Wes McElroy - Hour 3 - Brett Connolly (4-11-18)

Wes McElroy
Wednesday, April 11th

Wes welcomes Washington Capitals winger Brett Connolly in the third hour.


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Some. EO this. It's not go wrong on fox sports. Fox sports Richmond dot com. On the show it 34509. Attack or email west and fox sports Richmond dot com Syria yes he is the man who glass map go wrong sometimes it happens when we least expect things. So after all the years of wait around for the capitals to do something all the pressure all the hype. This year. We expected much and they went up and won the toughest division in hockey. And tomorrow night they begin the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Would not the pressure not the expectations so could this you're beating here. We'll talk to Brett Connolly the Washington Capitals in twenty minutes as a right now the capitals according their head coach feeling in the loops. Welcome in on this Wednesday. Dexter cranking itself whether it be on fox sports 910 or on the radio dot com and a couple of the headlines tonight last night. Stephen Strasburg dealing with the night after Max Scherzer was Strasburg. He he'd never stolen base nor complete game but. He had an outing to definitely be pleased with three. Through eight scoreless innings a day after shares are produced the two had shut out Strasburg allowed three hits two walks struck out eight at one point retired twelve in a row. Did not allow anybody past second base bullpen gives up a run Ryan Madson allows two out RBI double in the ninth. But he locks it down for the save Ryan Zimmerman with a two run triple and much needed experience on base. He gets a triple for brings in two runs and then that's when 41 after losing five in a row they've won back to back games. They will finish things out today. With AJ Cole taken on Brandon McCarthy now that's Brees what more topic to sweep we'll talk to dot dobbins the Jonas PC sportswriter. Works at the sports capital. Also covering the Washington Wizards who get the win last night over the Boston Celtics. You yeah Jalen brown with a crazy when he won first quarter performance. When you become a wonder who rumors is gonna go tonight. However the wizards clamp down on them he only scores 27 total all night. And John Wall surpassing 5000 career says he gets twelve scores 29 the wizards get the win at. They remain in the eighth spot in the Eastern Conference. They could kind of be in the sixth the seven or the eighth deeply Orlando tonight they could still win this game against Orlando. And still be 88 seed which. Right now I don't think it's the worst case scenario I think your worst case scenarios than winning and all this and buying themselves as a six seed and having to take on Philadelphia were Cleveland. The probably serve them best to be a seventh seed and take on Boston. I can't I have great expectations for the wizards but if they're going to get past the first round. Probably best take on a depleted Boston team and even that will be a challenge. So we'll check in a little bit later on went up the highway we will go to DC and we will check in with our buddy Todd dive is. And you voting for the brand new sports website which you can check out quality sports capital. Which covers all things DC. However last night and all the things going on in the NBA the war is getting blown out Kevin Durant declaring he's gonna opt out to restructure his deal to remain a warrior. With always sixers winning fifteen in a row in the process continuing. The story of the night in the NBA deals with the young men use players high school ball at highland springs. Andre Ingram who just two days ago it's called the LA lakers after ten years of playing in the GUA. After ten years of ride in the bus rolling around. Pursuing his dream he gets called in thinking he's going to an exit interview. And he walks in the door and there's rob pull Inca and Magic Johnson with a contract. But two more games in the NBA. To play two games and last night. Andre Ingram the 2003. Virginia State player of the year. Mean is NBA debut and what a debut at one's. And that's what he ended up with nineteen and 29 minutes he shot four of five from three. But they would shoot her mother and had the crowd at one point she and MVP for him. He had three blocks three rebounds came into this game he end up being the second leading scorer tonight the Josh heart lakers do fall short 10599. But guys know partner they lose because of Andrei Ingram what a performance was ten. Years. Pursuing his dream played his basketball's golf ball American. As pursuing the NBA dream has been in the GO league. And is it 323. He waited ten so is that earlier ten years almost 1110 years. And 324. Days he's waited to get to the NBA and last may did it was not just some token call up a sit on the bench. They got shot 48%. From three in the G league this year. And magic set day. We need to commit OC would you got. You're last night as Luke Walton. On seeing the performance of Andrei Ingram. You know he's a great guy has been trying to live out his dream and he finally got the chance put. I was clear about the fact like this wasn't just doing the nice thing. What we are bringing him up because we thought he could help us when we needed you know we have bodies Downey can shoot the ball so we will do was throw us. Just as much as it was for him up think she showed. You know obviously national TV show the best for world tonight what kind of shooter he