Wes McElroy - Hour 2 - Hakeem Abdul-Saboor - (2-9-18)

Wes McElroy
Friday, February 9th

Wes welcomes former Powhatan track star and now Team USA bobsledder Hakeem Abdul-Saboor in the second hour.


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Some noise and you know this. It's magical role on fox sports. Fox sports Richmond dot cop. On the show at 34509. Attack or email west and box towards Richmond dot job Syrians. He is the man the last medical raw why isn't like. To Groban Virginia. Was it like. We track and field wasn't like the play college football. And that was it like to make complete career turns. And become a bobsleigh better. It happened for one gentleman out of ballots and and you gonna hear from him coming up in twenty minutes. Welcome made on this free pizza Friday abroad do you baction those speeds are. Just gave away two radar give courted your nose and guess what I got more to give away because we get too loud busy busy busy two hours. Yes we got the Olympics underway and we got college basketball. The Eagles. I was gonna say they had there Super Bowl parade that it's still may in fact be going on and in fact Jason Kelsey still may be going on. And. Okay. Oh yeah. It's. And Jason Kelsey the sinner the Philadelphia Eagles who went on perhaps the most epic rant in Philadelphia since. I mean it isn't we're talking about tactics. Not a game that a game not a game. We talking about practice. Somehow some way yesterday live on Jason Kelsey just like the Eagles because. Once humans bull it changes for ever. Always back the crew is here Gary has on the updates Paulie back from the Super Bowl parade have you slept at all my friend barely. Very little we were up at 3 o'clock yesterday morning to get down into Philly made good time the travel was not actually that matter early in the morning. It was funny when we got there we got to broad street around 6 AM and it wasn't too bad it was pretty sparsely populated that kind of the big droves of people really start to pick up between 8:9 o'clock and I think a lot of the local people. Waited until around that time got up and just walked him we parked down. Down the other end of Snyder avenue past yet. It shutter avenue and it was at an eye Kia because thank god for IKEA and south Philly they opened up their parking lot of people to park it right that's cool because a lot of people get their butts up in the air grocery stores and I understand what you do for regular season games people do not want people in their parking lots. But it the parade but the Super Bowl that's pretty cool like you to do that yet we eat is so that that was that was huge in my sister actually noticed this on Twitter than I performs like old. Look at this and so as you're driving and we had a plan 80 we're gonna go with the once we saw the traffic wasn't that bad we thought. Let's just go to the IKEA will park there park down Snyder walked about a mile and a half up about twenty blocks got a broad street. And it was I mean it was sparsely populated but as the crowds grew it just became the atmosphere in anticipation grew more morning it was. It was awesome dead tired this morning but well worth it seemed like everybody behaved I didn't seem too much in the police report that saw people wearing bud lights and by the way Doug Peterson was an epic grab of a bug light the somebody throwing me on the one hand grabbed it beside the boat like being thrown around seem like everybody was happy and it was a good time had by all it was and I actually I'm gonna touch on this more in my poll is point after effort today. And that was that yeah it was nothing but pure Jolie. And celebration insolent there's no fights no skirmishes there were no police forces assaulted anywhere Skoda saw how good so is going to horses are not solved had they brought them up for the parade today where they were safe but I got a little bit of beer flung on me there were some guys people climbed on things that's to be expected in in situations like this but it was just. It was happiness it was it was just joy in Philadelphia stayed truly was the city of brotherly love. I am happy you can go as I told you like I got to go in 2008 and I talked about this yesterday with the Phillies mean to me. And I was happy the Eagles won I was ecstatic I mean if it's on the government and the rest my life but what the Phillies mean immediately as media so. We were happy that you can go you're happier your reports were fantastic yesterday and yes you can check out always point after our new feature on fox sports Richmond dot com every Friday. And the best of the week employs thoughts about the show. The new look of fox sports Richmond dot com. We'll transition. Got some things going on the NFL all season which is well underway yesterday Jimmy grapple those deal would dive back into that actually the poll question. Dealing with life after football. The next thirty days what will get it through until March Madness would that be. College basketball. Would it be the Winter Olympics. Might it be NBA day. Or are you just sitting there waiting counting the hours and I guess now we're down to hours to pitchers and catchers report current result of always poll question college hoops still leading the way 64%. That there is an option has 0% would you like to venture a guess. The NBA and yes no votes for the MBA as of yet and I. Maybe some people just say hey look good move by Cleveland yesterday good moves by Cleveland but still