Wes McElroy - Hour 1 - (6-13-18)

Wes McElroy
Wednesday, June 13th
Wes recaps the Capitals parade in D.C. in the first hour. 

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Some noise and video this. It's west McIlroy on fox sports and I intend fox sports Richmond dot com. Only show in three bored by 09 tag or email west and box towards Richmond dot job experience. He is the man Weston medical or. All that are not in on this Wednesday hall. And some feel like a hot day. Some feel like go hunt over day elections on the party at that parade yesterday. Girl. You thought there are some fake sick days yesterday to caught in the capital Stanley Cup Berlin. Just wait until some wake up and realize what they did to their body yesterday and it was Tuesday. Coming up some cap fans are in pain today. The caps they were feeling no pain yesterday. And fortunate this morning's Bryce Harper lives we'll tell you he is feeling pain and I just in his arm but in his foot. We say good morning to those listening on fox sports 910 also on the radioed dot com at good morning to you good morning to the crew. Gary Harris on the update desk all be produced in the show. Looking forward recapping yesterday with a few colleagues of mine who are at the parade. Looking forward to looking ahead to the US open and the World Cup both starting tomorrow. And speaker of the World Cup maybe just maybe. We will find out on the air today. Whether or not the US along with Canada and Mexico will be hosting the World Cup in 20/20 six are hoping to hear. Got on the show today the vote is today. We don't know any announcement will be I guess they're voting on this in Russia in Moscow this morning Paula can you look and see with the clock is how many hours rush is behind us I'm not. Of the date in my time zones but that votes was to come down today in the hope. The hope for some positive vibes for soccer in the US especially. Review is not being in this World Cup but he had. Trying to hang in our hosted to find out if the World Cup will be here in did did did did do a simple math eight years. Right now it is currently 103. PM RI Wednesday June 13 so they're seven hours ahead of AB there and quote unquote deliberations and we could get the announcement by the time we are off the air today we will keep you posted at 3450910. That is the telephone number 3450910. Twitter handle. At west fox sports 910. Always got to poll question. But let's get today and lives of the morning we called around here mackerel is morning edition. So first word out that headlines at this week's since Royce morning edition on fox sports and I intend. Governor Morgan deal on this Wednesday June 13 2008 team left. Yesterday in these dating. The party raged on. It's basically in knots you know. You guys cure that he had just it does bring boss who are families this topic is because they. They support as much as you are they are. All was always. That is Alexander Ovechkin. It was a party when the capitals won it was a party in Vegas that night it's been a party since last Thursday. And of course he knew the capitals championship parade would be off the charts party. Now that was Obi who gave the last speech of the day and as it's been said many times before about a great public speaker. Always leave a more high note and obeying absolutely did. And they want them love thing. Because they fear. I said not needs it's it just off sane. When Monica at the center. I. I was great yesterday in amazing celebration 46 years in the making. As the cat celebrate with their fans in DC they drank. They sang queen and they drank more they spoke of back to back they drank a little bit more some of them could barely speak. So what does boys are really bagged up yesterday. Some of those guys need to go home go to bed go on vacation getaway from Beers for awhile. But it was a day it was a sea of red. It it was on the mall it's the back of all the guys standing on the stage you can see the back of their jerseys with their names and numbers. And you can see the crowd at all and read the sky is blue though Washington monument is popping it that great shot he could find it. Outlets fox sports 9104. I've not seen an estimated number of those who showed up I don't know that it across your radar but it. They were expecting a 100000 people and I'm. I'm really glad I took the over on that one. Dick Russell of the Washington Post will join us he was there yet some great shots yesterday. And Tom Barrow the fantastic columnist The Washington Times also radio show host in DC. Evildoers to push yesterday and the capitals accomplishment in his Stewart perspective. And coming up there is aftermath here the parties are done well at least the official parties are done. But there's aftermath now of the capitals. What's next in free agency what's next for Barry trot his future. But there is also the aftermath of the other sports teams in DC. I'll explain that coming up. Speaking of the other DC team is. The nationals in New York last night to face the Yankees and unlike the last time these two teams got together in DC and got washed out. They actually played baseball last night and for the Yankees they pitched and they hit. And for the Yankees for the nationals. They pitch to and they will they got it. What until there right this time though it is. God secondary. Second deck second homer of the game. He has been DD. On this is the dawning