Wes McElroy - Hour 2 - Shelby Mast and Mike Jones (2-12-18)

Wes McElroy
Monday, February 12th

Wes welcomes USA Today Bracketologist Shelby Mast and Mike Jones of USA Today in the second hour.


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Some. EO this. These medical wrong on fox sports and fox sports Richmond dot cops. Called the show it three boards by 09 attack or email west and box towards Richmond dot job experience he is the man the last McIlroy I've been Adam 7 o'clock hour. On this Monday thanks for cranking itself whether it be on fox sports Richmond. They'll be fox forced 910. War on the radio dot com that we ask you every Monday. You what are you worsen the weekend and we ask you on this Monday who on the weekend. Was it that young lady running guys who portal to triple Axel. Was Monday red grow our fault why duty air doing three flips twists and something backwards. Was the Brian James it is new look Cleveland Cavaliers. Was it Virginia Tech walking wounded John Paul Jones arena on Saturday night and not get off the booze. Here. Free throw is no good sort crap I've had zero sprinting down the Newsnight angling to the middle he'll put up from thirty feet admitted. Isn't it and then not even just don't think cavaliers might they've done to all of college basketball. That was John laser that was Saturday night that was the John Paul Jones arena as Virginia Tech. Walks in to John Paul Jones arena. Uses defense that's who bugaboo is this season at Virginia tech's basketball in black and defense and turnovers. Well on Saturday night only ten turnovers in their defense holds Virginia to 34%. Shooting on the evening a huge win. As this Monday morning just this Monday we still got a month left until college basketball. Virginia Tech away from the bubble. Out of the bubble the ball wasn't ever go to Virginia Tech this morning they're out of the neighborhood but right now when you're in February that's only renting now buying. Where the Hokies what they gotta do. We're one month away from selection Sunday we're actually one month away from having brackets in our hand on a Monday morning. That means bracket town just a USA today Shelby mess we stop them by in twenty minutes. What about Virginia what about the Hokies what about all we found out yesterday. Before diving to that. Sticking on top of the Virginia Tech you think about this. Might be the biggest win in Virginia Tech basketball history. On Saturday night SO is being kicked around now my history is only limited twelve years of living in Virginia. But the argument was on social media on Saturday night that was one of the biggest wins if not the biggest win in hokey basketball history. As you go back through time and time again had a great conversation about football. Basketball I think for most people we say biggest win of Virginia Tech basketball history. Many would point to knocking off number one duke it 2011. With game day there. Argue is this one. Because you you're the number two team in the country about the being number one. You're on the road. And and here's the big and it is against Virginia. The basketball rivalry. It's not what people think when they think of Virginia Virginia Tech I think a football. But it's still the schools it's still the rivalry of the schools Hokies whose you VA Virginia Tech. It's that you're McCord as it's the transformers and set the odds it's it's collectively one school against another. So the sport. Counts. If the robbery of schools and Hokies get this one. And of all the games to get. When Virginia looks to be having their moment in the sun when it looks like they're going to be number one in the country boom. Virginia Tech comes in an upsets Virginia at home. No it's not been for Virginia pentagon really Virginia Tech could enjoy decadent wait force no it's got to be Hokies. Got a damned. Now I I hesitate and I caution I've I've I pump the brakes a little bit this morning because I don't wanna sound like Dick by -- back in 2011 going. The group but we are important about it. Not. Hokies. This why could end up being a bigger win 2011. That's at Virginia Tech gets in the tournament. And I still got work to do now they're living away from the bubble this morning but they're still talking about teams got the RPI and seventy. I think their strength of schedules in the 300 news that's only there seven converts witnessed all work to do. But Virginia Tech they'd buy themselves an insurance when they got duke coming up twice to get to Miami to got global they got Clemson. And here's probably the biggest take away they showed they can play defense. They showed their cable doing what they're doing on Saturday night what they did against Virginia a sound solid team. Who was all a mark who did things of uncharacteristic of Virginia Tech showed what they're capable of Eric Donna gill lazy on every time that they're they're not a 100% effort buzz is because look suit Joseph did etc. nice Charlottesville. They go. I would argue that's the biggest win now to make it the biggest win to make it not an argument compared 2011. You've got to get in a torn. What bulletin. We will talk to Shelby man's USA's practicality