see ending up in a Buffalo Bills uniform. That is the million dollar question. I have to point out contractually that Sean McDermott the way you may regret so. Clearly whatever he's doing is going to be top notch but that said so at twelve. You're sorting and then depending on you have Josh elegant pop a twelve they can make look at all the twelve. But you talk to someone else those guys are top five picks seem don't seem to be the safest pick nick can he throw in buffalo that solid dependable children more about that is that. Because of the draft and plain cold weather center Arnold obviously from USC. A Wyoming. As cold weather so maybe Allen makes sense there break tomato played Oklahoma so we don't know and I have no real sense. The bill has done a pretty good job of being tightlipped about what their intentions are even counting what they've done so far. Into the living up to draft board. But yet they did not look at not certain sites on on a mix up for example there again the quarterback they have to have a quarterback and the wacky fun to watch this daunting right. The Bret that the bills they observed have something to hold onto the what the playoff last year now look at people that are running the economics say economic policy is that if you know what they want and that you know that's sort all of it. What's in New York has been asking for for twenty years so wolf Siva really have no explanation is that they've been so good about how you intentions. Oh it's so much fun because you can go around in circles with the Cleveland Browns do what they're trades you bring in Tyrod Taylor. Do they get a quarterback who want to they wait to forward to get the guy that they want it line. And all of a sudden other teams move up now I got Denver they're not gonna pick a quarterback of five they're trade partner I. I think the bills trying to find their way into the top four but that quarterback that. I still wonder who it is I've gone back and forth between Allen and may feel alleges. It's going to be a fun next month Ryan Wilson CBS sports dot com I got thirty seconds left with yet. Give me a free agent or two you're paying attention to the next point 448 hours. Welker cut obviously we get it on the record this is Ahmed was that the minute. I checked this thing. COC outlet in a worst team in the NFC west lecture about effort second the clean out. The part of the court who want to get one the rest of that division the 49ers and JPG. And then of course the ramp and what they're doing those three teams fought up force so. Seahawks last place you heard it here first what went so. It's a lock Brian Wilson CBS sports dot com thank you Ryan. He's brought you back home right plumbing when you get plumber and someday you'll remember the name plumb right. While Rite Aid located in the both Ian and serving all of central Virginia. And that's another team to watch out for here IE the 49ers did a fantastic job of knocking out Richard Sherman not letting him go to New England. I'll be curious to see what I watch free agents anybody. Paying attention to San Cisco on their list. What is the closing rate of John Lynch and Kyle Shanahan and analysts said and done. We got movement already. Al Robinson reportedly gone the bears any blocking is gone to the chiefs. Most of us he flying off the shelf and who we have fear. Jacksonville looked at somebody this morning. Only help me out here. Journal well at age and yet Carolina Maria former Panthers guard we'll get a five year 66 point five million dollar deal be the highest regard the NFL. Things are moving and things are shaking around the NFL. If U wanna John Maine. If your buffalo Bill Clinton you tell me that who's that mr. quarterback a team should go after. The phone number is 3450910. Getting a lot of reaction there to about Alexander Ovechkin. And root them out players. We will for ever associate with one team one organization. But have never won a championship. All eyes are opened here next. Double hockey 45 the phones are yours 3450910. Gauge next. It's morning's immaculate fox sports nuts and and the radio dot com. A here Redskins fan base itself to a right now. Lot of guys that lot of Redskins fans would have loved on the wish list. Seem to be going to other teams the latest. This according to Ian Rapoport Anthony Higgins. Let Dallas Cowboys going to go to chiefs denying that mil per year. So that raises the question even more of what's it gonna cost to keep Zach brown can they keep Zach brown. The dangers of daughters one year deal he would kick the tires on the guy they're also looking to see they can build the resonate by the better paid it. But that's Anthony agent Sammy Watkins Alan Robinson all kitchens and Watkins the chiefs. Robinson all signs point towards the Bayer's you have a report from pro football talked to Mike Florio Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie formally from the New York Giants lining of visits to the Redskins and saints. In the RC. You know become a cut into a C east teams sure are why not try darted a Redskins. Hands. That's what people do against him. Who Paula look at us and our hockey hall and twelve Dodd. Had a loyal like this through and they're corrupt due soon enough. 3450910. That is the telephone number. Got a lady NFL move in and shaken and by the way Kirk cousins having a camera crew following him around for the next we'll for the past three weeks. Documenting his life. I've not gotten around to watching Tom first time yet. Still think it's going to be higher my watch list in the Kirk cousins reality show because this is expected to turn into aid. Internet feature that will be put up during the offseason. This must be something like that decision. You know we're gonna final round and he he finally you know chooses what team and they got to follow him to different meanings for different teams or something and I guess they'll. I don't and we still don't know if he's gonna do the Kirk cousins told her and it picker cousins that there is Torre it's gonna be down to two places right now. I'm five foot whatever just make you call. I'm just I'm interested to see it actually anybody gets desperate enough to offer a guaranteed contract. Oh speaking of top