by the age of drug glory and the Yankees got three nothing lead. Digging gory its now one just to that is John Sterling on a golf beat the era of good glorious. Dude hasn't had a whole rest is like the end of April. That's not a hit until CC sabathia just allowed four hits over five and two thirds in his first outing against Washington's 2009. Lowered his ERA three to seven and then that's got blanked the read nothing I the good news international's yes there's good news and three are being shut out. But the good news it adds is they had a lot of the first time this year that featured Daniel Murphy and Adam Eaton. From is it was a line up they didn't do anything with Adam Eaton and Daniel Murphy Murphy striking out two times in his return. Eaton got a hit that's left. Nine at one base they were Oprah for with runners in scoring position they got nothing against sabathia Jack green built with stances. Or rolled his Chapman. Now it's getting blanked second game in a row. On back to Sunday now back to back shutout and unfortunately. The nets had five hits all night last night. And Bryce Harper he got hit twice. The 02 slider he's hit my pitch again this time be at the foot. They appeal whether you actually swung at pitch at CB Buckner says no he did it. So this has been a very painful. Nights in the Bronx for Bryce Harper. Unfortunately due to hold up swing or he would have been out on strikes and now harper please item out of the game he can't make it to first base. He is slipping badly Paulus on the national director of athletic training camp account. And harper is going right off the field. That's generally slows and gave jagr on the nets radio network he got plunked twice and it sounds like he avoided serious injury twice. Scott slugger right elbow by a ninety mile per hour pitch CC sabathia in the fifth inning stayed in it but then. As you heard there against pot but I don't protect this with the 89 miles per hour slider. The lead off BA came out of the game he got an X ray got checked out everything is fine said he wants to play today we'll. We'll see about that as those two teams will meet up again tonight. That's trying to find a way to wake up their bats. And this morning they wake up one game behind the Atlanta Braves last night get tea you know grand salami from. Ozzie hobbies to win 72 to beat the Mets to that would put the Braves won up. In the National League east more baseball coming up in braves win mats lose. And the Braves also aborting their own scare we'll get to that coming up we'll baseball over to a football post. Mike Jones of USA today will join us to go around the NFL's story lines that mini camp yesterday including injury like throwing a football. Just not in NFL football he was throwing a high school football. We gonna talk about that we also talk about basically be Pro Bowl lineup of guys that are holding out a mini camp but before we get into that. Pretty cool moment yesterday Redskins park where the Redskins honored the replacement players from the 1987. Super Bowl squad. The guys that with a scab players for three games. Does Missouri. Charlie casserly who served as the Redskins assistant GM helped build the replacements glide. They hosted the event welcome more than 25 players in attendance for those who don't know the story old enough to remember it. Back in 87 NFL strike there were three games and done very well on the thirty for thirty years this gap. Yes scab players committed you guys Kamal the street. Guys who were ex NFL players never made the FL former college players that played in three games. At the Redskins it was all it was three wins they beat the giants to beat the cardinals and they beat the Dallas Cowboys who had two thirds of their team in the game crossed the picket line. We're double to Tony Dorsett Randy White. I believe Ed to told Jones. And the scab players beat the cowboys. Beat them. That win helped the Redskins win the division. Get in the post season they go on the beat Denver Broncos Douglas is a career day if they win the super ball. And the rest is history right. No wrong he scab players never receives bowl rings for their help in that season. Yesterday. There were no longer forgotten about yesterday the Redskins presented these guys with their Super Bowl rings and then the event culminated with a surprise appearance. From three members of that team Doug Williams Gary Clark and Dexter Manley all came out and took photos with the replace replacement players in. Kind of a team photo which was very cool. I get on the Redskins for a lot of mistakes and missteps this was a good day this is a great move well done by the Redskins to right or wrong. Coming up I got a higher follow up to a story I told you yesterday how we help on the show. It affiliate member of one scab players the Super Bowl ring. We'll get to that and Mike Jones of USA today we'll take its around the NFL as mandatory. For some not so mandatory mini camps go on over right now to start off the show caps doing more party and that's they lose Bryce Harper okay. And the Redskins right or wrong bury your head lines a macro rulers morning edition missed. All of guest appearing on the head Jean Mercer rug cleaning hotline they would include Mike Jones in USA today Tom the barrel of The Washington Times Jake Russell. Of the Washington Post antibody. Damon hack of the Golf Channel as we get ready fortunate got skills