Wes McElroy - Hour 1 - Willie Harris (4-13-18)

Wes McElroy
Friday, April 13th

Wes is live from Funnville on Opening Day for the Flying Squirrels and welcomes Squirrels skipper Willie Harris in the first hour.


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Some noise and you know this. It's west McIlroy. Yeah fox sports and I tend fox sports Richmond dot com. The only show in three bored by 09 tag or email west and fox sports Richmond dot job Syrians. He is the man the last medical raw you. A fellow burn them alive from the crowded. Was it like surround these guards. Welcome to fund bill. So we sacred rhetoric from front Ville and decks are cranking this up front opening 2018. In the RV they cover it up on the show the caps a team known for postseason disappointment. Well they don't make us wait for that game run. It's been a disappointment would have been a disappointment to get another round of warriors cavaliers in the NBA finals or is that what you're hopefully expecting force. And don't let go of expectations the best story in baseball is this another night to talk about. I'm very excited to welcome in on the server except boo welcome to new partner after the show by the so Richman ended our new route we segment with our friends from Wendy's. We say good morning to those listening on fox sports nuts and we still do more to do is listen to other rodeo dot com that would subvert the birds. Second studio Gary hasn't yet dates Pauli V producer in the show answering your calls. Mark Ellis down to not to well what good to go I I would say you might be of two hi I'm I'm it's because of knicks did Dijjer jacked I can hear. It is opening day in and sorry to say that we left people with back in studio but I I can't say that I am sorry because as I say here. Thirteen hours away from first pitch it is just mean at the diamond is this mean. Sitting here. Watching the ballpark this river blues run around her body party ticket things happened. There's no one here in the stands there's no wood on the ball field right now. I'm just staring out the beautiful green lush baseball field. I feel like ray kinsella and fielded dreams it's just me at a ball field. Corn and Dave Shuster in Jackson walks out of left field to be little wig out however right now. It's just me in the ballpark as the sun begins the rise over the left field it's. It's great. Now there's nobody here now that's not going to be the case later today is the hope opener tonight in this baby is sold out if you're making your way here tonight that the diamond will let you know what's in store the ballpark that's great. It is a fantastic job always put money always split time always trying to better the fan experience. Lee you know what's the story of your on your way to the dime tonight for opening night of the flying squirrels. And if you can't make it tonight. We will tell you why you have to look forward to when you get down here finally as once again that just a great job the organization and continue to put millions of dollars in the diamond. To make it a better fan experience. The over is 34509. And the Twitter handle is at west fox sports 910. Also if you haven't heard I am cooking up a free lunch today at the diamond to anymore about that coming up because we want you to be part of that but right now. As we start up this morning very busy morning let's get to the headlines of the day it is Mac arose morning edition. First word of the headlines of the day. It's Roy's morning edition on fox sports and I intend. Top of the board's view all this Friday April 13 the story lines you need to both you roll out of bullets during number one. It went to overtime last night in DC gay one of the capitals in Columbus Blue Jackets in the outcome. Well that did not go the way the whole fans is John Walton on the bottle call. There comes you're back. Whiteside gives it a result of a right wing. And a pass broken up Baidu why he had Veronica wrapped like a long hitting your way right now but Erica my. Webb shot across the watch it at large you're gonna stabbed or shot at least. Our hearts their faith not marriage doors into the top right corner of the net at the Columbus Blue Jackets are one game want to artists Eastern Conference quarterfinal series leading group lauer. And a final stroller Columbus horror and Washington to worry. The capitals radio network with the call the Blue Jackets went down two goals in this game they lost three fours and on a night where that all happened they still won game one. As you are there panera scored a you have to view local 602 in overtime gave the Blue Jackets are 43 victory over the capitals in the first round playoff series. The capitals jumped out to a two old league in this game they got their power play goals from anything that's all. At very very favorable called it Josh Anderson boarding penalty went over exactly agreed with today. Hope it will take you lose five minutes game misconduct they picked up two goals in the first Columbus eventually comes back is worth the second they scored the third diet. The jazz go right back of my basement Kelly beautiful school beautiful