Wes McElroy - Hour 2 - Mike Jones and Chris Russell (5-16-18)

Wes McElroy
Wednesday, May 16th

Wes welcomes Mike Jones of USA Today and Chris Russell of 106.7 The Fan in the second hour. 


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Some. Video this. It's magical world of sports. Fox sports Richmond dot com. The only show in three bored by 09 attack or email west and box towards Richmond dot job experience he is the man the last magical world. Whom are good Adams 7 o'clock hour on this Wednesday calls. Thanks for Craig it is so let it be on fox sports nine sand as a radio dot com map I'm cranked up a disaster to be here. Yapping about a busy Tuesday night and sports and you cavs fans are all cranked up. Yet there is getting jittery who lost one. The laws that is south Philly begins. Notice seldom these days. Sorry. I'm not gonna play into the DC freak out today. Devils lose last night fortitude your final score game 3 Eastern Conference finals. Should you be concerned always have to question poll question early on appeared cavs fans are you worried after losing game three. Dreary a little. Not at all. You should be worried about this team you should be worried about the lightning team. There are good that's how they got the Eastern Conference finals and last night the difference between game one in game two. In one game to a cavs are better team. Last night the lightning were better they showed burst game one game to the capture how they got here. Game three last night the lightning showed how they ended up here in the Eastern Conference finals start out Stephens Dan goes Victor Hedman. Goaltender who is one of the top three in the NHL but I it's nice Dobbin 36 of 38 saves. And look the capitals did the thing that you shouldn't do right off the bat. You walking down the street you look up there's a hornet's nest what do you do walk on by. You don't hear dated you don't knock it you don't poking you don't throw stones at it. And picking up early power play penalty kills power plays the Tampa Bay Lightning that's their hornet's nest. But now I have a twelve because it failed on a couple late last night but at one point five attend. It's now that's one out every two that's not bad odds a goal when every two times. And last night the first two power plays go to the advantage Tampa Bay they get to not than the other three not been on a Victor Hedman goal. And for about five minutes last night the capitals had a little library college puts one and it's 31. Stone will be up starts a little buzz around the net. The persistence. And then all of a sudden brain point puts one and in sport one and that was your dagger. Great opening not a sharp as he's been also the defense around him not as sharp as it's been you can't mess of that power play. And if you do our power play and you are Johnny B on the penalty kill Brooks or pick you gotta swing you gotta hit he got a clear that puck out of their. That's one dangerous unit is one dangerous team. I think you would do people this morning nearly two dozen people are freaking out about the capitals losing game. RR one trolls trying to get at DC sports fan trying to get they're nervous get them Jerry get them to freak out. And the other ones are the people who kind of thought this would be capable. That you went to Tampa you want to and yes they were clearly the better team there were clearly a better five on five hockey team. But this is why this series it's vice best of seven. And like being there in this thing for reason. And with players like stand goes and had been. And they're going. That's less skiing yeah. They showed last night by this is now series. Gas is still 21. Still got a game at home however right now. Kind of feels at a disadvantage I poll and are trying to keep us around earlier by the way Gary has on the updates Pauly. Gas now seven and one in the post season three and four at home. Riddle me that that man. Big Chris Russell has the answer. He's our DC reporter for 1067 a span covering this series will be with us at 745. If you have anxiety and you have nausea and you have the jitters the caps fan this morning or you just simply wanna talk about game three last night. You'll pre 3450910. That is the telephone number 3450910. And the Twitter handle. At west fox sports 910. Feel like Bart Simpson on the chalkboard. I will not freak out over the caps I would not freak out over the caps and not freak out over the caps losing. We had to feel like the light you were gonna do this to these are desperate they're backed into a corner you've lost the first two games at home and they were the number 1 seed Eastern Conference you know you knew they weren't gonna just okay we're gonna lay down get swept here they were the story going into last night pressure was on that and they responded the question is how do you respond. And as you saw another team respond last night LeBron James comes out scores Tony one of 27. He on a night where yet another triple double for LeBron James