Wes McElroy - Hour 1 - (5-16-18)

Wes McElroy
Wednesday, May 16th

Wes recaps Game 3 of Caps-Lightning and talks about why he's changing his pick in the other Eastern Conference Finals in the first hour. 


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Make some noise yeah. You know this. His last medical wrong on fox sports. Fox sports Richmond dot cop. Calls to show it 34509. Attack or email west and fox sports Richmond dot com Syrians he is the man the last McIlroy you. You love. And runners. Guys Greg is our auto Wednesday coming up on the show we wondered if the Tampa Bay Lightning could get back in this series and the capitals certainly helped show them the way. All the comparisons of LeBron James to Michael Jordan's coming up I'll give you different comparison of LeBron James. Last night. To a different legendary Mike. We have a sports issue at the royal wedding this weekend. And two of the best shows in one sport. Beating up tonight on the same stage. Again that a whole lot more welcome men. We say good morning to you listening you don't box what's nights and more on the radio dot com app which you can download elicit any time anywhere. We are well personal weekly what to do today we say good morning to you grew Gary yes on the updates Paul Levy produced in the show up well. You have a poll question for you. For you ponder to be entertained and hopefully is creative. And Eddie DC a few times today we're gonna go to New York City and we're going to go to little magical place than the East Coast town. We're gambling will open for all to partake not this weekend. But next weekend. Nader and I. At that didn't take long. How are right now let's stick you don't know place for the show always begins it is you headlines of the morning as you roll your bones out of bed. We tell you the things that either need to know or maybe it's not do last night we call mackerel is morning edition. So first word on the headlines of the day. It's McIlroy is morning edition on box boards and I intend to put morning studio and it's Wednesday may sixteenth used to. Would we now having series to talk about the job like lot right corner rights or food drop I thought I. Started miss getting on the lightning radio network Victor Hedman scored its first go to my house and two assists. And I'm very awesome less ski I don't like to see and that wrong only that's LSU. Stop and 36 at 38 delta lightning beat the capital's 42 in game three. Of the Eastern Conference filed last night as they cut their deficit to 21. The capitals who the opening minutes didn't jump out of the gate. But then quickly realize Tampa Bay as they. If they hornet's nest when you put them on their power play and unlike game two. Being on the penalty kill didn't have anything to do with the officials had nothing to do today calls it was the capitals with and mistakes. Four penalties for decision making and Tampa day I was ready to go here is buried shots after the game. I just think they if they were checking better. In some areas we weren't playing resources policies sharp as we we you normally can weren't executing the way we were in Germany and didn't last cute couple games so we're just off a little bit and you can't be off this game to have success so we will be better next game we have to be better and I was there are weakest game. It's yours or. Going into this game it was about Tampa now I'm sure can't stand when to make about Washington may about going up 30 with the historic going into the game. And coming out was stamp day. For about five minutes last night capitals had a building Brett Connolly scores it's 31 accounts and consistent pressure. They leave you look like the capitol steamy saw and he won in game two to employ an after the thought you reveal more aggressive. They're forcing turnovers Ebert get shots that lasted for about five whole minutes until Brayton point dated for a one. I thought last night the story of last night was about Tampa. And what they did right yes Washington. Are just exactly right they did not look if you are they deadly and it. And don't get me wrong that was a flat performance compared to what you saw in he morning team to. Defense did not have the same game that they had the first two games they have found a way to get that pressure against Braden OP that he didn't the first two games and he wasn't making all the saves that he need to make. The biggest issue is you can't take six penalties against this team and give up two power play goals. Add that to a night for Tampa Bay's goalie. About 36 of 38 on a night were Alexander Ovechkin without bringing back to oh ice he'll be last night Larry Izzo Reno Alexander Ovechkin. And if any can that that's soft combine for 21 shots. Of I think what was when he won at 38 shots mica the capitals last night. He he was getting his chances but that's less he was getting stops it definitely took a page out of cats book. It scored first. They dictated the tone and the third straight game in this series. Routine was