Interview: Rece Davis (2-9-19)

Wes McElroy
Friday, February 9th

Rece Davis joins Wes to preview College Gameday with UVA and Virginia Tech, what he thinks when he hears the "boring" label for the Wahoos and more. 


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But this is Paul it was celebrate yesterday at the parade reduced Philadelphia Eagles there can be some celebrating going on Charlottesville tomorrow night. Very interesting matchup last night duke North Carolina always good North Carolina getting to win tomorrow night Virginia. With the looming right now than being the number one team in the country. They were welcome in Virginia Tech who needs this game and before that game gets going at 615. The festivities will start with ESPN's college game day into John Paul Jones arena and joining us now on the good deed Mercer wrote cleaning hotline. Big fan this guy it's great to have Reese Davis on from ESPN and ESPN's college game day Reese so nobody can join us thanks Mick and John force here in Richmond. I have been happy to do what we're looking forward to getting back to Charlottesville we've been there a couple of times in the atmosphere has been. Tremendous vote ties with the gained issue in the morning and obviously be the atmosphere in the arena Saturday night will be tremendous as well. You have a unique sports crowd there last night with duke and North Carolina and I love your first question to. You can North Carolina and the answer was it always matters and and you're gonna have a unique crowd tomorrow. Can you describe compare. A Saturday in Charlottesville game day compared to a Saturday afternoon in the fall with with game day in football if both are special but how are they different. I think there's two larger magnitude. And football obviously the crowds are bigger but. Think the one thing that's different is there is no single day. At a basketball. Season that is as important as any day. Any Saturday in a football league can be potentially as it pertains. To pursuit of the championship so. I think the cause of that there's a healing. Virtually every Saturday and football that this could be the date that changes everything and you know I know some people but you know bill complaint about the cult have noted it is better football you know but that is that not really true that not. Everything can matter it's like game of musical chairs. And somebody is going to be that without a speed and you never know when the music might stop this year for instance. The music stopped in Iowa City unexpectedly crow high as they they were left without speak. You don't get that same type of Spain and basketball. Because. I'd you can Carolina as awesome as that was about nine they're gonna play again they might quit third time depending on how they turn out new agency tournament. So. You know it's. It it was just a little bit different I think because of the number of games and the magnitude of the Saturday of football but both have their own characteristic I mean there's an intimacy to basketball. That you don't haven't football that makes it a little. You know little closer field because of the proximity to their two. So there are you know poker great and you you put it perfectly broker are terrific they're just different. West McIlroy fox sports nights and ESPN's Reese Davis College game day John Paul Jones arena we'll have reset the table for what's in store for who fans but recess. You've done your homework and I know you talk about the whose every Saturday morning loved watching you guys. Virginia could end up being number one most likely they win this game to be number one team in the country. You've seen Tony Bennett teams of the past with not amber Ogden and Joseph Harrison Anthony Gil. How's this you'd be eighteen different TO. Is no. It's funny you say that because I was thinking this morning in children yet and think about more important things but all I ask wanna ask Tony that because we're doing. We're doing. Game day obviously this week in the nit I'm calling the Virginia game on Tuesday night. And this is and historically. Good defense historically great decrypt up to this point yet all of those names you mentioned all of those things have been excellent secret to instill. You know I don't. It's kind of hard to say how they're different they don't seem that once you have a guy like broad band. But you know cal guys improvement has been sensational Wilkens is Bernard terrific player boredom so I don't know they just seeing the senate. And although he is more together and hit Tony ability to get them. To play defense use my buddies that green Burke. Raised their connected. On defense which is something that we saw. Both in last night is good as both our struggle with so little bit. It's not really really remarkable I mean they are you know they are that the quintessential constrictor snake it you know they don't. They don't necessarily strike yet get your right out of the gate Nolan. That you would. Wondered to run not utility to sort of squeeze the life out of you over the course of political course of forty minutes and it usually doesn't take the full forty you're usually you see signs of surrender. From team. You know a lot of times a little bit earlier than that they'd. Noted it's very frustrating for the bottle and we like to their arms to not play anymore but you see the frustration come and the cause of the relentless nature of their defense and you know how he's been able to replace parts and militant group has put together what at least statistically appears to be is that the church. You know there's there's been a remarkable thing. Reese I laugh when people called the show and they say the media like we are all one collective brain real thing at the same way. You know we are the US are on your door your vote on a neighbor and it provokes I don't know