Wes McElroy - Hour 3 - Mike Barber and Marc Davis (2-12-18)

Wes McElroy
Monday, February 12th

Wes welcomes Mike Barber of The Times-Dispatch and Marc Davis of NBC 12 in the third hour.


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It's a no IPO. This. His last medical wrong on fox sports. Fox sports Richmond dot cop. The only show in three bored by 09 tag or email west and box towards Richmond dot com Syrians he is the man the last McIlroy oh even run in the. An idiot applies to our thanks to crank and as a bonus Monday and thanks for crank and a sub start on another week. We get it was coming out Virginia Tech player party crash here today do enough to burst the bubble for good. The Indy colts have a coach in this time it is for real as a good thing isn't a bad thing. We got history at the Olympics let me just die if you missed the first two sides to show you miss the breakdown of figure skating like no other. You figure skating breakdown forget done. It's Johnny and it was that the longer least figure skating gold medal winner. Terror Terry Robiskie. Still Paul and I got you covered. Miller figure skating we really don't look man we try to Lebow a crook is weak. You can pay us impressed by what we saw last night so surprised we've included figure skating into the poll question this morning. Pauley who won the weekend give us the options here options are Virginia Tech basketball they're win over UBA red Girardi winning the first gold for the US. Me Mirai Nagasu wither triple Axel and Axel. LeBron and his new look Cleveland Cavaliers and Paul lender earlier what the triple axle is I did. I did learn so it's three and a half rotations in the air right yes so don't still have not intensity yet. But I notice now we would think boy in the hallway just deceiving can jump open a year and go round twice and land on his feet. That's that's good that's the there this is not an icy either and I might struggle with this just on solace the challenge if you choose to accept did you jump open yeah how are you doing DOT jumping in the air spinning around twice this year you can land. Think about what riding Gus did last night and this you're motoring around and it beat who knows how many miles per hour you go into the air. And you go in any not a stable. You know in the stable homes eagle India and you put three and a half times anyway and on razor blades. And many people and do what you gotta do and you gotta keep focused after doing that. Your little one foot. On ice impressively kept alive incredible. Results of our poll question who won the weekend Virginia Tech basketball still leading the poll question 52%. For the Hokies you can go vote fox sports Richmond dot com and we'll take your winner and your worst of the week if you disagree that's not one weekend McIlroy wouldn't. Vote right at west fox sports 910 we'll get back your phone calls 3450910. And Mark Davis of NBC twelve we'll do what is coming up at 845 to preview the night in the Olympics. But since this team is currently leading the poll question. Taxes free throw is no good store crap I've had zero sprinting down the mayor's side angle into the middle he'll put up from thirty feet admitted. He's not the end and not even yes yeah the cavaliers might they don't know the college basketball. This indeed Johnny yes indeed it's John laser on the ING Hokies sports network is Virginia Tech goes into Charlottesville on Saturday night and it was all about you VA. National spotlight game day is there it's all right there from Virginia. To go number one in the polls on Monday and Virginia Tech goes did did did did know. Outstanding defensive performance by Virginia Tech holding Virginia to 34% on the night. It took Virginia's game and first after went right back Adams loaded down dingle bay space. Only ten Turner's and turnovers on the night in Virginia Tech and he monster. Monster win for their bracket and NCAA hopes ever Virginia. Well it's not that bad because what you committee still sees you as the number one team in the country for more on this game prolong what it means and we means going Ford. Bring in our buddy Mike Barbour the Richmond times dispatch who was there in Charlottesville Saturday night he joins us on the indeed at Mercer rug cleaning hotline and first things first my friend. I say this in time to time the one great thing about our job is we we always don't know the story we go to cover the game. We think we know the story between you walk in the building the ball gets to it. And the real story gets written as it did Saturday night. The an accountant and we Asia society and this year in this rivalry that is okay speeches. I personally witnessed in Blacksburg sitting. Changing the rule to chest and neck and it is going to be this type game and in Virginia turns in the bow out and maybe that was imports from what I saw there but I didn't so it. Seven is inspecting old Virginia Tech has no chance. And