Wes McElroy - Hour 3 - Rece Davis (2-9-18)

Wes McElroy
Friday, February 9th

Wes welcomes College Gameday's Rece Davis int he third hour.


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Some no. You know this. His last medical wrong on fox sports. Fox sports Richmond dot cops. Calls to show it 34509. Attack or email west and box towards Richmond dot job Syrians he is the man in the last smack go wrong. Join the bag wouldn't go often run in final hour on Friday. He free pizza Friday brought to you by action knows pizza. But we've got a lot going on NBA trade deadline yesterday fewer Cleveland Cavaliers yesterday you might not be one today. You guys the Olympics underway. You led the Eagles Super Bowl parade possibly still going on jet isn't Kelsey still could be talking right now. Yeah. It's just look at this you know building for five years explode in the old group that is you don't want the list box you. Every golf grown past it. That's the teacher right there is someone is that a T shirt out right now this as hungry dogs run fast. Let's get a copyright about 9 o'clock ball. Welcome then and thanks are cranking this up. Whether it be on fox sports ninths and or the radio dot com map. Yes speaking of cranked up the whole crew is here Gary has on the updates. Sounds Akron on the board and yes back producing the show back from the Super Bowl parade among. Estimated a couple million people. Our own Paul Levy in studios still smiling still riding high no sleep whatsoever but back from his street corner in Philadelphia this is great and I'm actually looking at hungry dogs run faster teachers right now. Sale this that's when he dollars forty dollars at two point dollars on. Exe never heard that but they've got they've got a couple variations got the underdog wins chaser Kelsey Perry. Put on bonanno going on on the have a ball. Metadata relationship and married man to thank you never heard of Betsy well well well you have so much wit wait till one day when you find the woman of your dreams and you get married. Learned the word antsy and ventures all these marriages. Heads up and you are they want in the same guy you know you'll learn someday kid I can tell me we learn some day I don't like she says I have this idea I've found it on insert ads a year pay interest on. I'm just in that case spends a couple of creative women that a bronco with two very good T shirts or a guy see a couple of now there Ernie on sale was it everything you imagined it would be yesterday it honestly exceeded my expectations IAE. I down I came in thinking you know this is going to be great but during the parade in it was probably right before the trade got to us I'm standing there at my sister and we had a front row seat which was awesome we are right there on the gate got some high fives got one from gear blind. A great video Michael Kendrick stance of Ronald Darby. The my sister Karen I've got to from the Gerber I did I don't feel that I hit the video recorder right is used combats equipped by sequoia but I got it. And my sister turned to me at one point Reza Prius coming towards us and she said. This is crazy. We're here celebrating the Eagles wine. The Super Bowl in this trophy is ours I kept hearing people say that on the way we listen to talk radio on the way and anomaly back. It's hours no one can take that away from us and at all to sort of hit me once and see in the the ticker tape rained down it was it was great and what was. Most special about for mean I watched the Super Bowl in my house here in Richmond wasn't able watch with my family. But to be able to share the parade. Yeah my sister my mom heard the two biggest Eagles fans that I now and my mom especially I'm 24 I've suffered through some Eagles seasons com. But my mom has suffered to a lot of a bad football for the eagle she's with her whole life for the small she's seen everything else but. I looked at some mommy finally got to see your boys parade down broad street at the same thing us. To my dad get a night I called and I said pot even wait forever and now you're exactly right and anybody's gotten to do that and hopefully you will in your lifetime. I still remember certain things are remember about a lame but I always remember my sister and I being together the entire day and what takes people are you go in different directions. I'm a sister still lives in the Philadelphia area but for not spending tired in the parade my cousins coming from different parts of the country and we on and getting tripped up now talking about it but yet. Yet. We all found each other was crazy Roca and from different parts of the country were fighting each other on that street corners celebrating Phillies. I'm just the way Paulie was yesterday with his family Greg if you go kid could he can enjoy yesterday. We move on to the NFL all season Jimmy grapple those big deal alone tackle that we'll do our fire away Friday because we had back to discuss. And yes while we have that going on that we had the NBA craziness yesterday they were they're trying to steal the thunder from the Eagles goes the brawn James. But like the final scene of the godfather Manny has just taken people