Wes McElroy - Hour 2 - Mike Jones and Jon Laaser (4-11-18)

Wes McElroy
Wednesday, April 11th

Wes welcomes Mike Jones of USA Today and the Voice of the Hokies Jon Laaser in the second hour. 


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Some no yeah and you know this. His last medical rule on fox sports. Fox sports Richmond dot top. On the show at three boards by 09 tag or email west and box towards Richmond dot job experience he is the man the last McIlroy yeah I. Things basic needs to see added to NFL draft coverage. And somebody. Already produce the idea yesterday I'll tell you who and what I'm talking about in five minutes. And we may be saying good bye to this in the and it's now. Welcome written on this Wednesday morning. Stutter hasn't side effects are cranking itself whether it be on facts towards nine sand or on the radio dot com at baseball last night. Not deja Vu all over again but very similar to Monday night when you had Max Scherzer and Howie Kendrick produce an offense in the first inning insurers are on the mound. Nice night Stephen Strasburg on the mound for eight solid innings scoreless ball bullpen does give up a run in the ninth but. The nationals getting a 41 win and their two early runs coming on a triple by Ryan Zimmerman who got moved out of the this but yesterday and any kind of change would do him good right now goes into the game baton of point 97 I was I was gonna say a buck 97 he's not even above one. But he gets a two run triple last night was got a funny got the third look it's guys that they Q. Didn't two big runs they tackle and two later on the game but the nationals after losing five straight have won two in a row and they will look to go for the sweep today. Against the Braves the wizards last night they get a win over the Celtics a team that they could end up meeting in the first round the files final game of the regular season tonight in the NBA. Wizards could end up being a six seen at the going to be in the seventh seed they're currently in eighth spot. And even if they win tonight against last place Orlando. Depending on how things fall with Cleveland and Philadelphia. And a couple other teams. Wizards could win it's still going to be in the eight spot I think it would serve them best in they would get into the seventh spot. Not that I believe Toronto is the real deal not deadly Toronto's going to even be in the Eastern Conference finals. However. I think as a collective unit Toronto. Probably end up beating the wizards in a series. I want us you'd definitely it was down to six by. You ought to win tonight you wanna go in on a note but I hate to see the wizards or the six spot because. I don't see him beaten Philly and I certainly do not see them beat LeBron James and the cavaliers now tonight it all depends on who gets the third spot if Philadelphia wins filled up he's gotten that Paula Milwaukee yes look at home I believe and as you said earlier Malcolm brought him back for the bucks. So Philly would win tonight they wrap up the three spot if Cleveland where in Philly would lose it would be Cleveland and three old. It on the wizards. Another feel good about the was his post season chances at all but I would want to avoid that spotted all cost. Seven spot going up against Boston depleted Boston team losing two starters carrier ring. Recently. Probably your best bet we'll talk to Todd Davos covers DC sports he'll join us coming up in the 8 o'clock hour action last night the game we'll talk to him. He writes for the sports capital in DC will be the nationals game today so we'll talk to about both the Curley w.s and the wizards and capitals. We'll talk to Brett Connolly of the Washington Capitals later in the 8 o'clock hour they'll group valor. Named the starting goalie for game number one tomorrow night. In DC is both take on Columbus. However I think the story of the morning especially tying something national and something local. Andre Ingram. Was once the state player of the year in 2003 plays high school ball highland springs played college ball American. And earlier this week got called in as he's been playing ten years in the lakers geely dealey G league. Got a call the lakers to come into the front office need to see it he thought it was going in for an exit interview. Turns out they were offering him a contract to play in the final two games of the NBA regular season last night lakers rockets. And yes I'm drinking and got in the game and yes as the 48%. Three point shooter in the geely. He was shooting threes last night. Yeah. He'd gotten nineteen into 49 minutes he was 45 and 32. Leading scorer last night the lakers do fault the rockets but I. Andre Ingram. It's still inconsistent. And passion and making the most of your opportunity gets to get on the floor last night here's Luke Walton discussing. Andrei England's performance in his debut. You know he's a great guy has been trying to live out his dream and he finally got the chance put I was clear about the