Wes McElroy - Hour 3 - Michael Phillips, Ryan Wilson and Alex Hayden (2-16-18)

Wes McElroy
Friday, February 16th

Wes welcomes Michael Phillips of The Richmond Times-Dispatch, Ryan Wilson of CBS Sports and Alex Hayden of the Motor Racing Network in the third hour.


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Make some noise and yell this. His last McIlroy on fox sports and I intend fox sports Richmond dot com. The only show in three bored by 09 tag or email west and fox sports Richmond dot job Syrians he is the man the last medical raw all of. Enron then on Friday at 8 o'clock hour to an back in one to do. Is Dave free pizza Friday brought you by our friends actually those speeds of Paula dug at war torn dollar gift cards to get away we have to war zone right now. Caller 53450910. You get a point nuggets guard my friends act you know those pizza. Coming up we'll get into the college basketball weekend on the court. We'll go down to Daytona buddy Alex Hayden motor racing network will be I believe in turn three for the Daytona 500 yeah bogeyed it and let it. If you're racing this weekend as NASCAR's back. But the state of NASCAR. It is definitely an a perplexing situation tackle that. And no perplexing situation with AJ McCarron he's going to be a free agent what does that mean the quarterback reads he market. We'll talk to Ryan Wilson CBS sports dot com busy 8 o'clock out final out of the week led have you aboard 3450910. Twitter handle at west fox sports 910. He's got the phone every day Glen of the ACC sports journal. Discussing a lot about this Pete now article Yahoo! Sports where. Aides basically the best way to put it. It's picking up five months ago where we had this story with a shoe companies with a Diaz waited NBA agents. The story that took Rick Pitino down your assisting coaches it was money being filtered in from shoe companies to a school multi million dollars. Kids getting it caters schools getting a kid and and pushing in towards an agent. Unit ten arrests it was a federal investigation. Yesterday you had three of the cases involved. Went to a federal court on appealed try to get thrown out of federal court and lost the appeal. Ask those story yesterday I thought I am the wheels are moving here towards something. An easy beat down all right last night when he wrote where there is. According to him thousands upon thousands of hours of intercepted phone calls there's documents. You port thousand intercepting calls thousands of documents bank records 330 days of monitoring activity but Fed's. That according to battle are read verbatim this goes a lot deeper in college basketball and for corrupt coaches. When this all comes out hoping coaches should be scared lottery picks will not be eligible and almost half of the sixteen teams. That the NCAA showed on its initial NCAA tournament show this weekend. Should be worried about their appearance being vacated. That's ahead reliable a source there. At the boom line right there. I don't know where this goes I don't have the legal background of Dave Glenn and I like the put perspective on it. There's a lot of things we've heard before that we've built it would major death blows to the NCAA. This is different because this is the federal authorities these are debates John are you tall once said the ads BI. That what that's what makes this different. I do feel there's some of the color around a corner. There is something about timing there is a reason did spin put out that story on Tuesday about Shaun White. There's a reason that the videotape of Ray Rice heating is beyoncé came out the week for the NFL season start. Did these things do tend to happen there is a reason timing is everything. So do we see this the week of March Madness do we see this leading into the tournament. And yet we already Catherine writes in I'm looking for the silver lining. If at a stop out best bowl teams not eligible for the tournament does mean be seen as a chance of getting it. I would hold your breath on that one. Because the NCAA. They don't have power and they bidding ended things before and they can't do anything where. Now perception and reality don't always go hand hand. What we're going to see here and you do not have any business the NCAA I think two years for them to get to anything but the question here is. Who is. Who's involved what names. I can't see all the sudden this comes out on the Saturday before selection Sunday and they don't get the end no because you're in this report nuts not how it works. Boyd. If you think back to the initial report evening back to what we got five months ago. That report comes out the beginning of the college basketball season Arizona's pre season number one they're number seventeen after they beat Arizona State last night. Oklahoma State to bubble team. Global Miami their plight of the NCAA tournament this include this from the the get go included powerhouse teams. What it is federal sources don't beat Gamal. Includes some big boys includes some boy big boy coaches. And plan of what I just talked to the data about. As some biblical look at their coaches and always Tino to trust me this meg coaches out there is some ladies they know what's coming down the pike. They know what they've done they know they're scared. But there's some coaches out there there are a little bit worried because maybe they don't know exactly what