Wes McElroy - Hour 3 - Brian McNally and Kyle Lauletta (4-24-18)

Wes McElroy
Tuesday, April 24th

Wes welcomes Brian McNally of NHL.com and The Sports Capitol and former Richmond Spiders quarterback Kyle Lauletta in the third hour. 


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Some. EO this. His last medical wrong on fox sports. Fox sports Richmond dot com. Calls to show it 34509. Attack or email west and box towards Richmond dot com Syrians he is the man the last McIlroy are by Enron and 8 o'clock hour on fox sports 910 thank you for crank in his supplements Tuesday morning. Where Colin six. And waits when will his name be called where we'll be called what is it like to go through the past four years. This five years even earlier than that has six years and decide where you wanna play football next. And know that after the six years. There's going to be an NFL future there's going to be a football future but not knowing where it may be where as the former quarterback of the Richmond spiders about that. What this process has been like end. We'll get to name drops on the most famous people we talked to over the past six weeks Colorado. Joining us at 835. Welcome many. On this Tuesday morning guts and former flying squirrels having big nights and that was bad for the nationals. Plus a historic night in baseball we'll tackle that coming up. At 814. Numbers 3450910. Could handle at west Bucs were 910 Paulus got a poll question as we draw closer and closer to the NFL draft. Dealing with the NFL quarterbacks and yeah we could be nice guys today and say who do you want week one that was actually wanna poll is ideas what we want us now are reduced. We're beating this quarterback conversation to death so we let absolutely negative poll question brought you by call federal. Out of the big four of quarterbacks in this draft which one will be the biggest bust Josh Roseanne. Seemed Arnold picker mayfield or Josh Alan baker mayfield still the leader at 42%. Not surprise it on not because he's the most polarizing guy in this draft at least for the quarterback mix. Two US goes guys I'm Josh Rosen very opinionated and got a story to tell. Not short on opinions cows like them. Like a lot more after every day is in the magazine piece Sam Donald who I think. Is most ready to be an NFL quarterback. Josh Allen who had no idea. I don't watch one game Josh out I've watched film I read scouting report but I can't tell you sit here and Richmond. I stayed up late at night to watch Wyoming film now Wayne dude that. But look begins there's a belief that he is going to be the number one guy and if I find to be more adjusting. As yesterday I left here and misty miserable miserable state feeling lousy. Did but went home laid on the couch I even rebound is to make sure I heard it right as listening to Dan Patrick yesterday. Someone telling him source telling him that it could be either Josh Allen or baker mayfield number one in Iowa who. Now it's one group for different reasons yesterday about how well wouldn't it isn't mayfield. DVR realigned you. Dan jobs and interesting tidbits he wasn't the only one yesterday. You have now reports of the number one it's Alan or mayfield. Giants torn between sand Arnold and sink while Barkley. And yesterday they they had their state of the giants' press conference Dave Gelman. Saying point blank look you miss on a quarterback you miss and a quarterback in the draft is not a one year mistake it's half decade to decade mistake. When your pick in this tiny if you make a mistake that we knew miss on a quarterback. You really are at the franchise from probably five years it's a fight your mistake. It's a big decision does what he's done your homework. And you've turned all the rocks over. You come to the right now. I'm extremely just date in what the giants do the browns it's gonna be a quarterback it better be a quarterback. But the giants their in this position where hey I got the guy for enemy I think for the next twelve years you've got to take them. Even if the commitment is Eli Manning even if you are committed as an organization to Eli Manning and listen rich Eisen yesterday to hear Sam don't say that you I was in the meetings when they were interviewing him. Never heard that before. But the same time there's also this dilemma. Because that the taboo feeling of drafting a running back early in drafting a talented running back early and sick while Barkley is just no running back. You look around ago. Drafting a running back number true but then you look at Dallas and look at Jacksonville over the past two years and well. I don't think that regrets about their first round picks a running back. I've putted extremely compelling of what the giants. Could do should do might do. And they don't go with a quarterback. What's that say about their thoughts of the quarterback class is a hole. But Barkley Donald and just a magic magic need BP's guys right imagine if it is either methods may feel that one. Imagine the route we can do is going to be a run on quarterbacks now imagine it to Arnold Rosen and Allen are all there for the taking it this mayfield won. And N'sync on Barkley number 20. Good total always poll by exports Richmond dot com and a former NFL quarterback Kyle letter. Normally the Richmond spiders at 835. We got the NFL draft we also looking ahead to round number to a but the caps and now the penguins because the capitals close it out last night. Border. You're noted and could not offer a slump Washington Capitals. After every. You've seen games. The seven series. Our