Wes McElroy - Hour 1 - (2-13-18)

Wes McElroy
Tuesday, February 13th

Wes discusses UVA making it to No. 1 in the AP Poll, another night of Olympic action and gives his Tuesday takeaways.


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Some noise and you know this. His last medical rule on fox sports and I intend fox sports Richmond got top. Called my show at 34509. Tad more email west and fox sports Richmond dot job experience. He is the man the last McIlroy more. Just didn't on this Tuesday thanks to Craig is up. Coming up I would tell you why yesterday it was a historic surprising. What historic day in Virginia. I would tell you Johnny men's cell can give back into the NFL. And what egg coach last night turned his play calling duties. Over to his players. Yes it happened last night in Oreo game. I'm fully come up. Welcome and thanks for listening in there on exports nights and over on the radio dot com at the crew is geared Gary has a busy body the updates. Only be producing the show up well. Busy body on the list and he's busy night Garry has is mood this morning because it's all hot to get to we've got to pack shows so let's listen I mean let's just open this can of worms up the only way we know how. The headlines of the morning mackerel is morning edition. First word out that headlines. Since. Royce morning edition on fox sports I suffer more and daily news Tuesday February 13. We'll surprise. Him Brad super as Virginia. Losing Saturday. And not only did they lose they lose to their arrival now Hokies. But just when you thought they lost the chains to be the number one team in the country the selection committee puts him there on Sunday. And then Monday they end up there as the number one team in the land. Not since December 1982. When Ralph Sampson was on the floor U haul that Virginia was number one in college basketball. Yesterday for the first time under Tony Bennett the first time in more than 35 years Virginia climbs to number one they get thirty of the 65 person place votes. More than was it by eighteen more than Michigan State. And despite the upset loss to Virginia Tech. And on a week where the top three teams all laws on the loss Virginia lost Purdue lost life. Tony Bennett's wahoos getting number one in the country. Are. And thought. I was surprised by this news. And I wasn't. And yes he can do vote. I would've thought Virginia losing on Saturday national TV did. With the offense struggling I assumed it was the perfect opportunity for all the doubters all the critics a look at say bit sick. As I averaging is not a best in a country. Not an involvement that's why they're not gonna win defense is great but it's not gonna win you championship I I was expecting to hear. The blow back I was expecting Virginia to be around them before. And voters to point that laws to an unranked team in and use it as MO. However with Villanova losing. Purdue losing twice and losing to Michigan State that's certainly should go out the vote. But I think this to be even more convincing. And I can't help but think of the selection committee has not announced that in the bracket the Virginia's number one team. I don't think this happens. I've figured at some major influence in the selection committee's announcement on Sunday when they at Virginia number one. And even after that loss Saturday the selection committee still had Virginia at number one and I guess in many AP voters while the committee's lead. When when Virginia loses and camp I'm still hasn't been number one. The selection committee still doesn't number along to your other choices took Els on the weekend. If you're gonna you're making do a double take and how your voting or mini thing. He's not number one and then you start realizing that you don't have enough information to back up your argument. I think Virginia should be number one. Now I'm surprised that they are. This week in the vote because it's a human vote. Based on merit based on resonating. Based on what Virginia's done so far in terms of winning and winning on the road in also factoring in how the selection committee now basis its weight in this quadrant system. Virginia should be the number one team in the country. And just because they lost one game their second all season it shouldn't yanked him back in the polls I've said this during college football season. If you got to poll. Rank who you think is the best overall that week it doesn't always have changed week to week. Just because you lose one time it doesn't mean and this is the automatic thought process they lost I got a drop them through. How bad a loss. Is this somebody Orleans. And other high seed school wins or somebody loses another high ski sides high seed school wins. Do I have to move them just because one loss in the other one. Oh. It today have a good win today had a bad laws. Don't always have to move things around. Virginia got wins over North Carolina duke at three in the war against the top 25 to nine to get the top fifty. The only team that is numerically better is Villanova. I can I can argue that they probably shouldn't had dropped out of the number one spot but considering injuries. Considering really bad loss at home to saint John's. Okay is their penalty I understand that. And I can also understand you take the state