out moving people all around. But did the cavaliers get better we'll have that for you coming up. Put numbers 3450910. Twitter question at west fox sports 910. The poll question is out there now that we are. Now that we are done with the football season now there were going into our first we get to know football what gets you through the next thirty days to March Madness is it college football. Is that the Winter Olympics is it the NBA or is it pitchers and catchers reporting you can go vote. At fox sports Richmond dot com rubbing a little Winter Olympic spot as the opening ceremonies are going on. But this is Paula we celebrate yesterday at the parade was his Philadelphia Eagles there can be some celebrating going on Charlottesville tomorrow night. Very interesting matchup last night duke North Carolina always good North Carolina getting the wind tomorrow night Virginia. With the looming right now than being the number one team in the country. They were welcome in Virginia Tech who needs this game and before that game gets going at 615. The best of these we'll start with ESPN's college game day into John Paul Jones arena and joining us now on the big fan this guy it's great to have Reese Davis on from ESPN and ESPN's college game day Reese so nobody could join us thanks to make a top voice here in Richmond. I have been happy to do what we're looking forward to getting back to Charlottesville we've been there a couple of times in the atmosphere has been. I tremendous vote ties for the game to ensure in the morning and obviously be the atmosphere in the arena Saturday night will be tremendously well. You have a unique sports crowd there last night with duke and North Carolina and I love your first question to. You can North Carolina and the answer was it always matters and and you're gonna have a unique crowd tomorrow. Can you describe compare. A Saturday in Charlottesville game day compared to a Saturday afternoon in the fall which would game day in football it both are special but how are they different. I think there is a larger magnitude. And football obviously the crowds are bigger but. Think the one thing that's different is there is no single day. At a basketball. He's in debt is as important as any day. Any Saturday in a football league can be potentially as it pertains. To pursuit of the championship so. I think the cause of that there's the healing. Virtually every Saturday and football that this could be to date that changes everything and you know I know some people but you know Billick complaint about the told them unaudited buttered popcorn you know but that they are not really true that up. Everything can matter it's like game of musical chairs. And somebody's going to be that without a speed and you never know when the music might stop this year for instance. The music stopped in Iowa City unexpectedly coral high as they were left without the you don't get that same type of Spain and basketball. Because. A duke and Carolina as awesome as that was last night they're gonna play again they might quit third time depending on how they turn out you ACC tournament. So. You know it. It's it was just a little bit different I think because of the number of games and the magnitude of the Saturday of football but both have their own characteristic I mean there's an intimacy to basketball. But you don't happened football that makes it a little. You know little closer spiel because of the proximity to their two. So there are you know both are great and you you put it perfectly broker are terrific they're just different. West McIlroy fox sports nights and ESPN's Reese Davis College game day John Paul Jones arena while reset the table for what's in store for who fans but Reese says. You've done your homework and I know you talk about the whose every Saturday morning love watching you guys. Virginia could end up being number one most likely they were in this game to be number one team in the country. You've seen Tony Bennett teams of the past with Malcolm broad Dan and Joseph Harrison Anthony Gil. How's this you'd be eighteen different TO. You know what. It's funny you say that because I was thinking this morning in shows like if they need to think about more important things but all I ask what has Tony that because we're doing. We're doing. Game day obviously this week in the not calling the Virginia game on Tuesday night. And this is and historically. Good defense historically great decrypt up to this point yet all of those names you mentioned all of those seem to be an excellent deep into instant. You know I don't. It's kind of hard to say how they're different they don't seem that once we haven't got quite broad and but you know how guys improvement has been sensational will conclude Bernard are terrific player or them so I don't know they've just seen the senate. And all the pieces work together and is Sony's ability to get them. To play defense use my body that green Burke. Praised their connected. On defense which is something that we saw out. Both in last night is good as both our struggle with so little bit it's really really remarkable I mean they are. You know they are good at the