game it was good to know. That's John Walton on the capitals radio network in joining us right now from NHL dot com our buddy Brian McNally will support the sports capital covering all things Washington DC. I Brian tell me how this goes tell me why we could go was doom and gloom break up. The team cells let's get away for parts that it's gonna be another spraying. And all the sun four games happen and the capitals are moving on how did this all happened why did it all happen. How well I guess you start in goal less skin sweat. Very chat. Caps coach decided that he'd seen enough of Philip group Bauer in the second period of game two putted great and hope beat. Two to finish up that game caps lock in overtime. But will be played pretty well and set the stage for for the comeback because the gaps one knee won the next four with him in goal. Their penalty kill was perfect I think he finished out sixteen for sixteen. It perfect killing off base sixteen Columbus power play. Do they got enough offense from their stars Alex Ovechkin that action. McKinney could net soft John Carlson. Look at all contributed. You know all had over. Seven points to lead in the series and and had strong finishes. We added all up. They they were just a better teammate because they would be they were right there in the first two games it's a little bit unlucky again. What they are getting the goaltending they needed. That that was pretty much it for Columbus State we're in every game they've been fought hard but. It didn't have enough to compete with the cap. A break is doubtful because you cover the capitals and a regular basis. I think it was understandable I think it was justifiable to have filled group dollar start the series that those of fun sports argument. Regardless I understood why it was done they make the move to hole that you saw hoping this year he's not been the same award winning goaltender. What's been the biggest difference between him in the regular season and what you have witnessed here over the past four games. Getting a bit consistency. Making the big timely save when they need it. And he knew what he just looks like the guy who's spending goal the last couple years it'll click event the trophy winner. As the NHL's best goalie east it looks like that kind of guy. Eat eat during the regular season match that was gone I mean whatever very trapped since kind of vaguely referenced. OP getting back dated what it when he called his foundation is gained. What exactly that is neither neither man would say I'm sure there are some technical. Than that kind of a combo of a technical claim that yet to work out. And also met Tony I think that does become a mental issue. After after awhile then and now Braden was. You know done it was a pretty much and that's in February he that it wasn't just it was allowed to kind of work through it and it just wasn't happening he got pulled I think sports science between February 2 and march 4. Port forward separate games. We're the caps started them and had to go to the looker Bauer because open would get lit up. And that's you know that's not. Characteristic of who he is so you know kind of kind of shocking turn of events spirited benched him for a little bit in March. Per like four game basically a full week to try to get himself together they tweaked his knee in and didn't really have time ever probably get right. But he clearly put that time to get used sent people kept practicing. It is working on his game at goalie coach Scott Murray and that will be caps needed them when Nate when they had to call them. He was ready wasn't sitting in the corner pouting about it. He's prime right now he's joining us from NHL back on result of the senior staff writer at sports capital sports capital dot com all things DC. Brian we always want the big player the best player put their stamp to do step up in this series of that game was a little bit Houdini esque in game one. Had two goals and a loss in game two but last night. There's got to feel love note this is not gonna go to game seven I'm gonna do this point but two goals in the border when I keep this a two goal lead for the rest the night. How would you describe dobbs and ovitz can play at least here in round one. And it's what you expect a recap and Brett let me you when you need. We need gold here on the road the buildings jumping to tight game. An and he put two on the board. It did what he did on the power play where Columbus actually haven't played pretty well like they were cheating over to him. At the left faceoff circle where he scored so many gold in his career and still scored that's you know get it going well when. When the other team hasn't had to play pretty much covered. And you beat them anyway. He he did what what they needed geek it would be capped what they needed a couple of goals. A strong game. And give them a chance going in the third period Cilic there in control. Almost got away from them again Columbus where it gets old it never really quit it period every time they were down. A goal or two they always seem to buy their way back into the game. That can set the stage for that. It would it would be able to have a strong third period were hoping would it be able to clay well. And and that was enough we'll keep you can do it again in the penguins in Sidney Crosby certainly that's a magical battle against each other in the pac. You know that it had some good period against Pittsburgh. But he he's got to produce against then come up in the second round. He's got to produce and is another guy that wanna point