in the US open tomorrow bright and early we'll get a preview. Of the US open always got to poll question I got your macaroni trivia and we got the final spies to give away. In both mackerel it's many open of golf. As we celebrate dad's day dollars against diabetes week here on the show our campaign to help the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. We got two more spots to give away in mackerel as many open golf tomorrow night bogeys. Were you when your child and not elementary drop and have a little fun and help us raise some money or dad's day and we got spots the giveaway. In our quarreled tournament at her release on Saturday nights a lot of bonding has gone on some front on prizes to give away but go to next. If you're an older sibling. In your younger sibling. Has gotten married before you. You can relate to something that will happen in sports and I'll tell you what that is next as we get things started on Wednesday Paul. And let's mackerel fox sports 910. See you guys out there today is celebrating when some. We're absolutely nothing without you guys so thank you very much. Finally we start playing hard. Hockey like we can parties without the good thing. Expect Baxter of addressing the crowd yesterday I would think it's like the party's over for the caps it's not. Now there's going to be interviews there's going to be charity dinners meet public appearances. Of course there's going to be a date each player gets with a column wins for some of these guys most of these guys probably gonna involve drinking. Error which just a random thought yesterday. And this this is totally being a parent of a newborn. Is anybody cleaning the cup out on a daily basis. A lot of guys drink and had a thing a lot of lips touch and that not a lot of mouse dawn in there. Like did you disk and is anybody legal watching that thing maybe wiping it down. Because they'll the last thing we need you here is capitals hit with widespread outbreak of foot and mouth disease but that's the last thing that you need. Site pair of newborn care these are things he think about washing hands sanitizing battles. Other people's germs or just I worry about these things now is just a thought as I that continues the only Baxter and Judy found everyone airlines got their lips on the cup. The estimate to stick annually to what what that thing down. And the edges but I digress the party goes on for the capitals. Now they're there's got things finish out for the caps and and look we're we're not gonna do hockey talk all day today it's been a blast but it told yesterday the party was kinda one down to conversations been one in down. And in a way it's time to move on I wish I could do it had a blast doing it with the hockey to locate sustain all summer long. But there is the actor Matt. Less there is the aftermath of the cavs winning the cup that's both good and bad to that is keep the party go on and these guys don't have to worry about camp until October. They can put on a couple thousand beer weight in gold vacation bacon they employ like it's 19992018. And they should it's a career achievement. Have fumble is. But then there's the business aftermath we mention free agency got John Carlson who will be out there you got buried trot who. We told Stephen why don't the EP yesterday quote I'm not thinking about the future right now we'll talk we're going to enjoy this with the players I love the players love DC. My family loves it here. We'll get something done. AKA still up in the air for buried shots to return to the capitals and you hope. I wondered how you can just walk out the door but may be very Trout feels a little bit like hey I got left out to be a lame duck. I can leave this town forever be a legend I can come back and never pay for a meal. What I can stick around boat or you can just flat retire I don't know if he's gonna retire at 55 but there may be other interests we'll see. However what happened with the capital. It doesn't just impact the capitals. It impacts the Redskins. Impacts the nationals. It impacts the wizards. House so you ask. Well for example Paul you've got a sister right. Yet tell them actually if two sisters so you're you want you know. I yes and three or four OK so how old is the oldest sister my eldest sister of a man in his thirty. I twenties and I'm 2426. Guys you guys are you guys are well I think you're the man in the middle. I am well I'm not in between the two sisters it's I had to order to die younger brides so the suburban example eyes so the guy you're still earlier twice a year and felt this pressure yet from mom and dad. But I was 26 I was single when my younger sister fifteen months younger. At the time she's been married for two years she goes on she tells the family she's pregnant. And aching graduation and the sudden euphoria hugs kisses. Now there's certain members of the audience the can relate to this. There's certain things that happened when you're sibling win when they say hey I'm pregnant. Is happiness there's joy the parents are going. But there's also will look at the older brother. There's also the look at the other sibling and what they're doing what their life. For example mate at that time I'm 26. I'm single I'm not on my all and just get established in radio. But you get the as I say this much might aunts who and we like all the twists sisters. My answer they're gone early nineties these nightmares. He's