their assistant has been doing this obviously is that the people that have been popped in his. Outside of agent. And sure executives. I includes assisting coaches. It go back over eighteen on whether you know you stat is doing or not it does fall back on a coach now pitino. There there was more than just one strike against the battered there. But there's a meg coach is gone I guys I know everything that I need to know because this has gone down alive we got to be ready port. Oh and by the way let me also throw this out there a little reminder that gave you five months ago. If you're looking at the story go out I add devious oh wait and all of that it. Top sixteen who's in the deed is school. And and and and and and now that's how works. Because one of the guys who got back in this one the guys who got arrested. Former Nike executives. I don't think it is welcome the adored abusing go to guy got his new idea. Everyone should be concerned to what depth we all know. But it feels like so he's come around the corner beat devils article is up and available you can go to fox sports Richmond dot com. Joining us now he does each and every Friday Michael Phelps of the times dispatch on the did you read bells article it all last night. Yeah I would battle hard under on he team took it. You know ultimately ending up on probation I don't I. And a little bit I don't doubt gathering information about these programs that. You look at Miami Christiane will remain you know that you would remain in that initial report. They're they're still playing basketball I I think that that been a little too entrenched. I strongly doubt. That happened the top sixty basketball vehicle be punished by the time the ball but it I think. Examples will be mayor of a select few probably the most egregious of al-Qaeda. In life quote I want from my car yeah. I'm glad you said that as your final line right there and here's what I wondered is why can't jump on my soapbox and freak out and tell you that you guys come in. It's because this seems to be big and it could be very big and could be detrimental to some teams but it's always. After the fact and then Michael what happens after the fact is we talk about these things we talk about how messed up the NCAA is. And we talk about the dated the NCAA will crumble and it feels like we've been kind of doing that for about the past fifteen years have you thought what it would be. That we hit the NCAA so hard that that deck crumble would eventually happen. You'll have to come from the bottom not a compliment to say that it'll have to be beat the aptly than it that or Oakland and not. I'm administrator government agency. You know only because we're gonna forget about that than market the greater that they you know one of the commitment on the calendar you know that let art map that. IU college football on Saturday. Yeah we we forget about this step that the midweek fodder to her about on the weekend. We're not forget about what speed. You know wait a sizable chunk of athletes. Choosing to go outside the NCAA access to and basketball they'll probably look like. You know did did you leaguer playing overseas or whatever that one in football that might be players refusing to claim college and then just waiting out their clock. They put that they came to come from the bottom not a cop who want their kids willing to play could be Ian and and and provide that product. I you know and nothing about them but it's gonna. I still I'd say I wonder if we get to a point where the power five converse is just say you know we can do better on our own. And that I look at the story this week about Notre Dame not getting its wins re applied and does that appeal where they said wait a minute. You you eat you said he couldn't do it the North Carolina but now you tell us to become heavy handed Notre Dame I do is what are one day. When the power five says you know what we can do this better we get the same thing but we can do a better we can run that fancy basketball tournament in March. And we do the same thing that that's what I wonder. If that's the end of the NCAA as we know it Michael builds times dispatch Richmond dot com. Sort of pick your brain because you you and I both being critical we've been open minded we've been critical of NASCAR. And I know you took some heat I took some heat about my comments last year after the race at Richmond. Where you spotlighted the sport needs a lot of change not necessarily the tracks it's the sport. We're seeing NASCAR as we get ready go to the Daytona 500 on Sunday where it you've got a lot of veteran drivers who are retired and gone and a bunch new fresh faces. Knee and you know I think for a long time they date shall. Does it does sport in the nuts and bolts that I've been an and I don't think they out worked. I you know I don't think. Dale Earnhardt junior and Jimmie Johnson that updated it and appealing pitched of people and I'm glad I don't think that's one NASCAR beat him popular argument that either you look at the other worker colorful character big question. You know go oh hole that was kind of larger than life there is in the in IS and ninety's probably they would rent. You know inept it over the golden era of NASCAR and M and ended at the accountant a little bit I unity. It was a big thing you know it and everything that the NBA is doing so well right now. He can turn away from