Wes McElroy - Hour 1 - (5-15-18)

Wes McElroy
Tuesday, May 15th

Wes talks about the Supreme Court decision on sports gambling and why he's changing his pick in the Western Conference Finals. 


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Make some noise. You know this. McIlroy and fox sports. Fox sports Richmond dot cop. Only show it 34509. Tag or email west and fox sports Richmond dot com Syrians he is the man the last macaroni. All of. And are voted on this Tuesday morning Dexter crank in its ups. On Tuesday where I'm coming up on the show it feels like the real NBA finals begin out west and the team to beat well kids there's still seem to be. The capitals they have not been beaten not least in the past four games and not by the Tampa Bay Lightning. And keep the streak go on as they come home ought to not than the Yankees in their big bats coming in DC. And after yesterday when it's sports gambling coming to you. Lots to discuss about yesterday's landmark Supreme Court ruling. Welcome and we say good morning do you do we say good morning to you this neither on fox sports 910 or on the radioed dot com at crew is here. Gary has on the updates Paul Levy produce and help all you have a poll question I. I imagine something to do with gambling right pollen. Off course. Now you are you messed up. Home brew black. Once again had dynamite set up policy poll question on gambling. And use this to say you bet on it lasts. Permanent job. Now we missed the moment you right there for the Dinah dynamic drop in Monte I miss the value on that and Zeller right and so look at. Little too we'll get back at that we'll try that again the 7 o'clock hour the phone numbers 3450910. Season townsfolk were supposed to be up anatomy and will always dislike you it's still 602 in the morning. On Twitter at list box sports 910. That's how you can it is up. We cannot do this morning we got a lot we have about so let's get right to hear your headlines back rua's morning edition. First word out that headlines in the weeks since Royce morning edition on fox sports and I text. And Syria on this Tuesday may fifteenth 2008. Team's first. Game one of the Western Conference finals and it was Golden State go on ahead in the second half and never looking back. Very much the way it's up a couple of sac fly that. Casey out super team for distance. River to river distance he got a lot more than just that 37 for Kevin Durant it all was said and done and that was after you take some time off at the end of the third quarter. When he yelled at Steve Kirk why you figure me out. Played Johnson 48 both pivotal in the second half as the warriors opened up this thing in quarters three quarters for it just kept going on runs. He called a spurt and go to Iran it was any time the rockets would feel close. Including the end of the third when this thing got down to seven when it looked like the rockets would have a plate. The words just come not afford to go to thirteen to four run pool ahead used to use the 93 spurt. They come back with five minutes left to go to make it a five point game and Greg Dobbs and again it's another three. And the warriors pull ahead by ten it is yes. That much firepower on Golden State it every time Houston thought they got close. This guy like dangling the Cary Goldstein it would just portal way here's Steve Kerr on Kevin Durant performance last night. We wanna keep the ball moving. But obviously. You know Kevin is the ultimate luxury. Because of a play can break down. And you just on the ball and now. And he'd get your bucket is walls anybody on or not. The owner. Search through. Goes say loves a move they lobby group they love to get in transition as noticed by outscoring the rockets eighteen to the real fast break points. But there were times last night's speakers right they did it's a bailout program. Disputed the Durant I was down movie and I we got this is not exactly function the way that it should figured the gay deal over there is only good drive and score he'll step back and to jump shot or he just does something that so smooth and and dare I say because snide but. It's almost effortless at times he's so effortless at times it's scary. Gays aren't 41 for the rockets. Not enough rocket's done in by mistakes turnovers transition. And you add that up it's it's just who what when gold state gets going as Mike and Tony. Obviously terms for a reason we gotta we wanna beat them where the mentally sharper. Maybe he'll get. He's helped me honest and he was on the night and you can have that as delivered that and then make mental mistakes and that's what we do combinations two's devastating. It's true in a surgery it's a magnified when you play team like Golden State looks at sixteen turnovers is not going to kill you and most NBA games. Against Golden State will. Because especially when they turn and an eighteen fast break points. Adding a double digit deficit to most NBA teams is not insurmountable. But when it's cold state is just too much fire that every time you exert the energy to try to get close. Eating come in the proximity not tied up at the proximity of tying it up. They just. They have that much more firepower it just makes that hill even more steeper to climate. I'm more on this game coming up including Dre Ahman Green setting the tone the only way that dream on greed knows how to do so. And we got game two tonight between the Celtics and the cavaliers Brad Stevens to you again have this magical blueprint to stop LeBron James. We almost have tripled so you pretty darn good he's missed shots maybe like. The end of the day