Wes McElroy - Hour 3 - (5-16-18)

Wes McElroy
Wednesday, May 16th

Wes discusses something in sports betting he's keeping an eye on and the best show in baseball today in the third hour. 


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Some no. You know this. His last medical wrong on fox sports. Fox sports Richmond dot cop. Calls to show it 34509. Attack or email west at fox sports Richmond dot job Syrians. He is the man the last medical raw coming 120 minutes who gets in two of the best shows in one's board. On the same stage tonight. Either can welcome men and 8 o'clock our all on Wednesday. Thanks Greg it's up you don't fox sports ninths and are on the radio dot com avid thank you Chris Russell our sister station was 67 fans in DC. Joining us some very brief sleep after covering last night's game three the lightning. We're now in the series. And it is a series. Yes cavs came out last night he played about 6000 minutes and then late in nag you know they were not sharp. They were not the team that you saw in game one or game two against Tampa. And yes it's there and have a basic comparison. You can always say one series to the next use all the gas steam down in Tampa in game one game two. They do not play the same way last night. And nor did Tampa. Adding that's the riady the situation is people who are roam around this office place people were talking about the Stanley Cup they were dom about a sweet. Whoa whoa whoa whoa. Back the truck up. Some pretty good team. Still got Steven stamp goes dot Tim player in the league. Still got to Dubai named Victor Hedman who's in Norris trophy finalists. Got away a top three goalies in hockey. When you come out and start making bad penalties he put this team I've been gone a hornet's nest you put them on the power play you want messing with the hornet's nest. And boy was it five of twelve at the Tampa Bay Lightning are right now in this series on the power play. At what point five attack that's the one of the best power plays in the NHL all season long. Don't mess and it but we saw last night was that trickle effect he saw the one thing that the caps and not allow the lightning to do and that was put pressure on hold B. Ray nobody is taking shots the first two games he didn't think that consistent pressure he saw that start to build up he saw hope we commit penalty with a trip. You saw Brooks or pick failed neo he he swung and he missed election have been easy clear. All of a sudden bang bang boom tic tac toe and by the way debt today. As some precision passing you may know nothing about hockey may not know the difference between a glove and a wobble board. But just watch that team move the puck around its impressive. That's gravity doesn't want it's nasty gonna get stung and that's right now what the tea bay lightning. Power plays in Dave hornet's nest. And this time unlike game 20 there's no bear game two there's no bad calls is no officials. There's no posed jab at talk about he got beat up. May god they got straight beat. And when you have a bowling. Like Tampa Bay does who's won a top three vezina finalist. You get an a hole like it's going to be trouble. And this is one of those things don't where it was over the last night. Ovechkin in Kuznetsov combined for what 25 of the 38 shots by Capital One. They're there and happy shots but when you have a goal is like that but their own when you got 30 lead in there about five minutes there were. Yeah after the college gold there was some life the brain point via. He put the dagger in that idea. Ford who is the final we got a social series that that's what it is. That is the fun there's fun elements to March Madness where it's one done winner take all there's one part to a series sweeping is really hard to do. And is not going to be a sweep of a series gas is still up to one. I just it's an enigma how a team is seven and one on the road in the post season. And to reinforce home. Live game for coming up tomorrow night thanks Chris Russell all interviews can be found box with Richmond dot com. Or on the apple iTunes store. Download describe this in every day shows interviews hour upon hour it's all right there just go to the apple iTunes store type in west McIlroy. Andy's viewers you're listening pleasure. If you wanna do the cavs freak out you want to send me your panic if you assume you're jitters in your nerves but put numbers 3450910. But. As I look at it. I'm not change any picks at the gaps in seven still got the caps the lightning last night showing why this could end up being a seven game series. The 1 prediction I am changing. As Cleveland seven. Because right now it feels more and more like Boston and five maybe just maybe Boston four after the Celtics. Led by Terry rosier scary Terry in that third quarter go off and take game two in Boston. De facto Perino good friends and what is the rebound Leo Burnett company. Here is get a. Celtics radio