of Virginia right now on the state of Villanova with their injuries. I said the same thing last week neutral floor right now I'm taken Virginia to be Villanova. But I I've never subscribed every win adds to a resonate and every loss is a damaging blow. Poor college football and for college basketball. So I I don't think the AP got a right I also think the selection committee had a big influence on who ended up number one. We don't David seal the hall of fame rider of the daily press that he will join us to put this into president and historical perspective for Virginia. You beat the first team and ACC history to begin the season unranked. And ascend to number one in the nation. And Virginia the first team in the eight people ericsson's 1948. To move up to the number one ranking after losing the previous weeks. The previous weekend before the polls released so Virginia making history in more ways than just one. David you will be there and Dave came the voice of the who's will be here because Virginia. They put a night they got Miami 9 o'clock this evening and while this is all good news Virginia despite a loss. Virginia Saturday night showed something that they desperately need and while you may say offense. I mentally with the beauty really need. I knew that coming up plus you'll hear from the head coach of the number one team in all the land Tony Bennett. Port number is 34509103450910. Tour and at west fox sports 910. College basketball last night despite playing its third game in five days. North Carolina showing no signs of fatigue down the stretch they outscored Notre Dame sixteen to three in the final five minutes this game. And that was after I was after a thirteen oh run and Notre Dame pulled within four but. North Carolina clothes in the staying out. That three games in five days the ruins not too happy with the schedule makers over the slate but. No excuses or or from his team to get three in five days including duke and Notre Dame. Your idea in the Olympics last night. And I just sent this up that I I I have and I did don't know how to judge snowboarding. I haven't had that part of my career yet where I've taken that class. Not a lot of judges but I do know special when I see it. And Khloe Kim seventeen year old at a California win in the gold and half by. And applaud this morning. Let's Olympics there was the argument that she was the best snowboarders in the country outer she was thirteen she was told she's too young. So more years later last night she comes back if she put on a show. Absolutely crushes it in an earlier run so much she wins the gold medal doesn't even have to take her last run down the hill. Which he did it. Managed to do victory lap and to pull up back to back 1080s. And it. Would she cracked and on a first round to win the gold she had a better run or seconds 98. Point 25 I don't know what constitutes of 100. The goalie cam should act it is go again wrapping up a goal less that the teen USA. Going into the address and then down. Just knowing that I had. When local medalist. And sane and you know I've went and hugged everyone on my team men you know my coaches. And having and that's been their for me and them. But I was like just don't tell me like I don't want us are trying to have another and to do. That was special to see Paris and South Korea moved to California raced there in California but she returns home in. Agree at least say everything happens for a reason couldn't go four years ago. Four years later she comes back if she wins gold in her parents' native country. And god love Khloe Kim cure is a button flies through the air like a bird but total teenager. She's live tweeting. In the most pressure situation and now this is part of a whole generation and trying to understand. Which is tweeting before and after her runs she's noting noting that she's getting angry because she didn't finish your breakfast sandwich in the morning. She's three about making an ice cream run. There's always been part of me that wonders if you allow athletes alive tweet on the sidelines or on a bench. What exactly would we really find out what is exactly going on their mind. I know I don't think it would be as wholesome as Khloe Kim and tweeting about her breakfast sandwich of becoming angering. But they were just some thoughts of of a gold medalists going to read last night while she was on the way to historical. The lovely and talented anchor Sarah bloom we'll dress and NBC twelve he would discuss and preview the day ahead the Olympics and Sarah's watching last night. And I were in the same dilemma because we did not wanna go to bed after being so impressed Michael Kim. Our top or Tuesday pulling out looking ground always a topic on Tuesday we rank things. Today our top four Tuesday dealing with the Olympic club that Korea I got football game two including two guys who want back in the NFL. What is giant and Zell. The other is a redskin. Steve Kerr I gotta get this Steve Kerr last night stepping back. And letting his players coached the team during huddles. No state has been in this funk as of lately lost Scoble games you're down the stretch. Steve Kerr those guys were gassing it maybe a little bored. To try to get the all star break this weekend I just gave you know you value our two days before