he's an unbelievable player who can get others involved things get himself involved in special. And you know. Again word you're only going to be able to do. So much against him try to do as many bodies as possible. And and we got to guard the other guys like that that's the thing like love him or hurt Smith. And Thompson's rebounds and everything else could we got to be much better make ensure we're there are smaller catches. Would die and this later on is this really is set up for a typical LeBron game two after game one loss or. This Boston Brad Stevens really have this magical blue print story number two. Hockey last night into his game two of the western finals. Down towards enterprise to a. Protects it long but it's stolen cars is so. It all on the back then. Greg Johnson & Johnson then march 2 zone makes it to nothing nights at 238 left in the first period. He would have another one nice bounce back up by adopted Vegas golden knights of the some rusting game on the comeback with a 31. Team to win that. Thomas Qatar also with the goal last night. 637 into the game as he goes back from an injury. Marc-Andre Fleury with thirty saves little shaky early on he did have a couple nice saves within the first seven minutes of this did have a helpful posts. We have one teammate clear outlook could have been a gold. But Vegas getting on the board first early and very much like the capitals in game two he Vegas golden knights hunting down pucks look at it turnovers getting turnovers. And generating things to happen. Much more together in the first period and you saw Saturday night. How the capitals come out tonight is the million dollar question for hockey fans around here. How the capitals respond to a 20 lead come on back home win both games in Tampa. And with the lightning and they wake up and get in his fight. Because they've been called conservative they've been called slowed in the gold out of sorts that's been Tampa and credit the capitals for doing that in the first two games. But we've game three tonight how much does this huge change does this series change ripped off the former NHL defenseman brining bomb. Who now covers the lighting works in their broadcast for fox sports south. You'll do this at 835. In advance. Of the puck dropping game three tonight in DC at 8 o'clock next. And pilots go to a baseball here where tonight the nationals return home after winning thirteen Democrats fifteen. After sweeping Arizona in four games in the desert. They come home to the Yankees very quick two game series in there will be offense there will be some pops out at that spark. How are you with all that firepower all the bats that the Yankees have always expecting the ground to move ordered shake like he did last night in San Francisco. A 3.5 magnitude earthquake in the middle of the giants' and reds' game. Some felt it last night Joey about it was that the played some fellas some so they only knew about because the lake shook. They've played on giants went ten to seven Andrew McCutcheon gets its 15100 career hit it kind of in no big deal. You know like a little rainstorm would come through your down the diamond it was a 3.5 earthquake oh no big deal it no problem this. He bought a heartbreak pelican or quick as he played. I've never been severed Cisco or open a cousin who lives there are great gig as a doctor pays very well beautiful place to live. But I could never move there there there's something about. The ground being able to move underneath my feet at any given time that I'm that they'll idea scares the be Jesus out of me. However last night. 3.5 earthquake to people out there. Why does he make the front page of the San Francisco chronicle. However in earthquake last night the giants. Beat the reds ten to seven. We will look ahead to tonight's game two quick setup of the Yankees and the nationals two nights of the most dynamic offense in baseball. Taking on what the top three pitching staffs in baseball. Her speech tonight and that's Clark's 70 by. And they are your headlines it is mackerel is morning edition on fox sports and I text. Oh guests appearing on the including attorney Daniel Wallach who is a national analysts don't gaming law and sports slow he's out of sports teams. And C sports operators. Prominent during the whole daily fantasy sports league controversy that was going on back and forth. I he's worked with casinos he probably saw yesterday on ESPN he's got a piece today in New York Post he's gonna join us on yesterday's ruling of the Supreme Court. Where you now have it in the states hands of what to do with sports gambling. And I. Know what they're just partied a listen diving and I condemn Donny and fascinated by this topic. And I'm not even a gambler. But I can do all three hours I wanna got a piece military today because I wanna go in different angles and different avenues when can I give you a little bit of a different spin and looked at what you've gotten over the past two ball. 41 hours because it it just happened surface. Basically we got off the air yesterday. But I organ to a couple different angles on the topic of sports and sports gambling. And there's the positive side some of you have there's the negative some you'll have and I'll listen to vote. And it could just conversation of what it will do for sports. I also very interested in what it will do to you affecting you. How does it affect you watching sports eyes affect how you now follows sports. And obviously the big question. Being a talk show in Richmond Virginia covering central Virginia I think the big question is when slash if does