Wes McElroy - Hour 3 - Ryan Wilson and Brian Engblom (5-15-18)

Wes McElroy
Tuesday, May 15th

Wes welcomes Ryan Wilson of CBS Sports and Brian Engblom of FOX Sports Sun in the third hour. 


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Some. Video this. His last medical wrong and sports. Fox sports Richmond dot cops. Calls to show it 34509. Attack or email west and box towards Richmond dot job experience. He is the man west smack over to a night game three. Capitals coming home to knock them. Can they seize the moment to make car basin DM. Which by the way so every time I say that is the jokes on late leads in you know not say it right it's Karp ABM. Yes I know that's who I say to a new U one specific person can make are based on DF and seized the moment. Clearly the better team and to have to do is one game would vote. So can the bolts on the ropes can they get this together they're coach is callebs well. Still got sorts what's wrong with Tampa Bay what's right with Washington we're told a former NHL defenseman. Brian and bomb he is now working with the lightning broadcast team on fox sports south and fox sports on. He will join us in half an hour from now will be long hockey night in DC. Welcome then vote numbers 3450910. We got. Eastern Conference night we got east in hockey we got the east in basketball Celtics do they have the blueprint. Brad Stevens figure this out because in game what kind of signal simple. We're about LeBron. Look the other guys beach and guess what it's Cleveland getting guys can't beat yet. You know the brought to come out aggressive tonight how aggressive and can he do. We need can brown do what he does in game two because the last 5 Eastern Conference finals which LeBron team has lost. In game one. They have won the five series. We will talk about that coming up western night last night spurs to basketball. Gold state Houston what many believe is going to be the de facto. NBA finals. And I have Golden State in six I'd like to pick now Golden State in five. Perry stepped up this feels a passive partner like it was a hard to get that back Perry steals and again. That's a great yeah. I think they could do is very fitting of what big game was last night especially the second half that is in gold state portal wavering game one win. As they take this Kevin Durant 37 points Klay Thompson with 28. Both pivotal in the second half it seemed like every time. That Houston would get remotely close in the second half at one point it was seven at one point actions two times it was seven. Both times Clay Johnson would just open opera on one time thirteen to four. Another point this thing got cut to 10396. With less than five go and there's Thompson again with a three and before you know it is four minutes left in Europe by ten. And I see that clip is indicative of what the warriors ours it's likes one had a knack you swipe at one that you chuckling that away three more come action. Worry about staff curry he's a difference maker what about Durant were about direct while wedeman all I got Clay Johnson notes that's cushion that they are not there's going Dotson shoot the story. There. The best team in sports that the best team in the NBA. Houston last night James Harden with 411. Big problem for the rockets. Too many turnovers. To sixteen. Turnovers in the game. As of this earlier it's not gonna Killian most NBA games it will against Golden State because gold state takes a sixteen turnovers. And they put them over an eighteen points and they could add more. Here's James Harden who had 41 after the game. They're doing really good job of you know take bad shots were returned by us while we're there narrow the American dunks it in threes and mushroom and as. Or terrorism or. But it was it was to me that possibly as that they're adorable. Sixteen turnovers into eighteen fast break points and having a double digit deficit to most NBA teams it's not insurmountable. Against Golden State it's not a hill it's a mountain to climb. Watch this series. Game one in Houston but now home court advantage goes over to Golden State. We discussed this earlier it's got a lot of things were the questions we throughout this morning with the best show in sports with the best entertainment. For sports in a pure entertainment value before we get back in a topic of sports gambling. What is the best. Show in sports right now because I ain't. I've gotten to this point my wife even has been less that you stand up for us as yet. Because I think this is going to be the most entertainment we get with a series that are remaining. Celtics and Cleveland. Probably going to be the most competitive. Now we'll see how tonight goes but that could go seven. I I look at Boston and I feel like I'm underestimating them but I don't see them hang in the Golden State. In Cleveland got LeBron the processor national the rubble bounce back tonight the problem the big back big night tonight but I saw the bronze with more last year against bone steak. And acting only what five. Sought out is kicking back and I am just enjoying watching what we have