it is to substantiate this happens in a few things happen but. And that is not making mistakes which is channel that you're completely different team put him on the station on the defense of part of what you sow just. Not really put any more what to expect. Virginia Tech almost lost that game they survive some fatal flaws in the end and Tony Bennett's a point like tiger than he said we we almost stole. But you saw the Hokies win any so when an overtime you saw win on the road game thing that's most impressive by how they want this game. I think it's distracted take you through defensively. Without really changing a lot defense and it's and don't. Didn't so just gotten through and it is cute really channel didn't answer your hopes about. So straight NCA tournament it would chalking up to them in scoring in transition they're scored 92 to game it on track to schedule those things. And and try to get home to double dip in ACC play and instead of pouting about it and didn't aid if you're frustrated. Didn't change direction but listen to their trojans that. Then we dedicated themselves you. It is actually gains have been outstanding defensively. Certainly the genius and it. Questions. You nor will they be OK that's a given night. It would change it change Jeannie and there's going to be a question just in terms of pepper. They did do it when he saw. The store to the players they play hard all those things and executed in the defense in an engine make that change in the way you performed. It's really misusing are included maybe not a possible most of broke. He's by Barbara the times dispatch Richmond times is that Richmond dot com what's McIlroy fox sports nights and let me flip it over to Virginia because the guy. Who flips on Virginia for the first time all season is going to look at Saturday and go out there you go that that's leveraging his diagonal and they don't have enough offense. And they didn't have enough offense Saturday night they did have enough opens to come back from eleven down against Florida State we did have enough offense against mobile but I think we'll caught my attention. Was Virginia just looked it in multiple ways very uncharacteristic. Saturday. And aging the excused I think it would gaffes and I think we've looked like a team that. Was tired of a big undefeated and ACC play. Achieve but it really put everything into every game this season. That really expended a lot of energy that Florida's state when. About bookings are actually. Looked like this season what sort of aware of them. I think that was the paper virginity you know I don't I don't have a huge red flag after that loss because. But they were just worn out and they routed to a team that played really part of really well against of them. I think some rest will do them well yeah the opposite of concerted looked a little bit like the NCAA tournament where they just couldn't buy a bucket for long stretches. But overall but that it does look worn out of that. Surprised that the Khamese still had a number one. I want but I wasn't he. No surprise was a reason to buy us a lesson saw that was home to what armored team. But when I went at the end of the night a couple of all of my Twitter and you can going to be number one. In the poll today and I mean. Who else would it be you'll Villanova still really good I think Michigan State with a win over Purdue is. In that discussion than those behaviors up and covered but at the end of the day you can look at the resonant. I think Virginia is still had the best season to date. A literal on this one because Virginia Tech I think you saw Saturday night the things that Buzz Williams Dix army sees lack effort or lack of defense he just as eight. So he do it Charles under your capable to doing it today for Virginia if you're in a barb barber and somebody says you know Saturday night you're not John Paul Jones arena. Bear they're doing what they're doing and and some racist act as able deviate team. This is this is the NBA team tell me why this you'll be different in March Madness why it was just one night and there are different team they've been. Yeah I don't think. And there are going undefeated and ACC play is not a prerequisite. For winning a national title regional final or. I assault resisting this better defensively. It in a more dominant way that forced turnovers they block shots. I still think that would be outside shooting of guard duo muscle they you know Devean haul it to its steady play I don't even as those reversed. I think that was an off night for them in those regards I think. They'll Kyle guys wouldn't have a great night almost free throws a good defensive breakdowns. But this team at its best. Is still more dominant in my opinion the some of these recent scenes and I can do little plot of the tournament again it's hard to win the tournament but. I'm not to conserve just because they lost. It to Virginia Tech to a rival in a great