has. And if you follow me on Twitter at west fox sports 910 I just weeded out he did the post game show last night with Ernie and Shaq and Kenny and Charles and just a gracious guy. Ate it looked like a kid whose dream come true. That he walked in the arena last night his wife and his kids. Said he knew it was kind upbeat he went to LA. Really thought originally it was an exit interview which the front offices do personal do they'll go over things. But he said Alison McKee camera showed up and all of a sudden he was waiting and all this and again called into a meeting in almost any walked into a room and there's rob hook again Magic Johnson he goes okay. This might not be you to below exit interview vote I don't know. He's got two games in the NBA. And last night I don't think I don't know what he could do in the final game. But he's never gonna forget the moment it finally happened what a moment for Andre anger and highland springs well they. To his wife during the broadcast to and she said when he called her she thought it was to say hey listen I'm coming on this day or whatever she was actually here in our VA. And she she got the call and he said hey actually I'm playing get on a plane you're coming out here to watch reply. That's one thing that's one it's got to be surreal you fought ten years of being in the dealing and you finally make it. And make that phone call to be able to make that hey I got called up but you don't know you're gonna play. And even the coaches hey we measure justices hey we need to hey we need your little buddy again how much megaplex but then you start firing off. And you start connect you start hitting like you've been doing in the G league and now you've gotten your rhythm and you've you've played against the Houston Rockets as the number one seed in the Western Conference I mean. Why didn't they Ed this is what makes sports so great you just you never know and can finally happened and when it does you never know how it's gonna GoDaddy can't write that story. So he gets in their last night and makes the most of his opportunity at the crowd share unit crowd should call an MB pay. You're going up against the potential MVP of the league and he would do for you. What a night by Andre Ingraham. There's also by the way the inspiration for our poll question brought to buy call federal. Yes if you read 19 in the pros would you rather score a touchdown hit a home run drain a three pointer or score a goal. And 45 cents still saying they'd rather hit the home run long ball be their choice I think there's something magical about cabinet moment. Of two of putting it out the power of putting it out over the fans. Rounding the bases having your moment because if you could have a celebration if you scored touchdowns you get the hand up in the air he got a three. You can get the fist pumping get dog pound if you score a goal bridges some about that magic of running the bases after hitting home run stepping on home plate that would be my choice. But have your vote go out west fox sports 910 fox sports Richmond dot com. It is the final night of the NBA couple things still looked at stake we told you about the wizards. The cavaliers can end up being the three of the four seed depending on what the sixers do. As you of the sixers in Milwaukee Bucks tonight and over the Western Conference. Three through eight is still a jumbled mess Portland connection I was wrong yesterday I thought Portland is locked into the threes but they could end up being balanced. You have a winner take all game tonight between Denver and Minnesota. So a lot of things still left to figure out in the NBA. We'll keep tabs on that we'll get always pixel tell you what to watch tonight we told you we'll talk a buddy Todd dive is covering the wizards. Also covering the nationals before they play their 105. Games today the flying squirrels. They get a grand salami last night and I was from Joan that error and not go. As squirrels getting another win that's now three in a row they got one more day before jumping on a bus and then. Before I jump off beyond ringer topic. That the thought you look at this whirls and we do this and sometimes you take this for grant you see the guys see the baseball players. But these guys and think about this for ten years of riding the bus like Andre Ingram did. To go from city to city play and live your dream. And we forget some dive into right in front of us with the squirrels you get these guys how long do you hang onto their dream. How long. Like how long you keep pursuing it realized one dates probably never gonna happen. And let you know last night to see debt to see that happen I mean I was a pretty cool moment to realize that ten years. Of everything that goes into it. The things you give up when your family that makes it even more special and that makes even more so on the that we can't comprehend Tyler BD last night. The reply squirrel making his Major League debut for the giant here was a guy who had a lot of acclaim a lot of hype coming up. It took probably two more years than people thought for BD began his Major League start. And he comes up let's last night the giants and come back and getting the win. These things these store lines are cool and they we get to see some of them right in front of us that the diamond when scrolls return on Friday for opening night. And don't forget if you were in the area or be just wanna make it your way to the Donna between eleven and one. On that Friday I will be grilling hot dogs out. In