quintessential constrictor snake it you know they don't. They don't necessarily strike yet get your right out of the gate Noah. That you would let. Twenty to two run not utility to sort squeeze quite proud of the over the course of overcoat course of forty minutes and it usually doesn't take the full forty you're usually. I UC scientists surrender. From team a no audit and a little bit earlier than that they'd. Noted it's very frustrating for the bottle and we're like what their arms to not play anymore but you see the frustration come in because of the low that was nature of their defense and you know how he's been able to replace parts in militant group has put together what at least statistically appears to be is that the terms. You know is there's been a remarkable thing. Reese I laugh when people called the show and they say the media like we're all one collective brain real things the same way. You know we are the US are on your door your book Mario a neighbor and it provokes I don't know recent I had a pre show meeting where we are gonna say the exact same thing so yes we are we all the media and the same thing with ESPN ESPN dot dot dot. Virginia has gotten this label of their boring and I know Seth Greenberg unloaded the other day to my colleague David teel a daily press. When you hear Virginia when he Reese Davis here's Virginia is boring when it's your reaction to that. I think it's so like it's like flavors of ice cream. You know some people like some flavors and other flavors that don't care or. And he'll let you know I'm going to be very honest with you you like what you ball up down the court. And maybe giving up a basket every now and then in order to you know grab the ball back get back nine. And pick up the template in Virginia tiger flavor net OK there's there's nothing wrong with that. But it's it's been very effective. Met that have played in the last time I checked the the object of the game was too wet and Virginia that met at a remarkable level. I think. To me because I like basketball I appreciate it beat that I'm not gonna you know not that he would tell you did I don't joy. You know I'd a 9288. Game more than a 4341. Game might do. But I don't think I don't think it played boring I think they need they are good sites in the way they play. And I think their defense is really one thing to watch you like. Effective basketball. I don't like the opposite you'd get it every now and then at a little higher clip to be up but up but I I enjoy and appreciate what they do want to be sent to them well. Reese Davis ES being game day west mackerel or fox sports ninths and big picture here as we get into the weekend and I believe it's tomorrow morning or late afternoon. You could have the selection committee released its first sixteen of the top sixteen teams. Your colleague I was listening to France for Chile was on with mark Packard and a day and and pac man estan. How many teams could end up and schools to possibly end up in the final four and for Sheila said thirty and what war oh attacker with low. I ask you Reese Davis how wide open as this thing out LA teams could end up in the final four this year. I. I don't know. Participate thirty because you were conducting they're separated regardless of what happened earlier this week are Virginia Villanova Purdue. And and I don't Villanova produce a loss to Villanova got injuries and Purdue was not gonna win every game they sort of let one get away the other night. So I think they're viewing what is separated himself duke is the most talented team but they've got they've got some issues right now. Most talented opted to. I would sell probably say the number would be would be. In that range and quality between twenty or thirty but. You know this is not that they're all the same the reconnect say that is because this seems like the you're that you're going to have. In South Carolina from last year AA Wichita later be you come from much lower seed get in you know a maybe there'll be an under seeded Kentucky keen to know now not to back to save like 2014 when did Turkey went as an AT. And so I you do the math and does that mean that everybody one through raider one and a chance. I don't know that I believe that I probably put the number a little bit smaller than thirty yard yes but it's a lot of it is going to depend on the path. Because there might be eighteen to right now at that'll really see that he make the final four but. You have well placed. Based plants in other parts of the bracket and opened up for them they get there you ought to say yup the thing is I think it's kind of hard what I say that I don't. By any stretch of the imagination. Think that you know there are 24 to thirty Keane took all the shame. You know I just think if probably that there are teams that are good are not that they may be get a break in their path near near. The baker heard that they could find a way to sort of final port in great just right. Virginia and Virginia Tech tomorrow ESPN and yes oh by the way does the conversation about Virginia possibly being number one on the other side of this he got the Hokies who need this game. They're they're living in the