Wes McElroy - Hour 3 - Michael Robinson, Ben Rothrock and Anthony Opperman (4-12-18)

Wes McElroy
Thursday, April 12th

Wes welcomes Michael Robinson of the NFL Network and Ben Rothrock and Anthony Opperman of the Flying Squirrels in studio in the third hour. 


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Make some noise. You know this. His medical wrong on fox sports ten fox sports Richmond dot com. Calls to show it 34509. Tad more email west at fox sports Richmond dot com Syrians he is the man the last Mac overall you bump and run in 8 o'clock hour fox sports nights in a new radio dot com Avant. NBA playoff field is set NHL plants are under way yankees and Red Sox hate each other again all is right in the world and that we say good morning on this very busy morning. Michael Robinson of the NFL network in studio last yep the ballot hammered two weeks away from the draft. And at the bottom of this hour we're gonna give way to tickets for opening night the flying squirrels tomorrow night. And to meet and greet passes to hang out with Fred McGriff the crime dog before the game 835. And last month friends from the squirrels in studio what does that tell us what's new. To seed here and eat at the diamond but numbers 3450910. Put your hand at west fox sports 910. Gobbled analyze this morning NBA playoffs are set last night. Last night. Was the last night in the regular season. Not sure what Washington is doing but. Not exactly inspirational performance going into the post season not giving people any reason to hold out hope they're gonna go in as the eighth seed at today. Just put up late lackluster effort last night in Orlando baseball 102 is the final score doubtful that 10190. Tuesday lose to Orlando. The bill is the eighth seed they'll take on Toronto. As we were just talking to Joseph Benton ID voice to be cast on TV right. I got some hope in the capitals. Got zero hope for the wizards yes they're taking on Toronto yes there are skeptics about Toronto. But I see Toronto getting past this first round. And capitals couple weeks ago there were looking at the six maybe the five spot they have plummeted. And last night without John Wall but he would John hold back this is still not been a team that looks together. Sit out the year the numbers eight in the east you'll get the sixers. Last night at triple double from mark Cahill faults. Deficits feature is more trusting the process the sixers sixteen in a row they'll go and as the three seed. After blowing out Milwaukee last night is game was over in the second quarter a turn in all it was. 4614. Almost over in the first quarter ask ran away with this by the way the sixers becoming the first team in NBA history to go into the playoffs with a sixteen game winning streak. Ego that that's what we call on the showed got to take that data. And they will get the heat so you get a young in his verse. Older you get the elder Statesman's verse the the lack of experience of the six is the right now talk about a team there's no other team go on and hotter the post season and sixers. Your former spy match up will be Cleveland and Indiana and I think the only thing you can sell me on that series is. Well to see how it Stevenson tries to mess with LeBron James that's big east the west will be Houston Minnesota Minnesota wins there winner take all game last night against Denver. Blown state San Antonio Portland New Orleans and after Russell Westbrook pulls down twenty rebounds last night. He does end up averaging a triple double for the second year in a row. It will be Oklahoma City and you told the four verse five match up in the west realistically. I think about four teams could win the NBA title this year. Pressed me maybe during. We'll get this thing started on Saturday Sunday NHL's we just awed by the gas would Joseph being able bring part of that back a little bit later on. You got the flyers getting actually Paula poll at least you have the sixers he got Eagles he got the sixers. The thing was last night they put up a touchdown and extra point on the flyers seven nothing Sidney Crosby. Sending a message that they want three in a row he gets that Patrick. You had to and Los Vegas act that story is just awesome they win their first playoff game last night the expansion gold knights they win one nothing over LA and Winnipeg jumping on Minnesota. 32 in overtime. Always poll question. Michael Robinson a love this dealing wit. Michael good morning Bonnie good morning west was going down bro Michael's brought you by the good feet story ensure poppy you're at your past that's your peaceful peaceful man absolutely the baseball yesterday baseball is grumpy as they got into it as everybody party would say hey guys grumpy. And baseball's a little bit better when the Yankees and the Red Sox when they're good at it and when they don't like each other and that's what we got last night at Fenway. And that's why he gets drilled here. They slam. Thrown. This time it's going. At this time it's Rios goes back that was in the seventh inning last night this thing started last night in the third inning Tyler Austin slides in the second. In direct shot Red