Wes McElroy - Hour 2 - Lane Casadonte (5-15-18)

Wes McElroy
Tuesday, May 15th

Wes welcomes Lane Casadonte of CBS 6 in the second hour. 


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Make some noise. You know this. McIlroy yeah fox sports. Fox sports Richmond dot. Calls to show it 34509. Attack or email west at fox force Richmond dot com Syria yes he is the man the last MacWorld this today as Supreme Court ruling that open loves sports gambling across the country on a state by state basis. There will be gambling and land the United States and not distance in city. How does that impact you and how does that impact you watching games it's a discussion is gonna get into coming up this hour. Welcome in a bit at a gig is at 7 o'clock hour on fox sports ninths and and on the radio dot com had we got a busy night sports tonight with a cat's back in action up to nothing in welcoming in the Tampa Bay Lightning. We had the biggest go to nights last night locking up the western finals 11. And we also had two western night in the NBA. And Golden State a game one on the road. No problems they won't be any Houston and say they've got back home court advantage. Straight months ago so it's a possible upsides I think. Katie out to hurt him for a distance. Kevin Durant. He would go three is six from distance and overall on the night he got 37. At times as I say look effortlessly in doing it is too late Johnson had 28. Those two combined for 65. Of the 103. Last night for a Golden State is they win this thing sees me 63 of you won nineteen. As they take game 1119106. Every down the racquets got close. Burst ever it was a game first half the rockets were the better team gold state. I'm glad they were kind of kicking off the rust with a neighbor do is get named year in the second half they found that here. And they took off and every job that they've they've lagged a little bit maybe it's on the dangled the carrot narrow the rockets think a they were getting close. There's basically good Dobson with a three quarter. Because Houston. They got they got within seven at the end of the third and then boom warriors go to thirteen four run pull ahead. He got within. Five seven to less than five minutes left to go but there's good doesn't strikes again. And the warriors up by ten with four minutes left. Too much fire power buy goes state too many mistakes by Houston Rockets here's James art and afterwards Harden with 41 a but still lamenting the mistakes made by the Iraq. They're doing really good job of you know take bad shots were returned about a smaller narrow the American dunks and threes and mushrooming as. Or terrorism or. But it was it was too many could possibly as that they are all. Yes no it was eighteen fast break points and seriously you if you look at NBA box score sixteen turnovers is not going to kill you it's not going to be the dagger in you every single night the NBA. Unless you're playing Golden State they will make you pay for sixteen turnovers they will turn them into eighteen point. Having a double digit lead against the team having a double digit lead against the cavaliers at Celtics it's not gonna kill you not going to be gonzo. You do against Golden State it's just too steep the hill to climb you exert yourself too much to try to get back into the game. That adds and I'd like to call the wily coyote road runner factor goals they can look at you even when you get close like Wally coyotes to get close to road runner. Think he would get them. Gold state just look at you go peavy. And if it's not step it's clay it's not play its Kevin Durant. Let's not even Andre Iguodala in the mix. And yet Jay Don green would give me a migrant Jai and if I did on me was my employee. And I was Steve Kerr I do look around the bottled Bayer all the time. However. I'd like control how to rein it back but he knows what he's doing. And Steve Kerr was asked the bottom after the game he he knows what dream concrete is doing out there. You praise team earned green out throughout the playoffs for only having gotten one technical and this series considering he got a technical on the first 67 back into this game. Even have to talk to him a little bit about. Being mindful of that this series. No. Durham on term knows what he's too these can be fine he beats to his own drum now not going to be up to technical. Never condone the kicking guys in the junk. However he knows what he's got to do when he said afterwards I'd rather rather be to end up in the flat. This series this this you watch game one last night. And you watch he's in the first half. You logical stay in the second half. I don't go and stay in six I would arena backed Google stated five. And I. I open this up with we do the question is start up the morning you could always be for the show 3450910. I asked the question. Who's the best show in sports right now in 2008 team. I like those question out now once a year is based on pure entertainment value especially since we're talking about. Well that dirty