Wes McElroy - Hour 2 - Jason Williford and Lane Casadonte (3-13-18)

Wes McElroy
Tuesday, March 13th

Wes welcomes Virginia Assistant Basketball Coach Jason Williford and Lane Casadonte of CBS 6 in the second hour.


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Some noise and you know this. His last medical wrong on fox sports and I tend fox sports Richmond dot com. Called the show at 34509. Attack or email west and fox sports Richmond dot job Syrians. She is the man the last medical raw coming up is there pressure on Virginia. The pressure you know to to winning game pressure to win the whole thing. They've played with a carefree atmosphere they've been locked in every moment but now it gets real now it's the tournament now it's one slip up and you've done. Is there pressure. Does anything need to be said of these wild oats. Where's this team just that locked in every moment. Virginia assistant coach Jason Wilford majorities in twenty minutes Richmond's O will be stopping by the show love Devin Moore a couple weeks ago. What to have him back and you'll join us at seven Swanee. And men and thank you for cranking this up whether it be on fox sports 910 or on the radio dot com yes. Good morning welcome men know. No you didn't sleep until Wednesday at 4 o'clock. It's still the legal tampering period in the NFL you didn't miss any signings it's just now it seems and agents can meet yes you woke up you heard that right. Jay's you know we'll end up being a Denver bronco. According to ESPN's Adam Schechter who probably has not slept normal sleep for the next 36 hours. Yes the NFL free agency period doesn't officially open until tomorrow. It's just that about two or three years ago the NFL knew that everybody was talking everybody behind their back they couldn't do anything about it that they said you know what. I play law. And and will make it so we get more attention to ourselves. Legal tampering. Coaches teams agents plays he can all talk and then you can officially signed Wednesday at 4 o'clock and according to add chapter. He's keenly siding with the Denver Broncos. You will get Alan Robinson who will be signing with Chicago Bears Paul understand that we got some movement down in Jacksonville. We do according to Adam chapter of ESPN about a half an hour ago former Panthers guard. In June nor well intends to sign of the jaguars and a five year deal for 66 point five million including thirty million fully guaranteed how he will become the NFL's highest paid guard if an average of thirteen point three million dollars a year. So trying to put more protection for the Blake board goes to help him excel down there. So yes the movement and shaken is already going on used to be when you waited for at midnight strike a free agency. They hear about this plane going here that guy go into this airport now. A bit more businesslike conversation to me going on chatter has been going on these things really stirred up back at the NFL column by. But now they are getting real and so is the quarterback carousel the NFL. Where it sound I don't called quarterback carousel it seems to be more like. The price is right game seems to be more like a mix and match who end up paired with whom. And right now Denver Broncos John Elway deciding. It's better to go with what he knows then the thing that has been him in the butt and that is go after a free agent quarterback who worked out well less valid Peyton Manning. Rather than drafting a guy which is not worked out well for John Elway. Bring a guy and you avoid rebuilding. You also avoid the massive amount of money it would take to get Kirk cousins where certain pieces of the Denver Broncos that makes sense that our favorite. You may be have to cut or let go because Kirk cousins contract. The Broncos will go a case keying him. Right now all signs warning to its Kirk cousins Minnesota or the jets and may be seeking gets a hit yesterday his tags on his farewell letter to the Redskins and all Washington fans which. I still wanna know was that Kurt cattle followed us or is that somebody in Kirk's can't John be phony. Jenna throw that out there is that I just can't see an NFL players sitting down writing his own public relations statement. And then hitting sand in post what you do and our podcast articulate Kurdish got a little more loose though since now he knows that his future is up in the and now he knows he's not a reds game Moore doesn't have to be as businesslike and you know we'll call you know what we're we're gonna eventually find out how those tags got there because according to shift their. Kirk cousins has hired a film crew to follow him around over the past couple weeks. So alive document this picture god Tom Tom Brady -- time. Kirk cousins burst free agency I don't Kircus burst the world I am not exactly sure but I guess there's going to be a social media show Kirk cousins in his steps