out John Carlson matching the franchise record for points nine point in this series only one goal and I know we get lost in the goals you know. Common folk get lost singles and eight assists he's been huge in this series. So now it is as you said capitals penguins Brian. Gate that lets this paint this positive. Why could it be different this time around why going to be different for the capital's second round the NHL piles and here comes Pittsburgh I could this year be different. Well. Neither team who did what is there were last year matches Sunday. They can add up the penguins certainly looked great in the first round. I think you probably locks up for the period and the flyers goaltending made the penguins but yeah a little bit command. Historically that all stemming from the from the flyers in the first round so that. That is is one reason it will be differently they're going up against. Call it you know and inform poll beat not an out of form Michael Lambert. And and the other yet cast of characters that the fires are run now there. That's start. Second I mean Elliott said in the Pittsburgh would not want a cap or not the team they were last year. They got from about a 120 point 205. The penguins weren't much better than they were they were down around a hundred as well. And you know kind of meandered through the season in early January look like it you know they were you know they were in a playoff spot for a couple of days there they were kind of just. You know coasting through their seat him now they turned it on and that's to their credit. I think the point is neither team that is is that people are as good as they were last season. And those series were close in the cap flop and sixteen a couple of overtime. And when he sixteen and a lot last year in seven. I'm didn't play as well they wanna tune in seven but they're right they're not like the penguins swept the series. So you know you got to tweak some things she got a would just the other noted that penguins there are gonna count a rope and they'll be a little bit and they may only get. Police by a shot on goal than you can count they're going to be high quality shots out of the way they play they're gonna force helped force you to turn the puck over some point. And and they're gonna take advantage at the other end if we don't need that many opportunities that competed they are. How good their starts are offensively so. Kept out of it just a little bit but that is there's no reason they can't win this series that should be. Another one that those 67 game I'm looking here we don't have a time yet but on the date per game one. Not been announced it in need eight hours I was asleep at that. Babe there's a but accomplish what they they have. But then in Toronto. The girl into the Maple Leafs are still claimed any game seven on Wednesday. There's a couple and mediate conflicts the Celtics would play game seven on Saturday and the wizards have a game against the raptors on Friday. Making fixate Capital One arena. I. Think the and it acting NHL will come out today with its schedule but. Getting can't we can't wait until the early may police scheme. When in night down but I think it makes things a little bit gives them a little bit of a headache in and try to figure out when they wanna place keeping. I could be this weekend bribe we'll do it again may appreciate your joining us after a long night. As the capitals they turn this thing around they move on to take on Pittsburgh I appreciate Bryan projectors work out the sports capital dot com and NHL dot com thank you back. It running now on the indeed Mercer rug cleaning up nine will come back over break would jump there will be some phone calls 3450910. And also. A goodnight for some former flying squirrels and historic night in baseball with that next by sports 910. There's any guesses. They witnessed by her head football coach Russ newsman. Talking about a certain NFL head coach who called him about Kyle eleventh. Go back and listen of that interview anytime Brian McNally the sports capital in the camps. All available fox sports Richmond guy come pouring it on just what is out of me. And she after. Reporting just add a bit more murky as to the top of the draft one and a dog bank executives said this morning. Baker mayfield is definitely in Cleveland's conversation to become the number one overall pick. We're discussing this because Dan Patrick yesterday. Beebe said this on his show. Heard this last night. Cleveland. They like to quarterbacks. Who know okay. John Schoen. Baker mayfield. That surprise you a little bit that Sam Arnold is not one of the two quarterbacks. Although their Mon transcend Josh Allen or send Arnold going. But does this is what he heard last night the giants ownership. Like say one Barkley. Everybody else like Sam Arnold. The jets the jets like don't Arnold or Rosen. So there's a lot of drama here. Those first three text. I just gave you what these front offices these teams are dealing with now or thinking about or having to decide. For or against. As Dan Patrick ignited twelve radio fox sports ninth announcement yesterday announced after picking up the same thing is great. It is concern right now that I love being the guy that says I have no flipping include it will happen on Thursday night. I think and poet I'll open our different scenarios on Thursday but can I say that I have no clue what happened Thursday and I absolutely love every bit of it. Oh you're supposed to be right now is is the opinion dated and I'm Tony right now my opinion is. I'm eaten this