Wes McElroy - Hour 1 - (4-12-18)

Wes McElroy
Thursday, April 12th

Wes recaps a wild night in baseball and looks at the NBA playoff picture in the first hour. 


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Some no yeah and you know this. Yeah west McIlroy yeah. Fox sports 910 fox sports Richmond dot top. Only show at 34509. Tad more email west and fox sports Richmond dot job experience. He is the man the last McIlroy you know all. Loved her just thanks Craig and his stuff on this Thursday where the NBA playoff field is set. The NHL but I else they're under way the Yankees and the Red Sox are back hate each other. And I guess that makes all right in the world will go in on this very. Is. Busy morning. Including how can you win tickets to opening night tomorrow night the diamond to see the flying squirrels and the alleyway and that. Before the game is to meet and greet with Fred McGriff the crime bill the five time all star. Stick around I would tell you how you can win the whole key into boot hold should back the whole package. As we'll celebrate opening day in the RV eight tomorrow. Welcome maintenance tomorrow today. We say good morning to you listening you don't fox sports 910 or on the radio dot com apps say good morning to the crew. Gary has all the updates try to cram about 50000 to ten pound bag for his update today. And going to be producing. Answering the phones. And donning his Philadelphia 76ers trust the putt process teacher and there's no trust trust. And I am Donna my grip in my voice today sixers go into the post season as the number three seed knowledge drama last night I had Red Sox yankees on TV I was who have been around I'd Red Sox yankees basically MTV. Padma vote on different games I'm trying to wrangle much my little girls crawling now so that's. Yeah that's this sorry crawling literally trying to wrangle her around the house and take care her checkbook or the sixers and their I think it was 4614. In the second quarter when I've looked over Mike get. We're gonna hear and I game was over real fat not not a lot of drama here six is gonna go in as the 3 scene I am good good night. And seriously attempt to get to that organization you can debate whether or not trust the process you can debate whether or not tanking work but the organization that has been the butt of NBA jokes. The definitely the basement they have been in the employers and the occupiers of the basement of the NBA for about a half a decade. Looking like gave very formidable foe going into the post season as they win last night in who'll they face well. Let's dive into it all because it is set the skip today's headlines mackerel is morning edition on this Thursday morning. First word out that headlines. Since Royce morning edition on fox sports and I text and a and saying here on this Thursday April 12 2008. Scene where the NBA playoffs are set that story number one missed. Some of begins Saturday and some will begin Sunday. We'll start with the wizards after a very lackluster effort last night in a loss to Orlando they didn't play John Wall not on back to back nights however. Exactly the end of the season on a high note if you will. Be lose to the worst place team in the east Orlando 10192. I'm not sure of Washington just thought they could. Kind of putts through this game just can't allow a gag along an intern and on the fourth quarter. But whatever it was it it failed this like a shot. Tired of 25 in the fourth quarter 34% of the game seriously not inspiring at all. Not leaving morale high as they will go as the eight seed and they will take on Toronto as the number one seed on Saturday say what you want about Serrano. This was a team right now. Lackluster is putting it nicely. Boston will face the bucks who end up as the seven seat after their defeat to Philadelphia last night the Celtics and obviously going into it out carry Irving. It will be the onions the sixers who get a triple double last night mark L olds and their win over the bucks. He had thirteen ten and ten in 25 minutes off the bench. Youngest player in NBA history to registered triple double nineteen years and 300 in seventeen days. Think about this a couple of weeks ago you can know in this guy was gonna play in the NBA. No one really thought it was gonna play this season. And now he's put in a triple double the last in the regular season. You got a young team and filly does is this guy like the young members the elder statesman. The young ins is the veterans Philadelphia Miami actually be 813 verse six matchup. And if that means we get four verse five. Cleveland and Indiana. LeBron James. And Lance Stephenson. Get the blow means out maybe because that's who we get in the first round Cleveland ending its first its regular season losing to New York last night LeBron. Ten points he got his ten we got a couple rebounds he played ten minutes and 33 seconds then he rested the remainder of the night. LeBron James rested and ready to go into the post season. Feel pretty good going into the post season want to pull through the filters like him you know and and none of us this picture myself personally. At a get in there had to get his double digits at a guess ten. It is that Michael Jordan wrecker what is now 800 in how