towards free agency so I guess what did you find out who posted. Tag vikings tag jets to his farewell letter to Redskins fans yesterday. And I know you got the Tom palace error report out there where. The vikings have reached out to Drew Brees would look that makes sense outpost error had that. The vikings reached out to breeze and then Ian Rapoport reported that the Broncos did the jets did as well an Arizona Cardinals. In all all signs point towards Drew Brees gone back to New Orleans but until there's a done deal until it's 4 o'clock tomorrow. You pick up the phone can't hurt call. You never know the grove Utley and so you pick up the phone and give her a phone call so yet they got the vote in the worst thing they can say is no. Or Ager recess. Minnesota I'm more I think their phone call. And maybe I'm not really listening but all I gotta do is let people know that Minnesota called. And it may be speeds up the process would no Willis. Maybe maybe I feel that they're taking me from grand just a little bit too much maybe they know that I know that I'll be back however. But that little twist that little wrinkle in there. And the one thing that maybe this does from Minnesota standpoint and this is under and I got to get to from Charles Robinson of Yahoo! Sports. Where he wrote yesterday that the obvious question about Kirk cousins is where does he go where does he end up. According to Robinson league executive and agents have told Yahoo! Sports they believe Kirk cousins is going to seek a short term. Fully guaranteed contract. And it's gonna come down to the jets the vikings and the Arizona Cardinals. Now according to Robinson this report cannot yesterday morning. The legal tampering period. Could back some teams off. You have quarterbacks again Rogers and Matt Ryan right now. Waiting to see if we can get a new structure of a deal where it would be about three years on a contract. With the money would be fully guaranteed. And this will be let mark. This fully guarantee this is something you go back to the past two Summers in the NBA with free agency. You heard the complaints that you've heard the cracks the comments on social media from NFL players say well wait. Why did it. I got those guys give Boeing got guaranteed contracts and we don't. Now dissolving a rule change in the NFL. As a whole until the next CBA if in fact they want fully guaranteed contracts but if there is any position. That could get this ahead it's our. It's quarterback. Kirk cousins might be to got to take short years but fully guaranteed money. And if that's the case I'm even fully guaranteed money to anybody for 23 years of B Drew Brees. However Kirk cousins as your option and if you really want him. Fully guaranteed for three years with the jets don't. With the vikings do. This is this something to watch and something around the league that there watching if Kirk you get guaranteed money and you better believe Aaron Rodgers and Matt Ryder paying attention to it. And and maybe and here's one thing that I wonder. I I wonder if it's. The code in honor among owners. Resolved you just don't do. And it may it may be a stop insurers say collusion here but maybe there is a code among voters don't ever do a guaranteed contract. Don't ever especially for quarterback don't ever do it no matter how media how desperate you get. Do not ever do a fully guaranteed contract because. It just opens pandora's door and hoped opens pandora's box to so many other things. But as I like to say around free agency the draft. All it takes is one team to do it. So the race is on here the mix and match quarterback game. Cleveland they get Tyrod Taylor you have to imagine they're gonna use a quarterback who won their first four picks unless they go with AJ McCarron. Got to Denver not in a case keen am you've got the jets and the vikings going after Kirk cousins the jets could also draft their position. And as we saw again yesterday the Buffalo Bills making a move gone up since when he won at twelve. I don't think they're done yet. I think there how to do what Philadelphia did two years ago they're starting to LeapFrog the Lily pads up to the top of the draft and I. I don't know quarterback it is but I think they got a quarterback and mine Brian Wilson of CBS sports will join us in the 8 o'clock I'll go around the NFL round free agency. And also how much of that little video. With a O'Dell Beckham junior in Europe cost him. We'll tackle that he'll be where this at eight point. We of course a lot of cal basketball look at board of Virginia assistant coach Jason will offered ten minutes away but since we're talking things along the lines of brackets. It is time to get down to business calling. The way it. Make my day. My name this. Though lol yeah. Does not bond if you can. We. We are releasing right now. On Twitter at west fox sports 910 audit fox sports Richmond dot com the