front of diamond. Free hot dog for everybody stops by to celebrate opening day of the flying squirrels but again one per person no strings attached nobody evolves c'mon you're free hot dog on Friday between eleven and one. To celebrate opening date in the caller of the day. That's opening day Friday. Opening night for the Stanley Cup Playoffs tonight three series the capitals. They've got to wait another day to they get the Columbus Blue Jackets coming up next this team has reportedly lose. This team will be starting the group dollar and that not Braden OP. They guy on this team wrecked Connolly of the capital's joins us next west Mac ruling mornings and mackerel what a fox sports 910. There's a reason we're playing a song. It circled back to a discussion in addition to always both question of the day brought to buy call federal. As we honor Andre England's debuted last night with nineteen points. Asking if he had one night if you had an Archibald mood like grand moment would you rather hit a home runs scored a touchdown Barea three. Or score a goal. I brought up earlier we have this discussion John laser voice the Hokies every Wednesday. Hokies. Now starting left tackle he is in the starting lineup. South stands putting on 62. Pounds. With peanut butter and jelly south dancing young season and put on 62 pounds worked his way into the starting lineup with PB and I brought up to open up the show I'm not a big fan of peanut butter and jelly which got pull it off guard which some people have ridiculed me for. It's not that I don't like peanut butter and jelly I'm just not that big a fan subpoena power. Like telling. I will eat peanut butter I'm just not that big of a fan so we got really you know. Aborting rehashing all of that we got into discussion earlier in a judgment free zone what's the one thing that America. Seems to love. That you just don't like. With the one thing that everybody is always crazy about this is the bad as this is also in the you just kind of go along with it because you don't want to stand up. You don't have to answer questions like why don't you like that they glut was wrong with you that's the one. Would be let that I'm getting it on Twitter what's wrong with you why don't you like Peter Buck present only Keebler. Where's the question what's the one thing the majority of America's seems to love. That you just don't like. Any can be food movie music something in sports if you wanted to sports that's fine boy people out of UCL I thought of several. And down once again it is a judgment results of I get towed my license and doesn't get its own. Just settled me down a little what what's something to eat it you just don't like now one thing I doubt I'd I don't like coffee's not coffee drinker. And I yet and I it's funny I guess how reaction to see that that's the question I was it is up for you I do this to everybody my in my life blood my existence my my body does not begin to movement alive coffee in the morning L and that's why I I tell people what I don't like you are working a morning show in the night. If I somehow mentioned yeah I don't like popular like how do you do what you do I don't know without coffee. However you pinpointed it to despite our energies that are layered and it is as strong word I may have cleaned out a twelve pack or two in the campaign has done that that is that there's broad product laying around here and Miller ball guides them picking up scraps here arguing the other one the one other thing I don't. I'll give you a video movie piercing notch relievers. Now a K don't waste your time there because in college when housing colleges really baking college and all the guys in my hall everybody on my friends. Think it is like the funniest movie ever. It's like oh man it's so funny it flares and I got a big Jack Black guy anyway. But that lenders like I watched snows like. Can I just it was stupid and tied to peanut butter and jelly and my cousins and I always get into it about something about Mary Jack writes in. The Beatles. Little overrated. I I have to Obey agenda and I enjoy The Beatles I have when my all time favorite songs I have a list of songs when they bury me. Of songs that I want played well in my life. By The Beatles crowd loved that song but. Yeah a little bit error Holden rights and pickles. Stat that's actually his response disposals with a remote you someone. I love pickles. Now right giggles out already and pick yes Friday close those are amazing. And I'm definitely a fan of pickles to you don't need the Durkin stress of the jar. I can people stranded OK why yes I can't give out number bishops though Friday night we get the diamond for opening night fried pickles and being one of different vehicle would have to be we have some for Jimmy Buffett. Which as a parent had once again it's a judgment free zone we just we might not be friends after this. You Yvonne writes an ice cream and strawberries not a fan of either. Like together or just either separate I don't know want to see all the fault tweet I scream come and is your sister named Kimberly my sister's name is can she Twitter Danny Eminem's and Taylor swift's that sounds about right yeah my sister and I begin as and I agree with him to what you guys from it were all from the same neighborhood as Taylor Swift how's your sister not afraid that we all grew up. You know both grow within half an hour we're tell us what this front yes. Now there's really get that doesn't really get played out much with her it's all about her little shtick