the better team. So yeah Washington was all last night. But Tampa Bay it was on. And that's kind of the Tampa Bay team that got them here to the Eastern Conference finals. What a much more on this game including is now time for the capitals to do. This. Chris Russell our sister station 1067 and he's covering this series. And you'll join us from DC this morning at 745. At. The start about setting the tone for a game. The brawn James comes out in the way we thought last night in game 2 of the Eastern Conference finals in the NBA scores 21 Cleveland's first 27. In the first quarter. It's what we expected right. But we do know how the line goes right it's not how you start it's how you finish and Boston. Well they finished. Step back tough Perino good times and much of the rebound Leo Burnett company. He's gonna. So fix radio network with a call there that was part of where Terry Revere went too scary Terri land in the third quarter. It was quite a second half with the Celtics outscored Cleveland by Swanee. Gerri is here with eighteen Al Horford finished with fifteen points and ten rebounds Jalen brown 43 points and Boston was stood. A 42 point night by LeBron James what do 794. Your final score. As Boston and Brad Stevens taking a 20 lead over Cleveland. Obviously LeBron was incredible in the first half. It's all about responding. They're gonna make their runs they're gonna have their moments. You know that that most encouraging thing to me was that we weathered that storm because it's easy to kind of fall apart there. He kind of knew in this game of rob is going to do exactly what he did and it was expected. In the come out in a blaze of glory he ends up with 4210 and twelve. But even thinking that would happen last night even if you want to go to Vegas and make a prediction on that that he would come out about a gay to come out being the real question was. Was going to be enough. Answer was clearly know if you like that fourth quarter materialize. Three things are pretty clear as this game went on involved in progress one. The inadvertent shoulder to run James and Jason Tatum which was not deliberate. It was a vow it did slow LeBron James doubt I'm not sitting here saying concussion and that can be a Twitter doctor. But he was not the same after that and 44 points before that was not the same I saw it you probably saw Ty -- is a coach he saw. It was tough conditions not that is you know sideways and of course he came back Lou we came back I don't think this thing punts that he had before we left enough on attacking the basket. Playing with that force of power we talked about a shootaround so I was CI. It is the second thing that showed this in this game as it went on as Boston's doubts. Who made the change for Tristan Thompson in that account whoever that helped early on Al Horford. But Boston's balanced attack. It's it's effective when you have six guys in double figures. Boston has debt from Jalen brown outstanding again Tatum Marcus Smart. Horford to terrorists here Cleveland doesn't have clearly does not have that Cleveland has LeBron James and contributors. Boston as a team. Who brought. The brawn James is a few guys who can help him out you guys Kevin Love. And maybe somebody on a given night. They don't have the debt on the doubts in Boston does 67. B. And the third thing the show last night is Boston is just the better team if he didn't pick them nothing game number one did a better team. They're the tougher team we're gonna get to the word use a little bit later on by tie Lou. Where he really believes what he sand. Part of problem because he's really missing the point. The second half response by Boston Topper there adversity Topper. And you've opened on the box score from the last night Boston and Cleveland they're pretty neck and neck stats shooting percentages. They're not that far apart where they are far parties who look at fifteen turnovers that turned into thirteen balls and points. Celtics just turn it over six times. There are more organized and down the stretch there the more disciplined team and yet really get to the moment last night we've Marcus Smart. And we JR Smith and Al Horford where it went downward clearly exposed. Who or what these teams really are. Happened late begins they'll port it but he kind of bind what this series is right now on what the series is right now is Boston up two nothing. Going to Cleveland and looking totally in control it. Leads in baseball here to mackerel is morning edition to Dave matchup between the Yankees or nationals. And ray got in the way last night so they're they're not gonna play two today they're gonna play one in some change. Suspended it 33 last night after five and third that's when the rains game and he did not let up. So they're gonna complete that game today at 505. And then following it will be tonight's matchup in the Bronx bombers for the baby bombers as they're called taken on Max Scherzer on the mound scheduled to begin at 705. I'm probably gonna guess a few minutes