Wes McElroy - Hour 2 - Jake Russell and Mike Jones (6-13-18)

Wes McElroy
Wednesday, June 13th
Wes welcomes Jake Russell of The Washington Post and Mike Jones of USA Today in the second hour. 

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Some. Leo this. Medical wrong on fox sports and I tell fox sports Richmond dot com. Calls to show it three border by 09 tag or email west and fox sports Richmond dot job experience. He is the man Weston medical raw coming up this hour what's the biggest difference between Alex Smith and Kirk cousins. While between one being with the Redskins the other ones in with the vikings. But Mike Jones of USA today has sat down with the both in the past couple weeks he'll join us to talk about that. As well as basically an all pro roster of holdouts right now in mini camp. Mike Jones told the NFL USA today at 745. Welcome on this Wednesday Paul. Yes cleaning up the aftermath of the cat Stanley Cup we'll dive back into discussion. About who could be next in DC and who now has the most pressured to win it. Our buddy Jake Russell the Washington Post stop them by acts and and Loney but as you heard right there at the top of the hour. We open up this hour with some breaking news. If you didn't hear the update from fox Sports Radio it is now official this from Moscow where Paula what 2 o'clock in the afternoon it is the United States will host in a joint ever with Mexico and Canada they will host the 20/20 six World Cup game. He's got Morocco. I don't know what the bids worth we'll probably find out more information but it beyond the selling point was if you put. Canada the US and Mexico together for the upcoming World Cup and when he 26 now this is two World Cup's away and we got this one. Then Torre two point pseudo. Every four years in and 226. The selling point was between TV rights. Stadium writes in ticket sales they can cash in at eleven. Billion dollars. No Morocco was offer and in the other bid but the sound of hey we could make eleven billion dollars or key. There's just officially announced the toy 26 tournament is gonna featured is gonna go on as 48 teams they're gonna up from thirty to 48. Which will also bring more money and but sixty of the eighty games we played in the United States. He goes slip between Canada. And Mexico because of all our arena has I'm excited about this I really am I've said this before two things that I've not yet covered. I've always look over the Winter Olympics and I met him myself for the last time I didn't have the appreciation for soccer in the last time the World Cup was in the United States. I've learned that by being here in Virginia. I learned that being on the kickers our body Roddy Pascal longtime goal keeper of the kickers. Other to have I don't know of America biblical less of a fan of it are hunkered down a watch every soccer match I don't wake up for that. EPO on Saturday mornings but I have eight. I've grown an appreciation for. And I would love to go see a World Cup match. Read chance point two point six. And I got imagine they're gonna spread this thing out having it in the United States they're probably gonna spread this out from coast to coast you'll see games at the Rose Bowl. You'll probably see games in Philly maybe in Foxboro maybe New York. Maybe just maybe if by 226 they complete maybe this is more incentive for the Redskins get this new deal dollars stadium. Now like hosting a World Cup game and that brand new stadium whether it be in Virginia Maryland or DC. But this morning in all of this exactly makes up for things because the World Cup the United States not in this World Cup. Probably doesn't release gives you some to look forward to. Least pussy in the party in the conversation. And that in the first hour. I had no expectations for teen USA not a we were gonna win that thing. You can get your hopes up but it was not gonna happen I'm just bummed I missed. Having embrace the past 2 World Cup's I am bummed that we don't get that. Teen USA we get that patriotism we get people big gathering in the viewing parties were a lot of fun. Gonna miss out on that I imagine I'll brace and country I imagine how about somebody I imagine we'll get a good story of love a little country making a big run. But the US is not in it however it bet they'd better be in and Tony to a six especially when they expanded the field. And now they're hosting it says breaking news to start off your morning the United States. North America Canada and Mexico going to host the twenty. 26 World Cup. Your reaction is welcome 3450910. Twitter handle at west fox sports 910. Speaking of celebrations open up the show opened up the first hour talking about the capitals. Still Drake and still partying yesterday I guess the last official party. And that was the parade just because I wanna hear Alexander Ovechkin and the end of his speech again Paula one more time. And they want them love thing. Deployed here. I said not needs it's just. Sane. When Wachovia Center. Yeah. I'd never gets old. That should be this soccer call for Russia right there. And Ovie guys. Yeah. Ploy by the way I want that until promo mornings and McIlroy. We not suck yet. That's your new promo that's your responsibility for today. Vcast still parting to probably still parting after last night that was the fun part of the day yesterday