with breakup songs. And John has gone an absolute tirade. He's that this is gonna make people buying Greek Star Wars not meg good people love their mince their nasty. Shot to admit anything peppermint patties also nasty. I don't mind. And can't reject them from the show of force and the judgment free zone reloading people admit he he came after Star Wars end. Vineyards and empowerment patties. And brutal. And several viewers out west fox sports 910. Now we know that some people don't like hockey but we have friends in the yard VA who are die hard hockey fans. And this time of the year this is when the Washington Capitals are judged. It's how and it's it just certain team sports there's not a rabbit in the regular season their judge in the post season. Washington Capitals yesterday declaring that the will grow about will be a net tomorrow night against Columbus. This team not the expectations of the previous two years out of their back in the Stanley Cup play elsewhere. Aiding and happen in hockey playoffs it's kinda crazy of all the playoff formats. Yesterday before practice. I caught up with Winger Brett Connolly to discuss going into this post season and also about the tragedy that we had this weekend in Canada. How as the game how is the atmosphere around the team just around hockey different when things go to the post season. Not just so much more maligned as a sort looks more energy in the building so much more. Energy into games. A bulky enter your goal not a pretty good so it's. Just so much ought. What you get and apply outside and it can happen any team to win. Hot new couple couple bounces go break and timely goals so I think guys are just. Got it figured out here. It's going to be about all they got a good team. That they play hard they play out. The very hard nosed style of going to be pitchers I think that's. Get bigger for the fans. And everybody watch and sure. You are around this last year you knew the build up the pressure and then obviously the big disappointment when you guys went out again in the second round. This year the doesn't seem to be that pressure the expectations I think it was more of what you guys have lost in the season. Lost for the season the injuries he had it was almost a pleasant surprise you and I won the metropolitan division I look at it and third shots use the term the other day. You guys are keeping it loose as you look around the locker room if you compared to last year is keeping it loose a fair assessment of this team. Yes I think so I think it's definitely had to provide not sure they're not sure there was so much pressure on the guys and Austin. Especially our our top players. Well bigger wallet with a lot should know that. Op bringing in some. Really good players were on paper we had a pretty good pretty good team so that this year we've yet to comment and you know wanted to help Boller and wanted to make a difference and and everybody's kinda pulled their weight and we knew we'd on the way to. Again have a good regular season that voters put ourselves in a good position chuck. You know hopefully. Not have a long way out front we got a good team again on our core core Barrett at the same. Out to matter of you know the guys around old core guys stepping up and chipping in on a cannon. Well sure it happens to be a lot of fun here in the Nextel Cup weeks old we are on the next couple months. Brett Connolly the Washington Capitals he said let's go see what happens in early you mentioned the way pucks drop and things go. Can you give me the theory from a hockey player can you give me a theory on the post season why things can get loud lie lie and eight seed could make a run by goalies all of a sudden. Go from having struggles to becoming a brick wall at what is to a hockey that we see in this post season and we don't see it in other like you know like the NBA. Well I think. I think quit La Colonia yeah I think. You have your best player I think you're a guy. And like LeBron James Eaton got to take over games their houses swift. With hockey it's a little harder to do value obviously you have yours your badge and your crowd he's an all out but. You know it's a little harder to take over games anymore it's in need everyone. Momentum. Is a big thing in the playoffs with hockey. A lot of different things have all got caught. But they saw just gotta gotta stay in the moment. Every dot. Laker teammates. Play as hard as you possibly can end stage you know focus the boss possible. At what happens so there. It won't elect a certain. Reaching not to want is that dot org or wait Q. Well. Like it set it up and you're gonna base sure. Oh oaks a Columbus. There edit that out real salt. We're gonna be challenged Earl out to be taught. If a player bastard out options but. Yeah you gotta put it behind you gotta bear it and it ought quickly because things change out. That while while just. Live in the moment but I enjoy. She doubts. It. A what does he give real insight here you were born British Columbia you played for western hockey league I imagine you spent a lot of time on the bus. That the story out of humble with the Broncos just in a horrible tragedy that we also fold this weekend you've been on buses can you can you speak. What it's like to be on this bus rides where friendships are formed guys become friends some guys become godfathers of guys kids. Those bus rides and back and sometimes are more memorable. Then some of the games right. It out for sure I I've played and my home down or short version Colombia