Wes McElroy - Hour 2 - Sam Ravech and Michael Phillips (4-13-18)

Wes McElroy
Friday, April 13th

Wes is live from Funnville and welcomes Flying Squirrels broadcaster Sam Ravech and Michael Phillips of The Times-Dispatch in the second hour. 


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Some noise and you know this. It's magical role on fox sports. Fox sports Richmond dot com. Calls to show it 34509. Attack or email west and box towards Richmond dot job experience. He is the man in the last smack go wrong you are yeah. And Adam get a chance. Because. It's time to go to but bill. At the opening day in the army eighth 2008 team was McIlroy on this Friday morning. From the diamond where it is it's unreal. It is opening day the squirrels tonight playing in front of a sold out crowd here. As things begin to rise some people out the field TV newscasters do their lives it's been here no ballplayers just yet. It peaceful Friday morning as the sun begins to arise over the left field lawfully invincibility the sun beginning to arise over the left field wall bull players there and being. Game at 7 o'clock tonight I'd done I note in schooling I know might nightly guy. I'm just talk show hosts will you win on this Friday morning brought do you buy it you know those pizza. Report by 0910. Twitter handle west fox sports 910. Come up our bodies and Ravitch will be. Like squirrels broadcasters will join us thoughts and opening day. I'm a little bit about this ballclub you'll be seeing here as. The diamond looks absolutely. Man. Plastic you won't gain and you'll notice. The changes they have made here at the diamond we have an absolute data on we're gonna be here doing the show till 9 o'clock the Coca dogs and eleven to one inch combined. We if your area if you're not just that but there's no strings attached free hot built an eleven to one. I'll be out they're growing with our friends and squirrels stop by grab a free I don't if to say thank you to all baseball fans it's it's it's that it's opening day so. The squirrels like to do fun things for the community in the community to stop by pick up free hot dog today. From eleven to one out in the brought parking lot right up there in the first base side. This afternoon with spots which nights and and the Richmond flying squirrels. Where did the diamond look reported seeing a baseball game tonight grab an adult and beer myself our buddy party will be stop them by. Talk about the new outfield wall and features and sound system. I love that put this whole war the wrote the show all the guys if the four players have gone from this ballpark. In just the time of the nine years at the squirrels is eight years because nine years starting the day. You have had eight years and 54 ball players bought the squirrels to the giants. And let me say this and if you call me a shield its line I'm not a spokesperson for the U article on the issue opens squirrels I am. This team this organization it is so impressive how they continually continually change reinvent themselves. Keep coming up with something new keep putting millions not a couple books millions of dollars each all season. In to this place they've been here for nine years they came here on good day. They have waited patiently in the continue to make the best of the situation and the ballpark Madonna looks fantastic you'll notice things as soon as he walked game. But it does they they keep working they're not better they don't let the players crumble underneath their feet every year they keep you keep pouring more money and displace. Just trying to make it better for you to try to make the experience better and they should be commended for that it's not just hey come to a baseball game. Eat dog grabbed a T shirt and then get out here nowadays they as our body party has said a million times in many ways. They're not the baseball business there in the memory maker business so kudos to them compliments to them the place looks fantastic and I am looking forward baseball and I am looking forward to tonight. Number 3450910. Twitter handle at west spot sports 910. Analyze it last night the capitals yak it up 20 lead the act of the 32 lead. And they act up game number one in overtime to the Columbus Blue Jackets this is. This is a gay or they don't look back and data was in this series with many people believe is going to be a series that will go game seven could go either way. They'll look back at it very closely on paper costs will be the top five minutes left to go to that left them short handed. And you had done it beat Jones it's Popeye Jones kid scored the goal that night yet the penalty called on them and the crazy enough. Actually almost turned it back into an empty net. But he ends up scoring on the power play the game goes to overtime and here is our buddy John Walton with the final call. Here comes your back. Like shard gets into those old little right wing. And a pass broken up by DuBois he had Veronica wrapped like a long hitting your way right now but Eric my. Webb shot across the watch it and why did against Jacko should have met face. Our hearts that they could aaron's story should they talk like smaller than that at the Columbus Blue Jackets are one game water quality it's Eastern Conference quarterfinal series leading group hour and a final stroller Columbus horror and Washington to worry. John alone Katz radio net org gave her right here on fox sports 910 by the way it's set Jones it's Popeye Jones kid he was the one who scored the game tying goal. With four point six left in regulation goes to overtime. And in any game where the the caps blow it you'll need at 32 lead. The Blue Jackets lost three