Wes McElroy - Hour 1 - (3-13-18)

Wes McElroy
Tuesday, March 13th

Wes discusses a few NFL teams preparing to make moves during the legal tampering period in the first hour. 


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Make some noise. You know this. Ask not go wrong and fox sports. Fox sports Richmond dot com. On the show it 34509. Attack or email west at fox force Richmond doc out here he is he is the man last smack overall off center in on this Tuesday march 13 2018. Thank you for Franken is up 1 morning. Where the game of choice in America might be a bracket contests. How to right now in the NFL. It is the mix and match game it has begun it. The quarterback position we'll tell you what went down while you were sleeping. We had an historic hockey moment last night on ice we have a move in baseball for the fans. Especially if you have little kids. And the basketball resumes tonight with the first two. Of war playing games good morning tabloid either cannot say good morning to those listening in on fox sports 910. Or on the radio dot com at the crew is all here Gary has dissolved the updates Pauly DE producing the show up. We will get a poll question from Pauly. We will right now poll question of course we I want in the dire. About what I don't know who that's usually the fun part. Contact the show 3450910. The email was fox sports Richmond dot com and if you wanna shoot me a quick quick little tweet. They handle is at list spot sports 910. Very much looking forward to the show today very much looking forward guest on the show and including. You VA assistant coach Jason Wilford back with this on the program the assistant coach of the who's. It's critical minutes notice though join us in the 7 o'clock hour as they prepare for UMBC's. On Friday. And could Ford have in Richmond's own Jason will put back witness for double millions coming up 720s. So. Sick all you who bands set an alarm you don't wanna miss that. Right now is this party what we have in store when I. I don't have enough time to do fluff. We got enough stuff to get through today let's dive right in with the headlines of the morning. First word out that headlines. Since. Royce morning edition on fox sports and I text from Syria on this march 13 at three story lines you need to know as you wake up this morning story number one next. NFL free agency it does not officially open for another 36 hours however yesterday the league's official tampering period began. Yes legal tampering. And ironic is that it it oxymoron it definitely sounds like it. Meaning it it was going on illegally the end of Oakland do anything to stop it so years ago they decide to build a window make an official. Two days were teams and agents can actually talk. And you know like beautiful Los to do get everybody talking about them. And that's what we're doing this morning as according to ESPN's Adam show after the first team to have their quarterback. The Denver Broncos. And their quarterback is. He's he you know. In an effort to lift the Broncos back into the post season to avoid the dreaded. The Broncos have gone you don't case keep them expect a signed with the Broncos tomorrow afternoon when free agency opens up officially. The thirty year old quarterback coming off an 113 mark taking a vikings to the NFC championship game however he is moving on the the Broncos moving on pretty much know that they were out of the Kirk cousins sweepstakes. Denver knew that they had to make a move and John Elway. How's the lying go it's it's better the devil you know than the one that you don't. Elway going the route of free agency with an established quarterback rather than dressed in a guy at number five well because. LA and drafting quarterback how exactly worked out in the past. This is your first domino to drop in the free agency market this is the first domino to drop in the quarterback carousel the NFL. And now makes you wonder what the Broncos might do number five to either put something around case Keenan in this offense. To add to that defense. War now do they become a target for a team a trade partner for a team to move up so they can go get their quarterback. Adam chapter also reporting last night with free agency opens up if you redskin fan and you had delusions or illusions of grandeur having Alan Robinson outside. Outs but the throw to don't. Yeah that's not gonna happen because it looks like everything is set up for him to join the Bill Ayers tomorrow at 4 o'clock. We joined by Ryan Wilson CBS sports dot com on this move on the Robinson move on who's next. And as soon as things open up tomorrow will we get a call on this guy's story number 20. Yes. Regency doesn't open tomorrow however yesterday. It was Toppert Kirk cousins to say goodbye to Washington. And he deed in a letter. To fans on his website. And included some mysterious tags at the bottom of it. But give little snippy here what cousins right T he rode out and reached out to fans