as the so the goal that's the lead with 512 left in this game and you think they're good ago. For the Blue Jackets keep grinding away. And what was the learning more this game just an absolute unnecessary penalty ban on paper I'll speak with five minutes left to go eat ribs. Had just I don't know why he did it he trips that Jones. You have this wild scenario Borkowski lays down a stick right in front of the Blue Jackets that trips that Jones. A delayed penalty gets all they put goaltender for an extra attacker Joseph and flips it back to the net that if somebody's there all the scores an own goal. Well as defense in their lives. But just off horrible horrible unnecessary penalty I've Murkowski. Set not set Jones who's been with more than 46 left in regulation aimed at the dying game setting it to overtime. Ultimately the caps ball in game one very trots on what felt like three games in one night. I felt was almost three different games first period we are very disciplined we carried the play our singular power play goal second period I thought you know they're gonna push. I thought the first further period they were favorable but Federer is there a little stronger and talked for a the last early in that period I thought we got it back towards the end of that period and then obviously in the you know. In the third period we mean they get tied up the motor vehicle lead and you know we took two to three points in the third period noon and put us in the position where. You know we're going over time. Yeah. I'm Tony Q what may not hockey experts believe will be a lights series this setting gamer and you go either way can honestly golden opportunity at home to relieve. A greater Columbus. You know they've battled back and they did losing three players at different times that a night where. One of which we gotta talk about the guy takes a slap shot that base and they comes back in the game. But to get to get back 32. Believe the capitals and then political penalty and a penalty kill that allowed two or goals the night. These day days below an opportunity by capital and are down 10 in this news story number two left. If your credit BC sports. Let the cat's game last night. That guy well mid Arctic island nationals doing the nationals can make me feel better but let's see how they did it. Well they were exactly the Mickey out that you needed here is the Colorado Rockies radio network. DJ gets is to the gap in right center field on the run as Taylor still going back kid. And I. Yet that we even better than he did the warning the first inning that's a two run home for a home run for DJ love may you. The Iraqis have taken a five to one lead. DJ LeMay UT will runs drove in a career I've morons and Iraqis speak and that's I don't want to act that is allowing one run three hits over seven innings. That the Iraqis take the first of four Alec scattered snow wrote a threat that was the first of the season for him. And that was your personally run for the nationals all night GO Gonzales allowed five hits and three runs in five innings losing the first six starts the Iraqis that after using the bullpen as much as the national it over the previous six days. Including net welding game to the Braves they needed deal to go out last night in each innings. He was not able to go pass by not a good night there and definitely not a good night for the top of the line up. You had it's an extra get this right. Did it to do 123 and for the top of the net order trade turner batting leadoff spot Byron dole in harper all going over and that Ryan's or me going over three but at least the I don't walk. That old a bit scene that atop your batting order. Not good. The the net solvents has been mediocre two missing early in the year last night it was missing jet says about this one run three hits over seven innings those two teams. Continue their series tonight and into the weekend. The nationals Dickinson whose before the game that as local newsworthiness. That would be. They bring another UBA player. A former teammate of Ryan Zimmerman Mark Reynolds sent him a minor league deal it to 6730. Home runs last year for the Rockies. As now the green active players on the roster for the nationals that laid the ball you BA Bryant's and then. Mark Reynolds who played was adamant black. Back I believe in 2003. And of course closer show on Google some more details dale when Mark Reynolds will join the team. Why would story number 38. We will take a look at the NBA why else would begin tomorrow including the rockets in the timberwolves the raptors in the wizards the cavaliers and the pacers were in the brine has ever lost first round playoff game minus series lost the game it's now warning to demonstrate in a row. He has won in the first round we'll take a look at what could be a little bit more of a wild west and what I think. It's mostly going to be at all you first round in the east. We'll dive into the NBA post season which begins tomorrow but right now they are your headlines of the morning it is McIlroy as morning edition. On fox sports 910. You can job at the show three or. 50910. Twitter handle is at west