Wes McElroy - Hour 1 - (2-12-18)

Wes McElroy
Monday, February 12th

Wes talks the Hokeis upsetting the Wahoos and his weekend watching the Olympics.


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So no IPO. This. His last medical rolled on fox sports. Fox sports Richmond dot com. The only show in three bored by 09 tag or email west and blocks towards Richmond dot com Syrians he is the man the last medical roll more. And thanks Craig is up on Monday February 12 2018. And thanks for starting off another week good us. A week it will be little weekend it was coming up Virginia Tech plays party pressure but they did Dave do enough to burst the bubble. The Indy colts avenue head coaching yes this time it's for real. We have history at the Olympics in opening weekend and we had a cavaliers only forgetting about their history. The early part of this season and just worrying about the president well. At present looks pretty darn good as they actually put a beat down on Boston. Say good morning to those listening on fox sports nights and and those on the radio dot com mat crews there everyone's accounted for. Gary has on the updates Pauly. As always on Monday we'll take your winner and your worst of the weekend I know there was no football there was no games there's no playoffs there was those Super Bowl there's no parade Pauly. But life has moved on. This weekend full of things to discuss and watch and complain about. So I can go three hours with items from the weekend you yes you. He doubled with one thing to give me from the highlight of your sports weekend. One thing because yes we bought by nature or sports fans we are humans by nature you can find one thing that was good. And you can definitely find one thing that was dead one thing to complain about one thing to put you would assault the mood over the weekend one thing you cracked back about on Twitter. So I ask you on this Monday what is your winner what is your worst of the weekend. You can set it there was 34509103450910. The Twitter handle at west box sports 910. Poll would you not to get into this weekend there is a little ball toward the economic you Google Turkey. Is playing college basketball. What to way too much of the Olympics. Let's get into it all it's time for the headlines of the morning Matt it was morning edition. So first word out that headlines of the day. Since McIlroy is morning edition on fox sports and I intend. Free throw is no good short track. I've had zero sprinting down the mayor's side angle into the middle they'll pull up from thirty feet and admitted. Isn't it and then not even death on the cavaliers might they don't know the college basketball. And that does sound it's Saturday night in the Virginia Tech ING sports network or buddy John laser on the call. As the Hokies still and you BA in overtime and John Paul Jones arena on Saturday night in Hokies getting a tremendous road win their NCAA resonates. Virginia. The scam was simple if they win and from the college game day for Sony nationally televised audience the storyline was going to be the ever going to be number one in the country on Monday. Well. Split their laws they still aren't the number one team in the country not any eyes of the AP voters. Yesterday we find out in the NCAA selection committee they are the number one team according to the committee. Selection committee you may have missed this they came out yesterday afternoon before the basketball started they announced their top sixteen teams their current seedings. And you create despite the loss that the number one team. Committee chairman Brad Bruce rest most instead we initially fell Villanova was the overall top seeded. We've looked at Thursday wants the wildcat cuts lost to saint John's at home and Virginia won at Florida State. And despite the unions lost Saturday we felt that based on their thirteen wins the first two squadrons. They deserve to remain on top. Now I don't go over Virginia mainstay in solace in the committee seeing you currently is number one after Saturday night probably not. But they don't. You are number one in their eyes this morning. Now they're first hit rapids Saturday night in what went down Charlottesville. All college basketball was of blows about the Virginia Cavaliers. The path is cleared number one in the polls and I get a Virginia fan you would you would've won poles you. US that respect from the AP writers you wanted to allow those guys who beat critics. Where's he going to say haters you want them to have to put number one you'd be able to piece of paper mail it and beat Virginia Tech. There was number 118 the by the way you beat by twenty plus earlier this season dispose of seven Monday your number one. Well. Best laid plans of mice and men in sports fans they go awry. And what happened those plans. As Virginia Tech. Great job coaching by a Buzz Williams. It seemed got away with a few beta layers down the stretch including right before the end of regulation put. The Hokies did not whether they did not ballpark they knock off the number two wahoos and it sure did appear at a game