bubble real estate some brackets out a seven man some have more on the outside. You don't wanna be living on the bubble so big game Virginia Tech with as they begin his big road stretch. Reese Davis the game day crew Reese electoral this one set the stage what's coming up tomorrow on game day. Well we're gonna be it's going to be great CNET think we're hoping to give away from the state farm money which we done it that you can't have been to Virginia judge made at half court shot when the money and no one has made it cents we will let it Virginia. We're hoping that you create shows them how to shoot will certainly talk about the that the that you mentioned with. Selection committee putting out their top seeds will hit on that we'll talk about. We'll talk about the part of Virginia's defense just are good or bad. I got this one more a couple of surprises leaders' debate right now it's whether we will find a way discrete belonged to open the show too will Kuwait City. The global. And I did that that's who hunt right there can't miss that right off the top of the hour bright and early tomorrow game day and I know it was a long night with North Carolina duke and and travel and race thanks so much look at foresee tomorrow. Felt good Seth Greenberg streaking to launch would be something dead. Everyone would want want to make sure they don't miss yet no one would want the Bible what what what a conundrum that would be. I distance but this way it's 870 in the morning people rather breakfast and it was a Reese Davis who put that mentally and did not mind. She'll thank you Reese Reese Davis a kind of join us on the other. As were setting the table for the weekend. 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As we like to see on the show think outside the box know this Valentine's Day think of the box a box of cherries varies. Ares BE RR I ES dot com he's going west it's 1% I'll do it today. Thank you so much release date that was a lot of fun Rick Davis ESPN's game day. Seth Greenberg streak in the law and there's your image for our Friday morning. If you miseries Davis any of our interviews. Go to the iTunes store. Type in west McIlroy or go to fox sports Richmond dot com you can listen anytime anywhere and all be water. Poll he's up point after the new feature on fox sports Richmond dot com Reese Davis joining us as Virginia Virginia Tech in this this is my main event of the weekend. Is the one that I can't wait for this is going to be a good game because for both reasons and I don't last on these two got together Virginia Woolf. They put it all Virginia Tech in Blacksburg. And Virginia Tech has not forgotten. The Virginia Tech come off that when he gets NC state. I know I'm look at the brackets out as right now somebody said who's the bracket Dodgers who has them on the way out. Get out I'm looking through here and I've seen mostly in last war in there. First war by not in the play are the that's great. For now it's the middle of February. Are you serious or you'll keep spending your Tellme don't don't get on Virginia Tech because there on the bubble guys have been through this before 2011 you don't want to be on the bubble. Get away from the bubbles stay away from the bubble ghost busters don't cross the streams this time of the year or in March don't be on the bubble. You don't Charlottesville. Not a Virginian you pull that upset. Did you have now bubble. Virginia Tech meanness in Virginia. And we're talking about this earlier. The chance to be number one in the country in the regular season in the polls when you're sitting in the middle Federer I don't know how much that means to outside. People outside of Virginia and days are outside of being a Virginia cavalier fan. But if you look at the Virginia program the best school program over the past ten years I moved in Charlottesville Dave Lito was there neighbor come up Pete Gillen years. And that is a little spunk there with the date later years when it got to the tournament they got to the second when they get that the that the weekend they got to the Sunday. They lost Tennessee. But after that the years were not kind. There's ten years in the ground that program he checked all certain boxes. You've won the ACC you won the ACC tournament. You got to be number one seed now you've become consistently in the tournament and you've become the number one seed multiple times. You've got to the elite eight. Which I haven't done certain things. This year eject off another Boxee went down Cameron indoor you not all duke Tony Bennett finally beat duke get duke. It after the first Donna Virginia's program history since 1995. There's got the box is elected check off and yes one is getting to the file port yes winning a national championship. But. Mr. we'll show it's something that's not been done the past 35 years so you get number one in the polls you save that newspaper he got a by the times dispatch. The nice today this was the week that we were number one. Now fortunately the way trends go. It's been number one year eventually gonna get knocked off and I know the number one that you really want is the number one seed. And being number one in the end