guys in this game one do a guide to right in the nose. Columbus persistent and the capitals make that big mistake and now they lose game one delay of game two coming up on Sunday night which I still believe that no group now are. Who was not exactly sharp not exactly on point I believe he gets the game to start but here's Barry trots after the game commenting about his goalkeeper. There right now in general reevaluate that your question if we go back pack I think right now that Phillips of the body work was good I thought he was fine I mean we're imminent sources Donald reevaluated all the holes are real value order team and where we're at and won't go from there. I think you'll see him start game two but the question about him is with Braden will be playing better down the stretch with their being a goal keeper question going into this series. How sure is that leash on Sunday night but the mistake. Mistakes that to handle the air that to a power play goals allowed and blowing two leads that one. That could be costly for the cast nationals lose last night they're not making a DC fans feel any better they lose the Colorado Rockies five to one. Top of the nets order goes over for fifteen not exactly their GO Gonzales a winless in five innings and a night where the I really need them after going to the bullpen so much in the previous six days. No offense though starting pitching they lose back to back games that's the first war against the Rockies. And the NBA post season begins tomorrow. Including that Toronto if you have no faith in the capitals right now I don't know what kind of beaten him in the wizards Toronto was it start tomorrow along with ample series. Paula our poll question brought to you by all federal. Do you want rather cavaliers warriors NBA finals and right now we're dean overwhelming results saying give me something new 74%. Say they wanna see something other big caps warriors. Yeah I wondered about it being four years one year maybe who many that you vote Telus fox sports Richmond dot com. And all put out west fox sports 910. Are we got a lot of baseball that I would keep it light what you have Margaret debut a new segment here in ten minutes without friends. From Wendy's. Let me get this through diet and and you get five minutes and then I'm moving on. Yeah interceptor report yesterday about comic and it. And his report was that after arranging for count company to work out and Seattle team officials postponed the trip. After cabernet declined to stop kneeling during the nationally at the next season. Ian Rapoport followed up that report by saying the Seahawks they've postponed tentatively it worked out with cap and but it was not the cozy declined to stuck needling the team asked for a plan moving forward on how to handle everything. There was reform plan so they count a postponed it. And they hope to reschedule at a later date basically John Schneider Pete Carroll wanna can I predict consider how he's got to proceed on everything just yet them. It together at a later date when his plans are more formed. Seattle has except the players who have spoken out before. But it's. But there's two different stories here are some people are saying that the NFL's getting its narrative out through Ian Rapoport the seals are getting an out there are no no. Let's remember there's the big question about red and account gap but it is on the sidelines because of his protest or because he's not a good quarterback. I'll spare the politics hour I'm not on there. This has no politics that says no agenda this is just straightforward the truth. I'd like to know what this berm plan that they're waiting forest. And I think that maybe they wanna play because they probably wanna know does that include making his own cabinet is going to make political stance. Is the plan that he's gonna be working for a certain social group debate they know who is gonna check it out before it but it affiliated with them. Is he going to work with the local police department is gonna work with local youth charities like some of the Seattle Seahawks players do. And yes there's the big question will he continue to take indeed that you better believe that is absolute question that is as and that is being on. Is there's something that commit count temperate stopped taking Indy or is he good taken the no matter what. Most of viewers and right now I'm so sick of this topic I know you mark. And that's why this is a topic and that's why this is a discussion in this as wide as the question of the Seattle Seahawks that eggs we won because you are sick of it. And let me say this in the five in the three minutes left Seattle once a plan. Because one big problem on capitol is. He's never had a plan. Is protest had no plan. All the good work the count cap and it is done before you jump ball and Twitter and you tell me all the things account cap and it is done out cabinet is done a lot of good work in the community. He's done a lot of good charity work in the past year he has raised a lot of my millions of dollars is acts of kindness. All clouded by his protest. Go back to where the solved yet he didn't wanna by the military in one of them veterans. He he wasn't protesting the military he wasn't. But the message the social injustice he was protesting. Quarterly loss because. Everyone thought he was protesting the income by taken in knee. That started the discussion about protesting American protests in the military and Colin account Gabbert was not doing. But it was totally lost because. He didn't they get through. And people instantly went oh count epics and it's open. Remote. Really had to say whatever what you really want to