winner with over time it sure did appear that it was Virginia's. But you have to just Robinson slip in turn over you it tied to room letting him get the shot to tie it. It felt very much like Virginia Tech it found a way that way to lose that game that mistakes in Virginia found a way to steal it. But the Hokies hang tough including Carrie blacks here that three Virginia players around and he gets that putback. And they survive Virginia and one less shot. Ya I would say that was maybe a marked difference other than what we've done defensively. Think the thing that you're able to see. Even if you couldn't hear you could see how we handled the on the art how we handled the environment how we handled their runs the body language we show. And I think that combined with what we've done defensively was the difference. Bogeys at an excellent game plan. Offense they took Virginia's game in the first half and threw it right back yet they played deepen the shot clock and nailed some really big shots. They slowed it down and you sell when they started getting a moment when they start run and they start bringing a full court that's when the turnovers occurred in the eight to out of back. That's when they had good sense bandits as they sped it up but he doubted back into Virginia's basic threw it right back Adam. And the Hokies efforts that they built up the lead that they needed for the margin error that the average incomes up to start the second happen Hokies committing turnovers. Whose start burying three's. But on a night or Virginia Tech held Virginians that 34%. Shooting that is Virginia tech's best defensive performance this conference for the season. And that's saying something for Virginia Tech because their defense and turnovers have plagued in this year. But Saturday just ten turnovers and stellar defense and just an obvious and when he points seven assists he was outstanding and Virginia Tech. They went into this game live and on the bubble. They wake up Monday morning of her right now they are all babble. You'd be saying now it was right there. National audience game day Wahoo fans want to see number one in the polls even Tony Bennett admitted after the game he wanted to see it happen. And as of right there to be grabbed. And and what happened. Well for all those whose say they're number one reason that you VA can't win it all because they go out and up all plans. They're gonna point to their TV Saturday night and go seek told your. As Virginia that's that's while Pitt and it would it. Now that your days this team has the offense and had the opens to win big games like mobile. To come back from eleven down against Florida State. But Saturday night some leaflets on ESPN curious about Virginia keeps hearing while they're different why did and on one team in the country. And then what do DC. They see Virginia go through too long painful stretches of the game but he offense was red obviously bad. Not just that they were getting all bands there but it was a bad shots. Kyle got bobbitt's when he won three of fourteen on threes at some brutal brutal attempts. Tied to Rome just four of 141 of ten from three in their yes I admit there were a few times I like that many people when he. In chance the blues dagger threes late night game. I don't shatter regulation. I'm a shot of the game he thought it was gonna happen but it didn't. That is a Virginia fans march the year right there on Saturday night national stage and lack all that's hurts you. Virginia looked really the data sync they looked out of position and I give you Virginia Tech a lot of credit for what they did they closed Madelaine. They're in the shoot the three game three in besides the run start the second half a player work. And in the end Regina some uncharacteristic. Things. Now they're really good read the routine Devin hole I read the devil on this war free throws all season yet missed two free throws in the final thirty seconds. And Virginia as good as they are defensively with rebounds. They're black sheer. Eight seconds left in overtime. Hokies get to go reports. Tony Bennett said on this game who actually stole. You know we almost stole that game but that's what it would of been stealing that game and now. They vale played us. You know if you're gonna. Coarsely. I told our guys like some of the shots in the plays you made it stretches of stops to get back in their name to put its overtime. And even we had a lead if we once and we filled our willingness of free throws. Couple miscues. These you can't do that if you're gonna steal one. But. I think there's two meaning the way we started against Florida State in the first half there's too many. Breakdowns for us miscues and you'll soil it four turnovers and all that but defensively we are broken down and you know vale vale played us for the most part. Big picture the big picture Regina is eventually going to lose. This start the run beginning this season phenomenal beginning at a conference scheduled phenomenal but it will lose at some point they were gonna lose. But it was the setup that intensified this but it