fact like this wasn't just doing the nice thing. What we are bringing him up because we thought he could help us when we needed you know we have bodies down and he can shoot the ball so we will do was throw us. Just as much as it was for him I think he showed. You know obviously national TV show the best the world tonight what kind of shooter he has. It's a great story 32 years of age you play in the G Leakey. You often wonder you see certain guys with the squirrels we see certain guys around my leagues in just wonder how how long does the passion take you. How long do you wanna keep doing this how long do you keep that dream alive before you say. I gotta go do something else. The Magic Johnson said Parrish and 48% from three in the geely. Said bring it over here and see what you guys and last night Andre Ingram making the most of his opportunity great story great moment. And the inspiration for the poll question brought you by call federal. If you add one night in the pros would you rather score a touchdown hit a home run at drain a three or score a goal and 55% of people right now west agreement use saying they'd they'd rather I don't run any decent yard so special about that. To get get in that moment. Feel that rush drive in one over the left field wall I've been to me would be the shortest possible because it on the strength of Dublin Dhabi center field. The running around the bases getting hot fives he just seeing people when you come home standing up cheering you think getting to the dugout. That pretty cool and their ballpark. Did you all that in most. Then. Let assuming you had I mean his applaud what do you don't run on how to govern differently I would like to have its Citizens Bank ballpark now. My favorite ballpark as PNC park that's my favorite part of both stadiums I've been through PNC. Echo in San Diego's. Quite awesome. They've really worked on national park it's gotten it's gotten much more improved since you opened up its been added to it's been different elements to it. Yeah I'd I would wanna do for friends and family I would have them that the one ballpark are still wanna get out to a Sampras Cisco. However with the wind conditions out there I'd be lucky to make it out of the infield. Record mother last night so as the poll question you get that one moment or as I like the Sadie. Archibald mood like grand moment you get that one moment to play in the bigs that one movie you've always waited for. What would you rather do score a touchdown hit a home run drain a three and we bless scoring a goal we elected them vague for the hockey. Slash soccer fans out there go vote fox sports Richmond dot com on Twitter Wes. Fox sports 910. Well it's a little hockey coming up as the Stanley Cup Playoffs begin tonight including. A story of which I think this might be the team of the year. The next Mike Jones USA today will join us. Dosing what dive into this quarterback conversation which. Will eventually get the end too but now it feels like it's time to dissect each one what these guys. We've done a pro days are done the Columbine we've had to work out now now let the smoke build. You think has been on rumors and conversations about these guys await its rate that we get to within 1014 days distract. This rule come out this will be said about that guy. That's been said about Josh Rosen brought up in the first hour of the show I read ESPN the magazine article on Josh Rosen yesterday. Can't say that I've been a big fan of Josh Rosen there's been certain things about Josh prison have been turn off. There's certain things about Josh Rosen where he's just come out to me like a jerk. I can see the Jake the comparisons. I went into the ESPN the magazine article yesterday expecting. And not like the guy even more and I end up liking the guy Morse a person. I don't know about like it was a quarterback but like any of these guys is quarterback. Sam go to me looks like an NFL quarterback I've just watching us and Arnold and the dude turns it over way too much. He turns it over way too much for me think well now just go away in the NFL. No it's a little bit harder in the NFL. Baker mayfield back affairs board if I can get in my Delorean in my flux capacitor and go to future baker may feel as the guy who intrigues me the most. I'll be point blacked out tell it Josh Allen. I never watched Wyoming and a lot of guys so opinions on Josh out they never watch and Wyoming something's gonna be totally truthful with you. In the Mark Jackson who I think was a very good college quarterback. And I think with all the stats that he had I think he's been even better because the team around him wasn't so good the offensive line around wasn't so good. I just look at the board Jackson essay like it was account quarterback. I'm not be Owen on link the NFL career. It would be very tough for me if I'm a fan of any of these teams. To get excited. About one quarterback. But history says. One of these guys. Could emerge what are these guys could be be