which is. Powered drive north Vancouver so I was on the costs. Shall so much and throw my whole junior girl from almost fifteen. In nineteen open air but. You're sure it's. It's a terrible. Terrible thing that happened obviously are. And every single hockey player. I think can relate to being in Boston. You know former French ships and offer me getting on a boss was kind of you're safe place and a place where you can just saying oh here which are teammates and your buddies and watch movies like card. Bondage just to get completely different. Thanks so. I think we're realistic at all or Stanley is that all the players in transit those. And it pops community has responded. Social columns supporting them. In all they. They can heal as quick as possible. It's not. Definitely a very tragic accident for for that man. Bought it because it's all for a lot of guys. And I'm sure it does Brett we appreciate your time. Good luck to you and guys in the puck drops against Columbus and maybe we can do this again hopefully we can do this after the next round I appreciate your time down enrichment. Let's break Collie caught with him yesterday at a Washington Capitals before practice before filled grew about it was announced the starting goaltender which I think is the right call. We'll talk about that Marla Jo Bennett knotty before he calls game on on NBC sports Washington. Let's McIlroy it over a break Paula we'll give you the three hockey series that starts tonight coming up and always picks west McIlroy it more as an accurate fox sports 910. Todd divers will join us in the sports capital covers all things DC was that the wizards game last night will be the nets game at 105 today as they go for the sweep over the Braves. Story tonight though Andrei anger about a highland springs. Nineteen points in the lakers debut which she waited ten years for. Paula poll question brought T by call federal he had that one moment that one moment in the pros. Would you rather hit home runs score a touchdown drain a three. Or net a goal Kurt result simple question thank you so people had a home run 'cause they got 49% saying that's what they'd rather dale and I go vote by exports Richmond dot com at west fox sports 910. Any luck with the psychic or the fortune teller yet nothing right now while we're still treating this as of right now we are seeking after watching baker mayfield yesterday on the NFL network meet with a fortune teller. To have his future predicted in which he was told he's going to be in Arizona cardinal. And go to the Super Bowl Sunday we. We're gonna go to this mix today. And Bucky Brooks and Daniel Jeremiah we are gonna get a fortune teller to predict the first thirteen picks of the NFL draft. Including thirteen because that's for the Redskins back to cap it. Paula there Paula data over the next ten days is to find us a fortune teller psychic medium or something in the and that this is not circles I travel so listeners can help us out if you go to a fortune teller. Let point 03450910. If you are fortune teller knew what some business and free promotion. We'd be happy to do that as well I mean if there are a fortune teller and I can see into the future maybe they'll find me. I think it shouldn't they be able to find meat and themselves. It's 839 don't get too deep I'm just saying and you can see into future finest psychic okay. Working joining us right now this poor young lady has no flipping clue what she walked into she's like why am I here I just wanna go back to high school. I every Wednesday. As we like to say we class up the joint lord knows this place needs it. Emily medals and from collegiate as this week's Lexus of Richmond leadership award nominee varsity winter track and field. She runs sprints relay is long jump triple jump pole vault hurdles and DP of winter and spring track. What's your poll what do you enjoy more running or jumping. I would Def say enjoy late jumping more ion in particular poll law. I've been doing that I think it just for a few seasons now. I always this pull waters. How do you wake up one day ago I'd like to try that. Good then there's not a lot of margin for error to mess up in the global. Yeah I know that my team is looking for a few daring individuals to trifle oval thing a few seasons back because the program was relatively small. At the time for Paul falters and I just decide to go on Alam and Triad an eternity when the best decisions and I tracked career. It's either fund had just lock yourself into the air and Chinese thing how many times did you have to tried to you really got like the got up and over. Condit come natural. Not a little bit. I still think like I'm trying to improve even now. With technique. It's easy enough seat just get yourself over that would detect the proper technique you can get that much time and little article on a lady but it is not if you what is seen it's not easy to get up and over have meager try to pull pull itself. They don't don't sell yourself short on your talents triple jump hurdles what's your most enjoyable sport in track and field. I might also really enjoy triple jump him. Not only do I enjoy actually competing. I also enjoy. In between my Johnson competition I can talk with the other girls in our leave and I make friendships with. The other girls at the schools on that we're technically competing against rivals. I really enjoy just talking with and hearing about their track programs in cheering them on as they're jumping and if they get a new personal record. I imagine you'd