Stella that's some special if you can get the number one in the regular season polls. Especially when you've not done in three net decades. As Reese Davis alluded to there. This would be predict the second. Third now second consecutive year the men's basketball selection committee. Tomorrow will reveal its top sixteen teams they want a sneak pre the sneak peek this happens more 1230 CBS. They will unveil the top sixteen. We'll keep. I know probably due to top sixteen right now. I know they're trying to make this a big to do but I got on my horse earlier this week. Give us what and I didn't get this through recess probably shouldn't I would lobby is opinion on it. I would love to see it every week every Monday night ESPN SC BS give us the selection committee's top 68. Give us who you think sixteen. K you go look at the poll right now. And in all honesty more people were interested after you get done who's the top four seeds most people adjusted items on the back again. O'Keefe as well nowhere basically the selection committee minority palm those guys are well Keating camp on those guys have a really good clue that. Still you or your strip from the horse's mouth where we sit would you guys where we stand right now. How many 810 teams are and that's what you want it. That's three get everybody go through to top sixteen right now you know did our fives you can go to some of the mid majors against Xavier is very good. There's what you would include everybody. As a keyboardist hours saint Bonaventure is it and we know Rhode island's going to be but we saint Bonaventure. So I like that they give us a glimpse elected they give it says an appetizer but don't don't give me sixteen give me 68. Tamar talk thirty CBS six. Was McIlroy and always poll question is up and available the next thirty days to talk about March Madness. Football season there's no football this weekend but what gets you through the next thirty days to college basketball. The Winter Olympics the NBA. We're counting the hours until pitchers and catchers report the update of your poll question blowing 58% still saying college hoops will get into the next month all right poised poll question brought to you by Lexus of Richmond go vote fox sports Richmond dot com speak in the Winter Olympics. We'll touch on that next but first things first. It is a free pizza Friday brought you by friends that you know speeds a color number 53450910. You get a twenty dollar gift card to maybe watch some basketball or the Olympics with that she knows pizza. 3450910. And at one dollar gift card is yours. All of them aren't swinging and I'm trying. Yeah. Everything. On fox sports night attack. How well. Yeah would relinquish the control pretty much of the organization. The building. Years. Ago when the right decision. A different man it. Appears and I can. We're dog that was hired. Higher by a lot of African analysts out there. Yeah I don't know. It was the baseball god. It's yeah. Jason Kelsey of the Philadelphia Eagles. He had some calls to make he gets the call it Ike has yet some calls to make that was the that was the NFL's version of the airing of grievances. I got some problems with the people we just won the super ball and I would tell you about it. Call and I brought you by call that real passionately local banking dressed as a mom or by the way for people who do not know is not a leper guy and he's not a jester. As if Philadelphia tradition the string band the the flair of the mummers usually celebrated on the new years day good Jason Kelsey was his own mummers outfit between him. And Chris Long Elaine Johnson lane Johnson with the ski goggles on any Chris Long with the fur coat and Allen Iverson Jersey. It goes to a football is in their past. It looked like the new tag team of the WWV. Even called the underdogs they they. Chris Long may have a future in professional wrestler you know they can come out way Aaron an underdog mask their ego. Wild and eventful day yesterday in Philadelphia once again call the night brought to you by call federal all right poised poll question again through. The football this weekend so what's getting you through March Madness college basketball Winter Olympics pitchers and catchers or the NB. 60% still saying college hoops will get them through the next thirty days get a good vote by exports Richmond dot com now. We already into the NFL offseason and order had two major moves you've got out Smith. Trades at Redskins Jimmy drop Lowe's deal yesterday five years a 137 million. I don't have too much data on this at this this comes as a surprise to nobody Beirut if there was any question about to be ground below remaining in San Cisco got answered yesterday. Five years a 137. And a half million. Averaging 227 and a half million per year guarantees 27 daycare and he's a 74 million and I know. This makes him the highest paid quarterback in the NFL yadda yadda yadda. Makes him the highest paid quarterback in the NFL for now. Until Kirk cousins and then he'll be the eyes big quarterback until. Erin Rogers or Matt Ryan or somebody yells I. This used to be a fun topic it really did it it's not a topic anymore because so many people