network on the call as it was 10794. When all was said and done. And Boston worked Cleveland right off the floor. The Brian James last night doing what are we thought it would be a new storm was common solar radar we dug into work. 4210 and twelve. A night where it comes out and gets 2127. But even million new this is probably more than likely going to happen the beginning of the game there was still that ultimate question would it be enough. It was an up against Indiana it was enough at times against Toronto not last night. In Boston worked Cleveland right off the floor in the second half outscored them by Tony. Outplayed him in significant significant fashion. I don't go to the box workers and out of box we'll tell you that pretty much all the stats and percentages relatively close with the exception of turnovers. And that was a big. Because he had fifteen turnovers last night for Cleveland and up into thirteen Boston points Boston's rentable or six times last night. But the example of what this is Boston is just the better team. On the floor off the field off the floor coaching. The brawn James I use the comparison earlier Mike Tyson used to come out these giant drop be in the first round joppy in a second round drop in seconds and minutes. Boston they were the fight like James Buster Douglas they were the fighter that aid you can get Tyson into 67 or eight. In the eighth round he'd gotten in trouble. Also knew what was common. They knew this storm is government because they weathered the storm yes. Is Brad Stevens said the magic word the. Obviously if LeBron was incredible in the first half. It's all about responding. They're gonna make their runs they're gonna have their moments. You know that the most encouraging thing to me was that we weathered that storm because it's easy to kind of fall apart there but there are three real. Moments to watch as this game evolved one was clearly LeBron James. Getting the elbow from. Did gays Tatum it was an inverted there's accidental. Now but it was inadvertent. Brian wasn't quite the same player after that. I'm not going I'm not planned doctor on the radio. Concussion I don't know but he just they say in next rainy wasn't the same. And that just opens up the problem for Cleveland because right now Boston has depth. They got Jalen brown outstanding again Jason Tatum Marcus Smart. Huge in this game market Smart play with a heavy heart. Oz mom is treated for cancer you give terrorists here scary Terry who who it's Gary Terry in the third. There is the brawn James and a couple guys. Great double figures last night it Kevin Love it just it's just him and LeBron James didn't. Sure Tristan Thompson George Hill JR Smith the other three starters combined for eleven points you have Boston with a team you have LeBron and a couple contributors. And the third thing the show last night is is clear is that Boston is just the better team. That's second half response it was tougher. And I'm not just don't about the one play were JR Smit totally goes shop and pushes Al Horford out of bounds and Marcus mark comes over us is not not the day. It tougher team mentally isn't physically schematic thing. Watching them on defense Boston there was no way when both teams and they did vote did not have a going in the fourth quarter offensively. But what ever Cleveland was deciding to try to do on defense which is basically stop looking at a shot who opened here and hoping doesn't go in. There was no sign a comeback. That game opened up a third quarter opened up and I think it was Boston was down seven. They ended up by eight when all said and done that Cleveland defense they were done their legs are shot on the other study got markets Smart. So what happens when you have a team when you have debt. And right now. You got tie loose and we need to be tougher offers go word for. We need to do more we need to be more physical the one thing I thought Tyler who was totally off base on an if he's looking at this. This way it's a big problem listen to the word that it dilute uses for Boston. We gotta be tougher you know I think. I plan tougher and we are we see that they're being physical on the go ruling came up and we got to do the same thing so we gotta be tougher mentally and physically. Boone is not the right word he's hit he's missing his teammate well if feet yet for his team but if you think in their grinning and up. If his promise with the rats in what's going on that he is missing the big picture and the big picture is Boston's not afraid. Are the Bosnia commander Tony one point seven. And tight do would you do nobody can too crazy about trouble nobody lose their cool we got this. Because they know it's Tyson it's Dyson out of the third round starts to Wear down other factors bigger and you'd better or even better boxer with a better fighter but he better swinger where the better puncher. Right now Boston's just the better team all around