Wes McElroy - Hour 2 - Michael Litos (2-15-18)

Wes McElroy
Thursday, February 15th

Wes welcomes VCU Ram Radio Analyst Michael Litos in the second hour.


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Some IPO. This. His last medical wrong on fox sports. Fox sports Richmond dot cop. The only show in three bored by 09 tag or email west and box towards Richmond dot job experience. He is the man in the last magical role playing ball. Running into the 7 o'clock hour. West McIlroy fox sports night ten and if you haven't downloaded yet. You don't it. The radio dot com asked coming up into one emits a missed opportunity for VCU Michael lead those rams radio analyst will be stopped and by. Last night. I guess it was a missed opportunity because of anybody thought the Virginia Tech was going to go and do could win that game. Right after going in Charlottesville and beating you VA your expectations. Probably a tad high for Virginia Tech. And last night they want to NN well. Duke was duke in the words of Pete Gillen even without Marvin back you know bottom Bagley no problem last night grace and Allen busting out of a shooting slump. Coach K say and shoot the ball. Moves in the order more report rolled right sure. You showed. A dead and an Gary Trent your trip Ivan Ivan three grace now burying seven of them. 153 points fifteen of 33 for duke last night just too much for the Hokies and really his game at about eleven minutes but to go in the second half was wrapped up because when Allen and Trent we're not shooting and nailing. Duke was out rebounding tech 36 to 19182. Chance points. Too much in the blue gallows for Virginia Tech to handle. Ya think if there was one statistic that you could look at ago and that didn't work well. It would be that there was a stretch there in the first half where they were rebounding. An incredibly up percentage of their misses and I'll love those misses it seems as though. We are getting hit really late in the clock and forcing a contested three long shots long rebounds. Offensive rebounds were fresher and issue. Particularly in the first. No great surprise of Virginia today goes down duke and loses even without Marvin Bagley. Impressive I'll duke flex their muscles and Dave Glenn in the ACC sports journal is gonna join us in about 45 minutes from now. And I wanna ask him because this done lets you grab and a question of whether or not duke is gonna be bounced in the first weekend after it was North Carolina. They museum flex their muscles last night without arguably their best player. And now you say wedeman is that that a final fourteen. This thing's going to be so wide open this year. The duke let's not look good. The Virginia Tech it's more about move and on. Outing anybody really expected them to get Virginia and duke in the same week splitting. Only some people expected that. But now you got to detect it and up on Saturday. On the road third of this thirty game Golan on the road it's a must win. Can't help really help the resume but it can hurt the resonate. Ending considering that you've got global in clumps and act castle in the next eleven days before you meet duke again. It later earlier Tom's right now and as we re emphasized after Virginia Tech when WBA there's still work to be done for this resonate. To Virginia Tech may got to focus down gate to protect. The got to find a way to get a couple of these at home because there's a fear here if you follow Virginia Tech basketball. Get his election Sunday in some of these games they've had at home including the Miami game just couple weeks ago. Could be haunting could be haunting on selection Sunday. So hokey sitting at seven converts wind sore a bunch other teams in the ACC. We'll talk to Dave Glynn of the ACC sports journal coming up in 45 minutes and address this real quick. I did start all the show this and I and I'd I'd not going to collaborator go on to a soap box but. You know sometimes you don't say anything you feel like people feel like you're ignoring the world what happened yesterday at the school shooting in Florida just. It rips me in my guts. And I have a lot of political thoughts about this silent pause about mental health issues but. To see that yesterday you guys saw enough of that and we which driver was allowed us to be a distraction allocate talking about the serious things and I got its latest. From dad to many dads out there with you have a child. You know much out is five months old you start thinking about stuff in the future and I just. I can't imagine I don't imagine some time but you know. Somebody asked me here on Twitter even talk about this today yes I would talk about it and would talk about missing my thoughts my prayers go out to everybody in Florida. And I know we're now at a point not a world where aides say thoughts and prayers are not enough. That's not on me. Is domain it's on me is that on us yes but it's on us to push our politicians. And it's. Political debates are a lot like sports debates we've got to go to the extreme on everything. Because the gun people say well well it's about mental health mental health people's lowest about the guns it's both folks. The guys are looking at a bigger picture here. The important people and I love with speakers said last night following the game against Golden State. Speaker I think we don't know where he feels about our president but I thought speaker was very open minded and saying what he said. And doesn't deal with the political affiliation. It doesn't seem to