later. We're dog to mlb.com. Franco coming up he covers the Yankees in who. The New York media they were they were trying to hard last night to get to Bryce Harper talking about his future and if you remember opera put that little pre season ban that he wasn't a thought. They were trying to last night near Aberdeen. It is good again to budge. What you did get less than a baseball was just. As well as moments there it is happened last night Oakland Boston Oakland Stephen this guy New Hampshire. You also the story on ESPN ESPN feature on him and his mom just passed away Sunday on Mother's Day from allies. Here's this guy in his first at bat since returning from the bereavement list it now BO subscriptions Steve. To drive go level headed for the monster and all of the monster and god. Then miss Gotti has given me is a three nothing lead it. Oakland a's radio network that's his third home run of the year not exactly a monster bat. But he goes and first a vet who's over the green monster. Comes across home and he's touching his heart with a right hand and looks up this guy. He said afterwards that it was pure joy it's been an emotional week it it's one of those moments where you know the story. And you Disco died. Yeah it's a little bit bigger out there. If you tingles and you can't help but feel so that you see and everything Steve biscotti and Stanley been through. They need to smile last night critical moment and Oakland goes on to beat Boston five victory. And they are your headlines mackerel is morning edition on fox sports now and danced. All guest appearing on the good deed Mercer rug cleaning hotline a buddy Chris Russell from 1067 the fan in DC covering the caps and the lightning will talk to him. Bryan Hoch mlb.com. On these keys in this matchup and hitting it scherzer. Mike Jones will Judas from USA today NFL's senior columnist and couple things including the sailed to Carolina credit zealots on about this one what part of the gambling story but the NFL and other sports that. All things being brought up enough. And this could be a really big ball for leaks and I'm not dumb our ratings. This could be a real big ball forty leaks. Or if not downright. He could rip open a bigger issue that they're dealing with right now and that's not only sports leagues in the pros mostly and a break it down account just as well. We'll get to that Paul he's got to poll question. Paula does a poll question. He's got. That makes you feel confident. Sid yeah that's OK and you just you sell what you have oh well yeah yes I have I have some in the works that's thing I got some options I don't. But you just listen to me because it you had won but now you got a couple. I well staged and yes the bottom line is yes you have won it may come out of seven or eight boat will get you watch after us to match. Coming up next. What do you feel about the caps after losing the game. It's been awhile what should you really feel. At that next Wednesday morning but sports night then. Read on Johnson left circle in new. But the. I just think they if they were checking better. In some areas we weren't playing as it is policies sharp as we read you normally can for an execution where we were in Germany. Did last cute couple games so we're just off a little bit and you can't be off this game to have success so we will be better next game. We have to be better and I was there are we asking them hoosiers work. To drill. Their tracks in the second call their first goal gave Michigan on the brain in point though it's that was the dagger. There was a little light reback in the billion down three nothing new against this mining team. And as a whole but then all of a sudden got a goal it's 31 starting guilt patients little persistence. You know almost three to. Change things that braid boy makes it for lawn and it was kinda. In the ribs and that was your night. Gasoline is nice night. What does that. Capitals have gone seven and one on the road in these post seasons. In this postseason seven and one on the road. And are now three and four at home. Riddle me that one that man. Michael Phelps this morning at times this back to a to visit this little bit later on the the DC history of home playoff games. Good. Let's night. Ask about. And they had about 67 men's race at all right I like the way this is Darden looking good. Then all of a sudden the annual development just a little ripple in the water where there was some consistent pressure on brain hoping. Defense couldn't clear couldn't get the puck out all the sudden hope he makes that trip. Now they're going on the pounding keel. And unlike game two where was the penalties in the rats in what the bleep you call and last night we're legit. You had one in the first you had one early in the second two power plays by Tampa Bay they're nasty they're vicious ball if you would double check of forming. I believe there are now five of eleven on the power play in this series. And was muted. That set the tone that sent overnight. And when you have