fox sports 910. Of course it is the free pizza fried is opening day of Friday but it's a repeat of Friday brought you by friends action those beats as will be given away free pizza all morning long the story here is it is opening day for the Richmond flying squirrels the year number nine of the alliance. Right here in the diamond coming up a little bit later on our but he got a report now that BP and CEO of the schools will be here. But broadcasters gave burned him in San rabbit talk a little baseball also find out. The bit more about this team that will see on the field. And of course tell about all the new blunt things that you will see the data which you'll notice and you'll also hear as they reduce state of the art sound system put it here. But as soon as you walk in there's there's many things that picture I about the dive into this organization does not. Leave well buffaloes they continue to do better every single year the diamond looks absolutely beautiful. Feel looks great as the picture up on Twitter at west fox sports 910. OP can make it out here tonight. We read this afternoon as will be cooking up hot dogs from eleven to one Whitley altered join us free hot dog I'll be grill on how is that a lot of quality time here at the diamond. Will be cooking hot dogs today from eleven to one all are welcome to stop by there is no connection there is no cost one per person just. The nice thing appliance worlds are doing to celebrate opening day in the RV 82008. Team. British skipping startle read all the rest the guest list will come back always got to poll question and yes. Colin GAAP predict is back in the news. What books the story. It hasn't changed we'll get in the neck coming up as a again things going here as the sun begins to arise and opening date 2018. To live from the diamond. Wes McIlroy it's more a mackerel at fox sports science and and the radio guy combat. Whiteside gives it a result of the right away. And it has broken up Baidu why you brought a rambling along the fairway and out went Eric John. Webb shot across the watch an at large yeah I got stabbed or shot every spam. Clark sandy my parents' storage and other top right corner of the bat at the Columbus Blue Jackets are one game walk. Bodies Eastern Conference quarterfinal series leading group lauer had a final stroller or Columbus or. And Washington to worry. Notice sooner got that Elaine afloat at three to relieve the Blue Jackets taken advantage of me really and Borkowski penalty late in the game in the capital's. They stumbled they stumble or fumble this auto way to lose 43 in overtime a Columbus taking game one at the Capital One realized night as the capitals wall were 23. That is a buddy John Walton on the call Wes McIlroy allowed opening day at the blind squirrels the sun is beginning to rise that your your window out for your morning walk in listening on the radio dot com. But what check out this sunrise this this. We really see poet caught up in the studio we don't see much of late involved in the morning which is gonna stay at each other four walls. But there is a beautiful sunrise at this morning in the RBA we sycamore and essential Virginia. You atop the cavs are more than welcome till as that was part of mackerel is morning edition of board numbers 3450910. When a spot sports 910. It's. I like things did not go the way of Columbus last night especially the early penalty which was a bit if the where the the five minute minor and five minute major and a game misconduct it's called lose a player good data player five minutes casket two goals. And one point Columbus in this game was down two goals and down three Fords and boy did you watch any of this last night I did. Did you see nick for Leno take a plot to the base on the slap shot in the third period. EI and IAI. I really don't know how these guys manage Steven get back up after getting hit by a puck anywhere. But to take one to face I mean all that list of friends ever held a pot if you're that you go to Ehrlich you're look. Dick's sporting good or something you pick up a pocket you're like wow this is like holding a rock. Now if you don't know this would they be before the games because of surface and because of conditions the freeze these things. So now becomes even more condensed it becomes even more Rocco like it becomes even harder and boy is it that you take one of mission of the army field. This last night and Alina once straight in the nods like right in the nose gets up. And is bleeding profusely and there is a good flow of blood coming out the news and my man just eats all back to the locker room. It's a couple things off right up the nose. And it comes back out and plays the remainder of this game that would happen to me last night Paula I would not attic got out of bed Monday night. I would need in full service treatment I would need full catering I would need help with everything in my eternal life I can't imagine what that guy's face looks like the David these. Witten out. As I love to hear what's allowed over here in the crowd would you assess. Do that I can do that better accurately accurately these guys don't