Wes McElroy - Hour 3 - Jay Burnham and Parney (4-13-18)

Wes McElroy
Friday, April 13th

Wes is live from Funnville and welcomes Squirrels broadcaster Jay Burnham and Parney in the third hour. 


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Some no yeah and you know this. His last medical rule on fox sports and ten fox sports Richmond got top. The only show in three bored by 09 tad more email west and fox sports Richmond dot com Syrians he is the man the last medical raw meat balls. Enron didn't in this 8 o'clock out loud from the dammit on this Friday it was at let's say around these parts. But bill welcomed a flawed bill Welker men we say good morning. On opening date 2008 scene in the caller he gave very excited. Another baseball season to start and it begins tonight but at a sold out crowd very quiet here right now peaceful son hanging out left fielder. Stands are empty without will be that would not be the case tonight about 530 what fans start out and maybe even you. So I about it for a soul out if you're in a row opening night here. The diamond filling up our buddy Jay Burton to give his appeal he's been on the road with a steam as we get a feel for who these new squirrels are including their skipper. And our buddy Marty will stop by for the remainder of the 8 o'clock our largest. What's that he still standing because there's been a crew of people here all night typing up this place it looks rates. And all the squirrels they do this and have a good visit to stop Michael bell about this in the times this match. Every year they just adults here let this place grow when they could became in nine years ago Italy the bay with a but the promise they're still waiting for that new ballpark but. Every year yet to understand this every all season they pour millions of dollars in to this place I make it better for you. They just don't get says buy the they'll let things go stagnant. The ballpark looks amazing and walking in there there's new artwork there's the new billboards in the outfielders in the outfield wall. I love personally being a baseball fan there's Newt is Blake or wrote the show with all the loot the squirrels have gone to the majors. There's something here for everybody including Fred McGriff tonight. On opening night at the ball mark. First word on the headlines of the day. It's -- morning edition on fox sports and I intend. Let's put this way here. That's fan of you might wanna come before you go to night because last night it was not one bill in DC here's John Walton with the end of the caps the Columbus Blue Jackets game one. There comes Europe back. Whiteside gives it a result of the right wing. And a pass broken up by DuBois he had Veronica wrapped like a long Linear way right now but Eric my. Webb shot across the Washington and why did I got stabbed or shot at least. Our hearts that they could Erin storage and other talk like smaller than that at the Columbus Blue Jackets are one game want to artists Eastern Conference quarterfinal series leading group hour. And a final stroller Columbus horror and Washington to worry. I won't Apple's rated network any game that had never gone overtime ends in overtime Blue Jackets. They were down two goals at one point they were down 30 to come back to win this thing in OT 43 to get a 10 series lead in their first round playoff game capitals jumped out with so to only in this game in the first period. Two goals in the picnic in itself out a favorable calls it terrible call. Josh investigating the forty LD says five minutes. And a game misconduct to pick up two quick goals it look like they were all Enron and now Columbus there's scrappy team they're in this for a reason we come back they tie this up. The caps comeback get a third period goal Dovonte Smith only an absolute beautiful pass. There are three to two. And looks like they're to negate game one and it just an unnecessary penalty by on paper koskie tripping five minutes left. Trips that Jones had battled heated today Jones ends up scoring the game tying goal this thing goes OT is he just there there. Columbus who's up one nothing. Who this leads to goals given up on our play. Who leads blown and night where Columbus lost three guys because of either obese or because of injuries. The capitals at an ideal situation. And they lose game one game two coming up on Sunday. Next door I've only. And if you're DC sports fan and you're looking for the national to make you feel better. Sorry that didn't happen either DJ LeMay Hutu Holbrooke the Rockies last night at 51 win Chad Bettis and allowing one run. Three hits over seven innings. The nationals top there lineup that would include. That trait turner at dinner and don't Bryce Harper and Ryan Zimmerman. Yeah overpaid CNET Ryan Zimmerman your only guy there with the walker op board your batting order. The nets' offense has been. Mediocre to missing early in the year and last night it was and I gave a subject that is. Nat and Rockies continue their series tonight and that's making some moves with those some local news. They bring in Mark Reynolds former Virginia product and last year hit thirty home runs with the Rockies signed to a minor league deal that's