matter that you. Children are being shot to death yesterday in schools. Doesn't matter that. Big shock concert. Movie theater it's not enough apparently to move our leadership our government. People were running this country to actually do anything that's tomorrow us. Messed me up last night nestled a graphic that column mine is no longer in the top ten most match shootings United States history. A preference people bought a prefer to families. Want. So people can do better. Which ought to be a pleasant distraction this morning we are because we are one month the way from selection Sunday I don't know much lighter note throughout this topic in the shell. What are we anticipate in sports was the one day in sports that we anticipate. Unlike any other. One month today will be similar brackets and hand counting down to wherever and long lines would ever fake sales meeting whatever I made. Maybe we got that was averaging urology fellow dissect me madness a baby got a medical treatment that day. One month the first day of March Madness what day in sports do you count down to what they in sports do you anticipate. March Madness and a month. Pauly said earlier yours was the sort of the NFL's season yep we got some for the NFL draft we got some money for the masters. I would go March Madness my runner up would be college football. What to do it or leave it up there would open it up to you it's the one day that you count down to one day we look at counter ago sixty days. Thirty days. Ten days. What in sports do you most anticipate and count down to let us know. At west fox sports 9103450910. And I saw this. What's it Thursday. So this Tuesday and it just bringing up yesterday. There's got to CBS sports dot com was a lot of time here the past two seasons dogma the ratings dipping in the NFL. College football. Has just experienced its largest per game attendance dropped in 34 years. And is the second largest ever drop in attendance. Since being started being recording back in in 1960. Attendance among 100 between nine FBS means FBS football a division one. Was down an average of 14100 fans in 2016. It that is the second largest single season drop since 1982 to 1983. The average attendance drop marked the second sharpest decline since the NCAA began tracking it in 1948. And the first time in history average attendance declined nationally for four consecutive season so this isn't a one year issue of college football. It's been going on in going on going on. And this year it's the biggest drop that occurred from one year to the next over four year span so this is like vehicle ratings where they can say hey we still Heidi. Our Super Bowl is wrote lower rated and last year. But it still forty million more people that watched ten years ago. This is proud football sand lowest attendance. Numbers equal to 1990 said. Even that SEC the king of college football even the SEC was down an average of 2400 people. A game. And Dennis Dodd did eat he did what to researchers talked company's research companies marketing specialist demographic analysis. Typical open is a wide collar football attendance is down. What is the obvious is the flight did all sports that the game burst in home experience. Technology making things too easy make it will be two knives making it cheaper. Too convenient just stayed home. If you ask any AD any. GM I mean I've had conversations were this before with BC director of athletics and McLaughlin. When I've got it an issue everywhere and it fell presidents owners commissioners. They're all below the right now they know it is easier for the band just stay home. They also know is just not enough to go and watch the game. Not not not an opera you know you bring little Billy in the oh Suzy out of the ballpark is watching game. That's no longer special to a generation. Maybe need more. And they need more in older generation. Who is spending more they expect Mort again and then just the game. No freezing college football is down and this as I like to say Patton. Numbers can be manipulated. If you work in numbers you can manipulate numbers. So to be fair dot brings up you have more schools that are moving from the ant CES to the FBS. Those crowds are smaller so you have more games you were crowds. That will manipulate the numbers are not the average is brought down. But I think the most that the two most interesting parts of what Dennis Dowd writes here about like college football attendance is down. One of bill Lutz and better and TV sports programmer CFO and optimization firm says. There is a lack of student experience. And allow a lack of student attendance at games. Students are no longer attending college football or college sports they are good they're doing and decreasing numbers it's a number has gone down since 2007. You have the lack of involvement of college students and college sporting events. Students Delaware goalie game. Sand and no good. We'll get we'll get don't TV we'll we'll go to bar. We don't Felix didn't three after hours outside. Or they're being younger they're being smarter and they say that I can go do other things that I can check it out of my phone. And you have and this is leading to another point it would dot rights were you have a trend of its schools that are downsizing their stadiums. They're taking seats away and we're dumb Arizona State. Penn State North Carolina is doing it exactly what I North Carolina be in a basketball school but Penn State. Downsizing their stadium happy valley. I I've said this before