want to do this for the money that they get paid yet. I'll watch nick Leo list like them back and taken part in the base I know how he's walking upright after that eventually this trail of blood behind him as he's leaving the ice is insane. I but it guy goes down at what point jackets were down three guys last night. Down. A couple of goals and and this is serious look I'll defer to the hockey experts on this one much smaller about the sport that I've that this is a series that many believe. I see most people believe the Columbus Blue Jackets would have seen people believe it go to seven. Now one last night could be very regrettable regrettable game what we'll get to this a little bit later on including built grew Bauer should he be in net for game two that was discussed list that would bury shots that forty coming up. Over 3450910. We got a busy week Edwards spent a lot of time they talk about opening day. All the flying squirrels and I'm bloody get to the talent gap makes stuff a little bit later on looked it's early it's Friday were trying to keep it light today a lot of fun things for yet. But I will address that I will address that briefly because. You and part of the story you in the NFL had their fill out after a tackle that domino Paula do a poll question this Friday morning. Yeah we got one in the works do you limited human Biden job to you now. That's why is that all quite well I mean usually you'll ask can them be like all Polly's F 31 and then we move on and figured out everywhere he got what we're not all right all roads public principle all right will what NBA finals matchup do you most want to see what do this with the NBA finals of the NBA playoffs starting tomorrow. And your options are cavs warriors of course we've seen at the last three seasons. Cavs rockets rugged the number one team in the NBA in the Western Conference. And I I decided now I could just step would those two options but I want to give you couple more. The hottest team in the NBA the sixers sixers warriors. Or sixers rockets. Instead of his. The celtics' most people feel like their product and get there and nobody really is a big believer in the raptors and it seems like a lot of folks are the sort of conceded that it's gonna be sixers cans in the final so. Cavs warriors cavs rockets sixers warriors sixers rockets. The question ultimately is are you bored with seeing the cavaliers and warriors were you wanna see him again chair do you do you wanna see this would be round for it and we. That seems straight NBA finals for three years we had a rubber match Leicester which is dominated by the warriors Kevin Durant. There's part of me. This part of regarded these NBA playoffs right do you ultimately feel that four teams can win this annex actually really got in my head I believe it's three and leaders cavaliers the warriors. And the rockets and maybe the sixers as a wild card but. I still think there's these little young here. But this part of me that says if we get cavaliers warriors again appreciated. Marvel. And there's other part of me that says. If the warriors do get the full strength if they're healthy it'll take it's going to be much of the series I don't know if I wanna see that again. I'd say right now I don't shy away from this one bit outlook from the files. Nobody gets the sixers and their fantastic story in there to be up and coming team in the Eastern Conference. But you see the Ronald final stage to have that for the past seven years has been a whole show host's dream of better if your in Cleveland or in Richmond. Because he is the guy he is the guy who has these talks of those dream. That you watch him too well for him war there are those who will still watch in the pool against him which. I don't know wise and you continue to do this by some of you continue the pooled its greatness. Yeah I want LeBron files I wanna see LeBron play. All the big stage as much in his prime as possible as we are watching what the all time greats and I still believe. If this guy is not be fully appreciated I still believe that there are many of you right now snickering. Who because he's not Michael Jordan you're never gonna realize who or how great LeBron James news. And marveled the other night watching it really put things in perspective sport center did a piece two nights ago showing the draft class of 2003. But where are they now they're showing Carmelo Anthony's on the back in his career. The showed he waited the in his career Miami Chris Bosh is obsolete for medical reasons. They're guys winding down their careers their guys who are becoming irrelevant and there's LeBron James playing all 82 games at one point this season averaging a triple double. And what's again right there in the MVP conversation. So no it's not that I don't what the sixers I just. I wanna see the bond on the stage as long as I can. At the lowest in gold state to July Dorsey go stay below to see Houston. I don't think there are people wanna see something different. There there's an element of saturation. Even though something is great there's a point of having who wants to it and I also. Here's where our order