for DC sports fan not so fun last night watching the nationals wanting to get blanked by the Yankees. Give black Sunday give blank yesterday Bryce Harper getting bombed two times one time in the elbow the other time in the fought. I guess the good news out there's the silver lining is Bryce Harper saying afterwards. He's good to go he did avoid serious injury on both body part. What's like. Civil feels OK and pick toe to search a little bit well I got ex chairman Tom topic. He said he wants to play tonight we'll see Davies got him in the lineup still struggling now batting who's sixteen in the past month. But I imagine being in New York he's not gonna miss this opportunity. The nationals part of our poll question this morning talking about the capitals and and we have to move on it's been a lot of fun. The break honor wrapped up there wrapped up in that kind of winds things down I told yesterday's much fun has been talk among the capitals hockey hockey dog does not sustainable. However there is the aftermath of all of this there's the aftermath of the capital's what happens in free agency what happens with very try to talk about that would. Or what poll question this morning is what what's the aftermath for the other teams in DC and our poll question with the capitals winning the cup. Who does this put the most pressure on to win the next title. The nets. The Redskins. Or the wizards current results of the poll question brought to buy call federal polling 62%. Just went down 62% saying the nationals have the most pressure on the right now there is a sibling affect year. And explain this in the first hour it's basically is that one brother does something. Accomplishes something one brother gets married one brother gets engaged and the people of the family. Well congratulations we're so happy to his seventh day what can we get here. And then they look at the other brother and go out. We had Dayton. When you said on down. You think about Bob and the question. Two Brothers and a fairly one gets married or want announces they're having a baby eventually the family as the other brother what are you doing your life. When you gonna start a family when you gonna settle down when he's gonna get a real job. Boy can you tell I was that the sibling who got married and had a child he can come stooge I just wanna make sure you got that clear. But for the Redskins the nationals and the wizards there is this sibling. A fact it's the cavs won a cup I what are you doing airlines. We gonna get it together. I believe there's more pressure on the nationals I agree with so with the majority of people in the poll question. I believe that there is because I think they have the best chance US news question January 1 I would toed the nationals are the best chance to win a title. There is the big picture here speaking of Bryce Harper in New York. Rice arbor I still believe he's going to only he could surprise and stay but Bryce Harper could be at the end of his DC run. Max Scherzer. How many more years you have as the dominant pitcher in baseball how many more years you haven't as a healthy dominant pitcher in baseball. In Strasburg be your number one G shows a free agent. You have all these pieces right now on the Daniel Murphy and Adam being just getting back in the lineup and we'll give you some time. This team. With the exception of going out getting some bullpen help it's got all the pieces it needs to win a World Series it did last year even more so this year and other banged up they're getting it together. There's still one game back after. Osce -- it's a Grand Slam last night the brazen fraud but this team. It's got everything you ask for it's got everything you need it and it is good at this all ends with the nationals never making it the outburst on the post season. In major DC disappointment. Now the Redskins and all honesty I news poll question would come down of the Redskins and the nationals. The wizards have to be held accountable because you have John Wall you have Bradley deal. But just in terms of GA graphical proximity. I figured it would come down the Redskins. And and that's and I do think there's pressure on the Redskins. The pressure builds on the Redskins because people wanna know fans wanna know where's is still don't. It's been stable since Jay gruden took over it's built to stable it's not the dumpster fire used to be by the RG three soap operas you don't have to Shannon Hanson RG three gone back and forth. You don't have the 11 AM Sunday pregame leaks of this story of the scandal within the redskins' locker room. And it's improves above three and twelve and four or three of thirteen to four and twelve. It's become stable. But stable only last so long. And people are now sitting here wondering who on 997. And 87 in London said in nine. 97 was good with though we are honest on them but. What are we don't here. We got a quarterback. Steve grew in the right guy. And if you do another seven and 997. Is that going to be good enough to dance that are not to blow it up because Dan Snyder has looked at his NFC east siblings and just watched the build up the Eagles when suitable. So yeah he's probably get a little agitated. I'll dig out Smith will bust. But it just doesn't work is Bruce. The Redskins beat and it was brutal they're not brutal anymore but