Wes McElroy - Hour 2 - (4-12-18)

Wes McElroy
Thursday, April 12th

Wes welcomes Eric Galko of Optimum Scouting and The Sporting News and the TV Voice of the Capitals Joe Beninati in the second hour.


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Make some noise. You know this. Ask McIlroy and fox sports. Fox sports Richmond dot cop. Only show in three bored by 09 attack or email west and fox sports Richmond dot com Syrians he is the man the last McIlroy pesos so. Time is the best things happen when you least expect it. Maybe that's what cavs fans are hoping for this year expectations. Not as high pressure doesn't seem to be as high. So could this be the year that they actually end up in the finals. Bottom of the hour Joseph Bennett now a play by play voice of the Washington Capitals lab the golden idol NBC sports Washington will join us. As the puck would drop between cats and the Columbus Blue Jackets. Welcome man popular Adam kitty kit is on this there's Dave thanks for cranking itself whether it be on exports. Richmond. Thanks for correctly we've actually listening on the radio fox sports 910 or fewer of those what is kids that crazy app that crazy phone. The radio dot com. But either way anyway thanks for listening. Busy night last night at a cabinet several things it in the NBA. Had to get things started in the NHL. Penguins pounding always flyers seven nothing Sidney Crosby doing this thing penguins by the way just. Turn it up in the post season they have that's either back to back defending Stanley Cup chance on three Guerrero. Las Vegas golden knights continue to be a fantastic story they win their inaugural playoff game one not thing. And was it Winnipeg Minnesota was at the other one who won that one that Winnipeg won game one in overtime. That was a great. That was a great Ceres a great showing by wanna pay they had. Packed house inside and outside did you seat. The crowd they had just outside there's an old sports I watch those knighted did not partake in the jets Minnesota while actually it was actually pretty good I couldn't tell you but maybe three players on the Winnipeg jets but they they show us now there's probably not a whole lot else to do in Winnipeg but still. The area very raucous crowd last night at the whenever senator they plan as Pauly. Gary has is on the outdated so we have the Stanley Cup finals under way basketball last night settled in 82 games in the book. And the playoffs callers that number one seed Toronto will be taking on the wizards that was its last night. Not I cumulative excited about going in the post season they'd lose to be worse place team in the east Orlando granite John Wald did not play but I. This is why games I was looking around between last night in this news just a lackluster effort in Philly that was just not you know who's gonna go through the motions here will be the fourth quarter will turn on. And then they tried they were 525. And shot 34% overall in the game they lose to Orlando last night they will go in his eighth seed. We will play Toronto. And look on the up by Toronto I'm not buying Toronto to win the east I'm not by drama to be Cleveland. But I by Toronto to beat the wizards and this to be very quick post season I have no fate. I got a little open the capitals. I I can actually get myself in a conversation saying okay. Gavels actually he's a goofy sport things get we you're tonight I mean that in a good way. Things go upside down in the hockey playoffs the NB I think it's very much talk I don't have a lot of hope the wizards. The starting Saturday 530 in Toronto. You through seven seed which could respond walking Boston. Depleted Boston team Milwaukee. Now last night Milwaukee got excellent waxed by Philadelphia back game was. Speaking of games that looked around to the game was 4614. I think when I eventually got around the second quarter I'm like okay. Guess we know who preceded. The Philadelphia last night getting a triple double from mark helpful it's a guy who just a couple weeks ago about six weeks ago. Window we've seen all this season now might having a triple double in the final game of the regular season. Sixers. Say we're doing about the process talk about tanking whatever it may be. But the sixers about a fantastic year they will go away and winners of sixteen straight night. I think right now are your favorite. In the Eastern Conference final. Is going to be Cleveland and Philadelphia it's going to be your three and your four I don't have any reason yet to trust Toronto. Boston I think is to depleted I I I could see that being its seven game series I could see them be in all seven in the first round between Milwaukee and Boston. But I I think this is gonna come down to Cleveland and Philadelphia and the way Philadelphia's plan now Philadelphia does now the post season experience. And they're gonna give Miami in the first round we've got some veterans including. How are you gotta like we receive from Philadelphia right now. And Cleveland they'll start with