a goalie who. And elaborate on this because I I don't know how many Tampa Bay Lightning hockey aficionados we have here in central Virginia especially at 6:20 in the morning. I'm not one of them but I give you a little bit of the cliff notes version. Polish sins be a poll question this morning up always gonna get his poll question here he sends me a list of ideas every morning. I'm about five or six poll questions. There's one poll is the obvious if your cavs fan are you worried at all after losing game theory and Paul is options here. Very a little concerned that not at all it's finally RD year. Which following a good question it's probably the generals forestall question I'm supposed to be asking this morning you can sooner. How worried are you weeks to go on there. I don't wanna do the DC freak out thing today. It's too easy to deal that it isn't easy ocean of fish it is a barrel. How scared she Gypsy. Should you be concerned after last night. Yeah. Should you be concerned about Tampa bay. Cuba. Judy a big concern about them yesterday. Absolutely. Are way too much talk around this office hired away two of talk around this building I saw away to made things and social media pockets. But cop. People go in my office we would do for match point what do we do with the caps get to the Stanley Cup that you do know it's only to open right. Like it's that there's a reason they call it a best of seven not best but I appreciate your planning but. We do not sweet really that's memorable with a conversation you'd you'd do know there's again and not at a cup ceremony. Should you be concerned if you shouldn't concern yesterday. Because this Tampa team. Has been good enough to Megan did Eastern Conference finals is like the capitals. Difference is games of winning game two of the cats are better. Last night the lightning were better and they showed who they are and how they got here. This is still a team and you may not know or not a hockey was still a team with Steve and stamp goes who Paula what top ten player in league. Oh yeah people who are keeping general chair Victor Hedman. Norris trophy finalist. And they do have one of the top three goalies in in the NHL probably vast let's ease of residential people who aren't as scared you would be correct setup. That's the team and look cred to the capitals for stifling them in the first two games back is impressive. That is how the capitals got here to Eastern Conference files. But this is the Tampa team it's gotten to this round. It's a team that white Jersey off the map they did take a big game loss to Boston and put the script and what the right off the page. You should be a little concerned you should because dad was guarded. And they showed how good they are last night in Tampa they were the story going into the game. They were the story of the game they had to be more desperate last night Andy Katz while I was a couple minutes of aggression paired Johnson right they weren't sharp a war. And you know the basic comparison you know base of comparison and is now what those things well they did this against Pittsburgh and and and a you can fairly at. I saw them do this against camping game winning game two they weren't doing the same thing last night. And for the first time in this series Tampa Bay scored first. You still Washington get out of sorts defensively. It being give hope be the protection that he got the first two games and I told yet the second game. It's. You know you know is gonna hit a home run off a picture sometimes you got to bleed to death with a single. Not gonna knock out a boxer in one punch and times he got to keep jab and mitigate to the arms yet to get to the body got aware and down yet the same thing weather go. And hoping guy off bullish with a trip. Put somebody in sin then I'm out of power play in Tampa Bay is vicious. And I've looked it up they are five of twelve now are twelve deceive us in power play I I admit I flipped off. Pretty early in the third period last night I know I got hectic in the NN a lyrical quality shots and they got the the extra go to make it four to however. A tendon was there a good team and as you sold the first two goals. Seem to dig into the power play you can't send them on the power play and because they are that good. And that. Lord the passing on some of those power plays at on that stand coast school loan the passing there was pristine even on the head mingled and made it three nothing that the precision of their passing is beautifully you can and that's who they are you can know nothing about hockey and still. Repairs like Golden State doesn't a basketball courts abroad or to escape to bring sticks having sticks in a park. They can't do it that's the moral of the story here in cabs are still 21. They got one more home tomorrow before they go back on the road which. Look all the jokes about possibly moving this game to game four petitioning to game four. I can't explain it. I don't know what it is I don't know I don't think a remain at least again