and that is entertainment. And that is. What could end up being the the best starting five ever. I'm not there yet with the Hampton five. But the Hamptons five out of last night in the second half and as Bob was in full effect. So yes I'd like Alter my prediction from both state and six to Golden State in now five game one going to the warriors last night. Game two coming up between Boston. And Cleveland the phone numbers 3450910. We have spent a lot of time this morning discussing the story that broke after we got off air yesterday. And that is the Supreme Court ruling. Dad has said it now that sports gambling when it comes to sports gambling it's on the state level. It's about what the states want. A will be joined here in second by Daniel Wallach was a national analysts don't gaming law and swore small. He is work with professional sports teams he's worked with the league's on this he's worked with casinos and racetracks on this. What you have yes to date is and at the meet set this up right. You don't have gambling is now not legal sports gala is now not legal. Just can't walk out saying don't do today would open up a cookie shop on broad street. Now it's down a state by state basis. I am not surprised at all they came down. It's just. What the states want to do moving forward and US and states moving as quickly as New Jersey the could have this up by the end of the NBA finals. Virginia I ate I don't know from my understanding about Virginia is this sports betting. Before would have to be a lot of Virginia the general assembly would have to change a law. Because right now state mauled the fines illegal gambling as a criminal facts allows horse racing allow state lottery allows. Other charitable games but it does not allow sports gambling it's gonna have to be altered. My question is how long's it take Virginia to do this. And they find themselves in the position where they wait too long and they look around and they say wait a minute Pennsylvania's got this Pennsylvania's rate ago. Jerseys way to go Delaware you've been able to gamble on part lays. But the best. Couple years I think in most likely gamble straight up on a game. I don't know about the Carolinas. West Virginia is moving this in the place tonight I find is to be one interesting angle. Is that West Virginia WVU and Marshall RD have a connected deal through. The state government. Where they're gonna get a cut of this money the schools. Which I have to imagine any other departments. And as I was talking to link gas Donny and CB is six in the first hour. This is gonna have a domino effect in so many different directions. Then I wonder. If Virginia they start feeling heat from the universities because if all of a sudden the ACC I'm Disney's West Virginia is an example there are no big twelve. Oklahoma Texas deprive the ground away and western geez get a carcass. Of a Wii and on this Texas well we'll wait. Outta the ACC. If all of a sudden. Florida. Or I only know Carolina. We're gonna do and we're to give you. Point 25% of the cult like West Virginia Al west Virginia Tech and UVA go wait a minute. We got this bill we gonna on this we got that. We've had some money so. Not not senator knock House of Representatives and new general assembly what about us. I think more people are just did what this does for. In general. Our poll question this morning. I'm I'm open to a dialogue today had been opened to a dialogue or some really good tweets Rania I'll take your phone calls 3450910. There's. This change inning for you. Are you more likely to gamble now more than you have before and if you are thinking about this yesterday driving around here about this trying to figure out what it all means. I'm trying to figure out all means that's why we would have Daniel Wallach on the show. But our poll question this morning just asking in general how does this impact do you are you more likely are you gonna gamble more. We gonna gamble less for you gamble the same. Or even again we'll never. I have been open this idea for years I've written comes about this and dobbs this that yes legalize sports gambling. It's a 149 billion dollar industry annually. Get it tax it regulate it bring into light out a dark. Now can the government will talk right Wilson and CBS sports about this will be NFL wants. They are and they want to regulate this they wanna have that the federal they went congress come out with a blueprint for matter how to do this. I don't know how works. Out one million to go to casino. Is they're going to be a parlor. Is they're going to be is going to be an app on your phone is going to be. I wanna know exactly how this might end up working. What I do know personally is as much as I'd like the idea of it I believe it I believe you can have its benefits I do believe there are negatives. I have. I do have to question. Myself is gonna change me and the answer is no. I like to gamble in Vegas I like to go out once a year take my mr. ten dollar bet self put into sports book I like the sounds like the sites. I like the strip I like did the did the freak circus that Vegas