was the set up and magnified this and that they didn't. Win this game with certain in game situations that's what left a lot of jaws dropped in the end. Not look they lost I'm not gonna sit here and tell you all the things that Virginia is and I'm not gonna see incident tell you what the arts. You begin a national and talk show host in this country who got what Virginia and all this season but don't look at this game in the go seeing seeing seeing that that that's leveraging can't win at all. I'm not going to that extreme this morning there's still one of four best teams in the country and that's not my opinion that's the committee the selection committee's opinion. Saturday night that's the big concern down the road in March at the beater. Especially in a one game survive and advance tournament. That a team will clog up the middle make you shoot threes and you can't sink him. And they'll make their threes and they won't turn over the ball. Now goes you VA. And Saturday night Buzz Williams in Virginia Tech it took everything they had including some luck and overtime but I'm a big believer that you make your own luck. And yes I'll agree with Tony Bennett Virginia Tech was more deserving teams that win. And they got it. So what's his neighbor Virginia was never Virginia Tech. The Hokies come dot USA today is on record dowdy shielding mast who tell us what we learned from this weekend. And what it says the stage for. As one month from today folks one month from today you'll wake up and you have fewer brackets in hand that's how close Wheeler. August appearing on the good deed Mercer wrote cleaning hotline welcome back we'll tell you the rest of the rundown today. We've got your winner and your worst and always got to poll question that little. Encompass the entire sports weekend glad to have you in on Monday to Bono once again is 3450910. We'll take you winners and your worst of the weekend. On Twitter at west fox sports 910. Wess back at fox sports 910. Is no good sort crap I've had zero sprinting down and is not angling to the middle they'll put up from thirty feet admitted. Isn't dead and not even yes the cavaliers might they found all of college basketball. Yes they did delays yes they gave John laser ING sports network and Saturday night Virginia Tech with the upset. Virginia with a loss but still number one in the country still not not the number one they want to see. They want the one in the polls they want the writers they wanna Virginia one of the respect of the writers there was some of the writers to eat crow. Actually physically have to put down on you VA on a piece of paper or in a ballot online Virginia one. But in the end it nope. And in the end most of the doubters most the critics of Virginia did is got more fuel for their fire after watching the lack of offense that lack of shots going down Saturday night. We'll figure winner and your worst of the week and let us know what are the worst the weekend brought you dot pro flowers gentlemen. Valentine's Day and yet it's Wednesday gate on this pro flowers dot com they 20% of your purchase between nine dollars and more. But pro flowers back on the day use my code west in this special code box to check out and you get 20% off. In order of 29 dollars and more. What are the worst the weekend Mike Barbour the times dispatch in Charlottesville Saturday night. He's gonna give us his thoughts coming up on this game and where these two seasons go from here and also Shelby master USA today. Shelby the brackets how does the USA today become regular would thus you'll hear him the next month time to time. And this looks to me still does have Virginian number one despite the loss the Shelby you'll find out about seven point. Also what is yet Virginia Tech. Is now the Hokies. Hokies had wins over number one and number six if you're looking in New York PI that would be Virginia and North Carolina. Makes even bigger and get used this word quadrant. Quadrant is the word of the month. Al's always noddle not a member QBs play house refused biologist at the word today. When you say it everybody would go crazy if you start screaming because at a very very cold and that mr. screaming as the voice will be shot by 7 AM. That's the word of more that's the word the next thirty days quadrant. Now is 6:2 in the morning I will defer Shelby and asked to explain the quadrant of how select committee is looking at wins this year. Virginia Tech has six in the top RPI as two wins at WR PI because the quadrant. The road win against Virginia means more just know that it's early trying to process things you try to drink coffee noted that one means more because it happened on the road. But where does what does neighbor Virginia Tech. And every circle back here real quickly because you have soaked selection committee releasing the top sixteen yesterday. Now I I partially like that the committee does this and when I say partially I mean. Gimme all 68. Gimme all sixteen schools I'm like you give me the top sixteen and it's interesting to see how the committee sees it now that you're a month now. And you