get banter about I can't believe he's done is paid quarterback. Understand when you look at numbers and wonder how Jimmy grappled gets this dealer Kirk cousins gets his deal. It's not merit the drives deals its leverage. That's what it is it's I need a quarterback. Mike contract is up a team wants me you're gonna get paid. And I don't know another topic that seems to be now bordering on boring. What does it stop window quarterbacks get paid this much of what they stop getting paid this much Paul ESP that earlier. Remember this this is a very common thing they keep in my back pocket when discussing. And that is. Hate it takes one team. It just takes one team to make an offer and it takes two teams to make a market. It somewhere wants to pay the gonna pay it. Think the one team until you get all 32 NFL owners saying not gonna do this to you have collusion. It just takes two things one desperate team and it takes two teams to make a market or you gonna pay him as well that's what we're repair and that going to pin this on cable countering that. That's what it is. As Virginia ground below the one interesting note about the Jimmy grapple and deal where could impact if your team is looking at a free agent quarterback. Is that it's only four guaranteed but according to shepherd it's nine B million in the first three years of moving the money here at the terms back loaded front loaded. Five year deal and to be grapple has got plenty of gas left in the tank. So five year deal and these things always get restructured but 74 million guaranteed the notable parties it's a heavy amount of money up front. There's Jimmy G knocked out Al Smith with the Redskins the quarterback carousel just starting to turn the two big moves one. Meaning get the football season and I guess if you wanna say yesterday afternoon marked the beginning of the end up all season this deal goes down. We market Richman mark you on fox sports 910. Welcome marred the glory serve. All questioned challenger got the big talk of 500 we have heard movement that. I know give me political burger I. I did not miss it the wasn't a mark meet the neatly inside out sausages made what's the why you gotta leave things out of five people like yourself call and say hey. This is what gets me through the next couple days so it's NASCAR you it's it's the count down to Daytona. Our right and now is it NASCAR in general or is it is a Daytona it was at NASCAR in general to get you through to March Madness. They're total for the farmer to start those. Or her to purpose to welcome such a big build a Republican for the NASCAR people in general we have been told him or her. All right my man appreciate the focal put it on the board we will write ins or in this business Collins. I just got to you leave things out he you beat people. For Daytona and NASCAR embarking on new interest in time where a lot of marquis names are out in their. They're looking to the younger generation you know Kyle Busch does not like it. Eddie ball questions up deal you tell us or you write and what gets you futile March Madness got a lot of basketball today. Dated all VCU I know fans are unhappy right now it's a tough pill swallow. Dealing losing. But as I used the word earlier this program has endured trauma. You've taken hits but it's got three coaches in order for years some BC your fans and I don't I have to watch Michael off fan base is I'm guilty of this. Not talk shows do this it's like when you guys cause the media galaxy fans. Because as I saw my Twitter timeline yesterday there's some fans defending BC you say look this is what happens. And it was a growing year some fans going to the extreme questioning the program. Will pairing of Mike Rose has the right guy. And yet I I can't tell that three quarters of the season. Is micros need to be tougher on the guys maybe have a quicker hook maybe not to stop the style work you can't tell and three quarters of a season. Does this program's endured trauma. And honestly if you go back it will wade would have stayed. And recruiting class would have been in total. It was still borderline this team is gonna make the NCAA tournament even if there was no major coaching change we get to magic coaching gains in four years. Time gets yet. NBC president's bold and it's dangerous when you have expectations. VCU Dayton tomorrow night Richmond at saint Bonaventure. The two topics they're de Monte bucking him out of the hospital because cramps. Will he go is he able to go to mart out against saint Bonaventure that's still up in the air and the rams hopeful that Jonathan Williams will be back able to go tomorrow night coverage begins at 530. We have the Winter Olympics of which I am very excited about and a man participating in the Olympics from pallets and animal on early in the show Hakeem a duels aboard US bobsledding team. You'll hear that coming up next but first while we're setting things up in the future like basketball tournaments in the Olympics and is that the third. All the gentlemen do not forget about Valentine's Day I don't want you to forget about downsize state that's why I'm gonna give you this happy recommendation on acting now. And getting