Interview: Mike Jones (5-16-18)

Wes McElroy
Wednesday, May 16th

Mike Jones of USA Today discusses the future of sports gambling in the NFL and the Carolina Panthers new owner.


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Oh question is not what you hear Yani or laurel. Box which Richmond dot counts yeah. Yankees playing that. Game three last night guy gambling in sports employees. Giving us audio clip on an eight poll question brought to Vical federal passionately local banking on not dumb Mike Jones columnist of USA today down with a question. However I had other questions about gambling about football about the Carolina Panthers let's bring on Mike Jones brought you by her at least aberrant located in the shops it in the broad. Does a lot of business to talk about let's start here when you first heard the story of gaming I know you live up in the Delaware area. Now allowed in the state by state basis the first thing you thought of when the Supreme Court announces this would you mind go to in the NFL. Com I think. Well first up what it is laurel okay they're they're not a question but do you got it stuck in my head and you're trying to win it up sorry but I like it there and bonds don't feed the fire if it. Anyway. I did you know content out there that's being you know and I thought of the draft teen mothers staying than than wondering. Okay what kind of players are gonna get involved in this. You know there's all kinds of questions that it raises but. Now that the floodgates that gets will be open you'll just. Have more people know. And I hate doesn't change a whole lot of the people who really into gambling or gambling anyway. But now it's legal and had to be out there and I just wonder you know what what kind of restrictions will be put on players and things like that. I do wonder about restrictions on players or one about this integrity be where the NF bout now seems that they're gonna try to swoop in and be part of this and try to get some type of fee when. When you have a team in Vegas like you're you're job is to have integrity I don't know if you should be have to be paid extra for it. Here's my question for you Jones in we've discussed this before the NFL has been dealing with this issue. For years now about the in the stadium experience they have try to find different avenues they tried to beef up. Are out of town scores fantasy elements is Internet alone in stadiums. I'm I'm wondering here in the component of this gambling has got to be we're stadiums. Built in. I'm betting parlor build somewhere where you can go in and place a bet because they. Technology the recession back in 2008 it's made it way too easy just to stay at home had a great experience. Yeah that adds build and this may be something on your TV we can make a ten dollar twenty dollar bet. I'm thickened there's got to be something in stadiums not just in the NFL where you will you can walk over across grab a hot dog beer and make of that. Yeah I think you're a thumb and the name of the game pretty donors is to make money and come. They will be I'm sure they've got people already. And probably have been looking for awhile for creative ways they can take you and it's lit them make more money that they who has Mark Cuban said the value of my printer in the NBA but. Right amount franchises double. So you know he can't be the only one thinking that way. I don't know it's going to be extinct. Just to see how it plays out in. You know it it takes off more but I guess that. I know. A lot about sports fans who already bet on games and so sure I don't know it's gonna draw any more people and as you know. You know it's not like all of a sudden I don't think like be casual fans umbilical let me go back on the I think if you are to gamble on games you're going to. You know continue to do it maybe a few people would jump into it put you know about I don't know how big. A boom or increase in gambling it would make it. It is they called almost out of necessity just to compete with the times that they're going to ask you something in the stadium Mike Jones is the NFL columnist for USA today. USA today dot com but it was not technically official but it looks like the Carolina Panthers have a buyer. Does it add value to this is interesting because I think the gambling element the added value of you know what it'll bring to the FLC got a big silly got some big money got a new order I guess that might my most interesting thing is that. This group said they're definitely going to keep this in Charlotte. Right yes that is the belief on the expectation that David pepper will keep the Panthers you know obviously. I said they've got to vote on this next week. I'm in Atlanta he needs that 24 of the 32 owners to vote on them but. Word is that everybody you know he's already use a minority owner with the Steelers are apt give up that they. But. It's sound like everybody's on board with that yet its plan is to keep them there in Charlotte and wants to bring a lot of the same practices with the stability in the being Smart in free agency not going up there break in the bank in awarding your own guys contract extension he wants to do the same kind of being in Carolina to sound like. This is the win per of people Charlie on the part of that franchise. Have you ever thought about this a lot in this conversation yesterday but discussion of if they ever moved Charlotte and the question was where would they move. As we've got a bit under the start the maybe Jacksonville could someday end up in London. And just kicked around the discussion is there any place now that there are two teams in LA. Is there any place within the United States Jozy that you think lacks an NFL team where there were expansion. Someone who could take a team. Well I'm an unknown date Blu-ray in who left Saint Louis for a reason. You know with the old stadium known step it still is strange to me you know build weird that they don't have a team you never know up. Armored group we get together and try to bring it came back there otherwise and turned into really a city that should have won its conference seemed like. Everybody is pretty much good. You know I'm not thinking you know if there's a team but they needed that I have a team. It's because there are more of a college at the town green at San Diego. And those that you know people are upset that that they left. You know for that he had staying right there as well let. DA tests would be strange not to have the team they're Charlie and they have a big fan base there are so sound good they're gonna leave planet leave them there. And we on a big reason why Jerry Jones is so supportive of Vegas is that was to keep the team out of San Antonio. Mike Jones you can read them on Twitter act by Mike Jones and one more time do you hear what. Moral right near laurel I like her yeah yeah any Euro some crazy like that and Allah barely get guys it's been now we thank Laura. I act now you hear what you year I'm really messed up I mean you are. Only looks good and as we got to get checked out meant. That. Thank you Jersey that now that. Mike Jones immediate USA today blood do you buyer released aberrant.