remember this early morning team going seven and one on the road in the post season and being three and four at home. There's Michael Phelps recommend this morning and I know the joke was made many times after they won the game and Annapolis group in its gotta be game four we moving outdoors. They are too well at home outdoors in these winner you know classics. But the capstone to one. Maybe nick Baxter and goes tomorrow maybe it's time now you got to the got to unleash Staten open up Dak often. But the lighting were better last night in the cats can not get in the penalty kill and they can't get a hole especially when you have a goalie like Tampa Bay hats. But for the people who are panicking today the people who. Who would bring up goes in and they wanna say this is out of failure begins in DC eight. There's two people doing that today one are trolls try to get at you with your DC sports fan. And two people who just thought this was going to be this week. People were having delusions of this being a sweet people whom. Who thought of wasting the cup yesterday night. What was the stat point up 20 it's 39 a 41 times team is going on to win yeah. That's just thought to want all the lightning did last night was they brought this series factory out. I had to catch the seven. I'm not gonna change that however with Tampa Bay did last night is they showed why this could go seven. There. 450910. That is telephone number if you have panic. You have fear you have tension this morning you wanna talk to us feel free. They're banked just the better team last night and they had to be in game three. And as Brad Stevens said about his Celtics team and what LeBron James did early on doubts about the capitals. How do you respond in game four which is as the story lines in the intrigue. And that my friends that is the fun part of being in a series. There's fun parts of one game winner take all. And there's other elements of what makes a series so great we got ourselves a series. 3450910. That is the telephone number if you want to talk the caps. And the lightning we can do that bright and early this morning as the sun comes up. No I am not changing my prediction on that series however I am changing my prediction on another series we'll talk about that next fox sports 910. Some. Guy. Okay with the big royal wedding this weekend. Or get that story we might be able to relate still. And also Pauly will political question as we are getting things going on this Wednesday morning west mackerel at fox sports nights and opening up. On the cats and the lightning in the capital's. Last night. Hoping to ever get right back in this cedars Tampa Bay good team showed reasons why last night showed their star power took advantage of the moment especially early on that. And with the gas and holding could just knock it out of Chris Russell 1067 the fan will join us. In just over an hour 745. He'll be witness you can be winners 3450910. And on Twitter at west fox sports 910. And I said before the break not gonna change my prediction on the caps and the lightning had a captain seven. You were vegan sweep yesterday. You think you'll be too far ahead lightning showed why can go seven I'm still not changing anything about my prediction. I like to Alter my prediction in the Eastern Conference finals where I had Cleveland in seven. Because this things night and go on six. It may not even go five. Boston last night shows why they are the better team. Multiple forms multiple fashions for the second half goes on they weathered the storm. 41 of the first two point seven points by LeBron James in the first quarter in the cessation he was exactly what we thought he might do. We got to bank on what we've seen it before. But there was that looming question was it going to be enough in the answer was clearly no as you saw in the fourth quarter. The Celtics on dissent at the Celtics got the cavaliers to quit. If you watch the way the day game on bald is he watched the time trickle off until I believe that there was like a minute thirty until time to pool the starters off the floor. Boston broke Cleveland. Right there on the floor rate Darren for a everybody. Whittled down to that you know just get going out from third quarter. Scary daring there are here. How or bird start getting in Marcus Smart absolutely huge difference maker last night and Jalen brown fantastic again. That third quarter also knew what they had to do they had answered the bell and when I keep saying the word day because that is that they his approach now wrecked boy. He she is yet today yes that's the pronoun I should be doing. Because is he with Cleveland and LeBron it's they would Boston six guys in double figures last night. As you saw that third quarter develop he saw it go into the fourth quarter. That's the team that's the better team on the floor and right now the better team is out playing the better player on the floor. And see what you saw last night Kevin Love between two and fifteen rebounds it's LeBron James and