Interview: Michael Litos (2-15-18)

Wes McElroy
Thursday, February 15th

Ram Radio Analyst Michael Litos joins Wes to look back on VCU losing at home to Davidson, what went wrong and how the Rams could still find their way into the top four in the A-10 Tournament.


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VCU of the game and I was it was a missed opportunity a chance to go begins David say at home to move up in the standings as BC right now really with a plan for. Is seeding in the A 10 tournament and this morning well. They did not get that opportunity because well they missed it last night against Davidson would bring in Michael lead osu with Robbie Robinson had to call last I don't fox sports night and and I don't want to oversimplify this but last night rams just couldn't hit their shots when they had to. Yeah that's a really great way to put network's good morning Ireland and I think there are gains cold and it dig into that detail and analyze them. And there are games there are obvious what happened in an up and going at. Last night that that kept the rams from winning a first or what you expect there right they just didn't pitch shot. At one point gain just until most of only seven for nine from the field. And the rest of the team was six for 24. So in it was just one of those nights where to look and when you're making shots and backing cover up a lot of Ailes. When you're missing shots you get exposed further build been an end now as one of the game's last night where. As the rains are exposed when they stopped making shots. It kind of went into a shell where they went one on one out of wait what they do it then they started out there on on. Early in the second half then and and it really exposed shortcomings of those came back. You know like he'd assailant Virginia Tech there's work left to do but you know fortunately it got five games left winnable games and I don't think it's detained negotiate. 30% first 35 minutes at a basketball game. So yeah you know though that deceit or they're continue to move forward to EC in the Big Ten Conference tournament. I'm glad you pointed out that way because it's one of those things where he didn't watch the game last night you grab the box score and go women Tillman had 2.2 in Derry on they had nineteen. When Nieves junior divert from the times this back we were counting it. That he had. A mixture I have this right it was sixteen. Oh is 53 pointers in the final six minutes other than that very odd day. He was struggling for as you mentioned 35 minutes of this game so let me set up this way. If you got just until he's getting all the attention like he does he was getting a lot of tensions still put up 22. But he got a team crowding the paint. And the balls being kicked out who then on his team's got to score besides the area they Jenkins. Yeah a lot I think we need to do a little bit more of what it is been eight in a tremendous. Ball. Probably sent the second week of January. This animal market yet have been able to get out not I don't know the true waited for the fact because Kurz. Felt like he needs to. Who develop Molly as each second point guard in January and summer start. I Motley crow Gil needs to get and it's not like he's got to score fifteen or nineteen or anything like that. But it quote heal in Barry couple threes the loosen up the deep ethnic Isaac and is he back down payment attic and not in and I asked her spirits well in the ball. And I've been into the plane from the base on the panel the defense up and and you know you've just been so mangled and give us an authority I think that's gonna sir listing while so yeah it is it. Escrow Cuban band and trying to other skier on the offensive and that I think it's different outlets with then. He's Michael Lee goes on the call rams radio now VC will now move wanna take on George Washington this Saturday. And now that's the question aids is what you got I think there's one team left on the schedule that these five with a winning record that would be saint Bonaventure the question is can you win these games against UMass and Mason in GW. Because considering the rest of the 810. And they're there's still a chance even though they missed the opportunity last night there's still a chance of BC ends up in the top four just because of the 810s of royal rumble and anybody can bounce anybody on a night. Yeah and then if there's a lot of games between you know Rhode Island saint Bonaventure Davidson. The teams they're be equipped fighting with there's only gains among them so other teams are gonna work as we did down the stretch and I think that's another pointless you know that's. As for very get a ball games 22 on the road. He didn't have start GW in and I love the fact that we're fans simply to look at we'll have to take it one game. And so you know you start or they'll get that and on the hour. You masses always a tough trip for some reason for this. And his fifteen that this program we only in the struggle there but if we get that one. Get owned the saint Bonaventure was some momentum. George may on the scandal they close at Fordham says I've gained glass in saint Bonaventure atop the stinging. Coming into dust Michael Tanner. In yet they're still on opportunity for the Indus Finnish foreign one. Five and I don't get that seat even ain't going to and number three number four get that rest on Thursday and start playing a metal on Friday we'll Hugh Abbott. Michael windows you'll hear him on Saturday I'm glad he could hear me this morning Betty could find the volume button on the phone. I'm surprised that Turkey it is wrong. So we're sit there last night radio row and I'm doing the pregame show and I. I don't know what you think and I said Michael windows will join us up next and the knows who's a very calm collective character. But dies on the headset I think you thought I was bringing you order something and all of a sudden you start packing heat any poll he's gone can't hear you can't. Then for sort of reason he goes scuba diving underneath the table and starts messing with wires and I'm going Abydos. Big dose. Vetoes and you look at me and lot as does reach out and just turn the volume knob up on the headset. And you. I can't. I can't say I'm appreciative I am that you told that or would you panic like that the Oprah. Thank you buddy I've appreciated LC Saturday. You got it last oh lead as he connects me up.