her share he's berries. Do it today it is Friday before Valentine's Day don't put this all the way to the weekend do we today. Go to series Berry's web site and it think it's easy to remember. Varies dot com BE RR I ES dot com share is berries right now. You can think inside the box not outside the box inside the box series berries. Fresh juicy strawberries dipped in shock really good news topped with John chips chopped nuts signature swindles. Berries in his signature box end. It got that beautiful ribbon so you don't even have to give prepped this Bancshares there is no you guys they do you guys they know how guys work so the take care of everything now you take care this. There is dot com BE RR I ES dot com. And save 20% on gifts over 29 dollars used by promote go to west. So think about that gift idea take care gift wrapped taking care of deliberate taking care up and 40% off. Not bad. Jerry's Beers BE RR I ES dot com hurry ordered to day use the code Wesson check out and get 20% off. Final call on the poll question the thing that gets you through the next thirty days to March Madness. But no NFL. But he got basketball the Winter Olympics. Pitchers and catchers reporting or the NBA at the trade deadline yesterday where LeBron James. I it's far less that is that it does it mean more picture on where LeBron James look at the stat sheet it says when these guys again. And the crazy part is the brawn James yesterday and was by the Cleveland Cavaliers could open up the door for him to be a Los Angeles Laker. Interesting interesting to ask the question is for now did they do enough to compete with Golden State. Adding maybe they did the best job that they could to compete with gold statement. And Boston. But to media NBA seasons gonna come down to Houston Golden State in the Western Conference. So what is superhero but it's no vote on your poll question box port Richmond dot com by say your poll question always poll question. We also throughout the topic of what is the Olympic sport but you won't miss as the Olympics are officially under way. Opening ceremonies just concluding. And once we're there we're very excited to see is bobsledding including. How to end zone scheme Abdul support black oil with before I went to South Korea and we discussed. How does it track star at a pallets and our running back you BA wives become an Olympic Bob Slaughter. It's do not have a clue. If I got lucky aren't in the sport. I had no clue really much about it Shep I'll watch it on the Olympics. Well who found do you how did you find the sport so I was disputed doing quit as coach in Knoxville Tennessee. I happen to be. This fool around with some local workers cannot touch my head to it input feeling much jumping and the ultra and the condition protrude bobsled. Tommy touched do a video and is like man it's got explosive on me to a bidding on their equipment if you want to try out. How would you put into words how would you describe the first time you're in the Bob's and you go all the way down. Army if its it's pretty edgy it's pretty little bit as we go to go so a lot of work is done off of the track. Com we do everything from Carlos just been in this sweater without a move and are making sure that our market position is correct on so that once we get on the hill it's easy opens. If you have a matchup then. You still going down regardless of whether you're in the further you're not a bullet. Wound so you wanna make sure is perfect and launcher in the lead Muqtada like. Getting pushed down a and it'll. And in the trash can it's not a that it looks. Our new head then there and you tried to its lowest move with a sweater as you can but now you're in pretty much at a us steel canisters so. Yet it's pretty exciting though. McCain didn't do the positions CIA and I believe it's the pilot who's up front and then there is that a break man. Is there the pusher gimme that terms of the four man bobsled team. OK we we all are essentially break in. The last person in the sled would be. Go Britain has yet to pull the great. Well it is have the power it I think you have the two spot that you guys military guy and then the great men and then up. And the loading sequence there a driver loads. And then. After that two guys watch is the driver who votes he takes two steps that the the driver and then he wrote in the in the pre got a two cent after the I think he'd vote in the in the Berkman. Take two cents at the third. We all have to load and sequent. To make everything work together. When you're sale a lot of this goes on behind the scenes how do you go about getting that chemistry because of beautiful when you've got to get in misled misled is going you guys are going. And even is the first time you've got to be on point you gotta be together. So I mean we just we have to that's practice every day is that this is. A blue collar sport we we do all the work I mean we have mechanics that help put up every day before and after sliding we make sure we checked this where. Our home make sure everything is right all bark in alarm placed. And we just do practice Carlos every console war this practice is that we were running on I that or