the end of the day at some good news be done these personalities. I did you know a pretty poor with the people the top of their game who were intriguing personality that and that's when NASCAR app for awhile and you know they're not wait for that. They pick up on the draw not not everything else and I you know like I've let the report many occasions the this sport has to last that nadir during not big crack it any more outside of the up. Cracks you know at Talladega in a couple other. I don't think the drivers are compelling personality but I think are well into their sponsors and not play into the hands. You know understand though the government should you curtain not whatever it. And that's curtain back it happened a personality. You may in May and Saturday the cracker you know somebody in most places. I can remember that and they you've got to be up there they're not there right now if you know they tried to what the helped awhile. But but it simply to compelling and people want to attract. Yeah I'd I don't understand. I understand where what's much more sensitive as a society. But you're exactly right I'd I did not global big NASCAR fans who just wasn't a thing in our house but I knew NASCAR drivers and it looked to about product placement. You NASCAR drivers I knew what they endorsed our new drew the drew via the school mobile I knew dale. Dell's senior by just looking at him in a magazine I. Maybe watched five NASCAR races in a much touted but I knew these guys I knew I remember I had it at gold 86 should be cavaliers my first car. And I remember him like solicit as a Rusty Wallace go to yet it is Miller Light mister Wallace. Now you get so is so driving this car so if I got a product. I want more personality I want these guys to be no I don't they're they're robots Michael. Yeah and you know right at him when other things that are corporate contracts during that that I particularly like before all you mumble but WW Gary and but it just the liven up the event itself and make it more an event that. You know I I think that's going to be worked out you know especially solid young people not. They'd come watched cheats only. I you know go to widen turn three I don't think that any young people to track but hey it's that loud and lock on the fighting for the party. Well yeah I think there for a better sale split right now for NASCAR isn't what it needs to billion and the trauma and thank you into the track it. Yeah upper on the not NASCAR I could not NASCAR background that our interest. It is fun to be out there when that you know when they have the flyover in the cart revenues and everything it can't let that that the one point the bureaucratic expected be and so on. College basketball NASCAR. The Olympics all covered in the Richmond times dispatch and sports plus coming up on Sunday and Michael have yourself a great weekend. Did you Michael Phelps of the RT did in Richmond dot com on the deed Mercer rug cleaning hotline. Paul add this little 86 cavaliers in college that are in high school too little gold thing go to old golden glory. And we look at it one day at some wasted you know what I did paint scheme of Rusty Wallace is number two on the scar. And we sat there was listings were those three guys who guys is looking at the cargo on. Pondering doing because it could be us. And the question is did you know we job. Not. You know I was a kid I had food demographic it's 222 in the side do little black here again as it was doesn't pay the garage to pull this off and had a miniature version of that car. And that's when I was a kid I had at on 94. Bill Elliott. McDonald's hat and I always wore everywhere you Groban NASCAR. Not really no no now my dad would watch from time to time he usually falsely for the TV watching it which he still does to this day but. Now I didn't really watch NASCAR races that much but I knew who these guys where I always do bill Aaliyah was. Kyle Petty I always knew that those types of guys workers of their personalities. I know we talk about old school here there's a generation of old school yet. There's so the non NASCAR really old school was awesome outfit my follow up exam my father in law is a key one die hard NASCAR guy. He looks at me on Sundays and goes it's boring. He's bored by the guys he's bored by the cars he's bored by the technology he's a guy who has been DW. There there's two there's three people that my father in law worships god Hank Williams junior and DW they're his people. There was. Even back to Dale Senior no senior was cool man. Portrait. It flash. You go back to some of these guys I Rusty Wallace is a big guys in front Palin friends are big in him that you do these guys you know their sponsorship now they're robots they. Iceland Carl Edwards to the back foot. I wanna cease and disgust over these young guys. Donnie. Market like boy band members put him on Campbell put them on found Jimmy guy walks in in three piece suit giving a guy walks in Mike Graf would assure the sleeve shirt. Give me a guy who Dayton supermodel COLT DMZ foam around. You need to know more about these guys to have the traction and gets the younger generation on the track. But NASCAR. Is boring. And it's showing in attendance and it showing in the ratings. Fox sports night to end in a radio dot com Matt. What's macro four are out today yes I'm going out there letting the out in public. To