game. Michael thank you is always appreciate it due to get next Monday. That rhetoric you've got it Richmond dot com Richmond times dispatch Mike barber who was there on Saturday night at all. I say I give credit to Virginia Tech I really do it for the game plan that they had the execution that they didn't waver when they did commit those fatal mistakes down the stretch and didn't cost him and yes I was among many waiting for tied around it. The state one of those threes in stick the dagger. I Ukraine to Virginia Tech and I do think that that's the team. You know Virginia Tech is shown in that game. This year North Carolina I think to a weighted under achieved this year. Expected more this year and I'm not a believer that there are out there are a lot and they're in data set up beautifully. I'm not going to buy out there invading there's still work to be done on this Belmont but this season but. Considering what they had left put themselves in extraordinary position. To get back in the tournament I get a fine I would say two or three more wins along the way and you're good to go. And I don't see the bottom falling out to Virginia Tech setup muted. Virginia. We do it about a month ago after Virginia beat duke we throughout the question if you had a blank bracket. How would you averaging nearly it would sweet sixteen and elite eight final four. I still got as the final four. We we forget that seasons had these peaks and valleys they go up and down injuries happen in Virginia is gone through a lot of adversity and they still come out with a W. They did outgrew bar they didn't have guessed and senator and both teams looked gassed and all was said and done. And Virginia did a lot of uncharacteristic things DeVon hall is money on the free throw line wasn't. How guy putting up and this is couple games don't count as partisan shots written below do shot selection no no no no no no. Don tweak there's still a month but this season and Virginia if they stay help the I still see him I don't see that and it's going to be national guys today is going to be national talk shows there's going to be national writers college students need to act white eagle. Are you you can have your opinion on a mine I still think their solid team still be there consistently good they were bound to lose at some point. But I don't change my big picture thought about this team. If they stay healthy. Where is Virginia big picture we're of the Hokies big picture. We'll bring actually messed USA today's brackets are just joined us earlier in the show they'll give us some answers. And Virginia band right I don't know if they're solace EU regarding number one. There was get it there is part of you that really want to see writers put down that number one you VA and a piece of paper and send it in the you know for your teeth are acting general wants and in my about you not gonna get that today. But the slips committing the people that do count the people to make deals and a decision pacing you're the best team in the country so I. I don't know if there's any solace in that delete. You wanted your moment in the sun on Saturday night and on Monday morning in the Hokies took that away. That's why it's total robbery kids. Come back bring you Shelby messed and you could chime in with your winner in your worst of the weekend and always poll question who won the weekend Pauley. Kurt results or current options and current results who won the weekend Virginia Tech basketball red Gerard winning the first gold for the US Mirai Nagasu with her triple axle or LeBron and his new look cavaliers. Energy to basketball still lead poll question 54%. Fox sports a Richmond dot com is where you can vote if you Michelle B mass Brecher tell does USA today its next fox sports 910. All of them aren't you swing and I'm trying. Yeah. On fox sports night attack. Free throw is no good story for advice I. Girl stripping down and is not angling for the middle he'll put up from thirty feet and did. The cavaliers might they've done to all of college basketball. John laser ING. Virginia Tech sports network on the call Saturday night. A spot on not just doesn't lose but stunning college basketball. And was game day national audience all about you note he said bush. No not tonight not hat and call it that brought you by called federal passionately local banking get some your phone calls winner and worst of the week also got to do on this day in sports history and got a wake up giveaway appeared to gets to the Virginia wine expo on Sunday march 4 that main street station to do that here at 835 but ignore the basketball he missed earlier because yesterday. The selection committee did come out of their top sixteen teams as they see you know month down they still had Virginia number one. So in the spirit of brackets algae among doubt she'll be messed USA today brackets out just to and his earlier Nash Shelby is Virginia your overall number one