a bucket could be a bus. I want Steve Jones he's got to feel but any of these guys. From people he's talked to around the league maybe in talking to the quarterbacks themselves. Has he gotten appeal yet and certain things that are on the league. Where exactly can you trust. And what exactly is smoke be put out there we'll talk to Mike Jones USA today the ploy I need to start working on a project. I came across this yesterday. And I'm just gonna say flat out we're gonna steal this idea. Jab and see the NFL network feature the baker mayfield. And a fortune teller yes I did see this I'd baker may feel here's the audio elements of the NFL network. They did it Beecher were baker mayfield goes to me fortune teller to predict his NFL future did the cards to the palm reading. And I guess they laid out some cards in mayfield picked. And that the future is predicted that baker mayfield will be the quarterback of the Arizona Cardinals. Pretty different but it notably that so now. He's anything top ten. Arizona Cardinals. Who kept this turns out features there's been some good stuff. I feel really given us where he's going he's gonna end up going to the Super Bowl I don't know what year I just a suitable around this kid is some. So we have a fortune teller tellem baker may feel not only is he going to be there's a cardinal but he's going to be a Super Bowl quarterback. Now in all due respect the feature is really cool it was the it was funny because it got to a point where they start talking about marriage is strong marriage line and he's a well. Air mail as good it was well done it was well produced it's a great idea. That's why I wanna steal. Boyle way to do this. I would unify and I don't know and to your listeners can help you not do we have any psychics or fortune tellers in the area. I I have not I definitely get any help that how do you ever bonus like a horse you've got a little down on all right elegant the carnival at the beach really. Not opening stuff and nonsense pay five dollars and imports until the end now. I viewed edited definitely a bit of the ones who was down and see Marilyn what they tell you. That what they told me I just give you a word of advice. At the time I was there with my college girlfriend. Never ask a fortune teller and thus it's a wife never ask in front of a girlfriend is this going to work. All do you did Nassau and I didn't call a demean and it would over like a wet or witnessed a fortune teller said no I don't see this as the person used this to end up where. But real damper on the night in the movies and a little bit you know what I mean you have that I can add that you know us and get into the talk over you think this is going to you can fortune teller. And I would say six months later we broke up so she wasn't wrong RI port you'd need to find a fortune teller I would've. Verse thirteen picks will include the Redskins I want you to find a fortune teller. Give or whatever she he or she needs. And I wanna take her or his fortune telling drafts of the against McShane. Daniel Jeremiah. Bucky Brooks. I I want you to finding fortune teller a psyche to predict the first thirteen picks of this draft. Do you accept this challenge up to the Redskins would ultimately it. At Rockingham predict the entire seven isn't just the first thirteen I want a fortune to and we will do it is the morning of the jet Thursday moved for the draft we will have a psychic come on the show. And predict like baker may feel going to the cardinals. I want to find out where these quarterbacks go what the Redskins do who ends up where do you see any say though by trained. Coming we are allowing trades were not gonna show that problem on to other Asia traded Todd actually trades at the psychic feels that the fortune teller feels betrayed as loud but that's ESPN's got it exchange carper. And a phone networks got lucky in Daniel Jeremiah. I wanna psychic on the showed per day the first round of the NFL draft Pauline is your mission you must accept it. Crowds yes they do I really have a choice here and it and look we may I don't know. If we have any fortune tellers or psychics that listen to this show or friends if you go to one. Tell poly at west fox sports 910. We'll give dispersant called. And we'll bring them on the shall enable predict psychic mock draft 2018. We come back Mike Jones USA today will join us all these quarterbacks on this NFL draft. What's he here and what's the Phelan and does he have any feel on these quarterbacks it's next fox sports 910. I call is excessive emissions. The finest psychics can afford it's hard to predict. Did have a draft videos they suggestions feel free to send in the overtime and it's helped put this to anybody out there goes what's good and the Long Island medium is that it is it was a TV show my sister yeah I actually think that's one as refine and medium. So their code way to set that's always talks the dead you don't I'll battle we want it that baker may feel that he just listing baker