see people go talk to people I'm going to be Chester today. At the raceway. Not once again not. That actual race would not a raceway a convenience raceway a convenience store one stop shopping at raceway we will get out there where their friends from Mountain Dew. We get away prizes. Bird two hours from eleven to one and rush say prizes I'm talking about were anyway at actual basketball setup backboard and rim a net. The two of pop a shot you be shooting for prizes today from Mountain Dew BC basketball there should be some of the prizes from BC basketball. Warmup suits sweat suits. Jackets. But we're not has done little. T shirts and stickers today I don't know we've given away a winter break trip to winner green. Let no one jester raceway in 19100 west hundred road in Chester if you dare today stop by say hello a leader from eleven until one. And you gestured TO on the entry there. Boy and I are both interest denies that the need that as Paula the highlight of my NBA all star weekend is this sit down between Coby and shack tomorrow night. 101 with the series ball boy the team players only players only and that's what is it just Kobe and Shaq together. Two chairs one camera. And just talking about their history together. One thing I know I got a logo and this can be rented. So little odds are low income Cameron let's just Soledad Muslims. Only euros from dog do brand new euros over in Europe or you're really wanna do so. Because you. I was noon reduce Chilo themselves. You have sea bass we don't know we just know it's a quick look at the Dow is a writer wrote about how owners yeah. That's a great teams by AT&T because they think that sets the tone Shaq is going to be real and open and CoBiz his. Kobe can be very polished Agassi and being very CEO like if you have a post in there if Ernie. Or Greg doubles in there but the fact is he's too talking. And jackets real Kobe's gonna be real I think it's going to be a real good our team today. So we throw the question this morning if they start a series of these TV shows. Two chairs wanna camera no host two people tied together in history. What do people would you love to see sit down and talk and one hour wherever it conversation may go who might be most interesting. I would love to see Mike Tyson James Buster Douglas. Revisit that nine Tokyo revisit how they got into the fight what led up the fight aftermath all you got an NFL version. Yeah I would wanna see Donovan McNabb and Terrell Owens sit down because I remember I was a kid when that whole thing went down between them by. To watch how that happened and it's fast forward years later and they're still there's obviously still rift between them. But deceit and now just to sit the two of them face each other milling. Our gentlemen let's talk about 2004. Go ahead. We've got magic and Larry and don't have to deal bag is that the all drama magic and Larry. Ali and Frazier. We wanna go living here we want we want stories told the present day I would have a campaign however show that will go to its thirty for thirty is the new intriguing show. Paired two people history putting together two shares one camera. An hour long conversation what would be interesting TV set over at west fox sports 910. 3450910. We bring in our Buddy Ryan Wilson and it all right for CBS sports dot com. Through shares one camera who would you of the plot down. Well don't forget that TL and said statistic that is so 56 years ago that lasts about two weeks. So that did more to what exactly sit down but if one the other parts of the show you get mentioned rejection or much third missile that sort of popped in my head is that Mike Shanahan RG three passion about. No yeah at you know that the cat claws come out there be some. Some named to back stepmother that nothing was ever because. The mayor started so well and we of course you know that it ended so sore point. I love it put that on the list they're calling good stuff Brian Wilson joining us he's brought you by plumb right plumbing. There's really one story going on the NFL but it's part of a bigger story were free agency in certain cuts are happening in yesterday. Explain to me why today AJ McCarron is a free agent. Well he won as a agreement to become a free agent and membership to freeagent if that hadn't and one that he would still be restricted in the Bengals would have gotten some point compensation relive draft pick. Should he find elsewhere so I never talk perhaps second round pick depending on the on the tender that the thing was put on and so now he's free to sign wherever he wants to. And the question becomes an improbable pop. Sort of put it perfectly in the headline is he this year Qaeda schema these this year Michael Landon and I think that that's what you have to sort of think about it here a team that. Desperately in need of a quarterback had help don't forget that you Jackson. What tried it suddenly in the care and last year. Trade fell through. And the cameras this visit will obviously upset about that he I mean look he would rather go play completely make this clear and said the sit behind any dog that that it raised my plane and then. That's that you can appreciate its competitiveness you wonder about his mental state if he's he's actually going to go to Cleveland but that I think we understand what he's saying. So now the question becomes. Do we want to come on the free