Interview: Ryan Wilson (5-15-18)

Wes McElroy
Tuesday, May 15th

Ryan Wilson of CBS Sports talks about what legalized sports betting could for the NFL, how they might try to handle it and where we should look as a model. 


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Now as far as how we watch games that we bring in Brian Wilson from CBS sports dot com he's brought you by phone right plumbing. Take it throw it where to put a lie detector test on the NFL offices yesterday take me through the real feelings when they found out they've lost this case in Supreme Court. I. China they would scenario where you see about a grown men and since jump up and down but try to do very quietly in the what I hear them in the Toppert from the ship shape so they can sort of celebrate. But knowing when they dramatic come from they have to have that they'll look very stern stodgy old man. That have to make very important decisions look. There in the moneymaking business and this is. The cash cow and let I think you can see some very important point about the overarching big picture that maybe we're not looking at because everyone's sort hype I think. Com quick story when I was. Senior in college I came I was straight laced didn't drink grown up I played sports as a poked some Matt my body and how to didn't play sports and act. We had a book yet found out I won my first eleven sports that's been in big games think she would never think about doing it Tenneco Portland game would you 1992. You don't care. One of the first ten games looked like 500 out of public going crazy he was so that only thought about. I would go to library get an elaborate elaborate but it two research teams this is supported Internet. And that will not such alluding to the mud. Final four and finally I think it was. I was one point cut how a lot better what would have to call my can't look at that lost so much money. And it happened in the span of two and half three months if it was a roller coaster and when you don't have money and we hear much. That much more dire straits and then a college kid that's been the couple mouth. It's a problem and you know we see these sort of movies dramatized this and we think it's over the top that you sort of wonder the you have to be careful that because of this sort of important. So that just simply keep in mind that says when money is it that at the top of that the list what's gonna come out of this a lot who will there be additional lot so gonna move towards this in terms of people being it should provide the service and that cynical you know on getting in on it their certainly gonna do it. Sitting and I think it slowly. Schools see you know. So I think you can always do them but it's gonna be tens and hundreds and possibly a billion dollars. They had a nose is common and they had a New Jersey would jump on Jersey could have this thing done by the NBA finals. The one thing they're asking for and I think they're legitimate that there's two things are asking for one as this integrity fee which is almost laughable now that they got in late now they wanna get a cut of this. But they are asking they want congress to put a framework because Ryan that's my next big question is. How does this all work and and how does it does it work state by state does it work. But the federal blanket do we have to go to casino do we have to go to a parlor there any indication of where this might be going next. That's right so the Supreme Court basically just wash her into the face of this is not a federal issue that that was their point don't necessarily. Care about you can't Campbell but they want state panel and he's told not trying to say okay congress needs your help. From the federal level. How we got it gonna support this off of over fifty states should get these states does the fact that it could associate attorneys close to two playing Connecticut. What you did you miss simply visited the state and opposes right now. Note about as a party the only state that legally and do it the right what is the framework did you walk into. A lot lies then we have to Kia there we can distort and get what you wait to buy your apple pie. How that works of these are all issues we have to sort out. You wonder and I do think about this until you know I was gonna talk to you what I'm sure I would hope that he will take a look at how things that work in Great Britain where. But making his legal and how that's played out beat the ramifications both good and bad. How does administered you have to go to Yucca OT be placed it place your bets. So there are a lot of logistical thing to have to worked out in this is the problem that happens when the wind legal decisions made. And there's no sort of sport thought what happens next is not the Supreme Court decision to to build from the forethought. But it is certainly that the congress' decision and the businesses involved because. Can get back to him blue short quickly get tricky politically because people are gonna appeal like this totally put their director being impressed with with regulations. And the people and put him in more need for that and that he goes back to you putting out of this visit. Case that free ice triggered by this is that a disease so you have to be careful in terms of how you lay it out. Ryan Mark Cuban said this is going to double the value of his team I. I know what's gonna do for the NFL value but I do know is this is the one thing if they're looking at ratings going down over the past two years. Is gonna break right back up because people you'll watch the red zone to see other fancy guys Dylan. You got Santonio hundred dollars on the game you're invested in the game all four quarters now. That's that's exactly right does that also laughable that those sort of being very stodgy about this because there olive obscenities Port Sudan exports. And the daily Tennessee guys would like to argue the point that it's gambling you're you'd taken the chance of something happening based on some information but not pull information so. Yeah it's gonna it. They they have to figure how to how to sort of role without that is so that it worked but you're exactly right that would definitely seeing what this is huge and again able enabled basement and see. So at least in the past. And I think these opium could very good point yeah it basically what they're saying in a statement yesterday sort of read it line is that. Were flying going for over this but I guy he'd get a cut in I think that the huge conversation. To be had in one that they need to make sure they put you could Dumars met the president and executive director of the central PA but at the end of the day. That doesn't work out players so they need to make sure their guys get their share. Integrity share whatever they wanna call it bread and I think it's something to keep an eye on and SharePoint that they need to continue to push. Thank you Ron appreciate it. Brian Wilson CBS sports guy come.