what are the and get over the hump are they closer to on the rise of closer to going backwards and that's what people want to know. And I do think. Resolve this. First title since and 26 years. And then you put up the images of parade in the throw the images of the old Redskins parade yesterday the Redskins honoring the 87 Super Bowl team. These little hints these little flashes of the way that used to be. And that makes people think I Wear the Redskins can do something in this town. This total is sibling effect going on and that's the reason for our poll question. Most know your thoughts I believe the nationals but with the cavs winning the cup and gestured to. Again I know they talk about back to back yesterday I know they were discussing C a next year. But I the caps. Yeah they're they're the sibling right now it's got married and produce the first branch out there are good for a little bit. What team right now is getting that attention what team is under the most pressure in DC to win a title that's Redskins wizards vote in the poll question. Fox sports Richmond back on war on Twitter at west fox sports 910. Jake Russell of the Washington Post coming up next but first as it is a very busy week for the capitals it's a very busy week for us. It is our dad's campaign dollars against diabetes. As we are trying to raise 5000. Dollars or we're getting. Goes to our first thousand dollars in our goal. You can go donate by going to fox sports Richmond dot com and always ask is a dollar against diabetes. If every listener of the show donates at least one dollar and our goal. They can go to anymore we greatly appreciate it good Foxworth Richmond dot com and it will go directly to the JD RF you'll get your receipt right through your website. Now he like to come up to one of our events obviate the diamond tonight from five until seven out in front of the diamond. The flying squirrels game you can get the brand new you'll McIlroy teacher for a ten dollar donation to jump ball the dollar against diabetes tonight. You can also do it tomorrow being part of these are the last two spots I've got. In our mackerel as many open of golf union child at sixteen years or younger. We'll get a free round of miniature golf tomorrow night while prizes we got trophies. All lot of fun Alter your golf is taken care of by the five people bogey sports bar. That's we're going to be tomorrow night between six and eight if you and your child would like to play caller one. Caller to right now 3450910. 3450910. And you don't and kiddo are in and help us raise money for dads staying in mackerel is many open. Golf tomorrow night at bode sports bar Jake Russell on the day in DC next but sports night ten. I would just ask you each think clashes which recognized in two footer maybe sucker thinking on the out. And this question was posed name by now hold on wait a minute. They pretty computer dig up Joseph Feldman writes in I believe the host country. Automatically qualifies for the World Cup in this with the announcement of you just checking in the United States Mexico and Canada in a joint effort. They will host the Torre it's 46 World Cup. Joseph writes and I believe the host country automatically qualifies for the World Cup. Now I don't know you've got three countries hosting the World Cup so. Who it if that's true to all three go. They did expand the field so maybe all three together but this is like when you go out to friends and there's the buy two get one frayed. Who gets the free one. I'm not really sure. Senator Kennedy can dig you know boy. The host does get an automatic berth now because it's never been hosted by three separate countries before I don't know how that would work because I don't know what last time Canada was in the World Cup they're not a regular. Paul what do we do we as questions in the show. We EU what do we do me a good job of and that's why do actually you Google it I gotta go talk to Jake Russell joining us now after. What was a just a splendid scene to see NJ Grasso the Washington Post and Jake Russell's ballistics of fantastic pictures yesterday. A thumb on social media you should as well underscored Jake Russell joining us now. On the good deed Mercer rug cleaning hotline. How can you put into words what you saw yesterday Jake. Teach. Our different. It in this city we don't get these very often. It was really cool to be coming out. The way the world is in the way the country is. Can divide people pretty quickly as we saw yesterday exports as he also uniter especially in a city that can be very divisive at times yes it was really cool to see. So many different people different backgrounds to the other her. Basically you know. Who does Lincoln knew it was really cool Vanilla. Ordered on the watch. Eight and you'd be right you don't see that I also thought it was pretty cool to and the arts has brought the same thing up some of the players brought it up. You know we've we've got Russians and we've got Swedes who got Americans we have white guys we have black guys and and guess what it did I forget who said he you've probably heard this the one player said hey. You guys are us we got we are you guys and I thought that really rang true like wow like. It's very easy to get behind this team because they they make up Washington DC. And they also proved that without