Wes McElroy - Hour 2 - Dennis Bickmeier and Dave Glenn (2-16-18)

Wes McElroy
Friday, February 16th

Wes welcomes Richmond Raceway President Dennis Bickmeier and Dave Glenn of The ACC Sports Journal in the second hour.


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Some noise and you know this. His last medical wrong on fox sports and I tend fox sports Richmond dot com. The only show in three bored by 09 tag or email west and fox sports Richman dot job Syrians. He is the man who last smack overall it's not the biggest. Game of Virginia's six schedule. But it's a big game tomorrow we'll explain why will the main on this Friday. It is a free pizza Friday brought you by friends at Jeannette those pizza and we're giving away Tony Dow gift cards this morning. Among other prizes. Frisking you. Kobe Shaq gonna sit down tomorrow night for a one all in one and that's it there's no posters know moderated East Coast and down into care. I think it's going to be island NBA all star weekend is the part of NBA all star weekend that a lot of watch. Don't worry I'm not gonna give you just feel about the slam dunk contest or. Hey Colin and how can we change what ideas the after the slam dunk contest. If you your radio person doing that today it is tired it is week is a conversation is about five years old. Move on evolve. I think the highlight this weekend is going to be a sit down between Kobe and Shaq just aired it out. And if you haven't heard about this the and he's doing at 7 o'clock tomorrow night and if you just what a tease of what it's going to sound like. Here's what TNT drop the other night as a preview. One thing I know I got a long ago and this home we rent. A little odds are low income Cameron let's just sold under the my fingers. Only your roof of dog do brand new euros only in Europe you're really wanna do so. Because Jew. I was whom reduce Chilo in the slump. Do you are easy task we don't know we just know it's a quick look at the Dow is a writer wrote about an hour's top. That is fantastic that. This is what you're going to get you're going to get Shaq being very real and honest and Kobe is going to give me real if you just said Kobe and Shaq and the state Ernie in the middle. Most of its gonna be polished most of its I don't know if and when you put it shared just put two guys in a room and camera. And I'll be interested to see they just left the camera look these two talking out. That's really get real Odyssey that's when you get hey man look this is what I was doing some I was thinking and as being really the and then Niko he's going yet to (%expletive) me off. To where where does this conversation go it's going to be edited and I'm sure it's gonna be bleeped a couple times but I. These do read a very unique relationship and I don't even know if I would go on the borders say it's a friendship like Parcells and Belichick. But these tubes sitting down tomorrow night that's going to be an hour TV I can't wait city. So what is it if they were to make a series of this the sit down series. What do people it's boards connected somehow some way it would make for great TV show. But manager gimmick camera and to slow and talking out poisoning most analysts see Donovan McNabb and TO sit down I'd like to see. James Buster Douglas and Mike Tyson. Talk about what went down that night that lead up and what happened in Tokyo I would just wanna know what to Buster Douglas knows that he had Mike Tyson. And when did Mike Tyson really think I'm in trouble. Magic and Larry we got somebody reported Magic Johnson Larry Bird that those two together they've done sit down interviews before. I would listen to an hour that. I don't care I've heard it before there's probably some news story that I will get coming up. Justin we get here we've got down to get some oh Brady and Belichick now one gentleman said Tim writes in said Brady and Belichick let's do this in ten years. Don't give it to me now because of you very much the patriot way. Let's go ten years down the road just looked at things simmer but it cool ball and then. Let's see what was really like between east and hopefully if it Belichick and Brady are both I mean pray you be retired by the appointment of Belichick at that point is also retired there's no. It's completely on filter that I don't need to keep up appearances from my team rate paying any just put the two of them face to face. That was really good in the two bills. Yeah and that's that was I mean that was sort of there is the same way the date of the director asking question as a human side of Bill Belichick and I've gotten no outgrow over the years Al and I had a good working relationship we stayed in touch after yup fire from media day. And at times I've wondered and I've talked to people about this before us how is it really nice person that house got a good side to. How's the great come in out personality and I heard outgrow the radio hours a fantastic color analyst. But I just be wise not like this. I'm not sure human side some times it's just. The Belichick Parcells Siva and I didn't I didn't Siemens more ever robot. But these