say it's a close sport where spring winter track cross country. A lot of you travel the same circle so you see each other a lot yes definitely it's really cool it's a great attitude to have and what metal central collegiate high school. She is this week's Lexus of Richmond that leadership award nominee not just because she can run fast and threw herself into the air crazy feats. She's involved in so many different things honor society I did when I ask you. You're the captain. And leader of the robotics team what is the robotics team. On the move to robotics team. Is. Part of the first or by addicts competition per agree. And he start treating your robot in early January and it's a sixty competition and then we. Compete with and against. Other teams from all over the east cased. And I got involved because I'm really interested in science and technology engineering and math. And more recently I had become a leader for a woman and Stan. Because I noticed that there were very many woman involved in science technology education matters at least engineering engineering and Africa on yes. And design it is that there aren't that many woman involved but based I know that there are many girls in my school who are interested and plenty capable of building a robot and giving other activities. Like robotics. And so tried to help facilitate. Improvement in that gender ratio. In now our team is almost 50% girls which I'm really proud. So what was the dream job here your urine involved and engineering and Barley at least traveled she's a tutor she's traveled to China she. Has been speaking Chinese for the past ten years. What's the dream job if you could go and science if you could get into a department if you could bill here creates and then what might be. I would say I dream job would be on to something in business that. Integrates the Chinese and technology. I've received possibly studying in China at some point for a longer span of time. An understating Chinese American relations. With regards to changing technology and other aspects of Stan. I'm glad there's Smart people out there like you is that people like me in this world needs more people like you make you go around. Amylin Mandelson doing amazing things a collegiate let's hope when you go I noticed you play the violin in addition to everything you do you play the violin yes. So I'll just ask that every musician in this program. You get stage for one song with one banner one musician who you plan to violent wit. I would say it bock. Because I'm really interested in playing classical music and I know winner strings on ensemble. We play a lot of classical music which I really enjoy. And whenever in San and also enjoy listening to classical music site actually think about the money my preferred choice and that claimed one. I was gonna say you're onto a bright future Alter bright future your party on a bright future Emily Madison from collegiate this week's Lexus of Richmond leadership award nominee. Dexter coming in injury the last few weeks a high school. And we'll see at the end of the year banquet thank you so much for having me absolutely totaling could have been studio brought you by Lexus of Richmond we come back let up to DC. Mr. Don. That's not the wizards any game today for the nets we'll check with a buddy Todd died this next year on more as a McIlroy fox sports 910. Still that's not really showed tomorrow (%expletive) cats. Columbus Blue Jackets it's a busy time in DC sports. So right now let's go to the phones because we've got the wizards with the final game of regulation tonight to go into the post season. We got the nationals in action today let's go to the deed Mercer wrote cleaning hot line he's our buddy Todd died as he covers all things DC sports. Sports capital DC to take it out is sticking to DC sports Redskins wizards capitals Nat and more. Let me start with the the wizards since he was there last night. How much did you really take away with the possibility of the wizards and Celtics meeting up in the first round of playoffs how much could you take away from last night's win. You know I I thought there bury something to take away because. All the all that important to me in an at bat it would Whitner belt or don't have. Markets lark in what you saw last night was job wall. And comments that are dominating at point guard vs Terry rosier and shame market and your plate seven. Policy we get time back on a better connection I believe we're losing them they've got Orlando tonight not a standard earlier that day. They could end up being the number eight seed even if they win I think the ball cards fall right you may be one end of the in the seventh seed. Because Boston even with the injuries. That might be the lesser of your Eagles you do not want to be in the succeed and I don't care you can sell a Philadelphia doesn't have playoff experience. The way Philadelphia's playing hot right now. I'm done it -- talk about teams gone in hot in the post season I don't know if there's team hired you got Goldstein against smash last night. They got issues teams have injury issues even without indeed no Udall you do not want the sixers and you definitely do not LeBron James. Toronto. Look I guess we'll find out how real they are here in the first round and that's who the wizards can and apply and but that they may be your best bet and I. And look it if you go make it through the first round gets depleted Boston Celtics team I know what that was it's got issues. He got out of our questions asked if