team. Well I didn't I had Xavier moved up to the one line because they worked here one road win. But those three are so close I had no problem Virginia being number one overall. If you look at the top four teams right now how much separation that separation is there between the ones scenes and the two seats. Thought banker and your pop. 31 seed. Virginia Villanova Xavier they have kind of separated themselves from everybody else produce as the last one lead. Almost seemed to me like the committee had their mind made or Purdue lost to the road sweep. But the other candidate for the one line you've got Auburn duke since that it can't just barrel my team but. None of their resume screened one seat right now. They produced was fair. And temporary basis probably. It's somebody else is gonna come through this what after Texas Tech as well we've got a road win and that they're leading the big twelve in the play in this or more. Sheldon as witnessed in the USA today Wes McIlroy fox sports 910 Shelby view and mine this is from Bruce brass must and who's the committee chairs says that they. Despite your BA's laws we felt that based on their thirteen wins in the first two squadrons they deserved to remain on top if you could I know it's early if you could have the most simple way explained quadra system because. Really hear a lot about it over the next two months or that over the next month. Ride what the committee doing this year as opposed to your years at a look at top fifty RBI aware of top 100. And then and so now they get put more weight. On the road so your blog who won is homeland verses one through thirty. He drove in one through fifty and road wins one who's seven B pop. Well the importance of road win is pretty big right now. Virginia is that circuit of one they're now twelve and two overall vs. Blogger were true reformer to cure to whatever terminology used. That a very impressive record they've really had no bad losses divorce law and sweet Jim good Virginia Tech owns fifty particularly RPI. But that does all under the guidelines for a group truly small so not too terribly bad. They just tried to break down to reward these genes or winning on the road. All right so let's flip this around enough about Virginia not Virginia Tech they were the winners they were the story of the weekend. What did Saturday night in terms of quadrant and RPI would senator I do the Hokies marched hopes. Well and improve them greatly I do agree with the new capabilities are disagreed with Jay bill. He said they're a lock for the termer right now to me at team has a lot when they can afford to lose every game on their schedule remaining. You would pluck their first proper term again would still be a bit. Virginia Tech still had six regular season games left. Plus one and apartments open lose seven that put the mid eighteen and fourteen I don't look that not a law by any stretch. They have improved their chances greatly I had them in the playing game going into the game against Virginia. They are now that I've got a an eight seed maybe and ninety bidder that eight nab range. Meaning that they could they can. They can absorb a couple more losses they still were still feel pretty confident about their chances. But don't try to lose them all they your law. I'd still be mass USA today earlier in the show the full interview can be found on the new look fox sports Richmond dot com also going to be. Apple iTunes store type in west macro royal seal the interviews and all the podcasts there for each and every day and I agree we shelty. I don't really boys' parade even though it is raining outside Virginia Tech and assistant real good spot. And they did themselves a huge favor with having duped twice and quick turnaround the duke on Wednesday. Again Miami to go global they got Clemson unbelievable Clemson or act castle but this is to nineteen loss to Florida State and Miami at castle so. It's not over yet and I think any sane hokey fan that's when he sentenced. And seen fans of poisons but most O'Keefe as remember 2011 bomb Russian floor against duke. And in what happened there you guys still take care your business. I argue while my history is still limited only twelve years in Virginia. I would argue that's a bigger win we are kicking us around earlier biggest win of Virginia Tech basketball history. I would say over the last ten years there's a bigger than duke and duke was number one an eight game data and you with a spoiler. But this could be big this is bigger to me because it's number two about to be number one on the road. It is your rival and I know Virginia and Virginia Tech basketball's not what it's like in football but still it's that. It's the schools it's the Hokies it's the who's the back and forward its. I mean seriously there's Virginia fan going into work right now dreading that O'Keefe and the office because you think and yeah. Could we lost to Wake Forest. Can't cannot and NC