Interview: Shelby Mast (3-12-18)

Wes McElroy
Monday, March 12th

USA Today Bracketologist Shelby Mast discusses the brackets, what surprised him, which No. 1 seed has the easiest path to the championship and gives his upset picks.


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Let's McIlroy fox sports knives and on this Monday where we have brackets now means we get Adam brackets colleges chubby mass USA today. Has been also guy that is done the past couple weeks and now we have the real deal. French W our resident bracket challenges USA today at bracket wag on Twitter. Your objection of the morning there who shouldn't have not gotten in who got in and who got left out. Our camera I was very proud yeah we didn't get yeah I thought they had to give up hope Balkan period the other two in a brown warm. Around that cup lot of especially. Absolutely vetted considered by the that would just that would be every day. You are computed beaten up strict schedule all that but they just didn't have the amount of limbs of the quality win. Compared to these are the change as the search using the market it bugs me the most. Shelby every year we can make you case that less born last or how we can make the argument for and against basically all aid schools. Will the bubble this year is there really an outrage and somebody really really get the shaft. I don't like I mean it like that surprised you at the I was not outraged. I had them seated on the ten mile which mean they were. Close to the cup. But they've yet able to use there what good teams looked out this year I knew that bill lived because. Of the number there was the bubble we're deeper. It had better team than it usually does as little going to be partnerships seems on the outside looking in and that just didn't. Couldn't get in the field as well have stopped or why did Oklahoma get in and should they have gotten in. I thought they get them because look at the new rule are not move the used to the committee factored in the last ten games if that was the look back even though they don't get it. But they change bad to worse the entire body of work so everything they did in November and December which was awesome. That's still count the same as what they did in February which stopped. That he you got a part of that whole the whole group may end. Well about the prize and all they got an update good enough during the year especially in the early part of the year to get hit a great battle that they're going to be what. I would pick them but that felt they deserved it. West McIlroy Shelby less brackets saudis USA today chubby one more on this because it. I was commenting earlier we seem to do this every year it almost seems like it's a prerequisite by sports talk shows we have that some type outraged the Monday after and then by Tuesday. We have brackets and we're good and life moves on if there's such an outrage if there's such inconsistencies if there's such a problem with how the committee does it or what they don't show. Why is not a bigger issue 364 days of the year. I muted currently we forget you know under the bracket would make Arctic. I don't feel the committee. Just completely messed this thing up they they did they know they have a tough job. That you evaluate these teams over the course of the season and then especially down the stretch. But the port selection Sunday. They know they're going to be. Yelled at the pitch that they'd make some of them. And they anticipate that but that court but bacteria they do their best to try to. It just pick out the best 36 at large screens 32 of them are automatically and we've got to pick 3016. That's what they hear a lot of people what they want to succeed teams in the country though the Libya but that'll pick the best. 68. To create the best 3236. Of the remaining team after the auto auto bid. Virginia Villanova Kansas Xavier your top seeds who as the toughest path and you're in your opinion of the number one's. I incredibly kid doesn't do in Michigan State in that same region that left our house we do not there. But day they didn't get any favors. You know that you've got to approach it what to expect around the appear out of they can play basketball they've got. Good win this year of the duke and Carolina they can they can pull about that there I'm not sure I expect it to happen but I wouldn't be surprised one bit. By some here geographically little said that Virginia ended up with Kentucky Arizona Tennessee and Cincinnati did they get. Are all deal. I felt by army has they're trying to balance the top foresee those civilians the protected me to try to protect it. Protect them but dot. I've Virginia's overall number one you can't put the overall number twos in the same region that matched just not pay. Is that try to balance it out again at the scene members are they all better be pretty close together is that if that worked out vineyard. What is the biggest hurdle Virginia's gonna have to get over to get through San Antonio. There's other. And yours armor getters on the command of that bracket. Quite they have too much talent too much side. To me the aptly. You know despite all core issues they've had I think here's some of the hundred virgin. By most you have in your final forcibly mess USA today brackets out this act racquet lag on Twitter what are you got Shelby. I've got Arizona the savior do in fact the groom Texas Tech all right. I'd done gimme a school that was over seeded one that was under seeded. Overstatement for me that was. Very clear crichton as an eighteen. There is that the conveyor and other committee chairman that is schools so I can't imagine I don't think anything is the only was relevant to that. But they had the profile compared to all these other moves to meet. Of the well played game I actually had been out I didn't think they're good enough. Compared to the other teams and they can give it. Then to have on the eight conducting an awful optimal weight while mostly. Houston maybe. Houston I think given out to be in the discussion to the poor loved that movie the bottom line. And they got to stick and hit back that are all but yet they're probably not believe you crappy than an hour to go to borrow west. But I have a look cool but we'll probably without look. I'm a big believer I was gonna connect twelve over a five and I know history and how it was keep repeating itself give me an upset here gimme a thirteen over a four or give me a twelve or five gimme something that EC. Crawl over power got the Mac because they don't move we've been seeing that the good team has won over Miami earlier that year. South Dakota State could be bill allows state that an interest in game mom I'm looking forward to. How we do love the Jack rabbit here on the show Shelby match of the bracket lag as re confide a month later Shelton we'll do this again and a weaker duke is allowed to get your thoughts and when we get to like the sweet sixteen how you would reschedule the bracket the great work I know it's been a long few weeks thanks to make him part of it with us and I appreciate the time. Let Europe or Israel and you've got Shelby mess on the.