vacation just give me the next two days ago obligation. At some times NBA players audio ousting gray knows this because Steve Kerr played in the NBA. Speaker last night at his players not himself at his players running our bills during a game against Phoenix. Some voted to be genius some thought it to be disrespectful. I let you know what side I'm on coming up. We got always spoke question we got Tuesday takeaways we got goodies to give away but coming up next a historic day for you VA. But what do they really really need right now I'll tell you next deal fox sports nights and Wes McIlroy on the radio dot com app. You joke. An item on this Tuesday morning. It's 20 alcoholics. It is jeez I just don't double check debt to get that confirmed. Tuesday according to a historic Tuesday Virginia. Where you via number one in all the land David sealed the daily press will join us an hour from now put this in present and historical perspective Dave came the voice of the whose will join us later on. For Miami because Virginia they can't bask in the glory of being number one. Does it again and I against Miami. Now this is go to an exciting to Virginia. And we discuss this. Over the last week when it was a possibility. What is number one in the polls mean what. What is being number one in the eight people in February really mean or in the selection committee's eyes in the middle into it doesn't really mean. Big picture. Much. There if you are gonna remember who was number one in February when we get to April boy you can look this upcoming number ones we've had since the month of November. I don't remember anybody but the team cutting it down the beginning of April that's who we're gonna remember. But for Virginia. It does mean something and sure it. It has happened 35 years. And it's another milestone for what Tony Bennett has built up in Charlottesville that doesn't mean sought to Tony Bennett has accomplished alive his teams have accomplished a lot this program has accomplished in line in the past ten years and I go live to new one. Who would championship. Heart is to win in NCAA championship. Now is to win the NCAA tournament. Tony Bennett's teams have accomplished a lot. This though. And it its respect. From some out there would doubt him the past nine years. Because some people and I do think the selection committee putting Virginian number one made people do a double take and go. Put Michigan State down there. Before I would Villanova back there. Look at it can pom and I'm looking at this segment rankings and look at selection committee and look at the I drink and how they judge things. And just I know a thing on behalf ball writers and sports talk show host. We don't mind being wrong if we ruling stand on that hill. Where it won't mind being wrong if we really gonna go to bat or something but the argument of who's the best team in college basketball right now. It's a wide open category. And a lot of business business we don't always like to look wrong. So you start doing dive you start digging a little bit deeper and you realize you know I'd I can see why they have Virginia number one. I'm gonna put Virginia number one. And if you don't wanna put Virginia number one you better have the argument to back it up. And you saw a lot of people put Virginia number one the people. So look I think it means something. Any means to get it mean to get and won the selection committee I think you mean some and get number one from the AP. However what Virginia really does need right now. Yet anyway and yet they need to bounce back but what you saw on Saturday night sloppy play breakdowns uncharacteristic. Things. Virginia needs a break. They need a rest. And Mike boorda the times dispatch it was all us yesterday he was there in Charlottesville Saturday he's all the same thing this team is tired. Yeah and aging the E Street I think it would yes and I think it looked like a team that. Was tired of of a big undefeated and ACC play. Achievement had really put everything into every game this season. That really expended a lot of energy and at Florida State went. About bookings are actually looked like this season what sort of aware of them. I think that was the paper Virginia you know I don't. I don't have a huge red flag after that lost because. But they were just worn out and they routed to a team that played really part of really well against of them. I think some rest will do them well yeah the opposite of concerted looked a little bit like the NCAA tournament where they just couldn't buy a bucket prolonged stretches. But overall but that it just looked worn out. I totally agree this team looks like a team and he's arrest they looked fatigued. Alec negating what it what Virginia Tech did the other night. By Virginia looked like a team that the poll of having little hole in Florida State and in this big game against Virginia Tech looked like mistaken stole it looked like February it's taken stole. And we forget. Special to Virginia because they've only lost one time going in Saturday night. Seasons have peaks and valleys. And ups and downs. Now those season is just black students aren't Linear. There's ups and downs there's injuries and Virginians. Pay to their credit they've faced a lot of adversity and they just kind of move right