Amber's time. Start washing yet but I did see the picture released of that cut on his hand yeah oh. That is no joke. If finally showed this in the final installment of Tom first time that is about three quarters of an inch long. And that cuts got debt. You know reportedly there was blood everywhere when that Scotland down when he it happened on contacting guests who was he had the ball to Rex Burkhead. And he said in a documentaries and this is how the season ends. You look at their cut that's one of those who all. If you very cut your hand was so sharp we've got those capital on. Knives in the in the house. You you just run one of those by your finger and wrong angle meant you're gushan all over the place that cut. I can imagine why they said that the there was a a bloody scene on the route from the patriots practice field. You see the picture every two or did it at west fox sports 910. Bridges and Wilford all Virginia assistant coaching jurist earlier in the program. As coach. What the message was in practice this week and now they've gotten into the tournament now that they are here. And now it all eyes are on Virginia number one candidate Connick and they do it can they get to the final four. Is that anything that needs to be said or is this the most locked in team that he's ever been around. No gardener none at all there's been and that's what I think you know it only has talked about this this group be differences compared special. We are told that the focus. Order task. 88 you know for whatever reason no. We here at old notes only certain address two year old Google during the dissect it took me to distribute. And I think they're dead. Put sketchy it he says chip on their shoulder. To glow in income at an approved and basically. It's all want to where you pin number one. Where you know I think we've we've handled because we've been getting everybody's pressure so unlike some between gulf war. No I have been some want you to repeat we've had this for awhile there appear to be here right now Mormon. We've got everybody's best shot rescue down the stretch and you can. On what they're totally totally focused on. One. Just playing Virginia boy and get better you stadium crackers or if there are shall we one globe compete. Really enjoyed having coach who offered on earlier if you wanna hear that entire interview including what he said about college guys performance in Brooklyn. On Bettany. And what he said about what my DD keeping has done well in the past three weeks who fans go check out that interview fox sports Richmond dot com. Or go to the apple iTunes store type in west McIlroy you get every podcast every hour of the show is available. We are listening entertainment and enjoyment and speaking of entertainment and enjoyment. Today is day one the first region of macro Roy's movie bad news. The way it. Make my day. My name this. Go at all. Yeah because he's he. We are in the first three days of voting. And voting started off right now favoring the favorites. We ever won eight match up in the first region that would be. Mr. go ahead make my day dirty Harry. Taking on Tommy DeVito a good fellows. Who is. They might do. Funny how funny come clown in the and you make you laugh and hit him it was you what do you mean funny funny how life. 88% of vote going to dirty Harry which I'm not surprised this is a true bunny match up this is. Ever seen and can and dirty Harry carries around. Tommy DeVito just had that little piece in the big mouth in mid he enabled don't he had may have been able to kill spider. But he's not kill their he was a loose cannon but dirty hairy Carey cannon. Larger role is more knowledge some of the 8 o'clock hour so mavs snapped into it beat through seven match up. Ivan Drago who uttered these famous words. He's currently doing that to the seventh seed shaft. Which I adjust to a point this out the factory aids. Bad acts I don't could beat up one another major Argo could knock out John shaft one punch. But I just I just put this on the floor for everybody who voted Ivan Drago who nominated Ivan Drago. Who was in control viva juggle. Not Ivan Drago. He had the Russians. Into government. And above all whose call the shots that relationship. Bridging meals and not Ivan Drago so I mean there there's a definite level being a bad pass butts. Who weren't parents and their relationship so in order to have this base. Label I mean part of it. Part of it is that you actually hearing control your better you know you happy you're the man in the world do you are above the world you are in control nothing fears you. Do you think it mister Drago would have to five news Drago. I'm just saying. He's I and drug though is like many of us married men he would not go against his bride. Brigitte Nielsen and what happened there pretty verse six. So my little friend. Tournaments on the making bode from point break his little friend 67% of the vote going to the drug dealer over the bank robber and our four verse five match up. Jason Bourne who was close this is a true 45 match up. Jason Bourne currently leading the terminator 54 to 46. I'll be back you go vote on macro Roy's movie movie madness the 32 bad asses of movies first region is up either on Twitter at Wes fox sports 910. Or you can go to our web page fox sports Richmond dot com. Vote you have until 8 o'clock tonight. We'll do another region tomorrow and then Thursday and then Friday and they will move along in the tournament but go vote on those four matchups today. And as the terminator would say. I'll be back I'll be back with Brian McNally of the sports capital who was their last night covering Alexander Ovechkin is. 599. And 600. That and always picks next mornings and McIlroy fox sports 910. Swaying and eyes crying. I always. On fox sports night attack. They donated. Ron Lewis six but I don't want to. It's good. I read about. They have one here. National. Hockey League it is doing its guard. 