dirty stuff this morning including sports gambling with to get back into your just governments. Just don't pure entertainment value imagine my life this new last night like a stand up this game did start to nine. What's account and I stayed up until about the middle the fourth quarter when both state pulled away for ten more points. And I'm I'm taking I feel like I'm taking this in right now. And maybe a solid balls in short. Maybe I'm so in Houston short. I feel like it's based on entertain and I this is the best years that we're going to get remain at the most competitive may be Cleveland and Boston to find out a lot tonight in game two. If Boston can again do it needed to LeBron James we're we're gonna see LeBron on the attack the bronze that he was. Scouring he was servicing you is a valuing. I right now what are you gonna do can you do well Boston you do it you know how to do it against Boston. I we still can get an incredibly competitive series in that game and that in that matchup. I still see anybody being gold state. I did see the rockets that's why they go and stay in sixth now outer rim back the five. Especially now goes big guy game one we know we got home court event. There's just not enough firepower and barring. Significant amount of injuries I don't know I'd be Golden State I'm not expecting much I'm not expecting any upsets I'm not hoping I'm just kicking back and watching what to me right now. Is an incredible show which could maybe the Hamptons five go down as the greatest starting lineup in the NBA how big it is right now but it's got a great chance today. Can give back I'm watching goes they would no expectations. Besides them winning I have no expectations of anybody upsetting them. Read on what to procure and Tim and I. Too would start with Brothers question with the Yankees come into play than that's two games tonight GO Gonzales on the mound shares are on the mound tomorrow night. Yankees with this dynamic offensive line up the up four guys now over ten home runs. Goes state warriors in action. LeBron James I imagine we'll put on showed tonight. He got the capitals in what they're doing. Just throw the question now team right now. What is the best entertainment and sports. Who's the best entertainment if you could take a word you want. These football mad TV on random Tuesday Wednesday night. Watch something like some that what our watches like I'll watch a TV show I wanna watch this like I've been to watch Netflix the world what you watch him. That's oldest amigos state is pure entertainment and they are entertaining. And you can argue no that's not good for the NBA on board would go on state. I don't know how people can actually watch go you can be bored of them winning all the time at that may get old. But if you watch Golden State played a game of basketball and you watch them move up and on the court and you watch every single. Then pounce on every single little mistake that a team makes and go flying back on the court or watch Kevin Everett do what he does. You can't Sony boring on that. Or do you 3450910. On Twitter. At west fox sports 910 and if you watch the warriors I mean the way they play they can do so many different things like eight the way they move the ball the way they move with out the ball they're passing the way they cut. Get to the rim. They can also shoot the ball I mean but last night you also saw Kevin Durant sometimes he'd go license some mean they switch five different guys on him last night there and none of them work. He can call ice so he can go OK let's let's spread it around. They hit she was so many different offensive looks to meet its basketball would it be one of its purest forms of Steve Kerr. On talking exact who opposed to saying where'd they they like to move the ball would have indirect if things break down he I think. The use the word luxury we wanna keep the ball moving. But obviously. You know Kevin is the ultimate luxury. Because of a play can break down. And you just on the ball and now. And he'd get your bucket is walls anybody on on not on her. And he did multiple times last night. At to a question we throughout this morning. Best entertainment sports right now best show in sports. Second question we do idea simple question prompted by call federal Paul. With the Supreme Court ruling on sports gambling yesterday how often Liu wager on sports when you can or when you were able to in your state more less the same. Or never right now 43% saying they would wager more sports game I'm looking at the results 0% since last year I was. Some putts I can't go unless on this now it's legal it's legal. Now I'm going to fend off things done to change my ways. It does set this up in the first hour. I've always said it's what should be done. And Virginia should do it. I know there's laws in place right now we're Virginia can't malls that change the general assembly would have to change them. Do I think they should do it yes. I think there's too much money out there can be taxed