saying. As I'm about to make one of the bigger decisions in my life I'll be saying goodbye to my familiar life as a redskin. After Colin Washington hope for the past six years the team is decided to move to another option and it turned. My family and I will be moving on as well look at that sneaky guys there spinning it on the team first. They've moved in different directions so I guess we will as well. Knowing I will not be putting or a Redskins Jersey next season it's hard to look back at all that's taken place and not become emotional. And he goes on the bank players he goes on to bring up some fun stuff with teammates and concludes it. There is no way I would be where Mac today without the leadership of the Redskins organization coach gruden and Bruce Allen Dan Snyder thank you for all the opportunities you gaming. Wouldn't Cooper some day I asked hey dad what was it like to play for the Redskins. I'll proudly tell them it was a dream come true. And she'll throw a couple of things in that conversation is to forget Soto but we'll just believe this to a happy place for Kirk cousins to leave. So Kirk cousins says Dubai now it's nice it's sincere I don't know how many people read it because what became a story about thirty minutes. After this thing hit the Internet was in the bottom. When he does the html tags. It's the jets and the vikings appearing in the tax. Now Washington's in their. NFL's in there but it the tags were vikings. Jets up all you do our social media post explain this to me when you put up oppose what is the what is the the purpose of having attacker keyword. So a tag can basically optimize your your search engine optimization so people search for certain. Words. If you're getting enough clicks you generate enough. Ted generate enough traffic to your website it'll appear higher on the search when someone goes to the Internet search something OK but when you put up your post. You put these in the sound like the Internet polls anything out of what you've written right you you have to give the tagged manually exactly and that's how I will do it at the bottom of our posts I will type in words like say if I if I opened up an interview it would like when I post our interview with coach Wilfred to out tang. Virginia Cavaliers men's basketball things like that I but I have to write and then. I'm wondering if this was done by Kirk. Was this done by somebody in his crew. Somebody trying to be a funny guy. I I can't see Kirk's down and laptop type and it's not like you and then posting it to the web without somebody reading it without somebody going through without somebody saying hey. Let me double check your work we should leave anybody out maybe didn't. You know make this sound sled Nader or mistakenly say anything. And figure at least gets peruse by somebody else. Or it was Kurt just. You know trying to have a little fun be a little quirky. And and somebody told the taken down which it was down within thirty minutes of it being posted. Tags and note jags I do think it's the jets and Minnesota maybe Arizona can still find a way in the mix but all signs appearing this going to be the jets and the vikings. The report out there yesterday by Tonto Cerro of the unit on network. Minnesota calling about Drew Brees. You've got at least kick the tires. You've got to at least call. And Smart money says the breeze stays in New Orleans but they look there's no done deal. And you know until there's a done deal boards 4 o'clock tomorrow you've got to at least call and take your shot Drew Brees. However the vikings the jets no longer the Broncos it's those two teams in the Kirk doesn't sweepstakes and the two questions are about Kirk cousins. Won the obvious where does he end up. The second. Get to the Charles Robinson piece yesterday from Yahoo! Sports. Kirk cousins actually get the first fully guaranteed contract by quarterback. In the NFL. On this story number three another guy Andy city. Ladies and gentlemen number 600 for Alexander Ovechkin. Nominated fraud lose it but I helicopters don't stick will soon whether they're. Live now it's. More they have water. You know lucky lady this morning it's garnered 600. No it's good that they love that name literary. Sandra benched in two goals five not in and number 600 that's John Walton on the cause the casket 832 overtime win last night. Against Winnipeg over etched in. Whose plays entire career with the capitals now the 200 player in the history of the game. The score -- twentieth player in history of the game to score 600 goals in his career at 32 years are 1776. Days old. He is the thirty youngest player. And if you really wanna put this in perspective. Of X gained the sixth player in NHL history to score 600 career goals. And do it with one franchise the other guys you might her album. Gordy out Steve Kaiser and in May area alone you. Joe Sakic. And a guy by the name about a whole. Number 42 last night and a 599 number 600 obedient