up I got no clue docket this is very real courts can be real it's Cleveland. And even under new management aged it's Cleveland. Now could it be smoke. Sure. It could be paid jets what's your best offer. The Miami what's you best up and Bob I know what's your best daughter because we all heard how much you blow baker mayfield. The jazz are sitting there were number two I think what do dilemma I'm tired now the giants need to go Sam Donaldson Guam Barkley. I commend your Friday morning I'm not have a problem with either one of them. Would sit there at three at the jets. You guys there's only needs a quarterback Miami buffalo. And this picture that we kind of painted where I I do think it's gonna be Allen number one by thought it's gonna be out number one. Now obvious on the may fields in the picture. This paint the picture. Allen or mayfield says mayfield goes one Barkley to you've got three of the bigger four quarterbacks at their three for the pick and the jets what are they gonna do wood wood buffalo do what Arizona make a run. And I'll paint this picture boy if your redskin fan you said Mac or I don't I don't care about the quarterbacks though you want to care about the quarterbacks. Because the more the bigger run on quarterbacks and I'm Don I think Lamar Jackson's gonna go somewhere around fourteen or fifteen the more cornerbacks. The push. But the rest of the talent distract going to be pushed back. Including on defense and for the reds game that's great because. They're there could be make a Fitzpatrick it could be Derwin James there could be broke once Smit the can be trimming Edmonds. And they're also could be big guy there that somebody else you he really wants and all of a sudden. They say hey we'll give you this as we need thirteen. And you get your third round pick be traded away in the outs with the I love it I know I have no problem bidding I have no clue Latin Thursday which makes me even more excited for this event. We will have Colorado will most likely not go to their it if college goes Thursday we got an insane run on quarterbacks but. Iran quarterbacks for him Thursday. I think he goes Friday regardless but it would just help his position on Friday. We'll talk to him just about four minutes from now I knew when I get to happen in baseball let's go to phones this is predictable. Joining us and they. NBC twelve. How are you that know how are you. Well I'm dead and I had a great night's sleep I celebrated it up late I'm I did I am rock and all that money I'm and I you know a billion. Every little change of tune in and and by the way for all caps or sports fans. It's fascinating to order follows Rachel because she does investigative news but also because she loses her mind during capitals gains. I knew quite the dramatic twist in one week of being owed to down to I believe that we was we want Pittsburgh last night. I did I say that but I will say I feel like we're ill come on now third time the charm where do. Think. Any IB. I feel it I feel in my bound fifteen different that schema scrappy. How did you feel there. What you say did you say that last year. I didn't get and I black straight at that I think they can get I think they get their head and they didn't you know the usual. Order my. To peace greats of the problem from NBC twelve who I. It's our it's junior colleague its mega wise it was a big Pittsburgh fan. Meg and it's great unfortunately she had a terrible preconceived. Now. At at at a. Is god is there has there been any side bets in the office place because this is now a couple years runs as in this day and once in a ten year event. Is there any side that action NBC twelve. It he'll keep them up come out on Twitter you're gonna make up on video. I don't know I would bet is there any bad they can get gone. Maybe Tim O'Reilly about my listeners come up with the bit between you two dad they could come up salaries and accepted Baltic. May I got erotic got a column to joining us here in just a second but the check in with this we know we love your passion and your emotion is being cast and the stand here. Thank you let me go right to the Bob NBC to all the local bull through females through dial our sports vans and we get to come up with a net. Pop pop pop pop pop pop I need help to editor at west fox sports 910. And and look nothing's off the ball OK something's off the table let's be gentleman here that this could be one. Put on our thinking gas but right now we do you have to take a break because Colin the former Richmond spider quarterback. Lighting is going early Friday may and go mid delayed second round. In the Roman quarterbacks could help them what you think about this quarterback race where he is on the radar. The kind of flying under the radar of all these quarterbacks we'll find out next fox sports 910. West McIlroy class towards 910 and radio dot com am reminding them Thursday night if you're out about TP WTV's. Right here Jay Glazer heard men beat Chris field in the NFL draft is on fox sports night and everything for the first round right here and also on the radio dot com app. Give back your phone calls and your tweets. And a guy who will be waiting. I think it Friday we don't know. As waivers and be called this weekend he's our body the former Richmond spider quarterback Colin in town this weekend for the spring game. Any alumni golf tournament and how. I had I don't know buddy were into the single day here. I'm doing great man that this countdown and here. And keep in closer and closer and that we can't wait so. It's gonna be great it's been it's