can meet. But I also know that I don't need gambling to watch sports. I eight. I just don't in about one action on sports I wanna gamble on sports never wanted to do it tonight on the Celtics and Cleveland or on the cats. I got three guys and call right now. It's just not me. So as I sit about big about this and we talk about things that are landmark and revolutionary. Okay it may be you. But I can tell in my game's gonna change I can't say much Saturdays and Sundays and respect and sports book. But reduced asking you 2 questions this morning when it comes to this you want Virginia to legalize sports gambling 86% of you say yes Paula current result of our poll question. With the Supreme Court ruling on sports gambling. How often will you wager on sports more less same never. Or 44% right now saying they would wager more so until we actually don't vote for last two now we have 1% for that I speak for our leader eczema is being funny witness boards gamble unless. It's cool men there was dude I'm out. Picked out yet Taylor Swift Tiger Woods things that are popular that's too popular for me am I doing it. Know what is going to gamble less. Gamble more. Probably for the for they'll be some first timers there be some people who go out say no I'm I would place money unsuitable. Or our macro racing goes in Vegas or March Madness maybe I'll go first or second day. And once again I don't know how this happens it happens in Virginia. Asked that at a casino does that have to happen at a parlor Boyd you've been taken into it off track betting parlor force racing now. It is one of the saddest places in the world. If you ever have a bad day in your life if you wanna feel better about your lot in life we'll look into it on track parlor about 2 o'clock in the afternoon. Cigarette smoke is plume in the smell of stale beer. Guys yelling about the worst night culminate it will make you feel better about where you are in life just under thrown it out there and his glasses always half full. But the idea of a casino down the road in new can't has been brought up here recently in colonial downs and look colonial downs I wanna are tracing back. I'm deep about the preakness. You're gonna need gambling in casinos you're need gambling and horse track. And whatever these games are talking about you can bet on a horse race it's already been running back. That that appeals gonna lose about seventeen minutes. Sports gambling could work there sports amateur in Virginia. I just want an honest dialogue if you think and really get into this next to Ryan Wilson no Daniel Wallach. I know we weren't we get a hold them by simply couldn't book him for later this week if he's intriguing guessing you're really good piece this morning in New York Post. Solid though Brian Wilson about this because this is gonna change not just. The gambling aspect the ratings the end of poking and say how much about purity and how concerned they are. They got to be geek out because this is going to mean more for their ratings this is going to change sports leagues will play for you Mark Cuban said. About the value of his team when he knew yesterday Mark Cuban. Smart guy when it comes to business. I'm asking you just to be flat out honest witness when it comes to sports it comes sports gambling and it comes to you. How much did yesterday really change. Let us now 3450910. West McIlroy on fox sports 910. Got some news here on the Carolina Panthers. It's an act in two minutes Ron Wilson of CBS sports dot com we'll join us. W went away in about gambling sports gambling how to fix UN how to fix you watching the game. 3450910. Nathan and mechanics Helio Dayton. Oh we're. Out of south say that I think it's gonna change. A lot and the sports industry it won't change little. Do that person anyway I think a lot of people are are well which they wore. A yard addiction and big gamble and people are people. But you are out there they aren't wait it do it and people on base through much worse shady individuals to make a huge. Much more special tactics to recover their money Adam. You know that I leave for Houston earlier. We you predict more so I would say critical into the light he can regulate it tactic you can you know make it to structure better you can make schools better. And that sort of thing Butler he had an average person. I argued expressed spat at as an example here. You can create some kind of app I'll I'll put ten dollars on a worse during the dirt area of a bit of the preakness yet what do reachable yeah. I'm not repealed it and every day about every single game like that back with DR I look at their. You could without them again. You know hey. A new Geithner I didn't go out there watching the game in house to watch that they're all because you can Ito. But by dark in the game just reply I'm sure abuse sort out to a lot of weight now they have a little 08 game. Where a diabetic couple need to put three dollar or cap rights could well respond to your Apatow are retreat to our web. I mean I'm not dictate. Nathan is a good perspective to I think I think there's a couple things as