a celebrated in the past week like that it I don't know how common that is what other Stanley Cup needs. But luckily they just bought the Stanley Cup so many different places in DC and Virginia. It was a really. If they sent a very high bar for all Kennedy's seat indicates theater when the championship in terms of how to celebrate and now setting the standard fare. You know bringing the people in who supported him over the years it was. Belt and one president at the top. Felt that that I I had to admit I said it Monday after the weekend I don't remember a team and and maybe just because and in proximity or because I follow. Way more DC social media counsel I really don't remember a team. Partying like this he's Dick Russell joining us Dick Russell sports Washington Post you said set the bar our poll question this morning. I call it done there's the sibling effects of what the cast it by winning the cup. What DC team is now under the most pressure to win the next title are people looking at the Redskins. Then that's or the wizards. Actually work but I think looking at its most similar to the capitals would be the nationals. They're you know that seemingly at that division contender every single year and they'll also go to the screen round of the year and yet lucked out this thing around every year. And there are also built the right way they're built to draft the doctors mark sort acquisitions. Com the wizards and he'll play out every year but. Wouldn't know what LeBron James in the Easter while you know how long now but at all the heat in the east they don't really have a shot. An American. While they're better than they have been in years past they're stoke kind of in the middle of the road type of situation. So premier Internet the most electable also predicted digital World Series every year chill com. I guess you'd have to save perhaps pressure to Obey them and let us find out from October at that actually come to actually come through in the clutch and if he can actually help on actually done anything form. And we seen this in other towns we've seen other teams propel other teams inspire other teams in most notably Philadelphia years ago where the Phillies on the World Series and the same year the Eagles and up in the FC championship they eventually win and the the following year the flyers and up in the Stanley Cup final and then it Eagles eventually win suitable. But I I look I agree we do because the nationals. Anyway it's weird. We we we look at the nationals now. Especially the past two years past three years the way that we kept the with the caps the two to three years prior. He got all the pieces he got everything you need the GM went on guy at the you've got. Exactly all the things that make up the championship team. You gotta get it done and they didn't and I I wonder what the nationals will do an adequate to Mike Rizzo Jake. There is life is Bryce Harper would leave after this year there is life afterwards there is talent. But this seems right now the seems to be the perfect makeup seems to be everything that they need and if they are the team that never gets past the first round. It's a major DC disappointment. And yelled. Bet that I had a similar situation at capitol they were not what Accenture saluting a bunch of key peak is a bunch of similar increases. Who played an important role in election years typically call all over the market here or dampen. And America can oracle are guys who are big contributors over the last few years. So. I mean beating crow look at the year our senate put it part partly who built at the the compelling points about that too now. Lou some of the pressure like a capital in the Pletcher actually. And those make it past the first Travis is in order to make a World Series drawn. That the capsule kind of emphasis on the team assured the lack of pressure that it has a themselves. The air from the media from the outside because of the year the stack of loaded roster. And he the second unit in the upper at least intend every year and they never deal this year not much was expected of them. That's and famously uttered the words we're not going to be sucked this year and then it was quite a bit of a sudden. I don't know that that's what you know hopes the national next year or you know even this year with the expected loss surprise arc and housekeeping. Feels like that to be to do DC not a new teachers we not sucked this year he's Dick Grasso. Washington Post sportswriter. I do to plug your book you're just the second but since you brought up Ovie and brought up the impact that he's had. DC you have these all time greats you've got art monk you've got Darrell green you got Joseph Gibbs is hoping now in that stratosphere of those names in DC. Well. He's been that had a strategy here for the last little. Beck and partnering and the beloved by extensive constructed and then you know he first got yanked everyone's just been taken a liking silk. I think he's up there with the walker content them. And that every ball would be sports history. Who I consider those the bats players on it a sport in the city's history. Our own. There's this just cement and can bring a championship to the city's. Put on a whole new level and to top that off just the way. Keep abrasive sand like in this teammates have done the last meets