it's it's gold states world number just paying rent. Go to the poll question fox sports Richmond dot com now now the attention turns because there were celebrating yesterday in Philadelphia there could be celebrating tomorrow night. In a Charlottesville. Reece Davidson ESPN's game to able join us fresh off last night bigot North Carolina in Chapel Hill when North Carolina defeats duke. Now the college basketball world with the detention over to the who's. We're tomorrow the team that right now is the impending and it would say depending number one team in Villanova is laws the other night produce laws. Virginia take care of their business tomorrow against Virginia Tech they will be the number one team in the country. And I was touched on this earlier I don't know exactly what it means outside of UBA outside Charlottesville outside of Virginia fan base to be number one in the polls. But if you're Virginia and it's the first time this happened since Ralph Sampson was on grounds that's what happened the first time 35 years. And Virginia fan look I get any fan base you respect what people to notice in nationally. You looking around you do this you do that you're gone hands in the air and gets a look over here. When you can get it you go to get it tomorrow they're going to be acting game days going to be in the Charlottesville so when you put on ESPN tomorrow. You see Reese Davis and Seth Greenberg and Jay bill is there will be Charlottesville. Beat daycare business against Virginia Tech tomorrow night 615. I as college basketball on yet. You wake up Sunday morning and college basketball conversations gonna be about you VA. Now you are not like a Virginia fans got to prep you win you beat Virginia Tech. Gov Sunday morning any questions there any questions but either you number one they really the best team in basketball. And my advice to you Virginia ban is soaked that up. Enjoy every minute. Enjoy the discussion. I don't Paulie wants him while a little tough on Paula because I seem poised got a bright future in this business and admit your high school football coach used to status. If I didn't yell at yet. Means don't care about. We told him by Virginia but the talk about is Saturday morning and talk about Sunday morning and those gusts are you for real that's a good thing because you're on their radar. And for Virginia number one in the post it does mean something. Because it looked around this program and I know ten years for some people seems like a long time but ten years with Tony beds built that team up. To where now you're looking at Virginia as a number one team in the country. Yeah they've they've done things they've been a number one seed. If it sweet sixteen they've hit the elite eight they've won the ACC tournament they've won ACC regular season tournaments. But the other thing that they the things that they haven't done an object of certain boxes this year Tony Bennett got as way to do Jack. Virginia hasn't won there since 1995 in camera check. But it still things like the final 4 am. National title. And now the number one in the polls and 35 years. So possibly another box checked by Monday. But they've got to take care of their business on Saturday night and oh by the way while this is all focused on Virginia. One thing that we all do know about college basketball and the one thing that we love in thirty days is the madness the crazy things that happen. Is crazy can happen. There is another team on that floor Saturday night and that is Virginia Tech Virginia Tech depending on what bracket down to see follow. They're sitting right there they're on the bubble some brackets out just haven't been some. As foreign so bumpers for out some safely and basically to put this in a nutshell Levin on the bubble. Only on the bubble. Especially I hope you and they know about living on the bubble they don't like the bubble they want a different property then the bubble. How you do that you go into Charlottesville and beat the team that right now is looming number one. To there's 2020. Really interesting story lines it is tomorrow night. Mean that's my main event of the weekend. Virginia Virginia Tech. You can hear on news radio 1140 WR BA and 961. Tomorrow whose goal on the AM Hokies on the yet that. Reese Davis coming up at 805. Numbers 3450910. That is the telephone number Paul baseball question up. Fox sports Richmond dot com join us next. McKean Abdul sue before. Got a chance to catch up with a pallets and native. He played. High school football with the track's start believing it was the times dispatch track athlete of the year when he attended palace to hand. He went on to do different things played bring back at Virginia law you VA wives. And then you know like a lot of guys who played the lower level football they're looking for certain things I've had the experience vehicle football players the NFL was not their future. Guys worked on NASCAR track crews on pickers. Sometimes hey you're athletic you're gifted but not to the NFL level. Other things in life find you or you find them and for Hakeem Abdul some board. One was bobsledding. The team now over South Korea party opening ceremonies. Will be participating a little bit later on but he's part of the two men in the four man bobsled team. And you'll hear from him coming up next as we sat down before he went over South Korea and yes the Winter Olympics part of the poll question. Always poll is up with get it to the next thirty days college basketball