you can say you need oil limit yourself to the imagination because we really don't know how they would do this. But I would be mindful of two things to address two things one of which read to about Brian Wilson. Is I don't wanna be. Nigh eve to the fact that people will get a taste this for the first time people have never been to Vegas who have never. Been able to. Go to a sports book IC good Alexio time. Stores they'll personal point five dollars and a black tag is too much for me. A bench she'd notably blackjack. As link gas and Donna said earlier we do know something about sports now much of you listen this show. We know little soft and and because you think you know something and means I'll play. Ever people who will get a taste the first time I'm talent yet. Mr. ten dollar bet over here there is a rush when you win. And there is that Aaron when you lose by at. A free throw and you lose the hook at the end of the game and there is that feeling of you know what I was to bet this game. But I bet yes I I read this while their make up for the other three. So I do wanna be my poor people talk about addiction and the dangers in this yes. As a very real thing and people who may not have done it with a bookie now as accessible as legal a little bit more loose and you feel like you can do it. There are dangers to it and I'm not gonna ignore others. Now as far as how we watch games that we bring in Brian Wilson from CBS sports dot com he's brought you by phone right plumbing. Take me throw it where to put a lie detector test on the NFL offices yesterday take me through the real feelings when they found out they've lost this case in Supreme Court. China they would scenario where you see about a grown men and since jump up and down but try to do very quietly says no and here's some in the copper from the ship shape so they can sort of celebrate. But knowing when they dramatic come from they have to have that they'll look very stern stodgy old man. That have to make very important decisions that look. There in the moneymaking business and this is I. The cash cow and let I think you can see some very important point about the overarching big picture that maybe we're not looking at because everyone sort hype I think. Com quick story when I was. Senior in college I came I was straight laced didn't drink grown up I played sport so circled some Matt but body and how did it play sports and backed. We had a book yet found out I won my first eleven sports that's been into games think she would never think about doing it Tenneco Portland game when you're in 1992. You don't care. Won my first ten games look what 500 out of public going crazy he was so the only thought about the library get an elaborate elaborate. To that two research teams is as important Internet. And that would not such illusions about. Final four and finally I think it was. I was one point have to tell a lot but it would have to call my can't look at that lost so much money. And it happened in the span of two and half three months in it was a roller coaster and when you don't have money and we hear much. That much more dire straits and then the college getting that spans the couple mouth. It's a problem and you know we see these sort of movies traumatize this and we think it's over the top that you sort of wandered the you have to be careful I think you have some sort important. So that just simply keep in mind that says when money is habit at the top of that the list what's gonna come out of this a lot to a community still allowed to open a moved towards this in terms of people being efficient provide the service and that cynical you know on duty and on and they're certainly gonna do it. Sitting there I think it slowly. Woolsey you know. A lot of things can always do them but it's gonna be tens and hundreds and possibly a billion dollars. They had a nose is common and they had a New Jersey would jump like Jersey could have this thing done by the NBA finals. The one thing they're asking for I think they're legitimate that they're students are asking for what does this integrity fee which is almost laughable now that they got in late now they wanna get a cut of this. But they are asking they want congress to put a framework because right that's my next big question is. How does this all work and and how does that does it work state by state does it work. But the federal blanket do we have to go to a casino do we have to go to a parlor there any indication of where this might be gone next. And that's right so the Supreme Court basically just wash her hands in the states that this is not a federal issue that and that was their point don't necessarily care about Puget Campbell but they want state handle it. And he's told now trying to say okay congress and need your help from the federal level. How we gonna gonna sort pull this off of over fifty states should get these states to decide the preakness so let's make attorneys close between Connecticut. Western did you Mississippi to visit the states and opposes right now to note about as a party the only state that quickly