that just create an even more electability factor for them and I didn't think that a possible but I think percent like a more out of made it even just a week or two ago was just the way he celebrated in the embrace it and at that pure joy and enthusiasm that everyone seemed dominant on its natural popping. Shake it he's not trying to act like he's happy about and if adopted would should be it is as you see the but almost decade and a half of pressure just you know getting release from them just what the way you celebrated. And yeah I think he's at least he's definitely on the very very very very peak top performers and he's he's quit district. If you have a dad who is a nationals then let me give you a the recommendation for Father's Day idea the 100 things nationals fans should know and do before they die by buddy Jake Russell. Good it Jake Russell sports dot com you still doing copies autographed copies of people order online. He'll actually be at the total national team on Friday citing choppy at that game. And actually a vacancy will also be there are so anyway you look at you could hurt or our map I'll be there in the empirical Peter. And also won the agent point before the national memorial in the the national parks and are guilty so I'll be signing copies there as well. Jake Russell sports dot com I have Marlins Jose Canseco Jake always appreciated John thanks a jump and on the man. Yeah I appreciate it you've got to Jake Ross sport stack on pick up a copy of your book poll question is up only a day doubtful me if you would. Right now we're sitting on 67%. Say in the nationals had the most pressure on the new entitlement DC wizards got any votes at all. They of 1% they have one Brit which is why. We got some money for the wizards our eyes at a boy I answerable question brought to buy call federal passionately local banking coming up next. I said this yesterday just because I thought it was a neat story. We got overwhelming reaction including somebody looking in my office yesterday saying I've made them cry. For a good reason. A follow something that happened yesterday it's a pretty cool story I think you'll like it stick around I'll tell it next Mike Jones goes around the NFL the USA today at 745. Mike Jones USA today targets an NFL game ten minutes 745. Damon hack will preview the US open it should attack kills. 845. West McIlroy five sports 910. 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And I say this because we we don't as much on the show. We really don't mean we don't ask from the that we we try to entertain you. We don't as much we give things away which you could tell him. And I'm hoping karma comes back to me Pauly do me a favor we got four phone callers. Take them all put it all in the corner we have five colors. All your credit rigor and a dear me. Put them all in the Cornel tournament I want everybody and the more we get married. I wanna share this week because I'm open karma comes back and we had our 5000 dollar goal for dad's day just because of this story alone I was told mile. Spent two days ago I've earned my wings this year. And so what's the while you guys made me emotional and this one really. It done it got me but I I was good play a small part in it yesterday the Redskins awarded. Members of the 1987. Scab team they're Super Bowl rings. Those who don't know the story in 1987 NFL went on strike and players around for about four weeks. Missed three games. And teams brought in scab players. Well the Redskins beat the giants the beat the cardinals I believe still than St. Louis Cardinals and the Dallas Cowboys in the Dallas Cowboys two thirds of that team across the picket line. That included Randy White. It was set Ed Too Tall Jones it is for those who do not know the inspiration for the movie the replacements with Keon ariz. It's that the files seen Washington being doubts that this is what inspired great thirty for ferry that was done you're the scab I recommend you watch it. Be educated. But there is that sad part of the story that these guys were never given rings they went out they won three games they won a pivotal game against doubt they put the Redskins in good position. Joseph Gibbs gets his regular players back to go on to win super ball. And Jack can't cook treated these guys like garbage. Did not. I believe it or allowed to attend the parade. But they were not given rings and even says in the east at thirty for thirty parking attendants secretaries they all got Super Bowl rings but. The scab players didn't. Until yesterday. And the Redskins doing a great job doing great service righting a wrong giving these rings out. Well we talked about it the press release to come out and rich Taylor and are speaking of it an edge a gentleman. And I hope it's okay uses list name. Brian Tobin reach out to me. Brian really nice email on citizens of the show and he'd overheard this and that his brother Brendan. Had played on net. Was brother Brennan was a kicker for the University of Richmond the mid eighties. And he was for one game a kicker for the replacement reds games. But fortunately Brennan had passed away in 2013. And Brian wrote Sid paid I don't know anybody do you know anybody the Redskins is there contact I wanna see if my. My brother posthumously as opposed to get a ring. I said look I don't be out I know Ross