Wes McElroy - Hour 2 - Steve Gardner and Michael Phillips (5-25-18)

Wes McElroy
Friday, May 25th
Wes welcomes Steve Gardner of USA Today and Michael Phillips of The Times-Dispatch in the second hour. 

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No yeah and you know this. His medical roll on fox sports. Fox sports Richmond dot com. The only show in three bored by 09 tag or email west and box towards Richmond dot com Syrians he is the man who glass map coral art and had a yeah it is a Friday. It is good free pizza Friday brought. A Memorial Day weekend the unofficial start of summer. As I like to say it's not the quarter pole about a third of the way through the Major League Baseball season whose legit who's for real who's a contender. And who's just faking us right now Steve Gardner you as eight today Major League Baseball writer will join us in twenty minutes. As we'll talk a little baseball two months in. As we roll in to the Summers tapped the look of UN thanks for listening you don't fox sports 910 or on the radio dot com Matt crew is here. Gary has producer. Pauly. But I didn't play surfers using I was unaware of this you're good where flip fly to flip flop Friday. Flip flops and other simple pleasures so. Like flops I am a big flip flop really hate those things are you guys Wear sneakers on the beach. Now I just go barefoot on the beach. Because I can't walk in flip flops to nine in capable. Of walking. In flip flop it can't walk and applause now because late anytime I pick up speeder I gulp a step those things will either make me trip. Where they will fall yeah that's those to have its nest is he going for speed and wearing flip flops they're lazy person issue there this when it Sheila Harris right now. Whenever cold water on the beach and Medicaid Barack. What is got personal my feet to walk outside for five feet by the pool. Yes there's a goat lapin a marathon and flip flop is running and in the meantime I if you are old asphalt viewer's socks now I don't Wear socks to the beach you're like big sandals a black socks and you're on the beach now that now I do actually accomplished its and I do where noted that I don't sometimes. Sadly those slides. It aren't exactly full box legislate their sandals but add those things out. I will Wear socks windows I but I'm at the house only okay. To close in my life is who is Jimmy Buffett pair headless down the summertime happier that obviously yes I am flip flop guy. Put double vote question do you like flip flops yes or no. Put it up by north Richmond that got yes we are talking about these simple pleasures of summer. On this Friday before Memorial Day weekend and going up the question we'll fill in the blank Friday. Now let's Summers around the corner the thing I miss about summer is blacks and over your answer on Twitter at west fox sports 910. The vote number is 3450910. As a role in the summertime. Means we draw closer to the NBA finals. And we are exactly now 48 minutes away from no Golden State and 48 minutes away from the look no run James in the NBA files. Game five last night going to Houston Eric Gordon off the bench actually phenomenal as the rockets win 9894. Eric Gordon coming off the bench. On a night where. James art and shot 521. Over for eleven from three. And Eric Gordon scores 24 points and a big steel to close this thing out it is clutch free throws. A gold states list possessions seals up a game at three win to go back to California up three games the true. But the big question here is what's going on with Chris Paul's hamstring goes down in the closing minute of the game. As a phenomenal second at eighteen of his Tony in the second half the one point Willis seven point run for it says seven point run of his own an 8105 Houston run. Giving Houston some breathing room down the stretch. But that hamstring did not talk to reporters afterwards did talk to our reporter I think it was Marcus Spears of the undefeated. A marks Beers of the undefeated instead. I can go I'll I'll be five Saturday night which is kind of what you expected. But you don't know and with a quick turnaround is Saturday you're really not sure of what his. Status is for game six which would be a real shame because Houston right now is playing Golden State exactly. How they have to play them. The way that other teams have not been able to. Least not on a consistent basis we are now talking. Three straight games now four straight games. The dam held Golden State to the nineties. Which is kind of funny to say you held a team into the ninety's this gold state as team that averages a 113 points. And they have. Not broken 95 in the past two games in three other passport. And right now Golden State. There's going to be a lot of questions today by smarter people than are smarter basketball people and I who are gonna ask what's wrong with Golden State lie. Why do they look destroyed why do they not look like they have an identity while they keep just throwing it down to Kevin Durant in the post and seeing what will happen. Right now people don't know what's wrong with the Golden State and the answer is Houston. They're playing defense. And last night it's crazy if I were to kimono here and say hey guess what. Guess the outcome of this game. James Harden goes over eleven. From three. Chris Paul goes down with a hamstring issue. What would you have told me Houston loses right. Probably we would Tillman probably would've predicted. Special nights Ilia hey guess what James Harden over two games gonna go over twenty from three US thought they lost both of those games they've won both. Houston's defense it's