Sox shortstop Rocco. Took a little bit exception that the slate this leaked the slide was late in a little bit too hard cleats Rouse mikes are up. Both benches cleared the players just. Think they'd talked it out on the field. And then they went back to their benches that was until the seventh inning when Joseph Kelly decide who would. One right in to the left elbow of Austin. This is after he missed the first page but then eventually got him. Want them. He threw to back down benches cleared we actually had a real fights and the players coaches. They had air and judge had somebody in a headlock last night first of all what are what is a football player think when you see baseball players fighting. It's hilarious. First tomorrow own eyes and LA because I mean you don't think golf. Baseball players is in these big tough. Call one to beat people look type of Gaza many don't even had a much contact over the in the ball with a bat you know the ball with a glove. Bomb soul. It's just weird to see those guys get into it a home. And did not that that's not usually which you see baseball players do you gotta do what I'm saying like. Even to me basketball players look funny fight and could they really don't want you in the face. You students and they are kind of throw in cut tobacco big economies is one this was actually legit less than their regular person street I gotta check it out I didn't I didn't I didn't see you know him I got the key is by myself so we'll put it up there and Florida are now. Now this is. We bring this up because there is two different flights yesterday the Padres in the Rockies got into it no and Renato. That that date back story as it went to the night before there was retaliation in this news retaliation on top retaliation but eventually. No there are not a gets plunked by the Wii's always in the weeds from goma yeah Rodgers we superdome OK so Eric not a comes just pull out mock five hair on fire brought in. For don't look picks up his glove. And the roses. Acts Hernan beat him. But he is not mine and despite. I'm way over but he at least in common sense try to buy themselves some time because this guys come and action. Culprits woody did afterwards. He backed panels he back pedals away. Jazz away for his boys to come out Teradata throwing hail makers Adam. So Paul is poll question of the morning brought the black call federal would be more embarrassing now have to watch on highlights the next day you gain punched in the face or you backpedaling slash running away from a fight. Boom does not only in all that's tough. You've got to do this or social media did he might even as waves begin punched in the face or running from afar and everyone gets to see you keep running from it over and I'm probably going to give Boston a phrase I'm not gonna allow people to see new line. But. If I give much in the face you best believe the same video is gonna show me retaliated. Let's let's don't hold up well first of all result current results of the poll had 65% same right now backpedaling running away they would not want us want people to see them out running away from a fight. Now nobody but you know what don't. And I talk about this room aboard that might compromise. Each Hui border all the time high now is gonna get educate all of this bailout is becoming a leader in the Albany and neck in neck kinda you don't know. The fact that we don't we don't wanna be embarrassed from backpedaling from an act of violence of usually not want to have my match now on that for society not a and may now we talk to side with our poll question I. If and when we pick a body also society has that person back in Albion applause well don't we want to fight. I don't want people to flight OK so so as a backup but in this situation when you're gonna retaliate and under the code of baseball which you don't even as the ultimate unless there's so when you when you plug somebody when it's game on it. At least Joseph Kelly in a Red Sox game he's stepped forward yeah he only did he got into it he jumped into the mix this dude went. We can backed all the way up what I you know I'm you know he wasn't some secret like black belt Egypt had the responsibility not to hurt me what you have to defied almost pulled yeah. I fed to be realistic everything has cuts and you're bringing peace and there's debris a major don't have pictures unless a Memphis fan but if you're gonna throw at somebody and you're gonna what the behind their back and 97 mile an hour fastball you're gonna back peddling old no I don't actually won an altercation you think he's not gonna step to you when you do that. Evelyn it is game one I did I did it. But how do you know bets not bring in kids and how do you know that the fix was on purpose. It is back history here and I did it probably when I do you know I didn't see that up I guess my thing made. The violence part of it is the eagle societies if you don't give power to the other person in my embarrassment. That was way too deeply. That would does that he on this poll question I'll tell him I settlement deep banker brother like that's the way I don't know some slides well we know is he