Interview: Lane Casadonte (3-13-18)

Wes McElroy
Tuesday, March 13th

Lane Casadonte of CBS 6 returns from Brooklyn and gives his takeaways from Virginia winning the ACC Tournament, what he saw from Virginia Tech and if the Hokies can make it out of the first round. 


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Joining us now he does each and every Tuesday he's lane casts a dowdy of CBS six back from Brooklyn back in the RVA and back re packing for. He gonna Charlotte are you gonna Pittsburgh. But I'm actually they're going to either Sean Robertson will be in Charlotte forced the weekend. And then we will regroup. One Suisse Siewert already makes it actually can. They give you actually get to do laundry sleeping your own bed after a couple days in Brooklyn and let me start here since you get to see the Hokies for a little bit but you've got to see Virginia for the past three days you're seeing Virginia all season like guy. You've seen different moments of this team you've seen different hurdles using different accomplishments. What most impressed you about Virginia's three days in Brooklyn. That they approach every game exactly the same way they are the same team no matter who they are playing. No matter the game situation. They could beat up. Seventeen. They could beat up the war they play exactly the same way it even though. They build big leads in Brooklyn. And they eat you know the other team would pick a running comeback you ever got the feeling that you hear it was in danger of losing any of those three games. It's it's really impressive to see how they approach. Every single opponent obviously they must tweak little things depending on who they're playing but they play the same way no matter the situation. Later we just talked to coach Wilford on the show and I he brought it up in a certain term out is bring it up flat out the way I feel Phyllis teams getting better and maybe it's not. No I'll say it's better because you look at certain key elements we know that they've got the sixth man of the year and beyond 300 that you're seeing what 789. Jack salt. Nigel Johnson Mon ADD keepsake you know baseball long enough you know football. But all you gotta have that X-Factor baseball you gotta have that utility guy and we're starting to see that from Virginia. Yeah you're seeing a lot of their depth and they were you know. On the day hadn't. Done a lot of what he didn't Brooklyn all season long entry Hexcel god bless and rejects so the first thing you looked to do when he gets the vote passed it. It's like it's radioactive or some think he does not want that thing and pay and Kyle guy. Dead after their semi final win over Clemson he says I promise you. Jack's salt has ever made no right handed hook shot in his entire life for you get a that he needed that night. That some of the things that were talking about what had he lived on a roll and when they're doing well in everything inspiring thing like that happens you try something. If it works it's just what happens when eighteen. It is hot it is there's unified is running on all cylinders as you've BA you rate. I ask you about a month ago maybe a month and have to go after the duke game put a label on him sweet sixteen elite eight final four national championship caliber team now you see the brackets. A forty haven't gone. What you know if it is so hard. To predict something like tournament basketball. We really felt we felt in Brooklyn we felt good thing to Brooklyn as a group the media really help that Louisville. Would probably be their toughest game until they got to do that he. I know you and we also everybody also was convinced that duke was gonna beat Carolina in the other semi final duke would give them. A tougher game in Carolina Mike Weir along at all. Civil. You know you could see them I I'd cry I have been going at least is are probably is the regional final lead eight. And the way they play right now with it and Garrett. And we preface this by saying one thing. Any peeking get super hot one game. Anything could come out and makes. You know 10123. Look at Davidson you know they're here because they got hot for a couple of games. Debate that innate Davidson has put a lot better in the last third of the season that I think that a weight room but they got hot. In DC is just started making a billion threes and any team can do that you have the only answer for outside of something like that I don't see why you BA doesn't go to San Antonio. Mornings a McIlroy fox sports night and laying gas and Donny at CBS six over to Virginia Tech they're in the 89 game against Alabama you briefly saw them in Brooklyn that you saw. Literally a tale of two halves how do you feel about the Hokies going into Thursday night. You know I have a bit. All season long my counterpart the VP BJ roto is Travis wells and I actually interesting you know Virginia Tech. Can beat anybody and they can lose to anybody and he says you have it pretty much it meant that this shows their versatility could end. Usually you see there from game to game and it broke what you saw from have to have one of the things that. Was telling for me is sick in the locker room after that game. Two different players told us they you know they said kind of the same thing and a prayer bracelet that says that they said. We. Are pretty good when we do what we're supposed to. What went so called us. Start doing what something else or what we wanna do that's a problem. And that speaks to overall team good discipline if Virginia Tech. Stick to what Buzz Williams wanted to do and stick to the game plan. Their athletic enough of their character not to win a couple of gates I mean they're gonna give Villanova in the second round if everything like that the way it's supposed to. And against a team like Villanova if you start doing you know peace or bought off script there advocates say for. Guy coming out Thursday at least. Armed. What you feed appears to have the team in Alabama they got really hot. In their conference tournament until they ran into Kentucky that they you know they can knock off looking like Auburn yeah I think he I think urging Dick win their first game. I think there have to have or their best in your could be built though. You can see the games on CBS six part of the coverage TBS TNT turner and yes CBS six later. McIlroy is movie madness on your quick votes on the first of region are you ready. There are I picked movie character won eight match up in this is the once again the biggest bad asses of Hollywood movies dirty Harry against Tommy DeVito good fellows who gets your vote. Ball pole. Here tomorrow morning that's very typical rabbit but let's go OK that's gotta gotta be dirty air Ivan Drago verse shifts. I'll go where's Shaq trailing 6931. Net Ivan Drago in the lead toward in my Dinah. Against bode from point break. Our tournament are he's leading 61% of the vote and Jason Bourne taking on the terminator. Jason Bourne. And a bully 61% of though currently at foxwoods Richmond dot com at west fox sports 910. Later enjoy sleeping in your own bed and shove Sean on the highway. Earlier at about tomorrow appreciate your body had to go and Eric very electric or laying gas and Donnie CBS six on the indeed Mercer road cleaning hop on.