now three former Virginia players. On that the nationals rosters in his former team meeting you VA Mark Reynolds and shown little. We're details about when mark is going to join team a little bit later on today and story number 3 of macro was morning edition. NBA miles begin tomorrow including the rockets and timberwolves raptors and wizards cavaliers and pacers always poll question brought you by call federal. Do you want another cavaliers warriors NBA finals and right now 75% by the way your options are let's do it again or gimme something new in 75% saying they want something new they want something different this year. And I'm not surprised one day you can go vote all the old question fox sports Richmond dot com on Twitter at west by exports and I will zero in the poll question has brought to you by. Call federal passionately vocal. Banking we are here at the data on this Friday morning speaking of passionate people. My buddy Jay Byrd and you can hear it tonight all the flight schools Hoboken and all season long. When passionate baseball people that I know at the line goes the opening day partner. The opening date it's great I'm Margaret aren't good. IPO related to my friends I set the scene for your listeners if you're pleased our eyes and let's invoked out play by play a practice that's what we do all right so also the size of rising above Satterfield there at the diamond west as the window opener in the press box headset on. Sunglasses rocket short sleeved shirt. They got an authorized here from fox sports night that I mean this is where it's going to be tonight here's a statement but this you know got the music there. Happy opening day happy opening day and yes you guys did you build it people are gonna come and America on the night in droves today. What's it like just. It's never gets old you have baseball the baseball play by play experience before you Q and Richmond you've been here now how to use this for use by 660 you got relations. So what's it like when you get to crack the Michael opening night. The whole ball park well plea what we started on the road and at Hartford attracted and by the time the game and it Nazis Davis 38 degree does that Wear shorts were all those openers it was a miserable so to see this. And look I've done I've done games in over 35 ballparks over the course of my career. This is the best especially when you have opening night sellout crowd 9560. The leaders are going to be flowing here the food is that Ari. All riled up our concession stands and it is just such a solid feeling it really. As a bit of an emotional feeling and your top part port now a little bit I mean he's been wired Epson 4 months this morning here to a live I came to this point let's. And party was third and Irish jig in the outfield I look that's the you know the morning shows are here in the local election I was. There's camera on them. Just gets it rapidly yeah. A practicing for tonight so. You know I hope that although this is combine this season with a winning team for the Richmond blind squirrels and from what we've seen for the first seven games. I think this optimism here at the giants of the field like this is a winning team for Richmond. And we see a little bit that are ready to start the year we had earlier to be missed anything on the show you can always go to by exports Richmond dot com or go to the apple iTunes store and download the podcast we had Willie Harris interview that I did a couple of days back. To have him here and I've seen it will managers go through here in nine years. Here's a guy with fourteen years Major League Baseball experience played in one in the World Series. He's a little bit at the different cat. Than what the rules that out here yeah he's actually the most experienced Major League manager that Richmond as that playing in the big league doesn't necessarily mean your great manager. At the minor league level but he also has drawn a lot of interest from the fans this again and it played here. Briefly before he got up to Atlanta Indian name for himself but with the Washington Nationals organization that. Chicago White Sox estimate winning the World Series so it's cool to see what he's got to bring to the table I think one of the things priorities seeing. It's this team's gonna run. Yeah what they ran it Tuesday and the flying squirrel stole nine bases and that first series against the Trenton oddities stole 41 all the last year's party well on the way to surpassing. He's. 6353. Game begins on Fox Sports Net and burst pitch at 705 with ball already that's excitement too by the way you match in the Rockies. All of our motto is yes younger brother corona is on the flying squirrels that he cared so we are in the clubhouse. The other day as that a fight with going on in. And Jonas phone with blowing up of these texted people he's trying to explain what's going on everybody around and I mean it was just the wild scene. The couple of the fact that the flying squirrels that former pitcher either Beattie and introduce Juarez make back to back starts that we are as you like to say often run on my friend amen to that site. Salmon or talk about this earlier I I really. Love that