Wes McElroy - Hour 3 - Parney and Brian Boucher (5-25-18)

Wes McElroy
Friday, May 25th
Wes welcomes Parney in studio and Brian Boucher of the NHL on NBC in the third hour. 

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Some. PO this. His last match coral on fox sports. Fox sports Richmond dot com. Calls show it 34509. Attack or email west at fox sports Richmond dot com Syria yes he is the man who glass map coral are Enron entity edit cut down our yeah Ireland is free pizza Friday brought to you by action at those speeds so we have to those pizza to give out this hour. I got my last two tickets to games for WWE. Raw Monday night the Richmond coliseum. We got baseball this weekend because it is the unofficial start of summer in the first time that I look at the standings. And who and what may surprise me. We got basketball. And yes believe it or not as legal when this Friday morning we are potentially 48 minutes away from the bride James playing his final game was a Cleveland cavalier. And 48 minutes away from the Golden State Warriors not. Being in the NBA finals are still the dribble shot clock down to six proxies over curry. Comes into the paint golden dory judges should not worry. We're. Good. Another big play. What they want they're going to. 95. You'll hear. Eric Gordon Tony four points off the bench on a night. Where is I say this to our friend Todd pony par now in studio yeah yeah body. By low of thirty for thirty voice what if I were to tell you there was a game. What do I tell you James Harden hey pop gets up on. We get a game six tonight in the NBA Western Conference finals and James Hart is gonna go over eleven from three. And oh by the way Chris Paul's gonna leave because of the hamstring issue who would you be taken between Iraq it's in the lawyers and got the rocket exactly. You would have been wrong because those things that happened last night likely heir Gordon off the bench with 44 points. Also ready clutch steal in the final seconds of gold states last possession made two key free throws at a couple threes down the stretch 9894. Game five win for Houston take a 32 series lead big shots down the stretch. And here we are Golden State going home game six on the verge of elimination. However. The story that we'll continue down a trickle on to talked about here over the next 36 hours is Chris Paul hamstring issue at the end of this game I don't know these solidly. But he goes up. Makes an awkward shot it was one shot where he goes up when he comes down and it looks like he's coming down on his left ankle or foot. And it turns out grabs his right leg is a read he's coming down the left because southern had a hamstring in mid air. He comes down. And Chris Paul is status unknown for going into game six on Saturday night total Chris Paul fact yes. Username and owner of the Winston-Salem dash Minor League Baseball team in Libya and it's not an album in game six. The best level no but I think it's a good thing to know here's Mike and Tony on Chris Paul right now Chris ball did not speak to the media after the game last night. Talk to Marc spears of the undefeated in kinda gave I'll be fine and good for game six. And you hope that's the case. I don't know how many times and you know everybody's got us here in the laid it. And he's one of those players than a fighting game and just his will alone and what it means for basketball I don't own camera for him and I think he had some problems. Eighteen it was toy in the second half and this would be a shame because right now you've got to tip your cap to the rockets of what they're doing. I seriously think about this is a high octane offense that could go off at any given time. And here combating with Eric Gordon off the bench Chris ball who's now this is the second time in this series that he is going off in the second half and day in a deciding force. Albert you're doing this group with offense. We're which is the first half was tough to watch last night and to be like 4544. Italians it's really Houston angle on staying in the video over you do extremely disappointed. But that people thought this morning about. What's wrong with Golden State party notes drawn gold state Houston Houston right now could Houston beer city of champions. Well it you do have a right here Philadelphia is one to tide. I'm not bitten on Texans. But it could be city champions with an MBA in in major baseball out of the boy era I think Golden State to win this and six in Houston is going to win me over in which I really now I found myself pulling. For the great therapy and rehab because if I hate to see the way especially on defense and naymick of USA today did the numbers this morning. This single state team that we're used to scoring a 113. Points on average. And now the worries have been held to 92 in game 394. In game four and 94 again last night I mean. There could dump my team it is just average a 113. Point 514 points per game. And Houston. This suppose anybody's played Golden State since the Oklahoma City team they had him on the ropes with Kevin Durant no one has played gold state like this. And it's not just one game we're we're we you have to Wear a series yet do it it's just a fashion and