Interview: Shelby Mast (2-12-18)

Wes McElroy
Monday, February 12th

USA Today Bracketologist Shelby Mast joins Wes to discuss what Virginia Tech's upset win does for their tournament standing, the new "quandrant" term and what his biggest surprises were from the initial 16-team reveal.


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Not a basketball this morning. But the ones still feeling. One way or the other good or band how things shook down Saturday night John Paul Jones arena in Charlottesville as. It got to be number one but that Virginia lost but then according selection committee yesterday the number one. So we make of all let's bring in shoving netspective dodges bracket wag dot com USA today's we can find his work. She'll be joining us on the they were number one of the RPI they lose the Hokies at home. But did Villanova loses and the sludge committee says Virginia's number one team in the country do you see it that way as well. Well I didn't I had Xavier moved on to the one line because they worked here one road win. But those three are so close I had no problem Virginia being number one overall. If you look at the top four teams right now how much separation that separation is there between the one seeds and the two seats. Thought banker in the top 31 seems. Virginia Villanova Xavier they have separated themselves from everybody else produce as the last one lead. Almost seemed to me like the committee had their mind made up of all Purdue lost to the rodents weeks. But the other candidate for the one line you've got Auburn due to genetic changes barrel my team but. None of their resume screened one seed right now. They produced was mayor. And temporary basis probably. It's somebody else is gonna come through it is what are the Texas Tech is well we've got a road win in that they're leading the big twelve of them that play games or more. Shelby that's where this in the USA today Wes McIlroy fox sports night and Shelby if you wouldn't mind this is from Bruce rats mustn't lose the committee chair says that they. Despite your VA's laws we felt that based on their thirteen wins in the first two squadrons they deserve to remain on top if you could I know it's early if you could have the most simple way explained the quadrant system because. We hear a lot about it over the next two months or the over the next month. Ride what the committee doing this year as opposed to your years past we look at top fifty RBI aware of top 100. And then and so now they get put more weight. On roadways so your blog who won is homeland verses one through thirty. He drove win wondered if peak and road win one who's seventy pop. Well the importance of road win is pretty big right now. Virginia is that there is no one there that follow them to overall vs. Blogger and work through brute one or two cure to whatever terminology used. That a very impressive record they really have no bad off as the worst loss as we get on the Virginia Tech. Did you pick in the RPI. But that does all under the guidelines for a group truly small so not too terribly bad. They just try to break it down to reward these genes for winning on the road. All right so let's flip this around them about Virginia not Virginia Tech they were the winners they were the story of the weekend. What did Saturday night in terms of quadrant and RPI would senator I do the Hokies marched hopes. Well and improve them greatly I do agree with the new capabilities are disagreement Jay bill. He said there are a lot for the termer right now to me at Siemens a lot when they can afford to lose every game on their schedule remaining. Humid pluck their first proper term game and still getting it. Virginia Tech still at six regular season games left. Plus one in the terminals open lose seven netbook and an eighteen and fourteen I don't look that not a law by any stretch. The day and improve their chances greatly act had them in the play games going into that game against Virginia. There now that I've got a an eight seed may be a man did appear that eight map range. Meaning that they could they can. They can absorb a couple more law does it still we're still feel pretty confident about their chances. But don't try to lose them all they. Your law you divide Shelby who worked at bracket wag on Twitter brackets algae in USA today as you roll through this sixteen that we got yesterday from the selection committee. Who is over seeded who was under seeded. Whatever they're really stood out to me Cincinnati as the agency and had not had enough of them they're very good seeing. But is that the committee instructed me to big wins. Cincinnati's best RPI wins over buffalo. And back pain but that's not a game that screams hey you know about the that the Internet could win. Then next women's best would it against temple. A bubble team for sure they have beaten no teams that are. This would be in the bracket right now without within their power Serb. Texas Tech on the other hand as a police beat up a little too low. They they lead the big twelve would get the winning team that they've got several boot one win. In the did their solid quality receivers what some say it would be chant that they came with a topic that we'll look Luke. The thought of those two probably should have been let plot other than that I really had no big issue. And they do may have been the best high had to move three. But it to them and argued that too much. Children to go to the Bakken network time I saw the six billion we didn't see the full sixty day so I ask you because you break this down on a daily basis who's live on the bubble who's who's right there in the 6768. School parameter. While you've got several days there there's still I've only got sixteen teams locked in right now well initially everybody else is still on the bubble then they if they lose that they're not safe. What the ones that are of most tenuous to me or Kansas State. Louisville. Providence North Carolina State saint Bonaventure Houston. They US seeks all of those scenes continues just one more law could stop him Al. Another good win would sure help but it would secure that spot in the term. She'll be messed USA today because I look forward to multiple conversations with you to the next month dispose start here. Gimme a team to watch for the next thirty days where we are a month away from selection Sunday among all the way from brackets. Give me a team that's keeping the buy an island to make a move either in or out. I'm gonna give he continues there are the right now that I think could be had to contend. Looked up this conference tech that they and then Alabama. Both of them have had kind of bar overseas as well there are adapt. But they have had a bad tactic we and they they want at Auburn in the sweet Alabama just destroyed Tennessee. If those. Teams during their eight games to play their final four contenders as part of the team movement in that on the outside right now. You about Baylor the plague good ball right now. Good economic look at them either and as many teams have. But they just became the in that the kind of win that the unity will. At bracket wag WAG brackets algae USA today dot com Shelby will do it again shortly. Well separate prayer and I appreciate you Shelby masking used to that name which I cannot USA today but love that and Shelby on.