Virginia legalize sports gambling. But Daniel law will help us sort it all out out where to put a post up from him in New York Post this morning. They begin about fifteen minutes they'll throw a couple topics and set the show for today but give me about fifteen minutes and I wanna open up an honest discussion. About gambling and I I I sat always enjoy a phone calls I would like some phone calls and I'd like some tweets I like to hear your opinion about. In an open and honest discussion about gambling and moving forward and how it affects you. Because I'm sure you have thought about it in the past when he went out hours maybe impacts you maybe it doesn't kind of like the you're both sides. Given that coming up most doctor Ryan Wilson of CBS sports he covers the NFL because there is V sports angle to this and how the leagues are reacting. Which right now is basically wondering how exactly they get their cut if there is a cut at all. But go to next as I said I'd like to set up the show at a couple different things the right yeah. And next spores are supposed to be entertainment first and foremost. Well. I don't know how you're not entertain right now. And what are you most entertained by without that topic because as a couple different things that are going on right at the moment. By asking the question quote from the movie gladiator are you not entertained we'll do that here we'll do that next fox sports 910. And the radio dot com that. Hillary stepped down this field the past apartment like it was hard to get that back Perry steals and again after halftime break. It's a good indication tonight game away. Going Aramis it was the rain that that's Golden State put on a get it now let's cover step now welcome Craig Johnson saw enough covered Iguodala now. Degree of nets you slotting and it is just too and they never go away and that's the warriors. Last night they take it 119106. Four of the starting five in double digits Kevin Durant and played Thompson leading the way we it. Did a quick math 65 of the 119. From gold stays they take game one of the Western Conference finals. Days ardent 417. But not enough especially when your turn over the ball and making mistakes that we Houston did but what they asked me last night. I began started now we're sitting there and watch a little bit hockey cleared up some of the DVR. Being saved at times turning up by the way hope everybody's okay with a thunderstorms ripped through the area last night did a deal offered a little bit low grossly been just kinda hanging out in the night in the game goes on 9 o'clock which you know. Doing what Paula and I do get up at 3:30 in the morning usually don't watch a lot of games started nine however she city you stand up for this. And I said yes. Two reasons. One. I feel like this is going to be the best product that we get remaining in the NBA playoffs. Boston and Cleveland may end up being the most competitive we got game two tonight there's a lot talk about there. But I think for best product bash you know. Rockets. Mortars. Golden State Houston this this appears to be. And if you watched last night they display a step quicker bait it's more intense it's more firepower it's quicker. Even as impressive as Boston was in game one. It's still not what you saw on the floor last night as dominant as the bride can be. It's not what you saw last night and I thought for a couple months especially after the carrier ring injury in Boston. But this is your finals right here the winner of this series is going to be your eventual NBA champ. And might be very disrespectful to Boston because people keep underestimating Boston. I did I I think LeBron in Cleveland seven however you look at what Boston did the other night. The we just we keep looking at them saying all of their. That is just unfortunate what happened to their superstars they're just too banged up they won't go any farther. Out the case because they're up 1 nothing in the Eastern Conference finals you just don't get your flu. But. I look at them and looked LeBron as the broad. The bras amazing the brown will turn it on the night in game two however. You saw LeBron with more last year and you saw LeBron get ushered out in five games against gold state. So yeah I felt the winner of the west is going to be your champion barring a major injury or in the case of gold state major injuries because they can take on entry. They did this so much talent on the floor. The Hamptons five as they like to be called or I guess is the media has nicknamed them. Last night first half four points when they were on the floor together four points in the first half second half 39. Points differential first step minus 82 half plus ten. Field goals to a seven the Hamptons five in the first half twelve of nineteen in the second half. And assist to turnover ratio Oprah won in the first staff. Ate it for three in the second half boy that's who we called data on the show. Take that that data answer espn.com. They shut the door of the second half. And in this. Let her get back to talk about this the other day you. Yeah I understand greatness when you see it you got understand we've seen some special wood to about one of the greatest starting fives lineups in the history the NBA. Now the dollar goes board Zeta greatest ever because the at this is lineup of the bad boys as pretty darn impressive and pretty darn deep. We are talking about for eventual hall of Famer. Drama Kevin Durant step occurred were dumb but Klay Thompson talk about dream on green. And Kevin Durant is so we saw last night and it really is kind of freakish how