Houston's doing it. I don't know if you saw the Tweeter in the story I forget who tweet it out of this person knows sports reporter Tweeter out. Hey Steve Kerr you might wanna start worrying about your Golden State Warriors in your series with the Houston Rockets and start worrying about the NFL and the policy. Now I. You'll stick to sports guy. Steve Kerr. Was on the defensive yes about the gun control policy and about. The NFL's nationalize the policy but Steve credible defense of last night when he was asked the question. Are things getting dumped up by just throwing the ball downloading Kevin Durant. Q do you feel like they're your sacrifice first on the Baltic Kevin to an Art Ross are you sacrifice in substance. Now I got a good option to throw the ball Kevin Durant on the post to really do much. It is but I get where the question is gone because Golden State looks like this team. That it doesn't know its identity threat it airs don't Paula earlier and it's not all right Kevin Durant. If you Kevin Durant isn't he did you don't have an answer form Kevin Durant last night got his twenty plus points. It's kind of weird that it it feels like this series. If you go back a year ago you wonder how this all works with Kevin Durant and goal and stayed with the identity of the team if they got a race by what he did and excelled in the finals. I get I get you pretty Houston because they're Duncan up the works yeah there is the paper the Kevin Durant he dribbles twelve times he's down the post may be makes the shot. There's times where it's like ode to waive it we're supposed to hit a three year we're not making it. Great at Bristol scored 94 point two game. But both state looks disjointed it. And has a lot to do with Houston who's the face of that franchise one that's been argued back and forth and and the truth is it all matters and Andre Iguodala who's been out the past. There's not a basketball enough basketball to go around us and old remember back in the old days were born your boarding Borneo but George mcginnis was playing on the same team with the sixers with Julius Erving and Darryl Dawkins mineralized desire and basketball's to go around for the. Ever and and here's what but our circle back and saying that why say it feels weird and it's not Packard says that we seen this goes the Golden State team work we've seen them when China we've seen them in the NBA files Dominic Cleveland Cavaliers. It's what Houston is doing and that's why I really hope. And and I don't I don't care who we end up with the NBA finals which really crazy to think after all the talk earlier VA care oh I'm I'm I'm sure they don't. You'd go. Houston and boss is not gonna pull the mainstream audience that a Golden State LeBron James final loaded. But we are now 48 minutes away from the tonight possibly could be LeBron and dressed. And do you think do you think we're forty minutes away from both of those things happening or just one of those things like who would you. Who would you pick may not go to game seven. And turn the tables on employment and do my dad who would I not pick right now we're not pick Cleveland grow because nobody around them and I I still goes to his chances at home to go to Iraq and and that's where Larry have a Richmond. But tonight. LeBron James aid and it's deja Vu all over again as the yogi degree of you must end. It is feels they were going into game two we know the bronze to come out a game two was in Boston and Cleveland. We know that bronze to come now we know he's going to be a storm when no he's not gonna let Boston winners and LeBron but here's the question and here's the question even more intensified after we saw at the end of the last game is what about the end. LeBron did look at he looked out I don't know B was sick. But he said he was exhausted he looked exhausted. Is there going to be enough gas attack in here here's the 1 thing I am not a cinema attendance for the full game and I got spam went out to Friday night. But yet that ten minute mark you know wild west is on Friday has been fairly stale but he did that eight minute mark tonight it's going to be worth tuning especially if I didn't runs down maggert just seen a body language of the final moments of the season in the Brock knows it's. On the way out for the year I can we read the violence could we the last time. At his departure from Cleveland and fix the Jersey off and Boston not that he's gonna do that you signed regarding mixture. I don't know see that's what I find to be the interest in question. We we anticipate him legal things don't discount the sixers and don't discount Houston. If they end up losing the series. I'd take the sectional Houston Houston's got too many penalties Hugo. No one on and in the running I still think the act I still think the Smart choices to avoid the west though don't take on the west until you have to take the west of the NBA finals but that. It seemed to be the obvious thing that LeBron was leaving now the question is where with a bronze go public seems to. I I would like to seems state to elect a hometown thing is I mean. Comics that people encompassing. Don't think it's in the cards won't find out a bit later tonight you know