going to do when you can brought this up this sound like until I got history behind inevitably going to he's actually I don't know what's your. Undecided dumbed down for the morning crowd. He's right around and done with of the NFL network. My question is not what would be more embarrassing to see on sports center the next day on social media. You backpedaling from the fight or you getting punched in the face. Go vote see it's it's the asinine questions on the show that breaks out sometimes the best conversations Isley Brothers are at Michael here we go we're gonna get into the NFL draft we were gonna get into the NFL story lines we have two weeks away. And before you set up many scenarios. I did this and Eric out go to sporting news in the per in the second hour you need to do it now. Best two weeks out best rumor. Vests. Possible insider information best trade scenario gimme something salacious and juicy that you're here in two weeks now. That may or may not happen just throw it to the wall Steve mystics. Well. Mom I'm here and something about the overall pick. With Cleveland. On one or 41. Movie of first overall pick and to me is the room are there to Josh Allen. They're potentially looking at him Nanette I think the key can throw all day up against strong on big big key. Armed but he does have some inaccuracies he does have some thought were problems that is not gonna just go away in a couple weeks before the do you know before you get with the team. I've. Have some information. That I think I know exactly who they're gonna pick a number one but I was can't really say what some sorrow and the last thing it then. But. On to meet the Josh Al and going number one. It's probably the craziest. OK I don't think you back here and you eat your certain things you can't say and I respect because that's part of our business we can't say who where comes from. But with the information that you know hearing that Allen at a Wyoming could be number one is it surprising to you yes but back. Yes that's what I was getting. The fact that I had doodles and reformation and because your colleague Dana Jeremiah came out last night he said people who know people in the organization. And said it that it's all gonna come back to Allen being number one yeah calm but to me I just. Talkative people I've talked to him again out. People talk to different people in certain things go out there on purpose because they know we're talking aids and we they know we talk on just from what I know. I don't think that that's the first. On the information that's getting out there that Allen to be number one you're getting counter into a game genre from base pay meant he could be wrong we could be at the people tell you stuff. Because they know we talked he's Michael Robinson brought to by the good beat store we come back out what you go through there's been. Questions about the quarterbacks the attitude the ego the confidence in the bracket OSHA. You look you had a quarterback won't get to camp with a lot of confidence here how this how some of these attitudes of quarterbacks. I wanna get. Use your thoughts on the quarterbacks. Also on the guy you're hearing more more about that you'd like deputy got it you don't like. We'll get to some of the NFL story lies he's Michael Robinson from the NFL network. In short ball across from Barnes & Noble west mackerel what Mike Brown fox sports mantech. Six. Yeah. 835. Get ready swirls tickets for opening night tomorrow night and the meet and greet passes. To me Fred McGriff I gave you a little clue how we're gonna do it to 7 o'clock I hope you're listening if you work. Good jump on my Twitter timeline at west fox sports 910 and that's where you can find it. He's Michael Robinson. And if a network but you by good feet stores. Two weeks away from the NFL draft the quarterbacks. Unlike the your football breakdown and I minions talk show host I like this odd stuff like the outside stuff the drama yet who's this guy what's he ought to have additional starved of I went into the ESPN the magazine article this week when Josh Rosen and I expected I am not. I'm not gonna like this guy and after I get done reading this I'm gonna like him even less and I I had it I read it and I found myself liking him even more. I found myself reading something where I got real answers you don't how this works this time. Here these guys say everything that we and teams want them to set. Josh Rosen are going to be Rio I found to be open minded. And here's a guy who. He was even as the question lake. You jerk quality. Yeah where. Why do people funny to be a jerk you got this with him and you've got this would baker mayfield Michael when you see boat and you see the confidence in you see the ego. And sometimes well but sometimes that is needed. In the quarterback position. When you see Josh Rosen and you see baker mayfield what use it well IIIC. Obviously to be personalities but 22 slightly. By different ways and how they express their personalities you got. Baker mayfield who use the university used people saying that he's too sure YouTube thing in his hands too small can do this can't do that he used it to