Interview: Mike Jones (2-12-18)

Wes McElroy
Monday, February 12th

Mike Jones of USA Today joins Wes to talk the Colts finally getting a head coach, one players second arrest and Jimmy Garappolo's big deal.


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Back then moves to the top of the robber right now look we will not make you go cold Turkey without any football I know there is no football there was plenty of football news we bring in Mike Jones in USA today. Rusty by early tavern in the shops and Brooke are Joseph let's start here the Indianapolis Colts finally have a head coach they finally got their guy. Frank Reich. So this from the standpoint that frank Gregg wanted this job and there was no hesitation. The colts end up getting a better eye for the gig then Josh McDaniels. Com I think so when you just look at. You know there are a lot of people around the league who had questioned as to whether adjustment Daniels was ready to be head coach Steve Campbell or that great these stunt people. On the yes. He's got access there in New England. But he is working under Bill Belichick is working with Tom Brady and things were just so disasters in Denver that people had their questions. They now it's frank Reich who is the guy who. Hadn't been there work with Tony Dungy. And Peyton Manning in both of them spoke very highly Arab he has been a grinder he attached to accept. Everywhere he is then he is a bit of not a player in this week. You know you remember. The amazing you know playoff when the he had there when he was billion Purdue and tell. You know this is the guy. We've got a lot of respect he's got a great offensive mind. He was very involved in the success from the Eagles so Eagles for giving the opposite coordinator from the Super Bowl loser they opened coordinator from the Super Bowl winner there. So just his maturity in leadership skills. I think that they probably didn't wind up getting the better guy. Here's a guy you don't more people in the league and I do but here's a guy that a lot people said this guy deserves this shot it's it he deserves a chance he's worked his way up and with him at the head coach and we know now what's going on the general matter spot it feels like the colts have a structure. But there's always that big question to help the danger lucky to have the structure you can have a coach together GM the question and India's do you have the quarterback. Yet that's going to be Tom a big question that are available followed very closely throughout all law either the colts still good about Andrew Luck that the good about its progress. They think that he's going to. Finally. The trees you know full strength they're not Russian mini way they are holding him back in make big baby steps forward. No that he would probably like to be going at a faster pace but they don't want a repeat fate at the setbacks or anything like that and so. He is they're hoping he's going to be ready know what it's going to be very instinct meat is good to see if if they either in free agency get a new a more reliable veteran quarterback or at the draft it is side to draft some analysts say in the first round but. At some point in the draft as an insurance policy but either way. Whether into look whether somebody else they have a guy it was a very good quarterback. Future public guys who can who's been in the battle himself in his ineffective communicators. And will be very good for whatever quarterback they have going forward. He's Mike Jones USA today Wes McIlroy fox sports 910 the story last night was Ruben Foster. Stud linebacker and Alabama goes Sampras is going to draft arrested for the second time in less than a month. Now this is disturbance call and alleged domestic abuse Jozy who can't speculate on this but I'm gonna put this to what we have coming up in that would be the draft. If you're have a red flag on your roster. How how intensified as it now because of what's going on with Ruben Foster just a year later. Well I think that it really is gonna make team they are already very cautious and and sometimes they overlook things because of the talent but. It probably go to make them think not just the second and time but a third time as to whether they want to roll the diet when a guy. You know everybody's done their homework to do their background checks and things like that and they feel like they've got a good understanding of who that guy is. And they're wrong sometimes just like they do their homework in Philly and go out of the players somebody at and they are wrong this is definitely out of three. Not a group that is awful thing proven Foster a bad thing for the 49ers. And you know they're probably going to be some guys to maybe have a red flag the might get passed over. Maybe unfairly just because people are scared of what you know it would. A repeat of the Ruben Foster type thing but. We'll see how it plays out but you're exactly right you know as it comes to the strapped beaten everybody on their homework and they'll probably get a big just a little bit deeper on some of these guys now. Analysts thought I got a lot of Redskins fans want to see on their team held on Saudi 5000 dollars bail released late last night. Josie one more stick with the same team Jimmy go rob below five years 100 in 37 and a half million dollars how did this change reset the quarterback market. Law unless they did it just gives confirmation. To what Kirk cousins. That he was going to be worked in a week we knew that OK who's playing on 24. Million last year and then. The transition tech beat your we've got to be 28 franchise tag was going to be about almost 35 so figuring that is value would be somewhere that 27 to thirty million dollar range. Now that. Alex Smith from the Redskins got the point five million Jimmy grapple oak. Got two point seven and a half million which broke. The record that Matt Stafford signed last year which broke the record did their part it signed. Just a few months of course Stafford now. It's just gonna continue to go up the floor for negotiations for Kirk cousins is 27 and half million maybe 28 million. And then it'll go from there and then you know you have guys like. Who who are you know Drew Brees up for contract. Now he's older so okay where do you figure that is earning potential is how much salary cap space that they take up. How long do you wanna buy an import but guys like Aaron Rodgers. Matt Ryan who upper contract extension there agent or sit back and loving this because they will wait for the preach market is take care of itself. And it then. They won't go and ask above and beyond that because obviously of Kirk cousins can get anywhere between 2830 million dollars. Aaron Rodgers is going to ask for more than that and you got the resonate group that you work more. Jones did hear from buzz in the background and he's won a few things we got breaking NFL news in your wife is mad at you for not doing something so go jump on that ASAP and a a a you let out octave then you got to Mike Jones brought to you by her lowest average in the shops at n.'s Brooke it.