baseball has jumped on the scene with good stories whether the Red Sox and yankees getting into a fight to the Rockies and the Padres game though fight. Bryce Harper with his home runs showing a time last night with the bases clearing triple I love the baseball story lines and April on the field. About three of the NBA DHL NFL draft going on. And I love that you just this it because their story lines here I think when you walk in the night to begin at the second level there's a wrote the show display. It goes back the space that you look along the war weights all the different squirrels fifty or squirrels today are in the major leagues. One last night for the San Francisco Giants Crist ran seventh shutout. Innings he allowed just one it's there was certainly is amazing to see the success that they've enabled app goes along with that the three World Series. Other story lines of baseball that you treatment you can talk about now this season Tim Tebow is in this league in the Eastern League. In the jobless may be here in August a B and if the giants cycle predict baseball gonna dominate the headlines from here on out so. They can make that happen. Jane I. Aside a couple weeks ago to a point I decided to jump Ricardo that the party of our good friend John laser that idea so are you guys getting stories of new details that will soon here but a question that brought up on the ride down the supporting the guys that great we we bring up sports not. We had argued any time. But the question was asked. The best flying squirrel to go through here in nine years into the pros and John O'Connor did a great display in times dispatch of of nine guys who would fill the positions to actor at the U who's number one who's the best flying squirrel to go through the art via. Well I mean people are gonna say Brandon Crawford because he said I think the most success at the big league level when he talked about guys that actually dominated year. Under Strickland was lights out yes I really liked I'd block the left the news now that rotation tool per shot twice already this season but I think that the fault answer is Crawford. You have cancer I was gonna go crawl out robbers while the first the guy first guys that man and then to see him out here just to see that. You'd there's certain things and I am not a Saber metrics I'm not a guy who's scout but to see Brandon Crawford plea sure to see his glove that guy despite gold glove smear dole over his name amazing. You know one guy that gets forgotten its atom to all played here but it's out with the San Francisco to see his voice is not a man crush on. -- buddy list there and are not thirty Albright got vaguely yes in an all star and now he's he's always been a good guy would still keep in touch but yeah I mean I don't give a lot and a fantastic run here apparently thirty home runs now signing Reynolds for the nationals this just gets a lot of the deal these days and into that as well again I think he's a guy that might be forgot that bit about because he's not with the giants organization and that's what's. Getting here and you're yeah you're nine. Matt Duffy now Tampa Bay Christian Petroleos at the AAA level for happiness started to see the flying squirrels tentacles sort of spread across Major League Baseball not just with a parent or it it's the beauty of coming to this ball market here if your kid if your mom is here even a guy not. Interest in baseball there's something for everybody in your. Are that true baseball fan you just never know who's gonna walk of the place where there and and we're gonna have governor or the mom the broadcast that and I was gonna talk about craft beer for the third inning with him I mean it's just that doesn't surprise me if you can get so what's going on here. At the diameter right I mean you don't really have to enjoy baseball there are a lot of thoughts that do by the way and if you do then you know you referenced the Richmond times dispatch that the success. But the players have to go on to the big leagues does is truly amazing. I would be a favorite wrestlers I've got a long season the broadcast including tonight's 635 pre game 7051 page. Day and sand Raddatz at the opening day like you guys it's Dave Bernard joining us syrup by exports 910. As yet that sun is rising from left center as we are here on the silence bank Friday at the diamond. Where we were big but the show for tonight's opening night and don't forget it's up by. What is that 1113. On Friday with flying squirrels so but it opening day. I will be grilling out hot dogs out rather doubt it but my Levin no one eyed Oprah. This is about community about want to get up it'll make its and I stopped by the sale so grab the dog. The ball market is opening day so I had a little piece of opening day and hang out with us today from eleven to one look at a dog right there on the first base outside ticket office. Easy in easy out if he got a call will be right by the market not. I'm not saying no date or as we say on the show. CEO. West mackerel and by exports ninth and speaking of food it is a free pizza fried wrote you botched nose pizza. Caller number five right now 3450910. And you get a point argue