Wes McElroy - Hour 3 - Dave Koehn (2-13-18)

Wes McElroy
Tuesday, February 13th

Wes welcomes The Voice of the Wahoos Dave Koehn in the third hour.


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Some. EO this. His medical wrong on fox sports. Fox sports Richmond dot com. Calls to show it three bored by 09 attack or email west and box towards Richmond dot com Syrians he is the man west McIlroy whom. Of Enron and others Tuesday at 8 o'clock hour thanks to cranking this up either deal bucks towards ninety and over radioed dot com Matt. Coming up what head coach turned the play calling over to his players last night. My. It happen. And I loved it. Welcome men. Crews here Gary S and the updates. Paula be producing the show. Up being beaten up because he's millennial. And every day did not know the prince song 99 dimes released in 1980 jokes is literally becoming a normal thing to where every day every week if I years if I go whole day without hearing the word millennial I would be shocked. Ploy every day's an education my friend you live view and every day's an education. My lowest total learn something new every day. That's why you work with me I definitely learned something new today. Welcome men's biggest of the new that would be to Virginia Cavaliers the number one team in the country for the first time in 35 years. In the words of got a guy hole probably never heard of gold Apollo super pastor Brad super fast. Ask where your wrong I know exactly who bomber pilot I congratulations you won a cookie. Yes surprise Virginia loses Saturday not only do they lose they lose their rivals they lose to Hokies. Just when you thought a chance to be number one was out the window. The selection committee a placing number one and then Monday AP voters for the first time since Ralph Sampson who's running the floor U haul. December 1982. Tony Bennett and Virginia climbing to number one in the AP top 25 for the first time in 35 years. Graduate with don't ask why I was surprised by the news and I wasn't. I would have thought would Virginia's loss Saturday night national TV even Tony Bennett said this afterwards that it would be nice to be number one you got a thought that not happen. Because of the critics in the doubters of Virginia and YouTube watching you don't see enough offense Nikko Citi. That's why Virginia we'll never win it that's why they're back enough to win. I was expecting it to be uses ammo against UBA I was expecting them to go to number four number five. However we do know who Villanova losing with Purdue losing twice Michigan State being mourned his loss is it shook things up. But I think. Most convincing game was selection committee coming out and saying we got Virginia number one. And some voters they went. Yeah a little bit the average number one. And when Ken palms dozen number one and selection too and he's got a number one you're a voter you gonna do a double take on your vote. Or if you think Virginia is not number one you realize you don't have enough evidence to really back up your argument. Virginia should be number one now I'm surprised that they ended up there because of the human vote. But based on merit based on resonate based on what they did against the top 25 with the delegates the top fifty. We've what we are learning about the quadrant system of the selection committee. Virginia should be number one. And just because they've lost the game. Their second all season it shouldn't yanked him back in the polls. Which would he do these polls polled should be ranked who is overall number 1234. And five not not this week to week. And I I've never subscribed to the theory of just because you lose yet to drop or you win you got to rise. Because somebody lost in front idea now let's say three loss before. And because six speed NF CS school on Sunday got a Jumbo. You got to drop back really. I understand being penalized understand falling back but in the case of Villanova I could argue that Villanova maybe shouldn't have fallen out of number one. But it I'm going to do overall best team in the country looking at resonate looking at numbers Virginia Villanova very close in RPI and and you know wins against top 45 wins against top fifty but. Considering the state of Villanova considering that they had a worse loss than Virginia did saint John's not when he congress gave Villanova losing on their home floor. Right I would argue with injuries the state of Virginia against the state of Villanova neutral floor I think Virginia to win I take him as the best team in the country. So I do think the HP got it right. Out of things like committee heading major influence on it. And by some of your ball at the the rule on February. I understand that they what does it mean. Outside of Virginia outside the UV community but not much. But it hasn't happened 35 years and it's another milestone for what Tony Bennett has done in