Interview: Lane Casadonte (6-12-18)

Wes McElroy
Tuesday, June 12th
Lane Casadonte of CBS 6 talks about Bronco Mendenhall's comments on UVA Football and why the brutal honesty may not have come across the right way.

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We welcome in Lancaster died today. CBS six on the good deed Mercer rug cleaning hotline new video Sunday night I was taken care little girl and you say you might wanna check this out. I read it I had one reaction it was why would Bronco Mendenhall say these things. After here and some of the audio later do you think different and nation than you did initially about reading some his comments. No I don't really think differently but the one thing I do wanna do it I don't wanna make a start you bunch of hypocrites is we in the media are lamenting about how coaches never tell a certain thing they ever used. Coach speak and they never give up and eat eat till they never give any emotion. I'll give it plenty of that in now if you don't want bill by the guy for giving us what we've been asked before but having all that. I think you could have chosen. A different more tactful way to make the same point. I'd agree there's two things that stood out one or was it you have to say 27 members a year team there's a general way of doing that. I think there's also Davos I didn't even need a generalization of the scheduling I thought he was on point on the scheduling. But I'm a 100% agree we did and that's where I listen to all 47 minutes of and I thought. I got away more clear picture than I do without a yacht instead of a budget coaching cliches. Is that. That. They did not think we want to roll hall forum. And we are geared it villages where you went there strictly. There engaging. They are you know they're they're very much he got big big better judge if they want to play really well. That he didn't I don't think you get their throat third processor under the bus. Even if it's true I felt that public you needed it but we article by the worst power I eat we get by. How would you like beating got a commute BA that make that scheduling call. But I think it's the Smart call to make I think it's the exact I think they need to do exactly the opposite of what they try to do during the Michael in years we're seem like they were trying to foolishly scheduled to make the college football playoff I think. I here's one thing and I agree yet it's not. It's not gonna be confused with the new rocking let's go win one for the gipper but sometimes you gotta be brutally honest sometimes you gotta lay exactly where you were in this the way that I took. He's got a roomful of people who are decision makers money spenders. Ed Davenport he's I think the opportunities that the situation. In reality of what he really needs and what they need to do to turn this program totally around. That's fine I don't I don't dispute that all black college like as director of football operations and that the call. I don't know yet he had seen did they wanted to call and get what they called anchor bill. Or they call Kentucky or somebody like got the first down the other ended oh but we are. It doesn't let it felt very good relations between apps and why would somebody want to take a call from Virginia and now. First actually because. That the first all but let that you market rebel. I don't what particular that the worst hour bike. At the very first question that it if anybody that they. Yeah race repudiate. It bothered. That shot. The media because apparently we're all you know I pull it up deliberately. Hurt him I wanted to go. Does that we're seeing things the media is bailing. Ed delivering a message about his program. Yeah and I you know I was out of the guys who got his tour last night and I think I have a good relationship with Bronco Mendenhall reckon asking questions. I was debate last night whether or not I want to ask him that on the record or off are on the air off because I. I was curious one your program's not relevant way I think people are asking. A lot of questions for the media attention is not been there are I wanna know exactly it was at a shot and all of this sort somebody because I was kind of wondering. Exactly where where is the media been wrong on this program. Well and that didn't give me just wonders if he would setting everybody up for and other. You know losing speed and I mean I know albeit the goal is to make the play to make a ballgame you'd be. The second straight year something that hadn't been done in awhile and I'm just wondering if you know you realize that were taking notes stock in the program. Entering its third deep and if they're not quite going to really be. Attainable this year and he is trying to. Lower the bar of expectations before that leopard bit schedule was here before he took the job. Now maybe eat we all we want that bit. Eat wheat we don't have a really think Vicki knew what he was getting into. When he took this position and now we know that you know we were right he really didn't know what he was getting into. And that I I have no doubt that the program. Once where he that it was when he first came and that is the it's the opinion I'm a firm believer that opinion did the right or wrong or just there to be either great lyric or gets agreed with that is. A that's an avid program. And you know all it's his job turn around and get it where it needs to be. I'm not sure he. He you know I'm not sure that we are what that I'm writing that you're gaining. You know the support that he's going to be built this turnaround. It's a fair point may have cast a dying of CBS six lettuce on fox sports night and as we sit here on June 12 I believe it is more of an and they look for next season Virginia or Virginia Tech. No I think we know we've got with Virginia I think Virginia Tech would bury the uncertainty surrounding Jack Jack then. Nobody's really sure about is eligibility right now. You they've they've had it through significant losses than that it spent the back field. If he you know if there's one coach in the entire state and there are bad but it there's one today. They you don't use should feel good putting your. Putting your money odd. In terms of turning around a bad situation but Foster in the Virginia Tech defense because he'd done it for over twenty years now. But I I really think bit you know went all the uncertainty surrounding the most important position they cabinet program. You know going into the all that is going to be some clarification before you can really make a fair assessment on how they might be going forward this year. You can see him on CBS six letter. I appreciate you not gone up their capitals parade I. Well the funny thing it and I am on my way to the beeper I'm actually going up the red and sparked a birdie on 87 players they get there. The 87 now a replacement players are getting their Super Bowl ring today which. With dumping the redskins' big schedule weeks ago. Or the cap even thought about making it streak so I'm. I am going up three and a half early just because I don't truck that 95 especially today. That's the Smart play and as life goes everything happens on the same day later see on CBS six buddy. What sport I will not.