been a long time coming so that's going to be great moment. How would you describe the process everything that you've been through for the past couple months beat. Hell even starting off with getting the fluid discounting come by Hal crap about how would you hurt seniors Senior Bowl how would you describe what it's been like. Well it's been it's been busy and crazy and one of the things. You don't you don't realize every place at all although. All the places which are gonna have to go so it's kind of one of those things where. You know OK now I gotta go here now I gotta go here in in just kind of pops up then and you know you gotta go all the different places but it's been great I mean it's been rewarding you get to meet so many guys and and I bet. Throughout this process I've met with where that retain you know in some capacity so. It's been great in you know this is this is the easy part now mean that now that they're now that the come by and that she knew all the pro day is over. You know a lot of private work out but a lot of meetings with with quarterback coaches by. This disease meet talk and talk football and whatnot but all little bit. This is the easy part so I'm definitely excited where we're at the homestretch and. I've known you for years now been lucky enough to know you for years and you have an incredible optimistic point of view on things. But I heard a lot of guys say it's taxing that they it's not the physical it's mental part is that the questions it's the studying is that. Hey we need you here tomorrow to go throw for us. Hasn't been how taxing has it been mentally for you are at Howell how much is as prepared you for life in the NFL. Yeah I mean it really has I mean it. It let that is not that taxing mean electing you do you end up repeating yourself so many kinds because all the all the coaches I mean hell I think Spain and you know Keiko undertow though because they do. They do kind of evaluate from different angles in and you know some guys. Wanna watch film. You know Richmond game and he'll sit down. With the coach and you'll you'll go through it didn't. Another team to pull up their own film and don't watch their film and then some guys go out to draw certain way. Some some teams like in both played and happy go back over so it's just on on a coached by coach bassist but. He's shown it close and and you know pop up throughout the Pope profit out. You know I kind of watch and like all the return games again and this is comparable public I think he keeps you ready keep Q. You know up the David in its. It's gonna be good you know transitioning into. An NFL rookie camp and then into training camp because having having all this preparation that's just all leading up to. You know going off the team in and then having them learn played playbook. They're so. That would be prepared for that but definitely. Definitely eager to get to get a medical playbook you know finally in my hands are really got into it and start learning or perhaps the past few years. Let's McIlroy fox sports night and he's the former Richmond spider quarterback column letter expected to go anywhere between a second in the fourth round this week in the NFL draft. I've done the song enough I know it took you guys you don't like to talk about the teams that you had the visitor who you worked out for but if you could it. Give us a little insight get. Of all the questions and all the meetings this live vicariously through you give us a conversation or meeting that you really enjoyed. Sitting down and talking to somebody. Well I'll have had so many I think it. You know there's a lot of teams that need quarterbacks and all between the need quarterbacks but they're all doing their homework and they're gonna meet with every guy in. Because you never know how to unfold you know met with. You know teams that eat they go out they they might be trapped our guys are as that he might appeal lower route for everybody. You disputed don't know calm but I have a good conversation took a lot of guys that come what didn't say one. Hello I've ever not a let's go names out of luck named Jack packet the packet to let that indeed get intro. But the. As I've been a part where you caught yourself gone. I'm prepared to I was meant to do this. But man is pretty surreal like this kind of crazy that I'm getting ready to go to the NFL where it would go with a little boy and you came out. It is so it is so real it's it's every every now and then you just gotta. Stop and take a minute and then take a deep breath and kind of realized football. You know it's it's amazing I mean. Of one of the plane NFL and that always been adjourned without the little little kid I mean not our political almost four years old man and that's what I would always say in. And you don't talk when my parents and it's on equipment that they can you know as a as a father you know. And my mom and has the money you know to have it when your kid is saying that it's such a young NATO playing in a phone open yet but you kind of got to keep that checked you know you wanna. Keep these people who dreams of realistic but at the same time you know that would like I was always gone to war you know what whatever. Or whatever position out plan whatever level who bought land that I would add that that region mine. You know this is good to see it. It's still feel almost come through one and in anticipation of the draft this is just a political feelings so. One or credit. I know you're excited to go and wherever it may be an end up you're gonna you're make the best that