many games he's got ten points in the first tapped beat Jordan a couple weeks back but. How do you district gone. Credit the rough LeBron James first on his entire career. At 33 years of age he played all 82 games. And Cleveland will go in as the number four seed so that's east over to the west. And we'll start here we Houston Minnesota they won their winner take all game last night great through the great fear great drama. Granite that the winner of this game was going to be post season jump for the number one seed but still. You get these two would it take golf. And it goes overtime to rules beat the nuggets 112106. In OT they get the ace by some of the Houston and Minnesota. Minnesota in the back in the post season for the first time since 2004. Golden State San Antonio. They'll start things all that's the 27. No step most likely knows that occurred for the first round Portland the number three seed who could be dangerous. They got a sixteen in New Orleans. And the number four verse number five number four. Russell Westbrook who last night he'd sixteen rebounds average a triple double for second year in a row he got that and then sells. Driving right away from Westwood side that George W. Bush to let her hair ball what's forecast of six. As the Oklahoma City radio network he got when he last night he actually got. Philly guy ate right navigate in that would twenty rebounds underway at 137123. To finish up the regular season at 4834. Ironically let's gets six points twenty rebounds and nineteen assists. Marks only the second time in his career but he missed the triple double because of points. And six on the night. It got a triple double he got the average they got the win. And now they will go in as the fourth seed so NBA post season is set. Sixteen in sixteen slotted. The question is. How many realistically can actually win this whole thing I'll dive into that coming up. Story number two. NBA piles get ready to start this weekend NHL playoffs got underway last night. And boy I'll say this. He's dead Eagles and the sixers because the flyers gave yen nine last night. Serve save me. Store you can get back I. Back. It was Crosby it was factory. Paula that the the horn last night the hockey org that the goal warned it just felt like it was don't get it felt it when you Dore Gold gets stuck. They just stays on that's would have felt like last that China's largest kept an armory peak of the loop the penguins beat the flyers in game one of their series seven in ten nothing it. Seven. It's like 48 to nothing in the NH and that NFL seven to nothing last night Sidney Crosby yes that was his goal yes that was is accurate. Yes that was Mike lying on the Pittsburgh Penguins radio network. Once again I I had intentions of watching this last night started on penguins rode three up in the first the MacBook ever good. Crosby had a crew couple crazy goals last night and won once again this guy starting to perfect. The art of tapping pucks in when their float their flying in here sometimes you get a deflection and a good smack it and it's basically right now it feels like they're serving them Sidney Crosby is finding a way just backhand and it. What brought hand a million to some weight get a deflection and put the puck in the net. Skinny Malkin also with me who read your highlight reel goal last night it was overwhelming the flyers take a 10 series lead. Never good style and he got a point your goalie before the end of game one. Winnipeg jumping up on Minnesota three Tuesday in game one in overtime. And what is the story of the year and hockey. That would mean the Las Vegas the expansion Las Vegas golden knights. How. It would be the first and it would be the only goal needed as Las Vegas in the story continues. They will last night ones it that was your only goal. They defeat the LA kings and what. Utterly did you happen to catch the pregame introductions from Las Vegas. All I saw the are you dumb when the night skated out on today though lights the lights on my gosh what a presentation it. It felt like they should charge ticket for admission just to see. Before the game that was very much that was the perfect encapsulation of Vegas right there. 365. Days ago this team was eighty logo and a marketing campaign now they're up one nothing in their playoff series against the LA kings. And let's get mackerel is morning edition off with a little baseball. I'll get to the nets who with marathon with the Braves yesterday before losing. I'll get to the Rockies and San Diego who don't see eye to eye and did not last night they came to blows. As did the Red Sox and the Yankees. And that's why it's drill here. They slam. Thrown. This time it's for real. Unlike the last time. Is it tackles. Noticing some egyptians have to that's one. The Red Sox and yankees. Boston getting drilled. Clearly there. Slider thing here very quiet on the earlier in the game. This is really. And it was Korea that is NASA on the call last night assault began in the bottom of the third with Tyler Alston slid into second base. Any. It is somewhat late slide on Red Sox Red Sox shortstop brought Cole which SA somewhat late because if you say. The Red Sox fans they would tell he was absolutely deliberate if you say the Yankees fans