Charlottesville. We'll talk to Dave gave the voice of the wahoos he'll join us from Miami gained about fifteen minutes from now because oh by the way. Virginia in action tonight against Miami and that's what we're talking history that's told the president. The one thing right now when you look at Virginia yet they loss Saturday night again I'm not going overboard I'm not reason major red flags by concerns with Virginia. The same today as they were before Saturday. But the concern going in tonight is what you saw Saturday and that's. At a Virginia team looked gassed it looked tired. And now little bump and bruise including tied to roll in wearing tape policy and spreading that bomb in practice. I see a tired team and so did David teel the daily press who join us in the 7 o'clock hour. I think will really. You know not precarious either good or. And I thought there were gonna lose this game four on one with it was really good. News or. They're not at war at home or war. Is to do down there are. And they still have a little bit of work to do to secure very incidentally our credentials. But if you look at the schedule. After a night for Connecticut eight days glory. Before it would Georgia Tech's home game next when it that they do columns that horrific time. Because I agree would you be able to ask during wartime I think the Hokies it was sucking up here gave. They're both teams or operating on news. By the end of the line. Pride in Virginia. Beat number one overall seed absolutely does not mean everything absolutely not no we can know what march. Sure it is two years ago who were wounded and should've made the final. I think this team was capable of this and perhaps. Wake me. As David keel all fame writer for the daily press the full interview with fox sports Richmond dot com and also on the apple iTunes store. The Virginia will get a break. But he got a quick turn around first to Miami so we'll check in on the who's down South Beach coming up here at eight point yesterday it was a good game Virginia Virginia number one. Group brands are happening and several Hokies fans because Virginia fans are saying Wear and Hokies fans are saying we do is be number one. And Hokies got work left to deal. We got to come up tomorrow night 34509103450910. Onto it at west fox sports 910. Other things going on last night of course the Olympics following iron hooked we're actually sitting in studio right now watching. US women's ice hockey current update as were taking on the Olympic athletes from Russia. But right now the USA team USA currently on a power planning a 46 seconds left in it they still lead one nothing in the second period all right and yes the women the US women's goalies are allowed to Wear lady liberty on their face mask after the eleventh hour huh Bob some questions whether or not it was. Against the Olympic rules. Some people may be. Insulted. That there was a political agenda by having the statue of liberty on face mask its liberty is a political agenda and you now. Up always pull question this morning after another dazzling performance as I love the stories of the Olympics I love. Meeting new people I know in like I just love meeting new people a lot going out to appearances. And meet new people asking questions about people hearing their stories. And that's what we get during the Olympics and last night the world got introduced to Khloe Kim. Who battles us with her performance in the spotlight. Where she she was so guzzling that she only needed two runs to win the gold medal starting at locked up when she took the third and then decide to go rotten due to 1080s. And score in 98. To win the gold medal Saddam and sealing that win them. Loved it always poll question this morning was our favorite American athlete and our options are of course ms. Chloe camp red Gerard rather phenomenal American snowboarder Mirai Nagasu pulled offer triple axle or Adam rip bond. Also figure skater for teen USA Khloe Kim leads the poll question 62%. To vote fox sports Richmond dot com the phones are open to you 3450910. And that what that was really special to see last night partly I don't know what constitutes getting a hundred in snowboarding. I've learned that yet in my sports talk radio career but. That that was something special to see and to see it last night. This was a girl who from what we were told last night was regarded thirteen years of age as the best snowboarders in the country. We're told that she was too young she could not go to the Olympics. And I'm a believer that everything happens in life for a reason for years later she comes back prepared to from South Korea. Moved to California raised through there but she returns home for years later returns South Korea her parents native country. And that's where she wins gold. And not only and I mean you can't get much closer to a hundred. Boy what a story that is to come back to your home country