but it was not enough as the Boston Celtics come back. Winning game two win both games in Boston and by the end today game day Brooke they brought Cleveland into submission. They got Cleveland to quit. And right now Celtics who really showing in many forms many fashions the day are the better team won those 794. Your final score. Here is Brad Stevens. Echoing the words respond. Obviously LeBron was incredible the first half. It's all about responding. They're gonna make their runs they're gonna have their moments. You know that the most encouraging thing to me was that we weathered that storm he does that too easy to kind of fall apart. I teaser as before the break as they were also used to LeBron James Michael Jordan comparisons. And yeah LeBron James sneezes we get a Michael Jordan comparison. Again in different comparison to a different Mike. Last night as Mike Tyson. We don't go there as a Mike Tyson. And LeBron James and if you remember Paul you Arnold not a member of the Mike Tyson glory days Mike doesn't come entering Mike Tyson would try to knock you luck in not mean it's. Not around contracting Q on seconds. It would be is incredible flurry of activity where he basically take an upper cut and try to prod your nose in your brain. But if you got Tyson into the later rounds as Oregon self and trouble. Because he was great knockout expert. But he is not a great fighter and it cost and eventually cost him in Tokyo against James Buster Douglas later desperate if you get him in the later rounds you can get to him. And how many people bit. And that's what you have last night. Not the Michael not that LeBron James is Mike Tyson it was Cleveland. Was Mike Tyson. They know they're gonna get the early Larry we all knew it we knew I was game was gonna start out in the broad gene started out that way when he won the first two point seven. However is that game got longer you slow the better fighter in the ring Wallace. As Boston. And C interiors here golf and in the third quarter. And CN six Boston Celtics in double figures. And seeing Marcus Moore of the in a day game at the cavaliers shot the ending game in nothing but they have much to begin with the LeBron James after he takes that in and Barton. A blow. And Tatum today had it 24 points at that point woody and it was 4142. Falling towards him. We too so he did get points and basically the fourth quarter he was the only scoring that Cleveland got. But he is not the same player he was not as aggressive. I really thought there were three things you saw develop in the course of his game last night one was development LeBron James was not seem player after that elbow. The second one is Boston is just the tougher team there adverse they're tougher. They go up in debt you go up another box score today in Boston and Cleveland are pretty much neck and neck however Cleveland it was sloppy team. Fifteen turnovers into thirteen Boston points. Boston and bought or six times. And you saw he saw the way this game away in the end he saw what happened with JR Smith. Where he pushes Al Horford out of balance should have been a flagrant two in my opinion Marcus Marcum is already goes no no no no this is not gonna go down. And is Marcus Smart afterwards Marcus Marcus and look no Auburn and we're not afraid of these guys LeBron James and down. We are there to play basketball. I just slipped you know Al's hood he's a defenseless you know you know person he's in here he can't centralized body goes and he's now you can locate you go and take 22 hands to back. Ms. Sedaris you just you just can latitudes to keep happening you know it is not the first armchairs passengers especially clinic access. He's known for it especially brigades as we we've we know that. Historical bullies Cuban goalie keep picking me for keeping community farming stand up and that's what I try to do you know. When a market out there. And I took offense took. And what was the word Tyler who used in this clip earlier thug goon Tony good to go to sorted out not good enough. There anything is team Buddha bus that JR Smith that showed that that was tune it out that's a goon. Boston stuff. There's difference there's a difference between being a goon and being tough. Boston is the tougher team mentally. Physically scan medically there the tougher team and that was a perfect example of a wanna be tough guy JR Smith. Who did absolutely nothing last night added this game. But last night gets shoved gets a moment should have been thrown out of the game as Marcus Moore who walks right over now. I did not do that to one of my guys and that's the big picture here that is the that is the fight that would begins Mike Tyson and lasted to go five to six rounds. They're not afraid LeBron James. They're not afraid of the star but not afraid of this proud they're not afraid afraid of what he will bring in cold weather the storm. Well back up we'll assess the situation. And then we gotcha because Cleveland was dead lagged. And I. That that's not the