say play poker player. Many try to clear that up and he goes out or inside the bigs on and more people what. A ball. They were teacher and you open up to about Fidel Castro and how to get a good plan and what I. People turned out Tonka critic and yes I know that things account pepper nick has done. Money he's raised he bought bought suits for guys out on parole I know about that stuff. But enough people bowl because Colin in the mall by Zacks buy as protests by his socks he did not have a plan. And here he doesn't have one again. So Colin are you keeping an audio work with Audi protests. And Seattle it but it won't hold. At Seattle by the way as a team that's hitting the reset button. They had an outspoken locker they had personalities in that locker room they've let those players go Pete Carroll John Schneider they're trying to move on to try to start a new. The latest thing they need is a backup quarterback becoming the story because of non football reasons. Especially in what very well maybe get down year for Seattle. They don't need a backup quarterback be in the story and non football story number back a quarterbacks that like battled on about kids. Should be seen that are. And finally while I was this meeting put on hold. I was really put on hold. By Seattle wants there to be a plan. Why they wanna know if he's gonna continue to Neil. Because they wanted to he's gonna stop you. Because the NFL wants this to stop. Because you won its. The apple knows. And my dad years ago. Years ago where when I first worked at McDonald's and high school was my very burst out of high school I worked at McDonald's my dad were 45 years in the grocery business only day one in my job he said. So I worked in retail all my life. Eight on the first day on the job son rule number one. The customer's always right. Rule number two. Revert back to rule number one. Customer's always right even if not they're always right. The FL to solve their greatest ratings drop in over fifteen years. Was it all because account cap and no. But does it have to do with politics. And in a boat colliding debt to do with National Anthem protest that do with the pending military veterans. That's a thing to do with the average NFL you're being 520. Yes. That's a good football fans not wanting politics in their football yeah yeah the NFL wants this to go away. That's why the owners last year's scurried in mid season. And they got together with Malcolm Jenkins and grumbled at these meetings. We do help. What are we need to do. It wants to go away at Everton that when there is PDs ever do that when it was concussions now because this is affecting their business. I do believe that certain kind of voters did this with the best of intentions to help social change but all NFL owners knew it was bad for business they knew politics are bad for business into war without president cultural was bad for business. Because it was a journal for the customer just like right now some viewer on macro overall top baseball. Is god cabinet probably the best football option tobacco Russell Wilson probably not a great choice. But in restarting a locker room. Is a parade. A show a media circus good at any position new. Especially back at quarterback. And yes the sea hawks want to know. If he's gonna continue to take indeed because the NFL once this story this topic to just go away. And Allen now make this topic go away if you have any comments anything back how will gladly taken at west fox sports 910. The foot over his 34509. And we don't live on as the sun begins to smack you right in the face and that's a good thing. Opening day here from the diamond mornings at McIlroy when we come back our bodies and ravaged. Or the flying squirrels brought his team will join us to help celebrate into golf opening day upon a little bit out. He's flying squirrels but first. On to give away another free pizza it's a free pizza Friday April he botched nose beats the color number five to one dollar gift card three or 50910. For boys and mackerel at fox sports not ten on the radio dot com. Who west. McIlroy yeah on fox sports 910. Our bill. Opening day of the diamond 2008. Intimate flies world back in town for years numbered now and let's McIlroy also on the radio dot com. Alert today can listen anywhere anytime that they showed Patrick and flying squirrels baseball with a our next guest joining me here bright and early in the broadcast Booth is the shadows begin to creep different former shadows. The morning shadows our bodies and ravaged BP here radio Fox Sports Net and along with James Burnham as a colleague taught me years ago. Always say at the opening days and ravaged west. Happy opening video it's a pleasure to be here is going to be my second season but. Europe were look at out on the field right now course in the press box and it's a picturesque kind of morning you can't paint a picture like this on even the best play by play. People can can really grasp what opening day means that so momentous. And it's it's an experience that you really only get once this season. You guys must be live in right over your husband seaport is living right we all know that's alive. If you guys most in their right because the weather's absolutely gorgeous up for those who don't know Sam Sam is the son ESPN's Karl Ravitch and let me start here before we get to baseball. As as. Ultra hosted reporters. You and your dad was Ehrlich and opening day being from your dad was probably work in the did you guys do something together on opening day. You know I'll go back when I was playing Little League was of a big deal by us in course might that broadcast of the World Series. When I was growing