recent I had a pre show meeting where we are gonna say the exact same thing so yes we are where all the media and the same thing with ESPN ESPN dot dot dot. Virginia has gotten this label of their boring and I know Seth Greenberg unloaded the other day to my colleague David Healy daily press. When you hear Virginia when he Reese Davis here's Virginia is boring when it's your reaction to that. I think itself like it's like flavors of ice cream. You know some people like some flavors and other flavors that don't care for. And he'll let you know I'm going to be very honest with you you like which the ball up and down on the court. And maybe giving up a basket every now and then in order to you know grab the ball back get back now line. And pick up the template in Virginia tiger flavor that's OK and there's there's nothing wrong with that. But it it's a very effective. Met that are playing in the last time I checked the the object of the game what to Wear it. And Virginia had done that and a remarkable level. To me because I like basketball I appreciate it beaten down nine you know not that he would tell you did I don't enjoy it. You know I'd a 9288. Game more than a 4341. Game might do. But I don't think I don't think it played boring I think they knew they are Chris Seitz in the way they play. And I think their defense is really one thing to watch you like. Effective basketball. I don't like the opposite that you'd get it every now and then at a little higher clip to be this but but I joy and appreciate what they do want to be sent them all. Reese Davis ESPN game day west mackerel or fox sports ninths and big picture here as we get into the weekend and I believe it's tomorrow morning or late afternoon. You could have the selection committee released its first sixteen of the top sixteen teams. Your colleague I was listening to France for Chile was on with mark packer get a day in and pac man estan. How many teams could end up and schools could possibly end up in the final four and for shows that thirty and what war oh attacker with low. I ask you Reese Davis a lot opens this thing out LA teams could end up in the final four this year. I. I don't know. Participate thirty because you were conducting they're separated regardless of what happened earlier this week are Virginia Villanova Purdue. And and I don't Villanova produced a loss to Villanova got injuries and Purdue was not gonna win every game they sort of let one get away the other night. So I think did you want to separate himself duke is the most talented team but they've got that they've got some issues right now. Most talented up and to. I would sell probably say the number would be would be. The net reins and pointing between 2430. But. You know this is not that they're all the same the re not say that because this seems like the you know that you're going to have. In South Carolina from last year AA Wichita later beat you come from much lower seed get in you know a maybe there'll be an under seeded Kentucky team you know a net not to back to save like 2014 when did Turkey went resonate cheek. And so I you do the math and does that mean that everybody one through greater want and that chance. I don't know that I believe that I probably put the number a little bit smaller than thirty yard yes but it's a lot of it is going to depend on the path. Because there might be eighteen right now it's battled really see that he make the final four but. You have well placed. Based plants in other parts of the bracket it opens up for them they get there you Odom saying yup the thing is I think it's kind of hard what I say that idol. By any stretch of the imagination. Think that you know there are 24 to thirty can joke all the shame. You know distinctive probably that there are teams that are good are not that they may be get a break in their path here and there. That they could hurt that they could find their way to sort of final port range break just right. Virginia and Virginia Tech tomorrow ESPN and yes oh by the way this the conversation about Virginia possibly being number one on the other side of this you got the Hokies who need this game. They're they're living in the bubble real estate some brackets out a seven man some alimony outside. You don't wanna be living on the bubble also a big game Virginia Tech with as they begin this big road stretch. Reese Davis the game day crew Reese electoral this one set the stage what's coming up tomorrow on game day. Well always going to be it's going to be great CNET think we're hoping to give await them. State farm money which we done it the two times and been to Virginia judge made the half court shot when the money and no one has made it sent we will let that Virginia. We're hoping that you create shows them how to shoot will certainly talk about the that they knew you mentioned with. Selection committee putting out their top seeds will hit on that we'll talk about. We'll talk about the part of Virginia's defense you just are good or bad. Got this one look a couple of surprises leaders debate right now as to whether we will find a way discrete belonged to open the show will well latency. The global. And I did not cut that that's who hunt right there can't miss that right off the top to be out bright and early tomorrow game day and I know it was a long night with North Carolina duke and and travel and race thanks so much look at foresee tomorrow. But it felt good Seth Greenberg streaking to launch would be something dead. Everyone would want want to make sure they don't miss yet no one would want the Bible what what what a conundrum that would be. Distance but this way it's 870 in the morning people are having breakfast and it was Reese Davis who put that meant to him and us minds. Aren't she'll thank you raised Reese Davis so kind to join us on the good deed Mercer rug cleaning hot line.