state now we goes a Virginia Tech now I hear from some guy probably what as a like Virginia Tech basketball year. It's around. But detects the network to do. And if they go to the tournament the look back of that win in this state yet that. And what it is North Carolina but that Saturday night when all eyes on Virginia and you ruin the party got off the bubble you get to the tournament. You win a couple more games that's the one you remember I think this could go down as the biggest regular season win in Virginia Tech basketball history. I've been wrong history May Day mean to me if I'm wrong at west fox sports 910. Speaking of history. All his stay in sports history we'll get to that next will give away parodies figures for the wine expo and also. Why Georgia you get figure skating talk like no other on the shelves. What are my talking about we'll get that next year on Monday you winner your worst that we get and send it over US box sports 910. 3450910. What's that like by scores nine cents. And on this Monday February talk on this day in sports history brought to you by the Virginia line expo. Coming to main street station on Saturday though Sunday marks the fourth. On this date in sports history Bakken 1878. Frederick W fair patent usually only. You know what Frederic W better game that's in what you're. 187 he had no idea what you are very important to pretty people like yours truly him. The catcher's mask. I'll see you live your line and stay in 1982 Wayne Gretzky tied into record for points in the season when he got his 153. And this goes pretty good for Gretzky because an 801989. Against 45 career hat trick and she forty plus goals for the tenth time in his career. And on this day in 2002. Quite sad news baseball has approved the sale of the Florida Marlins and it. God rest their souls the Montreal Expos. And then it and. And let's go back 28 years ago today the world was still still buzzing because we did I have the Internet we did that I've Twitter we denied a FaceBook. But the world woke up to the news that the day before the night before in Tokyo Japan. One James Buster Douglas. And dropped Mike Tyson in one of the greatest upsets of all time. Point you remember you weren't February 11 1990. I was nowhere I was non existence you were not born I do remember. That is one of those moments we'll have the mineralized probably have about five or ten moments you remember exactly where you were when you heard that news and you work. I was at sibling weekend on the campus of Villanova University my sister and I was in sixth grade doesn't it grade my cousin. Who. A cousin is his brother is like fifteen months younger so they do related due to keep things they took us to a college campus for an entire weekend. We are out way past their bedtime and I still remembered by my cousins we may run in them all food. Didn't hear any just grabbed me in and who will always gone crazy. Tyson had been not only not doubt been not Allen never happened before. That's almost in sports history. On February 12 2008 team I got a pair of tickets right now for the 2018 Virginia wind exposed Sunday march 4 the main street station. Caller the first targets in the 3450910. Mark Davis of NBC twelve is gonna join us in just about ten minutes and out each and every day our friends at NBC twelve and stopping by at 845. Sitting the day in the Winter Olympics which continues to amaze Paul and I as we watched. Our guy red grew hard it is it Girardi red Gerard. Why I think year which ray Girard we food and beer seventeen years old yet dead. Sean play well that the Flying Tomato we got to get it again we've got to get a nickname parade Gerard. Because watch him on Saturday night do in the triple back lit Lindy twist would ever was and just I'm amazed by these people. I wrote this in my column on Sunday Times dispatch. Oil watching. I know on the sports guy I know system knows the rules until a little bit about this stuff but look folks it's 2018. Just sit back and be amazed by some of the stuff. Mirai Nagasu had a triple Axel. I'm I'm I was figure skaters I know a little bit and basically a little you know little bit about the triple Axel about figure skating. But don't watch that the try to comprehend that seriously most of us in the RVA can't even walk on ice. My skate get else gates. I grew up on skates I know prop in skating but the dude at the jump in the year to open year. And try to go around an angle around three times I'm Tony you're on Twitter. Seen by re tweet of the practice session right a guy who had just working in a gym working on the triple Axel. I made about a stuff. And at a respond. Personal money and shirt only you. But at rip on Mike to Rico. Great it really is what our athletes to give us what they're really feeling we hate sports cliches we hate one at a time. This detonate whatever it athletes Wednesday. And upon last night by Mike to Rico. How's it feel to train for years