Wes McElroy - Hour 2 - David Teel and Lane Casadonte (2-13-18)

Wes McElroy
Tuesday, February 13th

Wes welcomes David Teel of The Daily Press and Lane Casadonte of CBS 6 in the second hour.


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So no IPO. This. His medical wrong on fox sports. Fox sports Richmond dot com. Only show in three bored by 09 tag or email west and box towards Richmond dot job Syrians he is the man who last McIlroy coming up. Whose number was not WHO. But rather HO OS. Number one as in who's as in Virginia. David Diehl the daily press will join us wasn't made to be number one I just haven't even ever loss Saturday night. And every second loss of the season what's the current state of this team going into Miami this evening. We will tell you coming up in just five minutes. Well commando on this Tuesday thanks to cranking itself whether it be on fox what's 910 or on the radio dot com happened. I get to Virginia just the second let me circle back to her sum up before the break with Steve Kerr did last night with a goal and state I absolutely love it. Now Steve Kerr who just wait it out Steve Kurt gold states it will look on here in the past two weeks the I think they've won the past four but they've lost three of four previous. NBA all star break over that this weekend maybe some guys may heat the years some guys chickened out because Steve grabbed the speaker did play this game. He knows the athletes he knows his place of last night against Phoenix. He had some of the players during now. All the boys. Died in place coach Dane. It is isn't just got a stepson. Gave certain players like David West injury Ahman Green clipboard Jamont at this game because of a bruised finger or know. Our guys are new. Now he did against Phoenix in this game became an absolute blowout one point 983 so. I don't know if they're playing the Boston Celtics had to play in Cleveland Cavaliers. You're gonna work maybe your management. You're always finding new ways to keep your employees engaged. And if you go in every single Monday morning and you have the same meeting you say the same thing it becomes. And why no choice even Steve Crist at last night and me being a fan of Charlie Brown I especially love would speakers at last night. I think just having to count on each other and and not hearing my voice which sort of sounds like Charlie Brown's. Teacher parents or whoever's voice that isn't at this point that's what I sound like to them so they needed a different voice. True. Coaches to Boston as you get to avoid or just begun. That yeah that that. Post is good their 44 and thirteen. A lot to worry about sure there's injuries. Sure I'm sure there's some locker room disagreements but until four mixed up a little bit. And we're maybe you'd be that you guys might. Not that they could you might check out for the all star break you throw a curve ball do what's he doing. And never do it got a meeting you come open on the meeting today and what happens. There's that fear around the room like oh win labs and Eagles on me. Start start asking questions debuting a corner what do you think now it also but it will will win. So let's not your player on that bench and David West and dream on green and Andre Iguodala. Expert does know who's next and now you're locked in you're engaged. Al biggest disrespectful to Phoenix you get that hot day today this was disrespectful this was uncalled for. Steve Kerr went up to the head coach of Phoenix afterward and said look try not try to be disrespectful just to Dubai thing I think one coach to another. Knew exactly what they were trying to do. And BX really had that big of a problem. Don't lose 129. To 83 I think is genius by speaker and I just. I just I would can't match what happens in the NFL he got a critical situation. Brought over here so what are you guys think. Dozens what is that draw up and goods and Cam Newton career game has got bored fire away. Baseball manager steps out don't jemile Sunday's gob down a tunnel for here I get good at pitching change I you guys figured out didn't. But Steve Kirk. As Billy coaching right there that's like Steve Kerr is now just but the quickest to captured 250 on Saturday 250 wins I like it actually I love it. It's a great 345091034509. Today and big store around here. Virginia Cavaliers number one in the country. Fried by the news I'm a little bit and then I wasn't. Meeting. I would thought Saturday night with a loss to Virginia Tech national TV offense struggling I would assumed it was the perfect opportunity for all the doubters all the critics the look and see. Ads like Virginia on their way in a great defense I know of friends and not number one. And I was expecting Virginia to go back to number three year number four. And I was more expecting this because of the human vote. However we Villanova losing Purdue losing twice losing to Michigan State at shook things up. I think to be the most convincing and David Steele joins the hall fame rider the daily press Newport News. How much did the selection committee having Virginia number one how much did that sweet things. Because of that doesn't happen. I'm guess in Virginia doesn't end up number one in the polls. Virginia loses boot camp I'm still hasn't and number one selection to east allies and number one. And and you cal look around and if you've got to vote look at other schools have taken laws Purdue loses twice Villanova loses. Maybe you look at Virginia realized and guess they are number one or