mayfield went to a fortune teller was that maybe the media knows psychic or something and it was this on the put on the skit put on by the NFL network it was good it was on TV to watch in the predicted baker mayfield Cologne the cardinals. Any going to be a suitable. So I Paula I want Paula to find not only fortune teller to predict the future baker may field I want which dollar to doing mock draft. Now if we have any in the RVA any in central Virginia if you happen to be a fortune teller or listening to show. Get in touch through this 3450910. And we will have you come up with day. Fortune teller Matra have to go up against an exchange carper and DJ and Bucky Brooks. And joining us now Mike Jones of USA today who just wondering what the hell he got himself into joining us on the don't be still my USA today either. Oh I tell you what it Mia would they did in my little paddle and I got it up a little crystal ball than. You know getting in touch with less spiritual side of that I was gonna come on in and do some some of that stop or. I don't know what goes on the Jones council but you know if you if you wanna come in and be our fortune teller to boost mock draft I because right now Jozy. Right now the guessing game has begun and that's really where want to start out with you because we're we're now getting to the point where. The work out to Don the come bonds are being done your NFL insider you're an NFL writer who covers the NFL as a whole. How do you go between picking. Would someone says something what to believe and what might be smoke. On you talked to more than just one person stopped a lot of people and so net wage try to piece things together and is. Multiple people are saying similar things and you try to lean that way. But. He's still even so. You know and take everything with a grain of salt because really. There's only one team that knows. Powell did the first domino is gonna fall everybody else. Can do their homework they can have their plan but it are reactionary. Because stopped just unfold and you're like oh wow what they expect that I would be here all may have. We thought that. We are gonna have decided that I know he's not you know so. That's why the mock drafts are really adjusting and I know team. Do a lot of them do pay attention to a not because there. Looking at that is the Bible but just so that way to care for different scenarios. And you know you just kind of see what happened and how played out there. I sit earlier as of this for months now I don't know if I light I don't buy you know of any of the quarterbacks in this first round I don't know I have a feel I don't know if by sea wind ten years from now be in a franchise quarterback. However they're going to be picked and they're gonna be picked early and yesterday I read the ESPN the magazine article on Josh Rosen and outside it. I expected gone in that I would read it and like this guy less and I found myself liking him even more. Jozy whether B Rosen mayfield darn old. Have you either personally or through people you talk to in the league do you feel like you have a good feel on any of these quarterbacks. Obama I feel like I have. This kind of a good feel or some of them still not the greatest problem but. From the interaction. And from talking to people. I really like baker mayfield. I relate to just the way he carries himself. And honesty. On this confidence. And from what I hear the way that he really relate to guys in the locker room and in the huddle. And his competitive fire. You know I know he's shorter guy know that he's got. You know some some things checkered past. So to speak but he has it hidden from any of that. He's very confident in himself he'd. But it said very honest. So I like him calm you know there. There are things about you to the quarterback that's a lake and there's question that all of them have to answer. You know that. And I think it just is going to be a matter of a team's case. And what they have around them. As a coaching staff and as a supporting cast. As to whether or not they're going to succeed or not. He's Mike Jones USA today covering the NFL joining us on the indeed Mercer wrote cleaning hotline and Jozy brought you buyer released aberrant. You there's gonna be around quarterbacks early so much to say I think there's going to be six quarterbacks taken in the first round. Tell me about if I am also on anything here because I've seen. A lot of sequel I'm Barkley fallen to 67. Even eight in one mock draft. Is this because people are anticipating a run early on quarterbacks or is there something out there about Barkley it's posing a potential drop. No I think it's just because they just said there's no there's a lot of quarterbacks. They all of look like they possessed something special and there are a lot of team to feel like this is the year to really move up and help themselves. Com long term at the quarterback position so I think that's the reason why. On you know that desperation define that difference