it was just the baseball play. And Alston did have cleats up. Forced out there is to begin yardage other bands cleared badges eventually players and eventually back to the bench. And that was until the seventh inning when in 97 mile per hour fastballs he discerned there from Joseph Kelly the Red Sox it's all sit in the back of his left elbow. This was after he missed the pitch before. I love when guys do that theme gets yeah all right a gauging yet you get one throw that's the rule yet one throw retaliation if you miss it's on you know. This second one got him posting got a parade slammed the bad they're ground and then came bald Russian after Kelly benches cleared you that Red Sox players. You at Yankee players unit coach is going to edit the red area judge had somebody in a headlock which that was. You see air judge in Giancarlo Stanton out there that you get into a melee and you look up you see those do. Both benches clear and you can say what you want about this series you can say what you want about ESPN air in this thing too many times you can save what you want about some doubt as baseball's only story. The with a Red Sox and the Yankees get together and they don't like each other awan they're good and B when they don't like each other. That is a great story for baseball and you add it to you gotta go down at the road out last night in Fenway. We'll get the moral baseball including a newsworthy day of the nationals. Some good news mostly not great. Will dive into that as well. That is mackerel is morning edition on this Thursday morning on fox sports night ten. All guest appearing on the two. Capitals TV broadcaster for NBC sports Washington our buddy Joseph Bennett not he will join us is the capitals in the Columbus Blue Jackets they begin their series tonight. We are two weeks away from the NFL draft and a Michael Robinson in the NFL network in studio as well as risk analyst. Eric Alco for optimum scouting and the sporting news. Redskins releasing their pre season schedule last night I have. You very brief very minimal Bolton that we'll dive into those. And our friends from the flying squirrels will be stopped and over in the studio to date those woods knew what the diamond. When new things we might seem we might hear and we may be eating it as opening day is tomorrow night. And I will be giving away today to tickets to opening night tomorrow night. As well as two passes to go to a meet and greet with Frederick grip before the game stick around I will outside out of windows coming up. Paulus got a poll question. And welcome back we'll take a look at the first round the NBA playoffs could we get surprises. Or are we gonna bust out a lot Shaw. And are you more likely to adopt basketball playoffs or Stanley Cup Playoffs this time a year. We got a busy Thursday I can set it because it's true we got a very busy Thursday thanks for started off with us mornings and mackerel at fox sports nights and and a radio how. The united today at a row it's a road the sixers report straight Floyd's the when he 58 to bloody parade. 835. Point let me. Mark gale force last night youngest NBA player with a triple double. As the sixers will go in as a three ECB MBA playoffs are set us back right by exports ninths and all right I imagine and by the way Paul is the guy who runs the sound bites motto I imagine there's going to be more sixers calls today the flyers calls. All because there's no fires call to give you. Exactly had they actually scored last night and on embarrass themselves may be they they would have called table later it has come and I looked and nice six this year. He gears yet the flyers are dead to me. Until they write their own some last night they aren't a look I'm I'm fine with losing in the Lama fine with losing but can you I don't you're spoiled by winning right now though and though I can be OK hey I've earned it. IE I am finally okay you you lost the first game but to get embarrassed like that. On the in the first game of the post season I just. In there's something about the Pittsburgh Penguins haven't beaten them all year but in the post season. They just take it up another level it doesn't matter what they've done in the regular season they just in the post season and that's what they do physical good hockey stories that we're not talking about right now I'm. I guess it's hockey. I get it doesn't appeal to the masses it's not mainstream America but I'm the one that we're told yesterday at Los Vegas golden knights the fact you have an expansion team in the post season. You can go back a couple of years ago back when the Carolina Panthers I think it was both. Carolina and Jacksonville second year. That they end up in the post season if you looked this up on me I may be wrong but I believe both were in the respective championship games. I think. Green Bay beat Carolina their second year. And they Jacksonville wasn't in the AFC championship but they got in the post season play being sued yesterday. It is golden knights were a nothing they were and nobody last year and now they're winning the Pacific division by setting games you have an expansion team in the post season. And hockey I keep the beauty about the NHL playoffs Stanley Cup Playoffs they are completely