maybe you think I don't think Virginia is number one but I don't have enough to back my argument. Because Ken policy and sundin selection Khamese insult and and based on how they wait things out which we learned yesterday about the quad and system. Yes you do resonate. Overall and that's what poll should be the best team if you raking the best team it's not always a week to week it has meant to be that week. Your polls should be the best team overall one to all the way down to 25. That's in this during the college football season just because you lose doesn't mean team has to go doesn't have to be dropped. To be penalized. It doesn't mean you have to be dropped too good to four or five. Because one team has a lousy yet you beat up on an FCS school and two loses to one doesn't need to drop back eight. Virginia's got wins over North Carolina wins over duke there's three and one of the top 45 to 92 against the top fifteen. You'll team has gotten better numbers on the resonate is Villanova. And I could argue right now Villanova had a worst loss at home in saint John's would not want a conference game. Looking at their statement injuries. If I'm doing this and I'm saying build over Virginia on a neutral floor I would think Virginia to win. I've never subscribe today it yet every win adds to a resonate in every loss is a damaging blow. I VAP got it right I'm just surprised because of the human vote. That they did even after laws put Virginia and number one. And I do think the sludge committee had major influence on who ended up number one. It until all of them writer daily press seven point from now and knows what to do this every loss while we get into history. We talk about things that haven't happened in a really long time I do think is a special facility of on what to do number one middle February. I think it's a credit to Virginia program I think it's great to it. Would Tony Bennett has done every ten years I think it's a historic accomplishment now. I don't know if we're gonna remember this in the in middle April I don't know of anybody can remember it. In the team that we are members of the team that cut the nets down but still this is a historic accomplishment I'll be done. In 35 years. And a fact this is the thirteenth time that Virginia is number one in the polls. The last time it happened. December 21 1982. Do you know you were doing December 21 1980 TO. Well as I told Paul earlier. December 21 1992 I was excited because I did up chores around the neighborhood that I saved up enough money to go by the brand new album. By Michael Jackson. Well. I'd just appeared in stores in November it was going to be the greatest selling album of all time I've bought the cassette. I remember looking and saying record player record to set. And her thinking. About fourth time I don't know exactly how to work the record player that's one of those things the parents say hands off but I do I order cassette. I'm gonna spin and I think if I remember right it was four dollars to by the cassette a thriller. To make sure did you have to duty I don't know there's ideas I remember going up and on the neighborhood as because I had to because. My cousin Jason if he's listening on the radio dot com that Jason you know you have in your closet my cousin Jason had the red leather jacket from beat from the video nice owed no no he's. There's some pictures that it should never be showed that yet but it likely never will be muddled as it was a big deal but 1982 thriller the number one album in the country just been released. The the Redskins are not yet won their first Super Bowl it would have been later in January but they did not get their first one yet. The movie in theaters in December of 1982. Nick Nolte. Eddie Murphy 48 hours classic right dad's ago one ball in Cebu I don't I imploded our time I'm reading your ranking and the I word about it and see trading places you can see coming to jazz scene now I know the level though I've bought from before Christmas yes 48 hours I've seen now outstanding. December 21 1982. These shows had just debuted. Earlier in September on TV. I showed by the name of maybe you've heard of it. I would want that's the keys to display the need to music I'll catch you. September 19 and the world was introduced in north Peterson's in the clip Lavin doctor Frasier crane Sam Malone and because it was the first year cheers. Diet. Not Rebecca she came later. It's the other show which I believe if memory serves me right this one was on Tuesday night and every kid every guy thought it was awesome to have a talking car. I'm not trying to make its debut in December 1982. It was worth approximately popular shows. You are failing ties Knight Rider in two years. All debuted the same year I remember watching Knight Rider reruns in my dad at least David hassle the Hoff America first met the Hoff. The same time Virginia was number one this was pre Baywatch was it not yes it was Knight Rider Ben de La. And guess was a dollar twenty. And the cavaliers are two days away from losing the shaman in some consider the greatest upset in college basketball history but that was December 21 1982. The last time Virginia was number one. They've got Miami denied so buyer beware. We'll talk to David about that in two seconds polling poll question is up there after watching Khloe Kim last night dazzle and amaze us by doing to stay eighties. Wrapping up a 98 score I don't know what gets you a hundred in the Olympics snowboarding. Go again probably should've