wanna see how they compared to guys like can palm the RPI today's poll it'll come out the and who they have number one I mean I've I was interested to see after Virginia law Saturday night who the committee at number one who their top four which they know what people eight Virginia. Villanova. Purdue and Xavier do I've been stopped for right yes okay. And and look I can argue I can figure that out from the polls and Kim Palmer and staggering rankings. Too. The committee that hurt. Me all 68. It's a practice and everybody goes we get much in basketball. In a month it's going to be. You send error report five days ago did. Lot seed. Roger in all out. It's a charity pull it every domestic watch it the next thirty days should be given nickel to chaired. The blanket cherry drinking game sorts and actually I think I beat America. On to assess the first pairing. Brings Reagan into this. When you do that. Every time we or against maliciously quadrant. Megan nickel toward appeared shared to preserve any regarding a lot. Feel like from here to sell the selection Sunday or even after that can raise a lot of money for charity for not doing that. Might do that we legacy of a charity by the defense was salesman that's in the media company will actually matches you know under new management they get some money. And I'm just saying. Answers you're in the room together. Get a practice and block seen quadrant. Given a sixty. I know the sixteen. At least I would note thirteen of the sixteen Beckett didn't give me 68. Sure I wanna see Virginia was number one and I look most of us have more questions about teams like Virginia Tech. How many 810 teams are in there Bonaventure cool we know Rhode island school what does it Bonaventure. More people are interested in the first four in the last four in the first four out. We see a 68 plus don't you think the familiarity has the 68 teams ready like they don't just stop at sixteen maybe go to the whole field I know okay this is Howell. Is that we can do this how I look. But these bracket doubt is can do it so can the committee that and they bring together. Now I don't call and through this every weekend I think every Monday nights are those of heard this before back to my soapbox. Give it to me every Monday night. Its looks are committed together five weeks if you take basically the counter unfolds after Super Bowl Sunday. To March Madness the selection Sunday despite weeks. In the coming together five weeks give it to me every Monday night tell me your top 68. In your top or give me your rule number one give your last war in your purse for round. And I know some people don't wanna see that and for whatever reason and the people keep tell me it's gonna ruin selection Sunday really it's gonna ruins you got the entire congress torn that we going on. And yes you still return in this election shows don't give me that it's going to you. USC brackets on board as much as I do you won't see Greg Gumbel on our court reporter to go local you seemed as much as I'd do. It's not gonna ruin selection Sunday. Create more rubles about college basketball however a push that all to a side. The fact is you've got the community together for this weekend there there. One month bout at one time. Did very well more time at one time a what do you 68 right now. Shelby miss USA today will be was this in now our Shelby is their brackets out his we'll see if he has Virginia as his number one. Nor his top four who's under seated who's over seeded and exactly what did Saturday due for Virginia Tech and their NCAA projections. Because I I do have to throw this out here. It's still February. There's still much. I can change. I don't wanna wait railing by parade or bring anybody down because that was a huge win on Saturday night and so big to go into John Paul Jones arena. And however you wanna say they want it. They want defense and defense has been the bugaboo with this team is not be any attention to detail and deep as they showed on Saturday night. Now you've got to show won't board. But it do remember 2011. Remembered duke castle the TV Ellen put you. And then then what happened they work. And no he's you have an RPI and said he is their nonconference schedule is 312. So there is that to be concerned about to put number games they did they won two in the top six in the RPI there's still not cover schedule there's still is the RBIs seventy so. They have to sit out. They got the setup a win especially with having duke two times before the end of the season. He had to Miami got globally got clubs and they they bought themselves some insurance room but there's still is plenty of work left to be done. The Hokies do get that signature road win on Saturday night the beads the got to do work the question is how much. The dog Shelby last 7:20 this morning at your being and very bracket colleges mood report 50910. That is telephone number. Witter and worse the week we will take him out west fox sports 910. And look we we we've gotten some things in the show the Telus and radio put up the phone over some times put up to her handsome