I don't think it's a blip. Not a college not another sports. I pondered about NFL stadiums going down the path of being built smaller. As the empty seats it's a bank bad look. When new stadiums are being built smaller baseball to this approach decades ago. Now college football stadiums are doing their doubt they're not expanding the downsizing. And I wondered and 22 point five years at NFL stadiums we start seeing but we got the chargers. Now they basic 4530000. That soccer stadium but. Do we start seeing NFL stadiums go from the 70000. Seat monstrosity is down to 4045000. It's been a trend that this is this big growing trend over the past ten years you go back to in the economy dipped in 2008. It's become not special to go to a game. You have other situations there's economics involved there's technology involved plus Vista relate to my audience there's life involved. There are those who just have had it and say look I'm not paying his ticket prices. And I got to bite the ticket the bite the ball over to figure price apartment. I want to know. On the drive three hours there three hours back. And Saturday look Saturdays my job with ING is to be at Virginia Tech every home game. But my audience Saturday in the falls people got kids. Soccer you know bits you got basketball player is busy. And most dads with kids if you have data kid you get this I now get this if your dad with kids there was time in your life. Really just plop down account from watching game that he sat down would year old dad and you watched game. Then you got to your stage in life where I. Early twenties college years after college where you can do is go to the bar I would go watch a game yet because the wings and beer. That freedom you have got luxury. Now you've got kids and your married. There's a stage in your life where you get to watch maybe a game a week in peace and quiet and maybe you probably don't get the peace and quiet. If you have kids. I look now. It you got soccer you got dancing to watch a game wonderful evening I have that solace to lay on the count for three hours so hey I gotta run Billy errand Susie on his watch the game on my phone. Is an eternal battle with sports. Not using college football for the NFL's Biden and baseball's whitening college sports or fight and it. And light is winning I was winning society is winning and there'll always be. Crowd games but I really act can't help but wonder next twenty years. Next quarter century are you seeing stadiums are you seeing arena is built smaller and more intimate than what we're seeing now. Because is now four years steady drop in college football attendance and this is the biggest leap year to year as seen in decades. Some food for thought productivity of west fox sports 910. Dual August day in sports history trivia doesn't give goodies to give away at the bottom of the hour but next. Missed opportunity for BCU last night we'll talk to Michael Lee goes about it next 05 sports nightstand. John the my two cents on sixteen I thought I'm going home. But after the Olympics it's happening illustrates and it's not a ball we're talking about that's sort where it's 735. Let's mackerel at five sports nuts and open up the hour talking about Virginia tech's loss to duke last night. I guess it was a missed opportunity if you had the expectation of Virginia Tech pulling back to back wins Virginia at duke. These guys will rule. Now the work really begins with what Virginia tech's got left more importantly the three games they've got before they take on duke again. VCU of the game and I was it was a missed opportunity a chance to go begins Davidson at home to move up in the standings as BC right now really with a plan for. He's seeding in the A 10 tournament and this morning well. They did not get that opportunity because well they missed it last night against Davidson would bring in Michael lead those who with Robbie Robinson had to call last idol by exports ninths and and I don't want to oversimplify this but last night rams just couldn't hit their shots when they had to. Yeah that's a really great way to put network's good morning Ireland and I think there are gains cold and it dig into that detail and analyze and and their game or a copy that's what happened then and I think two things happen. Last night that that kept the ranch from morning the first so what you're exactly right it is it shocks. At one point became just until I believe seven for nine from the field. And the rest of the team was six for 24. And so it it was just one of those nights where what and when you're making shots exacting cover up a lot Ailes. When you're missing shots you get exposed for those built in and and now as one of the kings last night where. As the rains are exposed when they stopped making shots. It kind of went into a shell where they went one on one and got to wait what they do it then they started out there on on. Early in the second happen and and it really exposed shortcomings this came back. You know like he did so Virginia Tech there's work left to do but you know fortunate pick up games left. Winnable games and I don't think it's McCain's gonna shoot 30% hurt 35 minutes at a basketball game. So yeah you know that procedure there to continue to move forward to DC in the Big Ten Conference tournament. I'm glad you pointed out that way because it's one of those things where you didn't watch the game last night he grabbed the box score and go women Tillman had 2.2 in Derry on they had nineteen. When Nieves junior