it can be regulated. So this for years you don't not a 149. Billion dollars illegally gamble and 2015. It is that that is like 1617. Times more than what is legally gambled a year. Tax it regulate. Put it out there getting into the light get a data dark. Now what I do wanna see is are we gonna get a framework here from the United States government. The NFL Major League Baseball they're they're asking congress put a framework on this how it's to be done because that was Mike this is no surprise yesterday hearing this ruling come in now. My question was I a now house is gonna work because it's about Jersey having this done by time the NBA finals roll around it's not going to be one of those things like. Hey Ian knows someday down the road may be in a place like Virginia may be in North Carolina. The west Virginia's move in. Jerseys moved in New York Pennsylvania's. Right behind aboard Pennsylvania has the casinos -- the casinos across the state yet and they've admitted they're precious few states that legislation guardian placed a sure it's off the ground six of them but here's a question are you going to be doing this in casinos there's not a way as casinos. Are gonna have to open up parlors like you would with an on track parlor room but I can ABC's Stuart. We're adopted Daniel Wallach attorney he specializes in gaming and casinos. He will join a sports gambling he's been on the story on series all ESPN yesterday got a piece of New York Post today will join us at 805 this morning he'll help. I don't have all the answers here. But I'm curious. I'm very interested because I guess that I I did not feel this is a shocking new story it was just a matter of time till it came down and everything the forecast that trend was gone was this is the way to Supreme Court was gonna rule when it's how they ruled. Preloaded due to come back act. We're sports leagues in on this what are they really sick. Because some may tell you about the hall. Pure resume in the purity in the high and mighty and we have real concerns. Yeah one concern. How they don't get it cut in this the world that what will this do. Not only to you. With sports leagues and viewing habits of one hit that coming up next for the poll question is out there. And I I welcome an honest dialogue if you call and say look is not good at. Gonna change boards I'll like get. I'm against it a morally opposed. Not gonna shoot down your opinion I'd like to hear from it I'm not gonna say hey. I told you already point blank I think it should happen. I'm not gonna gamble. Not a gambling more than I do and what I gamble that is one trip to Vegas for March Madness. And that is laying by over and under isn't Vegas less than I would my sister if I say more may be a night out my wife were gone by every casino. There's a place to gamble on a Super Bowl or. That there's a big fight. Maybe that's it. But I am look I wanted to gamble right now I'd get all right now I get action I don't balls in Cleveland in two seconds. Is choose not to. But I ask you how does this change if you sit around your car yesterday listen to talk radio listen to people talk about this thinking about does he stand. You know cool is it going to be that a casino. Or a Saturdays and Sundays we're not going to Barney more. Ringo Ringo do you TV boiler replacement bat that's what I'm asking. Poll question is what brought you by call federal the Supreme Court ruling on sports gambling yesterday how often will you wager on sports when you can in US state. Right now 40% of you say and a more 30% same 30% never. 0% of you say in the last 3450910. West McIlroy fox sports 910. This. Team. Now if betting is legal in that attack if you lose an awful thing. That is one leap from one topic to another add on so I don't envision that being the case I tell you more things I've thought about yesterday was towards gambling in Virginia and changing laws and never once thought about how it's gonna I don't Pete Rose Pete Rose didn't really cross my mind. And I know Chris it's not a matter time for Pete Rose in the hall of fame. It's it's that's never happened beat it if he'd ever sees it's not going to be within six feet above the news. Tick too many people off. They gambled on a game of baseball BSE gambled on his team even though he said he didn't. C. And yes he's ticked off too many people indeed general thing with a fourteen year old girl that surfaced about a year ago. Yet not going to win him many allies so Chris Dunn may. I do appreciate the two week. May be on the bear bad news but no I don't think that's going to be on the agenda at any time soon. Two questions that we did try to start all the show this morning after Golden State's win last night putting on the show that they did mostly in the second half. The Yankees taking on the nationals up in DC the capitals doing what they're doing right now. And Britain discount we've we've got a lot of good things going on sports people refer is as the Allen time of the year in and my friends you wait till