where where your parents are from leaving and to be representing teen USA and I mean and just such. I mean such a teenager obviously she's seventeen years old she's tweeting and how relaxed do you have to be during this event at seventeen years old in front of the world on a world stage. You're tweeting about. Are they adding give my breakfast this morning eyes she sure wish I. It sure wish it was a deal angry right now is tweeting that she only got half bird breakfast sandwich later tweeting that she wanted to make an ice cream run I saw this last night criminal. You dummy followers call we cam got in two hours last night she's probably close to Armenia's. 500 K. She got 200121002. Doctors who else at that now maybe she got that 500000 but goalie cam. The darling of the nightmare she was fantastic and yes I've always wondered if athletes could tweet. What's on their mind during games. I don't think they would all be as wholesome as equally cam bit. Real real and honesty and you're going to think about ice cream in that weather. Slid two degrees over the and that wind is whipping all over the place they were showing shots of some of the boys he slowed Doug Peterson knows anything about ice cream during the week Super Bowl viewers think in of ice cream the whole season long they don't montage of all the times he brought an ice it was like twenty different times like our guys are gonna do this and it's Meister for. On behalf bulldoze lactose intolerant people in our community enjoy the ice cream all you can have a real secret to winning a championship Sarah bloom will join us from NBC to all our friends of NBC twelve. Having the Olympics several to us at 845 to preview the night of the winter games maybe not the Olympics for you tonight maybe it's Virginia Miami Dade Cain. The voice of the who's coming up next on fox sports 910. It is a big deal of Virginia's number one in the country. December. 1982. Last time Virginia was number one in all the land. Ralph Sampson on the floor. This song thriller number one album in the country. John educate Pauling was going on back in 1982 thriller was number one album by the way first cassette I ever bought back in my younger years. Four dollars and I think it was if memory serves me right. Michael Jackson's thriller was the album. Just released in October it was got a big beef went on to be the greatest selling album of all time. Three TV shows it just debuted in September. Failing dies cheers. And Knight Rider. The Redskins are not yet won a Super Bowl in 1982. And the moving their way it was good to see a movie theaters. Eddie Murphy Nick Nolte 48 hours. Dave came the voice the Virginia Cavaliers doing back in 1982 we joins us now on the good morning mr. game. Well what we're doing in 1982. Affinity. I was probably need formal Cohen who might grow almost all certainty and that means she's not a. She's hot dogs. Oh yeah okay out of school snack of choice. You have that was invitation that was you know I was launch. There's usually. Is there an element the most. She's to well I was more of the John Healey is pizza guy back in the day but right she's a dogs I'd say. To each their own Dave king did gain not eating she's hot dogs he's in Miami before it's the matchup tonight which there are concerns about. Yesterday the I don't know if I was alone but I thought after Saturday night Virginia had a great shot at being number one in the polls then and weren't Dennis let's Khamese and a number one. Are you surprised at the AP voted them number one. I guess it's some level because as its. You know I supported sucking mud straw for me when it's not going to which is very including disputed broke up at the same problem. On the chin sort of all the young people are brought up the umpire was a little. Bit a ball with two people in the group will be without all else. There's a chance. Immelman a panic in Haiti about the economic issue she and number one overall seed. Won't alienate that it really blue peach silk. Won't do it it's not what you actually want to claim number one but then again I want number one rule that our our. I know it's in each of the crawled moral lesson well. It is our order this is a reportorial. But. If you go to the plot to upload all of them talking about grew up either but it every they've been able look up look wanted to eat it if that's been done. Yeah on them between a rock anthem. It is just another. Shut the remarks were Tony Bennett what he's been able to do what is this even ms. Coker. So. I think it means something even if it's not necessarily. Deputy bureau and go by the intimacy. He's Dave king and the voice the Virginia Cavaliers double historic notes about this Virginia is the first ACC team in history to go from unranked in the beginning of the season. To number one in the nation and they are the first team in the eight people since 1948. Re nine. They go to number one