apartments in those beats up. Back with more opening day Biden because we're built on fox sports night to end. It's. Think observed about Tony I was sitting here at the ballpark all the myself on opening day the sun beginning to rise you think is missing this quarter in the outfield. And having my field of dreams moment. Let's McIlroy. I'm not this is not Iowa kids respond bill. Fox sports nights and opening day in the RBA joy and Bob Bob man Todd party apart now in his right. I don't know what's right at the sun or those pants but it is great daddy happy opening day budding. The US has great heavier by as it texture or this morning it's a special day for losses and for me at all like. Opening day in office to Christmas and Thanksgiving and Easter and on Tuesday and everything else. But opening day especially here at risk for Virginia audible plays that reverend worked and lived. It's a holiday and it's it's wonderful buzz in the communities were sold over history here but. As I said you in my text having a good friend like you here. We're going to vote couple people in the ballpark for awhile alright guys who spoke. And he saw the sunrise I've experienced this on nine years of always comfortable Parker early. So so let the media and in the early TV shows it's special for me insist on bill that the cause. It's just it's peaceful rise and it's hard to explain that has been a great day that your votes percent remarks and and you and many wrote rock you know the other two little bit nervous and don't give hot dog. We are we're cooking and grilling hot votes of eleven to reality TV so what are you can participate today we brought a camera crew and everything that you think Michael Roberts is a little camera crew. Now we're recruiting. I promise of microbes got. The widow of social media replaying itself who knows it is later fox sports Richmond dot com that there will be audio and eleven to one with the squirrels coconut hot dogs. Look read about say hello what you bought tickets for tonight repeat don't think it's just that I enjoy opening day which I dissent adhered to since mr. But it happened catcher rob this morning what are your on TV because the local news channels were here. Michael Wright field and I thought he wrote to you know. You just kind of dance and you're you know I think it was an iris Jacob you're just out there enjoy and you'll walk around and also meant to saw a little hot it will happen you step. And I hate war zone plays looks fantastic. So let's let's. Try to set it up here and I you know had a crappy job radio I've been trying to set up trying to be nice that I know my job is a government job they got a right to abortion opponent to bring it back to self deprecating level I've made all five blisters or you'd want us to do it would normally are and now all your years here sits down for now. I'd let you argues that works amendment. I walked in and I just say this to you you guys are honestly worked your own strategies that you guys continue to pour millions of dollars every all season. But there's something about what I walked in here this morning the plays just pop. What let's get to under what look at people's I would hate it come the night will eventually come to the. I mean in the entire seven months of blood sweat tutors honestly at this staff that is unbelievable. Ownership groups octagon made an error by social support each other. A picket first started as a sentinel there with the street Arafat's there was a lot of people's little company in the rises to seen. All the things about the ballpark something that was the starting point and went before you leave today. You've got to go down to the total or myself from the staff and the players go in the park nor intolerant of downloadable to embark. Go in and look up. And right where all the players will be answering every day to come to work come to the ballpark. Address. A piece. Draw updating. Joseph panic in Brandon Crawford. It is absolutely amazed at just went on to depictions of the crow panic. It's amazing in these guys would be seen guys that played here every morning when they go we're definitely eligible or so. I think the the street are had a lot to do with that I think the you know little subtle things like the padded walls it looks looks so professional. There Ortiz of the people were here last well up to about 10 o'clock came back to 350. Left about 10 o'clock in the whole staff was still here working side by side nobody was complaining. Or have a good time it's a special. So bad sometimes for people are step that it never worked anywhere else and I'm telling you about this is a special place full special people to express Olympics. He stuck point guard outrunning us and flying squirrels opening day the outfield wall looks great unity in the new sound system totaled about the concession items here just second but before we wrap this up. You said about your staff. Now we're anywhere else not knowing the difference Michael Phillips art about this earlier part. From our side microphone. From from our point were we looking every day we cover sports and viewers are done contracts and made. Somebody wants to have the advantage to once