about having this this finals four times and wrote because we do. Get tired of things quickly. And you can have a great rivalry you can have a great back report. But even like that the balls the Celtics and the lakers in the eighties. You had you as a mid eighty's that you haven't together 8485 and 87 but in the other years. You know Boston was in the air but they were playing the lakers the lakers played the sixers won and then lost. You had them relevant that you can always happen again you had to use an annual osu had the rivalry. That was spread out over ten years this war years in a row that we put it out of got to think about this Allah we changed the question to. Do you wanna see cavaliers words again or something different affiliate reporter maybe eleven at it would just keep the sixers and the rockets as the only two options. I don't know of anybody wants see Toronto. I don't know people are holding out hope won't Boston but let's let's flip it around alike poll question which is what the route to more simple do you wanna see warriors. Aunts and cavaliers again so simple yes no question. Yeah and what will seat that's what people what they wanna see this continued rivalry discontinued matchup they wanna see around four. Or do you want something different we'll put the poor question not poll question is always brought you might call federal. Passionately vocal banking go to get out of fox sports Richmond dot com. On Twitter way spot sports 910. Latham opening day at the diamond Wes macro work by exports nights and you hope that by squirrels a little bit later this hour. You hear from the new skipper of the squirrels former Major League ball player former white sock former national. And World Series winner Willie Harris right now. The tick those highways I see I see you on 64. Beep if you seat mate I'm I'm the guy reporting Q I'm the one guy in the Damaso beat did you see me on your jab by. Let's McIlroy by exports nightstand and the radio dot com. It's. Coming up it's sick Lombard believes evidence handed queries below in the NFL draft and it. Another chapter. Closer in legalized sports gambling that we come up to fifteen minutes or question his post in the do you want another cavaliers warriors NBA finals yes. Do it again or give me something new poll question we found by exports Richmond dot com. At west Bucs forced 910. Deng at all eagle make me tear up man I'm looking at a sunset rising over the diamond over a baseball field and you got the field of dreams breaking soundtrack on the back in the background distract them at me well so I'm Howard he's a bad enough. I could've like I could have made it worse and dropped it a little hey dad you don't have a catch. Now we'll do that and to the culprits it's old it's too early to support right now don't recommend 6:36 in the morning it's already it is the beautiful and Tony it is display another pitcher on Twitter is a gorgeous morning in the RV eight is opening day in the RVA we're here at vaudeville vacated diamond that is the new team. Of the diamond this year welcome to one bill with the squirrels opened up the 2018. Series. Gonna be here manager at flying squirrels or he'll be stopping by both. And we have a four day of baseball on including. Stopping out grabbing a free hot dog today eleven the law and I will be grilling. In the my friends in the squirrels will be grilled of free hot dogs stop by the diamond the first Bayside eleven to one rewrite their support and Abbas say hello to go to no strings attached no charge no doubt that we're just having fun celebrating opening day in the RPA. As yes I do feel like on the scene especially at the cars in the background I 64 ignited by a right behind me. So it's feels like it's the end scene from field of dreams were your plan that music there's no one here I'm staring out at eight. Gorgeous and our body. Our friends here at the squirrels have done amazing amazing job with the yield Steve rock means that a fantastic job easier when you get out here. Lush green feel they've cut the grass that got the design in it they got the field rate ago. I'm here ballpark by myself Carl's cars in the background a lot like ray kinsella. I'm just waiting for shoeless Joseph to come out left field and you know. On sun ball players are emerged no core here but it is an amazing amazing morning with a diamond. If you ever if you could insert yourself busy movie character in baseball movie who would you wanna be. In a baseball movie a baseball baseball movie baseball player here who public which ultimately want to live out the movie as their character. Well filled dreams is really tough to top is that is probably it's between now and the sand lob but it's that that's probably my favorite baseball movie. And NIA. Ray can so that entire that entire movie just being able that building a feel for so having a baseball feel in your own backyard is pretty great with the lights and everything. And then being able to watch a game that nobody else really sees and you're watching these these these old. Old Tommy players come out from the corner and they're playing around and and you just get