after losing. In the previous weekend and I guess that's in a way surprising itself what they did they are number one team in the country. Now they do have to go right back quick turnaround gave up I. I don't like to overreact to things because it was the second loss of the season so yes they lost it on the loss of the national stage. I think more concerning about this team right now is how they go into tonight because on Saturday. They did uncharacteristic things they just looked as they look like a very tired Virginia team. Yeah I mean I just thought they. Upbeat week we will learn a little something more about this teammate. If it would even if they do lose tonight but I'm sure the panic flags out that's just I don't know that we live right ballot. But I think it through about terrorism more than anything I think that we saw were eating was cleaned it does have all the ability to change and I I don't know people forgot data or whatever the case could be put. This team does not have a consistent inside scoring options so if everybody is off. Which they were for the most part I mean debt and of course that all was hitting some shots he built he wasn't particularly. You look. You know I think it with a little more out like that so announced that I put it down inside and gobble up some up into ground McKittrick Portugal or someone who could drive like about compartment create up the global. I would likely cheaper if you try to do that a little more even though. They were stymied him in it you think that Virginia Tech play great defense you gain and really been amazing to look back in the lane and they're like. Nonetheless I thought that 62% of their shots to be crimped. Beyond the arc was awful lot I think Tony Bennett would probably agree that I actually about change too we caught with Sony extensively yet so well and later today but. You know it motivated each other particularly liked just about every other year in America right but does well the law and it in a big it was exposed to a ball game and he beat some level but. I also think he was just begin work with the new ball now is there a topic in an island alone. Tired I don't know I don't know what the cause you beat. But the other cause you have to look at here is a pretty good opponent matches like the BHC and particularly here in Miami were Virginia won his one time in the last seven games they've played. And very good teams you go back two years you remember cute did which it was double over duke after a fight. Law over how good team mister winner and is building for whatever reason images look very L Miami Heat game in a is he keeping an airplane without first crowd so. You know I mean there's a lot of variables supported her. Gave gain on the call and I you can hear more news radio 1140 WR VA pre game at 8:30 sipped at 9 o'clock DK appreciate you get up for leno's can be long night enjoy it. Will be listing this evening. I Dave Kaye joining us on the unless they first tied to road tonight and cal guy both get hurt. Knock on wood out of that doesn't happen. If Virginia loses tonight I'm not coming in here Paula hold is more marketing year I'm not freaking out this team is guest this team. But fortunately to see how they looked at all both teams looked tired on Saturday night by the way Virginia Tech fan I. Is not take away from your win at all on Saturday night and that was. That was brilliant coaching and I was execution on the defense you Ito Virginia's game plan and you just balled up and we get right back out of all credit to Virginia Tech now there there resume is not done their work has not done yet they got a big game against duke tomorrow. Over Virginia looked tired they looked gassed and had a quick Saturday to Tuesday night turnaround usually get their Saturdays and Wednesdays sometimes Saturday and Monday but right now. It's middle of February they've gone through a stretch of Lew Wolff Florida State into Virginia Tech the emotions run high Saturday night got Miami. You got it eight daybreak after this there's peaks and valleys every season. Right now Virginia is just a team in need a break. But I do you think there's congratulations number one night I do agree would Dave I think there is historic relevance and I do think it is something to a credit. Restate and Tony Bennett ten years this is what he's done this is the program that he got. And is what he's going up to now he's number one team in the eyes of the selection committee. And eap. I've got. Tickets to give way to 2018. Virginia wine expo this is march of port at the main street station if you like to go. Cordova one gets him right now first caller 345091. As you go have a little Virginia line before 50910. Elements of fox sports science and we come back what coach last night at this Blair and said. You guys coach somebody did it to you next fox sports 910. Alert. US women are now four often over