somebody wants to have leverage. If things don't go right I wouldn't read re Nicol might deal went back out about half an hour. You guys been here nine years you came here with no promise of a new stadium you've been here for nine years. I'm literally literally sick folks they've poured millions of dollars in every offseason that the fan experience and once again it's about bettering the experience for you. Yes there what new ballpark. How and why have you guys remain patient. Thought we came here that you are who we. The keys that no problem we don't do that promise but that's a whole puzzle and other whistle blows toward a waste armed men getting into today. But it's all about control what you can control writer and I think it's all about. What's right for our fans you do right but people west people are doing right by you and I the from mood to blow. Brian Callaway Gary dream Larry tell wanna miss some of the owners of group. All of those guys date that he handed down to stalk myself and now when he wrote rock. Instead let's go do what you need to do to make our fans happy and that's always do coming in and I feel like we have to reinvent ourselves especially if we're still on the diamond. We have to reinvent ourselves every year so that on opening night. When when people buy tickets to sell out the stadium because they wanna see lots. They come and they and their heads on the slow one I mean you're here with me today this morning I think fans are gonna go home with a soreness. Tomorrow because they're just going to have to cost a little realists will will look at that look at that look at. And even even look at likeness of the outfield scientists are creative that recent times suspects I would Nazi in the newspaper. That's a believable. You know so I just I think I think that's what it's all about me a lot of people could have been some people would have. Just talk between their legs and going home but that's not who we are men and and and it's all about these grape is that we. Have a personal love connection for. We got to do our best every single bit we've always today of. He's our guy party doing a serial fox sports night and you hope the mines grossed tonight pre game begins at 635. I would come back you're out your responsibilities are endless today the coming out next one more left to do judge Arnie dark dark dark. Is in the house so much public judge go to a restaurant and judge I go to my. Atlas. One of the five as well the five we come back a bit through some of the topics we've hit this week and give party's opinion because folks. We get a conversation with them it's the only opinion that matters wrong and bill. Others opening day at the data was McIlroy Fox Sports Net and day he a lot of days built let's back to a party hack it out. At rest and get Griffin little baseball back regularly called. You called killer here. From the Iowa yes it was his shoes back. And Ruth eventually shot coming in this I was way to look nice in the Persian mostly miserable livable and no shoes. This is great I just don't want him sit near the press box sunglasses on sun coming through our need is a bloody Mary right now in the light would be perfect but it rarely had a lot of lasers bachelor party that is don't remember seeing that my bride is listening. New details necessary. I whoever runs this morning and and Twitter is having a blast at this site opened up the show this morning as you said it was out it was dark. And incidentally to theologians Mo exit out here there's no one out here it's a peaceful ball field a couple so we throughout the question. If you could live the life of one baseball movie character who would it be RA responded on Twitter. You did did you Democrat I was crashed didn't stay with hands down. Why does that not Rodney one down out although every time I see children I just told time the other nine someday want ago. There I I was gonna wanna go there and I'd just like this are just slightly experts at the clip without them it will be a great trip but goes to his grow up and baseball but. Anyway I wrote that I took you know my knees Georgia I got there are completely out there and it's it just another picture of her and I'm walking on the field it's my sister shot at from the line. We put that ball caps on our gloves and hand at baseball in the other hand and her and I walk in on the yield in his one month they were well it's a political put my call that's on them much. So they I think that Betsy or races do whatever catch a ball like a baby your retirement to retire with that so but I think. As far as the minor league life. Older really got it in the communities hit it as much as a movie and it. And you know crested I don't know if you guys in my life that are like relies crash Davis of the won't maim remains stable group. So. That I have a strong affinity for that. We got some great answers here on Twitter we got Patrick wrote indicated Henry wrote Gartner from rookie of the year are being a kid making the Chicago Cubs. Now Ricky wild thing Vaughn that's an Elliott. That we see here are being robbed the kid from little big league he owns the winds. You can it ever play you own you benefits cocky