to sit there watching that that is a pretty great gig. If if I really think about it. At least about the sand lot but that's the beauty of this airline is for any kid that they blow a bike and some bodies in the neighborhood that makes this and lost two great movie as you basically live the sand lot it's not a good. As far as field of dreams I. I told a look I ever told you this but I tell our listeners every time we get a chance to bring it up if ever around dire as the Iowa not that it does it destination spot. But go see field of dreams it is something special senate. I was out of the opportunity weeks ago my my sister my bro in law have a property out there it was about a four hour job but it was so worth that. Think in my knees out and catch to run the bases you know corn it is it is truly something unique and is amazing that they have kept the the movie setting exactly I mean is exactly the way you seed in the movie very very cool but I question of where I like that. If you could replace yourself with one you could live out one baseball movies care here who would it be. Well throughout the what are outweighs by exports 910 you can always email to show west of fox sports Richmond dot com. Now a guy who did get a chance to live about a Major League dream. He played over a dozen seasons in the majors including when a World Series with the Chicago White Sox. We got a chance to catch up couple days ago with the skipper of the squirrels Willie Harris I asked him what are the first few days really liked. Being a lot Minor League Baseball manager. Exciting. The guys that are. The work that we had yesterday it was very intense. Because they're excited to be here in Richmond. They're ready to play in and we played some games out of spring training. Last couple days that kind of been off a little bit but you know we've worked out in workouts what is definitely different scene and an opposing team those facts on for on version there's just as excited as I mean it won't. It's so I think they got a fireplace a live they got to get set over there's baseball and work out and then you guys jump right on the bus you take off on the road for a couple days. Maybe we call it silver lining what is it silver lying that you get to start off on the road that maybe these guys spend a little bit more time together they just can't get here and scatter. There has been more time on a bus and hotel and in the game. I think it really doesn't matter nothing you baseball player. I'm just wanna play baseball and these guys they care for one another. I think the bus ride is definitely gonna bring these guys a lot closer over the course of the season. From a baseball standpoint these guys just won't play based on it doesn't matter we have to travel. From here wherever as long as we get there at the line up is in the umpires that there were ready to go. He's the skipper of the flies girls who really cares what this all fox four's 91014. Year pro career what was it about managing their major when I go to this part of baseball. We're happy hour. Tune played for some great matches drama playing career. And Cox Jim root movement Dusty Baker they all told me pretty much it would you you guys and and at that moment I didn't know they were talking about. You know when you play New England. But at the same time now I understand what they're talking about it and they were referring to my passion and the way I care about. Players in the way I care about my teammates and I think. The managerial standpoint of the game is. More so mean and maybe you know assay. Outfielders coach or something like that I see the game. In totally different. Perspective I see everything now as a manager. As opposed to being a player you know you just focused on your crafted if that was the outfielder into whatever that was. And I played both so. Now in the men's that I can understand and I can help my players and I can help players understanding game a little bit better. And the main objective is slowing the game down because the king fast. And but if we're prepared if we if we. Somewhat. Prepare ourselves to a three innings ahead of time it has a tendency to slow the game down. He mentioned a couple of guys their body Cox Dusty Baker Jim Wright Edelman do you look back now maybe pick a little bit of each one of their styles and managers are you more like one then the other. I have I have a little bit. All 30. Dusty Baker he has this way I have this way. Jim Ritalin has the expertise of how to break things down. I have a little bit of that in Bobby Cox. Has the passion he has. Desire he has everything and he definitely backs his players he gets costs a lot of ball games in. That's definitely me it was eighteen Jackson's last year material only had twelve level and so I'm I'm I'm definitely get I have Bobby Cox but I think just a little bit of all of them and they were great managers and they had. Mediums is not my career and in my life. Blair as the manager defines Grossman this on fox sports nine tenure home for the flying squirrels. Tell me about the sport coat that you're gonna bring into the clubhouse and the biggest