and do it the right what does that framework did you walk into. A lot lives then we have to Kia there we can distort the debt while you wait to buy here via apple pie. How can now works and these are all issues that have to sort out. You wonder I didn't think about this until you know I was gonna talk to you what I'm sure I would hope that he will take a look at how things have worked in Great Britain where. But making his legal. And how that's played out the idea ramifications both good and bad houses administered you have to go to Yucca OT be placed it place your bets. So there are a lot of logistical thing to have to worked out in this that the problems that happens when when a legal decisions made. And there's no sort of sport thought what happens next is not the Supreme Court decision typical. The forethought. But it is certainly that the congress to decision and the businesses involved because. To get back. It's important short quick and get very tricky politically because people are gonna appeal like the singled to put their director being impressed with with regulations. And people would put him in more need for that and that he goes back you pointing out of this visit. Case Jeffrey I triggered by this is there a disease so you have to be careful in terms of how you lay it out. Ryan Mark Cuban said this is going to double the value of his team I. I know what's gonna do for the NFL value but I do know is this is the one thing if they're looking at ratings gone down over the past two years. Is gonna break right back up because people. You'll watch the red zone to see other fancy guys Dylan but you got ten Tony a hundred dollars on the game you're invested in the game all four quarters now. That's that's exactly right is that's also laughable that those sort of being very stodgy about this because they're always on Hannity scored some fancy sports. And the daily Tennessee guys would like to argue the point that it's gambling you do take the chance of something happening based on some information but not pull information. So. Yeah its gonna at. They they have to figure out how to how to sort of role without that is so that it worked but you're exactly right that would definitely England is is he huge and the gambling angle basement and see. So at least in the past. And I think these opium could very good point yeah it basically what they're finished it yesterday sort of read it line is that. Were flying going forward this but I guess I need to get a cut in I think that the huge conversation. To be had in one that they need to make sure they put you could Dumars met the president and executive director of the central PA but at the end of the day. That didn't work out players so they need to make sure their guys get their share. Integrity share whatever they wanna call it that but I think it's something to keep an eye on in a fair point that they need to continue to push. Figure I'd appreciate it. Brian Wilson CBS sports dot com Paula we have some news yet again to and Riley is some news here on the Carolina Panthers they may have an owner. You want me to do it. You can news guy I'm okay allied you know we're gonna aside let her as her yet or haven't for first reported by in Rappaport. Still a minority owner David tepper likely to sign. A deal today to purchase the Carolina Panthers will keep the team in Carolina that deal likely to be signed and done. Today yes most important thing I I don't care who runs the team as long as they keep in Carolina that the seed and lose it funds forced down. Cool stadium good place to being. That's that's that was my big question now who buys it but do they keep in Carolina and it's originally from the Charlotte Observer expected to sell eighteen today for 2.2. Billion dollars. Out man it's not a bad little paycheck. I'm Bruce woods a conversation and assume you're jumping on sports gambling they will get back to that at 845 but next Bryan and Bob. Former NHL defenseman former capital now working with the Tampa Bay Lightning broadcasting on fox sports on. Who do us next box was 910. WA AF dot US Supreme Court ruling I would give your calls at 840 classes stay right there 3450910. We'll get back the poll question west mackerel or fox sports 910. As you hear the music fair game three tonight of the caps and the lightning and capitals come home up. To knock that after taking not stealing they told two down in Tampa. And joining us right now he's agreeing guests. And I say great guest because he doesn't know this but I remember this. Riding on back when he's at the NHL network now television color analyst for the Tampa Bay Lightning working with fox sports some sports. Brian you were on my audition show ten years ago here in Richmond so I've partially thank you for helping me get this job ten years later in. Burdensome mortgage and help us. Well you're welcome quite sunk a lot of career your record you're like you I read where this is a merit badge and others some people Silas and saying thanks not Brian appreciate it as a at this guy on the air. That night saw it so kind with his time