the Russians. We are now quickly click save the Olympic athletes from Russia. Voice spoke question who's our favorite American support the Olympics. Right now our leader Stokely in 63%. Capture of one's heartless night new audience give me options out the options Chloe camera ray Girard. Grinding gas do. And Adam rip on Ko Kim leader in the clubhouse go vote by exports Richmond dot com and coming up in just about ten minutes from now Sarah bloom NBC twelve will join us. As the Olympic coverage continues on NBC and Sarah will previewed the night I had fours we get tonight coming up they speaking of coming up. Join me Friday Chester a governor CU I will be out Friday morning till Friday afternoon led into one at the raceway in Chester. 19100 west. Hundred rude in Chester Mountain Dew fox sports 900 teaming up. Basketball fund will be given away VCU basketball tickets lab. It's pop shot Nolan on. Lack of goodies to give away from Mountain Dew prizes to give away for two hours this Friday to in the eleven to one the raceway in Chester. 19100 west hundred road in Chester boy it. A game. Push push push. Tuesday take away it's the game we play on Tuesday we got. Lets you take away a steep curve last nightly hundred dollar David Weston dream on green run the team huddles. During time outs of a 12983. Win over Phoenix last night can some people thought this was disrespectful because you were doing this against another NBA team we're Steve occurred just basically said I. I was step aside you here's the erase board drop apply. There's Steve Kerr last night basically saying hey look its third team. I think that's one of the first things you have to. Consider as a coach Snyder team Scott Bob Myers team is not Jolie could seem a lot like I told Joseph that. That's some players team it's their team and they have to take ownership of it. Every coach every boss out there that it's gonna make this more about people in their car right now. You go to a staff meeting you're looking for an edge you're looking for an angle you're looking for a way to get through your people. Those states that kind of been up and down past few weeks they've won three in a row but they lost three of their previous born again near the all star break I just don't think about what they're gonna dual. Now know also and speaker comes in and those are the absolute curve ball and says I thought about. Iguodala. We're gonna go on next we're gonna time out. They're Dix the board and gives the David West and noted there is Jamont greens and they're looking five but Adrienne I'm not quite a night in the game. Just what waived it because if you've ever been a staff meeting where you call somebody out maybe they were daydreaming may be doing that don't look good too much and say what you think. Now that the other person's gull wing and it made you pay attention because if you. We call the next. Key block even engaged I think it was disrespectful at all the Phoenix I was the speaker it went over afterwards and said and look. And it is those trying to do and being toasted yet totally get it. One twin 983. We'll state wins I would say it worked next. Johnny football wants a comeback in an interview with Good Morning America that aired Monday the former Heisman Trophy winner and NFL bust. Johnny Mendes also he's been diagnosed as bipolar and is taking medication for. And his goal is to one day get back on the football field. But it ended the day near west staring at the ceiling by yourself and your back and that the depression and back in that. Holes I was dark cold sitting in the room by yourself forget about all the mistakes you've made in your life what does that get me we're gonna give me except on the NFL. Such as they take away is there a place for Johnny man's cell in the NFL. Watching that interview in knowing some addicts in my life there are certain trigger words right. I look at diamonds on I think he's on the right path. He's talking about every day and talking about. Self medication and and not knowing if it's going to be something long term but he's living in the moment and he's being very open forthright. We that stated I don't think there's a place would diamonds now in the NFL right now. Diamonds are just the football player all the other things aside that's a risk that I know of at both teams really need right now. The giant cell still got years left in his twenties if he wants to really show teams go. It's the Hamilton tiger cats and as writes the CFO yes go play their per year. Ghost of people you can can be stable for a year you can play in that environment you can have the ups and down of the season you can have the ups and downs of being away from. He's stable environment that you're used to. That's how you should be in a failure rate right now the NFL doesn't need diamonds out diamond Zell wants the NFL they don't need so. Where is contract dispute we have with