unpredictable. We're gonna go here to the NBA post season that you just waking up this morning that the order is set. Last night you let things sort itself out Philadelphia by a blown out Milwaukee bill going as a three seed that makes Cleveland a four seed wizards just. It was kind of pathetic watching that last night I get to John Wall wasn't in there but that felt like a tangled emotions I got no me. I mean I I have no faith no emotional connection I have no energy whatsoever for the wizards in the post season. And I I do believe they were better all be a seventh seed now jeeps and ball that way last night but who you have Miami winning. But I it I just. You can say what you want you got to believe in Toronto but the other number one seed for a reason and the wizards. In a matter of weeks of plummeted to the eighth seed so I got I got no hope for them generals. There's hope. Now are they as good as other years now. Do I believe absolutely not because last year Pauly. Let you or your last year next year I went away called always and I'd I don't leap of faith with the capitals Lister I thought that everything. They needed to get to the files I member of the legal thing I've I was Charlie Brown last year and I believed it was the point in time where Lucy was going to actually Charlie Brown kick the football. And then what happens flat on her back in despair and it wasn't crazy at the outset the post season despite the history and everything we capitals and that it wasn't crazy they work. Last year felt like the a year. This year. Under radar. It now. Not as good as last year but under the radar people don't have the expectations I guess I Mikey. Hiking enthusiast depicting either Boston or Tampa Bay out of the east but it hockey that's. It is the least predictable post season. NBA of their right now NBA feels like it's gonna come down to. Golden State Houston in the west. I would be shocked I really would be in and Portland are given the chance but I think Whitney Houston and they sustain an injury yesterday. Goldstein is gonna have to go the first round was like without staff current in the gonna have to go all cylinders run and in the end it it still is gonna be shot in the NBA you more than likely gonna get Houston and your negate Golden State in the east. Cleveland will be there until somebody beats him not picked predicting against them. And right now I I think Philip. But it's chalky in the NBA the NHL is very unpredictable. And that's why you need caught up in the NHL that's why the it'll probably give you more story lines the NBA is gonna get better ratings the NHL's gonna give you better story lines but you gonna get some upsets and some craziness along the way. But you got two good story is not you got Vegas and as much as poet is only hear about this morning you do the banquets golf for three straight title. It's an easier earlier questioned the jags and Panthers the jaguars in the second season were nine and seven dignity AFC championship game loss to the patriots. And the Panthers lost in the NFC championship game TD. Packers in the second they were twelve and for the a year and a but still that. You know you just not supposed to make the postseason in your inaugural year expansion in both those teams their inaugural seasons not good Panthers were seven and nine the jags were foreign twelve I'd go to every expectancy that we did this yesterday we did most of the baseball yesterday your teams lose in 9798. Games Vegas is an incredible story. They're up 1 nothing this morning against the kings. What will go to Joba and nodding about the caps a little bit later on as far as the MBA goes. I don't. I wanna see the first round surprise I could see as Milwaukee over Boston. However the way Milwaukee got what last night Eric but Boston is depleted adults in the wizards beaten Toronto. Adults in the sixers at the sixers Miami could be a fun series just because you have this veteran experience against a team. Is based at basically zero playoff experience. And yeah I just wanna see Lance Stephenson LeBron James that's the only reason I got the four in the five for Cleveland and Indiana. Peels or chunky in the east your your chalky in the west. But the only set so it's game on Saturday and Sunday and by the way the wizards and Toronto begin 530. On Saturday. The schedule released last night. We'll get it Paula always working on a poll question we'll give another commercial break to finalize that in coming up next. It's just better win this happens house explained I'm talking about next Wes mackerel and more as a McIlroy. Fox sports night ten. That's why you. Dave O'Brien and called mess and last night is my man party just text me said baseball god grumpy yesterday. Usually get this in the middle of July it's about a hundred degrees out guys and play and six days to re miserable in mr. wives and their kids it is what it is that their own bed. But no you guys to bench clears yesterday in baseball right there and as the Red Sox and yankees as yesterday it. It started in the third inning when Tyler Austin slid into second Red Sox shortstop Rocco took. It's a bit of exception. And I don't think it was. Intentional it was a hard slide maybe a little bit of a beef that the cleats