gotten last night Paul is asking who's our favorite American so formula. And your options are Khloe Kim for what she did last night ray Girard another young phenom would. Winning goal for the US Mirai Nagasu with a triple axle or amber upon the outspoken figure skater for the US and year. Current leader is Khloe Kim 50%. Fascinating last night she was something else the fact she pulled up back to back 1080s on a run that meant nothing. And you wonder if that had some to do is like you're just you're loose she was good and choose how angry. Because she was tweeting about last night not finishing her breakfast sandwich I could do something like that while being angry right to half of that lobbied hang grad be better boy I can't drive a car or more without a cup of coffee it's fair this woman just did through 1080s with at a breakfast sandwich in your stomach yes consider me impressed. You of people question is up go answer fox sports Richmond dot com we're sticking with hoops were stick your Virginia number one in the country David Hume next on fox sports 910. I supplied are obsessed looking good here in 1982. Things that were happening less time Virginia was number one in the country I love doing stuff like this search and active history about this song was on the radio. Prince's 1999. On the radio in 1982 can you imagine 1982 thinking it was nineteen in an appeal right. A lot of that I didn't realize the song was that all I know was an eighty's song when it realizes 82 yeah I guess. In my mind I always thought it was written in 1999 just as I mean I was also six and 98 hope hope hope that it would hold you thought prince's 1999 was written in 1999. Yes but. I didn't really. Howard I've known him you're born in 94 you never heard or read you in 93 never once heard this song pre 1999. If I did I would've known I was buying some idea of 56 years all how would I even remember I don't remember anything from when I was five or six. Funds money is what kills me. The Staley 48 hours David Steele joining us in the daily press who's on the other another line saying I'm hall famed sportswriter I'm in the college basketball players all fan and I come on this show. David what are you doing December of 1980 you know. I would who's been working. Or Lynchburg Virginia. I was so a little more than a year out of college I was getting ready. To move to a newspaper in Fayetteville, North Carolina. There later in that seat in 1980 fully I would find myself on to the law. Covering North Carolina State and welfare in college career in the elite eight. David not yet to tell me out here David teel has dale and I share one thing in common we had the worst first day on the job ever. I got the flu 104 degrees and up and hospital daily gotten a car accident where does that date number one that was that it that the paper and fatal. Though was that the paper written in the here and important to us. It's important part of my first day is a first college football on and hold our own I was driving constantly stated neurology. And I didn't get it over to change little boy age. When I came to a traffic wise guys who have read it he'd vote. Boom oh man yeah these days we remember on the job David sealed daily press joining us as Virginia. Is number one in the country the first time since December of 1982. There are you surprised after the loss that the voters and I apologize if I should know this if you're a voter or not. But are you surprised that the voters made Virginia number one after the loss Saturday night. Why you believe spot where with a cabbie well. I'm not a voter this year nor would my colleague is the deal is close did you go to Michigan state of the Warner Virginia up to or not. That's fine as well but when the NCAA selection committee on Sunday afternoon. Released its top sixteen seed to invade Virginia B overall number one. I think that even forward. PAP voters. And cause them to take a closer look. At Virginia whereas today as opposed to the other candidates for her number one. I 100% agree with the I think I think there's some people out there who realize they're not taking that good of a look I think there's some people who didn't wanna put Virginia number one. You start doing your arguments and you realize you don't have that argument against Virginia like you thought. But you don't end. They've won six in if you Rhode. But also warn you that you would it not as Cory away and as good as it might be if you'd pass these spot. They've wanted to we've won at Florida State there's one at Syracuse they wanted to give it to the gulf war. Wobble all NCAA tournament. That's pretty. I only want him. One point you know overtime. To stay viable career home run out West Virginia. It's pretty darn good. Indeed it is David. I don't I think this is an historic moment I think it should be celebrated but I I know the way this ends we only remember the team is cutting down the net so everybody wants Milken Virginia. Hole number one can do a Canadian number one seed overall can they win this whole thing. You go into tonight now tied drums got the Bruce and this teams come and often loss and they didn't look worn down on Saturday that would guess the times. Where's Virginia right now going into Miami this evening. I think will really. You know not put terrorists either Google. And I thought there will lose this game four won't want to I didn't really good. News or they're not at war at home go away war. Used to do down there. And they still have a little