agent market assured the question comes how much someone in the paper. It seems to make more than twenty million dollars this year probably whether that the bike inside franchise them. Or whether he signs somewhere else. Michael and then he might make the minimum it's not because by the by the bears had a terrible season last year not entirely his fault that he's quarterbacks so. They're playing teams and neither quarterback for the biofeedback and it makes you know they have the two draft picks in another wrench personnel met. What other teens into civil tone like Denver wanna take a risk on him I would get not. But he's gonna get paid his chance to play is they get chance to prove whether he was more than not the fit breathtaking look at the years ago coming out Alabama. With the amount of picks Cleveland has after watching Carson when's go by after watching the show on Watson does not feel like. You know fully wants only twice is not feel like William not a picks that they have to pick a quarterback in the third round. Yet they are 10 there's no question to endorse in the general Madras Oregon of that shortly after he was. Retired December and Sacha brown the Harvard trained sort of assess from attrition brought football would look like Dell for. As you point out among other things passing on went and then Watson back to back draft. So that the first pick depth reports that court pick in his April lumps love Sam Arnold. But it's been sort of signal watch things change obviously that the threat so fluid but they has chemical and draft consultant and former Saddam Redskins. Not general manager and he. Before he got this job could not popped up enough how much you love baker mayfield Oklahoma quarterback is undersized and much of make me feel secure and just compared with Johnnie Mae and they'll perk on field and off field. But it will be acute treatment for one has the year John Dorsey and whether maybe you'll get into the mix probably that the number one that's into the stretch that maybe number four. Maybe some Wheeling and dealing now happen Democrats may get him later in the first round. But I what can't happen if they can't pass from quarterback they'll probably kind of veteran quarterback gaps without commitment fell on him to rest and but. They Ed I mean it just it would will blow my mind even by the browns standards to have. They had to put topics last year actually three in the tree back up so 561. Olympics and three years you don't think quarterback would would be mystifying even by the most brown teams standard ever. Free agency. That still a month away but for some teams that got to get to the position of where they can but yes save before they can spend in your start to see that right now are on different teams. Brian Wilson follow on Twitter at Ryan underscore Wilson was seven and restyled CBS sports dot com talking next week but. At a great weekend Ryan Wilson on the some day you'll need a plumber points on that you know it's remember the name on right ink dot com located in the Libyan serving all of central Virginia. Plumber might come back. We go back the Daytona as we get ready for the Daytona 500 tomorrow fox sports 910. Poised guys six of the weekend. Also several men seem to be stopped by previewing the night in the Olympics Paul would say less that first night in five nights we did not when he golden. Sadly yes to now when I did win a medal at all. No medals at all for the US yesterday the only bright spot was probably US men's hockey beating Slovakia 21. We'll get the highlights of the Olympics tonight including mainstream name. Take in the state Georgia State taken slopes Daryl tells about that. In ten minutes got a lot of college basketball this weekend to set the table for that thanks to Ryan Wilson joining us little football with AJ McCarron now on the quarterback market. Sunday it's the Daytona 500 the start of the NASCAR season it is always good to everybody. Out Satan MRI and pit reporter Alex I apologize I'll bring it what were you going to be in going to be in the pits or UN a sidekick in his roam around like what was your double on Sunday. Yeah Sunday elbow. It died Sunday I'll actually have the midsection of pit road near campus. Aren't a person that sent out yet midsection on the commerce. In the middle section of the way in which they are yet to pick. Boxes just yet so we don't know at this point which of those thirteen drivers and won't. Sunday. And yet to report. I I've just started do fill in work on the sidelines in college football so I don't have any really good stories but I imagine. Bing there's times when you find yourself in the worst position possibly by yourself in harm's way possibly being trucked over vile linebacker. Gimme a story any story that we're things almost where things did go wrong in the pits and you wrapped up and. Content a couple of instances. Heard that too dangerous sport and ruling meant. At. Actually stole a little Walton and immediately raced cars and changing tires like its coastline hop. Politics stops. At the institute in Boston to understand on top of the wall looking down on top of the pit stops and there's. The light mister Kamal the race card act like on the ground that the new wheels on that and it up. But not scored two and -- sometimes there are some some gasoline negates bill and we need drivers popped the clutch in light up