July. You wanna gowns comedy here then we'll give you downtime and a year no we don't log on wants is the question this morning. Does watching the warriors based on pure entertainment value what is the best show on sports. Brennan writes in hockey game seven OT. We had a OT in game seven we routine game six with a cat we have an overtime game it's not I don't generalities here I want specifics. I think we've got a dog team here right I'm token team a person I give you one from yesterday in an excuse to the other show. As we get I was putts around target doing what I do it target buying unnecessary things. And Poland are Duma the story two weeks ago about the show me a tiny Bowman baseball card which some I was asking 64004. Eleven aloe by check and I grabbed packed baseball cards and you never know I was doing a book lamented the first year college is you know I have to get in a tiny autograph card. I did get an Ozzie I'll be card to get an Ozzy out his rookie card did stash that way out of Seattle but I put down my little bass got baseball our box and he has number thirteen yesterday the BB grade this baby is there a show that's why. I would general economy. We're sure that's on sic we've got a lot of things that are going on right now. That are specific to what is the best show on sports Susan writes in any time shares and takes the mound. Broke bet that's. A show and get that tomorrow night. I GO Gonzales. And the Yankees should be good tonight especially when you look at the rotation of the nationals. The tomorrow night shares there know what he's doing digging on this incredibly insane. Noted all the eyes of the Yankees and as a ticket I would love to have. So yes specifically. Sports are on there on TV. What is special right now we ask you 3450910. At west fox sports 910. And the poll question in regards to Supreme Court ruling yesterday on sports gambling how openly wager on sports. More less same never more currently the leader at 41%. Think this ruling would do for someone like you takes that your about the Vegas everywhere what does this do you and your dad's annual trip to Vegas what would you. It's fine my dad are dumb on this yesterday. And the answer is probably nothing. Like. And as I was saying before the break I'm not a gambler I'm really not I like to go to Vegas because it's Vegas biggest is it. I don't know how Vegas will be impacted and I imagine Eagles. There are guys who go out there like one town of football season they go out there like me one time a year for March Madness. Would you get would you pack up and just go to Jersey now. Early not the only the only way I think this is impacting us you're saying like one year if you know let's say we would have a second sound that a guy would go out with the heat in and I've got same age they're having their first baby. Guys ball medical hard times like is just that she. It's 600 dollars to fly out there and that's it you get a cheaper early flight. Not to mention the cost the stain out but the thing that and mean what we stated. We stayed right on stripped this year for not much at all I mean I'm. I'm paying more go to lasers wedding this weekend in DC for hotel room that was for three nights in bags. But is he different Vegas is seed and Vegas is an event. Even if they build a Cassini suitability casino run on broad street here in Richmond. It would be a building would have lied to a B hotel. It's not strip in Vegas is an event and bill. Casinos and night trip Vegas is a weekend trip so. I need just depends on what you're down four I don't think it would impact me how big an impact I think Vegas is still. They're gonna still keep building is big shiny shiny buildings does this affect any the oddsmakers out there and they still gonna be what I guess a what are you gonna he has you know questions here's the dirty questioner Willis talked about. Doesn't that bookie. How does that impact your bookie is another discussion I got into last night because bookie who is the one big difference will illegal sports gambling fate no. Because with that you got to worry about taxes if you win big with a bookie onto about taxes. You might have a different line though keep book he's honest because book he's note that the competition where they can't manipulate the lines they can't say hey I know on. We got we got the Redskins at plus three well the official lies plus five. And there's no money up front with a bookie unless you're in tough time. The look these are genuine discussions and that's. I know about the seedy world of gambling I just choose not to do it. But now you're break and and for people who think this is going to be. Leading to conspiracy theories you're gonna have that and people are gonna think this is gonna ruin sports this this is what those people should want more than never even if you don't condone gambling. You want this to be legislated let me also let me throw this out there. All of this NFL and Major League Baseball and I don't include the NBA is that and so