Winter Olympics pitchers and catchers or the NBA. Go vote very easy fox sports Richmond dot com dog and some sledding next on fox sports night and on the radio dot com Matt. Under way. In South Korea. I need to do is still under way it's so officially under way that we had been tong game. Ambassador the Olympics. Shirtless slowed down waving the flag which are standard Summer Olympics is considering is to a nine degrees South Korea right now my bands over there. Well but look like that I when we're assured anyway. Welcome and west McIlroy. On this for you pizza Friday brought you botching those let's give us some repeats it goes well not a olympians we all can't walk around I'm sure all what we gotten Tonga. Me gateway dollar gift card to she knows pizza right now and yet it's a golden 534509103450910. And yes the Olympics under way and I am a Winter Olympics nerd I eat this stuff up. But don't Paula earlier we all that relative as we all that relative we know that guy. As the weather channel on all the time. We've got here work you walk into his office weather channel on all the time that uncle uncle what. All the dom whether general on all the time that's me in the Olympics Winter Olympics will be on all the time. Very excited and there's ever a young guy from our neighborhood from pallets and schema duels border. Some ballots and track star we don't utilize running back end. Got into bobsledding how did that happen caught within the boy went to South Korea and obviously my first question was. How does this all happened. Arm I do not have a clue. I don't I got lucky on this word. I had no clue really much about it Shep I'll watch it on the Olympics. Well who found do you how did you find the sport so I would disputed doing quit as coach in Knoxville Tennessee. I happen to be. This fool around with some our coworkers and I touch my head to a ten foot feeling much jumping and deal trend to conditioning coach for about. Probably touched do a video and he was like man that does expose that money to getting on their equipment if you want to try out. How would you put into words how would you describe the first time you're in the Bob's and you go all the way down. Army if its it's pretty edgy it's pretty little bit as we go to goes so a lot of work is done off of the track com. We do everything from Carlos just been and that's where what ought to move and are making sure that our market position is correct on so that once we get on the hill it's easy opens. If you have a matchup then. You still going down regardless of whether you're in the whether you're not a bullet. So you wanna make sure is perfect then launcher in the fled. Kinda like it. Getting pushed down a it'll. And in the trash and it's not as good that looks. I knew it had been there and you tried to its lowest move with the sweat as you can but you're in pretty much a steel canisters so. Yet it's pretty exciting though. McCain didn't do the position CIA and I believe it's the pilot who's up front and then there is that a break man. Is there the pusher gimme that terms of the four man bobsled team. Okay Horry we all are essentially break in the last person in the sled would be. Go but I think that he has the pull the great. It is said the polish I think you have the two spot or that you guys in the that very guy in in the great men and end up. And the loading sequence. Driver loads. And then. After that two guys watches the driver load it takes two steps up that a driver and then he wrote in the in the pre got a two cent separate. I think he'd go to them a break when take two sets that the third. We all have to load and sequent. To make everything work together. The UR sale a lot of this goes on behind the scenes how do you go about getting that chemistry because of beautiful when you've got to get in misled misled is galling you guys are going. And even this the first time you gotta be on point you gotta be together. Arms so I mean we just we have to this practice every day is that this is. A blue cross sport we we do all the work I mean we have mechanics that help put spot every day before NAFTA side and we make sure we checked this leg. Arm make sure everything is right all of our handler plays. And we just do practice Carlos every console war this practice is that we were running on ice but we'll jump in the lead and then sit down and wolf. Sometimes time alone just to see how quickly all the local practiced on their push tracked they some impression that cart. Are we get lots of reps America's on that you don't have to go down the track so you it's worked well in turn your body and we can get reps on that took. A replica if you. What's McIlroy fox sports night enjoined by scheme to boost Bora United States bobsled team. Do you run the or stop and wonder how a kid from pout and football player from you via a wise ends up. He thought about this you know I'm going to the Olympics as a member of the bobsled team. It's still hasn't hit me had I mean I don't I don't post very real media. They it'll hit me until. Are there in South Korea had been a little pot question about salute. The key will compete on February 18 that is when he bobsled events will take place but. Before that Hakeem have you thought about what's going to be like to walk in opening ceremonies when they named you as part of teen USA. Politics is gonna be awesome experience I have thought about that I've dreamed about that it just like you watch it on TV like. Man that's just so