Indiana a big deal I think attracting about that series is LeBron James Lance Stephenson. They'll be some sort of shenanigans and Lance Stephenson on the brown James. LeBron last night he he put cynical moments he puts in ten minutes he gets double figures before they have. Annie sits down and rest for the rest of the game the west that was set over Houston Minnesota Minnesota winter and there won't take all game last night would it take all game into overtime. Against the Denver Nuggets Golden State will be said and Tony you meet San Antonio had a bead through seven. What in which if you're looking for a wildcard I guess because. The west is expected to come down the Golden State in Houston you're looking for a while guard NBC go with Portland. The get New Orleans and at three or six match up and then Russell Westbrook. With the triple double last night will actually. Averaging a triple double on the season with sixteen rebounds he failed to get a troubled double last night six points twenty rebounds and nineteen assists. But he gets the sixteen assists that he is sixteen rebounds that he needs any ends up averaging a triple double the second year in a row first time that is ever been done. NBA finals start Saturday Sunday it will do a deeper dive in that tomorrow. It's the first round and I like to call the cutting and the fact it feels very much chalky. With the way couple more rounds to get deeper maybe we'll get an upset I just I don't see it. So does start Saturday Sunday we got the hockey playoffs underway talked a little baseball in the first hour as baseball baseball is grumpy yesterday. At a couple fights at a couple bench clearing brawls including the Red Sox and the Yankees we discussed that is. Baseball is just always better when the Red Sox yankees are good. And when they don't like each other and that's what you had last night with it was a fun game before you had the fight because you're the Yankees job not this big lead. David Price would be quote sensation that's what we were. Told by Don Perdue G in the game broadcast. A sensation he left after one yankees jump up early Red Sox come back and JD Martinez Grand Slam. And the Yankees eventually win this but the story of the game was you. At this dust up last night which started in third inning when Tyler Austin slid in to read shot Red Sox shortstop Brock hole. Holt took exception to the slide it there's too bad words benches cleared that everybody went back to the respective benches. That was until I started dating when Joseph Kelly it Alston in the back of his left elbow. Also concerned about on the ground and then it was game on and it was a throw down in Fenway these two got into it you had some punches you you. You ready or judge had some he had somebody and had not the united stand police in the situation. And people angry yesterday appeared John back and forth. But it was fun baseball it was fun drama was good T big. And the Red Sox and yankees. Say what you want cynic ESPN puts him on too many times to me times a year. It's always good for baseball when these two get together and it's not in a good mood. So we did in that fight and then we got into the Colorado San Diego's situation would go in there and out of charging the mound and dash. What caught my eye. It in addition to know what they're not throw any makers we got into Louise from goma. Throwing the glove but no and Knoll there and Otto shocking Adam buying some time but then backpedaling like a weasel. And to set up hallways poll question of the morning brought T by call federal civil would be more interesting to. Have you will have to watch on highlights the next day it would be you gain punched in the face or you backpedaling slash running away from a fight. May I guess the current leader. More embarrassing would yeah backpedaling. 61%. Dizzy he get it you get punched in the face. And have to get punched in the face and you get back up and he charged back and you've taken upon that's kind of a badge of honor its own duo gets tough and Tyler Austin last night when he joked Kelly collided and he took some punches is Kelly got a ripped into the ground he took he took a few and that there are real getting late last night UPS situations when you get become law that the combat me bro. We didn't hold me back yeah hold me back and that's what it for bill was got a golf course was okay. I would be tough fear. To a point and then went back pedal and get out the situation almost like he didn't expect Aaron not notes to come after announces it all oval all here Rio. I love what pitchers do that. You almost I didn't know what to expect. Had a multiple times and and the Padres and Iraqis were just shocked and at each other and it was retaliation upon retaliation for retaliation that game. I did I I just got it as well as things that automatically capture island you're looking at a video and ago wasn't due to a medic on. Joseph Kelly at least afford got into defy superdome and repeat it. Backed down all the way home -- 97 