divert from the times this back we were counting. That he had. A mixture I have this right it was six team that goes 53 pointers in the final six minutes other than that very odd day. He was struggling for as you mentioned 35 minutes in this game so let me set up this way. If you got just it's only getting all the attention like he does he was getting a lot of tensions still put up 22. To nineteen crowding the paint. And the balls being kicked out who then on his team's got to score besides the area they Jenkins. Yeah a lot I think we could feel a little bit normally it is been any any tremendous swap. Probably since the second week of January. That this animal market yet have been able to get out not I don't know the true way to. Fact it co Kurtz. Felt like he needs to. Who develop more weight as the second point guard in January and summer start. Thank Moly croak you'll needs to get and it's not like he's got to score fifteen or nineteen or anything like that. But it Cofield and Barry couple priest that was and up to be ethnic attic and is the exact down payment attic whether or not it's not in and it hurt well in the ball. And I've been integral planes from the baseline the panel that defense up and and you know you've just been so mangled and gives us an authority. I think that's gonna serve Christine well so yeah it is growth has been banned in China other skier on the offensive end at a different outlets with then. He's Michael Lee goes on the call rams radio bout BC will now move on to take on George Washington this Saturday. And now that's the question it's it's what you got I think there's one team left on the schedule that these five with a winning record that would be saint Bonaventure the question is can you win these games against UMass and Mason and GW. Because considering the rest of the 810. And there is still a chance even though they missed the opportunity last night there's still a chance of BC ends up in the top forges because the 810s of royal rumble and anybody can bounce anybody on a night. Yeah negative critical lot of gains between you know Rhode Island saint Bonaventure Davidson. The teams that beat equipped fighting with there's only gains among them so are there some sort colonel where does wee bit down the stretch and that's another good pointless you know that's that's for very typical gains 22 on the road again at start GW and and I love the fact that we're and so we need to look at and we have to take it one game. You know you start or they'll get that on on the work. You masses always a tough trip for some reason purpose. And his fifteen that this program we always seem to struggle there but if we get that one. Get owned the saint Bonaventure which some momentum. Or may on the scandal they close at Fordham said this games left in saint Bonaventure atop the stinging. Coming into Dutch uncle senator and yet they're still on opportunity for the Indus Finnish foreign one. Five and hit that C even ain't going to as the number three number four get that rest on Thursday and start playing a metal on Friday we'll Hugh Abbott. Michael it shows you here I'm on Saturday. I'm glad he could hear me this morning Betty could find the volume button on the phone. I'm surprised that Turkey it is wrong it. So we're sit LS that are radio row and I'm doing the pregame show and I. I don't know what you think and I said Michael windows will join us up next and the knows who's a very calm collective character. But dives on the headset I think you thought I was bringing you order something and all of a sudden you start packing you any poll he's gone can hear you okay. Then for sort of reason he goes scuba diving underneath the table and starts messing with wires and I'm going Abydos. Vetoes. Vetoes and you look at me and lot as does reach over and just turn the volume knob up on the headset. And you can't. I can't tell you I appreciate that I am told that our parents you panic like that the Oprah. And thank you buddy I've appreciated LC Saturday. You gotta last leaders he cracks me up and Michael just turn the volume up these underneath the two fueled. Now we noble Paula knows this and experiences two days ago and both lines blew up like Christmas tree on fire. Yeah we're looking around because we don't deter the problem. I don't know we'll have a look we all have our flight moments in our own age it's always great when the people who are normally the cool com collecting customers freak out I have those moments that you shocks you really what what what's after he hasn't at their latest recall inviting. He I I don't know if he was thinking you've been brought on at that moment by Harlem week. Always good fun behind the scenes in Michael's right there's some days you can do to deep dive into a box score you can break down the x.s and those been VCU BC news. Has a deficiency defensively they're not gonna change their they're not a pressure team is gonna fatigue a team now they got to make shots. And we collapsed in five guys in the pain on just Selma and he's kicked in and out and couldn't just tell instead that's going to last night. You need more eat dairy out they Jenkins came on late but Derry ID Jenkins is 53 pointers came in the final six minutes this game. Tillman had another one said that six of your ten in the final six minutes. Moly Cofield struggled one of four Isaak band one of three. And that's run things then what you see they lose the points in the paint. And Davidson's team that. BC's credit defensively they