to talk hockey was now working around the lightning. You do have over forty years in the broadcast Booth implying so describe to me how different is it being on a plane ride down 02. Compared to being up 20 or being at 11. Oh yeah it's it's a different atmosphere that's for sure. That's pretty incredible thing about the playoffs that makes it's so wonderful Specter when you're you know when you're working for a team you're covering them every day. Is everything you're premiere and the atmosphere all the time. You know during the regular season their food the ups and down because you're going from one city to the next McKean playing well or. Teams are really good run and then yeah you can feel it it's everywhere in the building it's on the plane it's everywhere you are well they're down to zero in this game. And excuse me in this series and they know the importance of it I mean they cannot lose this game three. Or it's basically over because there's only gonna a couple of times in history it anybody's come back from all three dealt so. They know what's there it's it's it's a very quiet. Control mood on the plane on the way here. And if I'm one of the players I'm wishing that the game was this morning. I mean you'll waiting today to get that the game tonight that's the hardest part. Right either on this team all year and out as television color analyst at word you would describe watching this team we saw Tampa get beat. By Boston in game one and and foot the whole series. But seeing we saw in game wanna game to what where would you use to describe the play of Tampa back. 01 first game I don't even know how to describe it. It may very well been their worst game of the entire season. They were awful for two over two periods couldn't make a pass. Never mind two passes their row so unlike them because I mean that's their game they're fast they're very count that they move the puck they fort checked. Couldn't pass I mean talk about out of sync sometimes it happens work. You know stretch in a period or may be for a period it happened for nearly the entire game they got to go on in the third a little bit but they are now for an topic so that was ended up being a complete. Throw away game. I'm covered you know turning my partner Rick Beckham after the game it's saying what we don't even know what this series is about yet. I mean they were just so off he can't even really register anything for the lightning. So okay we go on to game two let's see where it goes and what happens well they played better but certainly they got beaten the Washington controlled the game. And the early in older than scoring. Earl early for the lightning was a great sign for them other power play is going pretty good the five on five they have been locked down and credit watch it and watch it and has. Just thrown a blanket over them through the neutral zone taken away their speed taken away their fore check. And that's what the lightning drive bought sold that. What they're up against in this game three the lightning have to make adjustments they have to be able to get the plaque on the attack through dissolve through the neutral zone in order to get the the operatives on Connecticut should the plaque. I mean they're they're very you know we were shooting at all in game one hit two shots the first area I mean just so far off irregular scorpio shoot it. But that neutral zone is gonna be a big time key for them. These three time Stanley Cup champion running gone now the TV color analyst at the data bay lightning game three tonight of the lightning in the cavs have Brian. Yeah you've played as long as you did I don't know if you've ever been in this position I can't remember your post season history. But you've been around the game long enough you're the capital C come back home you took two in Tampa. And they come back in I don't think they've lost now in the past four games you're home. Yeah you're looking in your speech you can't get out your head your two games away from the Stanley Cup you're six away from win the whole thing. How does the dynamic. Other stakes how does the environment change for the capitals command back to their home place. Well there's a tremendous amount of energy you're trying to control that Alexander Ovechkin. You know after earlier in the game after game two so you know I can't wait to get Allman played a game there we've been waiting for this moment for the first such a long time. Mean he's never been in the conference final so since he's been there the fans have never had a home conference final game so what do you think that atmosphere Kabila. Hopefully there gonna explode it's going to be crazy either going to be so much energy. That Washington is gonna wanna use that but. There have to control and I'm sure Barry trot and they're experienced guys are going to be thought he'd be here guys yeah use that energy let's come back and play the same way. But sometime today energy uses start running around a golf hundred mile an hour and you're not the right place the right time. So controlling those emotions including and and in