jumping misled and then sit down and wolf. Sometimes karma logistically how quickly on the local practiced on that put strike at least some impression that car. We get lots of reps America's on that you don't have to go down the track so you it's worked well in turn your body you can get reps on that. A replica if you. West McIlroy fox sports night and joined by keen to boost Bora United States bobsled team. Do you run the or stop in liner Hackett from pout and football player from you VA lies ends up. He thought about this you know I'm going to the Olympics as a member of the bobsleigh team. It's still hasn't hit me I mean I don't I don't post very real smear. I think it'll hit me until. I'm very into South Korea had been on the Obama pushing the consulate. The key will compete on February 18 that is when he bobsled events will take place but. Before that Hakeem he thought about what's going to be like to walk in opening ceremonies when they named you as part of team USA. Politics is going to be awesome experience I have thought about that I've dreamed about that is just like you watch it on TV like. Man that's just so awesome that these people into that and then go out there represent their country and now just a dream come good on the what was it well. The key medals to bore from pallets and part of USA bobsled both the two and the four man team all guest appearing on the key at the indeed. Mercer rug cleaning hotline and all interviews can be found at fox sports Richmond dot com the Olympics gold as we again. What's going on this weekend you may ask and I know football within you better be paying attention to always picks. Teams. Well of course Monday. We got a sponsor for Paula aspects of doing really got some big miss on this day it's exciting. Two gotten Aaron wolf first up tonight west now it's on at 6 o'clock today but you wanna watch the re airing of the opening ceremonies of the Olympics I love what's in the opening ceremonies. 8 o'clock NBC deny you an opening ceremonies got no gimme games. Give me some speed skating it was an accident that US athletes come in math on love and I don't like. Because that that's on the flag bearer thrown up shirtless man remember what it's much what I'm not. Now I know I'm I like the I love the Olympics don't like I love the Winter Olympics but yeah I'm. Let's go now not singing dancing I get to about a half an out like I have got it. Here's a lot of rock and roll you some ski jumping next. Well for all of you that are sand and our poll question you want basketball to get through the next thirty days to pony basketball tomorrow starting with college game day we just had Reese Davis on it. 805. 11 o'clock on ESPN game day from Charlottesville don't miss that followed by the game then later that evening Virginia Tech at number two you'd be in the commonwealth clash 615 ESP and before that. Dayton at VCU Dayton NBC would. Returning for hopefully it'll be a little bit fit more favorable than the last time date NBC you played were dated 100 let us six on numb but being down 6 o'clock CBS sports network or. Fox sports night set today you gal Jacqui appreciate the fact they're now gal and then Sunday the new look Cleveland Cavaliers visit hiring in the Boston Celtics 330 ABC do you realize all the hub bub about the Isiah Thomas ceremony. And I was supposed to be Saturday night from the Paul Pierce thing and Isiah Thomas and now with my family's there now I get nothing. Because Isaiah Thomas he's hanging out the ball family. He's not not not be not. You might come off the bench going to his agent QB wit. Constable Paul Pierce brought thrilled about that he gets a trivial to himself now from. Dan and how how that has left field. Kyle Petty for that. And always gone there always picks as we roll in through the week and to what a fun week man what a fun. Fun fun week Paula I'm so happy you got to goods bowl parade I watched that yesterday and as I echoed on the show and I told you what it was like kitten in the what the Phillies need in my heart for the Eagles to you I'm so glad you could be there with Stanley yesterday. Bonds and and for a lot of people they thought it would never ever happen and seeing the more those story this week kids. Your redskin fan you're Jacksonville jaguar and your Houston Texans fans your long suffering Cleveland Browns fan. Some day some day it may happen. Notice may. Someday I hope it happens and I hope you're all six feet above to see it. And if you do I'll just say this touch on the Slater and Paul is point after your team wins a championship. Go to the parade don't miss that Corey could you don't know when or come around again and it is the ship of a lifetime and don't ever missed the first one don't. Don't do that because it's always you always remember your first. Is not going there all right and by the late check out the new feature of fox sports Richmond dot com best of the week best interviews guests. Features topics it's all employee's point after fox sports Richmond dot com. Paul I get yourself some rest for silent Zach running the board Gary has the the FDA's Pauley produce and I'm Wes McIlroy. You know me let it ride. And.