Interview: Nathan Davis (3-12-18)

Wes McElroy
Monday, March 12th

Former Randolph-Macon and now Bucknell Head Basketball Coach Nathan Davis looks back on his team's run to a second straight Patriot League title and NCAA Tournament berth, what he tells his team ahead of the dance and how he views the success of Tony Bennett and Virginia. 


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Is the former head coach of Randolph-Macon he's Rangel make and how he's now they've coached the Bucknell bison and yes. Back to back champions of the Patriot League. That means back to back years of the NCAA tournament coach Nate Davis stoning is on the deed Mercer road cleaning up kind. Coach congratulations to UN bought Nellis air. I. I know was a week ago but you went in as the number one seed to the Patriot League you beat number two Colgate. Can you describe after watching certain teams number ones getting knocked off in one big leagues. You describe how much pressure it is on you guys how much pressure you try to take all of the guys going in when there's only one day at stake. You know it's. Is closely you've got to kind of accept going to you know what Abiola is from three years ago mark Porsche and I want you actually got upside in the quarterfinals which was. Pretty disappointed in the last year we probably the weren't we just try to. Or your long Q does that make every it was important we can make you and not deviate too much ma'am are you before preparations so that Suze is Matt Moore a situations possible. Three guys in the patriot all tournament team he gets Stephen brown Bucknell senior guard you got a core of seniors. You got a well balanced and juniors sophomores and freshmen. What type of team now you gone back to torment look what's the message how's it different houses the same about getting ready for Michigan State. Well I think first ball which lose lose they know what that they don't look like before the court and go holders. So much talk around you want to run double before I got kind of a feel for what that's going to be Lori. I hope we're able to focus and even federal on the preparation in the game knowing what we're what we're getting into bar. This is really try to send their nose guard told people we wanna make it has more normal as possible on the there and they keep it as simple as possible for the preparation don't try to do the same when we do corporate the American November. He's coach Nate Davis joining us Bucknell going in as the Patriot League champs they will get Michigan State and a three and fourteen match up coach I. Yet you guys gave North Carolina run for their money you beat Richmond you had VCU here you played Arkansas. What are your non conference stupidest team when the calendar flipped into the time to type plague us the pitcher late. What things of course you do it because you played so many good teams all or flaws and were exposed within in Italy with any preconceived notion parity. In the any thought to what we needed to improve on the we were aware of pocketed. Our long wanna play great schedule was to prepare a spark exposing our walks we do get to work on camera or an asteroid held. They are saying is that there are frightened we don't hardly injuries this year we played. Most of the foursome are two of our order and winning so we get org are more harm against good people on would have been really helpful part depth on our third our corporate level patrol. Coach and that's actually where I was going this because. Maybe it's not just you against Michigan State but for you for other teams at a school like Davidson that we saw make a run here in the 810. That helmet of having guys together you mentioned you wanna make it is no almost possibly would make it another game another week. You get some of these teams here are some of these big names they got someone and guns they get some younger guys they got teams that have played together but did not play together in the post season. What is it like to have that chemistry on the floor with brown foul and Thomas that the that the spirit crew in the court of guys you have together. Would Luke and tremendous trust lol. In it sort garbled so call pool controller in your opinion isn't good moral to this situation called them a bit them before they come in as the current. They've been any gain or lose lose or or Mohammed or sort of the Mac counterpart sir they've been in game two we put up big opening given dumping it in again we won't big leads seven. The images when we're down ten with fifty seconds left a proper way to win so it kinda seen everything. So hopefully we won't panic in this situation. I like endorsed you for ten seconds Nathan Davis the head coach of the book no vice and I. I'm a Pennsylvania boy I know Lewis for Pennsylvania I know that there's not a lot of hyper activity going on there in the month of march. How is it what is it you walk out your door you know it did not just the normal weaker on the campus of Bucknell. What a great thing here is that is that for a often live in art in our town autographs all of the biggest things we agree crowded bridge support for more fan base that trial really well. But there's there's certainly applaud because any time you're going to determine her school and your Europe where you are a little more national applies popular talk about Lewis or. I don't want people trying to figure out there to do to get Detroit here on out all parties as part I wanna go also. There's certainly an an added that a body builder for an at large quick break out to where were spring break weren't quite as many students around here as and there are typically what it's it's pretty neat. I note down I imagine there's excitement there and look what is it done. It's like sixteen hours from Pittsburgh I don't another three to get them Lewis bird you get. It may get there in like nineteen hours to find is getting a car college road trip got seeded Bucknell bison. Nathan Davis witness on the and from the coaching role with talked a lot about what Tony Bennett Virginia's done is number one seed. When you look at Tony Bennett how he's done it. What he's done where they're not only the number one seed but their team that had built up as the year went on from one coach about another. What do you what impresses you what you Marla when you watch how Tony Bennett does it differently than other teams do. Well I think he carried over there are these. We've we've we've got to stop I'll they believe and on. They've got lost either believe it and they've got a certain type of player that they know the war. I mean I think part of what's amazing about the job they started viewers are doing is you look around the web created it in recruited guy. Do you more Curacao community are historical corners look just or Buick Georgetown and Maryland and and doable or whatnot. And the field of foreign guys that compete at that level is physically more all the boat on to degrade government that a foreign apartment light on developing on. And sticking to comp law not what they wanna do to be successful I mean that's it's pretty parts of. Now what you've done but knows quite impressive 209. And 71. Entering the NCAA tournament 68 and 32. As the head coach of but now now back to back. Dances as they win the Patriot League. Coach you know you've got to contingent of people born down here. Randolph-Macon and of course is there's a lot of Orange in the commonwealth of Virginia publishers are people we Dyson aren't for you guys and you take on Michigan State. While presumably oil winter ball far and right. Well we pull for your coach thanks largely to John force back here in Richmond and good luck Tia. You've got Nathan Davis the head coach of but now former coach Randolph-Macon rail Bacon's own Nathan Davis by the way. And joining us as all guess do on the.