mile an hour fastball behind a guy and you expected not to get mad about it what do course Parse that flight was due si McGwire hold no and yes. That was that was actually a critical seem right there who would you bar fight. Who would you be mourned in more afraid to get into it where Mark McGwire Stanton. We're judge I'll mind. Nominee Lama wires ease up there in years now it doesn't matter he still behemoth that's true and I feel like he'd be the one he he'd be the guy that bought it or not it was joined in the book are you state his case but there was no way that he was getting visible in the lineup and the wired it needs to ease him he just it really was no big deal for a judge setting two much of a nice guy. I don't I don't know that I don't know that I had in a bar fight the McGwire he still eight gigantic man Michigan State feels like a guy when he snaps east. Yeah he is a look about it the. EU looks like a guy who go toll WWB on it. New poll question who would you be most afraid of in a bar fight McGwire judge Stan throw that out in addition to the poll question. We got baseball. Coming up with the diamond tomorrow night opening night the flying squirrels be listening at 735. I'm gonna tell you how to win a pair of tickets for tomorrow night. And you lost to go to the meet and greet with Fred crime don't regret tomorrow night at the diamond and don't forget will be doing the show from the diamond tomorrow morning. And from eleven to one stop outing get your free hot dog. Re launched a mark from our friends at the flying squirrels. That'll be tomorrow eleven to one I will be grilling out and run the diamonds dot bottled in the first base side to be easy easy entrance and exit. Out there grill and stop bide your free hot dog. No catches no cost no nothing like that come out celebrate the opening day. With us. And the flying squirrels that will be tomorrow from eleven to one so bring yourself bring up is bring your friends. Bring beverages coming get a free hot dog from the flying squirrels. Due that's 735 next we've got the NBA play or else we got Stanley Cup miles under way. We baseball and we are two weeks away from the NFL draft Eric I'll go to sporting news and opulent scouting will join us next we'll get to the quarterbacks. We'll also get to the old by the way defense of players in this draft. Which very important to the Redskins currently sitting at number thirteen. We'll do it here and we'll do it next by exports nights and mornings or mackerel now on the radio dot com. It's not. TT boys the capitals NBC sports Washington coming up in a few short minutes west McIlroy fox sports 910. And now other radio dot com map which is your home your app for that showed Dan Patrick rich Eisen. And flying squirrels baseball. Got the NBA and got NHL. They busy night baseball on grubby nine baseball. We are two weeks away from the NFL draft two weeks away from the day for some of you can't get here quick enough for some of you just eat this stuff up. Like myself and our next guest Eric gal go. Eject out optimum scouting is his website Erica is phenomenal work been a great partner to show for years and we bring in now on the I what you're breakdown and your analysis but we're two weeks away. Give me the best rumor you heard so far give me the best juicy trade hypothetical. He did this rumor that you heard about a guy gimme gimme something salacious. Yeah I think you know just after the that the patriots great equipment cooks were sort trumpet. That I text. It's you know I want to go up a lump myself let's advocate this being. It could they want to Triple Crown pick warmly at your quarterback to record to encrypt their two biggest eat. On the up on the line maybe. So hard because they go quarterback early round couldn't get there god. I have got OPEC oil and what they're lined up on that move up and go get jobs growth that. You're gonna might start slipping a little but I draft day. Up in the top five pick his personality meshes perfectly with conflict reveals what they've got like rose and even those who already you can learn behind Tom Brady. We can have another our desire and the patriot conducted in open again mcdaniels is the heir apparent to Bill Belichick elect to be difficult to the next 23 years ago. Didn't died out because idea. You draft day scenario and I don't know if you were doing this refined plane is not your mind it. What is through the draft day scenario that you put up on Twitter yesterday. Yeah so I know first off. Via the top 434 picks. Include Tampa Arnold baker mayfield and Josh eloquent very likely at this what I believe the first overall they will still be trimmed oral. They can make you will be the third overall pick and got the Buffalo Bills thirteen got prefer quarterback beat him up from. Twelve and 22 to go to queens around that foreign get jock now they're recorder back gun in your Denver would let not looking for a quarterback. They have their cup or at least here they're gonna get cut to a twelve or you're kind of