something they go state has not yet seen it now he had seen on a consistent basis. And it would be it would just be real shame right now Aussie Chris Paul can't go on Saturday night game seven anything is possible. But what Houston is doing right now especially would defense it's holding up surviving things like James Martin's rough shooting and Chris ball. This is now two or three games or he has been absolute clutch he's been a guy who's. Stepped up taken over Lleyton games which is usually the MO of Golden State that's usually when gold state shines the later the better. To a three wins it's been Chris Paul. So all eyes on his hamstring. We'll see what happens there we'll see what happens tonight in game number five a good game number six could this be LeBron James final game could this be another Cleveland. Farewell for LeBron James. 3450910. Discussed a little bit about the fallout of the National Anthem policy by the NFL I don't know what more I can add. I'm not gonna sit up here and say ha ha I was writes I think it's pretty clear. The backlash the blowback. Now president trump commenting now players coming on president trump. You know we we get to this point about the National Anthem and protest and what it's about. And then things just go into a domino effect where about six or seven other things get discussed. Policy rules how the inability to do this without the NFL PA but we sometimes get so far away we just keep fighting yeah get a foot in your spouse. Where it's a bit like you gonna do that trash I'll do it will you don't need to get snit. It may I send out doing you know I still be a weeklong let's rock nothing's wrong Eric you have one discussion about the trash from your spouse. And all of a sudden you're talking about well you didn't want this car and you're away data navigation. We do this with the NFL. With a with a protest. In the end the policy and that's what's happening right now. But rule in the place or ought. FL player it was even protesting women you can't put rule in place at the we are working together seeing this is ready NFL's screws as this where the owners are about money they don't care about the players. President subways and now Doug Baldwin goes president Chubb an idiot well that's disrespectful. And this is this. And out and it's just proving my point in the NFL owners did not have to make this complicated. It was a DI it was he dormant issue. They were discussing this. Amongst one another they were bringing guys to the table they now grandy did in a panic state because president showbiz rail on the NF Melanie is ripping them. Ratings are down once again all this on the owners are gone players say look we stuck to protesting. Can you guys come to New York. We'll biological sit down have a big meeting we wanna hear you out. And all the sun owners are saying hey we're listen these guys were funding money we're giving to charities hey we hear these players know we don't need to ruled John Mara are there but we don't need a role Jerry Jones fight doubt we don't need a rule. Let's listen to these guys the things we were getting away from this we actually evolving the topic. The people who call and say hey guess what. Stop protesting goad do something if you want change we are getting there but we are getting to progress. And any ev owners gotten a role again in a row in the deciding get heavy handed and strong arm and all of a sudden now we're going to make a rule ended well you're gonna have to deal with it. What do you expect would happen. Whereas Michael Phelps times is that what he thinks about this new NFL policy. Because I know I know the way the media works and I know what's gonna happen a week one for people who said no they made it simple noted in. Because we equal one. Gonna get games you have. Or five guys in my locker room they're in my approach as just to protest they might protest nationally than it is to protest the NFL. You get a week where tragedy happens in America. And and god I hope not but there's school shooting. Almost on you guys eight guys who say no why it is not right. We know how the right gun control we don't have the right. Rules on firearms I would a protest nationally at the nice guys are coming out of locker room media's got to ask modicum now locked room. Now it gets put out the media now gets discussed now the president's got away and it becomes a thing becomes a bigger thing. This is where the NFL owners by the way we finite yesterday. Did not have their usual official roll call vote. Which is never a good look there are caught in the lie. He caught a lot when you talk in your parents. And and they'll ask you about something and you keep changing the story to cover up that lie I'm not saying the NFL lied on this I'm not saying that the majority of owners didn't want this rule. But not a good look when Roger Goodell comes out says yesterday we unanimously voted to put this policy in a place. Out to vote it it's unanimous. You know the 49ers the abstained from the vote but unanimously we thought together. Touch Oakland didn't either. Well you know local and abstain from it either but our votes says that we are together. And I'll send it leaks out what they didn't have the official vote that they usually do. They didn't do the roll call vote it is at a show of hands in a room. Now it's amazing the NFL won't have a show of hands vote when it comes to the kick off policy. When it comes to the extra point. And all of a sudden OK we're we're gonna suit you you agree with you grew that's an abounds in Europe during. But go on iPad I think we get more I can get majority every