passively quarter up the ducks back. But he's not always the case where it is water off a ducks back. Right now this team looks tired plus Tony Bennett revealing yesterday tied to Rome where and tape on his right hand. He spring is dumb and practice before the game that's why it was taped up against Virginia Tech team needs a break. And you get one. You'll actually get one for eight days but it's not until after they take on Miami tonight. Here's Tony Bennett and coach and who's. We'll find out after how how ready we are but that's the thing about basketball club would games frequently you you've got to be ready to go whether you have a big win. For a tough loss. You just get right back to it that I believe our guys are resilient and most college kids are. They don't hang on the stuff too long but it's about now preparing and give ourselves is right as we can for a good battle on Tuesday. Ralph writes in the show who's more happy about Virginia becoming number one in the country Virginia. Or Virginia Tech which. Just me if you raw surgery yesterday there is the Tug of war back and forth of Virginia Virginia if they wanna say yet we don't care but that loss Saturday. We're number one in the country and Virginia Tech fan would be the first to want to say congratulations. Guess why we just beat the number one team in the country. And I circle back to what I said yesterday my friends that is the beauty of a rivalry. Virginia Tech they and other big game tomorrow against duke. And while they're at the real victory was kicking yesterday that there was the reality did they're not a lot yet the NCAA tournament. Joseph minority in his latest wrecked out he's got to number eleven he's got them on the eleven line. And USA today's Brecht solid shall be massed on this yesterday he said the Hokies have not yet punched their ticket. Well and improve them greatly I do agree with the capabilities are disagree would bill. He said they're a lot for the termer right now to me at team has a lot when they can afford to lose every game on their schedule remaining. Humid pluck their first proper term again would still be a bit. Virginia Tech the last six regular season games left. Plus one in the terms of they lose seven that the limit eighteen at fourteen I don't look but not a lot by any stretch. They have improved their chances greatly I had them in the play in game going into the game against Virginia. They're now that I've got a an eight seed may be a man did appear that eight nab grange. Meaning that they could they can. They can absorb a couple more law does it still were still feel pretty confident about their chances but don't try to lose them all think your law. Where is Mac grew to five sports night Tenet Shelby mass USA today their brackets out as you hit up for review go to abided by exports Richmond dot com. And Virginia tech's while not in I do think it's exciting how they've looked how they look Saturday. And if they show more defensive consistency down the stretch they got the office. Doesn't Robinson's outstanding. They can score the defense and turnovers have been thorns in their side. But not Saturday night though Virginia to 34% shooting. They kept the ten turnovers or less. You still have those things the events of breakdowns meltdowns. And turnovers is there will be time. Well he's gonna buster success. Thought David steel ball fame writer for the daily press Newport News nip and those who join us in about an hour from now. Then we'll check in with Dave Cambridge. Virginia radio network as the law who's the number one team in the country try to get one more tonight. In any get an eight day rest. Jackie would DK in the 8 o'clock hour always got to poll question we'll get to that next plus. Guess what I have no team is changing its uniform and its helmet. We'll tell you that coming up next hey reminder guys. Valentine's Day and it's coming up tomorrow still can get pro flowers delivered to your Valentine pro flowers dot com use my code west and check out. And quite simply it's very easy you get 20% off any order of 29 dollars or more. Pro flowers dot com used to go to west it's not too late can still get delivered tomorrow. 20% off any ordered 29 dollars or more pro flowers dot com. Let's mackerel fox sports 910 and the radio dot com Matt. And Johnny Benz dug it back into the NF out. And what FL team to scrap at its Helm and it's uniforms. It as AD. The delay in our Tuesday takeaways in ten minutes from now west mackerel it by exports knives and radioed back on Matt. There's original plan a song. Because this wrong result the number one album in December of 1982. The last on the Virginia Cavaliers with a number one team in the country. And Paul. Because this happened long long before you were even born. My first cassette tape than it ever bought in my own Michael Jackson thriller I still remember the day and it's gonna date me. Along with many listening right now going to the record store is back in the days that record store. And I remember saving up enough money doing chores around the neighborhood that this was the tape but first set I ever bought a mile. You never bought a cassette into Ireland is not born in 1994 I actually did we get every sets yet when I was drawn out there we're still cassettes in the ninety's