you don't get through the Celtics without Hayward and without carrier ring. We lost out. Yeah we're gonna reschedule try again another time connection was was pretty poor but got back let's not rush in here because we do. We got a couple days we will get him here on Friday get a preview of the wizards and whom ever they do play Paula let's get that gives you ample time to give your picks for the night what are we watching tonight. Teens. Actually does get a word out there Zain. Whole Lotta got a lot going on tonight what is certain areas tonight and we got great stuff go months and let's see. I'll start with this afternoon brazen national some afternoon baseball NASA in 1051. Pitch Brandon McCarthy take it on AJ called the nationals. This would be for the series sweep of the Braves I believe. So then later tonight some more baseball a great pitching matchup yankees and Red Sox I don't know if you watch dale last night but. That game was over very quickly Red Sox won fourteen to one last night tonight. Must secure to knock goes up against David Price yankees at. Fenway Park seventy and on MLB network first pitch that game. And some final game final games of the regular season in the NBA. On ESPN at 8 o'clock the Milwaukee Bucks now Malcolm brown did back in the lineup. Playing my Philadelphia 76ers on the road the boxer sixty right now they could fall if they lose tonight. To the sixers who won fifteen row could fall out of that six spot down as far as eight seed actually no they could well no no further and zap zap okay yeah. Scott Johnston is complicated reduced about. Thirty minute is this conference record then is is the tiebreaker in India MBA but it's it's it gets a little Dicey there them. Wizards are on the road against the magic tonight Orlando 8 o'clock on NBC sports Washington now they could jump as high as the six. Wins a win and the bucks in the heat both losing as they would hold the tiebreaker. Over the box I believe what you want tonight for the wizards in this accord espn.com. You what the wizards to win and they heat to lose that would put the wizards in the seven spot. Under my principles of playing the Celtics that would put the wizards in the seven spot the heat in the eighth spot. And it's an odd situation we don't want a privatize the sixty dreading it at seven with a banged up Celtics team sitting there in the two spot and then tonight. The start of the NHL playoffs some playoff hockey 7 o'clock on CNBC first game. The Minnesota Wild at the Winnipeg jets the Winnipeg jets not getting a whole lot of talk this time of the year but they've got the cells to seed in the Western Conference and then. An old rivalry renewed in the playoffs 7 o'clock NBC sports network. Flyers at the paying with Sidney Crosby cloture lead their teams in a playoff clash. And late start tonight. The Los Angeles Kings and the loss Vegas gold knights one of the best stories in sports this year 10 o'clock NBC sports network decade in Vegas. And those are my picks were right or not talked enough and it is my bad because I. Helena makes him time to talk about this today in and look there's other things talk about it including amazing night Andre Miller which we spent a good chunk about today. Talk a little football it Mike Jones but the Las Vegas gold nice the fact that there are an expansion team. And there are in the post season. They won the Pacific division that they won the Pacific division by seven games over the next closest opponent. You put this group together and letters talent. Yes a name players Marc-Andre Fleury who has Korea with penguin is the start tonight netting it's jumping quick willing Carlson who finished only second to all being goal scoring. This is a team with talent but the fact that you know this team put together. And George McPhee. At a bush twelve dogs to cats. How picky and did the last by everybody. The latest in every pre season prediction and you know why. Because they're an expansion team and they're supposed to do as their inaugural C in this goes stink. We give you a grace period when you're expansion team to Houston Texans were four and twelve in their first year they stunk I remember I would to a game the first year or god awful. The Iraqis lost 95 games their first year the marlins' most 98 the Diamondbacks lost 97. The point is you're not supposed to do this in your expansion year and here in Las Vegas golden knights in the post season. And that plays he's jump and they've done and winning his help today I just being in Vegas couple weeks ago. That it is definitely launched I don't know about long term success or sustainability. But they've had a heck of a first year and now the sitting carried over into the post season so the hockey denied a hockey tomorrow. Joba and not able join us who talks more cast for the pot drops against Columbus Michael Robinson of the NFL network. And our bodies from the squirrels. They rough rock and Anthony opera man will be in from the the front office will be in tomorrow. We'll talk about the food deploy on the festivities will talk about the farmland. Or that the diamond is becoming of this baseball season and don't forget Friday eleven to one. Stop out of the grilling in front of the diamond stop off for your free hot dog to celebrate opening day in the RVA. If you're misstating. Brett Connolly the capital's John laser on the Hokies Mike Jones in the NFL. Fox sports Richmond dot com or the apple iTunes store for Paula Gary outlets mackerel or you know me that are died. And then.