up was kind of cool. So I remember are when I was twelve years old which is the year you're eligible to go to the Little League World Series on opening day that day my dad actually I think we'll work off to come watch. Our all star team play on opening day of all star weekend. Went all the teams in Connecticut start battling it out for who's gonna represent that state in the regionals. And and we won that game narrow this section olds with and who lost. There but I do remember looking out now I think I was up at bat looking over the left field wall on a summit that there which. I didn't see from any of a baseball games because he was working them so that was I was remember that very vividly united dad right now we. You guys had a botched memories I imagine I'm curious everybody always like got sat there dad or mom left for work. With every time like being a baseball fan your your dad went somewhere all star game World Series greats is nearly. Kicking and screaming at the door and wait now and then he does it's understated and go to school. Yet out be about anywhere he went outside of a Connecticut west. The Yankee Stadium Red Sox game whether it's driving flying to a Miami. Out to LA you know I was trying to go wherever he was going so. School got in the way he its school so you know kids don't listen though Uncle Sam rampant. San Ravitch was McIlroy broadcasting from the diamond on opening day and. I just I think baseball's all to a fantastic start baseball is better when you got stories and yes yankees Red Sox and your pop all the other night he got bites you gotta time last night hitting a bases clearing triple harper so much. As a base baseball needs stories in the spurs Marbury got the NBA and NHL the NFL draft coming up baseball's hold its own right now. Are you pick a great point there lesson and I think with the pace of play talk that we all get into it's almost implying there's a problem with the game. The work that MLB is saying are there's a problem with a product that we're putting out there. So much for the fact we have to change and I don't think that's the case I think you're right it baseball has more stories. The Yankees Red Sox rivalry heating up all tiny doing something. That only Babe Ruth has done before. Those kind of stories as reinvigorate the game and make it more interesting for the fans and even a casual fan but I I think by talking about played by her you know pace of play too much you're talking about. Shortening the season so much you're saying there's a problem with baseball and I don't I don't agree with that I think if you look at. This year ratings that they have this year as opposed to last year already it's. Exponentially higher so I think it's it's important to note that look I think you guys anybody know it's always good weeks. They heard a thing of the pace of play I don't have a problem is I don't know if there's no I don't either but I think I think if you keep pressing on what you're saying okay. What we're giving us a product isn't good enough on but I think you're right they these story lines that we had seen. So far this season stay in striking out five times twice already this year hasn't been done before and then nom. Yeah of course are Tommy and everything. With the giants he sought to back to back. Major League debuts of tree talked about this very dangerous Juarez Tyler BD yup the first back to back starts Major League debuts since I think. 7879. For the San Francisco Giants and that was exciting both of those guys. Played here Suarez as early as last year so a lot of exciting things no economy in Bosnia so what do dozens were 1115 hours a week it is so nice to actually have stories about. All in the sports field access and Ravitch winners and finally does mention the views and giants need to use. How were the or players that have gone through this squirrels organization that. Lead in the majors it's impressive yet here you are correct and that number and it's going to be more this year I think. Yeah here and you Tennessee probably Stephen daughter who played here just for half a season two years ago. Call up at some points Chris draws knocking on the door Suarez and media party got their chance so. Yeah yeah I hear that all's gonna expand whirls around a space here of the diamond but it has been impressive the way that the giants have. On what their players in a position to grow and around them you have the coaching staff that allows them to do that gives them. On the chance to do that you're seeing that with Willie Harris here this year. What things you know its annual gain the diamond tonight this weekend when you walk up the steps into the second level than the road this year lower body at the app that put this together and it's a beautiful display of all the names that have gone from here in the yard VA. Out to the San Francisco giants' Sam rabbit with us tonight broadcast that we guys on the six I had a 6:35 PM 630 I start on fox sports night and opening night the diamond. And it is times and guess what you get the aircraft as the army are let's do our new segment we welcome in our friends from Wendy's to the program they are proud sponsor. Of squirrel of the week ago. Squirrel of the week high fly ball does what are the table have filled. Brought to you by Wendy's. Prices doubled from Wendy's big win fresh beef available in the continuous US Alaska and Canada. Fired questions Dan Raddatz broke the way you're sticking out the brood wife concession stand one food item that you could pass and I took place. If you and the name job by the way you can call a game with anybody. Not named Carl Ravitch or. Opera absolutely not Larry this is