eight times. And I would just say on behalf of of merry men or men in a relationship. Remind you bulls the Valentine's Day is Wednesday so many times and that is why would tell you about Jerry's parents. Where you right now we don't think it outside the box or my idea to do selection committee every single money that's thinking outside the box. We like being an outside the box there was a quality guy I think inside the box in this case. Think inside the box series varies. Fresh juicy strawberries dipped in chocolate be good news. Top with rich chocolate chips chopped nuts signatures was I don't seven right now you've got me on your listing you you're shaving she's in the shower she's gone mom Sherry is bears that. Great Valentine's Day gift you don't. When you get to the office this morning you don't instead you do. Jews and delivered it he can still get about Wednesday. Share it varies website is berries dot com BE. RR I ES dot com hurry ordered today Valentine's days two days away. Very simple berries dot com use my code Wes and you'd get 20% off your purchase of 29 dollars or more. There is simple the ER. I ES dot com order what you want. Anything over point nine dollars or more used to go west to get 20% off do it today Valentine's Day is Wednesday. Always gospel question coming up next by exports 910. Us Monday morning. Two guys that love coming or go to Monday west McIlroy I'd only be produced in the show. I'm not much more on the big basketball game Saturday night Charlottesville and the ball out. Would you still put Virginia in your final fours you have a bracket that thought today. And was that the biggest win in Virginia Tech basketball history. Winds of both those questions coming up. As mackerel are brought to you by our friends at pro flowers yes two days away every Valentine's Day and keep reminding you over and over and over and over again. Guarantee be delivered fresh and stay bright for seven days pro flowers dot com. We'll take you a winner and your worst the weak point I'll give you ours all what's your poll question this morning our poll question this morning we're asking who won the weekend and your options are Virginia Tech basketball their big win over use VA absolutely ray Girard. For a seventeen year old kid from Colorado wins the first US gold at the Olympics my man red. And we get to read also get the reds family that looks like they know how to party. And we've also got eight keep with the Olympics Mirai Nagasu. US figure skater with just an incredible routine last nine. I know Europe big figure skating got huge figure skating guy that was my savings office were to her team I dated and out of that without tackling each one individually and note was option. Yeah the problems like you have a lot of fun out there to. Yeah if you remember the scene an airplane where Lloyd Bridges keep showing up and saying look like epic the wrong week to stop and then at one point it's not stepping Lou one would stop smoking loan would stop drinking. Like the Celtics picked the wrong data at the poll yours Jersey retirement ceremony. But first let them go through these as I spent the first half hour on Virginia Tech and you via a dive back into debt that's definitely. Huge weekend because as a man John Lazar said not only today's done you yet. But based on the college basketball world. But we watched a lot of Olympics in our house I told you guys I am and don't you dealt for the Olympics in a little bit later on our buddy mark Davis and NBC twelve. Each and every day we have brand for NBC twelve jump on the show and preview what's coming up. That night in the Olympics in prime time. We watch the Olympics a lot this weekend this basically it was a recovery weakened and our house all the Revis and feeling lousy defense week white baby you're truly. So we quarantine ourselves just hunkered down what a lot of college hoops a lot of the Olympics and yes I saw ray Girard to win the gold Saturday night polite I I called snowboarding with the exact name of the the event that he was and will this snowboarding but there's a different as half pipe and then there's the slopes style which is what you want to hold for yes they slid downhill event we if ramps pipes it's it's simply if you took snowboarding and American Gladiators you combine it into one. Pretty much fun I love watch out what to some of the women's last night and Jamie Anderson won her gold for the US but I really enjoy election so I love the half point but I love slopes. I love this all I I wrote about the Sunday in the paper and I talked about this last week it. That the finding one watch and my outlets like I understand the rules don't understand the rules can do is doing pretty blitzer to twisted that was on the backwards in the year. Once it and it takes we watch a lot of sports and I say this not to be vein much a lot of sports to do this job. So it's not everyday that I get physically all the counter or gate vocal legal out. The mom and lion through the air on Saturday night while he's doing all this stuff at the height of four story building clearing a