going to be aiding anybody. For direct forget and kids. I'd settle down any time soon. Yes this article might as the twister sisters. Like pages they can't accept Mott who won niece's life accomplishment. They gotta do inventory on me and my cousins when you know he's not dating anybody. Leo he's divorced you know he's really get out dating again you know they should really have another job like they just can't. He can't believe happiness alone. While this is what's gonna happen here in DC. What's gonna happen in this region with the caps win the cup they have put pressure on the DC siblings. Because there is that look around on that I would you guys gonna do when your life. What are you guys gonna do next what are you go to win the title. And that's my question. What DC team does this put the most pressure on to win a title. Capps they're good. Every he's good he's got one now of course they want another there's a lot back to back twelve yesterday. Got to see you next year to ought. However they're not on the Nazi. They've got the title the d.s saying they're good. That's man's you're happy you're satisfied. Now ten years that may change. But there is a sibling effect here where hey once sibling did something and what you gotta get gotta do is on the when your life. You got the Redskins he got the nets you got the wizards. And Augustine conversation feels like it's pretty much between the nationals and the Redskins. And I know the wizards had John Wall and badly Bil but in terms of general interest and geographical interest. They're tertiary they're probably now fourth on the list because of what the capitals just it. The kind of flying off the radar. Believe John Wall Bradley deal you should expect more your wizards fan. And you should wonder why in the world we got advancing when you look at teams like the Celtics and the sixers. Who are moving up that we go to the status LeBron James but the wizards have got to go on what. You're with her fame and I regret don't get resign but what's going on here where what are we going to do something we don't gonna make our run. But it all honesty in terms of popularity. Terms of significance I think conversation is more between the Redskins and the nationals. And I think this puts more pressure on the nationals. I do I think this puts more the spotlight on the nationals of hey guys. You can't have been a team with a big expectations. It's rare we let the cast off the hook this year because they didn't get it done and we thought it was their window loan all they go on Wednesday on the cup this year when the expectations were lower. The predictions are still extremely high after the nationals as they should be because you have Bryce Harper you'll also have Bryce Harper's unknown future. The fact that you have him and I know this team is banged up but you still haven't seen insurers are harper Strasburg. The founder closer and Sean Doolittle arguably the best in Major League Baseball. You got Daniel Murphy you got that mean back. You've had a top three picks you that topped that number watered it at first round overall picks work out Harper's Strasburg. Rendell. You have another guy that you brought over trade turner. And it cred to migrate is that what he's done here is he's kept the form systems dot but many teams because many teams hit their window. And they deplete the system. Of stars to try to get others dollars. But this is big time. And it does feel like the window is closing. The scherzer eventually is gonna get old. Strasburg. Injured now but two can he be your number one. Harper goes somewhere else wants sort of gonna fill that role and the notice there helping. Towns get notre harper Ngo are both free agents. This puts more pressure because the crazy part here that you look back with all this talent all these all stars Cy Young MVPs on this team and it never got past the first round. This to me puts more pressure on the nationals. Greg and Richmond you're on fox sports night and morning Greg. Yeah yeah no magical roller up. Listen virtual one could graduate to eat a little crushing the patriots up toward the worst and are prepared step that's dark now as far as who doubles pressure to win a trilateral. And peace seat. I gotta go though let's get is Daschle's. What did you do winters yet good luck with that Austria or fortunate no disrespect the data there an actual religion and Lila that it will break our world a bit spot on teammates that old routine glee took on the war it. In a redskin. We don't wanna play it and cry they become law moving at all. We don't look look at it's always good to keep Jesus and the good side no need to bring Christ's name in this but Gregg got I do I look. Yeah you got the Redskins. Now your expectation is I'm not ordered us to vote just please give me a playoff when that's right. It's a message side trip but watch at risk it will be a great outlook to glow of an eagle at the two global mood what we are like oh which ought to our student there. And sit two feet to eagle at capitol circuits there were ordered celebrate ensure all later. Relaxed. And did understand that see everybody come to understand that great though put it. I can't Greg I appreciate energy is bright and early morning tick candidates out money. You got the man about Greg there are getting checked in and the Olazabal. Greg got more active in the show we appreciate the phone call