Interview: Lane Casadonte (2-13-18)

Wes McElroy
Tuesday, February 13th

Lane Casadonte of CBS 6 joins Wes to talk the Hoos being ranked No. 1 and the Hokies improving their tournament resume.


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Lancaster Donny and CBS six joins us now he hates millennial ST by let's turn to you right now most likely later. Yeah here in the stuff. Well I believe apparently not entirely all all. You know. He should he he he really needs real aware of that I hate to use this term relief people or historically aware. I tried I for Christmas I bought them trading places coming to America Wall Street. You have somebody in your office you just they they say certain things in this is happening to us now are getting older. They just say certain things and you walk away. And smacked the forehead. In our newsroom at that an hourly occurrence yet. But it has nothing to do anything they don't recover anyway. Yet know if it is we there was reference made. A couple of months ago there was reference made it sixteen Campbell and our treasurer and at least true retrieve our producers turn around and said what that. And we're just like you've got to be kidding me. You Aggies need. I kid I kid you can't do anything for somebody like that you're deceptive they go home and watch it go back to. In the words of the later. For our future he's laying gas today I had CBS six gimme the relevance to you of Virginia number one in the polls for the first time in 35 years. Well it it's they it's more of a cumulative award and it was a perfect storm and it happened that people want and it'll lose to Virginia Tech. On Saturday night at the same time I think it will really be all we'll all. To the parity that your piping up and down. The top 45 or what he considered the top forty college basketball this year there is no real doll that is eaten out there. That is just gone out and taken this season by the throat. Instead you have to compete. There are you beat Nick Cage for 8015 or sixteen teams almost sixteen teams at the NCAA put out there and say you could kick it and you're going to get ot make a run and find their way to San Antonio and a cup. I didn't deal was always about an hour ago and I agree with him. Selection committee Dem Dem being number one had a lot to do it because if you're a voter. You're a voter in the AP what do two things happened you sort of doing a deeper dive into Virginia or you realize your argument against Virginia being number one. You have a lot of information to back it up and I get sportswriters talk shows me we love to take a hill and stand on it. But as you're seeing right now trying to find that true number one team in the country. That's not really hill that you got a lot of arguments for. And then another thing is I mean Virginia was I mean it was tough to argue against that because they get wind what was it fifteen straight before losing detect. Yes on Saturday night they were given the once you spend thinking that a country that it take inaudible cover they were picked. Pick than me PC pre season and today evil that while there's still three games clear of the rest of the conference that. It's much are very an endorsement Virginia or Virginia as a visit I currently eight east Igor just been tripping over themselves this year. So you don't you kind of you can make a very good argument that Virginia is the number one team in the country but. You had to have Purdue and Villanova. Bolt won last week at home. Michigan State. Has a few more losses on their records so I know the coaches put them number one but it's a little more typical. To make the argument for Michigan State right out that it is for I you'd be eighteen whipping at home and a rivalry game against. You know really a bubble team go Hokies needed that game a lot more than you create it because now that the signature win that their resume a black. I think we as this couple weeks ago link gas and Donnie CBS six west McIlroy fox sports nights and we S if you any blue line bracket right now had to fill it out. How far would you averaging you're going. Saturday night didn't give me a whole lot of red flags about Virginia I said Baghdad two weeks ago that it would be a final four team by gaining that blind bracket right now later and said sweet sixteen elite eight final four recently this team. Yeah I would put I would put them live in a blank bracket I would say I I. Cut the middle I would say I would say elite eight and the reason I don't know that I would get them all the way to the final four is exactly because. A game like Saturday night when they have an off night offensively. They're defense isn't always enough to keep it is extremely good. But you don't there all night offensively. Can be so bad. That the defense you know can't quite overcome that that was not an outstanding performance by Virginia Tech either I don't think they're anything but Williams is going to be showing bill. It saying you know you've got to be that every single time now but you know projecting a winner often got clicked. It's very typical two to overcome but you know another team bit you don't may be beaten might be getting a few more shots than there. About buzz and put that film once and it's how you played defense the west rest the way down. Yeah I Don and yeah exactly exactly bit either going to be able to get there offered to step back and going the other is what I wanna beat Dallas stretched. And you know the defense can win you a lot of games. But we can't let this seems like we have this conversation every single year that you know you VA has an easy game where they eat discourse 72 or 75 point. And it's not gonna come Saturday was one of those. Lancaster died a goatee says millennial that TV station my friend. Now they don't let in the many they should but they don't. Appreciate it a ghetto disembodied. Click report as link gas and done a CBS six on the ID Mercer wrote cleaning hotline.