maker quarterback is doing a rod. Barkley is leading equipment some places down it's going to be really exciting to see what happened in Cleveland look at that they. Did he take quarterback number one. Then do they. Take Barkley with the fourth. If you saw their ordeal at a trade that pick to somebody else who wants the quarterback. They really have a chance to really shape. The outcome of this strapped and so that's why it's going to be huge and see how high Barkley goes you know it's funny just. Going into the com behind or right after the Columbine going into free agency it look like oh. It would be Smart for Cleveland that they Barkley one and then a quarterback or and then now because of teams working to try to move up. There's more urgent seems so it looks like it better for them take quarterback won an NC would happen with their second first round pick but again. This is all. But trying to forecasts and and project and will we won't really know until that night when people start Wheeler dealer and they can trade and then taken players. Josie good stuff as always buddy we'll do it again next we agreed Mike Jones act by Mike Jones on Twitter and USA today dot com appreciate you buddy. All right thanks let Altria that's Mike Jones brought to you by early tavern in the shops at Innsbruck and all that would be collectively. Good news for the Redskins because he got a run on quarterbacks. And you push Barkley back that means you pushing other town back like the likes of Jermaine Edmonds and drew wants Mitt. And keep those guys gone back to thirteen and maybe mid age in an ideal world we are discussing this the other day an ideal world. Maybe you have some of these quarterbacks start to fall. Not to Wear the Redskins would would address that thirteen may be trade back and all of a sudden you get back that third rounder you had to give up a couple months ago. I come back there's something good Jones he said which I think we all need to keep in our mines. Something we conveniently forget I will give you a prime. Great example of why we need to remember this especially about the quarterbacks. Over the next three weeks the next three years. And and every quarterback's career I'll do that and we'll get back into the discussion. I admission earlier in the show and catching heat for. Paul even dropped as John said really. We'll get back into the discussion things. It we don't like it on life. That America that. Maybe America would showed us for not liking we'll talk about that next by exports 910. In the radio dot com. Back right that's what does that figure Mike Jones of USA today. These weekly segment brought you by the earliest ever and we discussed in the NFL quarterbacks and I imagine your chance today and I encourage you if you don't like Josh Rosen you think he's a weasel if you think he's a jerk. I anchored you do go even more you to go read that piece ESPN the magazine. Now it doesn't matter if you like eighties guys that person. It's what you think is a quarterback at the end of the day that's rather an apple careers are going to be decided baker may feel Josh Rosen. I guess you dude being two guys that you could sit at a bar and have to group blows and the other half. Eighths. But Jack. The one thing I thought about Josh Rosen and the one thing I hear a lot this time of the year is guys. Saying the things that we Dave think that we want to hear Welling about Josh Rosen is. He's just be honest. There wasn't the one thing he he you got to remember and how we judge these quarterbacks and I'd even said earlier. The more I heard Jim Mora speak over the past two weeks more urgent more rights begin talk in circles. But that's I thought about Jim Moret as a coach and the more I question about what he wasn't able to give. Dot give Josh rose. And I guess I am 39 pushing forty here. Sometimes Paul and I have these discussions sometimes we have disagreements but there is a new generation of millenniums. And whether they be employees. Or they be the boss. It's just it you gotta work differently yeah I think differently they think differently. And to be a head coach you've got adapted to changes. Successful ones do seem like she should ask. But the look and Jim Mora said that makes sense was. When you told about Sam Dario going to Cleveland he'd be a better fit that's what's so important. And we so forget about the fish. We so forget about the coach that these guys if you go to our inherited two. Picked by. And for every example. Gary golf. Dared to opt for one year was a bust your golf was the antithesis of course and winds Josh PGA golf was a moment. It all aside what happened. New coach new offense new philosophy of Shawmut bank. Potential debt I owe. Okay this house social look oh this guy's not a bomb. He could struggle there's more film I don't know we forget about coaches where a guy goes who we works where. And that's where I agree would Jim Mora what he was saying was hey it's not that I don't like my guy but I think