you remember your first won't know gosh I don't remember the first one it was a lot of is my night we had album. Gosh trying to think. Because we in my my parents bought a lot of them so we didn't I have no idea I was really young so I don't remember the first one. But we didn't cassette tapes and we had him at least of the cassette player in the car too sure. Mr. do you still have a cassette. Do I start Pakistan I have a stack of cassettes and CDs Ares America's everything's bound digital revising your iPod night I'm somewhere there's a closet. If you were familiar with the show friends Monica had a closet by you distort things and and that. We attic closet in our house which someday probably two decades from now we will go through. It's somewhere in there at the etiquette sets yes you. Still remember my first set that I bought my the first CD that I had Metallica black album Anderson and yes you are the first he always wrote the first. That's girls labeling active discussion is a family shall. What more fine we'll tell you what was going on the world the last time Virginia was number one in the country will do that coming up open up the show with Virginia. We'll take on Miami tonight we'll check in would Dave king in the voice of the whose later on also opened up the show with Khloe Kim dazzling America last night. Hello not a judge. Snowboarding but that was something special C last night she goes down the hill through times wraps a goal to get three times she only needed two times. But in the third Johnson said. Hold my breakfast sandwich because that's a two to about last night you said I was angry I didn't have my full breakfast sandwich but eventually down the mountain. Pulled through 1080s with Paul LA times around is 1080 do the math it's early in the morning 1080 units can impound. The full. The four. It three times doing that's three times they go geez even three your way to video game today. Now item I had a great great great game I've never played ten days and addictive addictive video game there was goldeneye. And Cheney aide were two very addictive games in college. Goalie Tim doing it for real last night absolutely spectacular and really. It goes back to the principle you really since may times during the Olympics we don't know exactly what we're watching but it's OK you can still be amazed even though you don't know. The judging or the rules to see her fly through the air so gracefully. To do the things that she did and land and a lot of people did not stick the landing to got a lot of problem winds going on over their bets have been canceled. The goalie cam magical last night as she brings it over teen USA third gold medal now six medals overall the United States and we're starting to get here restarted again it is just Tuesday but we're starting gets some stories and understand that is the basis the Genesis of always poll question of the morning it is soared today we're asking who's your favorite American so far at the Olympics are your options going to be Mirai Nagasu we talked a lot about yesterday the triple Axel red Gerrard also talked about yesterday another great snow boarder seventeen years old. Phenom I don't know these kids see this is this bad this is going to be good the Olympics because you get too young and so we've had this over the years would figure skaters and this was Shaun White you'll understand and out of bed last night. He had a magnificent run qualifier. But it's one in the Olympics when you get to know certain names and they come back four years from now at seventeen years of age. I think gives a future for both of these gains as exactly with the Olympics needs to with guys like Shaun White and Lindsey Vonn who work near in the end of their career I went young Americans cruised you know. And an atom rip on the figure skater the outspoken users can blisters and it wasn't xanax and drink there and explore a van. I go back to us and luckily Kim hundreds written you know some dog we disagree we want to know we re really want to know what our athletes are thinking. And we don't always like it but we want real and at all and Khloe Kim was angry and Adam replied what do Drake concerns enix. So right now crews are favored American is that we're asking after Ford as the Olympic luge apparent American so far at the Olympics are Nagasu ray Girard Khloe Kim or Adam upon an article put poll question up fox sports Richmond dot com on Twitter at Lewis fox sports 910. Point ire hunkered down here in studio it's early we better call people we are getting ready for women's ice hockey in. He went to bed last night this has been decided the IOC has allowed the US women to grab the statue of liberty on the goalie masks. You have to go is continuous in a coal Hensley and Alex brings be Agassi at the regal is the teen USA. But these two have the statue of liberty on their goalie masks and the ICU it. We don't know exactly about that because what does it point eight. It might be a violation of the official rule states that no item Warner or used by teaming feature quote the wording or lyrics from national anthems motivational words. Public or political messaging or slogans related to national identity but. Good thing it's the Olympics that's literally what we're represented is actually than it is