rituals of them can be to become something and then. They are cardinals they might not be adjusted and got frozen their particular site to quarterback is off generally. And don't have. Three quarterbacks under contract first he's been coming into what over seven billion dollars stroke looked exactly draft a quarterback that early so. At least comparable look at what a little bit when you look at the pectoral where diners spirit. They wanna stockpile draft pick who crowd twice. But you're go to that the guys they want they're not really locked in about their team I think we'll trade contractors. Just because you can most willing there's a particular book called with a cup almost in about the back of our overall Spock I probably would say. To be dropped what would we do medium for pennies on the dollar have put the cash on that paper. I think that the 49ers could look back at 21 round pick maybe two per traffic and nearly sector out their new patriot perhaps from the 49ers and then get a couple guys back. It's not that I'm not in a mock drafts this year because I do I am I just it's clip before me I totally made and it's my guilty pleasure. But I would you. Part of my reluctance he Dubai and any mock draft is I just I wanna see how many more trees that we get and I. How crazy do you think the hours leading up to the first round could possibly day. Yeah I think in the real value of Libya for Pro Bowl pick it looks like it's gonna be quarterback award that's as simple little paprika one. It'll go quarterback. Running back the power structure of the giant that you and then they commit publicly in the real decrepit power for the crippled well we'll have a chance either trees that were below the record. Libya another guy like that caught our review their I think it. Got a disastrous start you don't want to pretend that you need to but I wouldn't know that sport with great road start because we wanted to open Broncos. Just think if you want to get cornerback and let. Well Cuba actually coming in the back back in the top and so. I think that the top three picks they put that project without upped their overall. What could go to Jack who's gonna happen it wanted to do what we need to believe that the post dual role that will not be treated by. And photographed wearing it would include the browse our to make one pick with John Dorsey enjoy himself to move front trap for the will be a lot of action before moral beacon. I don't feel this is the Gator quarterback in the great trap clap. And what you want jobs frozen shoulder upper. You've got to move up to get that guy so could you many get by quarterback on the top 1415 pick because he's got this year's inferior quarterback. These are gaga optimist downing is website you can also check out is riding on multiple different. Outlets like sporting news Europe call FB is Rican Bynum on Twitter. Erica this on the deed Mercer rug cleaning hotline one more on quarterbacks that I wanna flip it over the defensive guys. Would we seemed to lose this sir re we forget about this a guy like Derek golf it's gonna Ramsey goes plays or Jeff Fisher looks like he's going to be an automatic bust. Shawna big comes in all of a sudden. He taps doubt he realizes potential. And now you get this high flying offense and ally. Give me the quarterback in this this allies it would Jim Moore was sent about Josh Rosen in Cleveland. Gimmick quarterbacking give me to coach right now that you see could be that true fit together. You know I think a big part of English cup and didn't drop below I think it's less about. You know on the quarterback. Put up our centric in the early. That early ninety's in the ninety's. That would support help or come to mind and like able draft a quarterback if you better that our offense and religion don't but on the thirtieth. No doubt you know do that at a young level up early entry by the Minnesota like them. On the total vote. So he'd go go to Minnesota now article content that you got a medical to the other double play there there are government terms is working to get credit point but the feeling a great fit. And it would conflict unpopular Minnesota Vikings can't build that future was done little Poland and the content between now have to win right now in Minnesota. I spoke to god can't pick it up pretty quickly is going to be intriguing and certainly Kirk cousins went to Minnesota. A sporting money toward the committee needed to fully guarantee deal would. I think fact that they got to win relatives trigger what that was the only work you know it's hard to kind of have a first your offense together. And what does apple rarely happens for a quarterback and the coordinator so now we lucked out at you without Eric. If we get this row quarterbacks and I believe that we will we get this run that means talent gets pushed back the news defensive targets push back. And the Redskins they would really like data thirteen. Can you give me the top five defense of guys is a medal position top five defensive guys on