held in the first that they held them belt Peyton altered 19. But he's gonna Eddie shots Davis is gonna hit their shots and isn't just more much of a veteran disciplined team and it showed the second half last night. But for BC EO Betty stove to move in the fourth spot but last night now losing the tiebreaker Davidson they've lost tiebreaker Richmond. People back in the pack may the same record as Richmond but they've lost the regular season. You wanna get that four top four and is basically three spots left because of Rhode Island be and so far above everybody else. You wanna play that extra game and I'm. And I'm not put much of zombies you do aiding NEA ten or somebody to press room last night Obama if they can make a run and want. No. You what does he does seem finish strong. US is seen even if it's the CBI find a way to get post season because the best thing this team right now more games played out. And would you hope to see damage and see overall it's been played out strong. TW Saturday 4 o'clock radio fox sports 910. One month away from March Madness David delay in the ACC sports journal join us. We'll get to do at Virginia Tech last night his thoughts on Virginia being the number one team in the country in just how many teams in the ACC. Will be in a bracket one month from today we throughout the poll question are actually gets more of an open ended question to you this morning. What is the one day in sports the one that the loan data you count down to what's the one sports day that you truly anticipate unlike any other. Start March Madness distort the NFL's season. Some percent view the start of the masters. Let's not just throw it out one month from today brackets in hand. Consider me excited 3450910. Bones are open you 3450910. They can muck Lido is joining us. Breaking down last night VCU. The shot was broken down they couldn't shoot him because an item. That's headed lose the Davidson. I do to bring this up real quick to put things in perspective. Especially what happened yesterday at Florida. You got any good story this morning. So we duties halftime interviews with the sponsors of BC basketball and it sometimes it's an insurance companies in town it's a bank. But last night sponsor of the game with Valentine's Day very appropriate it was VCU help Pauly heart center. And they bring over this young lady Jenny Simon knives and Janet you're listening this morning it was truly a pleasure meeting you. Jenny I don't know how. Jenny has been a double heart transplant recipient. She had a heart transplant it eight and then just 16 weeks ago. Boy she sat in front of Maine she looked healthier than me. At Odessa where a picture of my notes irregular heart transplant six weeks ago and you see right here in front and she was up walking around out public option regret the it's incredible to look past all of that. Heartsick I as in open up it's just give you yours your third heart in your lifetime and she giggled. And the best part was and we we sometimes forget what we do for a living and we're blessed to do it but Jenny goes to put on the headset and she goes. I'm so nervous. And I said portal. Danny you've had two heart transplants and this is what's waiting out right now thanks there's not not I just don't stop the U until we find here were good. You you've been there the most erotic crazy moments of your life I think you're good talking to me on the radio sheriff Jim is bush just talked to I don't go away studio eight to and we come in. I just wanna know what talk about you wanna tell you story you'd you'd see that dot RBC and she she was in tears last night he made the fans a game they gave revolve. Just hearing her talk and hear her story and seeing her appreciation for like three parts. And it as it is it was just it was one of those things you do is that it's or less guys that. Seriously it's viewed per person named choke up on the air I'd I got very emotional last night talking toward to. These things you think about when your dad but see your perspective to your perspective on life and the best part what she goes yeah I. I got a six weeks ago on arrested privilege he has yet to dale their forget December 2 point nine that's my birthday she is is a great day for both of us. God bless you should I do any of your listing this morning it surely Jenny Simon that is truly truly a pleasure to meet last night. 3450910. Twitter handle at west fox sports 910. I served Bloomberg BC twelve would do as we're told about the Olympics and did see this torch he. I've I hope the story has a good ending the driver. Driving coach of the Jamaican bobsled team. Decide to quit. The bobsled it over disagreement whatever may be. Hash out gonzo. Is Cedric euros 43 year old German who won a gold medal in the 2006 games elected. Not to continue her position as the Jamaican bobsledding driving coach whatever the difference maybe. But here's the trick here is why this is notable. Because she has possession. Of the bobsled. She is in control of the Jamaican bobsled board bobsledding team and she may be taking her bobsled and heading home. And they had. Now according to the BBC your departure is triggered by an attempt to change her role. But she is ultimately responsible for the Jamaican bobsled. Now they're hoping this as a happy ending their hoping that she does. Not packed up the bobsled. They do believe this will be the case but she mean I've we've heard of I'm taking my ball and going home this is and taking my bobsled and going home is like