is coming up here in just about fifteen minutes from now. And also has camp. Virginia. Is number one. Because I know this morning Virginia fan this this must be moments on right. Even though it's gonna rain today it was just be your moment in the sun. You were supposed to be number one. Technically you are. Got a crazy the irony you wanna be there once so bit. And you end up being number one to the people that count the selection committee yesterday. Doing their biggest mocks sixteen their one month out they did that top. Sixteen teams how they had it by quadrant how they had to buy bracket out in cedar right now and overall number one was Virginia. Even with the loss Saturday night they said hey look at Villanova who looked at Purdue looked at Virginia and because of their quadrant wins. Virginia is the number one team and if you don't know what I mean by keep seeing quadrant lob she'll be messed explain that you need to know that and you know a lot over the next thirty days. But I I'd be curious of your Virginia and. But I mean. Yes let's racing and number one they're the ones account so is it. Hey we're number one or is it as. Because there is there is that Virginia and it really wanted to have EP vote this morning put down number one museum piece of paper. They want to have watched them bite that bullet in state. Virginia one. Well you know what happened on Saturday night you know the haters you know the critics they tuned in they said yeah there you go that's my Virginia can't win. Add sit in on a moment's can't hit the big shots that primetime stage that was. That seemed Virginia's ban that was a threefold nightmare nightmare on Saturday night one 'cause the Hokies BA. Tune because you Cadillac offense and that's the march the year you get into a survive and advance game and the offense and the shots don't drop. And pretty you know everybody was watching it. A note the argument against it. Enough offense in drop shots and they were Saturday night for too long ungodly stretches we could hit anything. Annually shoot 34% in Kyle guy at times looked like he could hit the broadside the barn. And you go all the critics out there all the ones that you want to have an edict on Monday morning about the right number one it is gone yet to see you look I was right. The Virginia and his goes Omaha. I'm not doing the hater thing this morning I'm not tell you all things a Virginia is in what they can't be year what dealer. There's still on top four teams in the country. According sliced tomato number one. And there was buddy of office and they took on the oval and there was not open to come back from eleven down against Florida State so I basically they've lost. What made a shocking is in the and allowed things that they do so very well they did not and that was uncharacteristic. And proud guy. You gotta learn about. Best able daisy got a what about some shot selection. Anti drone. Wanna ten from three I'm with many people I thought couple of those threes. End of regulation and overtime I thought one was going to be a dagger. The credit Virginia Tech became an on Saturday night they won that game. So what's it mean going forward. With the needs of the standing with the need for their seeding Mike Bartrum times dispatch to talk Hokies whose but we'll talk Shelley mess about the big picture of practicality. My only request is I watched this yesterday. It's what two threes there gimme all 68. That's my only request. I know I've been to Ghana soap box asking every Monday how the slipped committee reveal the top sixty made you were against it okay fine I lose that argument. You're very this weekend you're there in the room altogether watch of basketball you're starting on number one you're deciding on the quadrant to deciding on 123 more. Gimme all 68. What are Hokies are. Doing a mob against Tony Allen 810 teams are and I'm just. Simple request. Political question who won the week it was at Virginia Tech basketball. Was it. Read roared are snowboarding man the we promote good nickname for him or beat maybe has a good nickname. Mirai Nagasu proposal to triple Axel. Or is LeBron James in new look cavaliers put the beat down on the Boston Celtics right now Virginia Tech basketball leading the poll question early on 54%. For the Hokies I'd vote away and go to. Fox sports Richmond dot com a night. I did re tweet that video of Ryder gossip. Practicing the triple Axel. On her two feet which looks like she's on the it's been circle. He's got the shoulder brace on and they're spitting your. And that she jumps up and spin this is how you train and xxx would go watch this at west fox sports 910 it's on Twitter again therefore even players Tribune. Impressive last night which poet are also kicked around during the break. Your figure skater. But this longer this game too because this has changed this year you can values lyrics in songs. The wonder from Russia last night admiral Elvis going on. The guy from the US the at a camera on yet he was cold play yeah. So you're out there yeah that was Neil I don't remember here in there before housing is this new thing I could remember Winter Olympics years ago realizing had to get. The new