in any as the but come on a moment where you realized that Dolly and Kenny powers in eastbound and down. I'm sure you've encountered any of people flavors like any power like it's Kenny powers. I think the best one so far and in the rationale is fantastic it's Mowlds. From the center line. Your kid you play baseball. And you get to kiss when he peppercorns. And you're married here at that. That's that's a great led to leave Iowa play baseball look at the pretty girl to have and you guys celebrate the 25 anniversary of the sand lot not just one night but basically all season long. What technically one night yes I'll explain that to your affair but. We do have other promotions. Does it on that bunny and I have a bit BO baseball giveaways and is there some of the things if they opera I don't know if you talk to and west that he. That it is a classic he's done such a great job. Giving a promotional schedule not only done this is so thorough you look seventy games there's something significant to talk about every single night. It's amazing disagree agreed to buy and go to schools based. Ball back out to find out all the ticket information and the promotional schedule. He's got a busy day sellout crowd will be grilled on hot dogs starting at 11 o'clock to join us in the gut what's it's what has me. Do I need a ticket for tonight stop by the day I don't know just. Everyone come by. You guys rose to that stuff in the community just come over bring your office over bring if you work a fired up ought to bring them over bring the kids over bring the whole DK are over we don't care without a pot. Also loading governor again. It's about community and opened eyes about the season starting so what if you don't have tickets were sold out maybe come Saturday Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday. But even if you're capable of those days you're still a squirrel people so come on out swell macro outside -- it sure goes I would be doing that. What's been wrote Crocker general manager coaches talked all dressed as a hot dog. You know it does give me better than that the weather's great so just tell your (%expletive) my buddy the comeback to work car party said so. And just lead and you lie that has to go. Because ladies and gentlemen he's a judge Paula hit the music. At this time with our body parting we recap some of the topics that we talked about earlier this weekend party gets the final say. Marty what is your favorite sports people time we ask this question in honor of the guests that evening red the front all the grip you'll Beirut would we. The intimidator Dale Earnhardt who was also mark also what I'm alive I also like macho male ratings averaged cool yeah others. It's still always. Actually not had much of an impression. One bro moment. That you would rather. Score a touchdown. Drained a three hit a home run score goal as this because of highland springs Andre England's debut that night at 32 years of age. LA lakers how great it was that. It's not a movie kids never stopped never stopped believing and never give up your dreams that guy where hope to have him here's some oil and he's like blown up these worldwide now but we've got a cup people try and your coach likes to try to get him to come out. I wrote because. I see what it does some of my friends stood Holbrooke. Although will be greatly escorts us like Europe's role but it was like scores customs feels great but I think that home run as countless things normal Bristol part of it. Excellent answer round the bases crowd cheer for you come home to your teammates. Popped the tank he got a pop Wednesday. Yeah so that the mingled. You never cease to have their outlook that are factors so I those guys just be ignored drivers relish party where this we restored to about John O'Connor is supposed to work at times dispatch where he lead our audio all five positions the flying squirrels with the best lines will play each position good work by John O'Connor written dot com. Mark who's the best player at home through the RVA says its rules to go over those are good for me not that I actually prepare for this show but. Defensively without question it was an Crawford he used to put on some displays there during batting practice that we're like worthy of videos by the way and as. Our daughter about to probably ask you video of the columnist and I didn't ask did you I thought the fact this is crazy thing. You know that is the well is a running your commercial in American TV history roll I felt as though they on the Internet. I couldn't arrive the Internet never lies don't sell the longest running television commercial American TV is it's crazy. So read a cropper defensively I also think ultimately these two guys in the big leagues might go back to come back if the greatest ever replace your so far. Chris saw. Chris at all. And stevens' daughter what's what both of those guys in the future but I I would go Brent Crawford now. I'm looking at the visiting dugout right now just for once that it was played this game I know this is not part of your question. Well look at that visiting dugout make of people you've been there games fans sick of people you saw that visiting