600. Dolls. And it is that they love our brave little prayer. John Walton on the call last night capitals radio network. Heard Gil fox sports night and Alexander Ovechkin with 5989. It. And then he brings over the magical 600 as the casket the overtime win over the Winnipeg jets in their eighty deployed staying atop of the mets' road division. Was McIlroy fox sports 910 to bring him a buddy Brian McNally. Joining us got you got his new endeavor it's the sports capital dot com dedicated to covering DC sports. He watched this last night he covered this he talked to players afterwards did you catch and get the feel wants 599 hit the 600 wasn't that far away. You know lasts for a short because Alex is. Nothing if not a showman an entertainer. So you knew once that feeling with an ability especially when he got up pretty early. Scored five on three power play goal. Pretty easy one for him. You know what usually does so he scored five on three in the first period. And once that happened it was game on an even it'd be. Iron pot at the net actually. On the lookout here how many shots he finished with but I think it was about fifteen. Which is close to a career I don't think he's sector that. He was he was within a couple of it. Last night so he would he was hunting for ship or. And and then the second period got not really is typical gold and about a scramble around goal now that. Men stepped to pop a rebound home and EP figured once he got one he was going to be able to get to him. And he did it and that is in front of the home fans and that'll be ovation keyboard and about a memorable night in BC last. Brian you can talk cocky you know cast correspondent the sports capital dot com you get into the third line the fourth line to try to put into context or somebody. We know about what 500 used to need for home runs in baseball what is 600 goals mean hockey. Well I think the sport and around firm over a hundred years the NHL and here's somebody got down nineteen for a bad skin. He's number twenty. They also is get him gated in and in a different era means it think back left to. The Wayne Gretzky error early in the Mario LeMieux area. It just to figure in your mind. Nicole Lee stood up rate is in play the daughter Riley figured out that kind of work. We're stand up goalies their equipment was totally different they were. You know they are wearing these these small pads EU look at an old you know it hockey clip from the seventies there with Bobby or order. The early eighties with Wayne Gretzky. And the guys just don't look like they do now in that weather does monsters they're all in a six foot 36 foot four. They have huge equipment. You know the players are bigger better trained. We've bag in her late seventies early eighties villagers smoking a cigarette mania in the tunnel between. They've between. Intermission and so it it's not the same it's harder to score. And yet only nineteen guys that ever gotten the 600. In this modern era against these these great. Well string goalie coming up and go we factories. In the big defensemen and I think it's skiing all my patent actually sole job is to prevent you from scoring. Can put all of that and contacts. Now so that you're going to when he guide to the score 600 goals and he did it. Only three guys in that it factor he did it 990. NHL game. The only academic quicker Wayne Gretzky Mario LeMieux glad all at the regal former three of the best that ever did it. And that of that is right there with them. He's Brian now argue final Twitter app be McNally fourteen you can also check out his new website a new website the sports capital dot com. Dedicated to DC sports he's the caps correspondent of Atkins scored 600. And I know these things happen milestones career achievements he's going to be a future hall of Famer he's going to be in first ballot. The question is will he ever win a championship I thought they had the pieces last year to do it past two years but more so the past season. Do you worry do you fear that the window has closed on his best opportunity to get a title. Certainly it has been the best opportunity now this thing is you can you can retooled pretty quickly when action by McClellan at the end it is if you remember him when he. Thirteen fourteen caps were disaster at a moat at at a terrible. Final eventually final even. I've gotta vote at our door we either the GM. We wouldn't blow the whole thing up in her house down they promoted. McClellan who bet on that we're over a decade they promoted him to GM. He made some kind of Smart aggressive moves he hired Barry trot who coached. And prodding and trade are eager Yoshi brought in a couple of free agent like Justin Williams. He got read the young guys to develop into into kind of top level players like a Guinea CNET dot Dmitri or law. So internally. And and then he had hope be any cattle that skin. And yet nick Baxter and and really quickly the caps were able to go from a team in the playoffs for the first time will evidently years. The best team in the league two years in a row. In windows shut that window close. They couldn't get past the Pittsburgh Penguins because of the way that you NHL playoff system setup. But there's always the chance that these you can find some salary cap space or will make his mark traded and get back to that level. This year captured start there and this year captured. A lesser version of last year they'd been law. I look forward to players not the best players but were key players stepped in William. Marcus Johansson. Call all. He three mainland then and make Schmidt an equal to draw. At a young defensemen they were counting on the law well or those guys and didn't really add anything and he couldn't they are up against the salary cap so. This is it diminished. Teen for the last couple years in yet. That's so good they are less they're still in first place it in a generic point ahead of the Pittsburgh Penguins despite all that up myself. It may not win the division I think the penguins are better team. If they end up going to Philadelphia Flyers in the in the first round lead at that a 5050 series the caps could win it. They could. Easily lose group. But we say a lot of people I think a decent. Shot back that. Round pay bribe a lot of I hate that I got nobody knows I am at a time and sort go check out the sports capital dot com sticking to DC sports right now is peace up or a movie. No it's a good check out the very interesting opinion piece by Tom Reynolds Kirk cousins Brian right now and they. And.