quit it's vice all the invention or the elaboration of a lot of X games into the Winter Olympics now right they go this classic the give you get younger eyeballs. And it was sold to people know. So. Song that you would skate to. Paul and about represent the United States of America in the singles when we skate into and we go to get the eagle up the crowd. Are you go for more your mood and style we don't feel like I would go more for I'd wanna go summit obviously inspirational 'cause that would it would get the crowd hybrid also for when you're out there on the ice is usually the ice do you want the crowd would you rather have the crowd standing shear or the crowd moved to tears. Long I think I'd rather have them. Rather I'm standing cheer in now did just I I think I'd I'd go that they. Tears is you know. That's nice but I'd rather have the thunderous applause what goes on Twitter song that you would skate to system money to mull this one over. Because assuming out exactly you can go so many different ways with that says you if you wanna get the crowd up in their feet clapping and stopping moved having a good time or if you let them stunned if you went and shot to Buick and jaw dropped in amazement. A year and just your ability which we saw last night and rot ride a gossip who's just she seems to Glaxo. Anybody you're standing interview at the gym this morning Joseph up in the air so you can make it all the way around I wonder if I could even spin around three times just standing on solid ground and be fine that's one thing I was wondering I think you into the hallway right now. And CB can jump in here it's been around pools are openly try. We can track I don't know if I wanna get injured on the workplace not meant to put this up as a video of the day usually it's a hot takes segment by me believes that to see if Paula can jump in the air in Simi times that Citigroup to time I used it two times around I've always wondered how they spin repeatedly and don't get dizzy after that to. Spoken yet focused Boyd alleges a ballroom dancer she taught me about this before we got to focus on one thing images. It's easier says and don't especially when your eyes student mouton. I go vote on the poll question who won the weekend it's up and noble fox sports Richmond dot com. And we will take you winner and your worst of the weekend let us know Wes fox sports 910 get your phone calls coming up 3450910. Mike Jones sixes around the NFL at 745 but next one month away from brackets. When Shelley mess think about one Virginia 23 and four and cookies at this morning by about next fox sports 910. Guess you're a winner and worse than a weekend coming up also doesn't think it's giveaways in 2018 Virginia wine explode. Today in fifteen minutes from now right now not a basket most morning. Everyone's still feel 11. Way or the other good or bad how things shut down Saturday night John Paul Jones arena in Charlottesville as. It got to be number one but that Virginia lost but then according selection committee yesterday the number one. So we make of it all but to bring in chubby netspective dollar just bracket wag dot com USA today as we combine as work. She'll be joining us on the deep Mercer rug cleaning hotline I shall be Virginia had a chance to be number one in the polls. They were number one of the RPI they lose the Hokies at home. But did Villanova loses and the sludge committee says Virginia's number one team in the country do you see it that way as well. Well I didn't I had Xavier moved up to the one line because they had worked here one road wins. But those three are so close I had no problem Virginia being number one overall. If you look at the top four teams right now how much separation that separation is there between the one seeds and the two seats. Thought banker and your pop. 31 season. Virginia Villanova Xavier they have terror separated themselves from everybody else for duty as the last one lead. Almost seemed to me like the committee had their mind made up of all the law student wrote this week's. But the other candidate for the one line you've got Auburn duke Cincinnati Kansas they're all night teams but. None of their resume screened one seed right now I think Purdue's mayor. And temporary basis probably. As somebody else is gonna come through this what separate Texas Tech is well we've got a road when it came that they're leading the big twelve that play into or more. Shelby mess with this and USA today Wes McIlroy fox sports night and showed if you wouldn't mind this is from Bruce Rasmussen whose the committee chair says that they. Despite your VA's laws we felt that based on their thirteen wins in the first two squadrons they deserve to remain on top if you could I know it's early if you could the most simple way explained quadra system because. We hear a lot about it over the next two months or that or the next month. Ride what the committee doing this year as opposed to your years at the look at top fifty rpm wearing top 100. And then and so now they get put more weight on the road so your blog no one is homeland verses one through thirty. He drove in wondered if Pete and road wins 1% of the pop. Well the