legacies for a code if you will well were. Train and do what I'm planning to do. I've never had the opportunity. To send players in the big leagues and obviously that's what we're here for to get our players rated at fifteen San Francisco. I'm gonna go out about sport coat and we're gonna hang out in the middle of the locker room. And the first player that gets called to the big leagues he has to Wear a jacket on a plane. And once he gets there it's his obligation to send it back for the next guy. And it may seem it seem as if that call is so far away. What is right around the corner being you know barring anyone gets hurt on our prayer team we don't want that to have somebody in happens in baseball. And our job is to have these guys ready to go the country would be great play and they will take export coal was puts a light. Being a manager and you have a little bit case in this ledge here but guys who have different levels different skill levels there's different expectations. They're from different backgrounds what's it like trying to manage all of days and one called Rouse in one season and year old together basically all the time. I think the most important thing is building their relationship with the player before you criticize. I think you have to have. Some type of Koppel live with that player in trust you trust him before you book. Just hey man let's do this this way you have to build a relationship and like you said. Everyone in this locker rooms from different places so that means we're gonna have 2526. Different personalities. It's my job to keep everything together it's my job to have these guys pulling the rope the same way and I will lead the way I'm not shy. I'm not timid. I am firm with the with the decisions and I know I have to make tough decisions and I know those decisions made her some people's feelings. But if I have that relationship with those players and they trust me as a as their manager they will understand and I'm doing what's best for the team at that moment. Lou as well for me thank you for your time what have you heard and you got a couple days you on the road and you come back to Richmond open up on Friday night. What's the word then about playing here at the diamond from these girls fans are it's crazy. We're looking forward to it man. The guys are definitely be ready to play and are hidden hidden codes pitching coach stringer coach myself we will all be ready to go. Just looking forward to coming back in in in seeing what type of crowd we have been in the kids are excited. Hopefully we can go out and play some solid baseball for a city of Richmond he's a manager was swagger will appreciate the time thanks so much look forward talk dig in the season thank you. Once again west McIlroy live in the domino of this opening day 2018. With a 101 with Willie Harris the new skipper of the blind squirrel the former Chicago White Sox and World Series winner and I. I think is the RV against the know this guy you don't like them first impression I'm like this guy's going to be. The regular guest on the show he's a lot of fun and I do like somebody says I got so lag. Where errors like all of our guest joining us on the deep Mercer wrote cleaning hotline on this beautiful Friday morning as the sun begins to rise in the RBA opening day. 2018. We'll come back and do little gains outlook fill in the blank Friday west mackerel at mornings a mackerel at fox sports 910. All of this big day quit baseball season affairs viewers dale opening day allowed the diamond. Who brought you five relatives of those pizza it is a free. Pizza Friday getaway three god give caught my friends and those. Celebrating opening day we'll talk to people look at us as the flying squirrels governor in the 7 o'clock out there right now all right. Let's play since we're here at a place that they play games let's play a game. Push push push. It could tumbled Friday. We got replayed aware fill in the blank today little brother Friday viral it according to Las Vegas the favorites to win the NBA title are. And I went to film the blame when your best guess. Not about that the group here both state quarters yes seven to five. Second the hope by a now typically I would go to Houston Rockets. Yet they think Cleveland. Both are correct Houston Rockets at eight to five odds in the cabs thirteen to two to win the title yet the question about old state is they're gonna go to this first round and then they. Don't be surprised that they're not going to do with a bit less during goes sixteen and water fifteen and one in the average margin of victory victory was thirteen games. They've got to test the other hand the first rather not lose the first round but they got a task that challenge for San Antonio without that occur next. Okay easier headed to Virginia tech's spring football game this weekend so fill in the blank what are you most interest in tomorrow. The that's a good question I really thought that out with the the baseball on my mind here to see if anybody emergence either in the wide receiver or secondary got a lot of young spots there. If you build it in the quarterback position you