only excuse there were dead leg would they were pitiful on defense just watching things go on shots go around you while Boston is still swirling. Still striking it was not a pretty fourth quarter for either team the Boston random off the floor and there's LeBron James with 4210 and twelve. Getting run off the floor at the today game last night now it's it's done. May he stopped this week so maybe in five idled this is seven game series there's no it's just not going that way. May be Cleveland gets one at home and I don't I can't see here this morning and tell you how they would do that and now we got to start accepting the fact that Boston. Even though I don't think it's going to be series they would bring a better series to Golden State. Who I think they wouldn't buy. Yep it's that big game showed everything that it is thought to start. But the truth came out in the finished 3450910. Mike Joseph USA today's gonna join us to get to a football here as we like to do would Jones each and every week gonna get to the cell of the Carolina Panthers yesterday I guess the potential cell. There's someone else does not being talked enough about the gambling story. And this could go either way for not just the NFL but for professional sports leagues and even we're throwing colleges. Where right now this could be a really good. Solution to a problem. We can rip that problem. Wide open. And making it even more expose and even more problematic. Under the that would Mike Jones USA today NFL columnist he'll join us. Paula do you have a poll question yet weren't our. And thirteen minutes into the show do you have your poll I what I actually I I have one for you I don't know how you're gonna filed always got hot thinks about Robby can know he's all fired up about the Celtics. I just I need so I got hot tea and more a question it's going to be yes I have a pole so. Have you seen this thing on the Internet that's going around this what what you hear you and your moral. Now he's seen this okay so this audio clip service last night Chloe Feldman was when the first tweet got this audio clip. And it basically is just like the address what color of the dress yes blue blue our goal I think it was a black and gold so that audio clip. Surfaced all last night at the unit is totally divided over the question is what do you hear too that it's just in this is actually what it sounds like. And you're basically the Internet last night was exploding and at war with itself. Because some people heard moral others here yet so what do you heard what. Blue play again. And what am I supposed to hear your posting here either you any laurel. Yeah any or immoral or more time. I hear your or Jiri. You are you here aren't there are here yet. Yeah any or laurel yeah those those a year options. What are you hear I hear -- any. I guess yet he's the closer one and its moral. I don't hear a lot of people said they heard oral well this is your poll question. That's my question what are you hearing any again is very Andrew lasting just no evidence can you call HR right now Steve I get suspended for throwing a panic you. Are you blew that yes we have this is your poll question back you know what I I I'm so I apologize we've come up with dumber poke that's horrible question. I I submitted for your approval. We're now we're an hour and fifteen into the shell I think he can get just put something up on the board so that's the bull question what do you hear what are you hearing you and your little. You don't but to now fox sport I hear what what time. I hit here. You're you your. Great here that this is why it's in this is why it's maybe we can give that a third option to your Jiri. We'll make unity to more divided no question is are. All always fought. Fox sports Richmond Jack come on Twitter at west fox sports 910. Football gambling we will discuss both next fox sports 910. That's funny right there eight. Wi-Fi makes go to DC. Catch lightning post game three reaction with Chris Russell of 1067 the fan. And I guess this Yani or laurel thing is divided the Internet Paul is found a way to divide the division of the Internet. I take writings on this is something bush same here completely different hurdles that is in fifteen minutes you have you have numbed my mind enough by this conversation. I've done my job poll question is not what you hear Yani or laurel. Box which Richmond dot counts here. Yankees playing the Matt's. Game three last night guy gambling in sports employees. Giving us audio clip on an eight poll question brought to buy call federal passionately local banking on not dumb Mike Jones columnist of USA today down with a question. However I had other questions about gambling about football about the Carolina Panthers let's bring on Mike Jones brought you by her at least aberrant located in the shops it in the broad. Doesn't go out of business to talk about let's start here when you first heard the story of gambling and you live up in the Delaware area. Now allowed in the state