importance of road win it is pretty big right now. Virginia is that circuit of one they're wrapped slogan to a wall vs. Walker lurches through border to cure to whatever terminology used. That the very impressive record they really have no bad law the divorce law as we get home to Virginia Tech. Fifty particularly RPI. But that does all under the guidelines for a group truly small so not too terribly bad. They just tried to break it down to reward these genes for winning on the road. All right so let's flip this around enough about Virginia not Virginia Tech they were the winners they were the story of the weekend. What do Saturday night in terms of quadrant and RPI would senator I do the Hokies marshals. Well it improve them greatly I do agree with David Villa are disagree with Jay bill. He said they're a lot for the termer right now to me at team has a lot when they can afford to lose every game on their schedule remaining. Humid pluck their first proper term game and still getting it. Virginia Tech still had six regular season games left plus one of the term it's open seven netbook and an eighteen and fourteen. I don't look but not a law by any stretch. The day and improve their chances greatly act had them in the playing game going into the game against Virginia. They're now I have got to an eight seed maybe and ninety but there that eight map grange. Meaning that they could they can. They can absorb a couple more losses but still we're still feel pretty confident about their chances. But don't try to lose them all they. Your law you can buy Shelby's work at bracket wag on Twitter brackets algae in USA today as you roll through the sixteen that we got yesterday from the selection committee. Who is over seeded who was under seeded. Well there were two that really stood out to me Cincinnati and accused C a man but try to knock them they're very good seeing. But is that the committee instructed me to big wins. Cincinnati's best RPI wins over buffalo. A nice team but that's not a game that screams hey you know about the that the Internet could win the next women best wins against temple. A bubble team for sure. They have beaten no teams that are that would be in the bracket right now without what their power Serb. Tech attack on the other hand as a clean sheet up well too low. They they lead the big twelve and get the winning game that they've got several group one wins. I did in the they're very solid quality receivers what they've got would be chant that they came to cooperate that was a fluke. We thought all those two probably should have been let plot other than that I really had no big issue. They do may have been the best high add them as three. But it to him and argue that too much. Children to go to the back and that over time I saw the six billion we didn't see the full 68 so I ask you because you break this down on a daily basis whose lid on the bubble who's who's right there in the east 6768. School parameter. While you got several team there there's still I've only got sixteen teams locked in right now well especially everybody else is still on the bubble then they if they lose that they're not safe. What the ones that are of most tenuous to me your Kansas State. Louisville. Providence what Carolina state saint Bonaventure Houston. They US seeks all of those scenes could lose just one more law adopted in Al. Another good win would sure help but it would secure that spot in the term. Shelby messed USA today because I look forward to multiple conversations with you to the next month dispose start here. Gimme a team to watch for the next thirty days where we are a month away from selection Sunday a mile away from brackets. Give me a team that's keeping them by an island to make a move either in or out. I'm gonna give you ten teams that are here right now that I think could be had to contend. From the southeast conference tech that they man Alabama. Both of them have had kind of bar overseas and what they're up and down but they have had a bad tactic win they they want at Auburn this week. Alabama just destroyed Tennessee. If those. Team burn their a games to play their final four contenders. As part of the team movement in that on the outside right now heat about Baylor they're playing good ball right now. That had kind of an up and empty and as many teams have. But they just beat chain that you and that the kind of win that you're looking well. At bracket wag WAG brackets algae USA today dot com Shelby will do it again shortly. What separates her and I appreciate you Shelby mask used to that name which I cannot USA today but love that and Shelby on. So they go that's a Shelby season and is now Virginia number one committee does. And I'm getting mixed reaction here where it's like I don't care where number one selection committee some people are saying yeah our buddy Andrew Frey never NBC to obviously you can. Can say that Virginia won the weekend because they end up being number one by the selection committee. Yeah but you still one of the writers that the put that down their ballot. Ever Virginia Tech I will I would agree with Shelby not from airing on the side of caution but side Jack. I was in 