your board right now. You have replica of the personal role that the player in this special special talent I think not only. You'll have been frequent Barkley or not only fantastic player and talent. But they're great people and culture guys. And include what built their locker ran well on the joke for that regardless has been a great athlete. A great player the first overall with a player nexis about had been. Virginia Tech. Long and athletic linebacker who got a lot of potentially keep growing. Might be easy to retreat going to be nineteen years old on draft day. Can kick it left that kind of upside there than. Then they'll war Ohio State quarterback athletic. Better I just could do it if not better than Marcia Lattimore and the talent coming out of nothing is gonna Marcia level what got beat him but. At that same potential to get its Patrick certainly an electorate well. God has playmaker Alabama and eat it at that recommendation from fixated and I've ever seen on the feeling gift NFL teams which mattered a lot. Derwin James Ford stately yet they keep. A high upside guy in the boxing super athletic they got more range more upside than. Kim chance of becoming a Virginia Tech in nineteen to want those guys now also who looked five. Or so atop the top players in the broke out there. A Georgia another guy might not be a great actually great guy who's looking interior they're a great games also belong to tortured to obstruct and to be. Better than the alternative prospect. Kate either orchard Maine had been a rogue wants Mitt if you the Redskins and wanna sit there at thirteen which one would you pick. Yeah I think the track but the tremendous won't be there I'll be surprised he was looking at a track or actually plays that would all the quarterbacks but. They bring came after the top candidate takes a piece there you've got to probably just. Is Spencer plans and just sick of he's that special account but I think the record if they don't wanna dress linebacker don't expect created dollars at linebacker but. The wrote what the that they get the better they get culture guy leader he's the guy who went back toward a deep and cut a true band that has that character at all it just that he never been a leader. Interpret they got in what builder you got a ride again that is more before gap which all public because the great talent was wrote once that if you valued him highly likely because. He can commit right away and change come the attribute you but that's why they can compared to Patrick will. At one less want from me. Iran pain or provide a Viet it boys they're both there and you're at thirteen which one do you do your Jesse the defensive line. We have the huge that a boat but I think these are very it is hello Donna like players huge so massive and so part of who so balance out an athlete. Even if you not a great player in terms of secret things that technique like he's going to beat. Helpful for your defense no matter what that evaluate that right if you looked at the lever up with the orbiter that they can who'll put. It's hard to say yeah and then didn't take out of technicolor that not the way to beat Avaya but. I think for Toronto in the exciting part is that he's gotten better and loaded with potential I think gallant but that the oil which in recent years our program you re ago. I think a lot of NFL scouts thought he was gonna stay in school because. Coming next here might be first overall pick contender if you go to guy early but he high character guy he now want to elect pat makes it different to what. I think that dropping it needed more treatment that but I think your typical for a cease top fifteen pick a card effort great athlete with a great I like the other. 2018 draft guys out and I will also give their props he was one of the first few guys to really jumbled column letter he's big on them. So go check out the guy he's air gal go optimum scouting sporting news as well we'll do it again in two weeks my friend looking forward to it already. What about air gap there was on the dean Mercer rug cleaning hotline. I don't go over breaks and we do this take a second come back some people to ask you. Got the Redskins pre season schedule would go through that like two minutes because not the games but it. Guess there's three. New newsworthy items when you look at the pre season schedule. And then I'll tell you how we're giving out these squirrels tickets for opening day opening night tomorrow night and the meet and greet. With Fred regret will do that next in joke or not. Of NBC sports Washington at 745 fox sports 910. Michael Robinson of the NFL network in infants after the hour joining us in studio thinks there's cow goes through scouting in the sporting news if you missed him. Or any interview this week just go to fox sports Richmond dot com or now on the apple iTunes store is type in west McIlroy. Show's podcast interviews all available through this in any time you wouldn't like. Photo was 3450910. At west fox sports 910 I get Michaels