got some wide receivers got he's thinking it is not who's transferred last year from Ball State he's not able go in the spring. Which you need some playmakers camp built out and I don't know if you eat just one you beat Baltimore guys so as he gets in these young wide receivers taken on the young quarterbacks and this ultimately it was on the the quarterbacks as well I think they're braised. General consensus is to go see headed poker. Or Josh Jackson I Mort just to see if we see anybody emergency wide receivers that secondary back and forth where they get what. The ones first awards and the two's first the two's text. The joint statement by the players associations. Over the potential legalization of sports gambling yesterday was one. By the way nice fill in the line. Paradise utmost world there. What what I use this if grows a witness. And I say that if you don't those players association of Major League Baseball the NBA NFL the NHL got together yesterday. And put out a statement. Quote given the pending Supreme Court decision regarding professional amateur sports section. Representative associations have been working together in the legal commercial practical human consequence of allowing sports gambling to become. Mainstream. Egos are yadda yadda yadda yadda yadda yadda but the last line is the actual crux of it. Quote the athletes must also have a seat at the table to ensure the players' rights of integrity of our games are protected. Which in short the statement says. Whats art got. And this is go. You have to start with the leafs the NHL PNFLNBA. They're preparing for this the only ones that are doing it publicly at the end BA yet I've felt the NHL we're doing a behind the scenes. This what are appear very wholesome right now toy they're against gambling. They're preparing for this important preparation is hey if you're gambling on us if we're giving you the product. We wrote a boycott would we want. Roberta mainstream revenue. And the players association go whoa whoa wait what there's there's there's going to be another stream of revenue. So how we get some of that. And that's the state it was yesterday that's that it was a little leagues are working together to get ready for those well guess what all the players unions and associations or get write this because if you're a guy. We wanna cut. Next. Sake Bob Bartley oriented giant switcher any Penn State barbershop is one. Just slack. That's all it is you it to work out of the giants he's got these teams give these players things they want to work out their gear they want their photo for the website. Think it's lectured on takes short solved. This guy out if that's what they're laying around probably didn't meet day in the morning stakeout with the barber shop yeah I'm sure he's got probably Cleveland Browns sweatshirt. He's probably got a Indianapolis Colts he's probably. It's just black. Look right now everybody in the media all of my colleagues everybody that I read pro football talk and finally go to Mike Florio because I think he's for the sell them like Jackson and New England. It's a smokescreen that's fake news Belichick is lure people think it was like Jackson I don't think that's the case. I think if you look at quarterback of all I think you what Josh Rosen. Yet that's already is but folks the next fourteen days everyone's gonna do it deep dive into every single one of these guys. And oh would have no cause for you up to whatever your meal selection is that yes it while Barkley wearing it just what you it was a college did but it cleans lecture. Org the barbershop it was just wag the reward board. This is really disappoint him last turns up the video Brian harper videotaping his brother Bryce is that the dual hair dryers not a fun brotherly branch at a rather ETE's for the announcement that Bryce Harper is the new spokesman for blind Barbara pairing grooming supplies. So now Brian harbors video is watched. It was a bummer. Because I had I had great respect I don't know Brian harper but I. Absolutely love this I thought it was Puerto prank on his older brother Bryce he got so that video it's priced in front of them bad they're here with two hair dryers on each side. They walked zinni's giggle and and harper. Dries up the dirt bag there's no. And what you think it soon as this typical brother Robert of one holing a public on another. There is out it was just a little trap there to promote that there are working with line barber here grooming supplies which by the way I think is an excellent endorsement of more people to endorse here besides me. It would definitely Bryce Harper but I slipped out because I was got to look at that there'd be like a friendly beat down after that. And that I wrote those who the bright Auburn did it but that those who are equally personal social media. Turns out everything. Everything has got a book to. It's game time until like Friday on the street pizza prior brought to fractured nose port number five right now before 50 and I attended a forty dollar gift card. Well Janelle is as we broadcast model opening day 2018 from the Davenport is a battle with fox sports like it.