awesome that these people into that and then go out there represent their country and now just a dream come there on the what was it well. It is a dream come true it's a pretty wild story he of those aboard ballot today and good to catch it was in before he went over to South Korea were opening ceremonies. Well we've got delivered has gone on. It's underway and our guest appearing on the indeed Mercer rug cleaning hotline good for him and I'm also a free over Paul what he's got a good story on a key in this morning it in times dispatch who checked out at Richmond dot com. But the Olympics are under way. And part of our poll question the next thirty days would get it through after football season in a March Madness what will be through in the Winter Olympics though I eat this stuff bought. And I'm not just and it's because what we're on topic and I'm I'm. Whatever maybe and Bob say hello Bob sledding that's the one sport I wish I could try. And a great line there it's like putting you in a trash can and sending you Downey jail. I'm fascinated by that because that that's one of those things in life where you look at certain sports like BX games X games Olympics you look certain sports ego. You practice that. 'cause this room for air. If you've done a bobsled. You're running your run and here's what would happen here's rabbit would to me and most of us especially now that you're the pilot but it here the pusher. You'd be run in the running on ice. There's there's many of us who just go run run run push push first and try and get it the coordination to run and push on ice and into jump into a sled. Most of abuse I got the running I got the pushing. I jumping in the sled thing on nice note Jack got an admin and just let the sled keep going to and you stand there. I'm good and that's it maybe he was he jumped. And feet in the air and somebody Solomon said Adam. You get some leaps there yes the mouse. This will be exciting February 18 is when you concede the bobsledding. I'm done I dig the Olympics and I'm more of a Winter Olympics this Summer Olympics guy I I get mesmerized by certain sports team. You give me curling by the way Paul you were driving home last night you did have Cassini curling now. You have not seen the did the dot org anger of curling. Now I have I think get to watch and he'll make coverage less man came reentry into the Marines doubled anger curling last night. This do no way he looked like skinny and he read. This guy I it's in an assisted errand doubles duels payers whatever it is curling and you look at video and you read. Now obviously and you look from the neck down and guys that may read this don't. Don't forget your read do you understand the rules of curling and all I met Hamilton by the way is his name Google Matt Hamilton. Nick up Tommy doesn't look like Andy Reid. It's late guys shuffle board. And and I'll tell you right now do you don't you understand the rules of curling. Watch five minutes you look but it's a curling it is addictive you are hooked but when you understand the rules of curly it becomes even better. But shuffle board on ice. Curling if for some reason to buy Athlon I don't know what it is about it gun. And skiing and target shooting and racing but I is moths to a flame I sit there and I watched I look up and I realized. A just an hour of my life watching the by Athlon. But we do this according to this next does that I'm not gonna be the only one and yes we are. I've got my ten story lines of the NFL season I'll give you some football we have Reese Davis coming up on basketball. But I do enjoy the Olympics and I know I'm not the only one. Over the phone lines on the other stuff beginning of the Olympics it's under way yes I was the guy on the stair climber at the gym yesterday watching speed skating. I ask you this one question one question only I would open upon lies next what is the one Olympic sport you will not miss. The Olympics are on happen every four years of a little bit different spice of life. What's that one Olympic sport you won't miss you gotta watch maybe is growing. Maybe it's hockey maybe it's the Bob solid. 3450910. Replies just next segment I guess and stop obesity UN Richmond that I wanna get too. But you tell me the one Olympic sport that you will not miss as we embark on the Winter Olympics. 34509. And Twitter handle is at west fox sports 910. Put that on your radar. You tell me next speaking of things and a radar Valentine's Day is coming up on Wednesday and I know it's Friday things in your mind this week just. 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At the office maybe you wanna set the standard at the office you have roses delivered on Tuesday that way. All the guys in the Elvis all that all the husbands of the women in the office they're all looking at you because you set the tone you set the standard pro flowers. Here's they get 20% off your purchase of 29 dollars or more but pro flowers dot com use my code west when you get the check out you'll see these special codes box. WES. So. They're easy pro flowers dot com. 20% off 29 dollars or more he's the go to west boom Valentine's Day in care of you demand pro flowers dot com. Alan visitor's BC Iran has some brand stands. Had a tough time right now. The stages of grief talk about the Redskins. Right now some red fans gone through its anger Sumter denial. Some acceptance will tackle that in ten minutes west McIlroy fox sports science and look at Ford haven't ESPN's Reese