raise your hands of your end. I we got hands her do or die every. Policy Fries. Let him do the all those oppose these skip that step just not a good look like. So it happens and if you think this is the only time getting a blowback. Only week one. I onto a lighter note. I got to give these tickets away. Because I don't want I don't hoard them I don't want to keep them I'm not gonna use of I'm gonna be watching hockey on Monday night. But I've been told that the WW he is role and ended down WW year old Monday night at the Richmond coliseum. I am guides is is a pair take its ball and yes I am prepared to get to give away. You gotta be able to use them you've got to be able to pick him up by new and our office is closed today at noon C got to be able to pick him up. I will give them to call in number 53450910. If you wanna go to Monday night brawl. But please be able to pick them up today and be able to use of caller 53450910. And those tickets are yours. Up next we're dug a little baseball as we roll the Memorial Day weekend hey remember that story the best years. The baseball's Joost. There's something wrong with the baseball as they're different they feel different we'll supposedly Major League Baseball found out what was different about baseball's. Nor Jews but what was up. And what is up a baseball this year is for real. As we roll and now passed. A quarter of the season Steve Gardiner. USA today we'll tell us what to be on the look out what is real what shall we be paying attention to. In the summer of baseball 2018. Next on fox sports 910. And the next delivery years when it's that did the high. Hey and it's hidden deep down into let's consider beyond and up against the wall trying to catch that one and unable to do so he is the lights man. He jumped up really look like the ball hit his glove and then the ball comes off his glove over the wall. Com home run for Mike throughout his fifteenth of the season. They don't. Stop the league lead in Major League Baseball advice diver and Mike Strauss. Baseball's new role Memorial Day weekend. Ever we go on the show we're lucky enough to have our friend Steve Gardiner of USA today joining us on the indeed Mercer rug cleaning hotline. Steve you know my rule that you know it's a rule that I learned from a friend I know you appear on his show John Kincade of CBS sports job title Franzen. Years ago I learned the Kincaid rule and that is. Don't open up the baseball standings to Memorial Day weekend but let the season breed for a little bit let's find a couple games here let's go through the pitching rotations a few times. That injuries said in. Let's some early stories kind of fade out let's see who's really strong in the market may. If I win this weekend when I open up at Richmond times dispatch and I go through the baseball standings the first time and I look through. What will surprise me the most but I look at the standings. I think in the entire National League will probably surprise you. It is kind of turned upside down from what we thought from the beginning of the year with the Braves and Phillies for the top of the east. The Milwaukee Brewers with the best record in the the Los Angeles Dodgers down near the bottom. The National League west with Colorado and Arizona up top I think that the the real surprise the American League pretty much what we thought it would be at the beginning of the season they were left. But the National League. Just completely upside down. We thought there would be one more year what was the nationals and they'll be more competition but it be the nationals. And then the rest of the National League east what happened here in the first two months of the NL east to the Phillies in the race specifically. I think what the Braves it's just the young talent that they have with Ozzie I'll be taken the next. Step and becoming one of the best players in baseball for the first two months of the season. And Ronald Acuna coming up in being a factor there. And with the Phillies I think with them. It's it's so it seemed that the that he but it was a year away from contending we thought at the beginning of the year. Has killed very nicely in via the infusion of take Ariana as a free agent and Carlos Santana. I think that the team that that made some strides as well so. Apple haven't played well. In addition so that's one of the things that that contributed to a to in addition. So this time Lester we're looking at the Yankees who have wondered how quickly they grow up today grow up quicker than we thought this is very much like we're looking at the Phillies in the Braves so. The Yankees end up in the post season they end up in the American League Championship Series now put the question to you know. Which one of these young teams that you mentioned braves. Phillies Rockies were in there which one of these teams has the best chance to sustain an end up as a post season team later in the summer. Great questions. I play yet unlike what the Braves do and and the way that they've come together but it didn't it getting much better and Freddie Freeman finally I think. The big things for Atlantic is that they have pieces around Freddy Freeman now we see what an MVP candidate he would become. And how good he actually is I think these brave. Has some definite staying power you have the bubble that looks pretty solid B everyday lineup is good the starting rotation it isn't it defense. And and just getting better. Steve Gardiner witness who USA today moiso mackerel at fox sports 910. I'm I'm interested to see how this plays announced two months and and I know the national sustained. Injuries I