a couple contributors right now thinking on the Boston Celtics. And the Celtics went into that third quarter down eight they left a seven. We closed down the third quarter on a 36 to sixteen run I believe it was. And Cleveland's defense gave absolutely no reason to believe that there was any type of comeback was embarrassing last night. The first one to tell in this business I don't know every exit note I don't know how you play out every screen and all the intricacies of what is going on for our own net. Would I do know is when you think your best defense is. Oh my gosh there's three passes that guys got an open shot I hope he's going to miss when that is your best defense. You're screwed. That's like pick up basketball philosophy guys yet overshot the surely didn't make it and at times Cleveland look like a bit bigger basketball team last night I mean all five of Boston's starters in double figures other thing Kevin Love LeBron James not one starter in double figures for Cleveland we just talked about how the Tampa Bay Lightning moved the ball around. Boston will move the ball around. They can get a shot outside they can drive inside but they will move the ball and you saw this how many times you see it last night. Where it was. Boston we get three passes they regain an open shot and Cleveland just go boot group do they would just look at them like I hope you miss. It was like Boston last night there was but LeBron the beginning in his game it was by Boston at the ended this game the Celtics just made the cavaliers quit. LeBron had 4210 and twelve in the cavaliers got run out the gym in the fourth quarter they bend their starters with a book thirty. Boston is the better team Boston is now and I guess Charles Barkley took some heat for this two nights ago he said it. The Celtics are the team that's going to give the warriors in much better run than the cavaliers. I even say yesterday even the cavaliers win this series they were one last night they win this series. We saw them last year with more take on Golden State. And they still got beaten five. But clearly they're the better team and I think the biggest moment that you saw last night that the pure indication. Is where you've got JR Smith committing what was it should have been called flagrant two. He comes over Al Horford is going up you push is Horford out of bounds Marcus markings aren't does not and I'll. Not having this year. Dude no no no and got its base. And Smith is Smith getting here but it wasn't a flagrant two it should have been a flagrant you know what what was the official call. I got I got lost a write notes because I thought that was the perfect moment to summarize what the series is tough guys against wanna be tough guys. And tide lose said last night now coaches when they say we need to be tougher and he's mean we play better people better on defense. And time since on the last thing he was asked about the top business is a county of this series. And he squeezed in a word which I 100%. Horribly disagree with your time. We gotta be tougher you know I think. I plan tougher and we are we see that they're being physical on the go ruling came up and we got to do the same thing so we gotta be tougher mentally and physically. Ed jab and then we'll slide good they're good in the so there's a tougher team. The more physical team and here's the big big key in Indiana and it's actually Toronto did not have. They're not afraid LeBron James. They're just not. And the Bryan last night thinks that inadvertent elbow to the head. He was not the same he's still he's still the only office they had in the fourth quarter score in the fourth quarter thirteen. Seventeen. 1770. Every he had six of is it so he was not the same planner and understand next brain I'm not going to be Twitter and but he was not the same guy but there's a difference between booting it up and just being tougher and boss is tougher. And I thought that clear remote Marcus Moore is it tough tough due to market smartly and heavy heart right now bond will want to cancer treatment. Marcus smartheat the bag now from JR Smith and JR Smith is that that was the premier example because adjustment was old for 70 for eight last night. You would think you can contribute was lighter now. JR Smith and have a single point battling a Catholic or one like that should reflect who I was which would've gotten him reject any should've it was clearance that you and I. How many times you see has cooled in the year and just the slightest budge. Slightest Milledge will flip a guy over you push remote you push him out of bounds he pushed him into that base. It's a different story he breaks of about Horford out the series now should have been a flagrant two but that was a perfect moment of what this series is. The bronze James and a bunch of wanna be tough guys and I can't sit here under the boot for LeBron because LeBron helped put this team together. Browns got a lot of pool and put this team together. Lot of these are his guys and guys