Taylor at the Redskins he runs PR called Ross is to look again at the situation. I don't know because he played along gamely qualifies Ross is I think he does. He has I there's a guy named Jeff Scott alumni relations let's put him in touch well long story short I put Bryant touch wood Jeff they talked. And because a lot there's no database really these guys were just basically booted out maybe there was a phone number. May be an old address but no one kept up with these guys except for. The guy who else made a documentary so wasn't that everybody was present and accounted for. Well it turns out the Brennan was supposed to be rewarded a ring and Jeff Scott from the Redskins looked into it called up. Brian. And invited him yesterday to ceremony. And Brian yesterday went out with the former Redskins players. Was part of the celebration to celebrate his brother Brandon. And the players are there he was there is part of the ceremony you guys hated feeling got a nice email last night he sent pictures along. The his ring was not ready yesterday because they they literally found out about Brandon they said look. Come up the celebration we're gonna get a ring made for you for your family and you pick it up related able we're gonna take care of yet and I think the Redskins did a tremendous job. And as his back and forth with Brian and Brian we invited to come on today because of work reasons he wasn't able to but sent me a nice note sent me pictures yesterday. With Doug Williams and and some of the other guys and just in mid east now. That this guys said wait a minute maybe in my brother should get a ring and the Redskins really took care of them they did the homework to do the research and basic yet. No we're sorry BA brother does deserve Super Bowl ring and it took years and sadly Brenda was not able to accept it himself. By his brother Brian did and I got to imagine that brings a smile on his face some great memories back of his brother. And there will be a Super Bowl ring in the Tobin household side I thank you Brian for reaching out it was cold. Just got to be in the middle I'd put people in the right direction and make the story had a happy ending so. As I was told I earn muttering earned my wings but I wanted to thank jets got the Redskins and Ross Taylor for help and out. Very happy for adult and family they won't get 1987. Super Bowl ring. So there ego. Now I hope my karma comes back too we raised the 5000 dollars for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation a response to get away. I got three spots to get to a I had two other on hold today. High speed patient for Paula man is run by phone operation over to act in the best I can't believe the president jacket so I got really right now. My life choice is only a break at three Uga should listen to condemns it enough for you right now let's look that's a more rural groups including -- of animal house among rural. So you're at the response which responses I give away five so over the two guys who were but he would because that not progressed and it was the Avant. We call your patient impatient patient data but let's use big words here it doesn't say it's 43 in order that. If for the other two guys who wanna play or other two guys I got other spots you apply. Two college right now to more callers 3450 nines and it's for charities for dad's day you play and the coral tournaments under a Saturday united arrows Devern. 3450910. The fox sports back to and Mike Jones USA today next. That's the crowd here is our buddy Mike Jones joining us from USA today on the head deed Mercer rug cleaning hotline he has brought you buyer released average in the shop sit ins brook home. Saturday night of our dollars against diabetes annual corn hole tournament Jozy joining us now we do on Saturday LaBroque portal as a beer. Coming out I could. I have word predominantly. In the perfect he's controlling otherwise I would look in look with you and you know you're important when a team that was my life. Because you've seen her game and you've seen mine and you know how good she is that's what unity. Ironically got it you lose. Dominant and that African. Do you so I'm loyal to my and you know. We we should BI started ticker now dude I'm scared of her own accord will board a Nike crazy urgency of our I thought. Hey look you can join us Saturday night and early stabbed and present of Mike Jones each and every week as we go around the NFL let's start here. David Johnston lady on Bel air and Donald Leo Mac Coolio Johns live like an all pro list of holdouts here no shows for many can't. Team potentially has the Messi is contract situation on their hands. Then compound. That is good question and I feel like Erin pummeled situations comedic take care they have that that they will. On the want to get something done Julio Jones thing column could be met here because of the fact that. He's still got green or you grew more years welcomed the deal or three years thirty plus million less. Yeah I mean if it. For him but certainly excited deal with a great deal and should spend the market is exploded and so. He's no longer pay like one of the top guys some worry figure out it looked at what our armed. Like redo it and I'm gonna play it out column in my obligation. Home or you lake we'll have a look seems to rip up contracts and