by state basis the first thing you thought of when the Supreme Court announces this would you mind go to in the NFL. Mom I think. Well first up west it is laurel okay they're there's not a question but do you got it stuck in my head and you're trying to win it up sorry but I like it there and bonds don't feed the fire if it. Anyway. I did you know content out there that's been you know and I thought of the draft Kean among other things and and wondering. OK what cup players are gonna get involved in this. You know there's all kinds of questions that it raises but. Now that the floodgates that gets will be opened you'll just. Have more people. No. An IA doesn't change a whole lot of the people who really into gambling or gambling anyway. But now it's legal and had to be out there and I just wonder you know what what kind of restrictions will be put on players and things like that. I do wonder about restrictions on players or one about this integrity be where the NF bout now seems that they're gonna try to swoop in and be part of this and try to get some type of fee when. When you have a team in Vegas like you're you're job is to have integrity I don't know if you should be have to be paid extra for it. Here's my question for you Jones in we've discussed this before the NFL has been dealing with this issue. For years now about the in the stadium experience they have try to find different avenues they tried it beef up. Are out of town scores fantasy elements is Internet alone in stadiums. I'm I'm wondering here in a component of this gambling has got the beaver stadium is built in. A betting parlor build somewhere where you can go in and place a bet because they. Technology the recession back in 2008 it's made it way too easy just to stay at home had a great experience. Yeah that adds build and this may be something on your TV we can make a ten dollar twenty dollar bet. I'm thicken there's got to be something in stadiums not just in the NFL where you will you can walk over across grab a hot dog beer and make of that. Here I think you're right thumb and the name of the game pretty donors is to make money and come. They will be I'm sure they've got people already. And probably have been looking for awhile for creative ways they can take advantage of them make more money at big was Mark Cuban said the value of my printer in the NBA but. Did the right amount franchises double. So you know he can't be the only one thinking that way. I don't know it's going to be extinct. Just to see how it plays out and you know if it takes sophomore but I guess that. I know. A lot about sports fans who already bet on games and so sure I don't know it's gonna draw any more people and as you know. You know it's not like all of a sudden I don't think like be casual fans are political and legal battle that. I think if you are to gamble on games you're going to you know continue to do it. Maybe a few people would jump into it you know about I don't know how big. A boom or increase in gambling it would make it. I it is they called almost out of necessity just to compete with the times that they're going to ask you something in the stadium Mike Jones is the NFL columnist for USA today. USA today dot com because not technically official but it looks like the Carolina Panthers have a buyer at. Doesn't value to this is interesting because I think the gambling element the added value of you know what it'll bring to the FLC got a big silly guys some big money got a new order I guess that might my most interesting thing is that. This group said they're definitely going to keep this in Charlotte. Right yes that is the belief on the expectation that David pepper will keep the Panthers you know obviously. They said they've got to build on this next week. On the Atlanta he needs that 24 of the 32 owners to vote on them but. Word is that everybody you know is already use a minority owner with the Steelers are apt give up that they. But. It's sound like very vital Bogut that the gap is plan is to keep them there in Charlotte and wants to bring a lot of the same practice. That is with the stability in the being Smart in free agency not going up their break in the bank in awarding your own guys contract extension he wants to do the same kind of being in Carolina to sound like. This is a win for the people Charlotte the credit that franchise. You are thought about this so walking this conversation yesterday by the discussion of if they ever moved Charlotte and the question was where would they move. As we've got a bit under the stall the may be Jacksonville could someday end up in London and has kicked around the discussion is there any place now that there are two teams in LA. Is there any place within the United States Jozy that you think lacks an NFL team where there were expansion. Someone you could take a team. Well men known they'd Blu-ray who left Saint Louis for a reason. You know with the old stadium known step it still is strange to me out they'll weird that