our swords being crazy. The NBA was part of this lawsuit against. Him blink yet. I observers out there campaigning state by state guy here's what we need to do and here's how we should do it and here's a gambling can help you eight. Since his gambling kind of hedged his bets if he knew what was coming and Smart by him. The F a Major League Baseball are right there asking congress for a framework of what should be done how they should be done. We have a blanket blueprint of how states should do this if they choose to do so. The world the NFL is not boom moving over losing this yesterday do you know this is going to do for their rating. Mark Cuban said it best yesterday he said. We as well this is doubled the value of my team doubled the value of the Dallas Mavericks. I don't think everybody wants their outlook that's the important thing that they could not that tell you the big double Utley. It's yet. TV ratings media consumption is going to grow especially the NFL. As regular gambling means consuming more watching games most people the average Joseph will watch his team. And maybe parts we get the score or information are average viewer gets to watch one and have NFL games a weekend. You gamble. Look you UN affairs that your fancy football player. You watch the charters because you like the chargers you watch him pride because you have Philip Rivers however you can watch Philip Rivers on the red zone. And you can watch this guy on the chiefs' neck island Texans need to watch this guy only Eagles. Well you got a hundred dollars on the chargers you don't watch charts. Because one play one mistake one pick six you can put your bet. You'd be invested and the apple knows this. This this will be a sojo odious colleague of mine down North Carolina he tweeted this out yesterday. It's gonna be the biggest impact on sports TV since cable television. And he's right. And vehicle knows this with the ratings being down they have dipped for many reasons but trust me you know those not crime because. I doubt it is too busy trying to find a cut I get where they're gone they want legal framework and I think that's market that's where I wanna see and that's where we're at talk to Daniel Wallach attorney on this coming up at 8 o'clock you specialize in this road peace in the post about it and state by state basis. Have we passed that point now where the Supreme Court. Where we've gone to Ford on the road over the congress or congress can't involve can they get about these things I don't know. But. This NFL Major League Baseball would talk about integrity in the purity of the game I'm sure you do you're also thought about the business in the money you can make. And I don't know they can make a cut. This integrity feed that they wanna put up. Their integrity may have been shot when he started moving the raiders in the las vague. There. You all will join us attorney Byron York post Simoni ESPN will join us at 805 this morning. Lancaster Dottie CBS six he's got some thoughts on this topic as well as. He I wanna discuss Al bigger boys thought about this but it is another angle on it was just due for VCU. Richmond. Virginia. Virginia Tech and if you don't think it has nothing to do with them. We hear storyline out of one of these states and what they're trying to do with sports gambling I've got four in next fox sports 910. I can't drop fox sports south former NHL defensemen working on the ten the bay lightning broadcast email join us we'll preview game three tonight and attacks and the lightning. One thing Gary Gary has this update I just wanna get to this DeAngelo Hall did not officially retire he was actually on last night from a buddy Chris Russell. On one to 67 affair he has said he is. Left the door open to playing a fifteen season but he's still leaning towards hanging it up he's been talking to media Allen's been talking to teams. But talking to broadcast networks I think you do good on TV now. Officially is following your paperwork that's the question when does he officially fouls paperwork preset last nightly leaving it open. I will say this not DeAngelo Hall. Not good for him if he decides to retire and probably is the time to do so. He's gonna have options he's good he's charming he is a guy who I've done a total 180 on from the time he came in the league when he was knee Angelo. He was the hot head he was the guy that you wonder avoided locker rooms because he just could go off. But he indicated a guy went to and I wanna give De'Angelo that credit was Tom elect last night and it. To the tremendous sit down with him last year we sat down about twenty minutes to talk about life. As becoming a dad we talk about careers eased on about where he's been what matured in fatherhood. And unfortunately injuries that hate him are the best of three or four seasons those. Don't they his body couldn't do what his head in his heart wanted. What he's put insolvent real good position to get choices and it's good to have two is in life and where he decides to go into