football field. The impress money and money and ran it. And his family the drug family. That looks like oh not that it's like a whole lot of fun right there see daddy crack one open. That's great in the crowd and I do believe that was in that he'd like I do think that was a Matty late confiscated over to South Korea. The whole family's there I saw on The Today Show is up early yesterday morning news on The Today Show audience dogma outs and we were shot gonna be years until Warner morning. Am I can get with man. They're parties by the listen in right now part of kind of roll over there and with the drug family. As quote that was awesome that was really an end seriously we don't know what we're watching you got to understand rules and some times. Oh god create Google for all Google it if you don't know what you're watching. Grew up and watch it that was. That was read drugs banned testing that was the first goal for the United States it was and he's literally the slopes house version of Flying Tomato which Shaun White was years ago you know. Who all banks don't light which by the way when you heard oilman Jo white is all man particularly in older. Equally if not more impressive. Now say this informing Mariah Nagasu get Mirai Nagasu the triple Axel. Which by the way speaking of things you don't understand I still contend went triple Axel was but she was what the third woman ever to pull it off at the Olympics I would give the credit right now because mom mackerel it back in her day. Was it held a figure skater my mom was a fantastic figure skater. And you know unfortunately life got in the way she could not pursue her dream but she told me years ago the triple Axel is the green and a half rotations in the year. The axle it is the axle was hacked so you go up. How you start is that half that's the axle. But three times and yet there's the double accidents at three and a half percent of Goldie quadruple axle which has never been done these Donald record. But rather gossip pulled this off last night she said she was gonna do it and she nails this if there's any reason that this. About this seven times I believe I read this right seven times it's been done in competition only three times in the Olympics. There's a reason for that. Because it's three times in the foot and error. My skates on. Not landing on your feet not landing on the ground you are letting ice and is only you're getting that high up in the area you don't have a whole lot of time to rotate. OK if you can I'll do it again I'll re tweeted out. Sports Illustrated put this out they took a clip of the training video camera Nagasu. Where she's learning just in sneakers how to do the triple Axel and they look at this what looks like a rubber band device. Yea you go to army these people aren't insane and what they deal on just to get don't Twitter go find it portable by exports Richmond dot com but to cedar. Speed in the year mean most of us can't walk 1 place and icy morning in the RV most of you can't walk on ice there's some of you can't skate. And most of you can't jump up in the air on your own two feet and spin around one time not mine three and a half times. And that's on ice. I don't care what you say and I'll figure skating and yes I watched figure skating last night and yes I was not alone because let me tell you. You put on a hot take would you put out a high opinion during NFL season. You give blowback. But you know that you're not alone watching figure skating and you puts on the at a figure skating and you get responses like I got last night we don't about the Russian kid fallen. Which by the way and allow us a bets mean that company eighties. Reagans the man. Paula was killed by drive though and I still believe in miracles don't tell me about the Russians or in this case was at the Olympic athletes from Russia yes the Olympic athletes from respectable they are I didn't even realize they were allowed to compete at all but we just don't have bad belittled the Olympic symbol next to their name on the Russian flag of the Russians. Then the Russians you remember red dawn garbage out there the Russian the nastiest. They defend myself be out watched Peter's game yet elected. Mirai Nagasu who was I was an unmanned Adam rip on. Dollar yen or Mike to Rico. Mike to Rico but we always want our athletes to be honest and open so when Mike to Rico says what's it like to train for four years and your moment he says. I wanna walk over the judge asked for is an exit a drink that's about as real as open as he can yet. What the kids to hear when they're watching the Olympics of mom and dad but at rip on. There seems to be not a lot of filter right there my man Paul you would look fantastic in that your by the way. If you watch list you know what I'm talking about I'm Paula spoke question the four options against we just are rambling right there. You are who won the weekend Virginia Tech basketball red Gerard Mirai Nagasu or LeBron in the new look cavaliers eyes and I'll get more LeBron the cavaliers as we do our Monday matchup coming up next both questions operative double