know it's not exactly the line up that thought they would roll out there. You'll begin Daniel Murphy back here sometime soon you'll Adam Eaton can stay healthy when you get back later in the summer. I look at what the Washington Capitals just did in the capitals for years and had the best team in hockey dad presidents' trophy. The nationals and had the best record they run away with the National League east. This year the capitals had to run through the metro division which was really tough and they would in the final days of the season stutter wrap up the division. And it feels like it prior abdomen prepped him for the post season run. I do wonder about the nationals being in this fight is is not going to be the smooth seed that we thought it would be the National League east. I wonder what the competition around the nationals. Does to this team as the summer goes on and down the stretch and possibly into the post season. Advocate clashing the capitals did. They're coaching staff would not news the way that the vessels coaching staff is for the season so I think that's the one. And is it pal Dave Martinez and his staff. Can can navigate the waters you know will they take it seems that with Dusty Baker at the nationals were never any more than I think two games out of first place. It's an entire tenure and no they're sitting out there in fourth place since. Not that far out but. It's it's uncharted territory for for this club with this manager and ended coaching staff so. It is important for them to get everybody back and is that an at once we see. The entire national team as it was constructed if they can get everybody back on the field and you know once thought I would come up and then. A bit of a surprise nobody expected him to be up with the big club. He looks like he can play every day and so you get another weapon there are different this is dangerous team make you know make no mistake this for the team that could certainly go. All the way to the World Series. And is a lot of young fund talent just in the NL east alone Steve though. I see your colleague game lacks this morning has appeased USA today dot com Major League Baseball on home runs strike on home run spike. Ball's not Jews but had greater aero dynamic carry the debate the past two years about what is the baseball Jews is it being built differently. Can you explain this in layman's terms what's been going on with the baseball in the past two seasons. Well it's interesting because what this study found is that the ball. Wasn't she used but. Somehow or another it's flying further now what is it reduced. Drag on the ball somehow or another is cutting through the air and nobody can explain it that's but the interesting thing with the study to me let. Is that you know you gotta a committee of ten people and physicists and all sorts of people that have all. Access to data. And yet they didn't find any real reason why. I end. That to me is interesting there may be some minor stacked in the in the ball that you know they're able to get the center perfectly alive. I'm in maybe that's why it's flying better. But. The bottom line is we don't know but it says you know it's one of those where OK just sit back and enjoy it because. We're gonna have a lot more home runs that look like building here Tuesday let you know Major League Baseball decides to put our baseball and give it or not just in. You know Colorado and Arizona. Was that I was born here because I. We get we just went through an entire to Greece to years of our lives in an oxygen over PS size in football now to sign the baseball's not right leg was based on and do about that. That that's one of the changes that the commissioner rob Manfred and is considering but. You know there really doesn't seem to be everything that then that players are doing. Com or that the equipment is doing to these different it's just that. That's those are the result but we're getting. I let it go on this one we're getting ready to embark in the summer of 2018. Give me one thing in baseball you can hang your hat on too. You can you can hold tight to. That this is legit we saw the first two months of the baseball season this is real it's going to be upheld is going to last through the summer. A player a mark a record a team. We got police DO. Yeah I got some of this story of the year I think in baseball and will continue to be and that show NATO Connie. Indeed. What vehicles angels are making a playoff that they're they're playing very good baseball and they're doing it. It with a guy who's. Pitching in an elite level and hitting an elite level and you know at the beginning of the season. Well I think there are a lot more skeptics of the hitting side then the pitching side. You would hit on both sides and die and I think the angels as we're seeing their moving him back a little bit they're being very cautious with his workload. But surely it's sunny is the real deal and I think in the post he's been at the Eagles make it that far he's going to be huge weapon because they can use him in so many different ways. 23 yesterday he's not shown signs of slowing down nor Steve Gardner will do it again next week buddy had a great weekend. The fairway out how to get around it. And that Steve garner on the all this bringing pizza Friday brought you back to nose pizza right now caller number nine it's a twenty dollar gift card that you know those pizza at 345. 