the team aspect of the TV aspect I think DeAngelo Hall would do quite well. But it does not officially retired. Going to be a tough call to officially make. May gossip Donna of CBS six joining us each and every Tuesday at this time are right about De'Angelo you've covered in the Virginia Tech I did not. Is he a guy that you've seen grow up bill 180 on. I don't want idiotic but I can't speak about all we are never had a bad experience like no other people act especially. Earlier in his career but he's always good morning great sure there are at it that editors thought. This whole story started yesterday applying Eric it's article it. Where people were asking him. About gears. Future. And he says he was quoted him a couple of different publications saying eight player that's for damn sure yet. And that's what this story in Europe all the art everybody at what are. And you realized who are sitting here on the putting their golf course charity golf. Probably not the best place to. They gave life altering announcement like that so he started the back it. Throughout the diary and eager they were. 67. A couple of it was a blast site Bert and he is well. If side of the series you pick likelier easily. So I think it will pick or more time to get sick about it but you know accrual. More than it has been great. And I think probably we're a little more Larkin in the Health Department. We would be talking about a possible gold jacket for a. Really good team very heavy at that's the avenue decides ago I have watched from a couple times so far looks like he's got a natural ability will we'll see what officially happens with DeAngelo Hall coming up. Leg cast doubt AF CVS six I know you've been following the story about sports gambling we've talked about before. As it pertains to Virginia now that the Supreme Court ruled that the way that they did where states now have the decision. We surprised at all by the news yesterday and and what were you thinking about yesterday in terms of Virginia and sports gambling in the future. Well legally I'm not surprised because the Supreme Court in particular that they had to make it constitution does not. Provide for the federal government. Over its course and repeal federal rights and rights. And they believe this is a states rights issue. And the federal government is stepping outside a Cairo and you're trying to victory. You know. A right there should be alarmed at the state are getting passed ball back. The state also now have to actually fire or legislate separate. And you know that's when court could say okay we'll put a lot more let's say that the state. As a melodic yet either so there are two hurdles. Which have to be chumps here aired you know going to history here. Gambling you're merging it into a lottery selected a devastating Corel down until they've done occur mutual wagering. So he takes could know oh why don't get on board a lottery thing. And I wouldn't expect they're you're going to be able to walk in somewhere that's all it is about where you ought. Now I don't think it's this ball it went has me curious about is in the present with what you're seeing about a possible casino in new can't with a monkey Indian tribe. Colonial downs reopening the way that the way Virginia jumped on the daily fancy sports act. And here's another one Lander author writes yes this kind of threw under the radar over the weekend. Of the this is from David Payne per item. That it West Virginia that going into this weekend before this announcement job Monday West Virginia and Marshall had an agreement. They're gonna get point 25 if I'm reading this right point 25% cut. About handle. You're to have those universities. And most likely those athletic departments making money from. Sports gambling in the state I wonder the domino effect later because of bomb. If I'm Texas Oklahoma saying wait a minute I got another big twelve school get money here at lake. How do we get in on this is our state not gonna do this if it's Florida State in Miami in the ACC. Is Virginia and Virginia Tech not say oh wait a minute that. They're getting funding here from this what what about us I think there's a crazy domino effect. They could not just ball the professional level but the college level as well. Right and I am not exactly sure Alec Ed and you don't demand their cut of back like that one of its property I am currently there because that the NBA bottle which talked about that and still. Or Coke break. You're you're right there you know everybody is all over it or not but repeal or. But here the other thing they're. There has been mentioned building in a couple quick quote you let's put it wept for being a Maryland. Delaware Pennsylvania are all states that are expected true. Quickly relatively speaking or ratify. Sports wagering in those states. They all border Virginia the Virginia doesn't generate a lot of that Bonnie you're going to you know go out of their speech. And that's what purported link will propel urging yet. Could maybe