he does this in an effortless fashion. There's just some shots Barry looks like he's warming up. And there's not other guys on the floor and he'd just so. Cool compact. Now let him run in transition. But it be stuck in the corner. If you stuck to the top of the key. OK it is a guy in front of okay. It really is so special and that's the performance of people love to get into the driver's Kevin Durant best player in the NBA fight. That's exit today of what they will point. And very much like the brawn. And it's on top and we saw this last year from governor and the files. He shines brightest on the biggest of stages and sometimes you get so. It's so easy to get lost in that town a Golden State. But Jack understandably so and stepped Currie is a difference maker goals it is a different team when he is on the floor. Probably because then you look over you go all right let's focus on staff we know what he means he knows what he does all hitting Kevin Durant a violated Clay Johnson or they're gone 918 and six of fifteen from three. We get a downloading Iguodala. And yes Jamont green. Look man drill log anywhere from may he give me a migraine every day. But there's a method to his madness now even he said last night when little bit too far getting a technical 63 seconds in pushing James Harden. But it does this feed her afterwards this is Steve Kerr were asked about drew Ahman Green and basically the question is. Are you gonna talk to him again try to change familiar try to re on back again. It's hard to describe what he does. Nobody's perfect modern day and it players' cards everybody in rebounds and passes and makes plays not. Obviously brings the energy in the competitiveness. That can drive the team so that I infantryman was Austin. You praise team earned green out throughout the playoffs for only having gotten one technical I didn't this year is considering he got a technical on the first 67 seconds at this game. Even have to talk to him a little bit about. Being mindful of that this theory. Durham on term knows what he's too he's going to be fine. A fair question. But he does and that that's the method to his madness and you could say is a loose candy good days reckless. Did not needed they got the technical that are really good blog that he borders on that line now I never condone the kicking. But there is a method to dream on that is and speaker that's the great sign of being a great boss Kyle let your town know what they gotta do to get where they need to be. Andrea Lyon last night only five points but he ends it would not assist eons it would two blocks eons of a nine rebounds. That Dexter had the spot right there and digest. I am I would kick back I say go stay in six if battery arrangement pick this morning and probably gonna Google state of five. As he goes state winning this unless somebody's ankle starts snapping in the middle of the sting god I hope not because I'm just going to do what I'm going to do for the next three weeks. I'm gonna kick back and watch the Daschle on sports and that's that's Golden State. And I thought about that last night as I went to bed after another like thirteen to nine run and they pooled ahead. Deploy everything about this at though it might be upon question to ask today. We gold stay doing what they did last ninety Houston with the Brian. And oh by the way you've got the most dynamic offense in baseball the road in New York Yankees. I want to just throw this question this morning and people can take it where ever they want right now. Like as this probably about once a year. I ask you today. Was the best show in its. 2018 as we sit here on the fifteen day Monday. Who or what just from the entertainment value and about five minutes we're a dive into the sports gambling aspect of bird talk about how you watch sports and how it may change. I'd like to go to flip side of that coin out to you today. Right now as we see here today and so you crews moved the two men. Ms. Whipple total blow less. There is a lot going on right underneath your nose were actively football completely out of this discussion. Because you do that the Yankees up two games and there will be some blip in the night between the caps game. Is it Alexander Ovechkin who right now has what nineteen points this post season clearly not just along for the ride the capitals. Is it a single state. The guy feel like no other story ends already it's going to be Golden State they're gonna win the title they're gonna beat the rockets in five they're going to be Boston they're going to be. Cleveland I'm not expecting much not expecting an upset I'm not expecting this to go off the rails I'm just Kagan back and watching. What is a great entertaining shows sports that would be the Golden State Warriors that you may hated. You may think that their bed for a league but by god they are entertaining. Doctor or do you. I know what you think you wherever you want is somebody this morning gonna jump bombings in Anchorage talk too much but gambling I don't gambling and sports. And I I open that discussion here coming up next and I welcome that. But on the pure side of just being entertained act through the question do you this morning. With Golden State with the Yankees come to net park question do you is what is the best show in sports right now. Send over your answer what ever it may be I look forward to talking with you about it this morning. Boy number is 345. 