and have this moment and when he says I'd like to welcome the judges and ask a perjury could some xanax. As about as real as you can get at the buzz of real answer as you can get. So we're only three days away three days under way with the Olympics they considered me entertained. We'll Daiwa's about the Olympics always picks tonight and we are also Kagan is doctor ground. Because earlier this year in bigger skating. What's the song you were bigger scheme to. Now boy if you bring back what I picked because I there's the question of whether or not you wanna get the crowd opponent's feet. Where you want to have them in shock and all due to move them to tears I say let's party dating from. That's me ring around the eyes. Now I'm build enough steam. I'm going circles. There's a buildup for my quadruple axle. How we got some good recommendations it it made me think twice about my song choice that we know we're a couple little Johns yeah I doubt we'd get low. We had made some sticks in there. Boy we just got one here from this from Franken had ever this is good. Put a little mom. And then being. Well I liked this one. You have to have one hell routine if you're coming out of this because you've got to have the buildup. This goes figure skaters start on the ice this is where you started this tunnel yes and you said the spotlight all lights out spotlight on yeah. You to stand there. You're waiting he waited that night. This song that says sports center feature they did on this for the Pittsburgh Steelers awesome. And gives you a whole new look and sound for the song. The figure skating. This waiting for the go to and you have an incredible routine if you get this buildup. Would it be nice big yeah. This is great because you've you have that silence you know. In the South Korea they've never experienced renegade and and that bust open and you bust on the ice yeah on foreign soil this would be a hit and you're doing the triple Lindy. Tonight as frank that's outstanding by human man boy I employ some darn thing about this Paul Ebert. What would go but when people would be the DJ choice for Paul Dana botched representing the United States of America figure skater tell you what I'm gonna go super recent here for the song that I really really like I think will be. Fantastic. Yeah. Below imagine drags on here. Not a bad choice wet start. Comes on the ice as I start on the ice here and do my thing I'm kind of stayed around backwards if I could. Then. Agassi spinning right exactly this is where I'm spending and we my focus point of course that learn about focus points today. So I've got that. Now I'm still skate around you get the crowd into it this is a little bit more to build up. Right here in a little bit of a jump here because it picks up a little bit. And then on college doing some other trick that I can't even pronounce right now it and then. Right as we get to this build up. Land a triple Axel right there my friend look at the because I like US believe in miracles. There's some guys. Around right now what I hear about Kim bum on not RV and others bigger gains down. So you hear about figure skating you like it. Who won those tickets of the while we're talking wine festivals we Don and bigger words that show go all over the place today I love when the sugar yeah. What are guy who won John fund it and write the got a subtle tactics to the airline expert. Sunday march 4 hit the streets catch. And we go back bullies picks yes there'll be basketball league and sports and we'll get to that. And K even read the text that just got from party Wes mackerel at foxwoods nights in an hour radioed I combat. And we are brought you by pro flowers. Gentlemen seriously. 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Ours are going on day number eleven on the kitchen table. Pro flowers dot com he's the go west to check out and get 20% all your purchase of two point nine dollars or more. Let's call for winner and worst of the weekend poll question is up always poll questioned by exports Richmond dot com who has won the weekend. Virginia Tech basketball what their win over UBA ray Girard winning the first gold medal for the US. Mirai Nagasu was your triple axle or LeBron and his new look cavaliers and Hokies still lean our poll question 56%. For them. Gang go vote and you could have your vote if you went right one and that was fox sports 910 Paul is in his earlier didn't miss football this weekend. I didn't actually I really didn't either all and I understand. I'll get to a point that the Winter Olympics we're lucky every four years to have this Michael sports vacation to see things different sports that were not used to that we're getting. March Madness I'll be good at the masters. That'll eventually come in May but for now. And I've met a lot of football. But we got over saturated. And it used to be it's in my life where I would be that mope eke out a Monday or on Sunday it would only