dictated it to you know use that way too much around your pop and job growth now well that that is true but it grew up front you know what. And I change that no files that car markers today easily Ares I mean you know. You have to use the cough but so many times for work there are aren't allowed to set on fire that. Men we call local Johnny around our house it's bestsellers are right. World Series pick was. Coming to this here yes Red Sox. And finally this morning when I got out here whose start was peaceful DelHomme was around I said it was like having it yielded dreams moment so I put the question on Twitter. If you could live out. One character's life for the baseball movie who would you want to it. One character's life. Peter Brandon Knight well. Q. Going analytics Saber metrics on us up. San ravaged ever opening day but last month and you're the best Sam ravaged Abram on the call tonight he is ours were overweight brought to you by Wendy's we are broadcasting live from the dark oh by the way. There's something in it for you right now caller number nine it's just that it's you know we're not squirrels there's nine players on the ball field one to opera one team. Caller number nine it's neat when he five dollar gift card from our friends at Wendy's. Now there's central Virginia and Richmond locations three or 50910. Not Madonna and on this opening day 2018. West McIlroy fox sports 910. I think that's a great seat right there and that's that's the ultimate because you did baseball life like public. For those who don't know if you don't if that's the sand lot. Right as that is it's analyzing classic from the San lots 45 years ago this week that. Movie came out and it's being celebrated all season right here at the diamond. Where it is opening day to celebrate an opening day here welcomed the farm bill sold out crowd at night to still go for this weekend. And squirrels baseball dot com or 35 guys at you and and ways McIlroy is the saudis shot and on this Friday morning Ecstasy erratic her body Marty will stop by our buddy Dave Arnold will be stopped and by. And really seem to like the question we I I opened the show this morning it was thick black when I got here it was amazing. Pitch black out is to sliver of the moon and the ballpark. He disagreed he could see a little bit of the shadows of the lights there was no word around at all points and appeal like out of field of dreams oh. A bit like it was just me and I might as the court expert like ray kinsella just looking at this empty beautiful ballpark. As there was darkness and even what I joke with the cars out on 6495. Olympic closing scene a field of dreams. So we were to kick around this topic in and people taken to a little later. Just as San rabbit if you could replace if you could live out the life of one baseball movie what character would you be all right you decided new years is yet. I think amnesty would reconcile. Having a baseball field in your backyard winds. Old time with. Baseball players that the days of York coming out the corn field just to play ball and and you get to go out and eventually have a catch with them and throw batting practice to Shoeless Joe Jackson yet. Look ray kinsella. I got a couple here that ruled that you can tweet to show that list by exports 910. Brookes writes and Archibald moonlight Graham. You get one spot one game one moment. The growth do something else and make a mark in the community Brooks that's not a bad answer one big Jim McDonald tweets and the crash Davis obviously. It is I don't. It's obvious that's the beauty of the question. My body injury has backer who's now working in South Carolina newspaper says Quinn's why. Hash tag winning record. It's a great answer and that's a that's. You got it doesn't play baseball you get to be your kid to get the rider on a bike and you get that is the Q robot know who he ends up married by the way. That's exact see you know the great gutsy there was no obvious answer because that's a great answer but you can also disputed. Our buddy Matt masters has a Roger burden but what I would expect nothing less and you Matt appreciate it Josh. It's at trek six hours for eastbound and down that's a great answer right there. September were at west box where it's 910. Todd writes in Roy Hobbs. Canada. Is question is it worth getting shot at that moment Bayreuth that the in the movie. Is it work is aware that the story of where you take a bullet being shot by some crazy chick get that moment it is used. You gotta bring it now now I would pass on Iran's great moment great music at the end. But I don't think that's the character I want he he he didn't have a great ride there bet that's again the movie I agree arise though. Singers over at west by exports 910. That in our poll question brought you by all Federer what do we got all it. Do you want another cavaliers warriors NBA finals 76%. Sand they're over give me something new. I'm not surprised I'm surprised has been this overwhelming I thought I thought to be a little closer. I just mentioned this earlier there there's something about selling a robbery. And I go back to the eighties when you have the lakers and the Celtics where you don't get you have them and 8485. And wanna see 87 you'd get up every year but there was teased there. Where did the cell but the Celtics play the rockets one year the lakers they beat and then lost to the sixers then those two teams met up and then you had. A pretty complete and 86 on mod my members escaping me but. Because he's eating get them every year but you have the possibility of getting them every year and then when you've got them it made it more special. It can be a pervert