bit of work to do to secure very incidentally her credentials. Although if you look at the schedule. After a night for Kim has an eight day break. Before it was Georgia Tech's home game extra point attempt to hold that horrific time because I agree with you that they won't get asked. During wartime I did the Hokies it was such yeah he just gave. They've both teams or operating on news. By the end of the line. Pride in Virginia. Beat number one overall seed absolutely does not mean everything absolutely not know this can you know what more. Sure it is two months ago they were wounded and should've made the final. I think this team is capable of descend perhaps making. Oh. You read Davis comedies of today number one UBA in good company with a setback you can find him at David teel at DP on Twitter west McIlroy fox sports night and let me put it to the other side of that matchup Saturday night. What do we learn about Virginia Tech and more importantly what are Virginia Tech learn about self Saturday night in John Paul Jones arena. They can defend on the road has been. And the weakness that if law. And they solved in the big work after that whole walk by it poses at the half went to work on on the defense has. And they essentially capitalize burgeoning. They're walking away in turn would you knew that you wouldn't want shoot game. The last 483. Pointers. The second most ever attempted by ACC caved. New York moved back to twenty feet directions. The only thing that would shoot more was due to content including. In 2000 non. When I was a bit but first you've been removed one. Now the important quote stupid it was it that way. So. It was really war wasn't tied around Hamptons or what can. From Maureen so that was that was you know when defensive effort. You can do anymore to make your case of the charitable giving the number one team in the country although. Are they played off back then big win huge win I would argue attributed this historic regular season when a Virginia Tech basketball history. But we're not done yet that was the seven converts wind. England are he's got him on the eleventh line. There's still a lot of season left so tell me what Virginia Tech got to do here down the stretch in this last month the feel good then we get the selection Sunday there. Absolutely positively 100% and. I've follow along go Hokies needed to China and an eight indecency. Nonconference schedule and so we. That is an open invitation. To the committee to bypass. Certain they really need to secure. There could their credentials probably ten they seek games and then also shown well in bookworm. On an accomplished tone. Are they capable but I've I don't doubt it is given the way the schedule. They've still got two point it's still got to go to line any. Sort of move or close to home. We wrote off half game. But the way I'm just Robinson's. Right now. He's he's definitely well he's probably the second team all he should require like the way he's going. So can make it all out to open it's going to be really really difficult. David join the conversation is always get some rest late night tonight 9 o'clock Virginia and Miami and then tomorrow the Hokies and the duke blue battles below my friend. Well that's David feel the hall of fame writer and college basketball writers hall fame. Newport News daily press and yes he puts over the shenanigans on the show we appreciate import. I doesn't basketball and therefore yet Dave Kane will join us from Miami David Field is flat out there I'll feel good about tonight. Eight days of rest but in Virginia get past Miami this evening gave gain 81 able get back to basketball the coming up next our fourth Tuesday. If we were given the gift the amazing athletic give the amazing athletic ability of an Olympian for two weeks. What sports that we attempt our top four Tuesday next. And by exports 910. Is this sort craven is back with the Redskins. Discuss in ten minutes were told by laying Qassam Dante and CBS six west McIlroy fox sports not send. Radio dot com app eight Chester I'm coming this no. Join me this Friday I'll be at the raceway in Chester the convenience store 19100 west hundred road. Mountain due but sports science and getting it together and getting some basketball mode would be your way BC you take its Mountain Dew prizes. This Friday 11 AM to 1 PM at the Chester raceway. Point out watching a little. US women's hockey and happy to say that the US women and their goal is allowed to Wear the statue of liberty on the going met. Dark Knight from eleven calendar issues. Some complaints made by the Olympic athletes of Russia. At the had it in the face mask of having lady liberty violated pulling what was the and the fact the rule that there is bought both figured out that. There's a reason that there's no. Beards or words to the national anthems in the Olympics yes it violates the rule yes and according to the rule the technical wording says no item worn or used by teeny feature quote. The wording or lyrics from national anthems motivational words public political messaging. All our slogans related to national identity. And my advice to foreign countries having an issue with having the statue of liberty honored to their face mask deal with it because we probably bailed you out at some point most likely will some day so. She'll by the way teen USA currently winning one to nothing against the while it ethnic social Willard. Sport because they're in my decently DVR and women's hockey right now don't know