cascading to win and collecting their eighty big point of the season. And puts them back at top of the metropolitan division. I got a question about the movie as thing about this last night. And how how we view him in terms of other all time greats in sports. And who might be Alexander Ovechkin is other sports comparison and get that out on coming up give me a couple minutes who died in that but they are your three stories of the night. As mackerel is morning edition of numbers 3450910. Twitter handle is at west by exports 910. August appearing on the we'll talk to link gas and Donny and CBS six. Lane it was up in Brooklyn with the who's in for a very short time with the Hokies will be installed them both schools as they go into the tournament. We also have Brian Wilson from CBS sports will go around the NFL with him and Bryant Alley from the sports capital dot com. He'll join us as he was at movies historic night last night. Plus today the start. Of the voting. The first two region of McIlroy his movie madness we will release the movies. We will do one region each day this week who released the matchups a little bit later on but coming up next. One domino has fallen according to add chapters the Broncos in case he won domino has fallen in the NFL quarterback Max game. Who'll and where could be next we'll tackle that as we start off on Monday Wes McIlroy mornings and mackerel at fox sports nods and and the radio dot com. One hour from now senatorial Johns I use this is coach Jason Oliver has. Is there pressure on his Virginia seems. They've handled every moment they've been in every moment but now it gets real now it's here now they're number one and everybody's got a four. Is it an issue is on the has to be stated in essence be addressed or is this team really exactly what evidence. No situation no moment is ever to be looking forward to going inside a locker room talking about to lose Jason will for Richmond's own Jason Wilford. As the who's number one in the country in action against UMBC. Delete game on Friday night. At that for you coming up about an hour from now Paul you thought your bracket last night or your. Or at least one of your brackets I filled it out. But I'm gonna go back and amended it's usually held do it especially once the six and eleven games player wants the eleven C games flake has depending on which seed. Makes it which team makes it might Amanda few Hispanic what do you officially it click and send. Have Thursday morning guy again was to do last minute. You gotta get it didn't make sure every detail that case is an injury I saw a guard from Cincinnati got injured yet out for a week or two. So yeah you gotta gotta watch those things you've done in order rush you know I know it's exciting and though it's like getting a present a Christmas morning and use one on rapid good. Got a little patience when it comes to the brackets. A little bracket fun a little bit later on with Mac Ruiz movie madness as the first region will be unveiled today. But as you wake up this morning to be just missed the top headlines and show after ESPN reporting. As it is the eagle tampering period of the NFL the first quarterback of the quarterback mix and match game has been locked up and that would be Denver. In case keynote. John Elway deciding guy yeah good draft anybody. And I'm gonna do the free agency thing because that while. I kind of worked out well the last dominant guy named Peyton. So he's the only case genome. Coming off a phenomenal year in Minnesota brings him in an analog I make sense. Not one to rebuild they got the defense they've got pieces. And I think Kirk cousins is a better quarterback in case kingdom but I also think both quarterbacks if you go to put them and category. They're both of the same there in the boat that the guy who you don't bring in two. Get on my shoulders and would lead to a championship. You bring in a quarterback because you have pieces around him. Were you bring in a suitable quarterback a guy who can make plays a guy who I would say. In the top doesn't that would put cousins in the top dozen on the public he's scheme there but about the same to your quarterback. You bring a man. And you use the pieces you utilize the pieces that you already. As John Elway trying to avoid rebuilding. Also comes at a much Bradley your calls thinker cousins and that way you don't have to cut other pieces and I've said that all along about Kirk cousins. Is he ends up in Denver certain things you wouldn't like for Kirk cousins to have in Denver they may not be there because they may have to be cap casualty to bringing it. They don't have to worry about that now or at least the extreme of that right now. You got Denver looks like they've got things in the Keenan. Cousins. It's gonna come down to the jets what Minnesota. You got AJ McCarron. Who many thought could and that we hue Jackson in Cleveland and still good to Brownsville could sign him it's not the realm of