interest in Dotson JR Smith there overpaid guys. There's a bunch of wanna be tough guys and there are true tough guys in tough guys. All around. Attitude is a county any game or Boston thy good retirement of the boys again walked. Through yet. I. I want a safe bet it until you balls and a five. But I even after that flurry last night by seeing LeBron James we all thought we would see the the phenomenal LeBron James it's still not enough. And yes we have to come to conclusion now even though I still don't think that will be a series Boston will give it clear Golden State a better series. Gold state Houston tonight we'll get to that coming up. Before 50910. On Twitter at west fox sports 910. Busy morning always enjoyed talking with you Paul will give us his poll question coming up next on fox sports 910. I have crappy night calling. Now watching sports a debate it was up every hour on the hour long night last night amid you had a bad night you know it's sort of a few morning really really good. Winning a thousand dollars. What she's dead in every hour on the hour starting at 7:15 this morning our nationwide network contest thousand dollars a draft cash. Thousand dollars given away every hour nationwide network contest brought you by Entercom your first chance this morning bright and early 715. But number 3450910. Twitter and west black sports 910. Open early gas and lighting. Dog little game to the Eastern Conference final is being used Obama. And I did manage to watch this last night now proud. I do of the creativity that we've gotten in sports networks within magic take things like the draft. The NFL schedule release. Make TV shows out of it now they do Pro Bowl all star. Two rats they make him TV shows we watch we do we get the NFL's schedule gets released and it does the number of like a World Series rating it's crazy. The one thing we do not need on TV especially for thirty minutes is the NBA draft lottery last night good god. Baghdad is where you rabbo about half an hour you can look at what you just watched you look at your own life and you go. I want those thirty minutes back it was almost an hour I mean they they started 730 the putt dropped. In caps lightning before they actually touched one of those stupid ping pong balls I got to about 750 I remember it was on that looked in on and they are still and I watched the and so Gregory which is interesting because of the gambling thing that's going on right now. By. That's what is it that if we did TV shows and sports that need to be canceled. I like he had a light with certain things have become where you do the draft for the draft is this TV event that begins Thursday night. I'd like that accountable well every Tuesday night as their schedule early Sunday not. But that's one of those religious. Wrap it up boys here and I needed. You can do this and about 11. Minute you did not need that hole all right Ralph thank gap between ten and six will be right back and so mad and you realize he's eloquent how do I care about the suns in the clippers in the king's. In heavily watched I mean the teams that you are really watching for like the sixers and knicks the Celtics to see if who got the lakers take like those teams were down by the time you actually got to the top five and used in care. My mother would always yelled my dad and I she's that you too would like to test pattern. And so true because we really will test pattern might have been mortar chain will not standing in sports ideal poll question yet. F redeem. We kicked a couple of around during the breaks. And I'm not sure which one you wanna mash tanks you have one job poll question that isn't okay first of all I have more than one Johnson that that's hurtful part ways and your ideas for a poll question. Why I saw this come across as you missed it 45 minutes ago boy goes I got to poll question. I have some questions and I wanna run by now it's. I unload she got well I saw this yesterday so Robin sick you know its top eighty games for PDs. And after the fact I saw a lot of people saying this. Because what do you think he's potential hall of Famer and look at is her numbers and could be filed on May -- efforts now politically out on something when you say you saw a lot of people who these people use all saying off Famer monitoring this some Bleacher Report back yet because that's what came across I was in I was intrigued to dig yourself savings businessmen when people bring it up like you can you can talk to people you disagree with them all out to see the Bleacher Report said hall of Famer. And about an hour ago also believe this the articles on Bleacher Report about does this hurt his hall of fame case because he's now gotten suspended. Trading gains because of steroids. And my question was if a guy gets popped at any point in his career for PD's. Whether beef for you know whatever and whether the case may be does that hurt. Should that hurt this whole thing. Yeah should why should it. Even if it's just one time. As Rafael Palmeiro he's got