do. What do I watch it was nice to have a Sunday afternoon yesterday. Watch a little college hoops watch the Olympics play would kiddo. I don't mind the changing of the seasons I guess it would get to the draft him we'll get to the underwear Olympics and some of you will be chomping at the bit of football and if you miss Mike Jones in USA today because we will not make eagle cold Turkey. Go check it out on fox sports Richmond dot com but the question that I missed a bullet no and I think football's done that I think that's one thing you're Apple's got a look at. Is the over saturation it's hurt the ratings and you always united the business. Entertainment you always want to cut the of those that the client you always want the consumer to be wanting more in the end. To Pakistan's leave what more. I just. I'm good with the football break. No football tonight we got college basketball let's get to Paul always picks when he got Ford's body. I don't you guys. I do have a sponsor input also Fischler jumping on this following post pics are brought to you by. Paula specs are brought you by CP dean. Billiards tables Charlie's import their Richmond's. Team room authority we got them first thing Notre Dame at number 21 North Carolina 7 o'clock on ESP at some college basketball for you tonight. And then at 7 o'clock NBA Stevie Nicks at the sixers west did you know I don't know if you took notice of this no team. In Philadelphia has lost since the Eagles won the Super Bowl last week as to the flyers had a big win in Vegas they're tough to do be the full coyotes and Shia the other nine sixers are two and now I think since then. And as far as Olympics and I know we've got Mark Davis does set to join us in about a minute I've got plenty of Olympics for you are maybe give me your top three because we'll get this on here to give us when primetime beginning at three things employed its idea or not so work at 10 AM. We watch and today well this is what I love about the ones is that all day long Wes for you I know how much of a fan you are the by Athlon yeah gold medal final 1215 to 130 today that's on NBC sports network. And then men's freestyle skiing the Mobil's gold medal final three to five. NBC. And then today the ice hockey game of the day we don't know which one it is if it's gonna be the game they NBC sports are kept at 5 o'clock eastern. Thanks very much that's always picks brought Cuba are brought to buy CPD billiards tables trophies and more they are Richmond's game room authority and what's the best. We'll be in the night you said nerd in North Carolina game North Carolina yeah we're getting to that point this season where there is a month left and Mike barber talked about this was Virginia Virginia Tech getting a little bit arrest both teams look like they need a break and they're not gonna get it because Virginia has a quick turnaround. There are play Miami tomorrow night and I do believe that's at 9 o'clock game. And in Virginia Tech they're right back yet they got duke no rest for the weary which makes Saturday night even larger. MR continue on what to what to watch today every single day through the course the Olympics are going to be joined by our friends at NBC twelve to preview what's in prime time and we give the floor. To Mark Davis joining us on the. I'm doing great website for crap you don't I'm doing fantastic you got two Olympic guy siren studios at the table what's coming up tonight in primetime on NBC twelve. Yeah a lot going on plane including two gold medals being handed out the first first event it's going to be men's downhill Alpine skiing gold check that out. And then now we have women's us snowboarding half played gold medal final along with ES speed getting 15100 women gold medal final and that's really interesting one to me because. I'll watch for seventeen year old got mommy party whose seventeen year old American you actually from Reston Virginia's the kind of that would McConnell air. Seventeen years old. First African American ever to making US Olympic speed skating team. And die you know some tees back and fun to watch so on all the smiling so I you know ought to check out tonight it's gonna be fine now the first. We can be out 4018 Winter Olympic yeah. Sort of feature on her yesterday that you guys that it's fantastic and she is amazing she's wise and much older than her years would have or so and that's one thing a lot about the Olympics is the stories to get these great stories he's great features that pool you win. And dame aside I'm partially terrified as this if you could experience and NBC twelve cent mark we're gonna sing you to South Korea Byung Chang. Where have you experienced one Winter Olympic sport which will would you love to try. That's a really good question see I'm not I'm not exactly you know let's see how I put this. What exactly committed any you know aerial sports and put an agreement afraid you know my. On the staying in