I appreciate now that's a good point there is that there is that angle. A look at Redskins lead on duty there. And building gets there hasn't gone about that he all season look around watching Jeffrey Laurie party. Watching note the Eagles win with a back up quarterback. Oh there it words about siblings here and what are you doing with your life oh there is definitely look across the nation and on. Food. So that whole thing that whole joke the least to have over Philly about how many the mortgage obese you have. As I told Paul yesterday that old joke when somebody says. Hey how maturities do you have as a matter we still got the last one. Eagles and caps fans can use that. Poll question has brought you by call federal passionately local banking my question do you what DC team now the capitals have won the cup. What DC team is put the most pressure on to win a title Redskins nationals wizards fire away. Beat Greg is up and Adam 3450910. You go to Twitter at west fox sports 910. Or you can go to the website fox sports Richmond dot com. Coming up we're gonna debate which teacher was cool earth because that's all through teachers yesterday they called attention for two different reasons. Argue that coming up west McIlroy box what's nights and how do you like a schoolteacher. You can get a you know McIlroy teacher and our annual you'll McIlroy teacher is out for a ten dollar donation. To our dads they campaign dollars against diabetes I will be out at the diamond tonight starting at 5 o'clock five to seven. Out of brother Don if you go to the squirrels game or when to stop by to pick one up ten dollar donation. We could just donate your dollar he'd like your dollar against diabetes a weekly at the week long campaign. Now the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation as we try to raise 5000 dollars that's our goal. He can't make it out to one of our spots like. Tomorrow night and bogeys for our Mac was in the open of golf. Go to fox sports Richmond dot com and donate there. It's box which Richmond dot com we ask you please take down this week to donate you're dollar against diabetes. Poll question is up also on by export to Richmond dot com discussing. Now the capitals winning the Stanley Cup. Which team does is put more pressure on to win next what have who has the most most pressure to win a title. The Redskins the nationals or the wizards go vote by exports Richmond dot com. At west by exports 910. In McCorkle before and I promise of doing this is well Paula. Don't by the capitals wearing their first cup in forty some years and you talk about the Eagles winning their first cup this forget the masters in this. We can't forget the Astros won the World Series and they are team that. Didn't become a team until 1962. Would most amateur at 1962 was. Quick some decades ago so let's leave them out a conversation. It has been a wild sports here we are in the air right now where we're just crossing things off the list. And I feel like I've done a topic about four or five times in the past two years but what's the thing that we haven't seen yet. See the Astros won a World Series using Eagles minister blown out cavs won a Stanley Cup we've had to triple crowns in the past four years. It's pretty impressive sports time. Now you may get tired of it like the warriors but. I still pretty amazing run of accomplishments that we're seeing right now on sports. 34509103450910. Blog that story don't forget about the Astros. By the way we were to about the parade yesterday with the capitals Dick Russell the Washington Post will join as he was in the middle of it all yesterday he'll be woods is 72 point. One of favorite things that loved yesterday have you seen the video I guess is as in the aftermath when everybody's gone out of their lead and overeat thank god in the shotgun seat he's riding in the passenger seat of the car. As and Obi was definitely not able to drive yesterday. Just cruising along in traffic bumper to bumper traffic in rolls down the window. And it is these two guys I think is a core four guys in captures these and over just. Opens wife for somebody of his teammates had the phone on me music watch this a rolls down the window just points out with the figures that the guys. It's not guys and they. Goal bat crap crazy police in his video yet I just watched this during the break this is hysterical it's really. Q and is putts and along in traffic great and it is is also host a skip work for this is that will be pointing us. It was my favorite things I tell you I. I can't ever adopt the capitals like it's just not where I grew up questions that I can adopt the capital does that adopt the capitals by living down here and cheer for them. And I cheer for them in this run but I'm now finding myself to be a big cats and just because the way these guys party. The way these guys act and I actually loved and I've waxed about this in the past couple days. I love how they've taken the party to the fans. Have been. At this point needs forty private celebration elements stuff to win some ball rumors and private clubs that these guys have just been out. In the public it would just. We don't see this much anymore. I have always said this on the show if you've ever since I spent one year violent one in my career. Covering the NHL on the flyers beat. And to this day. The most down to earth level headed low ego guys that I've ever been around