killer and and look. Being that the guy that I want to files is no brainer I love the brawn James I mean you LeBron James Spann. People continue to hate and doubt him because he's not Michael Jordan I don't get that you're missing greatness. But if you get a healthy Golden State team I don't think anybody can beat them now the question is right now you have adult eagle state team. But I can see where people were like guy for years about what it's all this last year it got dominated we saw with the red and I don't know where people what. Route one gold stayed and I both know the answer isn't in this dorsal Khatami on Twitter is it that you don't want Golden State or you don't want Cleveland. Do you want a Cleveland Houston do you wanna build a vehicle Wednesday ultimately you don't gold state gets all the and the question is candidate I don't think anybody beats them but I can see where people are like. I am good at a got to get the three years and her or bring me somebody new it's what we did but the Buffalo Bills. We would most track it was amazing that they made it inseparable for years and Robert Scott Burr with them we want something bill. Review piecemeal it out over time UT ZET the possibility of it you don't get every single year that it becomes more specials I'm not surprised that people want to see it different. NBA finals this year you can go to the poll question. West fox sports 910. And it's Ellis who you want in the finals if that's not what you want. At the end of April I'll start this weekend out to a point light my my excitement builds the Indian Wells as the weeks go on. I still think it was some key injuries. It's a little bit too predictable the first round the NHL is unpredictable the NBA's predictable the raptors beat the wizards I'll save five. Cavaliers. LeBron James doesn't lose in the first round Celtics and bucks could be a good series. But I adults either team going past that round the sixers will be Miami I'll take him in six and the west look I'm not go to may get policy at 10 o'clock to watch the NBA. But I think it ultimately comes down to gold state Houston and my big question is can. Gold state get healthy Pakistan if curry. Say what you want about Kevin Durant and you can say a lot of great things that there's a big difference would step curry does not play for goal Wednesday. But the question about the show putter out west by exports 910. We got more goodies the giveaway from our friends at Chanel as pizza we get more goodies to give away as we are here opening day celebrating baseball. Our buddy Michael Phelps the sports editor of the times this match to ISIS' has the it joins us next to continue that celebration. Sorry if that's the energy is it'll boggled with words it's a good thing. Live from the diamond Lott and bill on this 2018. Opening day in the RPA west Mac or fox sports 910. So quick opening day 2018 is Douglas MacWorld yet you know what. I like that movie it's OK I like the love of the game I like Smallville I like your dreams. I like the sand lot dang it. I like Billy chapel that's a good movie. Celebrate baseball celebrated baseball movies to celebrate and a beautiful Friday in the RVA where we're joined each and every Friday by a friend the sports editor of the Richmond was dispatched Michael bell joining us on the hit deep Mercer wrote cleaning hotline. Michael has said this earlier your colleague and mine writer John O'Connor told lady etiquette and saying this years ago. Happy opening day buddy. Happy opening Baylor then a local radio doesn't pale now well did you jabbed during a good job tonight guard at the time to look going on here. I trust me I have no complaints about early I was it they're the people here all night getting this place ready. And I hope you're making your way over here today because they've done a fantastic job looks absolutely gorgeous and in rock thrown accolades. Great job by Europe flying squirrels bread and Wednesday's paper my man and it's my mind sitting right here. You know we did John O'Connor to knock this thing out of the park every year there's a great all eco. There just so much information with back at all in the scheduled promotional yet go we have the jerseys yesterday well. You eat we yard layer for every. Single squirrel gain talked about down the role of the newspaper in the community instead what power there every night I bring you all the good stuff. Michael back me up on this surface earlier and I don't care by sound like a shield for this the squirrels business this organization you are both cover pro sports were people who deals. People look for leverage everybody's always looking for the upper hand to get a deal. This and if they'd all been there done there over. This growth came here no deal at hand took me nine years later here they are still poured millions of dollars being not just. In our season every offseason millions of dollars in the displays they refuse to let it go stale. There's very little birdie at sports Michael you and I both know that. There is right here. You know like EE UU and I know but they're I darker a lot of people are bigger than them before a lot of people who took out our young people or whatever there's a lot of people here that don't know what occurrence where life. And then our our our out of market and that on the great here. The that's definitely on so I like got. Predicted it could get a bath they did not engage with the community they ought not have read you know up one game they're going to and and I I. And purely Coke. People do not take what we get for granted because you nailed it it is not like this in every city that is the exception not the rule