you should be the first quarterback picked. But yeah it is so important coach is so important because these guys. I don't feel like any of them are rated tackle the NFL I don't like him should walk on to a fuel next year and play. You've got to go to a place your group. And considering the NFL you no longer sit and wait for a year because it is even more important now than ever. This Mike Jones or any of our guest is go to fox sports Richman dot com when remind do. Why scrolls opening day is coming up on Friday will be doing the show from the diamond bright and early on Friday morning. Opening night festivities. I will be out there again. For the game but in between I should just limited diamond on Friday. Because between eleven and one we encourage you stop by and get a free hot dog from our friends the flying squirrels I'll be grilling from eleven to one that. Join me at the diamond stop by first base side pulling grab a hot dog well economists out there there's no catch there's no hope you'll need to buy things. Just celebrating opening day stop by the diamond between the hours of eleven and one on Friday I'll be out there grill and my main party you'll be out there. I will be celebrating opening day come out and get you're free hot dog. And hot dog might be the answer to a topic that we got into earlier. A buddy John Lazard the voice of the Hokies will be joining isn't just a couple minutes as Virginia Tech plays to spring game on Saturday. And what does stories out yesterday. Was little old line news where some Palestinians. The redshirt freshman has put on 62 pounds in the off season. And now hasn't self working in the starting line up left tackle nationalized in moving over to the right hand side now nothing's in stone. You still doubtful camp that was newsworthy. But may put on sixteen to Powell's. And how he put on 62 pounds here Silas stands. A lot of feel good. I mention Paula earlier. I'm not a big PB and always been on this run here of PBJ's lately this has been picked what do we can have thing at least yes I mean it's got to try the last three days and arrow got a tanker for peanut butter and jelly. Now I surprised at the bit when I say like peanut butter. The Aggies that Digg gets me out yard it's not that I hate it it's just never been my thing did you did say you will eat it at the very least you eat it within the confines of Reese is if every afternoon as we get stuck here you say hey I got an extra PB and JR ED eight. It's just not my go to. And I like jelly like bread I like jelly toast I just never been a big fan of peanut butter. So this got this got me to pose the question. And what's the law we do this on the show we make it a judgment free zone most times we judge most times we ridicule most of regret but today it's a judgment free question what's one thing that the majority of America's seems to love. That you don't like. And it doesn't have to be food food movie music. Sports. It's one of those things that you're afraid if you're crowd of people departing early. I isn't greatest movie ever so I mean. You don't wanna say because you gonna be that guy you like it had a funny. Was and a good. I brought up earlier my cousins they sort of debt that something about Mary is the funniest movie apparently it had its moments but there. Dumb and dumber. Better off dead bears viewers day I I commode long list of forty or movies then sold it and then Saddam merry. However those are my god you don't get used to watch it again I've watched the three jobs and good. But these things that we we are afraid to admit I am giving you the judgment free zone but something that America loves. You just. You'd still like. Actually writes and catch up Titanic. An avatar. Now I washed out the door one time that the special graphics were amazing story in. Now didn't like that that movie was like if I could have ended about Ford from places and do need a three course catch up. There. I don't really ketchup on anything exceptional I don't and beat you spiral and put on a hamburger I don't use it on anything anymore. Hot sauce to pull lays sauce Tabasco sauce a minute to stop what Arizona gunslinger who who is good it's good on anything. Mustard on a hamburger mustard and hot dog I don't participate in the catch up. I would just Felix of negro out of ketchup to totally agree with that Johnny V rights and give it erodes. Yeah I'm right there with now I can any game I'm await the summertime here I admit sometimes I'm like Russia in the 1980s I'm way behind on things. Summer with the little girl can't go out to the pool too much can't be in the sign I may partake John Lazar has professed to me how great game appearances. What else do we have here. I. Bobby writes in the Eagles the band not the sports team the bonus and that's really the pitches and get out of targets at least Eagles pumped in flavor and mad men I gotta disagree on the pumpkin flavored or don't get a flavor yet I'm a sucker you get beat. You give me a popular