the rear tire him in the they'll hit these blood that's create a spark on the concrete and and we backfired and there are a couple of times right underneath. A timer tune in this one of those deals that really future pension no question that. I think the funniest and worst type of thing used those same law that they get run over when their spin their tires getting out of Arctic fox. Sometimes they get launched. Like rockets backwards and I've been hit many times by a blind luck that day in my Shenzhen. On the back of my task then restricts I'm looking in pit stops are taking place and I got to pay it at least a Bruce it does. They don't want to Italy Italy is a mark so why. And I think about that I think the couple of those up I think the book before they pop right off the tires when you forget the beginning of a tire going to a miles an hour and a smoking hot. But yeah up. Not I don't know why I've done it twice is deceived you think you learn up a onetime big dummy. Alex curious he will be in the pits the middle pays for Sunday's Daytona 500. Outs we did is big buyer on from Richmond raceway earlier allies using question I asked him. You've got a lot of guys gone including Dale Junior Danica is getting greater on the last race you've got. It guys in the boot guys who are stepped aside doing other things like Mac Kansas you've got some fresh faces coming in the NASCAR. If you did the timeline of the history of the sport how would you classify how would you categorize where NASCAR is right now. Question and boom you're right the star power that we gloss over the last three years from Jeff Gordon Tony Stewart met Kim at Danica Patrick Dale Earnhardt junior. Arguably the biggest names in the sport over the last 1015 years. Is it the sport's in pretty good shape I had to be honest with it and I think they're. Earnhardt junior could have been. Bigger blow to the sport that'll mean this in a disrespect action. But if Dale Earnhardt junior award winning races running at a part of building just the site. The mullet you know what I've had a great crew that I hang it up. This shock. There for junior nation and our most popular driver. Year after year it it would have been massive wood Dale Junior announcing at the beginning a black Asian. That he was going to hang it up and then quite frankly not running as well a lot. People hoped he would. I think it soften the blow and in that announcement given fans of all season to basically say goodbye to earn heart. It ain't fit to go ahead and start looking at some of these young drivers. I think that was a good thing that that took place in people have really latched on. To the chase delegates but Ryan blamed mobile wallet since some of these younger drivers and I can tell you William Byron who's in who's making dispersed running in monster and in key NASCAR cup racing. Eat eat we all American kid to bring in people can latch on all these young drivers. In in India I think a lot of and there was just the the society we live bit. It's a social media world. In these guys are scoring really active on social media they connect with great expand and expand Thai immigration status. Natalie at the track but but they'll they'll all be on social media and spend time with eat it I think that helps you helps solve a lot. So I think the sport is in really good shape right now we were in transition no questions from. They're heroes and veterans over to the young drivers don't get me wrong how bush is Jimmie Johnson's. Kurt Busch is that still on the racetrack they're so competitive they. People are just. There are migrating to this youth movement that we're seeing right now in NASCAR and it's a good day. I NASCAR zealot their personality Shiloh bit more I adding some times things are too buttoned up into Tuesday of these guys need to. Is be who they are that's what I'd love to see more of the NASCAR personality in the sport. Alex as we get to on the track. Who's geared up for a big year as we go to this transition period going to look at that sand that they're on something this is gonna be their season. Coming into the season. I looked at teens. Not necessarily drivers because he's diverse. They haven't forgotten how to raise your a year. But if you go back. Warriors in Tokyo back three years ago. Joey let god know what is in the title fight at homestead Miami speedway with a chance to win a championship. He's always been got one more or racist and it's been there last season. Not so much you obviously want to Richmond but that race. And they found a car illegal kept the win but didn't get. All the bonuses and came along with the this sparked the championship goes in the automatic berth in the playoff. And that certainly was not pollute. I think Joey let god knows a guy that's gonna bounce back and bounced back in big plays this season. I spent a lot of time of these crew chief stock wouldn't the other day spent the time the Joseph Miller got a wind stay united sit around talking. And at a racetrack in it and they are focused and they know that last year. Even know was it was a bad yours are down here. They're using last year at this school as a motivational. Tool until we like others the guy that we have another big sheet and I'd let back we have Lehman dropped the green flag on the first official points race and to keep and which will be Sunday Daytona 500. And I have already got a