Hamilton bird he self imposed a deadline last week. Find a way to get back on the field if you really wanna get back on NFL field. Tuesday take away what did you think of lane Johnson's comments about the New England Patriots when he said the patriots are quote a fear based organization which he said in the interview via. And yes and and continued on saying quote obviously do they went. Hell yeah they win they want for a long time to I think people enjoying can say I a lot of complain there now I doubt that's just the God's honest truth. A Johnson is doing what would it suggest the he's film base they beat the patriots there on top of the world and Johnson is a different type of cat. Not afraid you know I just don't go brandishing not to and I like athletes to give real opinions. But I will say this before you start critiquing how the other organization does it that maybe don't have enough fun and don't get things done the right way. Politics still has. Seven rings. Why does a coach so Forestar critique in the establishment and say are ways better fate into their own. Doug Peterson lets his guys do things one way. Phil Belichick doesn't the other way they both met in the Super Bowl so. I get it the Victor go the spoils. You say what you want especially when your bigger better than the patriots for now but. They raised the guy for more to go before it gets is that we Belichick. Next. Tuesday take away after wearing them for just five years the Jacksonville Jaguars have decided to dump their uniforms the team announced on Monday they'll be unveiling a new look for the 2018 season. And the good news for jags fans that they won't have to wait long to see the new uniforms according to the team the new look will be unveiled at some point in April. The Tuesday take away. Are you in favor of Jacksonville changing name you guys. OK then second part that collection who's the next NFL team that should change their uniform their jets don't they. I like the idea that there. Yeah I have somebody come up and had an idea and and there are all the right path polling does is useful questions we go back and forth simple questions but that doesn't deploy. You're right path you're just not there yet. And like Jacksonville uniforms I like the colors I liked how they incorporate the jaguar prints. But they just. A whole lot going on there is an ally and it does is back to the drawing board maybe less is more like the colors like the scheme like the cat print but we guy. We're good do you can do better. Change and as reports of that question yes. Dividend. Buccaneers uniforms I admit I'm old school like the orange green schools I know they're not coming back but it always looked at Tampa. And it is. Oh man you're Buccaneers have some pretty bad nickname. And that's what you got that's that's the fun as the color. I'd like I like that the chrome book of the helmet but still I look at the Buccaneers and and then there. And that I was doing this yesterday is that those who got Jacksonville and I was looking up and down I was gonna try to make this topic of what NFL uniform should be changed. Only have many complaints about. Nicknamed an inability to form we don't like ball. I don't like Tampa Bay as any I don't like Cleveland's uniforms I they're born in the proudly. As Warrick and I don't forming I want change or browse uniforms. I look across the board I like the lions Arlington vikings alike with the bills have done I still was Eagles would go back Kelly green but now that it was a bone midnight green has not had been. Source the giants would be giants across the helmet not and why. We'll go out there onto water and in any other and have both teams besides Jacksonville need a make over. Let us know at west fox sports 910. Final call the phone calls tweets at US box force not a 10 Paul is gospel question up. Who's your favorite American. At the Olympics to date right now physical weekend is it. But I bought red Gerrard or is it's. Mirai Nagasu is it Adam rip on and I was gonna comment did you showed Chloe Kim's medal ceremony MTV. Watch and much of the flags go up but I can't remember the name of the girl that won bronze for the US. By watching and I love watching metal several I don't know I don't know go and Annabel Goldie aerial Goldie was. And a and a gold it was yet gold was definitely last name but. I don't know if you enjoy watching medal ceremonies as much as I do but watching that star strips going up as the National Anthem has been plays. Pretty awesome with no lyrics by the way because that is Olympic affect apparently that is not. No that is not OK in the Olympics where we are present our countries currently Khloe Kim is leading our poll question by the 62%. Fox sports Richmond dot com as we can vote what's going on the Olympics what's going on sports tonight Sarah bloom NBC twelve joins us next on fox sports 910. Some of the game some tomorrow. By