guys are human size suggests how they roll. Chris writes and would love to see Jim Roman and Jim Chrissie Everett. If you remember a deal to run TV show were ever lost it on Rome. I know there are made for an entire hour of it again. Clemens and the dots again right in. Is this or know what we're launching a TV show is called sit down series who chairs one camera to be blown sports connected in time. Either good or bad doesn't have to be that bad to be two good ones like magic and Larry. Who who'd wanna say. Gotta be living as were prepared to anesthesia ball and I think about someone finance it. Who would you wanna see sit down 111. Camera and letting go where Everett goes. 3450910. On Twitter at west fox sports 910. Go down to Daytona chicken with a buddy didn't pick my present at Richmond raceway to be one NASCAR when you sit and share would be Tuesday. The story this morning which I say it's its story and you may be just getting tuned into it but. Keep this on your radar and speed camel. Really doing a deep dive here getting some connected sources into the federal government if you go back five months ago and I know five months ago. I think that in the past five months. College basketball had this need shake up his big story. And how it doesn't mean this before this story to shake up college basketball is a storage unit shake up out football. I want to go you had ten people arrested. You read. Sustain coach is named you read NBA agent you read executives that shoe companies. All the stuff came out. And it eventually took down Rick Pitino global took down Berry. And we saw as a huge story. And involve the deed is involved. Agents and about basically the gist of it was. Money was being filtered from the shoe company into schools getting guys come to a school and then following them to a certain age. It was a multi multi even may billion dollar scam going on behind the scenes and violated federal laws if byline at NCAA rules. But most don't we also around me look we saw pitino result for assisting coaches at Arizona. And little bull Oklahoma State in Miami and South Carolina got brought into the mix. I thought months ago I wasn't chosen big story but if not months ago what happened was out football. It fell. Out best most started the game started we kind of distracted. This story's been looming over college basketball. And yesterday in May be a story that you just glance by night I almost led by until I read it. And that was three people in this gaze went for an appeal try to get this thrown out of federal court. And he lost there appeal. And that seems to have gotten the wheels going for something more. Goes PLO rights and peace let's night college hoops corruption case poised to take down hall fame coaches top programs and lottery picks. And others give it a PC it is indeed he's the money lies and battles peace Yahoo! Sports dot com. The soundtrack to three federal basketball corruption cases is essentially a ticking time bomb which rule and heavily explode. It will impact every major conference hall of fame coaches to score of current top players and some of the nation's most distinguished and respected programs. Multiple sources have been briefed on the case and are familiar with material team by the feds told Yahoo! Sports the impact in the sport will be substantial. And it will be relentless. Sitting under protective order right now are 330 days of monitoring activity by the feds and he goes on to write about 4000 intercepted phone calls. Thousands of documents bank records. And other documents obtained by the computer of Torre's agent Andy Miller. And one source says this goes a lot deeper in college basketball than for corrupt assisting coaches. When this all comes out of fame coach who should be scared. Lottery picks will not be eligible to play and almost half of the sixteen teams at the NCAA showed on the initial NCAA tournament showed this weekend. Should worry about their appearance is being vacated. I remind you because yes there's Sony go on yet heard this before. Heard about the NCAA game digging down her about college basketball being rattled and accountable being rattled. The difference here is this is the Fed's. This is the FBI. These are subpoenas the NCAA. Weaver big stories big malls from them before we've heard all bark no bite. This is different because it's defense. And this appears to be just getting started this appears to be reckoned compared to a storm. Where the crowd clouds roll and in the thunder is rolling. And the store has been moving over the sport for five months yesterday you saw crack of lightning also a new low low game. Is being Scotland he's gonna hit. And the question is when is it going to hit. And when you have federal agents federal sources saying hey look. The NCAA does put out the top sixteen teams that Sunday. It would about half were went among the big boys you were to come up big schools who don't know a whole pool hall of fame coach should be scared lottery picks will not be eligible. These are federal sources telling this to keep them. There's a lot of eye popping sound in the store