the spikes were up. But the real beef came in 897 mile per hour fastball up warnings later when Joseph Kelly as you heard right there put it to the back left elbow. And Alston. He stood there there was one before they missed which I'm a big believer of you get one pitch you get with about baseball's unwritten rules. Got to be one of them you get to retaliate I'm not a big fan of the retaliation kind of fund be moronic that you're taking. Something it's a rock and shocking and somebody on a miles an hour you know because things could go wrong. However. You get one pitch and if you mess that's on you. Under Kelly lives up there was another one this one connects benches clear Red Sox yankees coaches players. -- judge got somebody that had not Giancarlo stand just kinda he's police in the scene this guy I mean if you're Red Sox. Again it's real and you got to defend your guys and you gotta get out there. You gotta have your head on this Willis he were standing in judge are considered too big big boys Brock hold even said after the game last night did he watch them coming out is like a year out I'm not trying to get involved with those still not even not giving it trying to I did hear that a Smart move it's a business move if you can find that audio it it you're exactly right that's a business movie even gotten it. Even get a little tongue in cheek like yeah and it goes through trees over there and we know exactly where they are act. I thought that was a fun game last night even before the fight goes right to begin now a little weird scenario in the beginning game David Price said. The new calling a sensation in his hand. He comes out against the triple up to Stanton and then Gary Sanchez Gary Sanchez had whom shots last night first one. Bob Costas even didn't know once saw Lanny just went into the Boston Scott it was a quick peak he'd go beat is all. No one saw it. I sit atop the show there's some people. Look I'm a baseball guy. If you give me cardinals brewers on a Wednesday night thrown on TV ousted their watch I enjoy baseball. I get the app I get the extra innings it is unhappy baseball's back and ecstatic we got opening night to morning good weather. But there is something that is just right in the world when the Yankees and Red Sox or good pennies or you're two teams that are going to be. They gonna be in at the American League east. Orioles. Blue jays rays. Thanks to play along but it's gonna come down to these two. And there's always something better about baseball when these two are good and they don't get along. You may lower the Dallas Cowboys you may load the New England Patriots but football the NFL is just a little bit better when the cowboys and patriots matter. The Brian James Golden State you may not want to see them again in the finals that would be your best rated finals this year. Singular baseball there's a lot of other stores or baseball and I applaud baseball workable weeks and you got the NFL draft you get post season and both the NHL in the NBA baseball's hold its weight with story lines between showing donning. The start of the Houston Astros what's going on in New York would both teams and this last night. Baseball. Best thing for baseball is stories. You'll me your me baseball guy we can dive in to the pitches in the strikes in the CRA's. And the ward who wins against a book replacement button. The best thing for baseball. The more stories the better. And yesterday the story was as party said people are getting grumpy. Now they're putting Colorado and San Diego. That would doubt know there are noddle. I whom he charged last night it was the picture from San Diego Luis superdome always he he whipped a 97 mile an hour fastball behind his back I briefly read this went back to Tuesday night there is beef about. But Rockies reliever Scott oberg hate San Diego's and popular men will Margo in net in the ribs. He got place in the ten day disabled list and then yesterday I couldn't keep up with the those guys are wing and each other there is thrown back and forth. And violate err not Obama his brother plays for the flying squirrels know NIC I guess not and they they do is. They went at it now. Paul or I'll go here here's your poll question because there was a moment of this where I watch this fight go down rested come on man and yet and have. We are quick to other guys also got him before Aaron on a southern city before the game so this was it was retaliation and there is retaliation for retaliation. So based on these two fights our poll question this morning. Will be more embarrassing to watch on TV afterwards. You gain punched in the face. Or you running away from a fight. At a would you least rather Citi may be your best bull question of all time. Because it's true pay it if you're a baseball player and boy it was runs by me earlier you think about it. Sports center. Internet mlb.com. Social media you know where you always get played over and over and over again and you have in this moment where are not a goes out for dove it. Takes the gloves and I get to buy yourself some time he shocks it and are not Egypt throws it like it's another baseball. Which in English and what he missed or legs but in the realm of fighting you hold the guy from bum rushing your