the best words and sports pitchers and catchers report to gay. The nationals will be tomorrow. Mark you could mean massive sports will join us tomorrow on the show and that's acquiring infielder and outfielder Matt Reynolds yesterday former New York Mets. As some. So like Jake Gary at a we'll go to mark about that tomorrow he'll joining us from sunny Florida where the pitchers and catchers at nationals and and I think it's about five days later the entire team is showing up and I'm seeing. Pictures all across Arizona and water right now it's. Yes it's so most baseball time kids. I saw video yesterday the Phillies posted. Just batting practice and they didn't it there's no audio was jest. The sounds of spring birds chair beans and and it's carnage in the background is the crack of the bat. Wonderful Astros the defending World Series champs back today and braves today cardinals today nationals and pulleys philly's my Phillies tomorrow. We'll check in with market he missed dating on the show today go check it out of by exports of Richmond dot com that would include David keel the daily press on the who's laying gas Donny and CBS six and gave Kate will call the game tonight Virginia Miami. He will be on news radio 1140 WR. VA. Our waiver Sarah bloom to join us from NBC twelve to go to the Olympics we were having a little bought earlier are top four Tuesday every Tuesday we've rank things. The bonding and do. We did it Tuesday we rank things so before Olympic sports today was four Olympic sports if you had this incredible athletic ability that you would fry. And my four. But also would be my number one. I would not judge do you ski slope the ski jumping fascinates me especially when I looked it up and realize that when ski jumpers go. It delegates who dazzled enough Heidi are. It's that they cleared two football fields including over 200 yards on those things and they're the thickness of your cell phone. And probably the skeleton that that would be won it it anybody who ever had a late decision to make as a as its letter the first headfirst. Eighty miles an hour on a sled. That's pretty cool. My top or Tuesday you can go vote act a fox sports Richmond dot com what's up your ball. So Arnold technical issue with our phones here we're trying to get Sarah on the line you were still comforting her. I got effort like we're will do not going anywhere at 9 o'clock so there's bone issues at times we have phony issues that we go on the show. Vote too many to count despite at least two or three time while its own right now are you working as business as long as I have Paul is ever your point it's way and he is brand accused pacing. It's all good men in all works on me and you gotta go to 9 o'clock somehow some way so. Fire away which I guess Sarah bloom on a preview tonight in the Olympics laws against Paul expects. And let me go back to that Steve Kurds I'm watching the video of the Golden State Warriors last night. This is great Steve Kerr and his assistants they're just handing the clipboard over two Jamont green there heading that group board over Andre Iguodala. This just think coaches are in the back grow. Just sit back there once checking his watch one fantastic assistant coach and shorter tank itself these sure. No one can do. I don't know gold states gonna do it is in their take on the Cleveland Cavaliers they dig on the Phoenix Suns the suns are abysmal this year and gold state pounded them. But it's so interesting just to watch some of this video and I'm re tweeting it out right now in the Bleacher Report to see the players in Iraq because they're going back and forth with one another. Date RAC Kevin Durant what a dream lines that could board it it. I I don't know of anybody else got the guts to do this but this is what makes speaker specials that he's now won 250 games quicker than anybody else the guy must be doing something right. Plus the fact I love whenever you can dropping Charlie Brown reference into your coaching philosophy. I think just having to count on each other and and not hearing my voice which sort of sounds like Charlie Brown's. Teacher parents or whoever's voice that isn't at this point that's what I sound like to them so they needed a different voice. Won't won't won't won't eat lawn. What are your picks for this Tuesday evening. Did. Well let's start first of all politics guy you Icelandic children I am trying to get together over here and you need to chill dude. Barack deep breath here and post instruct you buy CPD billiards table stroke visa more than air Richmond's game room authority. First up number 23 Oklahoma at number 7 Texas Tech 7 o'clock ESPN. Followed by 9 o'clock ESPN number one Virginia at Miami Tony Bennett. Commenting yesterday on the whose new ranking and getting back to the short turnaround with Miami. We'll find out after how how ready we are but that's the thing about basketball. Would