possibilities. But it sure makes it sure does feel like what they did this week it would Tyrod Taylor. He's going to breed bridge quarterback whom ever they drag it felt that way to me and it felt that way to Mike Jones of USA today when he joined us yesterday. Played totally humbled not totally but very much so. Green made themselves. Omni and in a surprising bastion to meet you knew they had a lot of cap money. And so you figure that they would go out there and creating seeds and make some noise but I don't think anybody expected the trades that they did not mean getting Tyrod Taylor Derek Landry. On you know getting. Starting quarterback coming trading would sign ties there. Trader with any Shelton mean they'd just. Where. Really really active. They took Owens salaries but they still have a lot of money to spend. I mean just. They're not that there were how do you really want to get this thing turned around in a hurry. You know says Jozy what the browns but all the dress that they made about the trades they made including Tyrod Taylor. What it could do to impact the Brown's one. And it for an impact really the top ten draft. Well I think now they have a lot of flexibility because. Yes Tyrod Taylor is a bridge guy. But they didn't have to go out there in free agency and spend a lot of money to get AJ McCarron. And so now they've got flexibility so if they want to draft a guy. Early on either one of four they can that they really don't have to do it right there and if they say that there's a guy that maybe he's. You know at the top of the second round but they can develop behind. Tyra Taylor if somebody wants to come up in trade up to them they can move down and get more picks. In the draft if they see another guy that's not a quarterback that they wanna take. Then they can do that and they just gave themselves all kind of creativity and flexibility. At that spot. But 'cause they're not such dire straits. He gets more impact players. And see is that one option there about the trading is what is really intriguing to me because you can throw budget hypotheticals up on the board. It could go get the quarterback that they want number one. We can do yet. And what you can see is by you get them at one and you say all right get sequent Barkley get somebody else make a Fitzpatrick at number four. And what you could happen or where you can add Cleveland say you know what we're. We like to cobble quarterback somebody offers that somebody for number one. You know we'll slide back to 23. 56. But what I find to be interesting here is Cleveland gets the quarterback that they want at one. Does this trigger a rush on quarterbacks does this trigger a Russian teams now jumping up. Denver seems to have their quarterback they could be a contender they could be a player to make trade. What happens if you wanna get ahead quickly what happens if you wanna get ahead the giants are in there you got the colts and there. Those teams you know you got Eli you got Andrew Luck who wants to make a move and one thing to watch out for yesterday. The bills make in the trade with Cincinnati forty Glenn and part of that deal the Bengals in the bills agreed to split the swap first round picks. And that means that Cincinnati when nugget number 21 and the bills will get number twelve. And the bills are the twelfth overall pick they still have the 22 overall they got prepared to round selections and they got the first pick of the third round. The bills are going after quarterback. The question is which one. And the question is how far up will they go to get one. You'll make moves like this to do his job. You jump for a reason you jump for a guy and based on what the bills having their first three rounds. They are loaded to make another move Paula does it seemed familiar doesn't sound for Mary do you at all sounds a little bit light but the Eagles that a couple of years and the Internet to get Carson went to do it with the dolphins to get the thirteen and popped up to number two yup went thirteen to eight and then eight to two and they made that move with the browns and that's how they got there now maybe the browns open the making a move that one because they have four. Maybe the browns could still go out and engage AJ McCarron that's their quarterback moving forward and then eight. Maybe you find a way to keep your two picks in the top twelve. I'll ask Brian Wilson CBS sports among the many things this morning I wanna ask him which one of these quarterbacks does he see buffalo making these strategic moves more. And they are strategic. Which means I I think they've got a quarterback in my sounds like they've already. To sort of nother turn in the talent agent Peter men and after his it debuted last season. He is. There's a thing back in the day Paul you don't drink. My cousins I used to do this thing we're read we you know we we get together for a weekend we get together for a night we have good case of beer hang out. But