manager reed down through what was the thing that really jumped out either really bumped off the pages like old wild. The thing that looked out to me is what the thought I had yesterday reading the story about the judge kicking out the appeal. That this thing is going to start being emotion and his was even before repeat down a story coming up less than Yahoo! Sports I thought I'd look. So who's going down here this story's been too quiet for too long. And I I circle back to this this is just little reminder of how things work if you've not seen the pattern I have. Timing is everything. Back to show all white story there's a reason that the schoeneweis story dropped when he did show all what was in the half but the champ Shaun White winning gold show white being a great story. You got skeletons in your closet it's of people feel that you've not been exposed and fairly in just for those skeletons. They're gonna bring back on. And dad's been put their cards right. On sun shone lights up there provide emotional way the world's president and that's being goes. The yes nobody asks you've done sixteen. There you go smear campaign. You can call it muckraking but it is part of the story. The NFL years ago the knot and the rate rise skate properly. That's what did on the road two games all right. On Sunday at osu is about to begin somebody releases the Ray Rice punching his fiancee in the face video and everybody what role. That became the story. There's a story here about college basketball. And I'm sort of big yesterday when I hear ideas as can be kicked out a case that. Is gets the wheels in motion has every legal case as appeals. Hearings things don't go smoothly. But I hear that no so I go wait a minute there's something here in the works. As we get ready to embark on the biggest time in college basketball. And out there right now Paula there's guys out there federal authorities and they wanna run for office. They get the biggest story the NCAA. Loves marched the whole world is watching everybody cares is Michael Robinson are discussing this yesterday. Everybody cares about March Madness. Even if you don't know where school is geographically. Doesn't matter he went there or not ever heard of the bracket you're in an office pool. So here comes the NCAA having their moment on the stage here on the bed sand. Hold on wait a second here's the real truth about the sport here's what we've uncovered. Oh those names does call on selection Sunday. Yeah we got some questions form. So I I think this is coming soon I'm telling right now being. Either the week of the NCAA tournament or when you get everybody together in San Antonio for the final four. The coach's meeting to get all the I's and dot Ford championship round. This is coming down the line here in March and the question right now one knows who. Whom is it about how many schools I think what's most eye popping the answer your question is the relevancy of at all. When you have a federal source saying Uga coaches you've got players you got lottery picks guys will not be eligible guys who were currently playing. You've got teams you've got schools some of the top schools that are involved in this and I know some of you running overlooking art to dot sixteen teams. There ride that school that school that it did it. But the one thing I cautioned in the story came out of violence that it did its. But the media dismal Lula did the did this money. I remind you go back and read the story because one of the guys that got in trouble and all this one of the guys that can it was a former Nike executives. So just because of you school doesn't know how to deal is all it don't think you say in August. And I know there's some people out there listening not not my head coach. Now mark guy. Today it may not be your guy. But remember it the more people to get caught with a hand in the cookie jar noticed the four guys got arrested were tied to basketball teams. They were assisting coaches. Just me and Dave Glenz gonna say the same thing when he joins from the AC sports journalists and 45. Let's not again just like five months ago US school presidents calling eighties saying do I know everything. And then you read that AD made a so called they go to say do I know everything and then the head coach Smith don't go to all of assistance and go. I don't know everything that I need to know. It is storm is gone and beat battle great piece up but sports Richmond dot com we'll talk about wood Dave Glenn of the ACC sports journal but next. We've got to Daytona for the start of the NASCAR season fox sports 910 in the radio dot com. It's just. And slings and so I'm gonna suit today. I'll be at the raceway. Not the there's no raceway in Chester or they may be but I'm gonna be at the convenience stores at the raceway in Chester 19100 west hundred road in Chester. Long enough and do VCU basketball for giving away prizes galore today. I'm not done mud just. Think he Janes and teachers and until about VCU apparel sweat here it's warm up gear were you away at basketball holes sick though the poll. The back board the net. You'd be set