Interview: Mike Barber (2-12-18)

Wes McElroy
Monday, February 12th

Mike Barber of The Times-Dispatch joins Wes to talk the Hokies big win over UVA, what it does for their tournament hopes and if the Cavaliers will be alright following their loss.


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For more on this game prolong what it means it when he is gone for bringing our buddy Mike Barbour the Richmond times dispatch who was there in Charlottesville Saturday night. He joins us on the indeed Mercer rug cleaning hotline at first things first my friend. I citizen time to time the one great thing about our job is we we always don't know the story we go to cover the game. We think we know the story between you walk in the building the ball gets to it. And the real story gets written as it did Saturday night. In an accountant and we Asia society and this year in this rivalry that is okay speeches. I personally what is it indoor expert thinking of changing little rookie Justin didn't it was going to be this type game and then virtually terms in this blow out the maybe that was imports from what I saw there but I didn't so it. Seven is inspecting old. Virginia Tech has no chance on it is to substantiate this happens. If you lose things happen but. It is you can mistake you itching is completely different team. It's an omelet station on the defense of poverty so just. Not really put any more what to expect. Virginia Tech almost lost that game they survive some fatal flaws in the N and Tony Bennett said VoIP like I agree that means that we we almost stole. But it beats all the Hokies win any so when an overtime you saw win on the road game thing that's most impressive by how they won this game. It's distracted take you through defensively. Without really changing a lot defense it's and we don't. You need to just gotten through and it is cute really talented and very high hopes about. Second straight NCA torment people chalking up and even scoring in transition to school in ninety minutes a game. It on terms and schedule those things and it trying to get home to double dip in ACC play and instead of pouting about it and didn't aid was getting frustrated. Didn't change direction but it was consider trojans that. Then we've dedicated to absolutely. It is actually gains have been outstanding defensively. Certainly surgeon is stupid it. Questions. You know or maybe we'll try it on all sides are given night. Egyptian kick into the there's going to be a question just in terms of pepper. If they did it play so. Start to the players they play hard all those things and executed in defense in an engine make that change people's form. It's latency using our game absolutely maybe not a possible most of grosso. He's by Barbara the times dispatch Richmond does that Richmond dot com what's McIlroy fox sports night and let me flip it over to Virginia because the guy. Who flips on Virginia for the first time all season is going to look at Saturday and go out there you go that that's like Virginia's diagonal and they don't have enough offense. And they didn't have enough offense Saturday night they did have enough offense to come back from eleven down against Florida State we did have enough offense against mobile. I think we'll caught my attention. Was Virginia just looked it in multiple ways very uncharacteristic. Saturday. He's aging the excuse I think it yes and I think we've looked like it seemed that. Was tired of of a big undefeated and ACC play. Achieve but it really put everything into every game this season. That really expended a lot of energy in that Florida State when. About bookings are actually looked like the season what sort of aware government. I think that was the paper Virginia you know I don't. I don't have a huge red flag after that loss because. But they were just worn out and they wrote to achieve that played really part of really well against of them. I think some rest will do them well yeah the office but a concerted looked a little bit like. He NCAA tournament where they just couldn't buy a bucket prolonged stretches. But overall but that it does look more doubtful that. Surprised that the Khamese still had a number one. I wasn't I wasn't he. No surprise as a reason to buy us a lesson. Salt that was home to what a great team. But when I went at the end of the night a little hole my Twitter says you can going to be number Warren. In the poll today had he. I mean. Who else would it be you'll bill know was still really good I think Michigan State were there when overproduced. In that discussion. As saviors not been covered but at the end of the day if you look at the roads meant. I think Virginia is still had the best season to date. A literal on this one because Virginia Tech I think you saw it Saturday night the things that Buzz Williams Dix army sees lack effort or lack of defense he just as a so we do and Charles under your table to doing it today for Virginia if you're in a barb barber and somebody says yes Saturday night you're not John Paul Jones arena. Bear they're doing what they're doing and somebody says that as saying all you VA team. This is this is the NBA team tell me why this you'll be different in March Madness why it was just one night and there are different team they've been. Yeah I don't think. And they're going undefeated and ACC play is not a prerequisite. So winning a national title regional final or. I still resisting this better defensively. It in a more dominant way that forced turnovers they block shots. I still think that would be outside shooting of guard duo muscle think you know Devean at all and the it is steady play and every missed those free throws. I think that was an off night for them in those regards I think. They'll Kyle guys would didn't have a great night almost free throws a good defensive breakdowns. But this team at its best. It's still more dominant in my opinion the some of these recent teams have. I can get the shot of the tournament again it's hard to win the tournament but. I'm not to conserve just because we lost. It to Virginia Tech to rival in a great game. Michael thank you is always appreciate it due to get next Monday. That's rhetoric you've got at Richmond dot com Richmond times dispatch Mike barber who was there on Saturday night.