kind of fuel. His perception of himself and he tried to live look of that perception and he's done a great job of of doing it I think arm. And owls I think I was probably in in this category two. I will consider guys like Beckham over achievers guys let you know kind of pushed past their Selig was asked the limitations this society put on them in this game. On Josh Rosen man the ball spins out of his hand better than any quarterback in his draft. I mean it's natural kind of like Aaron Rodgers ask nothing's gonna be Aaron Rodgers but I'm sans the way the ball comes out of his hands. When I look at him. When people talk about the jerk quality to me is more like. Well guys you gotta do something to keep my attention I think on his old colts at something or did so that it would obligate young people when you say you've got to do some to keep their attention. I'm OK with that challenge to keep. Allen's Vicky I 100% agree you sewers and if you're not gonna challenge him then what do we don't like why we year. You work with a lot of young kids you were and the like is in high school override yes. And you know I schools usually viewed in other high schools you know and people may not like to hear this when used in Europe to challenge the youth of America you do. This this is the next generation and for in my generation a 39 to relate to the next generation like Paulie. There's got to be a meeting of the minds Unita had to work with them and if they are different. And that's where if you have a guy and saying hey. What a quarterback gasket why yeah I want my quarterback to be more than just hey go out throw ball no game plan. Would know how the offense works I want you don't want to be a robot Tonka Tom Brady is a lot like this and I know there's been the comparisons of Josh Rosen to Jay Cutler. And look I don't know if Josh wrote an end up being more like Jay Cutler or Tom Brady I'm not sure about that but that the questions of his demeanor his attitude. Wanted to know why when having to be engaged. But we seemed to leave this element out of the conversation we talk about quarterbacks. There is. Things like it there are certain coaches seen. Jerry golf. See Jeff Fisher sees Jerry golf scene Shania abstinent so huge part of it and that's where I didn't not I had some issues with some stuff that Jim Morse said. But this is not one of knock me is not and I mean even looking even further than that. What's wrong with. Our players. Having other interests. Was wrong with our players and you know not just thinking about football 24 hours of the day. Can do is bring this up as someone who played in eight years and you played in the middle of the 2000 yeah. Is it that we have a problem with that or is that we're just finding out now. You guys did you play with they had different interest social interest business interest. Tony Romo played a heap load of golf trying to make the PGA tour. I think it's the web when he it's the media it's the different outlets it's the constant we've got to find news and different things got hot takes about. Hasn't been doing other things in football besides the ball for a long time now we're just getting more exposure to I agree with you but you know obviously I work with football on the youth Cy Young. And I think it goes back to back ground. I think he goes back to where the key. Our com's home and and and and to me if if a kid is exposed to more stuff from the world. At a younger age he's gonna have more extras he's gonna look at football is something I do not what I would not what defines me when Josh Rosen was asked about this in the he has been a magazine article. The question was your rich kid. Doesn't need or loved the game of football. Any given reason his opportunity to respond here to Josh Rosen said. Okay my family isn't like stupid wealthy but I come to a place where a football doesn't work out. I don't have to work at McDonald's other NFL players at the same opportunities. I just tried not Ivan I just haven't tried to hide it or four teams in the picking on someone I'm not. My passion for this game lies in the game not my need to play. Tell the players needed this game needed the money played at an obligation and burned out I don't need it and I still give everything to wow what this. Active day young men head to great answer wow what perspective that young man heads because again as I was about to get into it. And feeding you football there's certain groups that play this game. Just to get out of a certain situation to get resources and their community then there's other group of people that play this game. Just because they just want play and it's it's it's fun and happy you don't need it and that's kind of what we're talking about last week with a Mark Jackson and what people say why us diesel stand offices certain people and why hasn't mum while you hear won't with the is almost certain money to be it would be able to talk tool. Well when you compliment situation where your resource. You know. We don't have the resources to do some of these things you have when you get an opportunity. Everything Obama and everything's about weasels people by this