2011. I listen to date by dousing and a. Invented the bottom end. Our bill let's say good night and at wind does go a long way especially once you start understanding how the quadrant system works. But still there is still a road here you're still what 56 RP IR militant good years to the schedule and you still have what what's now the Hokies they're sentenced to seven winning conference. You still wanna get today at nine win just the feel safe. Even if you got to do in the ACC tournament. Yeah that win puts them at seven and five in the conference and I guess maybe North Carolina home and it's even bigger than they beat Virginia on the road but I. There's there's still a month left things can happen. They won that one Saturday night. To the Victor go the spoils you winner of the weekend your worst we'll take your phone calls next phone lines are open Mike Jones goes around the NFL. In a rest we're talking about. A new coach in the NFL. We'll get to that 745 to four Liza you're next winner and worst of your weekend far away all eyes are open we'll be right on next 345. 0910. Fox sports night in. Let's McIlroy fox sports night says hey guess what Indianapolis Colts haven't paid coach. It's for real it's gotten. Today at fifteen minutes along with an arrest which if you got a red flag in your somebody up the draft this. This is not good news for you Mike Jones USA today we'll Jonas. At 745 banks to show they messed USA today's brackets out his bracket wag dot com is the web site. And they request not yesterday yesterday it was neat it is. Something to watch on TV when they unveiled the top sixteen. And I know I've been campaigning every Monday night give me your top 68 at the slick commute together every Monday night in the top 68 or else there that's a box this morning. My point is if you're all there and you're in the same room. Gimme a 68. I'd ever want to basketball we get. Go to sixteen teams I can gait can pomp and I didn't get the staggering rankings and they can get eight people. Aren't. Effort worthwhile bringing out there and selection committee room below 68 OC replace its everybody stands who's in who's out. Legal outrage a month now. Yes we are month away from brackets that brought those who miss football as we gave it a big win enough going on. So I could deal with all things that we had this weekend your winner and your worst the weekend of phone lines are open to you get your right on 345. 0910. Twitter handle outweigh its fox sports 910. Pauly. You are winner and your worst of the weekend. Wanted to go my what are the weekend is gonna be ray Girard mom and seventeen years old when the first gold for the US and then when he team where Olympic Games that was my best I didn't really have a worst does it was a great weekend. Washington Saturday night hundred touched on this earlier we watch a lot of sports in this two week we watch a lot of games to watch a lot of amazing things and there's things that make you go blow and this is along the lines of we don't know what we're watching which makes me even more impressed of I don't. When I'm trying to learn the rules I'm trying to Google ought to triple Axel isn't trying to understand this that third. To watch a guy throat just go through the air in if you try to comprehend what's the name of the actual event again because there's snowboarders the half pipe and then there's this is slow style which is what he'd be event that he wants to go down a metal pole. And then to go to this ball and in this tale and then to go over rain hampered shooting you essentially force stories into the air in your clearing up a football field where you're. Now back in my younger days Paul back in the back in the old days back in the day as us old people say I used to be able to go off the damn bored with the flip and twist. This cat's doing. Three back flips with its ways this that and it. I explain it that's what's so amazing to me I'm assuming you can't do. I'll flip and twist anymore they added a twist tragically try that two Summers ago and 888 did not end well. I don't know what happened just local lending rattled. I'm I'm so impressed by the Olympics. I will not to give my winner of the week to my where the week goes to Virginia Tech. Really the whole story it was all about Virginia on Saturday and I'm glad I got caught up and we agrees Davis here on Friday were talk about Virginia this Virginia that Virginia being boring Virginian critics. And it was also up right there in Virginia tech's Edwards Lee Corso from the other game day not so fast my friend. And I credit Virginia Tech because they didn't it didn't do spooky they did it would defense that limited their turnovers they took Virginia's down the first half and went right back got a word on the shot clock hit big shots. Yes they survived fatal mistakes in the beginning part of the game. But in the end they they found a way India and they got the job done. And worst the weekend. Paul right there which I didn't have. It could have been the worst the weekend seeing BC use an eighteen point lead at the end of that game against Dayton on Saturday however. They did find a way and here's Mike roads and what he said the team as they come multiple war. Tied up 41 seconds left lose an eighteen point lead to Dayton this after losing a dozen poured into Richmond couple nights before what did you say to the team coach. Know for a split second you guys came over and we've been using this term all love all your long it takes what it takes. Can't tell you what it is all the time but it takes what it takes that I sell about eight times around to them. And it's 55 permanent status and let's find a way let's find a way and and let's move on from the Foreign Ministry unified many came figured out and and I'm really proud of our guys on the stretching just in Tillman. Click the seniors today and give us an unbelievable effort. 