I I truly enjoyed my year covering the NHL. And I was around some big names Keith Primeau Mark Recchi. Ken Hitchcock granted great locker room and Jeremy Roenick was a different breeze a diva. But the most part it really does down to earth really cool guys the cabin know that they think another role in the sport's pantheon and they they know their sports ranking. Always gracious always with Tom very cool. And always enjoyed always enjoyed being around NHL players very cool guys easy to be fans of as I was watching this video wondering. Have you ever had a celebrity encounter like this one. Like this one yet or anything. There are packaged in slip just kind of random thing that he's walking along or something and all the senate passed by a fall that was so and so. Am. Why did tell historically is back I was late running late for game seven he was 2004 Eastern Conference finals. And I was down at traveled down to Tampa got caught in traffic. I was like to beat you read about two hours before and once I was there about twenty minutes before the puck dropped. Ran through the media door had no clue where I was going in the then seeking to saint Pete times forum. And I. So I said where's the elevator and they say you have to go around the black TARP go around the walkway go around the black TARP and it's over there and that's it forget this mammoth time. So I opened a whipped through the black TARP open up. And there was hope and Brooke Hogan standing there Brooke was saying this would she had like one think she's a one hit wonder just enough pop song. She was singing the National Anthem and there is Hulk Hogan basically is daddy and bodyguard and Al I am I almost remember running in directly into his right by separate pulled the curtain up. Have my briefcase my book book bag stuck under it came up and my nose almost went right on the holsters python's and it would have been. Knows blood all over the place is kind of I pollster and insecurity on me and I. Went back around and on the elevator and got up to the press did he say anything you know I know you you looked him because he told us and so this black curtain curtain ruffling. And his daughters then the Tony's is there's cheerleader if I remember right isn't him as what brought to a nasty divorce. So he's there are being daddy cheerleader in and bodyguard in this to all of us on this black and he doesn't though it is it just looks down. Okay I'm I'd I would poster here and knows device that I'm just go honestly there away and write the security guards yelled at me I could care less about him a more word about didn't. Simplex Bible code and that's probably the closest to something like that yesterday with with movie. Rolling down the window with some guys. Boy put up one of our one of our videos of the day at fox sports Richmond dot com. But what exactly this past month this past Ron has been. And what does it mean for the rest of DC sports in connection with a our poll question. Who now has the most pressure in DC to win a title Redskins nets or wizards. Coming up next we put a little game called which one way it's it involves. The World Cup not Stanley Cup the World Cup the US opens some pretty cool T shirts. And well other headlines of the day it's next it's here on fox sports night ten. Well and I get up about 330 get in here for thirty. So by 648 were a lot of weight. I'm just thinking how not just that returns got to be if you try to rod a bed. Was McIlroy talking about I don't wanna get out of bed not pillow feels so nice. The only thing that would be worse than that is it would pulling an alarm clock sound and one of these that would get into that macros morning edition and that is in more obnoxious. Hey got a part of the job and to get you up in the morning pleasure to be obnoxious well then I guess that's part of this sort of again. What's McIlroy fox sports nightstand and the radio dot com at we'd give you some story lines and headlines. But also we got other stories again soon so it's who we do every time every day at this down. Go to a game time. Or or wish or wish. We're doing today. Coming out which one west today and ritual are US or got options in life let's do so which one more excited for the start of the US open or the start of the World Cup. The US open. And it's not exactly I'm hype for either one I wanna see if tiger can at least put the putting together. I don't have great expectations act it's amazing golf that I enjoy and look Father's Day this Sunday we'll sleepy. Lay around accounts lay low I wish it were more excited for the World Cup. I find myself Borges did today not in the start of the World Cup but whether or not the World Cup to become with the US and 22 point six. And I know eventually there's going to be something about the World Cup they'll be a country to be an underdog to be a pretty good story that'll get drawn into. Have you adopted country since the US is not an. I'm thinking about I'm Michael Iceland that seems like a popular pick Ireland's not in either that's always my head out. By it so I might go live Iceland. Tanya and still thinking the US let me down I don't let me down my daughter is named London's I think about racing England. I. I just I miss I know we're not gonna I know we were gonna win it I just miss the camaraderie I missed the patriotism. I miss those moments all huddled in a bar I feel bummed out and I wish I could get