ratifying quicker than it could we can't curtail the last night who estimated their urging you could pull in a hundred billion dollars. Over here if it besides. Two. To legalize or gambling in the commonwealth. And I don't care who you are that not it's somebody that you could easily ignore. Have you given any thought to how this might work. They give he had to walk into an OTB where there's got to be a casino. Or is it just an app on your phone. I think it could be 03 I think error at first it will be a lot like your PP. Where are you would go entered Tibet on corporate thing. They would just have a sports book they're much like you would be and they probably are all they'll. I don't think they're gonna pop up every little bit everywhere. And they also don't think you're going. Create this jarring movements sports wagering. Go to our group would put down. And Bucs are Barrett. We don't normally will probably still gripped critical. Court Alpert there it will do what the other thing their opponents are worried about it they're all so it. There will be pissed off or another era bowlers in sports wagering a different point of lottery because. Human eye can clear all lies or lottery or probably ever ever ever ordered it looks like a lottery. We're doing. We go a little bit about this and reports are you're gonna be successful. In opponents or fact is that success. But for those people into gambling problem and that's what they're worried about what their and they were like your feet all new to ratify that come up. Would some sort of mechanism could deal with that eventual problems down the road. And it's true and and why I feel a hundred percentage should be legal and everything he set about state by state basis is true. Later just eat you know knowing as I jokingly nicknamed myself mister ten dollar bet for what I do in Vegas there. There is that I when you win and there is that feel at the end of the Sunday. One more game I like this is my game I can make it all back I mean is that it is addictive. And they're everywhere and play their favorite number and a lottery you're gonna cut paper no matter what order here. And you then go ought earth orbit there's no way you expect. Double Governor Walker and that's where the problems can start to commit but I I really feel that most of us. Who would go out and wager the mortgage quality anyway probably are gonna do it out even though it sure. And I parity said look my my my Vegas my gambling is in Vegas it's because it's more it's Vegas it's funny it's the environment that I. I look you are both too busy on the weekends anyway I can't see myself sitting down and sports book on Saturday and Sunday at time I watch Virginia Tech are highlights the Redskins. Later I appreciate your insight and opinions is always. I think you sir. Let's have a great week. And it always with the sport. And gambling regulators and sealing gas dining on CBS six I'd some of you would jump in on this who come back and grab some your phone calls and doubt we'll we'll talk to an attorney about this at the top of the 8 o'clock hour. Ryan Wilson will give us the NFL perspective of it at 820. We'll get to the caps. We will get to the lightning when Brian bomb at 8:35 busy morning. But and we got to have your phone calls next 3450910. Fox sports 910. 0450910. Poll questions brought to you by all federal. Only personal questions. Would you want Virginia to legalize sports gambling current results of that poll question. Right now arson and 86%. The same yes they would not jockeying with the Supreme Court ruling on sports gambling help and we wager on sports when you came in your state more or less name never. 46% right now saying more and we still have 0% saying well let's look at why do include less than there is definitely could've just said Winfrey host today. Yeah it's legal. I'm back. Power and I'm done and I got to stop now not fun anymore now arrogant I'm gonna cut it too mainstream for him and everybody's doing scare me gotta go against the grain. Yeah now go vote by exports Richmond dot com and just to make this. Wholesome. The purity of sports we also throughout the question. What right now as the most inner. What is the best show in sports. Guy Golden State but they didn't second half last night. That the Yankees of the road digging on the nationals who should be a fun offense defense pitching hitting match up. We've got Alexander Ovechkin in the show he's put on the post season as well as the capitals. What is the best show in sports you can answer those questions 3450910. And another conversation that got brought out. Got us started just on the Dow not well off to a story last night viewed in the outboard there was an earthquake in the middle of last night's giants. Reds game 3.5 magnitude I think this app and 11. Second inning bawling yet because it was during Jolie not his at bat joined by no. Of the reds but they don't grow as some fans that they felt that the broadcast. They said afterwards as it is alike shake but