0910. I I wanna get to this next because. I think it's a good story I've enjoyed the story. You know there's too few good positive stories in sports act or it was a good story but now being told it's up and storing. It that next here on fox sports 910 and now the radio dot com. Are flat 09010. Michael Phelps sports editor of the times dispatch who will join us. We'll make but I hamper running out of gas highway Pauly final results of that poll question yesterday. Those who missed yesterday show. Michael Paul woody and I gonna Redskins MTA's Michael living on the edge. Writing it with the light on even though the dashboard did down 26 miles to. We are back on the road and about twenty minutes however. Interesting topic yesterday and one that I'm sure many people took home special to their teenage kids. Do you drive until the light comes on yes or no our final results on that we're 60% of people saying yes they do. Tony does a lot of teenagers it's due to that question I'm but I guess that a lot of teenagers don't listen they show you now. I was in the sports degrees teenager yet you're an old solely to me that's fair and a just one of those things that just never go past quarter tank I don't know why do it's not a weird thing I don't freak out and I do you don't get angry at my wife because he drives the light comes on just habit at this it is total happy that's kind of where it is for me I'm just like not used to it getting down that low. We all who people who grew out of the either you know either mom or dad or both you have that parental influence in your life. And we joke about my mom I'm mom as the original Beverly Goldberg like parents that there's at least one thing your parent burned into your school. There's one thing that it will hall youth to the test of time even you know your parents and your parents passed away and they're long gone. It will still echo it'll still rang true it still haunt you. They'll burn this into your mind. Parents would fear. I would do this Sunday with my daughter you got to sell fear every once in a lot of migrant parents of beer and it's my dad didn't like. You'd if you drive below quarter tank of gas you gonna run out of gas on the bad side of the road getting killed by serial killer is just it's going to happen so. It's been burning in my school never job with anything less than a quarter tank of gas. They're good kids they're your life lesson from the day from uncle us live below and Brian Boucher is gonna join us from the NHL and NBC at 8:20 this morning. Brian who helped lead the Philadelphia Flyers to Stanley Cup finals in 2010 started doing fantastic broadcaster really enjoy listen to a stuff. We'll talk I'm sure Bryant favorite topic to talk about it to about goalies. Some people think the coolest position in sports is a quarterback I've always thought to be goalie. You got two goalies in this series who. Got a crazy house played out here variety of brain hope he's not had his finest year break hoping is that award winning years vezina trophy when he years not been as easy this year. He's found his form he's on his group. And Marc-Andre Fleury who was wrought out of Pittsburgh. Here is playing for another Stanley Cup. I don't write about that date warning we'll get to his thoughts on the series. And a story that. I can't throw this out to the audience because of a regional bias. I can't ask the question what's the better story for the NHL. Washington where the Vegas golden knights if I made a poll question what's the better story you're Demi gas winning is the better story because well job. Look where we're. However I've heard this started to brew is our thoughts. And I'm not exactly getting an am definitely not on board with it and that is that. It's a bad look at the Vegas golden knights are in the Stanley Cup finals is a bad look for the NHL. It an expansion team that didn't exist last year it's a bad look for all other NHL teams that this team came together so quick. And is now playing for Stanley Cup title in their first year. Exactly is that a band look for. Not Vegas. And I don't think the NHL. If you're an organization of your fan of a team and you're saying that's of bed look of the first year team wins that's a bit look for your team. I like to say that's a huge problem. Yeah usually expansion teams think usually they're the basement team but there's no rule that says they have to suck. My understanding that the draft rules were a little bit different little bit more relaxed and Vegas benefited because of that but guess what those players that made up this team. They still came from other team. They were still expendable. To be let. Go. Pittsburgh. Yes. You chased Marc-Andre Fleury had tell the broom. You're angry. He's in the finals you're not at CU problem. I think Vegas is a great story for the NHL. You know why. As people care. People outset hockey care this and this really is this is becoming mainstream Ramon based not only has a team but they're playing for a championship. They got gray uniforms they got a great look anything with the Vegas just makes a little bit more cool. You got George McPhee was done a tremendous job assembling this team and it. It's just not a rockets that just while take him. And I'll take camp and I'll take care it's knowing your personnel making a team creating a team. Doing your job as a front office member. Now good to George's head it. You'd expect him to get here at this is a shock this is surprised this is one of the coolest things have ever seen in sports one the biggest surprises we've ever seen sport. But here's George McPhee who oh by the way build up in Vegas golden knights and the crux the elements the base of this capitals team. Also a build up by George McPhee. I I. I don't know how many people view it that way. I had I I think it's a great