what's amazing today I think you party he asked party of the flying squirrels joining us in studio as it does each and every Friday in the 8 o'clock hour coming up next right doctor Brian Boucher former. Goalie it was the flyers took them to the cynical files in 2010 but the Carolina played a little bit in Arizona. He is now fantastic broadcaster for the NHL and NBC Ritz odd about this matchup of the capital's. And the Vegas golden knights. Who party Elvis announced our. I'm being told that the biggest gold knights aren't a good story. From monitoring stories buddies are related to Bobby Boucher no it's not then don't say that because I'm sure that's surely isn't that true very little beer what a drama holder usually the Bob Bruce I will be conducting the it was planned. I will be conducting interviews Brian Boucher of the nation on NBC coming up next and impart a little bit later on this hour. In the spirit of the unofficial start of summer meeting you but I gonna go back and forth and little fill in the blank contests. And I'm gonna win we have thrown this question to you know religious sects and I've hello Tanya. We do is question the audience earlier and you could jump on Twitter at west fox sports 910. I'm glad summer's almost here because I've missed black white. And par eight iron to go back and forth and the things that we missed about summertime which is all most here was almost here. Is game one Monday night to Stanley Cup finals cabs and the biggest golden knights. Crazy enough. Who would have thought that was gonna happen lot of happy capture and Brian Boucher of the NHL and NBC will join us next in this free pizza Friday brought you back to nose caller number five right now it's a twenty dollar give garbage in those beats. 3450910. From fox sports night that. Today former NHL goalie. They'll join us in just a minute it's still as we get ready for game London thank caps and I guess golden knights Monday night at 8 o'clock. School caps fans they are at a point four hour really get a couple days to bask in the glow of holiday weekend to bask in the glow and no party. Our buddy Kyle on the grounds crew with Steve Bruck when he was so excited to throw smile Arnold obviously huge cuts for a long time twenty years forty years in the making it's crazy to think that you get to a point and with news of the cubs in and the Red Sox in the grander scale it. People generations without ever seeing their team not mind compete for a title but compete for competing for a title even in a conference championship. America forget when the Rangers won the Stanley Cup or not watching the game and I remember Louis blues. Senior citizen gentleman he probably had to be in his eighties holding up a sign next to the next with a glass of guys have said now I can dive. And that's how I fell of short. I'm sure that is it is great thing with cubs and Red Sox fans or people who lived their entire lives lived into their eighty's and their nannies and never ever sought to saw heartbreak. I did forty years not that big of a gap but still forty years. It's still too when he years however my Mac court survive blazers wedding about the thank you very much I appreciate. Wholesale and after the end of the show talking hockey I just got. According to says media outlets oh here we go so you turn the tables bogeys jumped in the middle of the movie young blood last night Brett. But then didn't finish it up I'll sleep most tired you Phyllis we a lot of pressure mullah. So Youngblood and classic hockey movie. Under under appreciated sports mostly from Patrick Swayze hit the guys who was boy you have parties going into during a break did he die daily diet though I wanna go and get on Netflix. I do them Netflix target in the kid's got me you know one of those eye popping ex did you have to see a young and Keanu Reeves and then moving. May it's oil wasn't that glues and I don't believe Keanu Reeves is the goaltender aura of the Hamilton mustangs in that movie. That's the other team with a number horny that blue note that the key artery is Patrick Swayze. Rob and Chad are the number appears dazzle the former Philadelphia flying Peters as those in that movie is double hockey cameos yet yet and that's the year ballot bowl watchable Thurman you'll see some like former former players show up three of the Major League Steve Yeager you'll dodger catcher he's one of the bench coaches respond to what smooth like that Susan tell you right now Youngblood. Under appreciated sport second Youngblood. Vision quests and I'm trying to think what else might he be under appreciated and under appreciated sports movie. America doesn't get enough love because there's the classics of Major League he can now admit now that's a really anywhere around the up. That's that's an excellent excellent point I parties in studio he's hanging out wait us as the squirrels are on the road this week so we are lucky enough to. Adamant studio and coming up we're so lucky enough we are lucky or blessed us. So coming over and have a little summertime fun or to fill in the blank it's summer is almost here. The things that you missed about summertime. Simple pleasures of summertime sports not sports we'll do that