they don't have a team you never know up. Among a group we get together and try to bring it came back there otherwise and turned into really a city that shouldn't have won it it's kind of seemed like. Everybody is pretty much good. You know I'm not thinking you know what there's a team a city that doesn't have a team. It's the cut is there more of a college type account in a San Diego. I know that you know people are upset that that they left. You know so that he had staying right there as well let. Yea it tests would be strange not to have the team there at Charlotte and they have a big fan base there are so sound good they're gonna leave planet leave them there. And we all know the big reason why Jerry Jones is so supportive of Vegas is that was to keep the team at a San Antonio. Mike Jones you can read them on Twitter at five Mike Jones and one more time did you hear what. Moral. Here laurel my life or yeah Indiana Euro some crazy like that and Alec barely get three guys it's been now beaten Laura. I act now you hear what you year I'm really messed up I hear you are. Only want goodness we got to get checked out of that. Thank you John Z bank not separate. My good city USA today brought to you by early as tavern I get Paul Paul it's. Congratulations to you found a poke I'm enormously proud of this poll PDF writes an ideal world but my life is that is youth years you Ari. Loomis is PDF. Lord Deborah writes in I do Larry. Airy. And I hear you very. You see I don't hear the yard but we have actually beat check or your room Larry I hear a year our current results right now we got 56% appeals in that your laurel. Near laurel at all. Now most of getting discrepancies be what's on and there's different audio being played different tone errors be there are different yet people have slowed there fictional as an official Yemeni and laurel website where we get this clip from not that I know all I know as I get it from the original source this girl that tweeted it out last night that's where I eat grams or some people slowdown spattered they've done stuff that we give to this is the original and army fascinated by two things in this topic in the same way with the dress one that people can actually hear and see different things. And then to. You're wrong you are hearing right Steve bushel furious if you click on the trendy part on Twitter screen you're idiots you're hearing of what I hear. Welcome back grabs and your phone calls now I'm not taking fifty uncle's seat Yani Loral Loral Gary Larry any. Donnie. I had two pairs well now I can do a pair pair pare flying squirrels dig its. The CD squirrels and Harrisburg senators are give those away next Chris Russell on the cat 745 fox sports 910. Let me get a win last night is now broadcast talk Chris Russell of our sister station north of 67 a fan. In ten days Bryan Hoch of the MLB network and Adobe dot com covers the Yankees. Yankees and that's got washed away in five and if there's last night 33 of the game got. Delayed if they got suspended. Yet they'll finish it up tonight at 505. And then we get Max Scherzer and the baby bombers we'll talk to Brian Hoke about that it heat warning. Right now do you like to go to Michael Robinson night tomorrow night at the diamond squirrels and Harrisburg senators. First of many thousand people through the gates eighteen or older getting Michael Robinson Bobble head to celebrate our colleague and pal. Right now to take its owners who works thrown into two tickets right now 3450910. Color number four. Gets those tickets to go see defiance at the diamond tomorrow night. They give Mike Jones a USA today as the one thing and I wonder about it as we keep telling us how the gambling will work in. I saw Monmouth park is gonna open up a Memorial Day they're going to be ready for NBA finals the take bets. I saw they're gonna have at least estimated 2.5 million dollars worth of renovations the next couple weeks. It's ready saint so Mississippi West Virginia. We Connecticut they're these states are great ago. The one thing that I do wonder about it we've had this discussion before I know articles have been written about with the NFL. I know Andy bitter and Mike barber of done the stories about Virginia Tech. You don't run into a real dilemma we talk about what NASCAR you run to a real dilemma where the animal experience is just so much easier to do than driving to a game. Especially a place like FedEx where salacious to get in and out. But sports gambling has a real. Chance here to keep people adjusted hole where you can place a bet on an apple and your phone or. If you wanna have like a roach who stick where you can go to a certain happen if you wanna put 220 on a certain game. They're gonna try to make this as easy as possible when it's 2018 technology advanced technology is everywhere it's gonna be part of this. And this is where I wonder if stadiums where they're going to either build stadiums or have to add on the stadiums with in OTB. A place you can only walk