up two day shoot hoops and the ultimate prize is the winner Greene winner break get away. Into this Mountain Dew join us today jester raceway I'll be there from eleven to 119100. West hundred road in Chester. Now a guy who's actually at a raceway. He's got to Daytona he's our bodies are bow he's a friend he is the president of Richmond raceway Dennis Dick Mayer joining us on the. Up nine how's the weather in Daytona my friend. Well it's so beautiful sunrise here in Daytona. I am looking out over the water center's China wrote in a little bit short it's it's gorgeous. Reliving you don't rub it reloading vicariously through you and it looks like it's going to be good weather all weekend long for practice today and also for the race on Sunday. Dennis you got a lot of new faces around this sport lot of new faces a lot of young guys that it feels almost like there should be the hello my name is tags on some of these drivers what do you think about the youth movement of this sport collectively coming together this season. Well I think it's exciting for the sport now mean a lot of conversations and about Dale Junior retired what's gonna happen and you know I think you saw last must take. And the dual rhyme or any one line in and cheap cellular one the other and and in that whole conversation and talk about. You know reference the chase down in a reference to Ryan lane in all the Wallace who had a great race last right. I think we're in good hands talent wise there's no question the young drivers will have to work hard hit to build their Brandon and build their campaigns but. And I think they have the pedigree to do it or share so I'm excited about that. And then tell Alice Bowman in the Arabic visit driver who took over you know junior strategy mediate put that car you know on the number one starting position next turn around any camp itself. It's been foreign currency outlook on all this week. Kyle Busch had a couple weeks ago that he he was upset he would like all the attention going to the younger drivers the less accomplished guys and to me like I said I have no problem because the sport needs a shake up and I'm not the only once and it Dale Junior as the guy to sit in the east and we need to rely on our younger guys need to listen to them we need to market them. Is that your is that your case the need to appeal these younger drivers and get pressure and get to a new audience. Yet there's there's no question and I think again I think is cast can do it. And and it is in I've not followed that closely as well with Carl was gone back or to somebody got about. You know marking on the young drivers vs some of the better. Count them around for a long time did not that'll hold it there's. But you know it. It's the again I think that they'll part of I think we've got a really really interesting six of those drivers between some guys you. We have want you know a lot of wind and and some championships. And and then you get this influx of young guys that you know it's finally over at Hendrick Motorsports mean. They you know what one of our our biggest teams for a long time. Yet Jimmie Johnson is kind of like grandpa over there now right and three young drivers and chased out at William Byron. And down and out Bowman. So you know you're heading motorsports we you're not gonna go promote those those other three guys along with Jamie again you are because that you know that's so we do. So you know I have no problem with the attention has been given to young drivers in the sport. Because some of them have come out do the right they just come up a lot quicker. Then some of these other guys have you know I mean. You know William Lyons a great example me glued to the truck series and it's going to be serious or a championship and bam knees now he's at Hendrick Motorsports. There's just been my joining us president Richmond raceway US macro fox sports night and this is a weekend's celebration and I don't take away from that of course I do wanna get your pick but it's not been good for NASCAR and you know this you know attendance has been doubt you know the ratings have been down. And Dennis I love talking with you I'm not trying to get in trouble here but Dennis got a lot of great ideas he got a lot of good ideas. Is an idea can you tell us an idea that you share with NASCAR is saying hey look. Is my business. I don't attract here we we we need to do better we need to do this can you give us an idea something that you would love to see NASCAR do. Yeah is there that a couple of things well won out they would confront about a comment that this week compared to some other ones where is. Our tracks to gain direct patient ears that track something track. So in in Europe on yes some of our marketing initiatives in what we're trying to do locally ten. So it can help build the sport and rebrand the sport and and and and still sort of fire or are trying to you know bring soon to strip Specter. War at the banquet and based one is we jump ball and both feet in. Well actually we think that's a great way to to to talk to a millennial audience and growing it's changing every