an alternate ending to cool running or something. Yeah. I thought isn't wow I mean this just took the bobsled with her and she's peace and out packing up just do get pickup truck. Got flatbed Beckett back it up back it up there now I'm not hearsay I'd court sit there and a bobsled and gonna go tomorrow. The story still pending but it is believed that control he seized of the bobsled and the jamaicans will be able to compete. Here here is open for good things. Speaking of changes Paula just told me this during the break. And we'll is what to do a throwback Thursday topic here on Thursday with is laser McDonald's. So I was scroll through Twitter during the break and this is from the AP that. Effective in June stop McDonald's stores in June in the United States will soon banished cheeseburgers and chocolate milk from there happy meal menu. In an effort to cut down quote on calories sodium and saturated fat and sugar they kids consume at. McDonald's writer Gallagher cutting out she's Brittany down cutting down our they're cutting well so they're taking them off the happy meal menu. Now you can still specifically request. A cheeseburger or chug the milk with your kids happy meal but their philosophy is if there off the menu. It cuts down on orders and it stipulate here that when they removed soda from the happy meal menu for years ago sales orders for it. Felt that about 14% this part of me wants to go to the radio tirade right now what's going on in America word breathtakingly fast food but I I see it is as apparent now you what your kid eat healthier. And his parents out there of Cuba imagine if volume begin Mehdi menu vegetarian happy meal. You what you kids eat like apples and stuff down their tune she's gonna be the dad who goes debt there'd be thousand says now now London you'd you can get a burger but you gotta get apple slices. Now the logo and be used to take many snapped and I would you like. Six beast out of the forty feet. You're sure you soda could use deet kids so they were they were not ultimately your responsibility. So the local Emmys like what's going all America cheeseburgers chicken nuggets hamburger French Fries let's go to dad knew it is more of the it's an apples a but some yogurt. Doesn't grilled chicken instead of fried stuff side. But I how often do you really get a taker to fast food sake she's going to be nice and assets and other things and as this has become a domestic argument with in my house. Because my dad who is proud listening right now on the radio dot com Matt. I I've given my dad crap for the past ten years because now he's a grandfather. And you need picks the kids up from school he just happens to have a coupon from McDonald's puncture. So it took isn't it does not oh coupon two kids were happy meal. Now ever brake in time when I was cute deck will be stuck in the dials back who get added that no. Well makes open VP of butter and jelly bee bright eyed dog which got booted home we got voted almost my favorite spot. Seriously can you pull into McDonald's no make you suddenly you know now the Greinke is wondering why a coupon that took them out McDonald's. For. So you can still order the cheeseburger. Or hamburger and nuggets on the that again you can still get and you can't buy what I wrote happy meal. All it was always the cheeseburger French Fries and so that would that was it I stay with a works like a classic. Maryland life's biggest decision was one happy new year and yet member when the biggest decision was what hole you were gonna get. No that was when lights that was a blaze biggest surprise yes and it must biggest disappointment was it your he had that toy exactly if you look at the count like and I exchange is no we only have one toy go away yet you came back to you already know rat. The backed the play place memories. All right so good. Yet healthy mills of the dollars that you can't get the biggest silly ass but that's besides order. That messed me up as a job special order 740 board Dave Glenn of the ACC sports journal next on fox sports 910. What about tomorrow. If you are in the Chester area. I would love to say hello I'd love to me yet. Will be a key raceway jester race we convenience store 19100 west hundred road. Along with Mountain Dew ice in their new kick start flavors will have some basketball prizes to give away were actually be shooting. Basketball. Is I don't know there are bringing in a real net the backboard reduces their hoops but. I am told we'll be shooting baskets for prizes from Mountain Dew from Vizio and they'll be the ultimate winner breakaway. From winner green resort is is tomorrow Chester. The raceway 19100 west hundred road stop by. Experience of the new kick start flavors from Mountain Dew was surprises in five sports nightstand and VCU basketball. Doctor David Blaine here the ACC sports journal join us in just the second. It in to duke it into Virginia Tech duke last night. Duke is the biggest keys. They really are this time last week guess about and might we straight here. But North Carolina and the beat by North Carolina the first run of North Carolina win three games in five days but that the conversation about duke afterwards is. Is duped the team. That is gonna be bounced in the first weekend that's the discussion. Then you see him last night they don't have modern Bagley the third but then they go out and do what they did last night and you look at him and go. I amounts almost in Belgrade it was at home. It was against Virginia Tech but the paper