and by the end of a game last night cavaliers had no legs left they had no control that they had no composure. The bronze being in some form or fashion it a rest to start the fourth he was all before the minute thirty left by the end of the game. It's time through wanna be honest and that is the Celtics are going to give the warriors a better series in Cleveland would. And I. I can't sit here and say sweep because it's so hard to sweep might look they sweep from right now there there's just. We saw it felt like we saw last night Cleveland's best shot. We saw them unload the big weapon LeBron James negate LeBron james' triple double. And they still got run off the floor when all is said and done. And what the Celtics are doing is the exact opposite of what Toronto did the series before Toronto was scared LeBron James when LeBron James started doing his thing started making shots left and right they shrunk its west and not being good and the Celtics they they don't care. I mean he can do whatever he Miami after that first quarter. If you saw him do that against Toronto that have been done. But Boston Addai has adapted the Indiana philosophy of OK go head. And we're still to drum beat you with good team that's what now boss and that's due to wanting Indiana could not and that is finished the job. 3450910. Young switch now epic Boston five. I think Boston in six. Now that's not Charlton fives while it's not politics and a they'll get one at home I think you don't wanna talk about your poll question I do always spoke question brought T by call federal. Yes yes he went there what do you hear. I. We have 64%. Of people saying they hear laurel right now I want for the people are getting I did not know about this. I was too busy watching sports and changing diapers last night I miss this on the Internet I was doing 50% of that so self so supposedly. Use those to hear what or whites on this sound clip this was dropped last night a Twitter war essentially what you hear you any or laurel to sound clip that made its way to the Internet. Deep Twitter verse last night and it's been circulated all leave mean up into the morning hours. Yeah any. Or laurel and that those the two things that people keep saying the hearing there are some other things guys have so people are supposed to hear ye any or laurel yes the mutual option here is in three to one of what do you hear. I hear Jiri. You hear an art I don't know where you're hearing that I'm not the only one I get so somebody today my wife hears the same thing that you're hearing and we don't argue with your life. But I got Yury morrow yeah Danny I got some due to years Larry I saw somebody said they see they hear yummy. Yummy yet. I county fascinated by Elvis. Because that's where he might my mom said she hears it's the moral with a drastic. Exit the room and no illegal but what night it's crazy I've sport coat my mom and I were argue about this there today. It was like it's great she's like no Lou and that's it that's court issued its blue we're looking the same thing. Would you can cry and people do people get now he may and at each other. Hubris how do not your year any out here laurel. Well he's blowing Grail a similar that's actually crazy my mom's he's like navy blue and I see like like smoky gray it's it is crazy how the mind and body works but. They play it more time it's crazy big deeper said the people a car right now on all you idiots in the yet opened it on. I hear yeah here yeah any I don't know where people get more of I don't know where you get are from it are what do I get. See this is the defensive guy would get it I Hewitt that's the crazy part of this all similarly the dress. So yes the Pope what is the consensus right now what people here that you roped me into this is 65%. Of people saying they agree that your moral. More time poll question brought to buckle federal what do you hear. I exports Richmond has Dhaka and if you hear something different but I'll tweet me at west fox sports 910. Coming up next is the game that didn't get finished last night. Yankees and the nationals. They got to. Now they got held up by rain after five and third. They'll finish that game tonight. And then we get Max Scherzer and the baby bombers the guy who wrote the book on the baby bombers Branko will join us and mlb.com next fox sports 910. Swaying and eyes crying. I always. They don't. On fox sports night attack. You know BO subscriptions given a drive to a level headed for the monster and all of a monster and god. And good Scotty has given me is a three nothing lead it. Stand misguided. Oakland days back last night from the bereavement list. Sure by now you saw the general out of featured on ESPN in his mom's mom who suffer from male I should just passed away last week I believe on Sunday on Mother's Day. First game first to battle the bereavement list to guide for his third home run of the year not at a note