here in fifteen minutes right now. Part I got to give these away because we're we're about giving and sharing issue or. We have got my last two WW evil tickets to giveaway abdomen Monday night as were those were different this time you saw live wrestling of that the shooter you have to go through the course. Deaths every came out the whole family where we love that's a blast I will we wanna say and you I got the tickets I don't want to give those an oil poured those who was a week you gotta be able to use them. We got them you got he'll pick him by noon because management's close entirely all this time what Bennett's getting soft for a bit and vice president's being nice guy so here you go caller number five right now 3450910. The tickets are yours you've got to deal pick him up by noon. And you gotta be able to use them please be able to use them caller five. 345091034509. And those tickets. Our viewers in joining us right now as we get ready for game one on Monday that's Robby Robby what's not you know wrestled for me caps and the Vegas golden knights. Joining us now on the former NHL goalie now and John NBC analyst Brian Boucher who. Eight years ago helped the flyers back to the Stanley Cup finals in a Brad let me start here because this is cats country people are buzz people are excited. As a player what are you remember coming back to a city to an area and just feel that atmosphere when you're team is going to the Stanley Cup files. It's. It the about hockey players the most fun you'll. The body that around the city the weather's nice the people around side they're jacked up but to watch hockey. It's that it's been great it's a great time a year and if you inexperience going deep into the playoffs and having the opportunity go to Billick a final. As a player and Hispanic that you could that mean it really special. But special moment you guys know it doesn't happen every year. I've been a long time since you've been in the situation but I'm sure. The mandate they cited the players are excited. It upon time. The prime time. I love picking goalies brains about other goalies you got to award winning goalies in this series. How do you see Britain hoping and Marc-Andre Fleury because this year Britain hope he was not the vezina trophy goalie. And Marc-Andre Fleury out of Pittsburgh here he is back in the files how do you view both of these goalies and the and the career twist that they've had this year. It it's interesting remark murdered weary out there with them. Remarkable season that they. You know you have to deal with a little bit angry at them I am and I'm always cures of guys return from injury. You know that you can get their level play who to root for high level when they come back to always difficult when you missed on your timing job. Amid your conditioning not quite there. But really when you look of weary body work all you want me to spend at a higher level you know from day one and he's coming into the corporate bit. Prefer or expansion franchise than mean great demeanor yet tremendous athletic than the great goaltender the guy below him in the locker room. And he carried that play and the president is playing the playoffs. There hasn't been a better goal in the post he's in the market under where needed big reason why they will be playing for the Stanley Cup start Monday. Until Braden hope these. The it this situation where this is this the story that happens to a lot of goalies in a lot of people but realizes by. You're you hit a bump in the road. You've had a nice little run and you get a little bit of adversity and yet at the old guys respond to that adversity. And I think great hope he handled it with clout being handled it as the true pro. You recognize that you know what I got back up partner they're doing a heck of a job. And playing well in the coaching staff had to make some tough decisions and start a diet of there's a report out of the blue bar they need to do them a better chance to win. Oprah did not how he complained he wasn't a non team players he just simply. Went back to the drawing board got the practice time that you needed. He waited for his opportunity. And when he came in you ready and it's a great story about you don't have a net. Through your remain as routine guy and not go all aren't I your own engine and in. And be destructive it evolved you know remaining focused knowing that we get your opportunity got to be ready to play. And he's done just that and so both these guys are intriguing story should be on the watchable on. He's that over a dozen years in net in the NHL heals the NHL's modern record for the longest shutout streak of 332 minutes. Brian Boucher from the NHL and NBC witness on fox sports ninths and right I. I understand sports talk radio business and sometimes I feel like Granada have nice things we got to ruin everything. I've been I've been thinking all year long the Vegas golden knights of this great story and I've enjoyed it I even adopted them in a certain way and now. Now summer telling me it's a bed look for the NHL that an expansion team got here than expansion team could win. I'm not buying it here about a bit of what do you think of an expansion team making the Stanley