games frequently you you've got to be ready to go whether you have a big win. For a tough loss. You just get right back to it not I believe our guys are resilient and most college kids are they don't hang on this stuff too long but. It's about now preparing and give ourselves is right as we can for a good battles. On Tuesday and Coral Gables not kind of lose one in seven of their last trips down to South Beach. Over in the NBA cavaliers at the thunder 8 o'clock TNT. NHL's capitals of the jets 8 o'clock NBC sports Washington and then tonight at 830. Richmond with a big test on the road number sixteen Rhode Island. CBS sports network and some Olympic action for US later today 11 o'clock or 1130 rather NBC sports network. May speed skiing in the 15100 gold medal final and women's luge that's the single gold medal finals at 3 o'clock today. And BC dot we apologize we'll try to get Sarah bloom on here tomorrow letters set the stage and you BC primetime action on NBC twelve right now watching the US women. There on top of the Olympic athletes from Russia for zippy in the third period. I had some football news today we discussed diamonds now yes discussed Jacksonville changing up their uniforms. Redskins this. Came about last nicely about 7 o'clock it's not. An official puts ukrainians. As officially apply for reinstatement all of the reserve left squad list this with the Redskins that's the list they put them on last September. If activated the Redskins can bring him back. Trade him they decide what they wanted to do was to create and maybe they've already decided what to do with sue agreements now. You go back and there's couple things here that are just red flags there are certain things it does the B didn't seem to sit right. Where you you have been getting talked out of retirement premise that as liberty weekend's race before they're making their 53 being cut or maybe it was right after. But he's got talked out of retirement. Every dog got a quitting. Then they got to put him on this list then in December the agent pursuit craven says my client has recovered from post concussion syndrome. And what's to come back to the NFL. And I didn't really seem to pass the smell test beak is. Kremlin's agents to among post concussion syndrome and you never heard about any of that in September was guided noted of the game we don't know what he wanted to do. And my goal was in a year of beta agent because of its post concussion syndrome you don't put your client on the reserve left squad list you put them on the inactive for the reserve list. And you get paid. There's just there's something up there and I don't know the full story it was soup ravens. The jam and got some issues and that's and that has not got some issues you guys and stuff to work out. Some stuff he needs to address before he comes back to football. And that was a history of him leaving practice this time of season their results we report Mike Jones had read that USC for a couple days. The guys in double world talent. And the Redskins I I don't think you just rule them out I don't think he does kick in to the curb unless you know more than we do. I hope you don't think height because well you're the Redskins need you stuff doesn't know anybody take height but the Redskins they got to see this guy's always. And I don't know how he sits in the locker room. Is the only it'll football is all zeal in on the Redskins because remember this guy who was home sick this guy whose family moved out to the East Coast. And he's tweet about you sees between about the West Coast he shows opened sideline at the USC games the day after he leaves the Redskins. If the Redskins feel he's back for football. But ninety's those guys maybe you try to work something now maybe try to get sultan said enough and you train into the rams in the sea hawks of the niners. Bode cravings and Redskins I. They trust him he feels like a broken relationship I don't beat you kick into the Kirby C if something's there to get something. It doesn't it it doesn't seem like. There's a spot back pursue agreements on this team but he applies reinstatement. We'll see other process goes. I don't wraps it up for us we are done so for today Dan Patrick coming your way coming up next tomorrow on the show John Lazard the voice of the Hokies will join us. As they turn around they got to begin selves they got duke tomorrow night. And Hokies their work not done yet to get the NCAA tournament. Mark Zuckerman of mass in sports the dress talks in baseball what else we have tomorrow on the show will go to. To upgrade the chicken on the men's ice hockey team. Leo Bakalar trivia and whatever else may happen the next morning one hour wolf we'll find out together tomorrow primarily. Remember check us out iTunes apple iTunes store type in west Bakalar all the pockets all the abuse they are there. Volley Gary I was macro you know let it ride and.