home run hitter. Drives it over the big monster green monster in Fenway. And out comes around home just puts his hand right hand over his heart looks to disguise a great freeze frame image of it just looking over his mom and a you believe in science believable even these things. It has a higher power out there in yesterday's. Ms. this guy was looking operas on pretty pretty darn amazing. Golden Knight brought you buying. Call federal actually local banking actually called an excuse me rookie by intake systems polygamy all screwed up this morning. Pulled all the guys brought to buy and take systems which mistrusted IT specialist. Bynum on nine ENTECVA. Dot com the poll question which now I'm just kidding it's screamed at by people. The poll question is. Brought to back off federal what do you hear. Yani or laurel. Still yeah. I don't on the accepted the role. I get people to really well well. Have to go against the grain which can't just he can't be one of the two can help when I hear. And I hear like. It's yeah. I hear why a RRI. You have a vote go vote by export to Richmond dot com Branko gonna join us here from mlb.com he is in town. Other DC covering the Yankees he covers that for MLB back on his got a book on the baby bombers were last night. The the rains came up crazy they were showing signs in that sparked telling people to evacuate take cover yet they were still playing the game. This is about player safety. Out there had to edit BBD does that is suspended it is. In the five thirds in its three threes they're gonna finish this game up at 505 don't know who's gonna be on the mound for either team. But I do know is going down enough for the second game and it's going to be a lot of fun to see Mac shares are taken on this. The line up of New York. And Paula you're you're kicking this around I think on opening day. Best ticket in baseball. And I think we've raised the question as if you could see one team coming in that's part would you want a CD yankees the Red Sox in the Houston Astros. I throw this question we kind of dove into it a more general topic yesterday about. The best show in sports the best entertainment and sports which I think right now is Golden State will watch them tonight in game two against the rockets. But it might give you the option one baseball ticket to see one thing all summer long with the Yankees being in town and shares are being on the mound tonight. You can see one ticket to see one thing in baseball. One baseball ticket who would you pay out of pocket to go see right now. Any two teams are compared to get a god I'm so are any thing and all saying team or player like this right now do you like this is the show this is what interest do you Wear your. I think this week as the quarter point of the baseball season who were what interest you the most right now you would pay here. Fifty bucks sixty bucks a hundred bucks I wanted to get our embassy dispersant in person. I really am excited about the fact the Yankees and Red Sox rivalry is relevant again and I loved watching those two teams play early on sees I would love to see them probably even. Later in the season when it's September and they're trying to be vying for the division I would love to concede I'm really excited that that is relevant rivalry again. Because they're both really good. And it it's. It's been it's a better rivalry when they're both like when they're both contenders like this it's it just makes so much better I would love to UC especially at. Fenwick is a big new Yankee Stadium before. That's above post is a different element I've been to Fenway one time. We we are supposed to go up with two years ago I think in the trip got postponed but we are I would have onetime I kid you not. It was Memorial Day weekend they were playing Cleveland and misses two in 2000. It's just really start to resurface again is back to as 2003 it was the year before the American League Championship Series and Aaron bleeping Boone. But I remember just that the Jews in Fenway for a Memorial Day weekend Cleveland series I've never been a yankees Red Sox I would love to go. I think the Yankees are the ticket in baseball right now. And at night to get shares are taken on this lineup now shares have been prone to the home run. But what he's been doing on the mound the way he has been for at least six innings that time. This coming at me you don't get a big bats here and there's really. No relief in his yankees' lineup and it's only getting stronger. Bring an obligatory as they did go weeks ago the difference that he has made. But this on the night I know we got rockets in Golden State and I know it's tough. Outside of yankees Red Sox get hyped up for baseball and get to this point a year or it's just pre Memorial Day. You get these teams together two times this probably it I don't think there's any more in a league match operate nearly computers aiding Yankee Stadium. But to