vital time. But then it's the Weasley back pedaling if the running away. If you're going to have the stones to chuck the ball is somebody. Statin like command and don't back pedal because what he's doing as you back panel and bison time that the boys come out and help you out. And the good that the what if you saw the Yankees Red Sox brawl Joseph Kelly when he it's Tyler Austin he slams about Doug Joseph Kelly walks towards Texas c'mon let's go to the zoo this street cred which I did I can respect that. It could do but a big month when I look also say this I I will respect. For goma back it up and biased down to is boys get out there but would you keep doing unit but as you said though the pain of having to like yourself next day. Back pedaling that little weasel. It's good if not don't open your street cred and not only a what do you make out and you noted sports talk analysts sports talk show hosts are going to break that down to like. Did c'mon really insecure secure way I'm so good he said he Kelly steps through predominant. No longer any keeps and it's funny kids. Aaron I don't keep swipe down and he misses it by centimeters he's almost connecting. They were a maker's parent that I did lead to one of those ads as. Seriously yesterday felt like a day in July or August the dog days are guys are just sick they need a break they're done with the game. We're in April and you had. You to give more teams come to blows yesterday I like your poll question we're gonna whip it poll question brought you Vical federal will be more embarrassing to watch on TV afterwards you getting punched in the face or you running away from a fight we are putting a pull up. But by exports Richmond dot com and you can also go to Twitter west fox sports nine. One zero come back. Tell you can win these tickets tomorrow night's opening night the flying squirrels I can get this meet and greet with Fred McGriff. End. We seem to love this part of the news it's just kind of an addiction as a fan we get into that we argue about it. And at the end of the day does that really matter probably not. But since it matters I'll bring it up next west mackerel by exports nights and and radio dot com. He's got the flights just today in Major League Baseball between Red Sox and yankees and the the Rockies and the Padres we have taken vote. We've rescue. Will be more embarrassing to have to watch a replay the next day over and over and over again you getting punched in the face. Or you backpedaling and running away from the fight like Louise for goma pitcher the Padres. The vote. Cool question brought you by golf federally notified sports Richmond dot com Wes fox sports 910. Just waking up NBA playoffs are set. We'll recap how'd sets up an ease in the west at the top of the hour you would again to that hockey. Last night. Hockey tonight with caps in the Columbus Blue Jackets less than an hour from now 735 Joseph bed and not able to us from NBC sports Washington. You can Jordan as the vote numbers 34509103450910. We will also get into football because we are two weeks away from the draft. Honest question. At this point right now. Can you get an updraft. Can begin up my doctor askew again NFL draft news. Where you start to reach here's reaches saturation point. I'd be items under reached my saturation point I was wonder about that I mean it's like mock draft six point 07 point oh the Iran now from those guys I'm trying to space and out. However. You're right you get to a bunch of my dress you get to this he did that break down you're basically the same people say the same thing. But this year with the quarterbacks it is intriguing because it's not just one or two we've got into different years he's got back w.s go with a Carson wins dear god. I think maybe this all starts with back to the Peyton Manning Ryan leap days. Maybe even before that but you you kind of look at quarterbacks need to okay that guy's going to be successful he's gonna be a ball. And you feel like you've got to take the party line don't want the other oh he's the bum he's gonna be the hall of Famer. Medicinal way this feels like you go back tonight I'm not saying that these quarterbacks are going to reportedly turned out to be this class but in a way. 1983. You didn't just have one or two quarterbacks you had this pool of quarterbacks. You read Elway you had Marino united Todd black wage you you had a rule of court did Jim Kelly yeah there's crew of quarterbacks coming out. This year. I don't over yet one off him or not 93. But there is this element of okay. He will be a bus and he'll be just died and an uphill OW it'll be a winner he'll be a loser McGee got. It's not just pick one or the other because you've got five and I I ultimately think you're gonna get six quarterbacks go in the first round. I think some was gonna make a move and pick Mason Rudolph in the first round quarterback at Oklahoma State. So I haven't felt myself tiring of the topics I will tell you away. I'm fighting myself getting attacked here on just the quarterback conversation because there's a lot of good talent out there. There's a lot this this draft is being regard as deep. And the Redskins sit there at thirteen. The way the court if there's a run on quarterbacks and appears