the end result is going nest are sweet they're great I put the picture by the way fox sports Richmond dot com you can check out knuckle NCs mask it's awesome I told Paul lawyerly I had this affections affinity for going nasty habit that somebody should do a museum of goalie masks. The Smithsonian something big even the hockey hall of fame and Toronto's got. But I just I love you give me give you my mother wave is listening and she looking for a good Valentine's present. Gimme those what it called a coffee table Booker. You want to by the big put it into political table details the pictures. Don't goalie masks I love looking at different going to ask the art the designs like the evolution of -- amassed over the years Tony there's got to be book and that's so he's got to do the museum exhibit the the evolution of the goalie mask would be fascinating to see. Yes the blazer team USA awesome goalie mask women today men start tomorrow. In the spirit of the Olympics and a little bit later I'll be joined by friends from NBC twelve to preview what's coming up tonight in primetime and violate all our poll question. Who right now is your favorite American in the Olympics and your options are Khloe Kim for her win in the half played gold last night ray Girard when he men's slope style gold. Or any gas to pull off the triple axle or Adam rip bond. You figure skating well against the leader of our poll question 57% fox sports Richmond dot com is where you can vote on Twitter list box sports 910. And our top four Tuesday. As we like the right things and Tuesday. Pace topic if we were given the incredible athletic ability two weeks almost a a superhuman power for two weeks to try any. Olympic. Event what with the top four beauty. He's got to score I've got my floor we invite you to share your four. On tour at west fox sports 910. And we got bungled 3450910. Polian might number four. The vibe was incredible athlete. And had this ability for two weeks my number four Olympic event that like drive. The Skelton. Or when you go sliding US had that decision keepers had burst on the Olympics beat first is the luge headfirst Skelton. You're doing 882 miles per hour you own a Slade with a helmet on a sheet of ice you wanna rush why. It swallowed the watched is probably not enough shots Jack Daniels in the world to get me to try it but man. That would be a rush to do skeletons you're number four. Bottom four I'm gonna go the opposite I'm an evolution because I've never been much of a head first person. But when I was when isolated as a kid I would always go feet first and I did sitting on Nikkei two sitting up in the loot but yet. Going down that ramp that would they hit 5060 miles an hour some. All of us led the loose again government faster to eighty. Three was what we clocked I wanted to and no because if I see a great job doing this now that's a rush I would do pollution number three. Ski jumping. Before there was the wing suit and it was based jumping or even skydiving. Ski jumping was the way man Lou. Outside an airplane. You are clearing out this up you are clearing two football fields on an average jump you're going over 200 yards and averaged jump. Ever think about that. It parent and a high school football field this thing about being in hermitage were mills Godwin look at the football field and imagine clearance to those in one jump. You're starting. At basically the equivalent of an eight story building and down you go. On to his skis that are about as big as your iPhone. All the fun though that's my number three. My number three I go short track speed skating it's NASCAR without cars and you gotta be on skates. I would loved flying around that Dragic who knows how fast but also. The fact this year you're battling for position with other guys it's not like you're waiting you're turning going one after the other you're out there a group of guys brought eight to ten people. And years battling for position the whole time future. Drafting on the brown people I would love short track speed skating it's skating NASCAR and roller derby all in the one and I ain't. My speed propriety best utilized over short distance anyway that's my number three. No sue. Stop for a Tuesday. Top four items if we had amazing athletic ability because it it takes it to do it. At the top four Olympic sports we'd love to try your number two moderate to freestyle skiing ever since I was a kid I always found. Don't ability to go down a ramp and hit it not just jumped at the vent to do. These turns flips in the air it's. Is that always fascinated me if I did that I would love you you do these amazing church where flying through the air who knows how many football clear the field you clear. While doing freestyle ski. Always just I love that is again I love watching it I would. Give anything that your I would do is needed it you and I'd I've never been skiing no millions game now. That's why would love to do freestyle skiing now would try to do better off dead and it's what your Christmas gift the movie better off dead I exact. I think you did get there there's a line that movie which pretty much sums up my skiing ability where he says. Go down the hill. Really effects. If somebody gets in your way turn. Problem is I couldn't turn and I did skiing about two times in my life and both time we caught kamikaze style. Really dumb things we used to do what I younger age this kings off the board for me however I just incredible athletic ability might number two would be. It's