first bracket. Of mackerel is movie madness the 32 biggest bad asses of movies. And today album reviews region by region so region every single day we got eight movies eight movie characters in each. And that we will roll on next week we'll get down to that the sweet sixteen in the final four in the in the final championship match up. But today your first brackets your first bracket match up we got 182745. And 36. Polling in the 18 match up. We announced the number one overall seed yesterday ladies and gentlemen in at number one spot go ahead and make my day dirty Harry. Am. I liked that. And number eight. From goodfellas. Tommy DeVito a funny how funny come clown in the and you meet cute and it and you shoot pretty funny funny how life. How did you manage to cut that clipping not include one afterward all it took some time. I if you listen good those of you actually pay attention to things that come outage OPEC she's not every bit the word is the F yes especially should have improved well done and I just I tightened up the synergies that I got to sound good but thought uh oh boy I hope you did this thing to it to yes funny when you ask me for this yesterday I was like yeah that's a good one and I sat down and start dog gone through us that's right guy this feels like Goliath matchup because remember the concept easier the biggest bad ass in movies. Both tacky. Once it got. One's a loose cannon. It's a good seating it it is and its insurer wanted to write yeah I think it's a mismatch I gonna take dirty Harry decline Tommy DeVito. But that's your 18 match up you're 207 match up. Representing Russia the boxer Ivan Drago. I. Against number seven. John shaft was one bed mother. Now I wanna remind you again. The concept teary news. Bad ass back. Who's the biggest bad gas. I know are the drug was a popular vote ended up as the number two seed in this region I think you end up as the number four seed overall but remind you. Josh it was a man with the ladies. Josh Shipp was a bad you shut your mouth. And Ivan Drago did have Brigitte Nielsen but let's be honest who ray and that relationship. Isn't controlled that relationship Iraqi force who called the shots drug though. Or Reggie Nelson and especially a guy have his sizing caliber we'll let her run the relationship c'mon now I understand most of us merry men understand how works the ultimate decision comes down to the woman. But let's be honest we're talking bear that's actor that your mantra was real bad ass and that marriage. Genial. With Ivan juggling to chill any part of his life. Now he may be in the ring now he was a man of Communist Russia in 1980s. No Brigitte Nielsen. By the way if we ever did bracket of women that did not age well she'd be number one seed is the potential upset here just watch. You're 36 matchups are looked at my little friend. Target Madonna taking on bode appoint break. Pats uninteresting match right there different types here as well that's drug delivers bank robber right there there is bad as Specter of both the one. Total lose gas and water addict the other one mood and Mary. And your four verse five match up man vs machine Jason Bourne taking on the terminator. I'll be back. We'd be back in his bracket go to 45 matchup that's close that's your eight not match up right there at a bracket as your universe a cyborg. And Jason Bourne kind of beyond human terminator talk tough thing to take down his skills that. I write the votes are up these are your fourth movie characters the eight movie characters your four match of the vote on today mackerel is movie madness if you wanna see the full brackets we have opened a web page retinal FaceBook. But here's how you can vote you notify exports Richmond dot com poll has got all four matchups there. And we animal Twitter. Hapless fox sports 9101. Round first region today have that it go vote Jason over gonna join us next. The Virginia men's basketball team the number one overall seed in the country and speaking of all these brackets bracket this and bracket that will remind you. The five hour energy. Real time bracket challenge is going down sign up five hour energy brackets dot com. Or go to fox sports Richmond dot com and sign up to be in this contest. His brackets. Includes schools schools that are in and you go pick the winner. The unique aspect the five hour energy bracket challenges. You can pick and then switch. If you get to a game 89 matchup it's 5050 you're not feeling it you can pick you can switch you'll pay. Even after the final TV time out four minutes left to go in the game. Five hour energy real time bracket challenge. Five hour energy brackets dot com as we can sign up or go directly to our web page fox sports Richmond dot com and we'll take you to the link to sign up this national contest. Five hour energy pay it takes seconds to sign up just like it takes seconds to drink a five hour energy