0910. Twitter handle at west box sports 910. Where's mackerel at all on fox sports 910. Is not a fanatic Guinea Guinea is an innocent caps fans are. Game three tonight rioting mob who works for fox sports on lightning analysts will join us in the 8 o'clock hour 8:35 this morning. Let me go to get in this thing to support a capsule taken amount. Leading to be believed factor the believe meter. But the capitals as they come out tonight up 20 west McIlroy fox sports 910 through a question that it is start up the show after watching. Well gold state dinner last night especially when they did in the second half led by Kevin Durant threw question action and what you take it wherever you want to. What is the best show in sports right now 2018. On pure entertainment value just hey. I wanna flip on sports like it's a television show. Who or what is the best entertainment. Is it Kevin Durant gold state. Is LeBron James is the Yankees taking on the nationals at night in a two game set which by the way. To rid of my knowledge tickets or golf or tomorrow night yankees in scherzer. Tomorrow night the cheapest one I saw was somewhere in the thirties that'll probably a lot as a lesbian time you do that that's in the 400 rebels seeking that I would love to have. There's a lot of things going on right now on and it is the time a European laws sports we talk about I think we got not to cover. Three hours that they were good here. Actually think we're kind of blessed by what's gone on so I leave it to you you sit home on Tuesday night a blip on the TV and you want sports to be entertaining. What are you watch it through 450910. On Twitter at west by exports 910. Now maybe somewhere down the road you sit know what a Tuesday night you're watching sports for a different reason. And this came down alive yesterday after we got off the air is a ruling that we've kind of been waiting for kind of expecting it was not a shocker. But the Supreme Court ruling to give states the go ahead to allow betting on. Ports. Yesterday met was each of the fifty states can now decide whether to make sports betting lawful it opens it up to them it opens up to the state is no longer federal. It's no longer just Vegas or a handful of state is now fair game. Now what is important to note is to keep in mind is the Supreme Court did not legalize sports gambling. That was not the rule. What it did go it removed. The prohibition. And put it on states to decide what they wanna do. So maybe your thing about open up a bookie office today I would hold back on after just the second. There. To gotta start this conversation not an admiral Downey dialogue loved had a conversation with you today whether you are excited about this or totally opposed to this. I've said this for years I have written about this in my column in the times dispatch I am a 100% for this I am a 100% for legalizing sports gambling on a 100%. For legalizing sports gambling in the commonwealth of Virginia. I know some of you are morally and religiously opposed to it and I respect that. I do and I don't I don't mean to jump on this topic would be in favor this topic in spite of you. All my point has been over the years is and I bell records and as. If people are morally against pornography. Cigarettes. Tobacco lottery out hall. All these other vices. And they're all industries that are legalized regulated and they are taxed. They are moneymakers they are big time money makers. And what you had here. There's two years ago a 149. Billion dollars illegally wagered in the United States. This in the American Gaming Association 2015149. Billion dollars gamble in America illegally. Four point seven billion illegally gamble on this horrible little. It's out there it's like cigarettes is like out ball it's out there people are doing it. Now it's time to bring it into the light from the dark. Now. Will you let us a deal. In in full honesty or disclosures and were on this topic and I'm making a personal angle. I'm excited as what happened I'm excited that it should happen I I hope it will come to Virginia. But I can tell right now I'm not going to be the guy out Saturday or Sunday is betting on games. My if my wife and I are out for a night in new casino I don't know somewhere maybe in new Kent hit it. We gambling has never been my thing. And I say despite I'd buy life is an open book there's an addictive personality trait that runs in my family there's addiction in my family I am visual of this stuff. I like to go to Vegas once a year that my ten dollar bets. It's fun it's and that's why like it's Vegas it's fun it's vacation means I do one time a year. I'm not going to be the person going out Saturday or Sunday lanes and action to end Tony a hundred dollars an account before NFL game and if I wanted to. I would be doing it already. I know three bogeys in my own personal life. I want an action agony got action. I'm not it's just dumb I think it. Vegas is fun. But he legalizing here in Virginia out there right now one boy you know me I'm cheap and sue. It impacts are watching game and how I do the show and I can't let that happen because this is my job. The facts are gambling happens. Legally and illegally. And more money is moved on the illegal bases that it is the legal basis and if you put this in the mainstream in the field regulated and if you want is people this morning. Who say. My god people are to be throwing games to retain the sports know that the you don't understand the process and I ask you to read up on the process. Because what they do to regulate gambling what they do in Vegas when they monitor lies they have mathematician will geniuses. Paula you know last night the over under of that game. Rockets bold statement the over under laws now zero to 25 and a half pulled the file score. Mentors to. Get people out there who are mathematical geniuses MIT Harvard grads they will monitor disturbances in lines. This this brings it out more transparent this brings it out mourned the light. This makes it more regulated this is if you are worried about the nature in the integrity of games this this is more of what you want and what you don't want. But I can localized to Virginia and that's who I'm talking to this morning. I put the poll question as soon as this broke yesterday bought you get the result as soon as the news broke within the hour football question. How many people here in Virginia. Would you want to see sports gambling legalized in Virginia. Current result apple question which are still running. 