Davis on the show at the top of the hour. He in game day will be in seem built to mark for unity day. Looming on number one in the country taken on Virginia Tech who is registered there from Gary has. Absolutely need this game big stretch for the Hokies big game tomorrow night in Charlottesville. We will preview that coming up. The phone lines are open to you right now 3450910. With one Olympic sport you will not miss you just missed our interview with the scheme of duels abort ballots and part of the US bobsled team. That will be up available after the show at fox sports Richmond dot com. I ask you right now what is the one. Olympic sport that you will not miss the Olympics come by every four years now more of a winner Olympic guy like the Summer Olympics with a Winter Olympics it's just. It's something different. It's forced that we don't know about its sports that we probably don't even know the rules too but yeah we watch I'm fascinated. I decisions about the World Cup. It's a two week sports vacation. You go and on vacation you don't do things you don't do when your normal life the Winter Olympics and it because sports that we normally do not talk about. Now I'm we're gonna sit here and break down delude for the next two weeks but. It's on TV it's something to check out. Variety is the spice of life so I ask you. Was that one Olympic sport over the next two weeks you'll miss times this bash doing an excellent job today of breaking down the entire calendar of events. I'm looking I'm watching Paula what's that one sport you're locked in on you gotta watch next two weeks you. I really love the snow boarding. I think inside I think it's a lot of fun and I it's fun because I know I could never actually really view any of those things and it's like you said before like. How do you practice act as if you mess up on a jump you come down to art we've seen guys take really hard falls but I I love watching the snowboarding and the way those guys. The way they'd. That they way they do while they're crazy flips in their tricks and just see how high they can get off those jumps and half pipe to stuff. Loved snowboarding you definitely for the younger generation you're the crowd that the Olympics look at the X games and yet we. We're a little bit antiquated you gotta do the new stuff I normally never watched the X games but snowboarding yet I won't miss that. One. And most human beings skated on the hill I'm on the snowboard does get down from 11 point to another I tried it one time I stride going down a hill and denied him well. 3450. Nines and he won Olympics where he will not miss Jackson on the sofa and Europe by exports night's end. You know west. They only Jackson. I use that he's no word autism on a watch that old the other sports and absolutely fascinating is that short track speed skating. For onboard NASCAR on ice and out and the job ski jumping is absolutely. Amazing. Yeah that's that's a perfect example Jackson then you get a phone call up and enjoy the Olympic. And that's the one where you go down the hill and you do shoot often ramp. And I don't know how many people there watched it via. What about the Olympics is stories. When you watched and I get the tape delay and it aggravates and people Arnold watching desire to know the results it doesn't matter you know the results it's the stories they get it. And to watch how they practice a lot of these people who do this. The ski jumping they'll go to a mountain resort know we'll have a place in the woods. And they'll go down a ramp on skis and it will catapult them into some cut the body of water. Either poor or late but still when that is for real. People are in the air and you landing on two sticks. Board how can you not be impressed by. I went to Lake Placid years ago and we went to we saw some of the different event spaces in some of those we saw the bobsled track we went out to the ski jump yet we got to the very topic you look down near you if you got Yugo just earlier I don't know how heck now now. And and I thought that exact thing during. Your landing on those two very thin. Pieces of whatever skis are made out of your like that's the only thing standing between you probably a busted leg and and it's incredible means you're sol high up in and that the incline. Is ridiculous you're shooting. You know dozens of feet in the air it's I looked down one titles like Al. Heck no not for all the money in the world right Travis what's mackerel at fox sports night and asking the question phones are open 3450. Nines and the Olympics are underway actually opening ceremonies going all right now. What's the one Olympic sport that you will not miss the you've got to watch. Jeff writes in my son Robbie simply will not miss the ice dancing routine edge of seat entertainment. I don't know he's being by UVs being serious but you know it if your son Robbie really is into the ice dancing. How do. Impressive in four years ago when the American couple upset the Canadian couple who heavily favored to win the gold medal. I was hooked because they. They put together almost a flawless routine I found myself locked in I'd like to speak to the women in the audience right now because the guys medically decision is dated singer. Oh women. The government can dance top memo it. Women love men who can dance but then you do it on ice and you are launching someone in the air about nine feet who is spinning four times on a blade of vice. Once again how can you not be impressed by