thought a couple things going on around the NFL top of the hour. Before I and move on to baseball here in the hockey would Joba and ID. Redskins released a pre season schedule last night its New England then home games with the jets the Broncos and edit room finale with the Baltimore Ravens. So you got two road games bleak yet you two road games book ended and book ending two home games. Three very quick points of interest. If you back time it. Most likely means first day of training camp this year is going to be Thursday July 26 players would have to show the day before. So if you're planning your calendar planning go to camp it's going to be that Thursday. Sick avoid is the game against Baltimore that fourth game that means able Robert Griffin the third time against the Redskins. That may be only reason to watch the game and even that I'm debating is whether that's reason enough. However if you don't watch a lot of Robert Griffin the third who yesterday officially was introduced by the Baltimore Ravens. There's your opportunity came going against his former team in the fourth pre season game. And the other notable point is that they open with the patriots in Foxborough. Patriots like to do joint practices in the pre season. Jay gruden has said he likes to do joint practices and has wanted to do more in the past however the problem's been finding teams. And part of their problem is that doing the practices here in Richmond. The contract with the city is they got to do so many practices I believe it's thirteen. They've got to do here in Richmond. I don't know this could be an out for the city I don't know this could be awaited it down 500000 dollar your payment. Maybe they say look come for a week ending go to Foxboro and then go home. May be used because it would make no sense of the patriots come down here to do joint practices and they did come down here already so it seems to be and let's it's pay back. But maybe the Redskins are here for shorter period of time maybe something gets worked out they can go to Foxboro they could play the pre season game maybe to come back for fan appreciation day. I really don't know I just know gruden is one to do the joint practices patriots like doing them. And we have this looming extension with the city in the Redskins that they get the figured out either by June 1 to July 1. But I saw that last night and we're always kind of wondered if you do joint practices here. With the first pre season game being on the road and especially being at Foxboro. I am wondering if there's a way to Redskins go bear for joint practices. Time will tell sooner rather than later. But numbers 3450910. Also an hour from now our friends from the flying squirrels will be jumping in studio we joined by some of the friends of the front office telling what's new with the diamond. Wait what's new and you can see here and of course what's new you can eat as opening night is tomorrow night one remind you. Tomorrow eleven to one he can stop now by the diamond. You may not have tickets to go to the game he may not be able to make it this weekend there are tickets still available for tomorrow night Gary you. But if you like stop by tomorrow got you free hot dog I'll be grilling in front of the diamond from eleven to one of tomorrow people keep asking me. Is it for charity how much you charge it now it's free there's no strings attached I promise you. There is come out grab a free hot dog from eleven to one to bring the kids bring the office. Bring it if you work at a fire station a police station bring everybody well be some people back to they can protect the city. But come on out tomorrow for free hot dog from eleven to one at the diamond I will be out there grilling first base side. The bonnet and grab a dog and celebrate opening day in DR VA. And the other thing I gotta get to. If you haven't picked up squirrels. Promotional calendar this year. If teams they've T shirt nights they have to be the cat Tuesday where they give out a different cap. Paul have you seen that they're doing a full blown and seasons celebration to the movie the sand lot. They're doing a full season celebration today. I know it turns 25 this year right this week it turns to what if I just wait five years ago this week the San lie debuted in movie theaters in 1993. A zero was born she. Based in 1962. Which is a matter of your boarding 62 board like Paulie in 93. I don't know a single person who does not loan I'm not saying like does not love the movies and now if you grow up with a baseball. A bike and some friends in the neighborhood you appreciate the movie the sand lot and the squirrels are doing a whole season long campaign they're doing. The bambino ball giveaway that's Monday. They are doing Benny the jet T shirt giveaway. In August the actor who played splints. Michael Pella Doris I believe his name was yeah I think he's going to be at the dice and doing a whole season long theme of the celebration. To the movie. The San. That's fantastic. What it is going to