day but. We're in that space and were in upstaged very aggressively with that we aren't. So what we're talking suit you know certain demo stance that. That's been bought that boat load. And and we want engagement and we get around these sports tournament last September in the epic theater during our race weekend. So it's cocky attention. People in the industry that's for sure some of our team members. Made a presentation that some other racetracks. Yesterday so. I'm excited about that I think you know we got the got to try to stitch where does this shark she got. Simpson stands at a certain age that are in the South Bend got to go and then in and in Chad Holcomb and are involved with them at that level and I think. That's something we're gonna continue to stay involved written in doughnut paper has decent results of that the other one is. At the local level. And we need our local race tracks to be healthy I say it all the time if if if the local tracks you know south side. Langley in South Boston demeaning if they're healthy we're going to be healthy and that's where we're gonna grow the sport week in and week out they have. We can programming you know for weeks starting in April through. Whatever September or October. We need to continue to have success that the local level with these racetracks so we started reaching Virginian which. For us we help these tracks we supplied marketing and communication. And in some respects you neighbor. Is a process sponsorship support we develop teen drinking Virginia we have some young drivers are working with on social media. So were involved at a grassroots level. So you know act bad thing to me it would get a lot that we can do to impact this sport. At a local level and then some NASCAR standpoint. That it is I think about the competition you know what happened on the racetrack helps us sell tickets. And I think we've gone to a lot of changes in NASCAR with rules and things over the last year's one of the things I have to how unclear and I NASCAR meeting earlier this week is. You know no no more changes no big swings in rules and format that things like that I think that get I think it's good for the index looked calm down a threatening. I play out for a couple of years. No Dennis I've had conversations and a view not that some I'll keep off the record but I I've said this many times on the air and I can't say specifically distance and cynics there and I said there's a lot times. That I know NASCAR should listen the and they don't I think there's some genius ideas. I got thirty seconds left give me a winner on Sunday. What helped me you know my advocates accuse him I had that Kyle Busch get this first Daytona 500 with our gut keeps saying Ryan blaming men and then he showed it last quite some time ago crackdown on let's not take out that. That one other young dark republic rambling. So you're going against your pick in the paper already. I am I am ongoing topic that they are TD they can you believe it. I was I was Susie didn't go to accountable but our race on Tuesday. Logged because of the lottery vision on Saturday I'd put him down for Ryan Blair any debt is enjoy your time down there announcing a couple weeks the friend. Yep looks forward to getting back common and then also authority in the Egypt dot spent swept. I you got to Richmond raceway president Dennis Dick Mayer racing right around the corner at Daytona but right around the corner right here in the backyard and I say that the guide. I defense certain people everybody thinks ports to outrageous always go for people's juggler. Now I know a lot of things that Dennis is one up before and and I sat there and I've looked at him in my hands and just been mountaineers and how they not listen Tia. As a problem and Nat NASCAR there's certain things that they that this Gary put on NASCAR is. They know they need a shake up. Question is they don't know what the exactly need to do. And get some oil then again it's got some good ideas they should lose no more of them. Daytona 500 this weekend. You check it out on new Israeli 1140 WR BA west mackerel at fox sports not ten on free pizza Friday from she knows. Point let's give away a twin died give guards knows right now the color number 5345. 0910. NFL now did Dana Blanton he sees what's your audio preview of basketball weekend. Not to get his thoughts on the that the feds are common. And the NCAA guests and big big violations on their hands we'll get to that here at 745. X Dennis Dick Mayer joining us from president Richmond raceway down and they won't Alice Hayden of the motor racing network in the 8 o'clock hour. President NASCAR needs a shake up. Out I was born of tell you what NASCAR needs. Well well the idea of noise that people think I'm crazy as I would start NASCAR in April. I would limit every track the one raised to a four race playoff in August if ward track everybody gets one raise I would give Ford treks to races a year. And have you playoffs in August and now this monster super race the Super Bowl. I would have the super race though Labor Day Sunday night of Labor Day weekend. Right