get surging to go up against this lineup it's a heck of it to you dog and one of the top three pitching rotations in baseball this year. Taking on this potent lineup which you saw as Pauly alluded to when he took on balls and use on just how potent this thing really is. Now I still think that they got to find some pieces to get past Houston but. You look at for some fun of Knight basketball not your cup team we hockey night. Yeah we got gain is to be game three of the western cover spells don't lose sight of what it's going to be fun shares are taken on this Yankee lineup. I we and Abdullah Bryan Hoch the second time he's put us off really good book to Elena talked on the net you can go assault let's get it done. Not to go book I'm not I'm not gonna open it again but that's on the probably as number two. It would Doug yankees who have them but yet that that ship this. I welcome back. 34509. Dead that is the telephone number there is one topic here I'm not trying to squeeze everything out of the lemon of sports gambling. But there is one element. I don't think is getting talked about enough in this whole sports gambling topic any deals more with the actual going to the game. And something that leagues have got to fight for because it's RT a big problem. And this could be a really good solution to help it it also can make you more of a mess wed dec coming up next west macro would get a lot of pride digging into The Dan Patrick Show. This is fox sports 910. Why doesn't stick around the Yankees taking on scherzer tonight. So the best thing gets in baseball is good yeah obviously Red Sox the Yankees. But the baby braves writes in her way about them. Ozzy out he's. Problem could get another home run and I did get there. Yeah do it near Memorial Day beginning at Memorial Day and I have the rule memorial that world is the first day. That I do it deep dive in the baseball stand as you may get the Memorial Day you're somewhat in the conversation. No other conversation but right now the Braves first place in the east and they're they're not on record in the National League too yeah. They've grown up a lot quicker than some thought because some good shows you got the but Johnny your boy out there in Los Angeles. Lot of good shows in baseball right now but tonight. But everything we got going on sports don't lose sight of the Yankees a Mac shares are scheduled to balloon in beginning I guess after this 505 restart up in that sparked. Podium is picks for the night and I do I do to get the one angle here that I don't things getting talked about enough with. The gambling in the state by state the basis and we found out yesterday. Where on the East Coast gambling will begin thank you tell it's not this weekend. But it's next weekend have depth we coming up at 845 and got some schools tickets to giveaway where Michael Robinson night tomorrow night at the diamond. A do that in exactly four minutes but first. We've been doing it every week I think almost back since October every Wednesday it is time we bring you are Lexus of Richmond leadership award nominee. And it's include a group of amazing I use that I don't use that term loosely amazing student athletes. On the athletic field in the classroom in the community will Monday night Lexus of Richmond handed out the 20172018. Award in. She did a song out here for a week because she was the final finalist for this award. Amazing gentleman you're 2018. Winner Lex who long have deep run high school. They can't. So congratulations Stacy you get to have kids seeing as so I I should it's a dumb question asked with National Honor Society. With the involvement that you're in very dedicated to science you're a soccer. Swimming. Are you surprised Monday when the code name. Yes I was very surprised. Some of the kids I dig I schooling before and I was younger. I'm in some of them I never met before but just talking to them on nine hearing about all the amazing things they've done and I for sure he thought that it was way too much competition there is a some amazing people there. Now someone meets you know they're probably going to be intimidated I have to imagine I'm 39 I got a job in the family outlook in every year that banquet which has a fortune to miss this year but. Intimidated so it was it wasn't like for you walking amongst your peers with all these accomplishments and awards in different sports and it was like just seeing that. And that there's a group of us out there like this. Yeah I it was definitely a little bit intimidating to begin land. I think the biggest things that everybody was everyone has to be there everybody was so excited to be have such an opportunity like that. And I just really think that everybody nobody was really leg too worried about the winner honestly I think everybody's going to be there and have a good time to meet all these amazing people. Let's get sick it's there were some of you die young grads