free soccer I would need pumpkin anything and I love pumpkin I am a bit of electoral outcomes that now here's one that done. It's very interesting. Tim says. I don't get dirty dancing. And I don't get. Time in my life. A little shocked by this. What does he doesn't get its what did you he doesn't like I'll. I'll. You don't you don't feel something when. You don't put data recorder and had a big dance scene at the end. And Jennifer Grey's dad realizes maybe baby's dad realizes that the giants not the bad guy that he thought. He's not the one figure out what to face knocked out. You know the hard thing when you're the one that the beat drops here you'll feel it went when this sort of wedding reception you'll. Field this tends you'll you'll feel it's. Don't feel like shake your hips can go shuffle you don't meet someone's eyes across the room pics so well into the airport now they're back trying. OK we got to back off it is a judgment recently yes catch up Titanic game at the runs dirty dancing. Whenever Jimmy Buffett. Peter butter and jelly the question is post deal on Twitter what is the one thing. What is the one thing that America seems to love. That you just don't like send it over at west by exports 910. John Lazard joining us on a man who ate 62 pounds worth the peanut butter and jelly and houses starting lineup. Next fox sports 910. There. Well we've opened the floodgates here kids. Well pop. Forget a judge it for his own people ripping each other left and right about you know like this you don't like that. What's currently getting the most globe that we'll get into that injustice seconds and welcoming John laser the voice of the Hokies are relays we're talking about one of your fellow Hokies. Silas daisy. Jacking up 62 pounds in weight working now at left tackle on the starting O line. And he said peanut butter and jelly has been his go to his biz port today we've gotten discussion. The thing that America seems to love the most that you just don't like what. Is that yet from its catch yeah. And Egypt constant heat for that I'm awesome not a big fan of tournaments confidence in general that most of America whole year. Mustard also be in there. But that going back to you as the previously talking about with dirty dancing. Yes normally you don't feel that song when it comes and awaiting because. You shouldn't feel it's on and then you do all dance things discussed enters throwing you back yeah. I can't wait for your wedding can I get that old song listeners loyalists is not going to be you're close to traditionally. Can I get at least time in my life. Please just to see if you throw your future ride into the air it's a pointer west of little grumpy in the green room. All right. Bill I did ask why. What's that because you just you just anger because he had to wait for a little bit. Yes but I report that means import. We'll guided topics because people are hungry they're angry for spring football and I know you want to start you let's start with the Eli look the least talked about topics. You got two holes and all the sudden yesterday. You find out who got a new left tackle and you move your left tackle to right tackle what do you make about the emergence of so I was banks. Well I think is edited phenomenal spring and we advance vice last week talking about his weight gain in the fact that he's open semis in a positive way and you can certainly see that when you're out there he's a big physical presence usually when you looked at the offensive line group you would see ash nice menu wouldn't have to see is number two ranked mass which when he was he was just so physically hulking. And now you have to check between the Tuesday. They kind of look similar reacts little bit taller I would put it Thomas stock in him being at left tackle at the moment I think that Cisco device and coach once they wanted to get as much versatility. As possible. I don't think they're displeased with no judgment on the last Saturday he didn't overwhelm like we had planned him for him to do last year but he still had a solid season again it's spring football and I think that they're just trying to. Move some pieces around get everybody comfortable in different spots people probably didn't know actually did that a little bit quiet seller. And he was over on the right side and work and attack a little bit just to make him more well rounded so. Again wouldn't go overboard on the whole flip but the offensive line but it does mean of course it's a stance is plants trees of football. John Lazard the voice of the Hokies spring football game on Saturday at 330. What is the format what's the lay out of this game. That's the same as has been the first two years at a Justin when it is will be four quarters running clock twelve minutes apiece for the ten minute halftime. And essentially you can only score points one way. In terms of offense vs defense traditional scoring for the offense of course expert that's down three for Google on for an extra point. And