when we have a first class team and yet they really put a lot of thought and energy and money in the make America great experience for the fans and that's not the war I that edit something special. It meant it that I know we've debated location Alan Wayne and I don't take away from the date here. They're literally your mind wander about what a ballpark when they finally get a ballpark match this organization. You know I got I think it'll be a very nice statement that he got. As you know it. I'm more excited for the opportunities around the ball Parker called the right way at a restaurant and got the you've been to Germany and you've been to Memphis and out of those places work. All part is embedded in the neighborhood and the part of the community and their restaurants bars and are you know there's more of a game day experience though there are a group that didn't you know it doesn't have to vehement early that it that not I tackle that's something we get support. He's the sports editor of the times dispatch at Richmond dot com our buddy Michael films witness says we are broadcasting from opening day at the diamond. I didn't what is squeeze this in here something that you were on on Twitter about the other night we saw the Redskins three seasons yet to come out two nights ago. And you got the patriots who like their joint practices their week one at Foxboro it's the week one opponent for the Redskins. Bill Belichick likes the due to a practices sodas Jay gruden. We possibly cease all been worked out where maybe the skin spent less time in Richmond get to do joint practices and popped Rolen and maybe. Maybe the city gets a deal on what they owed this year. Yet in that would that would be the best case scenario for a record out. That mayor Estonian is he going to sit down with the reds in. I you know certainly about the England do it around that we want preceding game. The patriot to the team you wanted to do where I think we all learned a lot when they keep your couple years ago. About professionalism what it takes to be the top. You're that makes the most sense. You know I it all up to Brickell and the most dangerous work and sports there I can't help it if it is he willing. The play calling got that dealer Peter and then they're on on the curb the country are being opened in which case it probably all not happened oh when it got ticker minute here explaining that could be a good thing for everybody especially if they've found some week day by you know the weekend all the government dependent but that we there and you know people work. You're off the sparsely attended out there on the weekdays so. You would hope something cricket. Two weeks away actually now less than two weeks away from the NFL draft name that you keep seeing that you feel could be a good fit for the Redskins at thirteen would be who. Welcome partly by about it BP keep it the most docket for all play. I I keep hearing defense than. You know I I think with good reason I think that the defense the need both during and you know a lot I don't know but what a burden on the opposite side of the ball but I I think with Alex that kind of giving your Opel window here. Do you eat eat a guy who's in its peak right now he called her to the declined immediate sent. I thought I mean you meet in the impact. Convinced an impact player the positions of need it defense is is where those guys are I absolutely expect them to go that direction. He's Michael bell sports editor of the I was dispatched Richmond dot com check out online at the preview of the flying squirrels or 2008 Tina hobeika to what you do at the ballpark a little bit later on partner. Oh. You've got it and thank you Michael joining us on the that the Mercer wrote cleaning hotline and and credit to John O'Connor he puts together it was cool they did this so. It is nine innings dive positions nine batters lines rules and in nine years and I'm gonna get our body party and infield and outfield top nine players in squirrels history you just look at some of the guys 54 players have played here at the diamond. In the squirrels organization that have gone on to play in the majors not just for the giants get a guy like Adam do ball who's now with the Cincinnati Reds. Tommy Joseph who went over to the Philadelphia Phillies got a couple of guys around the league Charlie go personality Atlanta Braves. But John put this together you have brain developers base in print crawl pretty shortstop of the ball at third. Joseph panic it's second to air Parker whopper is crucial on the outfield a lot in the pitching mound Tommy Joseph behind the plate it's really cool. I suspect a great job is done O'Connor did a great job with this. And as yes mr. John O'Connor was the guy who always thought that you walk at a press box you'll be to a stadium. You say at the opening day that's what we say to you at the opening day here from the diamond. Our buddy Jay bird on. Voice of the squirrels will join is going up the start off the. Clock our party will stop by and get back to the NBA post season if you missed my comments earlier about Colin can I predict in the end the ship report put Opel podcasts. Junkie like try to keep it on the day because. Would want to see Jackie delight you gotta keep it on its opening day. And don't forget to notice today as you make your way don't work either. And launch Nardelli didn't. We got your lunch I'll be here from eleven to one of the printing the squirrels out brother Don it's not by a free hot dog you celebrate the opening day. There's there's cash there's no cost three I don't eleven want stop by sailed over the diamond was MacWorld but the doubt it. But sports 910.