are headed to for college you wouldn't have to worry about much or being intimidated by a lot of things. If you don't Alexi story outstanding student athlete girls' soccer for years midfielder forward she's won first team all conference first team all region. Jim missed swimming I did that mean that the gymnastics come first. Yes the gymnastics was my means are when I was younger. And then I decided I wanted to teams orange and nothing was digging like up to 24 hours a weeks I decide to switch to soccer's. Mean story. And you have an incredible passion for science and technology and and I remember our first conversation you are real passion not just for science technology. But opening up young women's horizons yet and opportunities for science and technology team. Yeah so arm that's really been a big thing for me at that I'm in the center for deep threat and the center for every race technology a deeper in high school. And we have my club their cause girls of CIT. Their really sparked mangers and having one entry and pursuing women and stem. Because in my class I deep run is about fifty kids in each class for the sinner and my class only has five girls. On so big thing for me has always been just to make us feel comfortable doing what they love because having a lot of girls really have a passion for stand that are kind of scared to inner field that's dominated by men. And Alexi will be taking her passion to stand earned him man that is awesome thank you. So what was about to ever 'cause you have some options I believe MIT NBA what was it about Stanford. I'm everything. Walking on the campus or effortless they kansas' amazing one of the big things that really set it apart for me it was just the room to breathe. Of course they're public seems amazing and a huge football fans. It was really just everything their research opportunities in the middle Silicon Valley is just or is just opportunity and I couldn't imagine turning down. How's has mom and dad taking you gone the other coast how is that working out. I think they're excited to me they love San Francisco's I'm guessing that I'll get a couple visits every year and yet he. That's fantastic and you are just out couple days of Jersey couple weeks but couple days away from graduating deep run on its about a month. We'll look congratulations thank 2018. Lex is a Richmond leadership award winner of the scholarship winner. All brought you by Lexus of Richmond Alexi long definitely fit that category now you have 11 word job to do here because. Willie Brown smoke pot now I would say probably she is the smartest person in the room. We ask you Alexi. What do you hear when you hear this now you know about this on the Internet last night. I don't think I've always said this doctoral exe should put a single way what I did or somebody took supposedly human and address they came up on the medical ethic we see different color of their last three years ago as our whole team. That was to digest it was not three years ago was. Three years ago I Lexus and goes oh really sound clip and Carly she's gonna hear either 10 boy what she panic and hear what you all OK so let me set the subsidy that this is circulating on the Internet on Twitter last night and this morning. What do you hear there's two things that people keep hearing and neither do me yeah yeah he or laurel. Those of the two things that people keep hearing and there's a jet into putter war going on over the so let's even it's Iraq's side. Yeah any C. Now Earl I'm not many years including a guy. No we don't OK but but are messed up today by our new Jiri I don't need you here I don't know why you hear an Oregon bullet colored dress to DC. I only a little I Dublin Iraq yeah that's that I saw. You follow up on the white go to Yankee priceless that is usually teacher somebody that's your that's the future is never cardinal says she year's Yankee. Yeah please which by the way our and our poll results so far 70% of people sitting here laurel on I'm get so I don't I'm getting basically reprimanded. My aunts laurel yet now I it's it's deathly I. Lex I guess he'd even Wear is laurel there's no moral and it's just and he. There's no bar in the and I didn't know or some people say they heard me maximize my wish for you is a incredible future. And way more stimulating classes at Stanford and what you're getting right now in the past I mean it's if you can only go up from here really you really can now that lady you might see banging out hangover two losers who does it can congratulations she is it winner. The Lexus of Richmond leadership award and thank you again to Georgian when he went low and Tom flooded Lexus of Richmond for putting this on yes they do an incredible job. Congratulations to you and good luck at Stanford they use so much you've got it lays down and that is Alexa long deep run high school soon to be at Stanford this news this year's Lexus of Richmond leadership award winner. Now you'll get to be winners because I got a pair of tickets. Pair of tickets for the flying squirrels tomorrow night Harrisburg senators are buddy Michael Robinson night at the diamond. Will be on it would his own Bobble head the first thousand people to to gay eighteen years or older. Get my grounds Bobble head will be fireworks you wanna go caller 93450. 