between all the big college football games boom done before a ball season. NASCAR cane and football and what are you compete with a over the summer you got nothing. I've said this a gazillion times about baseball Austin about NASCAR you've got prime real estate there. Is analyzing baseball if you cut off the entire month of September. Make all of it is your payment rates may August you drive me people. People are better on deadlines people like when things get near the end in push comes the show. But NASCAR's two. NASCAR season has its ten months in just ended things any weekend. We complain about the NBA or DHL or baseball being too long as it's ten break a months long that is way more supply than demand. And NASCAR. They don't. Need a haircut they need to make over. And along the lines of these young guys you know pro bush complain about the focus be on the young guys. We got you have right now organ. And even Dale Junior as he steps are wasted but we focus on young guys but here's what they got to do with the young guys we can't just say hey. Here's Austin Dillon and here's Jason Elliot and we've got Greig holding him. You let these guys that personality. NASCAR guys are robots. One thing with sponsor went bagged is and you know the slate is the show of emotion this latest on decisively is ticked off. Kevin Hart because he puts its stock hit hard last year start going out Dale Junior and simply be this popular yet he had a lot of people don't want. I didn't agree to a Kevin Harvick but at least there's some respond to some personality. These young guys and Tony right now I I would treat him like boy band. I I wouldn't in a drive Kyle Busch a bull wall but if I wanted to I would push these guys that would ban members. Put them on Kimmel put a more balanced get a whole new audience talking about it. Put them on the NBC shows put on the fox shows one dating a supermodel called TMZ and fumble around. NASCAR let's the needle that these guys talk freely and I just love Kyle Busch be in the rogue I love him being he'll. Whenever I got so worried about sponsorship money their budgets tighten up. Back in the day man NASCAR needs to be cool yet the average payroll around cowboy hat he had dale in the sunglasses the intimidator. There was there was a WW eat ultimately to NASCAR. Our C I wanna see one guy rolling you'll got a rolls in the three PC in the pretty boy and nobody likes. Unit Daryl and a cowboy hat Jimmy guy rules in in. I know sleeves and assured me wrong of NASCAR that's what you need to let the personality shines gas Tuesday if they're robots. Let them sponsor with him a sponsor that sponsor or that a sponsor of the carburetor is working well today. Thanks a lot of seeing their Al. Like here. The energy. And as we can you guide to I think the best possible scenario this weekend is for Danica win is Danica is the last race. Employees aren't. But they about it yet yours what do you always will leave one more panic his last race. News Moochie smoky air Roger is gonna be there. You win Danica good result was undoubtedly get laid again leave the net the most mainstream thing can happen this weekend as Danica. Winning the Daytona 500. Even that bored Danica and her now ex boyfriend getting in some sort of crash you imagine. If Ricky stand how's junior and Danica somehow take each other out tomorrow that would be that would drive be even better scenario I don't know I just comes up into the I don't know why these kids broke up and I don't want to speculate here but. As as many people can attest people have you ever data co worker. No no no new nuke no no do you get an idea duel that's I've heard I've ever met timing timing and SE is break up I have ever had was when I dated a co worker rated station no Jack no trust me I tried to kids' trust of the US on this one. Never ever ever data co worker and I know there's going to be 5% of people out there you know and what the word yep. The other night by percent they regret it every time they figured the exception opener. And then yes so. Yet via the X is on the jacked poking some altercation pit row afterwards. Screaming match even that I would just of the Auburn state commute. Imagine living the rescue like Danica walks away from the sport and the person that. Plans are tire sides whips are no laws the acts I know what happened I don't know who's to blame but that was sticking each other's crawl for quite some time where they finish 12. Photo finish. We're gossiping. Back and ask her knees don't that believe they need some help noon yet. Just a mess and understand. Daytona 500 coming up on Sunday. Get the Pro Bowl that later on Ryan Wilson will join us with the impact of AJ McCarron becoming a free agent yes he is being a free agent he was appeal what's that mean to the quarterback. World that is about the spin. But it writing this story we love to talk on the show about it is something is this story is something or nothing. I think is a big something. I'm wants to go college basketball world had to shake up. Rick pitino's out of a job given devious you have agents you have multi multi million