this how are you one nice. May I and I bought that Billy would put on hockey every Saturday you know it was a whirling dervish on ice now. John lays it it was the Hokies really yes. It's a miserable I him accent yes went we did the iPod dock we need to couples night one night which I was spared his lovely fiancee Renee wasn't in the last but down. The media say opposites attract John. Fantastic skater and name. It's a travesty written to happen. Webb writes in speaking of skating short track speed skating I do love speed skating is a race I don't OK we. South NASCAR you love racing. And employs about that seem cardinal rule of viewers stars and stripes. Where any team acts look they're wearing it around. Apollo Anton Ohno in his heyday on the that was must see TV every time we took the ice is Bob I'm going back to the body latter days OK Bonnie Blair bringing home the gold. Absolutely. Twitter rolling right now to get it look we are the phone lines open but he got a tweet at west Bucs were 910. The Olympic sport that you will not miss 3450910. Our body Dench in it he writes in USA hockey. Now here's an interesting side topic which I think we're gonna have to wait until next week but I'll ask you Paula right now for starters will not do the deeper dive next week. No NHL players in hockey this year bore interest at less interest it. I don't think I can be more interest it I am still interest have been not more so than watching all the NHL stars. It does lose a little bit assumption I'm still urged to do is I don't see these young guys and see what we got is he aware is USA hockey. As it stands right now. And what you what do Canadians coming down the pipe like that's always gonna be the big rivalry so I'm. Not more interested I'm still try eating keel there's part of me that will miss. The NHL players that's the hook you know names you know certain guys on a team where you have your NHL team you're in Leipzig especially these continuous they're team Canada. But I go back right I. Enjoy the Olympics before the NHL players went over there analyst told the story on the air that one of my all time favorite stories out of nowhere guy by the name of Ray LeBlanc. Who was the goalie on the 92 Olympic team that was a guy can do not somewhere hidden in my house or lost my house is going mess that may cicada. After watching rail bought and some people I remember that name and he played I believe one game NEA jumpers Chicago Blackhawks. But this goes back to my overall enjoyment of the Olympics. I just like in stories I look and we're gonna learn names of the next two weeks and then some you're gone deeds to stop BC basketball which are willing just about five minutes. But over the next two weeks we're gonna learn a name ruler neighbor to we're going to be captivated by them you're gonna say and how fun was that. We go to John in Richmond John you on fox sports night so what's the one Olympics where he will not miss. Watched all. Really. Yes there. I so gimme gimme gimme gimme deal that export to you know a little bit more about the one that you pull in that Seattle little knowledge about. I have a lot of wind and but that I. Just you know what appear United States I would go about out. But now explained by apple wants him because I just noticed skiing with a gun in racing was the objective bub by out on so I can become all of its more informed while watching the Olympics. Cut it up by a lot at all about Betsy Betsy boosts our. Be on yachts but they've got to make its next target. OKC a five shots each target I have obviously there's a point system there where you're shooting at the target but you're also being clocked the same time. Exact writes a more on this I John you are now are by Athlon expert you make sure you call in Mumbai apple ons on so we can wrap this little bit more. I appreciate it but to John and to and Johnny job and can't wait. Our Jeff by the way wrote back and I was being sarcastic but thanks for the shout out. Robbie enjoys the show bite got for you get on the bus like that day is to give your gonna be sarcastic white kid and you don't maybe Robby does love ice dancing. Robbie eagle is not taught you called the west we're gonna go McDonald's or we watched a little ice dancing and cute. Braylon block what was a teeny said he played on that I believe the Blackhawks won a game yet one game in 199192. Season one game for the Chicago Blackhawks on. Just a note got Reese Davis gonna got basketball we expected to be grapple lose the I had both in the Cleveland Cavaliers but something. Something we'll hook you over the next two weeks in the Olympics mark my words if you have that one Olympic sport that you will not miss lay it on the at west fox sports 910. Always been working really hard on this I'll give him credit right now you can go to the iTunes store on your Boehner any application. As the search bar just type in west McIlroy and you'll be able listened to any interview all our podcast up there every day show very simple just type in west. Against all McIlroy go to fox sports Richmond dot com but the iTunes store very easy it's all accessible and they sound great. Now all but available well done by Paula note that not. Your final hours ended your youth now hit some I'm really excited about find that I'm. I'm just I'm Reid I'm excited whatever you mention is I get really sad because this was some and I was really looking forward is getting some odd that option will get back to your question the