Interview: Jon Laaser (4-11-18)

Wes McElroy
Wednesday, April 11th

The Voice of the Hokies Jon Laaser talks spring football, some changes along the offensive line and the one thing the majority of Americans like that he doesn't.


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John laser the voice of the Hokies are relays we're talking about one of your fellow Hokies Silas to Nancy. Jacking up 62 pounds in weight working now at left tackle on the starting O line. And he said peanut butter and jelly has been his go to his business port today we've gotten discussion. The thing that America's seems the love the most that you just don't like what is that. Jeff from its catch yeah. And idea constant heat for that I'm also not a big fan of pretty much confidence in general that most of America whole year. Mustard also being in there. But that going back to you as the previously talking about with dirty dancing. Yes normally you don't feel that song when it comes on at a wedding because. You shouldn't feel that song and then you do all dancing that you discussed in terms throwing your back yeah. I can't wait for your wedding can I get that old song lists her as loyalists is not going to be anywhere close to the traditional wedding playlist can I get at least time in my life. Please just to see if you throw your future ride into the air it's a pointer Wesson I've gotten a little grumpy in the green room. All right. Bill I did ask why. What's that because you just you just anger because he had to wait for a little bit. Yes but I reported that means that imported. We'll dive into topics because people are hungry they're angry for spring football and I know you want let's start here let's start with the Eli look the least talked about topics. You got two holes and all the sudden yesterday. You find out who got a new left tackle and you move your left tackle to right tackle what do you make about the emergence of so I was banks. Well I think he's edited phenomenal spring and we advance vice lastly talking about his weight gain in the fact that he's open semis in a positive way and you can certainly see that when you're out there he's a big physical presence usually when you looked at the offensive line group you would see ash nice menu wouldn't have to see is number two ranked mess which when he was he was just so physically hulking. And now you have to check between the two today. They kind of look similar reacts little bit taller I would put it Thomas stock in him being at left tackle at the moment I think that Cisco device and coach once they wanted to get as much versatility. As possible. I don't think they're displeased with nice memo last Saturday he didn't overwhelm like we had planned him for him to do last year but he still had a solid season again this spring football and I think that they're just trying to. Move some pieces around get everybody comfortable in different spots people probably didn't know lasted it did that a little bit of quiet seller. And he was over on the right side and and work and attack a little bit just to make him more well rounded so. Aggie and I wouldn't go overboard on the whole flip but the offensive line but it does mean of course the south stands is plans to sell a football. John lazy at the voice of the Hokies spring football game on Saturday at 330. What is the format what's the lay out of this game. That's the same as has been the first two years at a Justin went that it will be four quarters running clock twelve minutes apiece for the ten minute halftime. And essentially you can only score points one way. In terms of offense vs defense traditional scoring for the offense of course expert touchdown three for field go on for an extra point. I'm a defensive side you get a point for us stop unit six return over a student in three for three and out. And that that's a way to calculate points the kicking game will be muted a little bit you won't have kick offs for obvious. Precautionary reasons to start with the Pope bought the 35 in the punter will be out their along with the returner but there won't be any return justice where he feels it's essentially fair catches. The opposite of the ex FL. In its first incarnation so. Should be fast pace should be quick moving and that should be an hour like you said with a running clock. There's only so much you can see your take from a spring football the work is in the practice and we're not privy to that but after what you've seen or what you've heard and we've talked to. Give me something that you or you need someone you may be locked in on Saturday that you wanna city. Well I think for a lot of people it's going to be the backup quarterbacks and Ryan Willis in the and a hooker and I'd like to see hooker because we haven't seen atomic him. In spring ball this year and and after what he did in the spring game last year and at times you are wondering if they were example that richer last year you definitely wanna see the progression that he's made. Jess Jackson would also be in that category I know that that's not that deep rooted answer but I also looking at the corners particularly with a Adonis Alexander. Not being there because you news that brace watts was going to get some run and that's sad news to be interesting to see what the depth looks like beyond that particularly without Jeremy web. Here having not early and rolled with this team in projected to be in the mix to start alongside Alexander when you get back and it. In the fall that you know those are just a couple of the top my head was there's so many things that you wanna see with this football team because they're so young now linebacker just popped in the mine and it relate to see were Dylan rivers is in terms of making the calls on defense even though it'll be against a pretty Vanilla offense so. A lot of stuff quite frankly in this game way more so than last year. You think you learn means that question better suited for next week I'll ask it to you again next week you think you've learned anything spring football. Yeah I think you have in terms of you know just talking about south stands you learnt of the guys were that made the big progression physically. To give themselves into the picture I think that's what people don't. See necessarily behind the scenes they see the names and they discuss them and they know what's the recruiters for the scouts are. Whoever maybe saying about them but in actuality the conversations entirely different behind the scenes of spring football gives us an opportunity. To see who the coaches are really zeroing in on in terms of where that depth chart maybe it's not a true identifier where that that there will be. Come August but it does give you a better representation of the guys that made strides in the offseason. To get back to this point so yeah I think you do learn some things going into spring football you don't learn as much as maybe people think they do that at times but. It it does give via picture of what the scope is going to be over the next few months but it's certainly not a clear picture because he had so much time to continue to improve. After spring. John laser Mike Byrd are they will be on the call for the Hokies spring game on Saturday in what should be a suns spank afternoon at lane stadium. 330. We will get to see the ones are the ones that to reverse the twos and B need of if he had a football Jones we'll see at lane stadium on Saturday. The wedding planning going nobody really blew about a month the waiter Utley. Yeah we've got down to tasting and DC yesterday went down backs that so it's fun but it was a good experience over there or else it cake tasting as best part tested four different varieties of cakes about in my training program today. With that strength coach David Jackson and a hopefully won't be too upset with Italy picked all cheese products. I who have my favorite rooms and you. Excellent Mac and sees it cheesy pizza. Ice cream cheese whiz she's laser flavored ice Graeme. And this string cheese. Dial back up back assailants. We did ordered cheese table just not a peanut butter and jelly very few days I will see you Saturday my friend but as it trial. John Lazard the voice of the Hokies here on fox sports nine Tim brought to by cal and gates eleven attorneys on staff and there for you in any case. Three from Zach. No mention of Andre Ingram on the show today highland springs grad with what the best story is the NBA and you're talking about PBJ and dirty movies. Zach thanks for not listening we're paying attention to the poll question. But guess what Zach we are getting into both next PB and has waited for his entire basketball career. And oh what a night was talking about next and fox sports 910.