37 points of the night scored seven of BC news nine in overtime had. Big big moments on both ends of the floor for just and Tillman rebounds blocks cleanups and balls around. Loose around the rim. This year will look it if you're waiting for the defense to kick in don't hold your breath. There's a lot for VC you have to play four in. And yes they they are due to a lot of things and how they yeah act of that lead on Saturday night. And I would not have wanted to be in here on Monday we'll hope that it did they lose a game on anyone know in my inbox was a sought after Wednesday and I want to think about it but. But they they found a way to win. Maybe I was not aware or lose but they've found a way to win and there's still something here was VCU team UCLA finish. Still a chance at top four spot in the eighth in tournament which makes Wednesday's game even bigger against Davidson. The date they don't have the tiebreaker against Richmond and who on Saturday even with. Having the market bucking and it would have been a tall task begins seemed monitor they did not have them you hope to have you back tomorrow night when they play against Rhode Island. The BC still has Bonaventure GW Mason Fordham you mess left that's the second and third place team that after that I got the bottom of the gates and to beast you could still end up with twenty win season. And you want to see how they responded from Wednesday night. It's at an app you wondered but in overtime they found a way. Until my worst weekend is among these antibiotics. So I've had this virus again this buyers to both Sunday had to get up and go over to patient first. So abilities in a Vioxx I don't think the antibiotics that feeling garbage if I think the antibiotics that feel nauseous. My worst the weekend as we look to my wife and I said so this is I felt the first trimester. I guess that dingle now that now this no don't and men don't ever see you want your woman. Hey I don't ever hour high you must've felt when you were pregnant because I'd I know how you felt when you're pregnant I get it now I understand that stare hurt me. It's gonna say he's the she's gave the look. As it was Sean enrichment your winner and worse the weekend when he gets on. A good morning what I hope he didn't get it back and after act IMAP now we're look past this how solid I dig back in about my door this weekend she clocked me do it but no not legal right. Now my up by Al. What are the weekend without piggyback an -- a year what you just about eight CO NN they that could choked up you have big lead but they came back on the just and someone with 37 points and I think he's got to. Eleven or twelve double double on the seat and me is at a phenomenal senior year and then. My out worse for the weekend task in my Laporte Buffalo Sabres they're finally get on a two game winning streak. Beat the Bruins and then in the last game Jack eichel high ankle sprain against the Bruins are and that just that. We'll get another and number one her chief draft pick again this year of their duties until the following year. Sean heads up little bunny heads up my friend. Guess they're breaking down hockey thought he would get into savers talk in a Monday morning. Speaking of skating point are kicking this around earlier. Because value of lyrics in figure skating what song would you bigger scheme to reverse course now don't Wear. If you're figure skater you'll coming out the mogul was yours. What song are you skating to and I never know some you guys sarcastic or real. Brian writes in. Come sail away. With a crescendo building right before I go for the triple or quadruple axle. A three got to hit it right there up in the air that's the F. It in slow motion on the replay that would look fantastic to this song. Go straight up the richer blacks I look at the quadruple waksal the quadruple waksal was equal to the triple Lindy from back to school. It's never been done before is only emit. Only by Rodney Dangerfield and we know that was Hollywood. DJ Wright cinema go Lil Jon get low. Work and don't. So there that's the question Paula. Your music if you want the people up things into this would be this would get the crowd like opted back and forth man you would get them up and out of their seats at her side so I guess. You figure skater was down not that we have any clue what you could and could not figure skates new but I don't know if you can figure skating to open. Well it's usually there's so there could be