other than that. And and 3.5 magnitude earthquake news then got a big yeah apparently out San Cisco it's. A noticeable to Einstein I mean on the front page newspapers the only thing I saw when you're watching there's a video of the broadcast and you get to see the camera shape that's literally was for a few seconds and even the broadcasters did even notice it you can see a camera shake during an NFL Sunday game with the wind. And really that it's crazy my cousin lives out there and there is mom will call. Idea. And so call ever okay are we talking about. What could you not live. We now know we had some relations thunderstorms go to the area last night but I got lodge Kansas and Oklahoma I'll watch these tornadoes that blew through there. You last hurricane to come through Florida and we're did you just not set up shop somebody callebs appalling. I got an afternoon job for me it was to be on this radio does talk show how your own show where did you not live. Could not live anywhere north. Probably Ohio. Like Michigan Minnesota the Dakotas no. Snow now I hate. Nice I don't go to Pennsylvania I had snow that's why I like this don't want it all know now it's an an an up there it seemed worse 'cause like in Pennsylvania the you get a lot of snow during wears a while we got a lot of snow they consistently get like four feet of snow every went to get what and what what weather phenomenon scares the be Jesus daddy 'cause I watched the weather channel and I'm fascinated by when you CDs. Now is messed this up is it that apple is F four F five to the biggest yes F five days scared. The bleep out of me they are by terrified look out in my yard Nassau one of those things up and down my backyard. Not obsessing about whether I am a bush I do give you blizzard I hunkered down probe a week in a winner with a blizzard. I'm good. I don't order out would you get through and see that's the order Rory inventory I want rolled through a massive snows and we can't toward the I would be historically users are down but it. But see in in our line of work he can't really afford to be hunkered down not so I would be final of that but now I I hates now and probably the thing that scares me the most. Her keys frightening man as you not only he had the Wimbledon there's water involved I mean those things are. There's get a hurricane is pride thing that that that frightens me and how are raking of fear hurricanes. Tornadoes snowstorm earthquake. Hurricane tornado snowstorm earthquake and cash. Kirk actually earthquake is probably wine. Were you here in Virginia we had your quick over years ago now hole I was back Colin PA but I remember. Acts of it and that was so weird it's actually kind of funny we blame we thought my brother had done something as we all thought overly. The exact what are you doing that not knock it off the clown around then later we found they're getting massive earthquake in you could feel it. So far been down these goes I was crazy. Principal question. Feel like what you what you fear most earthquakes hurricanes tornadoes and Ian option for so don't really get to we don't just get all earliest storm hazard. So I hate song scared of it isn't scared about giving up fear factor where did you not live because I fear this hurricanes in the ranking. Tornadoes and ranking earthquake quest to be I. Does that build. I guess they were called key New Year's Day we had you're going to be years ago I would once it the people in the weeds it was definitely. Messed things up for them but what was four in the four category I believe all I remember was right they never don't earthquake until that day I knew what it was and that no one has ever seen you run I was doing so with a mind to Ireland. My former producer Andrew Williams captain. We standing in the doorway doing the responsible thing getting into an error running by him and saying run we are not going to die here they're not gonna file my body in this game build. Oh hell now. We're overblown I don't know sports gambling brings us about it more next within attorney who actually knows what he's talking about. Did you walk has been covering the story now for years go to for months he's worked with casinos he's were with the gaming industry he's worked with the deal in fantasy sports leagues. Where we go where we going here where we going with. Virginia. Where we going how is going to work. Gonna find out next from a guy who's actually studied this knows this and good piece today in New York Post you can read that at foxwoods Richmond dot com. Don't get you want Google to Ryan Wilson what the NFL's thinking about this and we will get to some hockey. In the 8 o'clock hour I think our friend mark hurl. Early Stanford listening. He's out now to be no reliance from the replacements saying things that fear him. Quicksand. Spiders. Removed. At that that's it that's when that's on TBS the remote goes down the replacements who never gets old. It's the sports who has eighty day it is Tuesday morning fox sports night tan.