story iPhoto it's a great story I didn't know would go this far and yet I still want the capitals to win the I do you Vegas is good all the way around. So now appear if your hockey person out there and you think in this is up and look for our league it's embarrassing first of all. The fact that people are looking at your league. Alexander Ovechkin in the Stanley Cup finals big around here big in hockey circles. Not gonna draw the mainstream body. Vegas golden knights a team an expansion team anybody who knows sports known expansion team is supposed to be bad. Fact that you could see this actually happen. This is a thought this is part one of those crazy thoughts were as things like a sixteen over one sports that there is crazy things in sports that we haven't seen yet. Crazy things and sports a bikini and think of this is one of those agreement they got an expansion team playing for a championship in their first year. I think it's good story in using the band's story and you think it's embarrassing. For the NHL. Maybe embarrassing for your team that the biggest gold knights got here and you guys didn't. Once again that's you problem. Michael Phelps of the times dispatch who join us next. Redskins released a trainee candidates will get his thoughts on the NFL's new National Anthem policy and and yes I'll probably make fun of him for running out of gas on the literate Kenzo routier's we'll do it next box sports 910. Every piece of Bryant wrote imagine knows he's set. 8 o'clock hour Varney in studio the rich device girls Brian Boucher of the NHL and NBC David joining us right now. Number inside dog that yes man. We got to guess man is Michael Phelps sports editor the times dispatch enrichment dot com abiding thank most morning. Mr. Phillips according to the state of Virginia who are sick. Well played by friends. You you have opening August oh that it does but you know you can order to meet them or at your game are correct. Rosie for what my friends. Roast beef true but no way to get laughs hey look at Evans of the best of this that is I distill people I appreciate you. So I can't make fun of Michael when we were two lanes over in the middle of an expressway. In DC and ran out of gas Michael's still found a way to get us off the road to safety without getting run over by eighteen Wheeler. So look at the end of the day I came out unscathed you can add ons gave we got to see practice. Let's okay my friend. Paul Paul any we've ever done card act recommitment you scared the wood man out of riding with us. I hello I'm Michael let's get to double different topics here first of all let me just to circle back to what I was just saying. The Washington Capitals I know you've covered this series that they're Vegas golden knights Stanley Cup finals. Now. We do this in the media we're now I'd have nice things we eat our own the Vegas go to nice it is really good story and now all of a sudden it's supposed to be an embarrassment for the NHL to an expansion team. Could win the Stanley Cup are the biggest nights also now a bad story. They're under such revisionist history at I'd like you to find free people do to the conclusion of the expansion car that roster that. Yeah it's really unfair you guys are gonna win the cup to give it to them now combat I don't I don't remember Sam app. I don't remember a lot of people saying that you know a lot of people that are not. This could be a bad team they're gonna finished bottom of the pact they've got worried that tonight that's about it they you know I understand the rules were slightly weaker this time. George McPhee makes a little stiff took on the back contract to get a better player. He handled the process well lap I don't remember anybody come the expansion draft stand. This team a lot. To make the playoffs. Let alone cannot be talked to people inside that building. They were not prepared for a playoff run neither at the beginning of the season I don't ever played two game to hockey elephant first you'd try to implement public. I think it's attempting anything beyond editor justice ball deep but they're nice story I thought it was important very nice story. We had many conversations about the cats over the years they're finally here they got the Stanley Cup finals and they did about winning game six in game seven who or what impressed you the most. By then winning the last two to get here. Yeah very track because two I think it'd be your ornament in seven and you could spur 18. Coached tight. In answer questions at the press conference tight. Don't display it on a tight total 180 T I think he understood that it now what the Obama called for. I you to relax he was ready he called greats got some alliant. And then an opinion of the benefit of the last change the but it's still managed to get it is players on the recommend you to speak. To meet very trapped in there and how could you not just be real proud of vascular greatest players. Yes certainly and it's really cool and you don't get the chance to play on the big stage. You know and I think it color as a legacy to. Got a prediction for us. You know by him before the market here. But apple is the better look so that we didn't pick. A utility like you still think they dispute the better team on Kirk excuse you've drawn now. Are the way it's important here though the pieces of the puzzle books yelled and the latest flurry and dominated games and put feet all all propped OP OP likes cooking cookies into a do you look at a consistent track record opposed even down into an act that extra in the dictionary. It he got to take me it's been six I really think they're