86%. Right now saying they would want Regina legalized sports gambling debt. Now. State law from what I understand your state law defines illegal gambling as a criminal offense and it is under something called the crimes involving morals and decency act. Which it covers like adult animal cruelty sex trafficking. It it. There's horse racing state lottery and other games that are allowed to be played sports gambling is still illegal in Virginia this morning. Before that would have to be before sports betting would be allowed the general assembly would have to change the law. I don't know where Virginia is an I don't know what Virginia will do. I know Virginia was aggressive with the fantasy sports act where they were told by the dealer fantasy leagues and there was the controversy there they. They said hey look if you would have Virginia residents participate in this well guess what you have to pay or not he would pay a monetary feet. And they were up and they were aggressive they're one of the first states if not the first state to do that. My gut feeling is Virginia the Carolinas I don't see them jumping as quickly as overseen with Mississippi west Virginian especially New Jersey. But over time. Depending on how many states and how many nearby states have this I don't know how you can afford to do it. So one last night they mapped out lake. States who will say knows states who will say yes states who will say yes and two years states it was so yes in five years Virginia was and one Matt saying yes in two years. The question that I have moving forward is. How does this work. Because I. Do you have certain sites you have locations. Is it like an ABC story can only go by and ABC Stewart by liquor you have to go into an establishment to gamble. We see the emergence of casinos you to heed the talk about the casino a nuke it with a monkey Indians. Colonial downs has got to have gambling to survive. I love horse racing preakness is coming up we'll preview it all Friday but you're not going to be able just to survive on horse racing and whatever they're talking about this. Sort of game machine that they're gonna have in their re can predict horse races that already went by that is going to lose appeal and about 27 minutes. That there's talk about did you do this in the stadium. Here's one thing to mull over an act and I'd. Like this is what I love your angle boil with our poll question this morning because this this and I would really love to know. And I would love your legitimate honest answer because we love to jump in these big topic consider landmark in the revolutionary. I'm just more adjusted and how it changes in how it impacts use to get me to poll question as you have a word of their Paul. With the federal ban lifted how you wager on sports lead to a more or less. The same or not at all. This is not gonna change me. Bit this may change how we do show a little bit. Because people wanna hear from the gambling angle they wanna hear the over honors they wanna hear the trends the analytic they wanna hear about. Who covered the spread how many times in the season weather conditions but look I. I know this gonna impact certain guests that we're gonna have to have on the show. At the same time I can tell you personally it's just you know Saturday's I'll be at lane stadium or Scott stadium Sundays I'll be home with the couch. And I. I know began Lee sack and impact my life because it it if it was or it could I be doing it already it's just not my thing. Vegas is fun may be a date night out with the wave and there's a big game what may be laid a couple bucks in the Super Bowl but I. Do not see myself walking into an establishment every weekend or jump in on an apple my phone I could do that right now if band tool were droppings. But I I would be interested as you hear about this and you hear how this impacts sports and we'll get that angle coming a little bit later on. President back you'll be digging yesterday yeah are rated as good as things are and where he's saying. Or you utterly appalled you think is gonna change sports. I'd like an open dialogue today leg and open discussion and I love to hear from 3450910. Point once again for example question brought you back call federal. But the federal ban on sports gambling now lifted how often Liu wager on sports more or less the same or not at all. Up at foxwoods Richmond dot com on Twitter at west fox sports 910 multiple question is always brought you back call federal. Actually no local banking fox sports night Ted. Your chance at a thousand dollars draft cash 1000 dollars brighten early on this Tuesday morning. Good chance to win and our network nationwide contests coming your way at 715. It's been a lot of money discussion on the show this morning. The question is not Brooke T by call federal with yesterday's ruling by the Supreme Court once