into you gotta get carded eighteen years or older like a sports book you've got to have cash yet to have some kind of account. But they all that they have to make it accessible to you at a stadium to enhance the in game experience. Because if not it's just gonna be another reason to stay at home I actually wonder. We talked about this yesterday with a state like West Virginia that report Larry has a deal would WB UN and Marshall cut. Would you get to a point where you can walk in the lobby at the Siegel senator bet the second half over a hundred VCU. If you look on the concourse at lane stadium and how the schools get their cut is from the bed stake in the building. It doubt Siegel says will be due America's more compact but there is that question note enhancing the in game experience and I I just do wonder if NBA NHL baseball ballparks and NFL even colleges. Are going to have to have some sort of feature where you can go gamble over under. This quarter this half this game. I I think you. The the NFL in certain places with the attendance issues and also heard it tremendously. Tornado at US fox sports. 910 we'll get back into the light dilemma of Yani or laurel coming up boy I can't ask you this because you're not married nor live with a woman. But you York post your mom your mom waking up early for the royal wedding on Saturday on now not common. Why no there's a lot of guys out there who whose wives girlfriends the play all day Saturday comes on at 4 AM Saturday. They are up and Adam we're gonna be at our own wedding on Saturday review the American Rudy wedding of our buddy John laser. And trust me 4 o'clock in the morning the air right now my life with no 8 month old 4 o'clock in the morning. A girls don't want thing. Slaten yep yeah we're not gonna get no need to get dirty now she just sleep and Jimmy passed out. But the reason I bring this up and sports shows Prince William who secretary's. Brother as dilemma. As I guess he's the best man he's also the president of the England football association. You've got Chelsey yeah Manchester United and Chelsea. Now the wedding is at noon Saturday to kick off is at 515 as president of the England football association he is supposed to be there. Now it's 24 mile journey begin to go by police convoy helicopter he's got to be there for the beginning part of the game. The question is whether or not he will leave said wedding they still lose festivities to go attend this game. Boy I pose the question to you your sister your very close to she gets married. At noon to both Sunday. You were Eagles are in it you have tickets. Are you leaving your own siblings wedding to go to a big sporting event Muster might actually steal it take its army and leave her own winning Beagle Steve's Super Bowl but I would yes. Out what you would leave your sister's wedding Maya. Most definitely and I think she would understand now out of first but Willie camera William can do something that you can't he can fly and fly out. He can do these guys yet deep royal escort I don't happy can do the ceremonial thing and still like wave below. Be there for the beginning of the game get a helicopter and be back for cocktail hour right. Which they're in their sport and as for the weight and that's the enormous ceremony economist at cocktail hour. But any other reception. Now depends depends what type but a guy use Kazaa I have found this it weddings there are three types of guys weddings there's the guy on the dance floor. There's the guy who just sits at the table waiting for the night to be over and music to go quiet. And then there's the guy who escaped and finds the bar to watch sports which one would you fall into. I would I you know I would beating on the dance floor I was actually just that a win a couple weeks ago and I was up I was out there busting a move on the line. There are enjoyed our they're not the three guys at a wedding oh no you're absolutely there there's three divisions of men at weddings yet there's the guy who gets out there just cuts loose just do it 99% of the time does not dance and that's okay. No ones judging that Dancing With The Stars the other one as the guy like my dad watch it my dad is more convert to the guy who will. Slip away go have a stogie and and find somewhere in the building with the TV and beer. But there are those guys you go to a wedding you just look at some. There's a miserable lads to stating around the table just. Speaking with their coffee playing with a four waiting for the music that and on the night. So you're leaving your sister's wedding offered Eagles are yeah. I mean I don't think she actually ever get married on Super Bowl Sunday can't heat wave that I would I would balance would you do that to laser but I leave yet. NASA really BA you get in his business too long sports put a perspective. At knows things don't be a party and have this week and I leave in this thing. Noon and no no no no no I I'm Dan look the other helicopter. Possibilities are endless. We'll