hard to believe. Because you you think are you got to the NFL and I wouldn't talk to Chris in Portland next week play with a point nine retired after you know exactly the research and head trauma. Michael you put it years I imagine you've played you've probably had friends that you knew just didn't love the game but they. Played because they need to absolutely. I thought got all the time. Sitting in a stand and an export outlook toward Osama. Teacher and you teach writing with people all noted sort of Salam before game diamond for game you get to a Assad got to get a check up during the weeks and it shouldn't get you know. So it it's so that you can guarantee that you get or don't gained. Right and I remember seeing guys especially opera's got the league trained eight. They wanna do it did anybody really felt like brand it a day but it's like man. If I don't do this. My wife can't do this. My parents can't do this I got paid for his car gonna pay for that if people in the community thing and I got to send money back I got us this item that. My scholarships all across the country. Two people don't a lot of people don't you realize that. You see when sand is somebody's guys. They felt obligated to play not understand exactly would just roses come. There is a difference between need what we darkest who's got time do you new ordeal what do you want it exactly because said I don't know how Josh Rosen gonna play out I don't know buys their ability but the fact that the dude wants to play the game and does speak a lot he's Michael Robinson west McIlroy brought Peabody good restart the come back we'll throw it over opening day of the flying squirrels we'll tell you what we're doing tomorrow. And hopefully what you're doing embark including going to the game will give kuwaitis opening day tickets. Next fox sports night and it's more as a mackerel or fox sports night Ted. Busy busy night ahead of sports hockey basketball baseball will you fill it and always picks following update the poll question. Brought you by called federal in regards to. Baseball fight night yesterday between the Red Sox and yankees in the Padres and Iraqis. What would be more embarrassing to have to watch on highlights the next day you game punched in the face or you backpedaling slash running away. From fight right now 60% seen back currently running away would be more embarrassing to watch whole question number two based on all the flights yesterday who would you more afraid of a bar fight air and judge Giancarlo Stanton or Mark McGwire. Who was right there in the mix yesterday. And right now Mark McGwire leading that poll question 55%. Still got it still big bed dude he's Michael Robinson brought to you by the good V Starr. You go back gentleman's been wrong back on the way from fight. You know on saying no violence when it was wrong with that what happened you east is violent NFL player and players. Pacifists you know what I woke up I'll sleep and woke. How big fight your man. You really. Do you really skidded to. A energy to get out it's beginning to get to a public Maher read a lot man out tomorrow night we need to get you about it opening night will be the race. I could reopen an act almanac. I won't be open and I mob lawyers the whole failing. Well you know my wife my bras on here but I have my boys have a couple produces from reality show me yet what will be in him being ability embargo but. Just even more reason to get out of an opening night mostly it was a the flying squirrels and joining his in the studio our buddy Anthony opera man and the GM of the Richmond flying squirrels Benny with rock blues. It's how are happy opening day eve. Go back away Benny I think we need to add a few more to party's pacifist anti if you don't regret does. This guy has got Ellen rules that you have mental note here. It has been with the television crew guys it's great to have you I appreciate because they know right now. Ops have known you long enough but I know the day before opening day there. There is no sleep there's no time to eat there you're lucky you get thirty seconds to. You guys have a lot going on but tomorrow night it's opening night Baylor star review the diamond you guys always do work you always put more work in every offseason. When we look to the diamond Amare what were some things that are giving new for us. Western ST a fresh look how mentally from the start. Judy generally gates junior and the fund will fans. And that's going to be awesome and we ever thing going on. Will be music to be life will be characters and I think you look at her look for brokering we're gonna have it for sure. I do I referred to what is the diamond or is it this you do I refer to its fund bill bundle bundle on so we'll be broadcasting from bundle tomorrow Michael on tape you okay. Really social media scene the issue I'd still think we'll be fondled mark you'll experience it you guys have worked in the offseason and tell us how this worked out but there is. Literally a new paint job there's our work there is color there's brightness to the diamond. Ted Lilly started last year in the fall of September. With us starting with and