something there. Peter writes in dual AC DC for those about to rock. On this is a good one. Isn't. It starts. This is no witnesses for. There were talking about things on skates isn't your hockey team comes on the ice who is the buildup to the crowd it's been lights around the arena. John's ladies and gentlemen yeah you'll. Washington Capitals. Now this streak down the esteem fires about what happened and because what you're figure skates is what you and figure skate two boys boys still working on his. I'm going to go with a classic one it is always good to get the crowd going from. To see me shoot out game. Miss being around them husbands or do you just I don't know I'm going around us the rain falling I'm going around the rink because we really don't want to help don't go lower premiums go to speak. I'll go to round. Now my answer it and get the crowd going. I'm proportionate on the Centre of the ice pack here comes to actual. Now there's nuts. America the world loves me so your ears your state around here like actually get in the crowd hype yourself and we got a little musical play to the crown this in the crowd so. Enhance the just look at the jet the judges who look at the crowd got. Thought we doctor double fault he's the man I think you can act to buy everything else Stephen Donahue what was the figure skating movie blades of glory yet. I've never seen that movie really what what the characters is McIlroy isn't it yes god he's Jody McIlroy. We get one movie in Hollywood these my last name and you haven't seen it though and a movie you actually suit there there is. Formula 51 was Samuel Jackson mechanic his name is Elmo mackerel. These drug dealer that that doesn't farewell for the Mac rename alive scared drug dealer you make the call. Mike Jones joins us next in the US edited talk a little football sent over your winner and you were the weekend and incinerators song. What song for you what song would you figure skate two in the Olympics now that you can use lyrics. I don't this nonsense now now guys you and you look nonsense aisles and you have to procrastinate. And there's two days away from Valentine's Day so what he gonna do about it I know you're gonna do when I tell you what to do. You'd get to work in you're gonna go pro flowers dot com and good order roses for her because you heard dope. But you need to know how big of a dope you're just know that you know that you waited two days until Valentine's Day because they were still guaranteed delivery on Wednesday. Even habits and a day early and all honey you know I was still pro active I was so early on those that must deliver a day early to your office. Home office wherever it may be different parts of the country pro flowers dot com. And here's how you do it good pro flowers dot com you get 20% all you purchase of 29 dollars or more. Pro flowers dot com user Michael west and check out WES. In the special goes by to check out. Pro flowers dot com used the code west Valentine's Day you. It's two days away get on it now pro flowers dot com use the code let's get to 40% off fox sports 910. Give back to your winners in your worst that we again style as globally talk nonsense and they show you guys come through so good. So well we'll get back to the songs that you were figure skater what song you would scapegoat. Outlets fox sports 910. Back then moved to the top of the robber right now look we will not make you go cold Turkey without any football I know there's no football but there is plenty of football news we bring in Mike Jones and USA today. Rusty by early tavern in the shops and brought our drug would start here the Indianapolis Colts finally have a head coach they finally got their guy. The fight right. So just from the standpoint that frank Reich wanted this job and there was no hesitation. In the cold and getting a better eye for the gig then Josh McDaniels. Com I think so when you just look at. You know there are a lot of people around the league who had questions as to whether adjustment in hills was ready to be head coach in limbo or is the great these are people on the yes. He's got success there in New England. But he's working under Bill Belichick is working with Tom Brady and things were just so disasters in Denver that people had their questions. They now it's frank Reich who is the guy who. Hadn't been there work with Tony Dungy. And Peyton Manning in both of them spoke very highly of them he has been a grinder it that success. Everywhere he is then he has been a player in this week. You know you remember. The amazing you know playoffs when he had there when he is billion Purdue and tell. You know this is the guy. We've got a lot of respect. He's got a great offensive mind. He was very involved in the success from the Eagles so Eagles for giving the opposite coordinator from the Super Bowl loser they opened coordinator from the Super Bowl winner there. So just his maturity in leadership skills. I think that they probably did wind up getting the better guy. Here's a guy you don't more people in the league and I do but here's a guy that a lot people said this guy deserves this shot it it he deserves a chance he's worked his way