we we get a good case of beer and then what you would do is you get a cheap case to be air and you throw it in the fridge. And that would be the adjusting Kay's case. That would be the 1 where it's 3 o'clock in the morning I want another beer all the good stuff gone but I want another beer so I'll just go get that beer. That's the just in case case Nathan Peter Mann is adjusting case case and they Biederman and are seeing. He may be the bridge quarterback in buffalo he may be the guy they put out there for one year until they get their guy groomed and I was hesitate when I say one season. It could be ass season it could be three quarters of the season long belong to the days where does it take you back. Where Doug Peterson played for an entire year to the Eagles got the Donovan McNabb it just doesn't happen especially when you're dressed and got the first round. But it does feel like Buffalo's got somebody in mind and they're making these strategic chess moves to jump up and leave and go over here. Who could that quarterback being. I guess. Let's say that for you coming up but you can weigh in the phone number 34509103450910. Twitter handle at west and fox sports nine ones you almost forgot the Twitter handle it's currently are only one cup of coffee yet. And I need a five hour energy don't forget to sign up for the five allergy real time bracket challenge. You have fox sports Richmond dot com and stood there and think that crossover right there. We come backs need to crossovers. Historic night for this gentleman. Where do you put among the greats. And how would you compare to greats in other sports will do that next bucks what's not dead. It's called love that knocked swing and I'm trying. I always. Everything. On fox sports night attack. Don't think it's brought elusive running out I got one additional day. You know I can't believe it's. The hour 600. Dolls. Really loved it look rare. Errol was it get a ticket last night you get the C 599. And see number 600 promote the John Wald and capitals radio network has served right here last night on fox sports 910. Twentieth flyers to get number 632. Years 176. Days old the third youngest player to score 600. Number 42 of the season and I love this that this really puts it in the context six player in NHL history to score 600. Forty gals do you Eisen in Mario LeMieux Joe Sakic. And Bobby hall that's 600 with one franchise. For some people chronicle what we're we're Gretzky there's. Well. There are no leaves on the list I was gonna say when it Maryland he's got to be there yet boarding house Steve Eisen in Maryland you Joe Sakic and Bobby hole. Boise the only Russian out of the six. He is in the first the first and only Russian the no Americans there while Canadians Brett Hull is on the list he's fourth all time. No Bobby all bought deal. Yes well Lloyd you're talking and nobody knows Canadians are a target 600 of all time. Well Bob Reynolds got 741 career goals as you were talking about your job is done by the players in the context of being with one franchise I'll be with one franchise then yes he's just one I'm talking all time list is only one who are the top five on the list top five analysts are Wayne Gretzky Gordy Howe yeah army or younger Brett hall and then. Marcel Dion and more so deal on the senate they go that's going our way back in the days of hockey. Oh really cavs getting the win collecting their 85 point of the season called the night brought to you by Dave and busters too and as far hoops happy hour starting on Thursday at 430. The games Iran we know you wanna watch and we know you probably work a little bit early so join us Dave and busters but their national. Pappas shot contest. That's all the guys last night on the 24 hour marathon of brackets on ESPN to do a little pot shot. We do as a Bob shopper door prizes though the national cuts as we Dave and buster's to bring you office over. Or go home get the family bring them for dinner short bolt west broad village it's Dave and buster's Thursday night for our hoops. Happy hour before we get off topic here. I was trying to think about this last night how you would compare ovitz can. Because he is in the category of all time greats if you did the 25 greatest hockey players if you do to stage of Torii five great hockey players of all time. How did eventually would be on that stage. Yes the worried penguin fans Sidney Crosby would be there as well I'm not trying to get into that debate. But Ovechkin and I've heard this conversation before or where he's. He's gone down as did Dan Marino of the old like the all time great to not win a title. And in a way he's not Marino because really actually be induced global green beans it was in the beginning his career loss to (%expletive) a Joseph Montana. But Marino was at least at one Super Bowl oh that's ever been doing conference championship round. Boy able rescue was a quarterback who would he bit a stunning about this last