pop one Tommy's got off in numbers. He should be in the hall for him but yeah at one time wag your finger onetime front of congress be the first got to get banned I think back then it was only ten games yet ruined his career does the substance itself mattered all because what it kanell reading in reading on eight it's called like the water pill it's supposed to kind of flush your system hour looking agent yet yet and you can under this TBA you can get bagged for masking agent. And look under the sea BA he has the proper amount of time. And the appeal and if you don't know about this Robby can know god busted for older I get the exact drug here it is a direct from aside. Which violates the MLB's drug prevention and treatment program could you can use it as a masking agent for PEDs. Is it dilutes your sample to -- shear here and that's with the usually test they test the strength of a sampled it's not like a pregnancy test are you on steroids yes or no they're debt they're testing for certain levels of certain things. However. You have the opportunity he's got the opportunity to say hey here's why it took it and showed there's a medical condition. Either Robby can no bailed on the state of Robby can no recently I've learned I've tested positive for a substance called from aside. More than fifteen years playing professional baseball's been the greatest honor and privilege of my life here in his. I wouldn't ever do anything to change the rules of the game that I love and after undergoing dozens of drug tester more more than decade. I've never tested positive for performance enhancing substance for the simple reason that never taken one. Why do not reels and Tom I was given medication was banned obviously now wish I'd been more careful. Yeah the opportunity to say and why he he actually has an appeal where this is why take it this is the reason he's medical. And then you can go to state his case he didn't. He he gave up one he had that on this CA BE eighty games yeah. No he's done. His reputation as Donna Saul fame chances are done. He got opera TDs he ran out the window like there's no chance like even if today you always era but think you know birdies got avatars you've heard this before. 35 years old guy from the Dominican Republic. Yeah you're you're not you're actually bet and it's all it takes. Palmeiro onetime McGwire crying to Bob Costas wiped his team not that he was gonna get in anyway chances out the window. But the one guy who you question Andy Pettitte. But no this is an connote and I don't know kanell was a hall of Famer before and that was an that would be a fun argument if he did not get pot he's had some big numbers he says in big seasons but it. Yeah and for eighty games losing eleven million dollars into the what I don't like he's allowed to have part of the suspension while he's on the disabled list. I don't agree that he's against surgery today on fractured hand act and that's allowed to count towards is to know you cheated. You've got hot you cheated you you DL then censor any action now meantime accrued. I like that they've done this where you're not eligible for the post season in the Mariners right now are in the mix we'll see if they can hang but. I's not eligible for the all star game is not eligible for the post season that's the way that should be yet you you do it doesn't. People are US me yesterday about Pete Rose in the hall of fame and bedding because now building's going to be at least now he still did it when it was illegal. And I know our thoughts and changed on PE decent performance enhancement but it's still legally can't there's a reason you're being tested for certain things in. Even of Robby can know as an NSO Bob nightingale USA today are Fergus even if there's an actual medical condition of which he needs take this. I only be shortsighted. But. You don't go to your doctor in the Dominican Republic. I get that is different medicine down there than it is appear black. You got enough doctors within the Seattle Mariners got their doctors in Seattle Egan of doctors in North America. You're a baseball player. Hash tag you have one job to play baseball your other job know exactly what you put in your body so you can keep playing longer. I'm sorry I've heard that mid thirties Dominican Republic. My doctor excuse just too many times. He's back he's busted he's still gonna collect those money at that that's where baseball. So it's not sure you should that should. That's it and guaranteed contract you get pot they're gonna still pay him an aggravated twelve million dollars videos yet this is this is reputation. This is career achievement it's on the Wendell hall fame chances as well you need to find me a poll question Pauly. 7 o'clock hour coming up next you've heard all those and and we got yesterday knew Michael Jordan documentary you've heard all the LeBron James Michael Jordan. Comparisons coming next I'm gonna give you the broad compared to another Mike. It was a perfect example for last night fox sports 910.