dugout you seem Bryce Harper. Bryce Harper went one for six in the game but points out here it's the Richmond flying squirrels. You know it. Manny Machado as in nineteen year old ever which shot it was here and there were both nineteen years old wrecked out there that dugout Celestica they would probably gave this year. Look at the roster the other team in the wonderful place builds the that are guys did it and look at look at that and try to figure out who's going to be the next superstar. Judge party witness on fox sports night and we know the baseball flights. As text and that they baseball that growth media that look so we we're about alike grouper stuff mortar out of his fight against with Roger and your brother overthrow yes. Bloomberg doesn't have to watch highlights the next day getting punched in the face or peddling flight. So this was these what do you think it's actually like no question. Of course they have been busted for sports that's on your pledged that they. Probably last week Monica got back from the gradual or would you think that the and finally they had to make some medals of executives squirm minidisc as far as I am certain split now it's on his father's. Home made nice. Agassi. What is the wanton. The thing I admitted the other day. I am not a big fan peanut butter and jelly or not I'm not which is the perfect reaction to ask the question what is the one thing in the drug America's seems to love. You personally do not like the bachelor. The bachelorette American Idol the voice and thought. Bode well you know crossed that this new idea to suit yet. My daughter Lindsay she swears by these aggressive I was like that's the best thing over compromise we are the best thing go to diet mountain hood like 171000. That's what city. I'm just not that I'm ever on over on to say. So far she likes body like ball. I'd had a one time not a not a fan. I mean people love it like about it more if you're if you're gonna throw up what some are products and arm out to sum up back in order has brought up 3591 for Africa. Hard I was and you literally at the bats well give hope bats are people like out bachelor party but what about Mina I don't get all I've never got. Not want to order a video taping itself and I saw that people lined up and a string I'm like I'm a stretch of I like what effects going on here. Lot of people say that there around you let the darkness let macaroni and Alex so he had just started about eight I will see you eleven the one out of parking lot will be grown ups and brought everybody our map thanks so much debris and in that happen opening day Richmond we love you thanks for some of us out again. We're gonna come back we're wrap this party out there or a Friday are able to Iowa to watch tonight in this weekend. And the fun local people questioned was Maclin on this Friday from bud built the time and Fox Sports Net and celebration of opening day actually just starting a celebration of opening day in the RPA. Let's Bakalar for fun built from the diamond as we get ready for these opening night sellout crowd tonight 9000 plus years the diamond. Let's mackerel is always back studio Gary has the update Paula by the way last night I was I was working on production put that stuff together. And I I at what the first signs that I'm raising my daughter right I played that sound clip and she giggled. Of course that being the great movie you're Steelers dale Ari recognizes that. I know she has found itself brought him might feel like that's a tally your kid I played four times which is pretty funny start giggling. And yes I'm very very excited to bring her out tonight the dime for her first she did remember it should probably won't at seven months but. It's it's all about bringing a bringing kids out coming out and fun first opening night night opening night the flying squirrels. We are brought you by the to do this again bias in Richmond. And it crept out on the commercial ones do a better mice of Richmond looking forward. Technicians right now. They have openings they have training programs for service technicians and the right now have rear openings for flat. Hourly rate nations and the over some of the great benefit programs but it's a Richmond if you're looking to make a switch if you're looking for a job and you'll love working with cars. Contact mark's made it buys at Richmond 360 point 211. 360. Point 8211. When you better reference in my as a Richmond we welcome them aboard and so Whitney's. Proud sponsor of squirrel the week which you could hear every Thursday on the program. And you can win a point five dollar gift card from our friends at Wendy's. Board we talked a lot of baseball that day we got a little basketball part of our poll question. We do and we are asking this morning do you want another cavaliers warriors NBA finals your options let's do it again or give me some of the newest 74%. Which is about where it's been all morning. Saying they want something new in this finals. What you want. Which files do you would who gets them all the June what are you ultimately want is seated now I I've I really do I am okay with cavaliers warriors I I am perfectly fine with it because I I AM. I I