cut people time. I have improved much I'll be viable I wouldn't compare like I am. That. That could be met here you know when leave him bells and other one I mean it's. It is huge thing to think that there's more guys than ever they're holding now. Com but I think that partly because the contract everything is changing with Kuwaiti contractor structure. Big guarantee money. And god will be brought back a lot of speed home premium on par with their peers. Jose I only beat a guy who's a mockery currents are in trouble here but down the one thing that concerns Julie Jones and you're right there is that three years 35 million. Surgeon the falcons beat the disguise working out trading in spending quality time with Terrell Owens because. To show a sound and not always a player of convenience around an organization. You almost. Physically and delighted great person to train home whip. I'll be just hope that he's not the guy who's invited to a halt on new contract decision but. Although I acted you can definitely hear people like he had a man don't go to eat there and war. So it from it that's. The luckiest that. Pretty messy situation there hopefully for their sake it can get something figured out all of them into the during the training camp look well this. Who knew all the people would be talk about being notion is a mini camps and O'Dell Beckham junior is the one that shows up in New York Mike Jones USA today when I get to his peace but he has in the paper this morning. But the engine like situation. He throws yesterday he throws a football it's still not an NFL football as a high school football or college football. What was the one being leased to five being the most what's your concern Andrew Luck is just still not right. Com I think. Because. It is well let's say you were rich till the spring not summer it's still a mark. Clutch up and training camp. I'll put it at three and a half on that he would not doing any throwing the ball home I'd be worried if you ought to just don't know. How much that they if you feel great but they're really bringing this at a very slow pace and get to the pace the peer into creating her plotted out. He's going to be ready by the in the training camp. All of that they definitely know the record back being billed as important delete them okay you lose your quote that. People who got approved in during the call these incur more now period. So that's where you can't if they vote no big deal. But I guess there's been fired some progress. And you know bit over the next to what six weeks of the home until training camp he. They're going to be correctly. We have been helpful he's going in you know we'll see how it plays out and only seeing how bad thirteen minutes when you have a good look at who they really need them if they need to fully healthy in the. It was on the board or not I'm not being sarcastic. I'm actually forgetting the last time muscle and you look quarterback a game I have memories. I know how potentially good to Grady could be or somebody guy who at one point had the highest contract in the NFL I just I can't remember the last time I saw the guy play game. That's a good situation. You know what that was not on me it's been a long time. And you have seen that in. It's just weird that 2012 track collapsed on you know quarterbacks he yet. Look in Griffin won 210 Angola Tibetan. This class those guys have not been able to stay healthy not being a stay on the field not changed franchises. Well it was anticipated that he would and you just hope that. Look and get back on track here. And you know you know can't you know I think there are optimistic that well let. You know the this week goes beyond iconic guy here and unfortunately injury is going to be an. Mike Jones USA today's got a piece this morning on Kirk cousins now in Minnesota you have peace last week we're getting shuttled by don't ask about the current Redskins guy. You wrote a piece a week and a half ago but Alex Smith in Washington I know you attended routier's. From your general perspective how is out Smith fitting in in Washington. On the looks like he's fit and well arm he just seemed like he culpable in this surroundings. Are and he they're probably some areas where it looked like cute little more Japanese. Armed and they may be delayed the better situation for them there's no. Tension there's no you know that contract after the looming over he veteran guy. Gruden called on the smartest guy he's ever been around qualified I think everybody happy in that situations where. You know I think that probably wouldn't look at content he tapped into situations look like endure happy there as well so. Both parties you know they got their divorce and I think that they probably feel like you know they've acquitted in that situation. Jones he's written about both. Quarterbacks and both their new organizations he can find boat at USA today dot com Mike every so the good Father's Day appreciate is always buddy. Are you work thank you and Mike Jones on the indeed Mercer rug cleaning hotline is articles are both posted. USA today dot com and Jozy brought to buy her release tavern in the shops at and brought. 8 o'clock regard mission cocktails and preview in the US open but some breaking soccer news in the past hour. We'll start up 8 o'clock out of that next fox was 910.