Cup finals is it a bad look for the NHL. Now I don't into the bout look whatsoever I figured. I at this Cinderella story I mean if anybody thinks that this is this situation that would happen to. Every Spansion in that would come in in the NHL going forward it is it's foolish I mean there's a lot of a lot of forces at play that you know allowed it seemed fit and that where they are today. I think it's a wonderful story. I think it's great for hockey. I think you know look I mean in the in the southwest now you've got people that are. Are excited about the game. And you know for expansion teams sometimes the league a long long time decreed that and then I played in Phoenix. I noted like that that almost four years there and I know what it's like. And how difficult it is to get in didn't beat. The bottom line is that we need. Helps you know a lot of those in the move either that may be moved to those years and in the south what they're they're. Can't give me the other teams from the national hockey maybe they'd look and Chicago limited growth in Detroit moved through that area. And their fans to the red into the black art when you win. Kids become fans of the biggest golden Knight you know and that create a candidate and a body and I think it's great for the league I think if anybody is upset about the they've golden night. They are hysterical final I think it's because they have this you know this sour grapes there about thirteen not being. In the final. And I that you just getting it got them they've done a fantastic job in scouting making sure that they pick the right. Players that they want they're being made that'd players. And they got these guys the body and in play that seems to me that sent out to. It's still a man. I let it roll on this one how much. I don't know voted do tale of the tape and who's the better team but home ice advantage does matter you know this how much does it matter between these two teams especially the way the capitals have played on the road. Cool not that very question. Because they think there though why is in Vegas and I think there is. You know. An element of of calm moment that they've been vague play with that hole and that and that energy that they're out there by manic apps have been really good. In these playoffs. An and I think the trend in play out that the road team is. A fair amount of success. And I think there's some good to have because. You know there are no distractions you are together that we can be more Blake. Hey let's quote there and take care of business as opposed the you know maybe worried about you know. What type of game you want a player this style player citing doubtful that you want fluid about. Getting the job done and I think I I always enjoyed playing on the little play at all. But that is going to be a real intriguing series you know. I just think from an element of style of play that the in the Alley that that Washington. Plays with. I think is gonna be something altogether new. For the biggest organized the LLA's physical but they didn't have the speed they're they that bit of a blend that. Walk all Winnipeg had to decide at the speed but I think they were a little bit tired. There's the whole little animal that big a deal with you know that one of the best in the world and for the that they play with. It's gonna be up acquitted of for the out going to be about managing the pressure and speed their biggest plays with. I think it's going to be a long series I don't know out of oil output of the you can be a long period and in India partners toward what the you've always been the been. Role in this in this series. The bush enjoyed watching is a player really enjoy watching is a broadcaster thanks again for doing this better appreciate it. Are you about all its own fact you've got to Brian Boucher joining us from the NHL on NBC if I'm Brian on Twitter at Brian Boucher. 33. West McIlroy tap party part now the flying squirrels. Welcome back a little bit over break come back in. Yes we'll give our predictions on the series and starts Monday night and the fun of summertime next fox sports 910. It just NBC. Party unity had commented. Sally and that's why do really good natural ability millionaire golf deicing in the broadcast Booth and get eight men and as was done by a fantastic job you'd even messed that up McIlroy thank you very much appreciate that. Come up Paula we'll tell you what's in store for tonight was in store for this weekend busy three day weekend of sports but also Memorial Day weekend a celebration of summertime. There were almost in a party you guys got to start you summertime early with baseball being back in the month of papering. And the mean do you even know there's a changing of the seasons ago. Once we adults who starts next summer two kinds of days a home game or the way you or so ago I don't know what day of the week it is or anything let around baseball. Well party not at the bars it. Couple things that make summertime so great. And today we've been asking the question it's our fill in the blank Friday question I'm glad Summers back because I miss. And we have you fill in the blank certain things about summer sports not sports you know where everyone