it. What is it like for you to be on this fringe of guys and everything I'm guilty of this that the talk radio conversations have been about baker mayfield and darn old and rose in. And how we could have this run on quarterback what's it like for you and act is Mason Rudolph in and falcon in blade out of western Kentucky what looked to be one of those guys. We you can watch this run on quarterbacks were all these guys are under the microscope they're being poked they're being products are being ripped in the media and you kind of sit back they're gone. I'm just ready for someone to call my name. Are awarded to do it it seemed like this is the year of the quarterback you know everybody want to talk about government and there's a lot of you know polarizing. Players I mean baker mayfield. You know obviously it will Mark Jackson and it just so many. Interest in guys with different skills that then. On the word addicted to it and play right away to a lot lot to talk about you know but like you set up trying to blown under the radar a little bit and then. You know people haven't talked about me quite as much but that's beyond what kind of like it that way and the knob of always just been a guy who's who's done when he needed to do and and not worried about the the height of the media stuff so. Really like the position I'm in but but it all depends you know where those teams have me rated relative to the other guys. You know helping get the mystery that that you're gonna see at least four quarterbacks taken in the first round so. You know and that's probably not going to be made but but that's okay because. You know teams teams don't need quarterbacks and you know hopefully in one of those later rounds. You know hopefully hopefully sooner than later you know albeit taken by boat walled up the late fee. I was President Obama won't go about progress and hopefully one of those earlier rounds we hear that name come out of Atlanta and does just remember this you know some day doing. When you do in The Dan Patrick Show and Jim Rome and rich guys just this remember the radio show that you started out on just the little ball all. I don't forget about two that matter I I bet you where you'll be watching the drafts on Friday and sent our Thursday Friday Saturday remember it. Others being home. Home and an act of Pennsylvania just so my family you know I just wanted to keep it. Keep it small but not be too many people there and and really just enjoy parts and the so. On the side of the that you know it'll be like little semi reunion and that that too often do we get all of them together so. That was credited for that. I'm excited for him and and I adult look I try to keep does it professionally get to know you guys why the fun parts about this job is getting to know student athletes. And seeing not just the athlete they've become but the people they become I've become a fan of yours it's like love having on the show I'll be pulled Korea but where where you go and I don't. I don't do jerseys but I promise you this wherever you end up but I will buy column a sure Z and Wear it around with pride. Thank you so much what I appreciate you you know I appreciate your body good luck DA enjoy the moment with your family and I can't wait to see where he and look out. All of that overdue talk to you jubilee college joining us on the indeed Mercer rug cleaning hotline. I'm over break by the way all interviews can be found by exports Richmond dot com and also on the apple iTunes store. Instead US macaroni and all pop come backed special called the night. Paul we will tell you what's in store for tonight. That was delivered more fox sports 910. Is it all of them aren't swinging and I thought I did right. I always. Everything. On fox sports night attack. It's. The it's. That is Jenny cap dark of the Colorado Rockies TV network on fox sports that did last night to do play by play. For the first women do play by play on TV the first was Gayle Gardner back in 1993 Iraqis reds game. Susan Waldman does little bit on the radio. Jessica Mendoza is an analyst for ESP and it. Few and far between and has not happened since 1993. Ginny Cavanaugh who does their reporting. There's little dugout or she's been in studio or she's been in the boot before doing reporting. She's never done play by play. After twelve years in baseball she got the chance to do it last night for the Iraqis TV network that was the call Nolan or not those home run. A cow like that little spin there. Five footer again for me is spiral the fountains go the other run out of bounds out there and in the outfield in Colorado. Yeah yeah yeah. And I like this she is go all. Right. Our relations Jenny GAAP and are twelve years in baseball and she gets the opportunity let's not hundred give her a call tonight. Lucky I came into existence poll is over they're shaken is that you not a big Jessica Mendoza and now not really why. And here I still think she adds aiming to the broadcast really I like A-Rod investors that are great but I just don't think it. I like she. I don't really get a feel what it was a really good note is my idol broadcast I expected color analyst to give me something like I totally agree I disagree I think current Iraq under fantastic together because she will go toe to toe with Iran and she will defenders stance I. I like just commandos I think she brings a lot to a broadcast. Can help that your sexist they get. And I do like doors are so you can throw that Obama's side. I was waiting for that house Forsberg is one of the best in the biz I think that's