skinned Spaniard you're hoping that there's a run on quarterbacks because that just keeps pushing better town back and back and back. Especially the defensive talent. Our body air gal go this morning news is gonna join us coming updated 7:20 this morning. I do obviously what a dive into the quarterback conversation because I'm I'm adjusted to see the mixing in the matching. It feels in a way like the bachelor the bachelorette. Who's who's gonna end up getting paired with who what team you're looking at Agassi bigger mayfield Broncos. Expect may feel New York magazine Josh Rosen in New York. There's also some good defensive talent including Jermaine Edmonds out of Virginia Tech. You you have wrote wants Smith out of Georgia who just is a stunt he's an act. Both him and Jermaine Edmonds I say this with the highest regards they're both freakish. They really are they both play the position and they're just all over the Hugo a lot of fun to watch I. I hope they're games translate to the NFL because they are both just fun people to watch play defense that defensive football. You got to rod Payne you got invited via I won't vote to Eric it it this does good debt and we'll look at the quarterback race up front but it also sorts happening guys get pushed back. Would be the best option for the Redskins thirteen and could have been possibility that one of those two linebackers ball backed the Redskins thirteen. And Erica I saw yesterday on Twitter out of it was joke around our views and mine are abused just think you know out. But he's got a scenario how the patriots could end up in the top four. We'll talk to him in less than half an hour from now 34509103450910. And also on Twitter at west fox sports 910. So we got going on here all night I didn't bring this up yesterday. Because you have mixed reports of whether or not vehicles gonna get rid of its. Color rushed uniforms. The this happened against 23 nights ago you had conflicting reports where. There is the is the broadcasting seminar that's going on. Its go out in Vegas. And boxes president got up and say yeah ever. We're doing away with the color rush uniforms on Thursday night we don't we've got there's a football box you'll need any gimmicks where it's gonna give you street football. And you can clearly tell. That box has been paying attention before they put down this massive billions upon billions upon billion dollar five year deal. You can tell fox has been due in notes. You don't box has been. Collecting data of what fans want. Their arguments their issues with there's an apple ball. It really feels like fox is putting the onus on Thursday at football but there. They're gonna either one approximate and of their 4 o'clock with Fox News doesn't have a Sunday night or does not a Monday nighter there are looking to make Thursday night a big to do. Strahan Bradshaw out longer to be in the broadcast it sounds like things after Peyton Manning said no it. Feels like they're gonna be Erin Andrews Joe Buck Troy Aikman. They're trying to go big on Thursday night and they're saying hey we want we want a book better games. We were at a better schedule we don't need to worry about the color rushed uniforms. You had conflicting reports from Mike here full of the NFL network who I imagine somebody NF LLC a put this out there because we don't want this to say are you know what year you're Nike your partners able wouldn't go with what. It sounds like the color Russian reforms could end up. Either on. I don't know Sunday Monday night sounds like they're not gonna be exclusive to Thursday night football anymore. You may not to Wear them Thursday. But they may have to Wear them at one point in the season. Circle back to what I've been saying all along I said this last year. And our I would do it on Thursday night I would do it to add to Fox's broadcast. We are infatuated. Wit baseball. When the NBA does this. I would go with a throwback Thursday uniform. I would go back I way to bond Denver I would break out the orange crush. About the patriots I would go with the red the white pants the patriot on the side in the in the football and three point stance. I would. Ekuban Houston Texans and I know the franchise new organization went to Tennessee. Break out the Houston oiler uniforms when I got the oiler uniforms with the Texas logo on the side helmet. I I'm not a big that some of the color Russian reforms are okay. A guy like the 49ers all black the chiefs all read pretty good Jacksonville's was atrocious. Tennessee's laws embed the all blue but. It if you wanna get creative if you really wanna get creative and you wanna have a hook. It's like moths to a flame for some reason we all love the throwback to play well the throwback Thursday. And break up throwback uniforms on Thursday night. But it doesn't sound like the color rushed uniforms are officially dead they just may appear on a Sunday 1 o'clock A may hide them Sunday 1 o'clock when your team plays the browns. 7 o'clock hour speaker of the browser that end up on the Redskins pre season schedule. I got released last night I give you three very brief reasons of why it's relevant. Plus how and why and I do these tickets to go meet Fred McGriff tomorrow night talk about that next fox sports 910.