certain things that you love about summertime months where life is still a bit more laid back and we got discussion earlier about flip flops. Paul is not a flip flop guy. I am a football guy are you flip flop guy no way goes not not comfort not style would have a very ugly toes so you not a big. And he put up guy known at all and are your feet to it hurts her to actually do. Paul you're eighty years old nothing hurts your I don't know ankle support when I get overblown I don't always nice bum ankle support the Tony for your bones but that doesn't make you aware of those Jacques does creatures cavs lose so you don't swell I always thought I was an old soul until I knew Arnold sold until I met Paul I thought given a senior home right now now I. I used to feeling I was and also there's and down from around Paula normally do beat you guys walking on paper on flip flop. Now are passionate about this football I want. I I don't like a lot of energy talk about slide hollered until I played softball landslides yes I have in my bag right now on the car have some sliders really nice Nike sliders a gal the very company poll question brought to buy call federal are you a pro flip flop person or anti flip flop person pro right now leading 74%. Of proposals. Groups and comfortable relaxed those people like refilled the to a more free when there weren't fluently but I tell you living on the edge when you're this flip flops there bawling. Paula got no bad music for us as that we wrote down the things that that we enjoy about the summertime that our our fill in the blanks you can sit over yours. Pat west fox sports 910. Fill in the blank. Well let's go back to talk Paulie does go back and forth about things that makes summertime so great on this the start of the unofficial start of summer. What I'm glad Summers back because I missed fireworks. They never ghetto then the simple pleasures summer the child like they explore in this guy especially after squirrels you after squirrels games and you look up in amazement the same way that you dated your sixty you look at the same way you do when you were 6 I am glad Summers back because I missed fireworks. That to go and our good Summers back because I miss the smell of the rule. Mean. The stakes is doing you might have a cold Bud Light your hand waves make balloon group known. I miss the smell of the group today with really good on this you don't do this in December. Corn on the cob on the grill. Roll up tin foil as the warriors and yet it has no it is to put little butter and then pat her out a little butter not about it nada nada butter. Why I'm glad Summers back because I miss driving at night windows down and baseball on the radio callers you grow. With the soothing sounds matters of the case I did Harry callous and the great lady Richie Ashburn the best. Pardon what are you guys the respect for because I get to see Michael Phillips and shorts when he runs out of gas on the scope and guys are really given Michael itself I'm gonna Michael touched down because and only hero I guess is where George who is George Cindy Moore Parker did is bring something opened defense of Michael Phelps. Are you the one who's really is who's been critiquing people's pain where grow my hand winners and style. For me. Yeah. Thank you college until boy was that a day how does that play if you wanna Wear crazy pants if Phil sorcerer jurists. Be comfortable life and where zero yards for you becoming an old soul I and what fill the blank I'm let's Summers back because I miss. Had to make naps rule the other probably Norwegian considered the probably gone out the window because I've an eight month old who now can actually reach up to panic and pull me out of it's I would fall over and smacked on the ground. But then there's something about just. So not panic and do lose in all on a summer Sunday afternoon. You'd trust repute system's movement are alike sitting on the deck in the summertime when the Tito's entry through while listening to jury Burnham and applying this growth. Using grapefruit that's the summer drink. Barney why would go to Drake they gaping party when he with a drink I'll take a big party we want to drink to get some that would Tito's and advocate for the Marty I miss. College football preview guides. It's a big tease. But it's just that blue reminded account football's right around and I don't talk about baseball but there's something there partners something there pool reading teacher reading it dead hefty college football preview so I'm looking at the games that are coming up in September. To little the little tease of football in the summertime about the squirrels to hear Tim Tebow this week winning two out of three of the Binghamton. I seem to those numbers a lot of teams that have taken care can Tivo in double A baseball. You're gonna love this one night play army. I am glad Summers back because I've miss. Klondike bars of all flavors. Poly real exit lasers that supported a couple weeks ago Paula story from the wedding now I I finally I said part what do you need to grocery store I don't need anything part of what he needed to go restore I don't need anything part what Canadian grocery store. Tito's vodka. Thirty