insulin happened 1000 bets are witnessing a picture. I'll let you go on this one what would be more interesting Sunday Danica wins to her final race. Where Danica and Ricky stand house get caught up with some type racing Danica looks over with that death stare at her ex. You know. I think it's more likely that its in house at a better shot of winning the race and you've got to. But I gotta be in the draft that she's with premium motor sports are good great scheme. But not a top theory schema I don't anticipate. They're they're really being back to win the Daytona 500. And it's not by no audible groan and a former team that is just just a lesser team right now been been seven the big boys on the block if you will spark pristine scout. I think yeah I think it was interesting last ride to any Abdul. The qualifying races that we had. Don't know that you pointed out she Rickie are no longer a a couple she's dating Green Bay. Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers who. Showed up at at the pit box last night I was covered that it is that Aaron Rodgers came walking up the bully meet. Nobody nobody knew we was when he walked up but once she got on top of the box and everybody realize I'd like axis of Aaron Rodgers. So why it it became that quite that quite the scene down in the midst with with the amount of people I mean there was a 15200. People surrounding that box just taken pictures up there. It's star power I am one product Karen Rogers. Some committees NFL hall of Famer someday so. It took it to power couple it's a sports world power couple when it. And I think you're acting. It was a little awkward on the driver introduction staged with Danica and Ricky they did their best to avoid each other. To the point where almost comical if I can donated both drivers are tenacious on the racetrack. I think there's the but like with that they're gonna be swept up in a crash together it could happen. Mean it is they told the people and their main plate and ended they get swept up together in a crash. He would have. The awkwardness wore New Yorkers it was awkward that would be great TV yup what is to be fantastic out I got that Iran hey. Be saved the day it's a result the great Sunday into it and watch the lug nuts for God's sakes it. Absolutely that's the key no more back I don't show you got out saying joining us motor racing network picked reported in him Sunday news radio 1140 WR VA point errors cousins earlier. When an awkward moment. Never ever ever ever date coworker Polly trust me on this one. Learn from bad experience in live view and west McIlroy five sports nights and I play for this hour went by. It's Friday it's not a bad thing flag they would give cars giveaway from our friends she knows on this free pizza Friday we do listen we want more. So that's given elect not to you with can't take with you when you don't. It's doing now call and report 34509103450910. And you get a two dollar gift card from China of those pizza. Boy oh give his picks college basketball weekend NBA all star game in the Olympics carry on that means. We are joined by Sarah bloom of NBC twelve to set the stage. Sarah pullen was informing I did not watch last night I had little girl duty I understand no goals last night for teen USA. Today he out rough and I get that I have too little and my self I. A lot of the superstars we are watching just didn't of their performance that they have partly DJ about back up fourth time at the Olympics not the charm she was right off the medal podium it would close there at the end so heartbreak for her. Kayla as different as similar story she went cold in her bank in seventy. He or she lies overnight she got port placed just off the metal and attacked making the choice after that performance at that apathy perky can ninety. And compete later on in the media there and that she struggled on the her eyes and I think it's still possible that rough night for her. And then a lot of people like figure skating it was heartbreaking to watch in that and we really have her rebound after the kicking competition and it feels like he got forced her hand. Tonight seems to be one of the bigger nights at the Olympics nest because it Lindsey Vonn takes to the slopes in my right senate isn't out of the more marquee nice to be winter games. You know it's Friday night that great intercept its gonna get a little bit more rain be it technical or decree made this statement Watson has huge lineup. Alain C by definitely wanted to take stories this is a woman here it out to get gold and I was really excited to get her social media to get little inflation that. I wanna win that sent from my grandfather he passed away recently settled. You get personal protection what these past events mean if somebody athletes and it backer and then I did really sweet to see that. We'll be watching Lindsay and we're also watching cap figure skating again tonight. Obviously. We have let the people I get a carry got a lot that we have configured eating tonight. We're also watching. The super G that's with on again Akeelah so different than now we get freaked out skiing and women. Gillick and back at figure skating hopefully if anything can probably not a contender anymore for the Olympics he'd really have to do well but we're gonna hope for that retention and Adam Brit find someone to watch I don't know if he's going to be able to battle