question that we throughout the one Olympic sport that you will not miss and out to bring back part that interview with the Keenan duels aboard the US bobsled team out of pallets and we Reese Davis and ESPN's game day will be joining us at 805 in addition to Virginia Virginia Tech. Richmond all of their win against VCU go be an action against not at saint Bonaventure tomorrow at the Monte bucking him. Released from the hospital yesterday morning after severe cramping went off the floor. But about eight minutes left to go in the game in the win over DCU. Chris Mooney telling the times dispatch the button and a severe cramps in different parts and as I act and doesn't sound fun. But what they're nice going to be able to go tomorrow that's still early to tell me get a big one against the bodies. BC news guy Dayton tomorrow night at home Segal center at 6 o'clock each year right here on fox sports 910. As expected it. Many and I I have to watch overnight when again and talking about fans it's not the entire fan base because yesterday on my Twitter timeline and started going back and forth about DCU. Some down in the dumps some giving up hope some saying. Get a grip a reality. And I am siding with the BCU fans and once again I'm sticking up for some of you. Arms died and siding with the ones that say you know have a little sense of reality. As expected some not handling losing well. And I imagine losing here in town rival your inner city rattle Richmond twice this season as my Twitter timeline would indicate. It's not gone over so well it's tough pill to swallow things like everything from this is a disappointment to this team is under achieving two. Michael Rhodes is he really the best guy for the job really. I get fans I give fans are passionate I gave itself tough pill to swallow to lose especially after winning. But some BC fans got to understand you all been spoiled. You are spoiled. And we don't when he. Here it is because that the rich kid never wants to hear there's no telling where this blow don't want to hear that. But it's also might as well because whose book BC you guys have been spoiled. Seven years seven NCAA tournament appearances. But you've also had three coaches in four years. And VCU fans he that you start to expect things you start to expect the NCAA tournament. What happens and like when you expect things and you're not part of making it happen. Usually get disappointed because you're not a controlled making it happen. And that's what happened VCU fans we've got a custom another good thing it's good to have high expectations. But he also to realize your mid major who's had three coaches in four years. There's going to be trauma. Tomo hits there's trauma. The trauma of two recchi and recruiting classes that being split in half and other half leaving. At talent out the door. Having to find other people to put in other places grad transfers and not every grad transfer is a quarry Bill Berry. Having two seniors on your roster it hurts it hurts the other night when one of them was not able to go. Demy grows make all the right moves the other night probably not. But you're also trying to do things you're trying out things you're trying to adapt on the fly and you're doing it without your starting point guard. You can't. Egan told Derry on they Jenkins not to shoot until the sport two seconds but honestly that's just basketball IQ and I know many people are hesitant they'll pump the brakes when you get on a student athletes that kind of feels weird you don't you don't feel like ripping a student athlete. But look at all sincerity Gary I think Jenkins is a sophomore. And you can say coaching but a high school kid that's basketball IQ you know you can't take that shot better. But it was again you're without your starting point guard. Defense is an issue and his team rebounding been an issue. They they miss having an established inside presence yes this team is missing Mo Ali Cox yes they're missing Dovonte erratic. Marcos Santos Silva could be that guy but it takes high name. As Paulie would say trust the process. There are issues on this team there there are deficiencies on this team there are certain things that the coaching staff is trying to do and I. I don't mean this is a jab anybody but there are certain things that they just can't do with these guys. Certain teams Rhode Island Dayton. Richmond just better than you right now and I know you're not used to that ad is us being an Easter. And you are better than certain teams act you're better than GW better than George Mason. Is micros toughen up on these guys that's a fair question. There's just need to have a quicker hook that's not his style does it work does it not I'm going to need more than just three quarters of the season. To start looking at that board too good to judge debt but some people out there judge in the state of the program. The truth is and and it's a tough pill to swallow time has taken its told eight that the changes have autopsy there's growing pains and DCU rising grown out of them. And they're probably not gonna Grata on the season. And it's tough and fans rams fans especially in not used to losing you had a good for seven years. But this program has taken some big hits. And yes in a way I would say in some trauma. VCU tomorrow night open to have Johnny Williams back when they face the Dayton Flyers. Coverage beginning 530 on fox sports night and les Davis and ESPN joins us next fox sports 910 in a radio dot com that.