come back. Where the possibilities now the lightning and actually won a game in the series caps lightning looking back on game three Chris Russell joins us next one of success in the fan you're listening to fox sports 910. Yeah yeah. 748. Let's back to a fox sports night stand fast and I'm not going to panic I'm not go to the DC freak out thing because they lost to happen last night. Last night gone it was about Tampa how they would respond they responded quite well. Rob is the capitals gave them a great opportunity get right back in this series because you can't let stand on the power play. For more on this game he's governed the series for our sister station and 1067 the fan in DC is our buddy Chris Russell joining us on the the deed Mercer. Rug cleaning hotline and or you are short on sleep and long long work hours but I ask you this morning in your current state. Is there reason to panic around the capitals. Morning less I'll start what that mad that. That Fred Flintstones bombed back in May be that bit about butts there's not much that's gonna make me lap on three and a half hours asleep so I bless you at least our just start with that he. There's no wheat in the attic I wouldn't describe it as panic problem. Eight sir yeah are you should be concerned honestly how I was concerned equaled a smug about me being in a negative written. Were you didn't end and also other national Ito to respect that anyone should. And that record one should have apparently quite yet and the best even eastern conference for no reason. Our best in the NHL in the regular season easily disposed to Boston after a ball game one lost that for no reason and so so what we conversed all the reasons why Tampa. We were good they made the conference are now we had a weird. There will be a week I spoke static on so I knew it was going to be easy what I was disappointed by the most last night would offensively. Defensively and Braden hole BD. Discipline wise special teams want a power play and penalty kill. And they were not immediately that would basically like it is if you compare your best to try not. They were and colored skull could be and they are in certain reader need. Of the old skinny short her ordeal by charter. If that makes sense because base that they were the parent they showed up they participated. But boy they were today who really really bland. Yeah and I I don't agree I think the other big story to me is for people who are walking around they can sweep or adding you know delusions of the cup already. You have to respect Tampa there's a reason that they are here just like the capitals are and they showed that last night. No doubt and and you neared temple was gonna come up with a great apps are not even say I was like blown away that champion so good last not able. There were barely got to continue I try to take my credit from that spot it was combination of Tampa. Pretty darn good last night and the capitals give them opportunities after opportunities and that's what happens when you take penalty after penalty. The penalty and it was five penalty kills or five miners that ultimately wound up in the penalty kill including Braden beat. You know people. You know what your recent ball what they are nothing great hope because duke hung out to dry because there were a couple of well Lou not really because he called one of those power play goal with how to book and on discipline trip quite honestly amounts that character of great hope beat. And sure you know a lot. That led to the first power play goal. The fourth goal he'd let up on breaking point you know after the shot gets knocked Arab bloc whatever works in front kind of scramble and there's a bunch of body she can't really see each short. Ivy League in on her short part. Facts. Optical bring got her hair that's a gold he wants not even though he wasn't going to sneak up last night in the locker room. You want go back there trust me you're what do you want to move on cape or maybe he'd do it he didn't want their. He's got a lot that went back to normal work on the combination of everything. The number one thing he won't give up power play Holland didn't they are on the one timers as good pop singing pork barrel units. Many opportunities pure. Is Chris Russell went 067 the fan VC hot read joining us to recap game number three last night where the lightning. Now in this series capitals to a lot who want and I agree with you I thought one thing last night really. About six minutes and you start to see it develop and I've been saying this after the first two games though the capitals and a really good job of not letting it. The lightning get pressure on hopefully they've been able to get shots they haven't been able to get that consistent pressure and it's. I can always knock a box around with one upper cut you gotta go to the body you can't always homer off a picture you gotta get a couple single and a couple doubles and move guys around. And I thought last night your right hoping reacted not