deal I wanna say thank you right now the people that are listening. At 835 and our friends from the squirrels are coming in. I want you pay your way as when asked this at 835. The movie and the San Lott the dog. And dogs real name. Yes I I know I remember the dogs please don't real name. The dogs Hercules very good called beast the entire right okay. I would ask this question again at 835. Eyes huge defeat in ninth caller at 835. And you gonna win two biggest opening night tomorrow. And you're also going to win the meet and greet passes for Fred McGriff to marketing a meat from the grip got a little social before hand. And always in forming where we're sweetening the deal. You throw out the first pitch on opening to yeah you get deal all the above the two things to go to game tomorrow night the meet and greet with rubber grip. And you'll be throwing out the first page heck of a deal. 835 this remember the answer is Hercules. 835. Hercules I know you're still trying to get food coffee down your throat. 835. Hercules and he can win that prize back for opening night at the flying squirrels opening night of the cavs in the Columbus Blue Jackets. Tonight Joseph better or not he will be on the TV call he joins us next and by exports 910. Stand up hockey playoffs again last night. It begins tonight from Washington Capitals west McIlroy fox sports 910 radio dot com app we will have the game tonight what have you credited deviate. You get to watch and listen to the voice of Joseph beta Nadia on NBC sports Washington. And he joins us now on the deed Mercer rode clean hot line. You're out hockey you know the sport you've seen some crazy series and singer in crazy upsets. Why unlike the NBA and baseball why the Stanley Cup Playoffs in times so unpredictable. Parity. Just flat out parity in the and the chance that. Any team can beat any other is a viable. Do you eat you just look at it year after year and with respect to a division champion like Washington. Looking at Columbus I think the difference was what eight points that's four games so it's really not a whole heck of a lot. And yet if Columbus were to take down Washington need to be looked at as an upset of course a wild card beating up top seed in division winner it just. There's so many instances where that happens and where the league is so close. Despite look at Vegas sin and LA. And right away I would sit there and go well most people are gonna say Vegas is gonna win that series but. People in the know will tell you that LA will push them and from an experience standpoint. Ellie may take them down. It's just. Did you see it more often than not. Lower seeded teams taking out higher seeded teams in the NHL and that. When I look at the eight series last in this first round east and west. The hockey fan wins because this is Kris are going to be great. That it's going to be an electric atmosphere. And the here's the chants there's that chance for the higher seed steps always get knocked off and it's uncomfortable. For further fan base of the higher seeds but it really mean is that when you get through to a Stanley Cup champion you've heard it. Let's dive into this series the capitals and Columbus Blue Jackets pot we'll drop tonight Joseph Bennett and I Joseph B Willis. And guess along those lines the narrative and there's this field that day all the pressure last year the past two years have been on the caps and this is the year and they've got to do that. Not so much this year and they still go out they win the match Carlton division they'd be they'd wind probably the toughest division all hockey. And I guess there's this feel of pay if there's no pressure. Well maybe this could be the year and even buried Trott said that this team collectively. Is loose is that how you see the capitals right now you're around and you CA loose team. Let's go back a couple years before I answer that that question directly less I don't think caps were tight. The last two years they came as a president stroke letter they ultimately didn't get the job done. Do I see them as loose or Lucerne now. At least so are they flying under the radar absolutely because most people ever a point to Tampa. And Boston. And Pittsburgh as a two time defending champion and say you know that's likely to deem it's gonna come out these that really good Toronto team I would be surprised that really good Toronto team. And then you get to maybe get to Washington and here are your fourth or fifth pick. That's wrong I think excited. The caps have waive it wave more talent and that. But perhaps it gives them from a mental standpoint. A situation where they considered all the pressure is an all upon us we are not going to be very. The T addicted to swear in the bullseye percent as they were the last couple of years maybe that helps I'm not so sure anyway you look at it let's say I'm sorry just just look at the metro division. You get out of the metro division. Deal you're only halfway there but you'd go to Europe have to get through to. Very good