great just for doing going to bring me NBA or college does it give me more bored giving Doris Burke on baseball on football. Going into the hall fame this year don't like Drake but he has a good taste she's fantastic. She is she is superb but I. I I do it just commandos and I disagree it does I didn't think she brings a lot of broadcast and I think it is really fun winner an era I'd do disagree on things. That's your goal and I brought you by and tech systems ploys poll question brought to you by call federally got a couple out there today. Give me number one on the NFL quarterbacks I'd number one out of the big four of these quarterbacks which QB bust. Will be at it which I'm jets in the big for the QB three months to line. Out of the big for the QB bust of the NFL draft will be Josh Rosen CM Donald baker mayfield. Josh Alan baker me field still leading that poll question at 42%. Surprised one bit that's the one that's polarizing that's the quarterback we're. Again you can have a good people throughout opinion on May feel are on Rosen and Arnold and maybe a little bit on Allen. But I mean Wyoming football games have you seen I think some people. I can see rose and rubbed the wrong way but may feel is the one that everybody's got opinion on. Yeah I want that guy my team yeah like that guy and or no no I'd. An act is old dude in college you'll do it all as draconian as well. Whatever player get to his base he's gonna grab his crotch I'm not surprised C baker may be at least. I don't know if people believe that he's going to be the biggest bust or believe that they're gonna be the boss it's just the one that people probably have the most opinion about. Well question number two we got in this discussion this morning Doug. Good read good investigative work Graham who ball Richmond dot com times dispatch writing a piece about a potential casino. Being built in new can't we throw the question just. The possibility of a casino being built in Virginia will be the best part if Virginia got a casino. Table games entertainment and shows the slots or potential for sports gambling. And right now 43% lead the poll question table games. A day games yet. The blackjack the second. Which are taking it. Second would be potential for sports game yelling yet though right right behind a close second base and in fairness. Graham's work this morning is excellent he he's got it in nine and it's even says that the Indian tribe behind this. Still as a decision to make but they're looking at about 600 acres in new cat. And the point that I made is you have millions of dollars they go on in gambling here in Virginia. Problem is they're taking it to Maryland taken it'd. Of the MGM taken to Pennsylvania Allentown West Virginia it's happening. And governor route north term who is. It is a quote in this article where he says. If it's W bit more open minded to this and I think there should be open minded because it does happen and and out as preface this by saying you may be religiously or morally. Never moral objection to what and that's fine and I respect that but the fact remains it still happening and it's millions of dollars. Being spent being gambled on traveled out of state. And sports game it's real. And we're waiting for the decision from the Supreme Court. That could legalize sports gambling in the state by state basis and even if you think you wanna be in the conversation at the conversation. You better be ready with some sort of casino. Interesting read Richmond dot com Paula gimme your picks for tonight when he gat. Team. For the first time that a long time there's no playoff hockey tonight all the odd series yet all the other series have been wrapped up game seven between Boston and Toronto tomorrow night. But you'll get playoff basketball he Milwaukee Bucks at the Boston Celtics 7 o'clock tip on NB ATV series all knotted up. Two games apiece the home team. The Celtics after that crazy get usage you can watch most my music game on Sunday but Greg has been at the end by Imus on the coup bow yes Malcolm Braga with delay in. Just a bit off but Celtics trying to go up 32 in that series heat at the sixers tonight 8 o'clock on TNT sixers up in that series 321. They can close it out for Jo Ellen Beattie says. Time is now for my Philip B 76ers. A lot of people through. Then you. You have respects to. Need everybody else. In meanwhile have them match soon and don't barely there to listen that will line there at the end we don't need anybody else. We don't time is now we don't need anybody else. To all and we don't need LeBron James all enjoy I'll be he will leave that masked by the way if the remainder of the post season. Spurs are the warriors tonight late tip 1030 TNT warriors open that series through one they can close it out tonight. And if you want some late night baseball the nationals on the West Coast. Visiting the giants general our purses time block that's on ES PM plus this new thing that ESPN's role now. 10151. Pitch those are my picks for this evening and I Sampras is go to nets again tonight big night last night by former flying squirrels Mac only Anderson going yard with. Salute rushing home run. The right center. And Chris Stratton. Got the win. Under Strickland closing things out. And good night performer flags worlds bad night for the nationals at three in a row they have lost missed or anything fox sports Richmond dot com. And he can also find the first release of the NFL over under is all 32 teams are posted by exports Richmond act opera ball it. Scary I was mentally you know me. But it died and.