pack of Bud Light. And Klondike ice cream bars. All flavors like that all right got every flavor. All of man but they were was he form look that since we got some here on the Twitter king right and I'm glad Summers back Kazan is pool days. And the scenery that goes with that book well this may great sin I miss Sammy Adams summer Al. It was summer beer some are good to be there. Ago I would come with a snake man summarized Sanyo summary of good about it manage our daughter Lindsay likes wine and schools. Was that way and who was sober she's understanding and Hewlett. Man in the low her tweets in bigfoot but god love the flip flop you know it was a flip flop guy Jesus was a foot putt but I. Sandals and floating up or not the same thing. Jesus was approved a guy I was all like circuit that was already residency DOD figures for two hours and now you and millions Jesus that's first century BC we have progressed in time you're going lord give us some mind to use and use my shoes thank you millions Jesus man that's not and never thought I'd see today I want warrior ball you. The party fill in the blank. I'm glad some respect because I minutes. Summer concerts. Like reckless Kelly is coming back to town on June 10 enrichment anybody lined up get a big concert lists. You were big constantly beat the the cost of the summer that affirmative reckless coach Kelly hit. I care way you gotta come what is June 10 robbery become in. Presumably you're. Promised that June 11 show folks my last one I'm glad Summers back. The beach trip. Carolina beach shorts T shirt flip flops. Down a little place called if ever there's a free advertising if in Carolina beach there's a place called the shock and should act. Who must have hurt to hold the wall place you know wait for a little bit to get in shrimp oysters. And a hot sausages changed my life code Arizona gunslinger who. Can't wait wait that's called Caldwell Arizona gunslinger. We have made that even has a little cowboy hat on the bottle. We're odds summer's almost back usually. That's what we missed about summer and it's almost here sent over years on Twitter at Lewis fox sports 910. Final thoughts what is in store for tonight in this weekend. We'll they were stored next week. Let's McIlroy party no fox sports night ten. You get a day gatherings ally every thugs. Dana bust my stones you have got to that it will listen my hobby and the media guys next year. Plus a much out there plus a macro shops right. I'm not make them. Thanks for fund radio hey foreign radio today if you missed any Steve Gardiner of USA today on Major League Baseball now. Posts Memorial Day what is going to be the story of the summer Steve has an idea. He dropped it on as checkout the podcast Steve Gardiner Brian Boucher of the units on NBC Michael Phelps of the times dispatch. Anything you miss this week is go to fox which Richmond dot com or simply log on the apply to stores subscribe to the podcast and will be delivered. Did league. Apple iTunes store as you look at I that it this rule I learned from a colleague of mine jacking came about baseball don't look at the standings until Memorial Day. Let it breathe. Let the first month of the season after he'd look it over and dive into it. If I were to ask you right now you're biggest surprise of the start the baseball season what is it. Or story of the season. The Braves braves or the Phillies that are acting the Braves actually might hold out and reason is. They have a guy managing the team that was a minor league guy birth. 35 years. He knows he's young kids he knows how to doing young kids he's treat them in a way is due to perform. Not that your guy and Philly doesn't Adler now the doesn't know that. But there's assault on this braves team just comic quietly used gone from being in the basement to ruin the bunch again to think they have the the second best record in baseball I think. I think it's a lot more fun it was last year we get to avoid Lester and August where the natural it would be Eastman Dodgers have obliterated everybody and that just doesn't make things on. I wanna see the way this summer plays out and then that's you hope to get healthy we can't guarantee it especially the trend is gone the first two months. But Murphy you'll come back eventually add to meet you hope goes back and stays healthy. I think this could be really good for the nationals down the stretch I can't. Young gun in my head ST a pickle I think's gonna win the east of stove and go with the nationals we just don't see in the Washington Capitals. Make a run in other years they were the best team they were the President's Cup trophy. Better run to the end with the metro division I think it was the last week that they went and they still and wrap it up. This competition the Braves and the Phillies and you don't know what's gonna happen with the Mets and Marlins who eventually you know go to the basement room. But this could be really good for the nationals to stay fresh down the stretch we start getting in that conversation the and July about trade deadline acquisitions. Yeah I remember these pieces that the nationals do not have right now they hopefully we'll get back and you'll see the team that