dollars being funneled from players. In college basketball programs the NBA agents. Well this story grew legs yesterday. And when's the story about the drop it seems like it's coming soon. David Glenn will join us the latest in a shake up that is brewing in college basketball we'll do it next fox sports 910. And radio dot com map. Consumer and GW tomorrow 4 o'clock right here on fox sports science and pregame starting at 330. Also available on the radio dot com at. What dad Dave Glenn in the ACC sports journal wanna talk a lot of basketball we'll get to the ACC DDG I'm sure is on this story British showed today. And it is being Darrell wrote last night in his piece college hoops corruption case poised to take down hall of fame coaches top programs lottery picks. And that'll writes the soundtrack to the three federal basketball corruption cases essentially ticking time bomb this goes back to. Global goes back to Oklahoma State Arizona at the ideas story on in the money. All of thing coaches it will impact every major conference hall fame coaches. The score of current top players and some of the nation's most distinguished and respected programs. Welcome in Dave Glen on the ACC sports journal as you are reading this story last night and maybe you are teased or previewed about it before and was gone through your mind as you read that this story is starting to brew five months later. What good director again I practiced law for a long were vindicated in Beaumont of the guys who's been journalists from 31 years war so much of their own. They don't want to recruit people hey I'm always open to more in the Bible there's. Opponent that we're able to do in this students if Pluto demoted the prosecution. Given that the Obama paid this doomsday scenario. It's important although most of the debated. Even you a lot more ball won't want these recording didn't want these phone calls it won't use quotes you will be available to them. That it won't fault that they don't need any. Saw on more than he uses a lot of anonymous sources who told the stated. But I'm wondering is this. One of those examples. Where we're hearing mostly from the prosecution if you will. And what what did do that attorneys have to say about a pile of evidence that you got it. One thing I've found to be interesting is where he labels basically Agassi goes through and his paragraph three says. I'm unsure if more legal charges are gonna come down but it seems that the NCAA we'll have a lot to sort out and I. That's why try to distinguish this story here Dave for a lot of people because we've heard that. The bombshell in the NCAA we've heard this story can take down college basketball or college football. It is different because this does involve the federal authorities. The years from now we don't know at what point. They turn every thing or parts of the things or else open all the way down and that you know the detailed financial records. An agent you know if the NCAA has that evident. Well then you're inching toward Armageddon. What we've seen cases in the past where the NCAA it will stake. You know we don't have access to the same. You know information that these prosecutors have access to do so all that remains a gray area to me because the NCAA has. Historically bad reputation. We are being held up to get to the true. And yet at the same time in those cases where the federal prosecutors to hand over evidence that that's the NCAA starting point. Obviously that gives them a lot closer to the brute then and he wrote they could possibly take. And that's exactly what could lead. Two I would just remember that quote in there and it's just an exaggeration but you know credit speaking at a duke the number who beat him yet to double it per. Yeah and an immediate value because at the other part of the story dated Glen ACC sports journal and David Glenn radio show west mackerel at fox sports nines and and that that was part of the conversation of when is this information going to come out. And one sourced on demo this goes a lot deeper in college basketball and more corrupt assisting coaches. When this all comes out all fame coaches should be scared lottery picks won't be eligible to play. Analysts have the sixteen teams that the NCAA showed on its initial NCAA tournament show this weekend. Should be worried about their appearance being vacated that's what I do find interesting here is I don't know what the NCAA can do this information. But it is relevant and demos dog into a federal source this is day. We're dumb are teams now don't know lottery picks now. And I and I noticed the word hall of fame coach who should be scared and did you not discuss this before. Probably like five months ago there's probably a lot of presidents ever call an 80s80s. Who were calling a coach and head coaches who call assistance last night saying. Do I know everything that I need to know. You're absolutely right and those conversations are probably being revisited because the way the article is written. It's implying that the timetable for all of this stuff is such that we're not gonna have answers in the next