the way that you wanted. Chris look at it head to game four. What needs to change and I guess part via that question is there's been a little bit more conservative I guess the thought of a conservative reserve hold that nick Baxter room. Is this now where you got it got to crank him up and put him out there. Yeah if you keep it close which I would I would. And based on what we've seen they'll be you know our area and again how were caught your body not trying to play doctor on the radio but I don't think he would be out their pregame skates. But it is what armored at stake in his hand yet he's not participating in the wind roster which is a big deal he's not seeking state stops west. Hope that you would be out there if he would not at least reasonably close now I get the Q won't that stop. I get them out of park there I don't know all but I don't think he would be out there he had coached. Now that they lost our I would assume naked patted him mopped and get him ready for game war but that's still going to be I would say he's fifty cent he wouldn't be you know to beat to beat you know. Ferrer are I would probably say I would leave probably towards him not playing but. You know I'll know more tomorrow morning during the game based need at least have a better idea because he's still not doing much. Quite honestly when he's actually out here for the game day skate now on. You know that would be huge not only per penalty kill because he's he's probably their best penalty killer. But also for the faceoff eight beta were not good in that area could not solve was terrible. But not on face soft spot and that would help them a across the board. As far as what they can do it systematically they've got to get back Q. Getting through the neutral zone with speed pot possession. They can't make it a much better job of that last night Tampa Bay eliminated all of those odd man rushes that it that. That that spurred a loud quite honestly in a lot of bear series lost to the capital and that Campbell allowed in the first few games. Outing sample and that was the number one key are voted the number one key is to what the cap and what's not thanks very talked about that yesterday morning if it weren't surprised speech started that is what he. Not out of the wall on campus system. Pop up all of camp well. There tech coach John Cooper Victor had been that all set up last night the eight ball that was the number one he won in one game re not necessarily would. Our waists so that's born to be the counter adjustment. On top or scrap. Any chance to get this thing for game boy moved to Florida or possibly outside like Nat spark Annapolis because I. Chris I'm a covers sports long Donna never see your team goes seven and one on the road in the post season and three and four at home. Yeah three and four at home at six and eight. Combined the last two postseason the last chiefs are what you're right up years art Capital One already picked that late in the in the last you post mutant. Are at home I'll put that number. One but not that there's not only on the capitals struggle and on this and her yet he had west but. I think all whole routine been this Stanley Cup Playoffs are thirty EU and thirty not. Our whole app for the capitals lost last night currently op would not ESPN and I think she set up the second worst winning percentage. Right now. There and 1960. Step in our home use so I mean complete wide problem. But you need to Europe sparked problem. Washington Capitals and our crack the same kind of famers. Like you know when they were down three up now like I hate the apple has filed a petition that game work apple you'll bring it up on Thursday night. Erick got that but there's no difference. You know I've got to adopt the mentality that you know like you do on the road keep up what were your hair on fire. Ottawa safely clean out lap because they did dominate the first 78 minutes about it but once I got there are. You know they're putting on them once they did not wow that first goal which they allow the first two didn't want to tap. He's not yet that first goal with the album Klebanov fourteenth. Well it would be very. They were able to find again they're putting they were able to get that extra man advantage they were able to get their power play dollar. And Ottawa they were all these people mayor but you know of course one not be quickly then turned and read up in early in the stack and pretty good one up lead at 321 and they pop that momentum that you get that you thought okay they're court martial law on hold your beeper. I assume they made what one it was like. Yet the pollute aggregate score you up. Chris Russell 1067 the fan covering the series on three and a half hours sleep do an outstanding job the city can squeeze in a power nap buddy I appreciate you. You're going to be on the U and all guest appearing on the come back out to Iowa I'm not banking I'm not doing the DC freak out why am changing my prediction to one series. That's for sure next.