point one knew what. Sour apple now really much of a sour apple guy Ellington raid down launching ensure the buried later sour apple comes in the camouflage rapper can't recommend old. Right is your advice on life and the varieties of five hour energy. Check him up five hour energy segues to drink makers to kick in less for hours. Viet a 100% because there's a lot of basketball. Give back to a 100% or five hour energy. I first round brackets around for McIlroy is movie madness go vote Twitter timeline atlas fox sports 910. The got a local web page FaceBook as well. Wrecking each and every day so go vote but exports Richmond dot com I we got movie brackets we got real brackets Virginia opened up as the number one team in the NCAA brackets. It will face UMBC. Friday night at nine Swanee joining us now he's Richmond zone. Virginia assistant Jason Wilford back with a some spots sports 910 coach great ad galleries that are. Number are you work and good. If Virginia would go on to win the NCAA tournament and they make a movie. Who plays you would Hollywood. Pool who currently equal slip Will Smith. I've considered people say oh look like I could happen. I was thinking maybe younger Denzel but I can eat candy younger I was thinking either the Will Smith is good though because I was begin with with no Anthony Anderson from. Black issue. Yeah yeah you have you also been told I've been so little bit and radio Omar might look like so. How it'll rip it Rick Fox. There's a lady that called me Rick Fox with the local certainly loved me you know hi Rick Fox is doable. I consider that but but but I knew who plays Tony in the movie. I. All are. You've got better with actors in the news. I was old nuclear play himself told you bring it. Wow you know what I would put a pass and there's not much you can do after the seasons ago but it. The time that's pretty good and I live pot poet but I don't what are who would play Tony Bennett in the Virginian movie. You know Clooney's gonna play Jay Wright you you can't do that so. Outlook to find that it won't put double to Wear Natwest fox sports 910 but he's coached Jason Wilford he's got more things to talk about and are nonsense. And those key witness this the steam is a story and the story is the team. Tony said it multiple times that he couldn't imagine this he could've touched on this before the season you talked about before coach. Where can you think back to a game for a moment this season where you thought as a coaching staff paid week we might have something bigger here than we first thought. I think he's not care really put my affairs in order out so he went Arctic started to click from all purchased air port. Is when we moved our harder there's sort of player small ball and that was separate Sunni sect. You know. We have small can't afford growers through it you know what it was booed him to look forward. Are all restarted through true too quick a little bit. We knew we were able to put the work out on the move could focus all of this poor. Eric and I think. It is you mergers so long with Obama these emerges from all of stay airport has helped us tremendously. Accurate little weight gain. Specifically put it in Virginia Tech game might know hunter had a really great game period. How about that Saudi lives because this team is always seem confident but when did you may be noticed that this team realized it was capable of doing something big. That the leadership has always been an effort vote. In in from the seniors and in dividends and Isaiah. Those guys in particular but it. Tied to home got other got to force. If you. If you do we'll is sports and there with him started the big picture one when he's made some picture not speak to really trust. You that you just started to see it again. I'm in shock he told me that there could be quite on the bill we will we all. What would coverages you know old cliche would just take one game at a time and so. Try not to look too big picture. And they will take it one game at a time and CU MBC Friday night in Charlotte nine Tawny coach Jason will burden assistant coach that you VA joining us and by exports 910. Coach I know it's about looking for but it. And I can look back you for just the second. How would you put into words Kyle guys' performance in Brooklyn considering what he did with that knee. Yeah it is screw Obama will be. No he he had been struggling a little position the ball you know from an efficiency standpoint. If you do would you. Executed confident he supremely confident in it would seem to build this war should do rock. And he put together. But her final week here I thought we all played well collectively. Public issue being. Did have a whole booze and shoot the ball a school for us in the end of the week are because he checks shortly disclose who was on the local. And it did you know harder. Got to messed up really is twofold holding