the right place that's what it's all about if they can score first of course that we'll even add to it so you know the late you're gonna say look we gotta weathered the storm here early on. Control this game for the lightning the longer it goes 00 or obviously they can get the lead. Help take the crowd out a little bit and comic now that's what will be happening you know throughout the first period which will make it really interest. But I've got a chance to watch it it'd last night your travels in your your work but turn the page and Vegas all knotted up at one any kind of field how that series goes. Tremendous to watch. Both teams very fast on and physical. Both teams really can play the game anyway you wanna you wanna run at each other fight and it's certainly happened that certain time but they're played at breakneck speed there's a tremendous amount of skill. That the phenomenon of the biggest golden knights and that's the only thing you can call it. It's a complete phenomenon now and in it just never stops they are legitimate contender to win the Stanley Cup and have been since. The drop of the puck in the playoffs just in. Credible to watch that happen. Marc-Andre Fleury has been brilliant and when you get a goaltender would experience like he has and cup victories who knows how to control the atmosphere. And create confidence problem for his team. They've got goal scoring just incredible to watch Winnipeg. Has been a terrific story all year they're big. He can play what the real mean edge and their fast they've got skill guys like crazy. We can dominate. Very fine line in that game Winnipeg made a couple of mistakes. Are they get to goalposts I believe so you know that could have been a tight game going into overtime so very fine line small margin for error. In that series and that's what I expect the way it's going to be most of the way through that. Ryan thanks to Dennis does appreciate the time and if for some reason the company gives me a tenth anniversary check on make she'd get a small cut on it. But I'll put an end your career at great pride average basic goodness and it's a busy day deriding Obama beat Tampa Bay. Network fox sports sun's south thank you very much there. And it's riding them joining us on the the how they'll eat meat cooked with a hang owes them on I'm not taking the ball for that matter it doesn't make sure you hang up on an hour I did not do that our illustrious guests and half ago. Because I've. All right. We'll come back we'll goodness that was of phone calls we got a couple questions that thrown gadget this morning and a lot of you wanna jump in and thoughts and ideas about sports gambling. About Virginia and sports gambling I'll open up next your phone calls to close up the show 3450910. 3450. Nines and we'll get you ready for now and hockey for the basketball tonight as well. And the baseball because the Yankees are coming to town fox sports 910. CBS sports background on the NFL and Brian and blah of the Tampa day. Lightning TV network actually it's fox. Son of the south is the network to give credit where credit is due. Miss any interviews gonna Foxworth Richmond back com or jump on the apple iTunes store. Subscribe to podcasts and get it delivered damage that is the apple iTunes store just opened Wes tackle Roy. I've browser opened to you know 3450910. And has some of that thoughts about. Sports gambling here Virginia they had below changed at peace in the past the general assembly that even happen. But how does it change you has impact do you current results on the poll question of personal point present the poll question do as and then gives the current results with Supreme Court lifting the federal ban on sports gambling yesterday. What how we how often rather W wager on sports more. Less the same or never and still our leader 47%. Saying they will do it more. How much more now. Yeah like are we tucked in hundreds of dollars maybe thousands outing everybody out there a couple of you know I was driving around yesterday on 64 gonna actually doesn't and ovens of the new cancer can let the mortgage ride. But there is that that unknown outside. Go to sports book respond going to Vegas is fun poll has me earlier how this would impact a trip. My annual trip to Vegas and at that had too much is casinos will be you do and today. Vegas is something you do and a weekend. Now Vegas will they might take it in certain areas I. Maybe this'll be this and help with the airlines where it's like six to 700 dollars to fly out there from the East Coast however. Now I mean it's still Vegas is a destination casino. Or parlor that's where you go for an afternoon maybe do an overnight to be do a dinner and taken Newburgh home. But I'd Vegas is not changing Vegas is still going to be a vacation destination spot it's a freak show and I love it it's a freak show. I I was just stating earlier I know it's not gonna change me in terms of gambling because I can gamble by wanted to right now. I get on that plane from Vegas after gambling and sports book and technical three to five different people and say