the belt and team. I Jena Canada it been a better team here. Hey you know on a book group and our. Our capital still playing with house money Michael are you ready to admit that you were dead wrong to me. Yeah I'm on it I think it's fascinating you would say that. Early. You get cute with that feeling better but not winning but it out wet at the core but. What happened that they don't win the Stanley Cup or are you gonna go every your act court. Quick Kindle and call this season failure you are tailored and excrement. A great moment and a great time for the that it. It's a different level last series that this this is little bit different now you always say oh wait on it without my. I would never Michael I can never say anything in sports is playing with house money because you can lose something the definition of house money. Is losing nothing that pertains to U of U. Let me play the last time I was wrong about how it was last beat. He going into the military or whoever I use it a solitary or last year yes I that I said. You create playing with house money they won six games are based drug with bronco they get to go to a bowl game. Every every pick them out of their feeling good you know about the program though momentum. So they locked the navy like 40000 point I don't know what could watch and good equity in the first quarter it was ugly. Dad that was a mistake and how might situation actually could have moved backwards they're. Rated T shirts playing with house money not playing with house money aware like you are one of the our marketing campaign for Fries seven point five. Well let but can they get the could pick the running up with a counselor who do the show I. A cup look at the times this that's what I mean to take me out to cover this series in Vegas all means please do it Michael I let it let what. We we've we've bought a copy a little packet. But. I. I got to do is see it Michael your thoughts someone who covers the NFL covers of beats your thoughts on what the NFL owners did by implementing this and the policy. You can't neglect here and then you know who they date trying to find a middle ground and I don't think that we think battle ground story. I think you'd it to. Two to repeat that actually need European I think you neither the draw the hard line and every Padilla come up there and but he spoke. But you look at the FBI which doesn't doesn't get a lot of push back they allow creative expression and other ways and I you know whether it Eilat allowed bad debt or whatever that cleat which is you know people don't know the players on. I you know give give them the opportunity come out warm up shirts that say things. You were there were any number of ways I felt that they could have allowed. You know. If free expression and and police thought. Blow all drawn the hard line on this particular issue makes. The date time for the win win the pick up a lose lose that. Now let's talk about for six more months. Could there almost feel a bit more understanding I wonder if it would just be easier if they would cannot heavy handed and said. Here's the rule stand or else like no option B I wondered. I know that would be a graduate of blowback that would almost be. It almost be simpler there wasn't this compromise that they are trying to go everybody happy. Corrected it would have to say they've gone the other way that you would ever want to do that yet stated you're gonna want to the two directions. People would wind about a prolonged and gotten over it moved on with their lives but instead of weeks. We continue to try to straddle that fence that. Are you went to Europe Paul would you both made the very excellent point that the the National Anthem has never been this thing that stands and spectators and TV viewers. Revere currently you know stopped allies for for a minute based on the stand. Yellen and chat with each other and drink a beer and all that that the united to pretend all of a sudden that that that is that. And you know some kind of query moment of ceremony that the world a standstill for a pretty disingenuous but. You know you you can't straddle that. Don't crown your ever going to win. Thank you Michael thanks to defy dates and alas this week be safe odalis and make sure to guess that has always have to. You gotta thank you Michael Phelps who read the times dispatch a guy that Sunday plus sports section. That is Sunday the Richmond times dispatch is glasses always half full and my card tank is as well and imported does bring up a great PC we don't like who we get called out. We don't like what hypocrisy gets thrown in our face and it's true lot of you guys have had good tweets. Hot takes in passionate feelings about the National Anthem. I brought this up before I question this before you're ready to fire all pro football player and I understand that's okay that's the out that we provide on the show. But when you sit in the stands and the teenage girl is texting on the phone during the National Anthem. Would you guys sit there and he's just he can't can't put those notches down during these guys it does not as it is now during the National Anthem. Would somebody's gotta be talking to somebody can't wait five seconds are you quick to say something about the National Anthem to adapt. We're all tougher on social media are all bigger better a little sexier on FaceBook. Fact is this unity that we have about the end of I get it I support I believe you stand a respect the National Anthem and football players should as well. Abbott some UN stands. As he don't like accountability. Got a states and that happens right Fox Sports Net debt.