urged his wrists. Well he's he turned his ankle. He's able to make big creek rose and the big clutch shots against Carolina. It was a collection that we put power play. There is confident can get the shot back in stroke there. Are prepared they're both well for us to move forward. That was good the next question because yes this team is known for Kyle got in tied to Rome and Devin hall I still think is. You know I know he got all ACC honors I still think he's under appreciated Isiah Wilkens is your defensive player of the year beyond your honor we know comes off the bench you. You mentioned. Would Jack did on Friday night not to Johnson huge in the in the first half against North Carolina. I want to ask you what's what's triggered here with momma DD key to where we've seen flashes but we've now seen as consistent stretch of him what's triggered there. You don't hear more targets are what we're twelve or virtual that eagle green where do. We're Kosovo trying to get those some sort isn't it could go one. Well you got the fuel home and like he's sick he's shown flashes it nice to see him be consistent with the issue the phenomenal percentage in the last five or six days ago wasn't he up to 70%. Field goal percentage you wouldn't and so we've got to give them touches the Hartford civic shots will cubicle do you lay up or don't. And so we don't give it to warm. Put it do you what conferences it's been sort of fool. You know you gotta stay out of foul trouble. I've got to give you keep them keep them from consumer trials. You never know cost notebook computer again and if that's the beauty of of this particular scene this year. What's the message to the team this week. Prepare right. Its the best game. Don't think to you so you know are due to all the all order number one you know in in order. Comp dot com with that is great well deserved well earned. But we've still got that booklet and we will go play Virginia basketball understood it better in the gym. They're not tightness through school or what we do offensively and. I guess the questions posed an excuse to do you do anything to take the pressure off because now that you've gotten here in this team is number one and they've never been the final four and I. I want to ask that but this team seems to sew up to the moment up to the task have you ever been around a group for young people act as a young people that. Ilgauskas have you been around a group so locked into the moment and. No gardener knows all this and and that's what I think you know it only has talked about this this group be different groupings special. We are totally focused. Order task. Anything you know for whatever reason don't. We hear at all not only burden address the that we hear it or you're which can accept it with me this Virginia that enacting date that. Put step chip chip chip on their shoulder. To glow in income at and improved it basic you it's hole I want to where you've been number one where it. You know I think we've been handled their because we've been getting everybody's pressure so unlike some routine before. No I have been somewhat CPB spearhead this for awhile there appear to be ranked number 100. We've gotten everybody's best shot rescue down the stretch and you can. What they're totally totally focused on. Or. Just playing Virginia bowl and get better each stadium practice certain inertial when we globe compete. The ride has been funded date like god guys that were only 66%. Of the way through I'm looking for the final prepared for. Amazing dummies Virginia assistant coach Rick Fox it's been I mean Jason Wilford it has been a pleasure to have you I hope we can do this conversation again later this month coach got lucky. Our great swear our Richard I appreciate you coach all guest appearing on the deed Mercer wrote cling hotline reminder that game can be heard on news radio 1140 WR VA west McIlroy. Duel on the stay in sports history and it. Another. Free agent wide receiver. Off the board we'll tell you about it next west McIlroy fox sports 910. On this day in sports history march 13. Brought to you by Dave and buster's join us for our hoops happy hour. I'm will be Dave and buster's in shortfall was brought village for thirty on Thursday as they kick off their national hopper shot contest. Join us model contest tomorrow about the shot. We give away door prizes gift cards and diamonds direct prize from Mountain Dew. Basketball beyond bring you office over who's been not working full day we know you wanna watch basketball. Were gonna get the family and bring him out for dinner Dave and buster's at this Thursday night hoops happy hours starting at 430. On this day in sports history in 1954. Bobby Johnson Milwaukee braves broke his ankle sliding and all during spring training game got replaced by some rookie you might hurt them. Hank aaron's. 1955 Maurice rocket Rashard the Canadians ejected. From a game for fighting. Three days later. He gets suspended for the rest of the season. Will times changed. And on this day it's a big gap the late great Jim Kern 1992 chick Karen. Post 2500. Consecutive Laker game streak began November of 1965. This from a guy just took four days of sick days. Well done to current. You won best and that's on this day in sports history brought to you by beam and buster we see chick didn't have allergies now. Now you can't with a deck that was a streak. 