our first then to some timber. You know the the Donna was blanketed with new or work. And we took her from there and creative fund a lot of team. Ends you know we have learned anything the and everything from different art works around the ballpark different. Size around the ballpark new partners. This year so it's a very exciting minute mix of order were. Where child at oblivious aren't. An ops it's not only what you conceived and its new with a diamond this year but you're good. Drastically here a change yet I mean I was really date me obviously having the radio root site the ideal qualities really important. So upgrading our sound system was used to delays on which is going to be great spurt. Any radio host personalities former NFL football players who want to jump on the Mike and and see some stuff on feel OK that can expect that act as big day coming our way that they thought I would think this that are but also I love words can enable us to do in fans are gonna see it right away and opening day. As for doing fireworks show. We're going to have DJ Iran Manila who usually DJ is our Sunday games we're gonna bring him now we're doing a good. Dress rehearsal this evening to bring him out behind home plate have him live DJ. During the fireworks show and we're gonna have rich and urban dance performing in light lineups to take on his during an arts night. Last are it was spectacular. To bring them back with DJ Iran though fireworks in center field fireworks in in the outfield. And I love the fact we had that opportunity now I think it's gonna open up the door for some live concerts and step after game so he that was huge huge project words. Do you do you guys have a place that a you know. It allow pants department. Somewhere during the games and upon it was a lautner yeah Gallup we got to get the most sticker I had to have happened got him he's got money can't see him OG stickers now to which anti Syrian apps to a back and god knows he's got pants welcome to fun though it's. An opening night tomorrow night would give away tickets in these meet and greet passes for Fred McGriff and justice second. But he wrote rod and Anthony opulent from the flying squirrels his more in my spare parts. What's new to eat Danny when it went so it would cylinder of foods at the concessions Newsweek dress that probably in mr. healthier over here you still Elliott militants. Oh you know without good William look we got to meet everywhere I. Reluctant. But now we we have a specific. One bill concessions in this year will level off the wall items that'll rotate throughout the year. How will start off with a Kabul in the beginning just to get things started and and ready to rock and ruled it. You know I think from like a thing as a travelling so more. Was going to be kind of Michael C nearly health analysis for our travel problems or or it's what does that mean so it could move on its own it is critical wrong it's a bold Teddy grams exactly where they've covered up melted marshmallow topped with chocolate drizzle that sounds so good news it is amazing in so many countless you can. The healthiest who have a clock to about your job at anti American dominance on traveling some wore it out what else is there so. You know in this cheesecake. Kind of role of deep fried thing that. People love cheese steak deeper Ottoman and tees they do it for me Friday thing really you can deep fried cheese state. Deep fry anything so we'll start off small targets like the deep fry maybe Snickers was totally like fell on the way. Now we're talking unhealthy and I hate that blades and part of that is. Is going to be a unique. Now but we will we thought we need assaulted and just stand out a little more obvious in the food realm as well. But all you know just to Joe's speak we have our our first that does really well may cause or three in the senate you walk we have signature burgers there. We hot dog stand trial we wanted to go after the theme of you know if you get richer. You know your favorite beach you walk up to your for your hot dogs is you get your favorite dog. All solid that wears you need where we have to bloom like we are Cecil was. Which is a hot dog on a pretzel bomb Ursula that was with mustard. So we'll look at things on odd we've really tried to focus on all the details movements this year. That's kind of the thought process behind the theme of fund bill. Is actually take a step back realizing what our character is and now moving forward in this in this Rome farm. Opening night tomorrow night school's baseball season under way they split with threatened there give an off day today at the stats not get an off day today they're getting ready for tomorrow which. By the way we're gonna broadcasting from one built a model correction but Don and bundle tomorrow. And then. I serving up a free lunch tomorrow Michael for the RVA we're teaming up with a squirrels we're giving out free hot dogs from eleven to one stop by the diamond. It is free stop by will be outbreak first base side to not celebrate opening day. Re hot dog one per person and not he told me that there's a twist to the hot dog distribution to life. If