you would see on paper in April. Well that's when mound and not remember a couple weeks you can start looking about ours who's going to be bars who's going to be sellers. Who do the sellers have so look at like for example the Chicago White Sox are going to be selling right. So who do they have that a team like the Mets could use was use that a broom. Bat in the lineup I mean I don't know I only know the bat so I don't know what they need but it's an interesting time to see now of course. I can't wait to Obama garner gets back. And by the way I'm sitting in the office last night counting his rehab start to see if maybe. He's going to be like liberals still studio light up when Nichols the for all the squirrels giants fans out there. The scrolls via giants would be in Washington June 8 ninth and tenth. So maybe there's some play their hopefully of bombs are back together we can give him but anyway that's just me speculating on the radio to your boys hope suffered because that swept. I hope that the giants McCutcheon hasn't played great. Longoria hasn't played great they traded for those guys to play great so I mean obviously I Love Boat you know those guys over there so I hope the giants in the can keep. I'm not gonna put you in the uncomfortable position of having to air an opinion about this to call rabbits brought it up I know buster only spotted up I wanna see it this summer the way it goes with the giants. If there's an offer that they can't refuse if it is time to turn the tide. And they trade mess and Baumgartner buster only made a compelling case go weeks on ESPN call Ravitch is all those two or three weeks ago he brought up this story to watch the summer. And I do wandered back to be this summer this could be a point where the giants say. We need to restock cabinets maybe it's time to move mass Bom Gartner why wouldn't do it might do it removed buster users who have absolutely no traitor no way am I still think there's enough light on those though on the tires there where you can still make him a piece of a read Gilbert rebuilding project because we're targeting and baseball look but we solace to the aster is it's not a ten year project anymore not even. It's not even a five year project anymore if people are talking about the three years and erode our troops lost a hundred games and more now. Now that some of that Fortier were all clicked and I see the team in front of you Paula what are your picks for tonight what are your picks for this weekend. Camille longer weekend to get Memorial Day coming up on Monday but tonight you will get plenty of baseball a couple of really good match ups Astros and the Indians that's at 7101 pitch on MLB network. Dallas cycle and Cory who work. Going head to head casters and Indians. Nationals at the Marlins their back in action tonight seven intent on massive. West your favorite pitcher to watch Max Scherzer on the bump tonight. Against Jose arena for the Marlins moved over under ten and has strikeouts tonight for scherzer reduce the Marlins yup. Over a win over big time over. And it tonight you'll get game six of the Celtics and cavaliers 830 on ESPN. LeBron James when facing elimination. Twelve and 933. And half points per game ten point eight rebounds per game and seven point three assists per game over under. 35 and a half for LeBron tonight over under 35 and a half tonight. I'm gonna go just over just over a long way over and would you like tonight. You got like the cavaliers the Celtics here. They're a totally different team on the road. And cavaliers goat it if you get bored today. And it here this board I worry about I don't. Go look at the three points list of the Cleveland Cavaliers home and on the road. It's just mind boggling. I I agree with YouTube that boarded looking of that but it it it's that it's it's really is one of the telling stories and other series has gone especially with Cleveland it they do live and die by the three but they shoot the three bought a home. I gotta go with Cleveland night and I even though Boston is ten a note home I still don't think you wanna mess the firing it to against them. No problem dropped fifty don't pretty predict. Our act. When I got 11 more item this weekend Sunday 1219. Now I will be back in Pennsylvania so I know my dad will be watching this so I will be watching this the 102 running of the Indianapolis. 500. Welcome all mackerel at Indy 500 race name me three Indy five drivers 500 outsized Danica Patrick now does he castrated dale Troy Thompson Eva. And wherever we're called Helio Castroneves. I don't forget NASCAR races Sunday night through from Charlotte world 600 we used to call one of grown optional and give Vick Marshall party and politics. Into this morning appreciate it Boise I had to celebrate Memorial Day weekend. You guys know the rules seriously point makes fun and no time we only have so few listeners of their shelves at. I need yoga I need to you'll. Do not drink and drive. Because if you do I don't give a damn about you I give a damn about the family that's on the road opposite of you please don't drink and drive. Over is very cheap these saved this weekend for parting Polley area lets McIlroy you know me that it rat. And.