night he sports comparison. A great that we associate with a team. But he's never ever being never won a championship. You know why I can dig a as far as quarterbacks in a filly cash reminds me Philip Rivers. Philip Rivers put up really good numbers had a great career but in the playoffs. He's never gotten to a conference champion Jimmie never really gets that far. Maybe current player but of I'm telling of it that lets his at all times you're talking top 25 hockey player of all time here. I don't I think. You got a guy who's an all timer. And that you associate and here's the interesting twist because the two quarterbacks I thought of were Dan ballots and Warren Moon. With the unique aspect is you can take one guy like you think about franchises. Any NFL Major League Baseball NBA NHL whatever it may be and you associate one player that franchise who're you associating with the capitals. NB outs and patched yet. The thing about that you don't buy an all time great one franchise. To never win a championship and I at times he was I mean you could argue with Sidney Crosby they were 12 and sometimes went back and forth. Especially stats wise. There's nobody hit it stuffed the stat sheet linking amateur at the prominence right now Sidney Crosby is above out in a better because the Stanley Cup titles. I was trying to think of grace last night that we connect to a team. That never won a championship. I think about guys and that's in a question in different parts greats that we connect with a team we associate with one team. But they've never won a championship which is hard to do because we usually associated great with the team when they've won a title when they've achieved. I was I was I mean I struggled through baseball last night like Mike Schmidt you think of Phillies. But he won a World Series and eighty. Tony Gwynn Padres never won a World Series but they appear to the World Series in 1984. Anybody you can they go without your hand. We take a player you connect the with the team. They've never won a title. It's tough I can't really think of any off the top mine had the ones you mentioned were ones that I would come to mind that they've at least been there or they've won. I don't know. I don't know to ever happen with Jovian caps I really thought these past two seasons specialist yeah I thought Lester they had every single piece that they needed. Every singles but you know he. Even down to the fourth line I thought the day at every and I border unless you're nice you're a belt was the year but it would at least get to the Stanley Cup final. And I don't I don't know that'll ever happen in DC I don't know if he gets treated to another team and maybe is career ends up like re board were. The ends of getting a title down the road with somebody else but for only the career at the height. What he's done as a player he's lived up to it as an individual as a career. But it's just never produced Stanley Cup does he finish his career with the caps I don't think so I I I always hesitate with anybody. No because what I think he'll do is I think ultimately go back to Russia imply. Pays good money is gonna be open for the national team I don't as it was somebody else in the NHL. But I could see him gone back and finish his career over and wanna run I was of the TV retailers like guys that came jail cage Al. Other question out there on Twitter. What athlete do you associate with a team. It's never won a title. It's they get food to your question actually connect them with a team but they've never won a title. And you have a good quarterback is comparison for us for Alexander Ovechkin I know people always say Marino. Greatest to never win the super bull but I. In the real was at least in the Super Bowl. I'm think it may be war moon Dan Phelps you tell me out west fox sports 910. And Bryant now you'll join us. He was the game last night covering it for the sports capital dot com brand new website dedicated to DC sports. They'll be witness in the 8 o'clock hour west McIlroy mornings or mackerel at fox sports 910. Oh I can't wait to get that blow back. We'll release the first region of McIlroy his movie madness. We will do that at 705. And while you were sleeping when this went down in the NFL it's coming up but it's not be out there right now volley. This little game. Push push push. So what do we play this morning we are playing true or false it and keep it simple so shortfalls first up. Tiger Woods is the favorite to win the masters and a few weeks it's false. I pump the brakes everybody here everybody is still. Tiger was fantastic this weekend. Tiger held up this weekend tiger was in contention this weekend but this is where we all ruined this for everybody. It was great dad tiger back it exceeded expectations only four tournaments in. But the favorite. I mean if you if you walk away from the end of the masters on Sunday and you're disappointed. Your aggravated that tiger didn't win if you check