a defensive side you'd get a point for a stop unit six for a turnover. Our team in three for three and out. And that that's in the calculate points the kicking game will be muted a little bit that you don't have kick offs for obvious. Precautionary reasons start with the Pope bought the 35 and in the punter will be out their along with returner but there won't be any returns as wary feels it's essentially fair catches. The opposite of the exit fell in its first incarnation so. I should be fast pace should be quick moving and that should be in our exit with the running clock. There's only so much you can see your take from the spring football the work is in the practice and we're not privy to that but after what you've seen or what you've heard and who we've talked to. Give me something that you or give me someone you may be locked in on Saturday that you wanna city. Well I think for a lot of people it's going to be back up quarterbacks in Ryan Willis and and a hooker and I'd like to see hooker because we haven't seen atomic him. In spring ball this year and and after what he did in the spring game last year and at times you are wondering if they were example that redshirt last series definitely wanna see the progression that's he's made. Jess Jackson would also be in that category I know that that's not that deep rooted answer but I also looking at the corners particularly with a Adonis Alexander. Not being there because you knew that brace watts was going to get some run on that side not to be interesting to see what the depth looks like beyond that particularly without German web. Here having not early and rolled with this team in projected to be in the mix to start along said Alexander we needed back and it. In the fall but you know those are just a couple of the top my head was there's so many things that you wanna see with this football team because they're so young now linebacker just popped in the mine and it relate to see where Dylan rivers is in terms of making the calls on defense even though it'll be against a pretty Vanilla offense so. A lot of stuff quite frankly in this game way more so than last year. You think you learn means that question better suited for next week I'll ask you the again next week you think you've learned anything in spring football. Yeah I think you have in terms of you know just talk about south stands you learn to the guys were that made the big progression physically. To give themselves into the picture I think that's what people don't. See necessary behind the scenes they see the names and they discuss them and they know what's the recruiters for the scouts there. Whoever maybe saying about them but in actuality the conversation entirely different behind the scenes the spring football gives us an opportunity. Deceive the coaches are really zeroing in on in terms of where that depth there maybe it's about it through identifier where that that there will be. Come August but it does give you better representation of the guys that made strides in the offseason. To get back to this point so yeah I think you do learn some things going to spring football you don't learn as much as maybe people think they do it at times but. It it does give via a picture of what the scope is going to be over the next few months but it's certainly not a clear picture because he had so much time to continue to improve. After spring. John laser Mike Byrd out there will be on the call for the Hokies spring game on Saturday in what should be a suns spank afternoon at lane stadium. 330. We will get to see the ones were the ones that to reverse the twos and B need of if you have a football Jones we'll see at lane stadium on Saturday. The wedding planning going nobody really blew about a month the way your Utley. Yeah we've got down to tasting and DC yesterday went down backs that so is fun but it was a good experience over there or else it cake tasting. That's part tested four different varieties of cakes back in my training program today. With that strength coach David Jackson and a hopefully won't be to a sellout they've really picked all cheese products. Who of my favorite rooms and you. Excellent Mac and seize the bit cheesy pizza. Ice cream cheese whiz she's laser flavored ice Graeme. And string cheese. I'll back up back assailants. Regular cheese table just not a peanut butter and jelly thank you ways I will see you Saturday my friend nobody has it trial. John Lazard the voice of the Hokies here on fox sports night and brought to bike Allen gates eleven attorneys on staff and there for you in any case. Three from Zach. No mention of Andre Ingram on the show today highland springs grad with what the best story is the NBA and you're talking about PBJ and dirty movies. Zach thanks for not listening we're paying attention to the poll question. But guess what Zach we are getting into both next PB and has waited for his entire basketball career and oh what a night laws are talking about next and fox sports 910.