he doesn't do quiet. He is eight performer on the ice and that's something you're gonna want seat right. I'd tonight in all weekend long on NBC to all I have a great we can set. You guys there who think you're projected in on the ID Mercer wrote quitting hotline boy I would updated story too about the Olympics and we touched on yesterday. The story about the German coach who who is well she used the German bobsled driver became the Jamaican. Women's bobsled team gets and that she owned the sled. Should I quit the team and could take the sled with her. An amazing twist the Jamaican bobsled team has got a new slipped. Really and let him bring that on back they found another one now they needed to new sledges days before because the coach. Literally took her bobsled and went home. Guess who bought the new bobsled. Oh. Yeah. Register I'd really yes. Let the beer companies have done a clutch they came through and bought the purchase the Jamaican bobsled. Restaurants all revenue slid they are prepping the sled work competition. Error it's got to say Arabia is absolutely has to Jamaican flag right there and then array beer on the side like in NASCAR yes. Well done. I greatly respect. Of the red flag this weekend Jamaican bobsled team that right there that's that's good that's charity right there. I applaud what are we govern your picks in the weekend. Teens. To start tonight in politics brought you by CP dean to start off tonight at 5 o'clock on CNBC its men's curling US vs Denmark. And then moving on to tomorrow college basketball's great gay college basketball on Saturday starting with Virginia Tech at Georgia Tech that's at noon on ESP and steals Virginia Tech trying to avoid the letdown game of course. To the LoJack guess this is one where and norm wood in tunis yesterday from the daily press we talked about. The chances of Virginia Tech make in the tournament you've got. The short do down the road these next nine days and they could focus on crimes and you can focus on the oval. You cannot have a let down tomorrow here's norm would all of Virginia Tech and their tournament chances. Well let's just sit well that's what's what's up to get mean that's. Yeah that's a great win a huge eat more. If you you'll get a better signature wins but what they've had. Multiple but this is Philippines severance sick of me being out of seven wins are back to get a little or whatever it is not cut it you're gonna get it would that. Based on the fact that the nonconference schedule was so bad. And then. You know even. Little. It's great play I can husky but it doesn't eat this game is clearly playing. Maryland eastern short presbyterian in CA PN Detroit mercy in Houston Baptist more extra base and that's. That's why Chrysler murderer's row we didn't you know baseball bat they've got the clearance. I think the content to sit they've got to win any seats seagate said that's going to be a serious challenge. Was with Clinton in little hole and do all in Blacksburg. What was that you know you're talking free. Stopped forty. RBI teams right there in dignity at travel to Miami. To just finished the regular season. Yes it's got their lineup they can all help you lose this one can hurt yet. Later on that day 4 o'clock PV CU act George Washington now this is on the FaceBook life stadium channel which I would have used before it's actually really it's pretty good I enjoyed that's that's 4 o'clock. Radio west raw 330 tomorrow rob Robinson Michael Lee dosed with a call I got pregame at 330 tomorrow afternoon 430 on Saturday number three Villanova. At number four Xavier that's on fox and then 7 o'clock on TNT Kobe and Shaq the players only. Series on C and C prod the best part of all star weekend. And later on Sunday. Quickly men's freestyle skiing the aerials gold medal final B 3 o'clock on NBC on Sunday. And the women's freestyle skiing did you know there was a half kind event for freestyle skiing once I did not know this mother is and you can watch at 7 o'clock NBC on Sunday and those. Are my picks its proxy by CB dean billiards table strove he's a more they are Richmond's game room authority go. Things you don't want amiss there you got tonight saint Bonaventure Rhode Island big game atop the A tense things that'll be interesting. As a game is in I believe in Rhode Island that you've got two teams right now on the Atlantic ten and don't forget Richmond tomorrow's Saint Louis that is it for clot from 6 o'clock at the Robin senator. As you're watching this race proceeding right now. In 12345. And really the six spots trying to compete for three spots atop the eight San for the tournament never announcing about a magic game will be at same bottom casting about identity night. CBS sports I now rabbit out for us busy showed today if you witnessed Dave Glenz thoughts on BP gamble report. Early peek demo reports very interesting. Circling back to what happened five months ago in college basketball for the deed us. NBA agents story that took down Rick Pitino seems to have legs. And when they're gonna come walking across college basketball that's the big story. You gave Blair and Michael Phillips of the Richmond times dispatch Ryan Wilson CBS sports Dyer county understating it up and available fox sports Richmond dot com or now on the apple I tune stores that been west mackerel it. For Gary following a west Mac you know on the day Iraq and and.