2500. Consecutive bombs it's incredible John laser and the voice the Hokies who will be with us tomorrow and I just got in this conversation because his fiancee was quite ill the other week and it's just it's one of those things we fear. Especially not a little one and they cared to then you know it's unavoidable and you have dodged the cold and flu season this year you you darn near invincible my friend. Number 3450910. Thanks to get a Jason Wilford Virginia assistant coach Richmond's own Jason Wilford. You missed any interview you can go check it out of fox sports Richmond dot com. Or jump ball the apple iTunes store type in west McIlroy all the interviews all the podcast everything is there. In sweet sweet the sound ruled on by Paula to get that connection Golan. Darling guest of Dottie of CBS six Phil Jordan has found Virginia all Virginia Tech also still a lot of people bent. That VCU was not playing in the CBI and I. I had I don't get what the frustration is but we'll talk about that would Duaner I saw this yesterday I want to bring this up I'd. This I don't over the game changer. But it feels like in a way that they have set the bar. Baltimore Orioles. Since they don't. They're doing a program called kids cheer free. It which parents in the month of April can bring their kids to a game for free. Team justice yesterday starting the program in which parents can bring children ages nine or younger to a game for free. Every parent who buys a regular price upper decks and this is orders twits like you go by one of the 200 dollars seats down below. You buy an upper deck seat. And you get two free tickets in the upper deck for your kids. Similar to most people have two children. With the national average 2.3 kids but that's really messed up to be the point three the job. But yet you Biden ticket for the upper deck you get two tickets for kids nine and younger. And this promotions gonna run month two months of the tickets right now you gotta buy in the month in use and in the month but it's gonna go all all season long this is genius by Baltimore. On so many different levels this is genius by the York. Every Major League Baseball team should do what Baltimore's do. For the sole reason out there right now as you gonna make money off of it. As Uga Uga and exposing younger generation to the actual game in person. You also gonna mix in court office. And baseball. And in baseball fans get real test you I bring this up because a lot of people just don't like the facts. But baseball's got the oldest demographic of all major sport. Sports business journal did this article years ago where it just W is back it was 2017 they average the average fan of 2016. The average fan of baseball a baseball fan and Italy baseball's 57. Average NFL fan was fifty average hockey thing was 49 average NBA famous 42. So how do you gay kids how to get younger generation interest in baseball or more interest at a baseball. You get about the game. One great ways let them see the game in person I ate slept breed everything baseball's acute played it. Baseball cards Little League pick up games in the neighborhood. The mail and I got to a game I can still remember just the atmosphere the feeling of going to a game in realizing everything was there in real life. And I don't even know I got I don't know kids today I really don't I tried associate as the dry associate with a millennial across from me doesn't work now doesn't black. Going to a game still should feel like a big deal especially if you're nine and younger. Now when you get and I understand you see kids with iphones in video games now but still it should feel big to a kid not a younger so here's what you do you get him into a game. And here's the big holdup and I I can speak to this from personal experience. My sister is a year younger than me she's got two children one who's 1016. Now both kids are into baseball. Mikey my niece and nephew god bless him I love them Tony just started out tee ball and Georgia has has love baseball since I took the door for squirrels. But she takes the kids to Redding Phillies games not real Phillies games and the reason is my knees now my niece is she's a rare bird allow her to death. She'd sit per nine innings of baseball shall sit and watch the game she did a year to diamond. But you would figure to Citizens Bank ballpark or shall set for nine innings Tony. So it's not worth