910. If those two days the squirrels tomorrow night on Michael Robinson night. West mackerel at fox sports 910. Whose job might want to break more original could drop. Think your head man made three not thin raid employed native borderline that was a real dagger. Can't mess with a hornet's nest that is the Tampa Bay Lightning power play. In the cavs did. Gas lose last night forty to store up to one. So I'm not freaking out this morning it's a series these out this series goes. As a ball boy is like deal NBC Monday night now that these these Sunday Monday and Tuesday the miniseries. You get the eyes you get to lose you get the drama you get that. And you eventually find out the end whodunit. Cavs but the better team in game one game two last night. Implant stinker. Is led dud. And lightning we're sharper I would a man Chris Russell won a 67 of band gap reporter doing his earlier. He said Davis went to the knife sharpener Tampa Bay was sharper last night first period and to get up. You make those mistakes he get on the power play against team like Tampa they're gonna cost. But not about to show loves ten days now does feel good story that just happen again in the post season. They're here for a reason. And last night they had an out of the gate they had the power play caps put him in this position to one. Got ourselves series. If you won whose freaking out this morning over this only got cancer in trouble. Worry did personally should be wary about campy should be aware about him going into game three. Excellent gaps in the series. I still like that 3941. Times a team that's been up 20 especially when they've won on the road in the first you have gone on to win the series. We'll see what adjustments they make we'll see Nichols actually come out tomorrow night but doubted by every that is part of the series. No grade Dow overreaction no great I think however might overreaction I think this morning is that Cleveland pick in 7 and Eastern Conference finals. And dead wrong. Boston. Five. Maybe 441 in surprise you right now. We do it we saw Cleveland we saw Cleveland c'mon throw the best weapon they had we saw LeBron get a triple double. And Boston still showed them off the floor starters on the bench with a buck 47 left ago. We'll get to what we got tonight always been exploited and we get the flying squirrels to get two for tomorrow night we have Chris Brown of mechanics bell got himself picked Ecstasy escrow Smart guy Chris look forcing you Michael Robinson night at the diamond Michael tomorrow Michael told me he's bringing a friend on the show tomorrow you heard them. A former Chicago bear any urge Matt Forte will be your go with Michael and I tomorrow. The one thing with the NFL coach Mike Jones a USA today earlier about the cell the Carolina Panthers. Mostly about the gambling story and the one thing that I keep wonder I wonder a lot of things about where. Gambling will go how will be done we've got right yesterday. Monmouth park in New Jersey they're gonna open up next weekend you're actually be able to bet the NBA finals in New Jersey so fear. Your data that Jersey Shore as these to sag board this case up in the Jersey short. Stop by mom of you can let wager. The one thing that I keep hearing about is OTB parlors. Walking in somewhere in a restaurant having. The tablet. Getting an app for your phone the one thing that leagues have to be on. And I'm sure they are but the one thing that is so important and the one thing that I wonder about stadiums that are already built or being built in the future. Will they have to be built with a sports book. And I know that sells eggs incredibly ludicrous to say. Like seats field concession stand sports book. You see these sweet clubs you go to a certain state in the at the Mercedes-Benz club with the axis club or whatever club it May Day. At a sports book where you can go in 1821 years or older. Bet the first staff bet the over under that the second half over under at this the point spread for the second half all these things you can do in bags. And while I wonder if you if you have to do this if you're the NFL you have to do this if your Major League Baseball or the NBA. And even college is because attendance is down. The in game experience you look at the numbers for college football alone this year down again for the second year what the biggest tips I think in the past seven years. The at a home experience is just so easy some of you know this all too well I don't wanna go to pay. This inopportune against this and opera parking get