teams just to get outside your own division I am not in love with the NHL playoff format. I think it gives justice hockey fans great match ups but the fact that you're gonna lose. Two of the top fourteen in the lead. In the first or second round it just doesn't doesn't feel right to me. But I just get the sense that Washington. Will not be the team with a target on its back. And maybe between the ears that'll help them relax and let their full talents come come to fruition. To Obey an ID on the call a night caps Columbus Blue Jackets. Built group dollar in net that was the call made two days ago Braden hoping is played better down the stretch. But as a whole body of work what you see here in just the past two months any question about Philip grew Darby and a guy. This the toughest decision. Lesson I'm sure it was spurred for Barry trot for Scott Murray for Mitch Korn the head coach in the and the goalie brain trust there I know this is not easy. Especially when you have a player of Braden all these capabilities someone who's been arguably a team MVP. In recent seasons and as big a vezina trophy winner and that the finalists. Great game went off the boil there. For a good month and they had to reset himself and I think he's done a lot of work and more importantly what I think he he said all the right things as far as being a good teammate to. He lost his job here at the playoffs began. And yet she knows she needs to be a cheerleader he cannot be divisive force. In that dressing room all that said Philip group Bauer has played extremely well cents. I would say. December January. And the numbers bear it out to. Sure it's a smaller sample size and yes Philipp has very limited. Playoff experience but he was so good he commanded is positioned so well. Down the stretch that he's. Earned the right to get this game one start and I know Barry as the one I'm looking over shoulder waiting for the for the first bad gold is up there comes Braden. This is a decision they made I hope they're able to run with that and I hope Philip performs extremely well I know he wants this chance and he hears something that I remembered them. Even before the end of the year began at your member. The Olympic Games Germany gets all the way to a gold medal game. They don't get to the gold medal without Philip group arm playing incredibly well in qualifying tournament so he felt that. Crushing pressure of important intense games before. At least at an Olympic level internationally. At least in junior trying to win the memorial cup. Each felt that you never been there. And they Stanley Cup level other than filling in for Braden went when Brayton was sick a few years back but I don't Philip relishes the opportunity and he's been in such a good group but he's played just enough wet so that you should never go and you know it's not what you played three games TE had more appearances this year than ever he's ready for art and history major ready to fight would've. Tonight caps Columbus Blue Jackets game one to watch it on NBC sports Washington. How how does the post season change for you you called the game you've got to tell the story but when you walk into the arena how does Joba and or not he knows the post season. Well. Any chance you get to call a playoff tournament or national tournament as an announcer as a play by play announcer. It's an honor. And locally and NBC sports washed in Raleigh reported that first round. From a game called play that place standpoint so where and when cracked block and an Allen mail Culkin and I approach this with our producers and directors. These are Super Bowl games this is the round that we get to really sink our teeth into and you can feel this in Michigan and the doors the Capital One arena. The fans aren't that much more electric. Of the intensity of the play in the first five minutes of every Stanley Cup Playoffs postseason. Always catches me and like wow where did this come from I. I know it's gonna happen and yet still. I see everything ratchet up one or two notches in. For us from us from achieving stay employed in the broadcast telecast standpoint it's the best and I. And I just wish we could do it for two months. Joseph B arrest those pipes will be watching tonight NBC sports Washington have fun buffer and thank you thank you for its final guest appearing on the TJ Joshi. And be full go to night. That's a much jade Beagle doubtful is now he's being labeled. Don't know what to expect that that's that's the fun part of the hockey post season it's very unpredictable. And that all the pressure on this team over the past two seasons. They broke a lot this year you can't sell it short if you look at what Pittsburgh dismantled Philadelphia last night look how hard metro division was. A CD experts liking Columbus but do I think there is something the Washington flying a little bit under the radar this year. Yeah. If other night. No like post season hockey puck drops to get out NBC sports Washington Michael Robinson NFL network and studio next.