up. And with him at the head coach and we know now what's going on the general matter spot it feels like the colts have a structure. But there's always that big question to help the danger lucky to have the structure you can have a coach together GM the question in India is do you have the quarterback. Yeah that's going to be I'm a big question that are available followed very closely throughout the whole off season the colts build good about Andrew looked beat the good about its progress. They think that he's going to. Finally. The trees you know full strength they're not Russian mini way they are holding him back in make you big baby steps forward. You know that he would probably like to be going at a faster pace but they don't want a repeat fate at the setbacks or anything like that in so. He is they're hoping he's going to be ready know what it's going to be very instinct meat is going to see if if they either create and seagate any a more reliable veteran quarterback or at the draft is to try to draft a may have a sane in the first round but. At some point in the draft as an insurance policy but either way. Whether they had to look whether somebody else they have a guy it was a very good quarterback. Teacher. My guys who can and we've been in the battle himself in his ineffective communicators. And will be very good for whatever quarterback they have going forward. He's Mike Jones USA today Wes McIlroy fox sports 910 the story last night was Ruben Foster. Stud linebacker and Alabama goes Sampras go in the draft arrested for the second time in less than a month. Now this is disturbance call and alleged domestic abuse Jersey who can't speculate on this but I'm gonna put this to what we have coming up and that would be the draft. If you're have a red flag on your roster. How how intensified as it now because of what's going on with Ruben Foster just a year later. Well I think that it really is gonna make team they are already very cautious and and sometimes they overlook things because the talent. But it's probably got to make them think not just the second in time for the third time as to whether they want to roll the dice on a guy. You know everybody's done their homework they do their background checks things like that and they feel like they've got a good understanding of who that guy is. And they're wrong sometimes just like they do her homework in Philly and go out of the players somebody has had their wrong this is definitely obviously. Not a group that is awful thing of Peru and fostered the bad thing for the 49ers. And you know they're probably going to be some guys to maybe have a red flag the might get passed over. Maybe unfairly just because people are scared of what you know it would. A repeat of the Rubin Foster type the bank but. We'll see how it plays out but you're exactly right you know as welcomed the strapped beaten everybody on their homework and they're probably gonna dig just a little bit deep on some of these guys now. Yet those thought I got a lot of Redskins fans want to see on their team held on Saudi 5000 dollars bail released late last night. Josie one more stick with the same team Jimmy garage below five years 100 in 37 and a half million dollars how did this change reset the quarterback market. Law that I think did it just gives confirmation. To what Kirk cousins. Not that he was going to be worth you know we we knew that OK who's crane on 24. Million last year and then. The transition tech beat your we've got to be 28 franchise tag was going to be. About almost 35 so figuring that his value would be somewhere that 27 to thirty million dollar range. Now that. Alex Smith from the Redskins got the point five million Jimmy grapple oak. Got two point seven and a half million which broke. The record that Matt Stafford signed last year which broke the record did their cards signed. Just a few months of course Stafford now. It's just gonna continue to go up the floor for negotiations for Kirk cousins is point seven and a half million maybe 28 million. And then it'll go from there and then you know you have guys like. Who work you know drew breeze up for contract. Now he's older. So it weird do you figure that is earning potential is how much salary cap space they take up how long do you wanna Biden for but guys like Aaron Rodgers. Matt Ryan who upper contract extension there agent or sit back and loving this because they wait for the preach market is take care of itself. And it then the they will go and ask above and beyond that the without Steve Kirk cousins can get anywhere between 2830 million dollars. Aaron Rodgers is going to ask for more than that and you got the resonate group that you work more. Jones did hear from buzz in the background and he's won a few things we got breaking NFL news in your wife is mad at you for not doing something so go jump on that AN CP I'm not a you wrote I don't carpet there you gotta Mike Jones brought to you by Hurley is tavern in the shops and n.'s Brooke and just in case Jones he does have breaking news is Twitter handle at five Mike Jones USA today fox sports science and west McIlroy. Divers backing the upset Saturday night in Charlottesville.