what we never play in National Anthem with later. It must be because you only ever hear the instrumental version ever hear the instrument which is still very moving in and it darned if every time that the American flag doesn't rise in the center they've got the gold medal on their mound in the words I don't it'll teary eyed but stale. But I understand we're not be at bats would never freaking country out there. Review of data by the statue of liberty. Socket but if you're offended by liberty in general know some people walk and I get that its socket. That's an adversary I agree and it and and many others out there. We've we've bell got enough countries and we've all done enough people. Deal with it and is it no coincidence that we just happen to be plain the Olympic athletes from Russia going into this game due to statue of liberty on our masks. That's awesome goalie mask and others is can you put that picture but by exports Richmond Jack I'll die and I have that that's one of those things that just. I had a thing for goalie masks. I love goalie masks back I think that I can look at goalie Matt if you at a museum of goalie masks I would pay a hundred dollars to get him. I just love looking at different going met you a fan of the old time like that Jimmy Craig hockey mask where it looks like. A serial killer if there was a class toy VCU. The evolution of the goalie mask I would tend professor McIlroy notre don't know I would attended I would wanna win and attended I would I would learn I'd I'd love that's won geeky thing that I love about sports the evolution of the going met the different looks the different designs. Yet but he is that it there's sweet and yet. You keep lady liberty on their dang it. Later on point Ivan do our top or Tuesday we do this every single Tuesday we wrecked things. By what's the poor most important to us and today. Topic is if you had an incredible gift. A super human athletic power for two weeks. We're the four Olympic sports you would love to try you would love to experience now once again I note. You have to have these super human power. Of an athletic gifts because. Within these people men and women do is borderline superhero ASCII is amazing. And we do take our athletes for granted whether be football or basketball but he Olympics we we really do have no clue. So what is gonna put out that if we had the ability we had a super human power get to to us. It's athletic ability for two weeks before Olympic sports we would love to try. I rode out the Euro will recommend a 7 o'clock hour but what what's that one Olympic sport that'd be just yeah had. No fear uniting incredible athletic ability you love to give this a world. West fox sports 910. Point I'll do our top four Tuesday coming up. And 745. But coming up next is plays for Johnny Maine cell in the NFL. And Steve Kerr what he did last night genius or disrespectful. We'll explain that next west Mack wrote fox sports nine today and and radio dot com. Of course it is officially up for business. Always vote question of the day for every American so far at the Olympics Khloe Kim I don't respond. Write a guy assumed for visitors are third out our for the Archibald I read Gerard read your side. There you go. Simple question has been posted by exports Richmond I've come on Twitter at west fox sports 910. Ever listened to us in Chester. I'm going to be the Chester raceway being store. This Friday from 11119100. West hundred road Chester only mountain do it by exports 910 or be given away BC basketball tickets. Prizes from mountain doom portable basket hoops are going to be shoot hoops. At the Chester raceway. This Friday eleven to one I look forward to seeing and meeting new bear polling speaking of games. Push push push. It's got Tuesday takeaways with two gap over Paula. West what was your takeaways Steve currently Andre Iguodala David West and dream mongering from the team huddles during time outs but they won 2983. Warriors win over Phoenix first of all here's the anchor explained saying hey. It's not our team it's their team. I think that's one of the first things you have to. Consider as a coach Snyder team it's not Bob Myers team is not Jolie cooks came along not until Joseph that. It's it's a player's team it's their team and they have to take ownership of it. He's also coached. And he coached they're always looking for angle they're always looking for a way to get their message across. Golden State is. Now won three in a row but they had dropped three of their previous four. Steve Kerr was looking dude changeup. Stick. Yeah it's hard. Being this good every single night he abort melt season have been some of these guys is thinking I would like to do Daniels their break. You're rodeo star game I'm not so. Your mind in different plays to try to keep these guys focused I think is genius. You bring these guys in there aren't done well I wouldn't do. You look around you you guys we've got in focus because why you call one player but he called David West there was an explosion caught. And Jim Green last night miss this game with I think a sprained finger there's Dre line in that suit. Dray mind in a huddle with the erase board Ryan in the huddle his genius. And Samuel go as disrespectful to Phoenix last night and I love and personal Steve