things at the door right now. Is in the mix yet because the next few places are open it to Arnold Palmer invitational. And the gusts that he plays well. But he still own ball only four tournaments back. Enjoy it it was fun it was great being pulled back the TV by tiger and I get in Vegas in May be one of the favorites but. This isn't that the that the breaks your percent. You know the old tiger is back in what tiger is tiger competitive. And right now at this stage of the game. I would take that next. The times dispatch is named Justin Tillman is the state player of the year in Virginia and Tony Bennett as coach of the year shortfalls Justin Tillman is the state player of the year. True. If we're talking just individual accomplishments here because. I. I got a low blow back from UBA fans when I set I would have voted Todd Jerome higher that would count guy the only ACC team and cal guy got bursting. But I can say here we get to a phone conversation. I can make the case that tied to roams the player of the year from Virginia I can make gains cow guys I can make the case of the other hundreds. I would guess Isaiah Wilkens is. But out of the mix individual in most valuable player. Imagine VCU this year without doesn't Tillman years. Now so it was amazing he was averaging a double double in a fantastic season. And he did that while teams were double and triple teaming him so yup I'm comfortable with that Tony Bennett absolutely you coach of the year the beauty of Virginia. They don't need nor do they care about individual accolades how they roll is they role as a team we'll talk about this would Jason Wilford. When he joins these as the go to Virginia. They're getting better as a team then we'll look now but this team what they're doing seeing Jack Seoul Friday night. Seeing what not to Johnson contributed the first out of the championship game against North Carolina. And they consist wrought here now going on 67 games of mom and indeed keep day. We talk about that that X-Factor of football we talk about that utility your bench player baseball. Virginia is now getting contributions. They got six man of the year but they're also getting contributions from 789. And ten next. Virginia Tech head coach Justin Puente said yesterday that if there were game tomorrow Josh Jackson with starting quarterback. So true or false Josh taxable starting quarterback on liberty against the soon. And in hooker and Ryan what was believed to have suits them and say about that. I don't know I've heard a lot of good things about and in order. And I like things that Josh Jackson did last year but there's also a lot of things in his game I got a lot of questions basic fundamentals. Of certain throws certain decisions that he mix and I know we put our record setting numbers and I get that. But I. I wonder about certain things that are said about Josh Jackson by this coaching staff certain things that they appreciate. I wonder if they know that the ceilings is not. Just above where Josh Jackson is at right now I think ultimately if I had to make the call right now. I played safe the Josh Jackson does start in Tallahassee on them Monday night. But and it hooker. He's gonna get reps they're going to be missing a lot of key people in dolphins in in spring football. It's gonna give these guys more rats but when they get the training camp. Right now I'd go to save that I want to say Josh Jackson gets that start week one against Labor Day but this is wide open competition next. Speaking of safe bet it's true or false the UConn women's basketball team when he national championship is the closest thing we have to we see it in sports. Yet nothing's a sure bet but yet that's that's about as close as we've got and they've what. Five of the past six titles them and it. Three games they lost the past four years one I outer Mississippi State could they had that winning streak of a hundred games. Yet that's the I can't think of anything else. There's some people would tell you. Mom. Patriots winning AFC east. Who that's yet Whitney and that that's probably I don't ask your second don't think that I would still think you can prison it isn't he never Brady goes down with an injury now I. That's fair to say other that up with Twitter is UConn women winning the national championship the safest that the sport by the way graduation the Virginia women. Back in the tournament for the first time since 2010 and what or falling. ESPN announced this weekend that Joseph Testa tore war play Sean McDonough in the Monday Night Football Booth sure false this is an upgrade for ESPN. Sean McDonough. If you authority was to cut and dry and and I guess in the gruden had some conflicts and I guess grew you work with who you know who you like him into Rico fantastic together look at that. Joseph tests on Monday Shawmut done about what college football. I I don't see as an upgrade or downgrade. That's drew applause that's game job fox sports center and.