more of the World Cup with other countries. Maybe a little down the road but as for right now to answer your question. Yeah it's the US open its fill it's tiger it's the did it's let's see if Rickie Fowler can get one here we'll talk to Damon hack of the Golf Channel. He'll be what is it 8:45 this morning next. What star as the more concerning injury injury luck or show hey a tiny. Both are extremely concerning. I'm an error right now. I don't know what the angels are town as we had a report it was it was Pedro Gomez are the report on Monday that we could be looking at Tommy John proton enough back to when he warning against the swine herds extremely concerning how were Andrew Luck dude it's June 13 and Andrew Luck is still not throwing NFL football. He threw high school football yesterday actually here's Andrew Luck discussing finally throwing an actual football. That's what's a little it's a lighter football it's sort of prevent I've I've flown a local. It is very hard I've I picked it up for our forum. And it's probably an answer was a little mental block to own and I had to do it. He's been on basically a pitch count of how many footballs he can throw in practice. He says is getting ready for week one but this is so drastic for the colts as whip them. But Garrett their their potential team that can challenge their potential eight innate knighted seventeen which can give you a while or maybe even the division. But Bristol the fact that we haven't seen Andrew Luck and really really long time Andrew Luck hasn't we moved around a football game for four quarters. In a really really long time. I still find we share look at ties got to get Tommy John. He can still come back to baseball to be can't finish at the shame but he can still hit and he can hit. And Angela. Edwards about career altering. Questions right now about this quarterback next. Which championship team going to be more fun to party with the caps or the warriors who yes by the with mortars at their champion jeopardy and it with that the oh by the way the warriors ice also like EP dancing around. Talk about a guy we we throw that liner out act like you've been there before. You can tell us that's been their before the dog grandma's been there before he gets OK he's been there before you can tell us righty Pete he's not been there before. Telecast man I it diet. I have loved the Iran and on the ice and I've been extremely entertained by these guys all of it they just seem like a bunch of good dudes a lot of fun. And yesterday some places we did the top four memories of the run of the Stanley Cup summarize it really your number of forces guys splashing around in the pond yeah. Because there's something about the jewel in the happiness. Of the child like emotion and celebrating with their fans. That I will remember about this team yes definitely the capitals. In order to more would you be worse getting plunked in the elbow for the full ten Bryce Harper hit in both last night. Originally I thought the elbow because harper. Ever hit your funny bone though yeah yeah. So against it. Would look to be plugged directly by sabathia on the funny bone and he doesn't have that elbow guard as he always does not. He might be wearing that today but he goes down any heat and you're kind of wondered how Mandy buses elbow even just the fact that you hit your funny bone really argue hey good. Aiken too rocky and you all it's not just the arm and the goes nah it's the shoulders and you're dipping down. He got a but he stayed in the game but they get warranty yup plugged in before he can make it down the first out of with a foot. Because you get jammed on the foot you break the foot. It just feels like your entire life is impeded which makes you absolutely miserable as the foot it's the leg is the angle they start favoring the other side. Yes I'd I. I would rather give plunked in the funny bone and I would the fullest Bryce Harper checking out and he is okay he wants to play and I will see if they given the night off I doubt in New York what are falling which was better drain mind greens. Three range phisher or the John Walton 51 DC sheer love John loans fifty for sure yesterday very cool very fitting for the moment. Which re mind once again. Wrote shade the catalyst you know what's sparked troll level you know that was yesterday it wasn't just a fist with three race. Although that was the mean that LeBron tweeted out that was the Mac Arthur phased out Arthur this children's book character when he gets mad he squeaked east freezes next. And then LeBron put that out on Christmas Day he was upset with the situation with the cavaliers now. Fremont copies are there's days but puts three NBA championship rings on it. And alleged measure was that the quirky app for Quicken Loans at the Q like the cavaliers C. Yeah edge among green strode game is a level. Yeah out I'm. No doubt what we lobbyists and by the way if you miss John loans passionate interview yesterday about the capitals go check it out of box port Richmond dot com but teacher game. Go to drew Ahman Green. And that is which one in west on this Wednesday when we come back kiddies. Get back into our poll question. We'll update you on Bryce Harper getting applause not want. Twice let down right now blaze arbor getting on for other reasons we'll talk about that and Jake Russell the Washington Post. All in a 7 o'clock out fox sports nuts and.