buying. A crazy ticket to go take two kids to a baseball game but to a mightily game to Redding Phillies game. But he here. Now you can justify well I you know we'll take BK is the Camden yards we'll take his nap part we'll try this out. And what you do is you get them in the door. And when you get the kids in the door he's got. Got a kid the first baseball game you've got to gambles soon and there. And Paris hey they may just a but I'm not buying tickets I guess build more on concessions is that a little bit more on this. There this is gene is by the your nose and I hope every Major League Baseball team does this could they do have a demographic problem they do have an age from you give me all the billions that you bring it on TV revenue. But it is about exposing the next generation. And I hope god I hope. I hope my daughter by nine still amazed. And appreciates going to a lot of sporting event. Better marketing move falcons reducing their food prices Orioles doing this with their tickets I don't wanna judge I I think I love the boats set a standard here. Where and did you see the amount of money to falcons made this year concession price of their sales were about 60% I think I saw it of being the fourth most lucrative concession business in the NFL while. Lowering home prices a look at that you can lower prices how about making he borrowed money one novel idea I but I love viewer as this this. I think every baseball team should do this do you think more baseball teams will do that I think they should be wise to do this. And I like the concept if you do it the way your rules are doing you buy the ticket he got used within a month you can only buy that for that Marty can't say hey. I won't use it for when the Yankees come to town in July. Now I really do this month to month. And maybe maybe you don't do it in July and August but for the slow months. Well absolutely well done by the Baltimore Orioles absolutely. Genius. Economists are always welcome it and you go 3450910. Laying casts a Dante and CBS six Arlo is gonna Pittsburgh with Nokia's. Or Charlotte would there who's the we'll talk about boat. Next. Guest of Dottie it's mornings or mackerel at fox sports 910. Norris moment in this court last night but how does it compare. Two other greats in other sports now done coming up at 805. West mackerel. Fox sports nights at and the radio dot com after the haven't downloaded you shouldn't. Listen to show Dan Patrick reed dot rich guys and Colin Cowherd. And coming up in just about a month. Blind squirrels baseball all on the radio dot com app joining us now he does each and every Tuesday he's Elaine casts a dowdy of CBS six. Back from Brooklyn back in the RVA and back re packing for. Eagle on Charlotte or you go on to Pittsburgh. But I'm actually got going either Sean Robertson will be in Charlotte forced the weekend. And then we will recruit. Once we see where it makes it Mexican. They give you actually get to do laundry sleeping your own bed after a couple days in Brooklyn and let me start here since you get to see the Hokies for a little bit but you got to see Virginia for the past three days you're seeing Virginia all season like guy. You've seen different moments of this team you've seen different hurdles you seem different accomplishments. What most impressed you about Virginia's three days in Brooklyn. That they approach every game exactly the same way they are this saying he no matter who they are playing. No matter the kings' situation. They could beat up. Seventeen. They could beat up the more they play exactly the same way it even though. They build big lead in Brooklyn. And they you know the other team would pick a running comeback you ever got the feeling that you hear it was in danger of losing any of those three games. It's it's really impressive to see how they approach. Every single opponent obviously they must tweak little things depending on who they're playing but they play the same way no matter the situation. Later we just talked to coach Wilford on the show and I he brought it up in a certain term out is bring it up flat out the way I feel Phyllis teams getting better and maybe it's not. I know I'll say it's better because you look at certain key elements we know that they've got the sixth man of the year and beyond 300 that you're seeing what 789. Jack salt. Nigel Johnson Mon ADD keepsake you know baseball long enough you know football. But all you gotta have that X-Factor baseball you gotta have that utility guy and we're starting to see that from Virginia. He that you're seeing a lot of their depth and they were you know. On the day hidden. Done a lot of what he didn't Brooklyn all season long entry excel god bless and rejects so the first thing you looked to do when he hit the ball past. It's like it's radioactive or some think he does not want that thing Hispanic Kyle guy. Dead after their semi