one piece and in fact could be in jeopardy but I think I can learn how to do it. It be accorded this snowboarding like you I mean like I think maybe a lot of fund. That'll learn how to do those Lipton and get their feet in the bill that would become well quite funny. I'm just trying to pitch you flip the duty and my friend that knew you through and I know it ought not to fight I'm I'm laughing Q arm but it it's one of those things where you know. The confident you guys go about it you have to deal after I realized but you know of the competent and and just the great in the com. The way you guys go about their craft is incredible I'm kinda a product of what it he'd be in pretty good at all. Com you know I tried skiing once but it was Colorado I could I. Governor stops that might be a problem but you know and it was as finalize tribal the dual billboard and what's their. Mr. Davis ever so they great money banks or check in and check out Mark Davis on NBC 12 at 6 o'clock tonight appreciate by. You got it mark is a good great point. I do this I'm guilty of this we watch football players and watch basketball players and every once in law will do something that amaze you. You understand what they do all the time it's amazing we take for granted. But it it's personified when you watch the Olympics in the race would I think mark to sit perfectly their skill their craft agrees that they do with you just. How. And the practice. I I think I really intensified its thought you hear people get drafted in the NBA the NF on this I'd been waiting my entire life for this. Your other political careers three and a half years these people and to practice in and train their entire life for something that happens over the course of weeks. And if you really lucky you get invited back for years down the road that distraught to comprehend that and then have appreciation for. Boy that's cool game for get out the door. Push push push. Monday that just what do you fire 1000 dollars in Vegas Wes after just one game re still betting on the cavaliers to an east. Yes absolutely and remember this it's not what it takes to beat a team it's what it takes to beat a team in a series. And do watch that yes today. That was your soft opening. That was the soft opening of a restaurant. And Cleveland got guys together and George really incentive pregame LeBron is that they know about mistakes go there and you're playing. 1835. Before new additions. Eight of fifteen from 34. Of six all passes from the run in Boston. Gotta be given a series no next. The colts finally got their man and it's now former Eagles offensive coordinator frank Reich so do the colts actually end up getting a better head coach than they would have with Josh Josh McDaniels I think you need data from the standpoint of a guy who wholeheartedly wants to be there. The report was mcdaniels had reservations even when he accepted the job that's never a good sign. So this guy comes in and so you want and Alec would Josie broken down earlier he says the offensive coordinator of the Super Bowl winner. He says the offensive coordinator it's bull loser. Josh McDaniels is still got a big career for them but frank Reich a lot FL guys who say is finally getting a shot. Scott Crist got a good general manager big question in India be so frank Reich and and Doug Peterson did as a collective unit with Carson once. Question is Andrew Luck and that's a big big question mark. What was your reaction do you Darvish signing with the cubs for six years a 126. Million dollars. My reaction initial reaction look at that freak you rotation next. Finally South Korean figure skater Euro men experience the wardrobe malfunction of the weekend on national TV. Five seconds and her routine with their partner the hook on her top came on done they may improvised throughout the entire performance with her shoulder back in her arms up sort topped one fall off crazy she later sick she avoided the worst performance fear of her career so west I ask you. As we wrap things up on a Monday what is your worst performance fear on the radio pick ups. Pick ups in my words performance here after losing my voice which I can always call in sick for. But you get to pick up in the middle of the segment the middle of an interview it would be really do there have been one time Andrew the captain Williams if you're listening you and introduced at a port side the road because he remembers the day when I got they cups a satellite the looney tunes stored. And I couldn't we couldn't get through the last sixteen minutes of the show without actually losing in laughter. This with the dates. Eyeballing. This ending poised at some hard work here. Apple iTunes store you can check out all the pie case all the interviews just type in west McIlroy it. Thank you Mike Jones Mike barber Shelvin mass brackets artisan USA today Dan Patrick and expert Gary Pauly I'm US medical you know on the letter. And it. And.