who won this weekend. Let us know fox sports Richmond icon you can also go on Twitter at west fox sports 910. And you know I can win Valentine's Day. Profiler schools that's now you downtime. You lover you don't. So don't make her feel lonely and sad and everybody in the office every girlfriend and she knows on Wednesday is getting flowers because I know what shall say to me. Ours did too expensive well maybe not and be getter flowers. In purple flowers because they can still take care of your procrastinating but two days away. A boot camp broke flowers classic red roses we can go with the boot camp that we would be okay so what's on that in the kitchen table looks and passed. Because. Pro flowers guarantees to deliver fresh and stay fresh for seven days I think we're now on the day eleven of those things are still sitting on the kitchen table. Choose a delivery date it's guaranteed yes you can still get a by Wednesday here's what to do good pro flowers dot com today now it's 6:43 in the morning go you waited long enough. Pro flowers dot com 20% off your purchase of 29 dollars or more pro flowers dot com used to go west WE as in special goes box and check out. Pro flowers dot com you decode west 20% all your purchase 29 dollars or more. And get her roses yes do it get roses for Valentine's Day. The question is not who wanted to weekend. Virginia Tech basketball. So red drug. Mirai Nagasu. Boy LeBron James and his new group of Cleveland Cavaliers put the beat down a Boston go ahead sir. Foxwoods Richmond dot com and if you look around on McIlroy that this I want to weekend with a note and it. Al west fox sports 9103450910. Following Monday. That's my little game. Push push push. It's Monday what do we got OS first have a question for you did you miss football this weekend I did. I did not I did not misspoke all I knew little football break. Because. Bubbles he's as long. We've been over saturated I used to be that guy who would get on the air the Monday with no football we know football. Goes abroad and I know is this that I missed their own dog is good. Now the Winter Olympics self and I know what's the Winter Olympics will be done we'll get in a March Madness in the March Madness is done now will be the guy cry about though football. The draft we'll get the underwear Olympics I'm oh good I. I need a little break from football however I know some of you do not so we will be joined by. Our guy Mike Jones of USA today at 745. Let's go Monday matchup. Viral. Thousand dollars and Vegas after just one game are you still betting that Cleveland Cavaliers to win the east yes. Yes because here's the big question now the Cleveland Cavaliers were not functional last week they needed to make moves I do not. I was surprised what you not a moves they made up with some that was the essence of Wheeling and dealing right there. We here's the question you've gotta ask yourself about. And talk about who's going to be in the finals who's gonna win the NBA championship. Question is can you be a team in his series. We usually like to stop right can you be a team periods no it's the question can you beat a team in this series. And seeing which saw yesterday from Cleveland. That that is there are soft debut. That's those guys to get him in a restaurant and have a soft opening. They buy out and some doesn't give away the food for free because they will make for the service and everything's okay. That was the soft opening even George Hill George feels that he here's what George Hill says the bond told team pre game. Progressive brigade who cares about mistakes here about miss who cares about other stuff and we're not here today would be perfect. There's no judgment out there for a few days ago. When you go out there have played it right away ticket status here. That would rather do it. The board knew cavaliers. Thought hey let's go up the floor and see what happens cavaliers eighteen of 35 including eight of fifteen from three. And they were four of six off passes from LeBron James that you're soft opening in Boston against the Celtics. Yes it's still a Cleveland Cavaliers to be in BP's next. The colts finally got their man and it's now former Eagles offensive coordinator frank Reich. So did the colts actually end up getting a better head coach than they would have in Josh McDaniels I always say yes from the standpoint they've got a guy who wanted to be there. Hey Josh McDaniels the reports are right from the get go right from when he accepted the job that he had reservations. That he was waiting for Robert Kraft is waiting for Bill Belichick is wait for the patriots to show some kind of love and appreciation. That's not commit. So yes from the standpoint of you've got a guy who's committed to be yes you've you've got a guy who wants to be there I don't know. But frankly it's going to be like as a coach he was a fantastic offensive coordinator. Excuse me. I think the one thing that really made Philly working course and winds growth is that you had this collection of former quarterbacks. Now Andrew Luck is helping. That's a great thing for