Kerr went over at the game exclaim what he's trying to do beans go to new prominent. And I don't know if Steve Kurds do in this against Cleveland Cavaliers. But. 12983. Thinks that he really had a problem that do something about it on the floor. I like I I I just I wonder. What would be like in other sports. The group it was those sideline I does really wish you did drawn up next. Johnny football once a comeback in an interview with Good Morning America that aired Monday the former Heisman Trophy winner an NFL bust Johnny Mann Zell said. He's been diagnosed as bipolar is taking medication for it and his goal is get back on the football field. But it ended the day near west staring at the ceiling by yourself and your back and that that depression and back in that. Holes and dark cold sitting in the room by yourself thinking about all the mistakes you made your life what does that get you quarter that gave me except on the NFL. So Tuesday take away is there a place for Johnny Mann Zell in the NFL for a total of about this before my own personal life might. My family has dealt with addiction. Imus to be my family dealt with the addiction painkillers alcoholism. There's certain things are diamonds LC yesterday that are keywords were right. I thought he was genuine where I think he's received help and I think he's got his life on the right track. As far as Johnny and Enzo getting back into the NFL. I don't see it right now one because Johnny Mann so even on a sane and healthy pat it's still too big of a risk as an NFL quarterback. What I would want to see Johnny Mendes Neil diamond's still has rights owned it with the Hamilton tiger cats in CF I'll go to her for a year. Showing that you can be around the game and be stable show me that you can be around the lifestyle of being with guys out of your own and you could be stable. And the staunchest Manhattan and I know that there were talks contract breakdown I still wanna Regina and those coming from because it's not like he's got a world full of options. But I told giant Intel if you really want back in the NFL. You don't ME years left your prime. Go to see if they'll show me what you can do to be stable for a year and then come back because you're gonna look like a better option but right now I don't see a place for joining Mensa on the National Football League. Tuesday take when what did you think of lane Johnson's comments about the New England Patriots would he says that the patriots are a quote. Fear based organization. And Johnson said via and ES and quote obviously they went belly up they win they want for a long time to I think people can enjoy driving people enjoying can say I had a lot of fun playing their. Now I don't that's just the God's honest truth. What do I think a link to the Victor go the spoils but what I would say about lane Johnson walked in Johnson's beyond just the Elaine Johnson's his own cat. How many rings you've got Harry rings Belichick's guy. Doug Peterson that is why Bill Belichick did it his way. Bill Belichick's been doing it's been working for consistently long time Paul fame esque goat of all time. Doug Peterson. I think I think it's of the Bruin and village it's really good for a long time I think Doug Peterson is a Smart coach not just the Phillies special but I think of bodily boy did you see that. Mike Pereira came out so the Phillies special was an illegal play yeah I did see that. Okay back to the point though. Just chilling. How do you feel good you beat the patriots anyway talk about other people's situations like. UN for morning called me back and tell me how the other guys doing at the wrong way next. As they take away after wearing them for just five years the Jacksonville Jaguars have decided dump their uniforms the team announced on Monday they'll be unveiling a new look for the 2018 season. And the good news for jaguars fans as they want to wait long to see new uniforms. According to the team the new look albeit they unveiled at some point in April. To do is they take what are you in favor of Jacksonville changing their uniforms and who's the next NFL team that you do this guy two part question yes I'm a fair Jacksonville changing their uniform I'd like that it. The jaguars spot and look but there's just there's a whole lot going on that uniform. There is something about less is more so it it could tell it doubt colors came. Using. The print of a cat I'm good with business there's way too much going on those uniforms and especially that helmet. As for who should be next. Tampa Bay. If she's never worked for me. Now I like the org you orange cream school look of years gone by I've been to not go back to. But to debate you just look at those uniforms and the alarm clock look at numbers on them everything in the colors just lawn where you can you can do better. You see certain things electorate can you better. Got giants I'd like to see him go back to the giants on their helmet. The Eagles just what mr. monus midnight greens they're never going back to Kelly green but the Buccaneers. And great nickname. The red Jersey look. Tuesday take away some fox sports 910 we come back. What exactly is going on the world the last time Virginia basketball is number one in the country we'll tell you next fox sports 910 and a radio dot com.