you're okay with this way as who we thought about because it is fun bill writes he got to have fun like nothing can just be. Average ordinary he doles out in the backyard grill hot dogs come come over it's it's a big backyard or front yard party against our case. So many he's going to be out there he's going to be kind of the masters shelf help in the real hot dog skis which is quite frankly don't trustee quite yet that's not a camera that I had. So Danny. Grilling hot dogs. Dressed stats. Are hot dog. Well done Betty that's fantastic you know he's dressed. God. Cannot take pictures and Roma social media apps long haul is going to be awesome dog are a little bit of thought like get a hot dogs you know hot dog. I'd say I. How many restaurant that take a picture with the hot dog holding onto it can't be that there's something terrible mistake about it yeah. I like it right Cinemark just the great bring it may look for the hot don't serving hot dogs eleven no one grab a free hot dog from the hot dog at the diamond. To celebrate opening day in the RV eight at school but it looked forward to work to India. Ops takes you point 2% and assaulted Mark Levin a lawn so they opening day if you don't have to deal has been more tickets left for tomorrow night. We have about 600 left here without robbing goods sold out by the you know this morning so get on all of your tickets call now get them. Vasily product regular at this time as a call ahead and do wanna mention that we do you have music to your left open left for starting late. We have fireworks aren't and a lot of good things in the partial birth departed veterans yet. Serving cake and tosses spurred him on Saturday and so Jake yeah dogs big dogs getting out dogs and I'm should be a bark in the partner we'd take this thing about 46. Six degrees of separation of racing I don't necessarily based on our honor and our pentagon however there's one thing that I got to do this before that you guys go I love the there's always. A promotional night T shirt hat giveaway you guys have this running theme is here this week point five years ago. The movie the sand lie was released in movie theaters and you guys have a theme for the entire season and they start Smart removed Monday night. Yen Monday night we've got. So in the movie it's debate group law yuppies oh Monday night we're giving away a thousand. Bambino. Based moss what I love about it is it even looks like it's been chewed up a little bit by a dog but I'll I'll I'll I get a stopping here. Because generally to given away. Reduce right now I got two tickets to giveaway from our night's opening night. To meet and greet passes for Fred McGriff before the game and anger throughout the first pitch if you can give us the name. Of the dog in the moon who understand why they call the big east but we always doing real name of the dog in the movie. So attribute this and a lot to get the ball on Monday night 343450910. And as a phone number record nine point. Paula you're Paul parties they're got poet Alice Paul answer that you talked and we are connected Bob Turner has micro. The killer of the keys over here. 3450910. Caller number nine if you can give us the answer you get so you get the ball on Monday night the bambino ball right may seventh. There's a silver squirrels dog bull. In tribute to them on the said dog. So jealous and parent cannot sit laws. We have a vintage. Three quarters sleeve green three quarters sleeve shirt that we're giving away in June. Right before right after flavor of slaves appearance by anyway. Then that's the Bennie the jet Rodriguez today he had seen it looks like exact securities and play it. But if my piano player plays I mean I know it. They are it's funny parts they have Michael's quince told doors flavor flavor and Michael Robinson all appearing in the same but I won't let. I gotta be today I'm gonna say with I download it and meet and greet passes out our friends whom you are down because there was only I don't get him and his television crew hit and a double dog to the violin August that's as of yet investments has come in August 30 now be kind of our official. 25 anniversary. Salute to the Sam on nine and yes may sixteenth isn't. Seventeenth may seventeenth Michael Robinson night at the diamond. With the Michael Robinson Bobble Bobble head I showed you know from the graphic we've been Scottish international some family members that. They thought it was just an actual picture of me that. They rapid they were talking about how big my head is but its own commitment ceremony even back and forth you're like OK do we use a current Michael Robinson. Appearance on every Ryan like your high school uniform or do we tape when your high school photos so. We decided to go the high school and high school where are completely true I was a little more chubby not relevant more baby Panama for expecting and you know I mean the bobbled and showed though the bobbled and so you may not mean interface let me ask that that's also what they want thing that place going be flooded with. We can't wait for me seventy. I can't wait for tomorrow night we are way over break. Benny ops appreciate