Andrew Luck out and frank Reich and score given all that's in my coaching quarterback is hey coach I think if volley any real general manager out there and Indy. I mean I don't at the end of the day I don't know who's gonna be better but I think what they did is they it would on the found. The best. I don't see replacement analysts say this the best option possible to recover from the situation next. What was your reaction to Yu Darvish signing of the cubs for six years and 126 million dollars good lord. Yeah that whole thing about baseball being broken nobody spend any money but yeah. Deal that Scott Boras. That rotation Paula the other rotation there what Chicago has right now yes so right now the cubs current rotation. Would be Jon Lester Yu Darvish Posey can Tana. Kyle Hendrix Tyler chat with him whatever order you one exactly that's that's the scare boy it is OK we got those five guys as well. The paint paint and artists probably guess the campus let's see what happens that's with the cubs are right now figured out during spring training but we we have that. Act where Lauren. It felt like Yu Darvish was gonna end up in Chicago we just didn't know how much how much war but. Hey this is the week that pitchers and catchers don't report you gotta get down to business get that arm in there. Comes at the sick rotation next and finally South Korean figure skater Euro amid new experience the wardrobe malfunction over the weekend well national TV. Given seconds into her routine with their partner the hook on her top came on done. In May actually improvise throughout the entire performance or shoulder back arms up sort top wouldn't fall off. She later said she avoided her worst performance Peterson Wes I ask you. What's your worst performance fear on the radio OK before we get to that this is amazing with this woman did. So imagine your wife or what are ladies out there it is imagine that little class but the fact your neck or written familiar back and back your neck. That thing goes right she's getting ready to perform to she's got a hold her arms open a certain angle our elbows backers are shorter blaze back in a certain position. Just sort doesn't come down the road retained. In a written article a column about this work coach was looking all what is she doing out there why she improvising why she's thrown her hands up and you're doing this that. Because they get docked points if you note to those of points for the same time she's not let the girls pop up. So are but but she goes into a spin or her shoulders at the go forward she doesn't spin no sign for top that is down very very low and coach goes. So credit she should get points for keeping her topple visual look good judgment like here's the scenario here's what happened. I didn't have wardrobe malfunction gimme five. My worst performance of the by it was the my worst your worst performance fear on the radio. Obviously the voice to go out. But let's say the worst fear that we haven't radio and 71 time in twelve years are up and that's me knocking on wood. We got one time than last when he missed the show and I got to pick ups. And the producer of the time. Laden the debt and threw the captain Williams if you're still listening we have not that we spent the last sixteen minutes on the show we were in break yes indeed I got they cups he got it. You've got to get me through this list segment. And we tried we tried to covered up until one point. The people in the audience or not to remember the looney tunes where the stork is drunk he's walk around Iraq. I got to a point where did that pick up just came out like that and we've lost we lost it we've lost it for sixteen minutes we couldn't even say forwards without losing it laughing. And that is my words beer. Because it's just it was the if we find that that audio that was uncontrollable left I would love to hear Null or not it was so bed an is it is one of the bigger theaters is just beginning to pick ups and because they cancer incurable there's there's you know home remedies there is because. Tricks and stuff again I don't like scared out of armored child for a fan or somewhere probably on the L. Yeah my worst performance anxiety is getting hiccups in the middle was segment and having to roll with it. But that was her name again you're a man. She should be up for somebody's way at a weekend he put a top on due to figure skating routine. In so many ways these Olympics continued to impress and amaze me that is the Monday mash up. You can jump in on any of those dobbs we just kicked around there opposition agreement may be your winner may be your worst of the week and send them all over out west by exports 910. And always poll question this morning who won the weekend who who gets the belt from the weekend we use from time to time so many good things. One weekend but he's basketball red Gerard rod got to report all the triple Axel. Or LeBron and his new look Cleveland Cavaliers Foxx were to Richmond dot com coming up next. Was the biggest win in program history. We tackle that topic next on fox sports 910 and radio dot com.