an election we too much it is on TV detestable days slowed style snowboarding. Not always snowboarding it's snowboarding on an obstacle course. You got reels he got jumps you guide. Features that have played his cool but it's back and forth and up and down this is skateboarding. On the snow with American Gladiators mixed in that would be my number two. No one wants all of you had the amazing athletic ability to be an Olympian for two weeks what is the number one sport you would love to try question dissent slope style snowboarding that's an editing I've never done in my life. But yes it's you're going downhill to my age you are obstacle course and I would. And watching what these guys like red Gerrard and Jamie Anderson I've done over the past couple days and slopes style snowboarding. Man if I was an Olympic athlete. With that kind of a gift that would easily be amenable went slopes thousand warning mine number one else always going to do it ever since I was a kid first time I saw him like ala track that. Also it now. It just looks awesome I get your you know I had a feeling you're in a little space shuttle and your flying at speeds of 9200 miles per hour. Any kid who are once letting their entire life wanted to try this but it's always been something I don't know what it is. Just to keep matches and that is the ultimate sledding experience and you see him go down the track and I don't know Humana for men but still I would just love to take one run in. A bobs it. If I gave you a two man bobsled team you're one of them you cannot pick a professional to be number two somebody you know Hoosier number two. Somebody can trust you can rely on to get you from point a to point B safely. My cousin Randy who's probably the smartest human being I know but also probably knows the person I know he's tri athlete he's a doctor in San Francisco. Yeah. It's it's people like me who hate people like him you know he's gonna look any Smart he's got a money but it would be him because he. Bigamy Smart up to on the right it's what you need to do at this point. How to get to point eight just don't get. Into the slide. And he's the guy where he could say are you to sit in the sled I'm strong enough and fast not I'll push is. And I'll still be able to get into the slits yes it would be my cousin Randy. Doctor Randy rescue team to his little piece. There you go there's our top four so we now as you know we put this question in your minds and don't over. Top sports sports if you wanna give us more or just give us won the Olympic sport if you were given his incredible athletic ability but just two weeks in a life. The one Olympic sport you would love to try we as you've got. And go see it Lancaster die of CBS six asked the state when he joins us next on fox sports 910. And now all the news radio's dot com at. A bunch of Curtis and there's a smaller work so hard to do it we are now available on the apple iTunes store only got to do to listen to an interviewer podcast this go to be magnifying glass search. Type in west McIlroy in every interview every hour the podcast will pop up apple iTunes store. Get it now up always full question your favorite American Olympic athletes so far current results falling. Our current results and our options Khloe Kim read Gerard. Mirai Nagasu Adam rip on Khloe Kim still leader 59%. Paul he's got his poll question a poll is also getting he's hearing it from a lot of people because we were discussing things that happened in 1982. In Virginia and west I'm Virginia was number one in the country and I and I did not realize the song was that old we played prince's 1999 released October of 1982. And boy did not realize that song was not released in 1999. I regret everything. I understand you were born in 94 but there wasn't a moment in those five years that you just happened here prince is 1999 on the radio it again if I did I don't think you'll never sort you don't ever songs and you childhood from your youth. Usually the little kids songs that I. Listen to a secure but I I don't remember I don't think my parents ever had prince going on goal in the house link gas and Donny and CBS six joins us now he hates millennial ST by let's turn to you right now most likely later. Yeah here in the stuff. Well I believe parent if not entirely all all it. You know. He should he eat he really needs real aware of but I hate to use this term relief people or historically aware. I tried I for Christmas I bought them trading places coming to America Wall Street. You have somebody in your office suggest the they say certain things in this is copping to us now are getting older. They just say certain things and you walk away. And smacked the forehead. In our newsroom at that an hourly occurrence yet. But that has nothing to do whipping they don't recover anyway. Yet know if it is we there was a reference made. A couple of months ago there was reference made it sixteen candles and our treasurer. And at least retrieve our producers turn around and said what that. And we're just like you've got to be kidding me. Nagging you. I hit I hit. You hit gooey thing for somebody like that you just said that they go home and watch it go back to break. In the words of the later. For our future he's laying gas about it CBS six gimme the relevance to you of Virginia number one in the polls for the first time in 35 years. Well it it say it's more of a cumulative award in north the perfect storm that that happened that people want and it'll lose to Virginia