you guys come and then. Squirrels baseball Dhaka for ticket information 359 FUN and and stop by tomorrow from eleven to one to get hot dog from the hot dog free hot dog outside the diamond survived many. And myself Benny or be the one dressed as a hot dog I'll be out there. Guys thanks so much appreciated and give back to work morning probably need to thank you felt that you thought I mean of course Michael Robinson US mackerel come back we'll get a winner Michael tell us what's in store for this week employable tells what's in store food tonight fox sports 910. My thanks to our boys from the flyers wheels are coming over any restaurant Netanyahu for men. Broadcasting from fund land tomorrow given hot dogs away between eleven a lot I just talk sort of Michael Robertson and so it's undergone opening night tomorrow yes I am going opening night so Gaza view in there you see me on this thing without. You know Boris. Yeah you have your boys on my daughter ego first opening day four I'm very excited crises gonna sit is right next. And I can message you all on the home to be fair yeah. Except I know because that. It's when you when you my wife get together it's it just doesn't end well for me because you're in the morning you the subject in the brunt of all jokes. So it is what is alleged the common denominator that bond this all together. Journal. Thank you have to Paula that's a problem right there you're the political jokes the comedy now and yeah so guy that has been racked. Polly what are we watching tonight on television. Yeah. Classic like the flip around channels right I do to get we're gonna you do a lot of that's I think it worked out plenty of funny of baseball playoff hockey they're five series start to the NHL the first Rockies at the nationals. National hosting Iraqis at 7 o'clock 705 his first pitch on mass and Chad that is taken on GO Gonzales for the nationals. Yankees and Red Sox after it very eventful evening Fenway last night 710 on the MLB network Sonny gray against report so and then. Lots of playoff hockey devils at the lightning lightning the number 1 seed in the Eastern Conference 7 o'clock NHL network. May believes that the Bruins 7 o'clock on NBC sports network. The capitals begin their post season tonight against the Blue Jackets at home 730 on USA. Avalanche at the predators the number one overall seed presidents' trophy winners 930 on NBC sports network. And late night viewing 1030 on USA. The San Jose Sharks at the Anaheim Ducks they go your expert and thank you bought that beat top view you figured again did every gossip NBA he's doubtful with an Osama NBA street your I don't know if you had a game yeah my father and all over a sound check man. Is it to us. Yeah YouTube video game. Old school Nintendo is the only literal that was those goals list are zoo so. NBA finals were double as more and file. You most want to see do you want to seal the brought against Golden State again the sixers are an intriguing story Houston is the best team right now on the NBA record but with the NBA files you most wanna see when all send I would love to see Cleveland and he. Quite Clinton a little bit different but yet nobody argues that LeBron James is the best human being playing basketball in a world. And I like to see. Greatness I like to see it a lack the experience and that's I think sometimes. When these guys are in the middle of their careers we take it for granted no less now Wafer has got to be done it through to appreciate what he's doing. He's doing something that's very hard to. Sports and went back last night and looked at that draft class of 2003 yeah. And it really puts a perspective. Ron James just got done after fifteen years playing fifteen years now remember him going eighty he just got done playing all 82 games and you've got. We got Carmelo Anthony who is breaking down at the end of his career Chris Bosh she's out of the game. Dwyane Wade who we refer to is an old man and you look at LeBron and he's still forced to be reckoned with still a force she still have to have every out everybody's out on the court looking at all 82 at 33 years old. It. What do we see you on TV this week yeah. I will be on Monday Tuesday next week I'm also shooting a quarterback's special Lama out there. Talking about all things quarterbacks how we will be doing something specifically on Lamar Jackson please tune in please be ready. If I'm not mistaken it will pay your own feet BX. Not mistaken it will be your own there but look out for QB special an opponent. Is Michael Robinson at real Mike rob on Twitter thanks to Michael thanks Joe Banner night thanks to our friends from the flying squirrels. Eric outgrow the sporting news really if you missed any thing go to fox sports Richmond dot com Ford now the apple iTunes store. Listen to podcasts the show's Pauly. Final results of the poll question. What would be more embarrassing have to watch on highlights the next day getting punched in the face of backpedaling running away from a fight 66%. Sand run away from the fight. We'll see you tomorrow morning if funding bill for Michael Paul Gary let's macro really know me that Iraq.