again we get their practice to. Gambling sports gambling is not legal is not legal nationwide it is now legal if you were state chooses to deuce. We wanna know this morning with the Supreme Court ruling on sports gambling how often will you wager on sports when you can in US state. More. Less same men never. That's that they're the options were giving it does this change anything about you would sport has changed a thing. With the ability and maybe the possibility gambles Sunday at Virginia. And once again I I don't know what point you thought about this at all how this could work I put on different angles different forms of how. The different options I imagine there's got to be some tort type of technical angle there's got to be some sort of app. Which you have to probably. I would imagine have a credit on you have to have some. Some money in the bank is it can't be one of those things they can't seal world we live in just say put it on credit card back became happy can't go to Vegas you can't walk up to it. They had teller in Vegas and say it's put on a cart will be get. Yet now I have a lot of questions about this yesterday and I did there was a lot of stuff everything that I was reading yesterday pretty much was sort of asking the same but it was all conjecture at this point okay this is how could work. If this state does there's of these people did this it it's all. There's a lot of stuff up in the air right now so yeah I had a lot of questions about how exactly you get into were especially different aspects of it like. Mobile game mean what this means war. Leagues like the NFL and the daily fantasy leagues and things like that so they were there was a lot of lot of steps to open year for me and see we'll get to the angle of this about the NFL and Major League Baseball in the NBA he's been on top it is the NFL is now saying. Date they wanna for Mac. And in some ways yesterday the NFL was there they were sad that they lost this there are also happy. They want congress to pass let legislation. And luck as Daniel Wallach when he joins us attorney dialogue. We pass that already is this now going to be on a state by state basis is it going to be something now or congress has stepped in say okay. Here's the blueprint here is the format. Here's how it's going to work here's what you can and cannot do and I I honestly I don't know some of these questions. We had this feeling we've had this almost forecast where did paid attention what's been going on with New Jersey for the Supreme Court. That this was going to be done unconstitutional. That this was going to open up with summer called pandora's box now what they don't want is this to be pandora's box they want this to be. Regulated legislated. On the state level but how it works. That's now the next question okay it's going to happen and we're asking you how much impacts you. I am glad to hear it if you think it's going to cause problems. If you have issues I know people brought up addiction rates rising I think it's all fair game. Because I will say this about gambling there is a high when you win. And there is that feel when you lose and there is that feel of IE. I I was born width. Yeah that there is a citizen addiction personality. Disorder in my family you know I have an autograph on it was not augur an aunt who is addicted to painkillers. Forty on my dad's side of family is like regimented. Guy I know I go to casino with so many dollars in my pocket and that's where it states. I don't buy lose five games I'm not gonna load up with a six game to get it back it's how I am wired but I would tell you there are people who wore. And I don't know by getting his question before Paula do you know what the most wagered on sporting event of the week is. Of the week a week in I'll give team in the month of September through December deal with the most wagered on sporting event is each week a football game. Yes but what football game all NFL game what NFL game. Sunday night Sunday night as people are trying to make their money back. Omar game I may have back. Numbers have got to be in my favor out heard on this one. You don't because I don't you go out to Vegas in March you put down a few bucks since March mesquite you you don't do the NFL and what do you. I do in summer I'll bust of a sister with a you do the over under our center of the hundred bucks but she won't do a game during the season. No won't touch a game Alter its proud game with such an NFL game in due to Super Bowl this year. And that's why I know what I'm answering and having this conversation honestly it's it's not going to change who I am. And if there is a casino opened up Marcus in my life and are gonna go out to dinner and let's see we got there and it was bowl sure. I made fifty bucks and miserable but I am not. If they do this establishment. Like I hate when his people I can drive by liquor store and I have to pick a bottom maker's mark every time. I would be able to drive by either there's a hot game on the night I got a hot meal ideas. I know how it impacts I watch a game a -- store before about the first eagles' big usable. I got six and a half I watch it all game not hoping the Eagles would win just hoping it would cover the spread and and it went about 400 bucks like it was good that day also lifestyle. You gotta know who you are alive some people don't and that's scary part about sports gambling rule and it there's also an excitement. Get back this is 7 o'clock out of the poll question is up for you how does this impact you can gamble more or less the same we're never. Fox sports Richmond act out.