didn't did beat North Carolina but you look at duke and you see them shoot you see. Grace now get move over to the point role you see him play zone defense are gonna. And that's where you get trapped and not everybody's watching duke every single night but that's where you get trapped when you bracket you go in ice so she really well grace now. And and and and put a defense and they they can dig. You start put him sweet sixteen it's the only day make it past the first weekend the critical to your bracket and broad way. Tees. Stepping. This tournament this year is just going to be a blast. Villanova losing last night the Providence. Now don't those going to be able to get a little bit help you your next three weeks still Villanova is gone down two times in the past three weeks Purdue is now lost Michigan State you what the big Michigan State the Denver and you couple times your brackets Michigan State got a debt debt debt deal save about team in your bracket. But then they've learned. And then after that. You guys Reese Davis and last week that about 24 to thirty teams have a chance to be in the final four it's it's going to be absolutely wild. But for the Hokies. Last night losing to duke even without Mark Bagley not a surprise the work the big work now is the next nine days. Georgia Tech global Clemson. Georgia Tech is not gonna help that resonate but it can hurt global and Clemson got to get those at castle. Because lasting you wanna do is be walking and yet duke and as it duke at Miami to close up the season. Listing you would do is rolling to that duke game Golan and really need this one. Because you saw that worked out last night. The lines are open 3450910. Need to DJ. Now could not reach Dave line we were affording him for the tab past few minutes and the other DG just yet but we'll get begin will be fun. We have but we don't normally people do listen daily press he was a Cameron indoor last night so we'll talk about the Hokies coming up in the 8 o'clock hour we'll check in on the Olympics with Sarah bloom. Of NBC twelve and Michael Robinson will be in studio. Where this. As it's been flying underneath the radar because it is an important decision that's got to be made Suk ravens. Biggest two days ago filed for reinstatement in the NFL. According to the NFL's transaction log he has been reinstated. To now the question is what are the Redskins do now. They welcome back. To me try to trade him. I did some people out there who just take it cut but ago we don't need him. Not so fast because the Redskins are not in position just to let anybody walk. Navy's second round pick on him just a couple of years back he's in Israel is too early twenties he's in the position of much need. At the position but the Redskins struggled the bills as 2007. It's a complicated situation is complicated situation of why he left the team or why he would be talked out of retirement the question that I have is how complicated data again. How much did it burn the front office. Now Michael's going to be in here and Michael was an NFL locker room leader he was a guy who is well respected in both the F a locker room in Seattle and see every Cisco. As most time at Penn State. And he is look at some of the guys who come here every year for his charity weekend to come to did it line it's down. Or German Marshawn Lynch Michael Irvin my guys a Mike Schmidt along the way they say it would Iraq do to help you out Mike's got that respect. Would Allen open mics locker room leadership perspective is how would suit cravings be welcome back in the locker. He's a guy who had issues. Now agent says post concussion syndrome. But there. There's issues before this there's this appearances before that including back it is time USC. He's at home sick issues he said family members move out to Virginia from the West Coast. There is big issues here before the quote unquote post concussion issues and I say quote unquote because I was at a much speculation about that. The question now is the questions are are the Redskins ready to welcome him back. Are they guys in the locker room ready to welcome him back the front office. And as the but obviously it did bring an end they put the school is say look let's sit down let's talk let's do launch the sea where you're mentally. Or is it race Sula. Glad everything got worked out glad you're doing well but I don't think is gonna work out here. Rubin try to move yet rich imovie which I really got to the West Coast where you'll be happier you'll be in a better place. But I guess that the patriots can just say hey guys a distraction and cut them the Redskins are not in the position just of sealing pick and a ticker. They need talent. But he also knew a guy who is committed to the game. Let's Michael how adept fly in a locker room that he is in as soon craven has been per the NFL's transaction odd. Reinstated will get into that and as we roll in the middle of February Anderson you are getting already for the draft. So you are a bit Null and done about who you are a team to pick. And we are a month away from the start of March Madness yesterday it was a month away from the start the NFL calendar. That's when trades can happen that's when free agency can happen before that teams have got to do a little spring cleaning. And and that includes cutting. The potentially big names rolled the deadliest coming up in the 8 o'clock hour. As eight year veteran it's a bowl champion Michael Robinson stops by next fox sports nightstand in a radio dot com that.