few months. So March Madness is gonna play out as expected. And that he's writing that month from now or who knows how many else solve these trials. You know began in October of this year. It made one more evidence comes out some don't happen until next year he's talking about. Business as usual group market madness but then the vacating of camp victories or championships. What we find out which players took money rather badly I'm Molly they're gonna be retroactively deemed ineligible and any game you want or use that player. Are vulnerable if the NCAA can give that evidence against you. To be vacated and more sanctions could come your way so there's this I think it's the same conversation whether that you're describing. Just revisiting it and saying hey you know anything different. Because I just read T pebble article and it felt like. They'll almost half the 316 has something to worry about some of those names in the sweet sixteen of the selection committee code that last weekend. Our eighth he became so it our neighborhood I think some of those hard conversations are being revisited as well. And did an artist title it rewards knew about assuming a thing I understand where you're saying the business of this all could be handled months down the road what I am curious about. And you know I know how this works I'm sure there's some federal people there who would love the spotlight some guys who have run for office. College basketball is gonna have its biggest month here a couple weeks he. I can see this information all of a sudden being leaked out or put there out on table. The week of March Madness or the week of the final four because as we saw with a guy like Sean White this week. The dead spin article. That pops up the days on the half flight the NFL the -- where the race started season the Ray Rice video comes out I'm figuring. This feels like the wheels are motion for this thing to drop in a couple weeks when when the spotlight on the sport. It is possible you know in part because we partied at the Greeks know we already know about your alleged Rick Pitino called call we already had a little old line need coming out of high school last year would never played for the cardinals. Because some of that information leaked early so. There is their odd I think your theory is well received in an odd point because. We've seen it the other context you just mentioned including something as big as the worldwide stage of the went through what mixed. These things all good art happening by accident and that of course is the one month about a 12 march essentially. That has. Even a casual college basketball fan you did anybody looking to get the most attention possible. For whatever reason it is likely that the leak this stuff in the month of march they're gonna have judges screaming at them. You know threatening the penalty if they do leak that they split. Sometimes these things happen anyway it and that's the nightmare scenario for the NCAA because. This is the water bed that is nearly all will be NCAA bills. He's dated Glen of the ACC sports journal that articles been posted at by exports Richmond dot com. I enrolled us one election to a basketball on the floor Virginia's number one team in the country duke flexing their muscles the other night they look good. Who's the team right now final three weeks of the season heading in a march conference tournament even the NCAA tournament not named duke or Virginia. That you could buy stock in you buy low right now and give you good return give me to school it's on your radar. Our pick North Carolina I actually don't think they're gonna just we're on the table here they want orchestrate. I think they're gonna struggle probably in this final stretch where they have to deal with little or road. Tomorrow night they still have to deal with that rematch against duke that'll be a durable. They thought we go to Syracuse. So they may stumble a couple times down the stretch here in the final or regular season games. But in terms of that longer term ceiling what can you do in Brooklyn at the ACC tournament what you do in the bigger dance. After the cavaliers in the blue double that I would put them wanted to do. The Tar Heels still have told Barry who won a national championship they have blue man you'd probably going to be a first team all beat the choir. They have some young guys have gotten better. They have Kenny Williams from your backyard who has become bad. Three point shooter and defender of there are others but I don't think you can count out Roy Williams of the Tar Heels. Even if they stumble a couple more times appeared in the regular season. Mr. Blair knows pleasure enjoy the basketball as we get we'll do against him. It would take care but David Glen David Glenn of the ACC sports journal and the data that radio program your goal at the North Carolina. Check it out noon to three. All across the state and he's brought to you on the indeed Mercer rug cleaning hotline I guess more thoughts on the beat Dallas story. Guinier that we get the Daytona 500. A whole lot going on 8 o'clock out fox sports context.