Tech. On Saturday night at the same time I think it will really be overall. To the parity that you're fighting up and down. The top 45 or what he'd consider the top forty college basketball this year there is no real dark and eat out there. That is just gone out and take in the season by the throat. Instead you have to compete. There are you can make your case for 8015 or sixteen teams almost sixteen teams that the NCAA put out there but they you could act became a bit and you're going to get Arctic front and find their way to San Antonio had a couple. I did do was always about an hour ago and I agree with him. Selection committee Dem Dem being number one had a lot to do it because if you're a voter you're a voter in the AP what do you things happen. You sort of doing a deeper dive into Virginia or you realize your argument against Virginia being number one. You have a lot of information to back it up and I get sportswriters talk shows me we love to take a hill and stand on it. But as you're seeing right now trying to find that true number one team in the country. That's not really hill that you got a lot of arguments for. And then another thing is I mean Virginia was I mean it was tough to argue against that because they get wind what was fifteen straight before losing detect. On Saturday night they were given the once you've been thinking that a country that particular model cover they were picked. Six than me PC pre season and today evil that while they're still three games clearer the rest of the conference that. It's much Avaya an endorsement Virginia or Virginia as a visit I currently eight east beat who have just been tripping over themselves this year. So you don't you kind of you can make a very good argument that Virginia is the number one team in the country ought. You had to have Purdue and Villanova. Bolt won last week at home. Michigan State. Has a few more losses on their records so I know the coaches put the number one but it's a little more typical. To make the argument for Michigan State quite elbit it is for you BA team losing at home a rivalry game against. You know really a bubble team go Hokies needed that game a lot more than you create it because now that the signature win that their resume a black. I think we as this couple weeks ago Lancaster Donnie CBS six west mackerel or fax sports nights and we guess if you many blue line bracket right now had to fill it out. How far would you have Virginia going. Saturday night didn't give me a whole lot of red flags about Virginia I said Baghdad the weeks ago that they would be a final four team by gaining that blind bracket right now later and said sweet sixteen elite eight final four recently this team. Yeah I would put I would put than it was in a blind bracket I would say I I. Cut the middle I would say I would say elite eight. And the reason I don't know that I would get them all the way to the final four is exactly because. Of games like Saturday night. When they haven't all night offensively. They're defense isn't always enough to keep it is extremely good. But you don't their off right offensively. Can be so bad. That the defense you know can't quite overcome that that was not an outstanding performance by Virginia Tech either I don't think that's anything but Williams is going to be showing bill. It saying you know you gotta be that every single time now but you know projecting when they're often got clicked. It Gary typical two to overcome but you know another team bit you know may be beaten might be getting a few more shots and they are. About buzz and put that film on cnet's how you played defense the west rest the way down. Yeah I don't yeah exactly exactly they're either going to be able to get their operatives that the back and going the other is what I wanna beat out stretched. And you know the defense can win you a lot of games. But we is what this seems like we have this conversation every single year that you know you VA has an easy game where they eat discourse 72 or 75 point. And it's not gonna come Saturday was one of those games. Lancaster Dodd a goatee says millennial of that TV station my friend. Now they don't let them and they they should that they don't. Appreciate it a ghetto disembodied. That's link gas and done a CBS six on the indeed Mercer wrote cleaning hotline poll that was done to my dad left to before the break about a minute. It's also cravings has officially apply for reinstatement. From the reserve left squad list the Redskins put model as September now. The question is so cravin wants to get back to the NFL there's the other question to the redskins' one came back and credence put on the lists you know you can go back to Labor Day was talked out of retiring. Then he was put on them what was the it was a reserve left squad list. And then December his agent saying that he's recovered from post concussion syndrome and what's to come back to the NFL. I think he did not pass the smell test in December. Is great in Asia is saying it's post concussion syndrome and I wondered where is that September. Asif. It either it's a convenient excuse for your of that agent because you don't put somebody on the you put somebody on the IR sitting get paid now to reserve less squad list. So Chris has got some issues and there's some stuff that he needed to address. But whether or not the Redskins can trust him. Maybe the Redskins trade him he's still options for this team when it comes to a very important position of need fox sports 910.