stuck in traffic as Kenny redskin fan and that gets a point this season with just not worth it. Some people live it they love going to games and events of the book I rather just they don't erratic eat my own food erratic keep my job. Car in the driveway for the taxes I pay and I pay sixty to a hundred bucks. Say where we gambling this could be an opportunity where you can go you can walk in grab a beer grab a dog and put a hundred dollars down on the over under. We draws and had the outlet to do it most likely an iPhone on an app the road crews stake I imagine there be some map where you're watching a game and you could say. I'm an account once when he bucks on this. This is a real opportunity for sports leagues where they've been looking around. And even tinker with things like out of town scores and better Internet and stadiums are being game experience this could really act to being game experience. He can also really hurt it because. There is going to be the convenience justice and only gamble. Or go down street gamble and not go to the stadium. Says something. Among a list of something's not paying attention to where ever this gambling story continues to go boy what are your picks for denied body. Teens. We will have playoff basketball club play out hockey tonight what you will get baseball before that the Yankees and nationals their game was suspended last night after five and a third. The pick that up again today and then tonight. The big ticket Max Scherzer verses CC sabathia that's supposed to start at 7 o'clock on ES PM but will likely be pushed back a little bit. Understand how long it takes than Q. Finish that. Suspending game the kiss PM plus game of the day is cubs at the baby braves 7:35 Tyler Chad what am Brandon McCarthy. Bridge as we mentioned before best record in the National League very young team. And then later tonight. Unfortunately for her for us west we get too late games tonight jets at the golden knights that series is tied up at a game apiece it shifts back to Vegas tonight. 9 o'clock on NBC sports network talk to a credit dubbed a friend in Vegas yesterday places knots. It's absolutely just. It's all about the biggest golden knights. And what they've done in one year. You know you know when they started out it was within the same month as you have the shootings you have the world news there. You read way different mix of emotions and any national tragedy. And the way that they would now like I was this into an interview gets immigrant must burgers or Doug Gottlieb is don't know how these guys went out. Into not only hospitals. They were going to fund raisers for the people that were shot to the hockey players were going out there oh spare time attending fundraisers is generate more money. It's cities. That's a tough city to unify because it's so. Sony transplant so many different people in and out. The really cool story that's gone on and now it's tied 11 they come back tonight. But all. With what's to what's good putt dropped 99 yeah get out of some of the watch buzz buzz and big smile boss from that radio station network attending college he loves Vegas was out there for their first two playoff games and best story in sports. Warriors and rockets tonight 9 o'clock on TNC the warriors in Houston Mike Dan Tony says now. Brad Stevens said hey we had a responsible Mike D'Antoni says so to week. Played like we got a little gravel I would ourselves when about that we can't do that we got to. Like I said we got to build a source of body blows them and how good they are. We can't let it get into Gaza from the Tibetan capital you know we wish I had a little bit about spirit that won't happen Winslet. Better or not they're down 10 in the series they need to win tonight nor even enough as it heads before it heads spectacle statement tonight the season finale of the Goldberg's 8 o'clock on ABC did you catch last week's. Episode I don't think so we'll now move out of the DVR a sports car right now you'll appreciated it is an homage to one of your favorite eighties police baseball's. Kara. Echoed the guy's sports going on Paula this. Just here's I don't know if you guys at even at any time to kill at any point to narrow day and it Michael afraid to walk in the same time we got a lot going on here. You can only watch one the night shares your first yankees. Rockets Golden State where hockey. That's tough to get the best you be the best show on baseball in shares are best show in Golden State I think. I am gonna watch Golden State. Blogs and I'll watch small but I would tickled I feel like a kid again I feel like gone back to the eighties when you've never saw the AL played piano except for the all star game there's got us a been big about shares are taken on the Yankees tonight. What yap about tomorrow do you solve a great what's today Wednesday night into Wednesday. And I hear yard west mackerel. You know me that Iraq. And the FIA.