final win over Clemson he says I promise you. Jack's salt and pepper made a right handed hook shot in his entire life for you yeah that if he did it that night. That some of the things that we're talking about what had he lived on a roll and when they're doing well and everything is firing single like that happens you try something. If it works it's just what happens when a team. It is hot it is there's unified it is running on all cylinders is you create you rate. I ask you about a month ago maybe a month and have to go after the duke game put a label on him sweet sixteen elite eight final four national championship caliber team now you see the brackets. I'm forty haven't gone. Boy you know if I didn't soul or. To predict something like 200 basketball. We really felt that we felt in Brooklyn result trooping to Brooklyn as a group the media we really felt that Louisville. Would probably be their toughest game until they got you beat. Idol. And we also everybody also was convinced that duke was gonna beat Carolina in the other semi final duke would give them. A couple of game in Carolina Mike Weir along at all. Civil. You know you could see then I I'd rob I have been going at least as are probably as a regional final lead eight. And the way they play right now with it and Garrett. And we preface this by saying one thing. Anything can get super hot one game. Anything could come out and makes. You know 10123. Look at Davidson you know they're here because they got hot for a couple of games. Debate that innate Davidson has put a lot better in the last third of the season that could take that away from but they got hot. In DC is just started making a billion trees and eighteen can do that you have no answer for outside of something like that I don't see why you create doesn't go to San Antonio. Mornings a McIlroy fox sports night and laying Ghassan Donny at CBS six over to Virginia Tech they're in the 89 game against Alabama you briefly saw them in Brooklyn that you saw. Literally a tale of two halves how do you feel about the Hokies going into Thursday night. You know I have a bit. All season long I counterpart the repeat Egypt Rhoda is Travis well and I sat there and I think you know Virginia Tech. Can beat anybody and they can lose to anybody he says you have it pretty much Hitler that this shows their versatility could end. Usually you see there from game to game and it broke what you saw from have to have one of the things that. Was telling Fermi is sick in the locker room after that game. Two different players told us they you know they said kind of interesting thing about their preparation but they said that they said. We. Are pretty good when we do what we're supposed to well win some of us. Start doing like something else or what we wanna do that's the problem. And that speaks to overall team good discipline if urging exact. Sticks to what Buzz Williams wants them to do it sticks to the game plan. They're athletic and up and their character two win a couple of gates I mean they're gonna give Villanova in the second round if everything lines up the way it's supposed to. And against the team like Villanova if you start doing you know peace or bought off script there advocates say for. Guy coming out Thursday at least. Arm. What you see it appears to have it seem at Alabama they got really hot. In their conference tournament until they ran into Kentucky that they you know they can knock off looking like Auburn yeah I think I think urging Dick win their first game. I think there have to have or reverse it easier to beat bill though. You can see the games on CBS six part of the coverage TBS TNT turner and yes CBS six later. McIlroy as movie madness on your quick votes on the first region are you ready. There are I picked the movie character won eight match up in this is the once again the biggest bad asses of Hollywood movies dirty Harry against Tommy DeVito good fellows who gets your vote. Bowl home Mir tomorrow morning that's very typical rabbit but let's go OK that's gotta gotta be here very Ivan Drago verse shift. I'll go where's Shaq trailing 6931. Net Ivan Drago in the lead toy in my Dinah. Against bode from point break. Our tournament he's leading 61% of the vote and Jason Bourne taking on the terminator. Jason Bourne. And a bully 61% of though currently at fox which Richmond dot com at west fox sports 910. Later enjoy sleeping in your own bed and shield shown on the highway. Earlier in America more appreciate you buddy had to go on the air. Very electric short link gas to Donnie CBS six on the indeed Mercer rug cleaning hop on yes. The votes the first region is up for mackerel is really bad is the 32 bad asses of movies. At Twitter at west fox sports 910. All boring. Free agency hasn't opened yet officially but unofficially. Things are picking up with a full that is steam will re cap it next on fox sports night and.