do we know who I like tonight still got each. I say it is personally you guys know me by now molest an open book. Part of my family hasn't addictive personality disorder or grandfather was an alcoholic addict and was a drug addict. Crazy part of the part of my family so regimented military luckily I have that about me where I just know I can't do something. And I I also can't do this job if I've got an Ager an angle or financial aspect you call it and you may be 100% right I'm say no good. All because I I lost a shot at the buzzer Los hook. But it will change. How certain people cover sports palace networks cover sports people wanna hear more about the the analysis the spread that over under would do some of that stuff now but. To get a regular guest that this becomes legal. In certain states especially Virginia absolutely. And yes as Brian Wilson and I were discussing networks will love every bit of this television ratings television. Market values TV contracts. More people watch sports when they have action on it. Same reason you watch certain games you don't care about because you have fantasy football player. Now imagine having a hundred bucks and again you're gonna watch that game just to see got a good team wins. If you win. John writes in doesn't even had Keno Virginia doesn't even have -- don't hold your breath for sports betting. I never set I was hold my breath. But now this is real and it's a state by state issue it's a legal issue. And what I wanna see is if Virginia is not going to be aggressive not to do this which they should because it is still money it is taxable at the end of the day. How much are you letting go out of state to a place like Pennsylvania Jersey and West Virginia who. It jerseys the most aggressive with a all this west Virginia's the second most aggressive. And by the way our other poll question Paula how many people I put this out right as soon as the news broke yesterday. How many people in Virginia wanna see sports gambling legalized we are still 86% scenes yes legalized in Virginia tonight but he got falling poll question fox sports Richmond dot com brought T by call federal what are we watching TV tonight. Team. New York Yankees are officially in sound they take on the nationals tonight 7051. Pitch on massive tonight. You'll get the pitching matchup a mossy here it's not averse is GO Gonzales yankees would that. Potent lineup for players now with tens of home runs or more first time it's happened this early in the season. In yankees history. Later tonight 8 o'clock the puck drops like even the capitals team three caps up in the series 02 a very trots Gregg coaches the Washington Capitals saying despite the bank is teams up too low he knows how hard it is to win this time a year. I think it's hard to win not. Just you know especially this time there is some it's very hard toward. You know you've got to come. The best fourteens and National Hockey League doormat so. Did you take every shift and every every moment seriously and have them focus on because she has you've seen in this in this series and this series it can change on in a moment so this got it to stay focused stay in the moment and and they're grinder. 8 o'clock tonight NBC sports network. Later tonight as well ESPN the NBA draft lottery is tonight at 730 for those of you wondering the Phoenix Suns currently have the best odds to get the number one overall pick 25%. Followed by the grizzlies the mavericks and the hawks. To get the top for the of the top four picks in the NBA draft that's at 730 that will lead into the cavaliers in the celtics' 830 tipped. On ESPN's Celtics of the series one. Nothing into the yet. The Celtics tonight and he dude it was your prediction I had I Cali instead I had cavaliers and sick are you ready to change your prediction to the Celtics. I have to see ethnic goes. And you know right up are you ready to change your pick I'm not a knock on their because history in Vietnam knock on the quality or you think the cavaliers in six. Yet catalyst six years in Boston goes up 20 in the cavaliers come back and when poor aren't even down 31 before. Remind me never take you to a sports betting game ball yes you'll have been no fun there with me I promise you that I just always picks that's what's on TV tonight about the way with other poll question regards to the health of earth fire for what it can -- we're discussing this earlier earthquake last night during the giants reds game. Now Rosalie 3.5 and for 3.5 in San Francisco that's nothing we got a discussion where you cannot live an area with earthquakes tornadoes hurricanes. Or volcano slash wildfires basically fire. Because they've had that prominent wine now that volcano erupting into thinking of the lob rocks the receipt yields sixty saw a movie the blob yes to look like gone across the road crime currently don't. Vocal tornadoes there and percent. It is scared they scared the be Jesus out of my dad and I look you can set yourself a fantastic Tuesday miss anything Foxworth Richmond dot com apple iTunes store for Gary. Pauly unless. They're bad. And.