have learned this over my A I've learned this over time because I was one of those people who would be a who's who would be so quick to say give me something else I want some and I'll split. To appreciate what is happening between the cavaliers and warriors and how rare it really is that we see this. And I it's been three years or Ryan I'm sure people are prime warned over the whole thing but. Be cavalier I mean the warriors are we called on this super team but. They believe they've only really 11 title as a super team so in order to be one of the greatest teams that the MBAs ever seen which is what they were tabbed as when. When they got Kevin Durant. You gotta have a little bit sustain success and right now it's only been one year can they do it again and they've got a lot of injuries to so they get healthy get back. And I'm against LeBron Kevin Durant LeBron James is always great theater. I do believe that you got three teams legitimately can win this maybe sixers can surprise us I need to see. If there young inexperienced team so I know we fall in love with the hot thing at the moment there's still a young team I. I do it like CA thing I loved to see the sixers cavaliers Easter cowards by I think that's the best potential challenge to Cleveland. I don't mind Toronto even though I believe that there you're gonna sweeper take up the wizards and five. The Celtics are depleted not seen a lot of chalk in the first round east maybe Boston Milwaukee could be a seven game series. In the west. Houston on state. Maybe Portland those surprised the big question whether or not it's cool state can get help the nets still don't know what step Currie. And yes Kevin Durant and VP list here calendar files and BP Kevin Durant the difference this year. Step curry is still it Matt massive massive difference maker when he plays with the warriors. Though they're gonna get by the spurs that everything's gonna get upset by the spurs they're gonna get talent does not going to be another. Fifteen and one they're sixteen and one post season like last year where they beat everybody by thirteen. There's part of me that once seen Golden State in Cleveland wallboard go around there's also part of me that nose clean was completely their gold states completely healthy they gonna beat Cleveland. So there's the element of me that would like to see a rockets cavaliers spinal. We get it started tomorrow what else do we got going on this weekend tonight and this weekend let's get always Nixon here. Did. But in addition to baseball and basketball the NBA playoffs start tomorrow but before that you'll get playoff hockey in addition to baseball on this Friday. 705 the nationals coming off a loss last night. General mark takes the hill trying to get them back on track against Kyle Freeman for the Rockies 7051. Page on mass and and then later tonight now Wes I know I did say there they are dead to me but if people wanna watch the flyers play the thing what's that I'm cream Jeanne. 7 o'clock NBC sports network pens up one nothing in that series. 730 on USA the jets Andy wild Minnesota Wild in the Winnipeg jets the jets' lead that series one to nothing at 730 on USA late night TV. 10 o'clock on NBC sports network the golden knights fresh off their first ever. Playoff win as a franchise they are open their series one that may take on the kings on Saturday the NBA playoffs get under way the words. The warriors and the spurs warriors host dean San Antonio 3 o'clock on ABC the warriors will be without stepped curry. Still not sure when his return will be but it will not be for the first round wizards will begin their playoff run 530 on ESPN against the raptors. And I'll follow what what did you just say US US broadcast weekly show that you just quit the wizards begin their playoff run. Exactly how long do you think that runs going to be an eye say run I didn't realize that rod yeah I mean it could be Iran humans I guess. The sixers my filled 170 sixers host the Miami Heat 8 o'clock on ESPN and on Sunday they capsule try to bounce back. They're down one nothing in their series to the Blue Jackets that Sunday night 730 on NBC sports network. Yeah in Iran go to all the Washington Wizards dollar all there's always expects. And there's art idea that that is not those are my picks for this weekend. I've Virginia spring game Virginia tech's spring games university spring game is next weekend Virginia tech's spring game tomorrow. I'll be out there we'll talk about that Monday will be here tonight. I will be here today from eleven to one seriously we we love for you to stop by there's a reason that the squirrels and I are doing this. Come out grab a hot dog gravel lot between eleven and one that there's no commitment there is no cost bring people five bring your office but it is beautiful get outside have a bunch. Hang out be part of the festivities for opening day if you don't have a ticket. Levin a lot out aside parking lot by the first base side that diamond I'd love seat and I hear the doubt a mixture of UC CEO. For Paula back in the studio. Gary has for everybody here at the flyers prospects for have a nose broke but bill I was actually you know me let it right.