Interview: John Walton (6-12-18)

Wes McElroy
Tuesday, June 12th
John Walton joins Wes before the Capitals parade to discuss his historic call of the Stanley Cup victory, what this means to finally see it and being able to lift the Cup.

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And joining us right now would treat. John Wall you've been so kind to us great calls you don't fox sports 910 and 1140 WR VA in 961. The voice of the Washington Capitals on radio cast when he forced seven radio. Joining us on the deed Mercer rug cleaning hot line. John your man of words and paint a picture so how could you begin to describe your past five days on this earth. Well she can talk to out to try and describe last but I I think it. This celebration at this city probably says at all I think this is important for years in the making peace PC at least step out of the hole. Eads which are usually get it you're the HI. Really out of its early. This. Are you tried and true Washingtonian. Maryland Virginia. Anywhere in the mid Atlantic this it is truly special and that they want to celebrities and other guys do or. But it out. And at every stop they've gone to. Brought to talk to people that thought they wouldn't live long enough to see it and that's slightly. Maybe the best part about the last three or four days at this point has just watching what's gone on in the city whenever the players Sheila what. John love the final call it it is an injury and it's not a mirage is lord Stanley did it just roll out lord did you have in your back pocket. A little bit of ball period it rolled out it wasn't quite sure how fast itself but I think the more he has liked as a critical moment. Which meant history which meant 44 years which read being in Las Vegas oval it's. Kirk. I didn't meet the goals he's scored the very beginning was just a real. Fast. And what we're shooting for hurt I think it was just is it to get quite believe I think eclipsed that we're all people that watch. You know other saying that a 100000. That it shouldn't eat all that. Take the over on absolutely. I'm thinking it. You. It wouldn't shock me if there was opera to ordered to keep them out and by the time it was dark there are silly people. And aren't what it does as an aside the TV numbers yet DC. Off the chart. There intellectual shall. But. Some credit or shall be eaten all excited enrichment. Produce team. And I bit the TD numbers consistently in the top it's a little US markets throughout the policies in the deeper. Accountable to the rhetoric got at Richmond so. He. Bjork I didn't certainly part. I was pumped our bosses actually listened to a Smart idea and put you on the radio it was great having you on John Wald the voice of the castle this on fox sports 910. Let me circle back here couple months ago and you put out the tag yeah you said it or put out that sweet. It's okay to believe and I know you know ritual the popping down here and NBC twelve she echoed through the community. When did you first start really believe in order or start at stake in that this team is different in years gone by. Can tell you exactly because it was a night that I scouted and think debaters are rallying cry at the time I did. What I want to resonated on Twitter and I started using it it was game against Pittsburgh and it closed. A lot like what our policies in Serbia on manicured penguins end up getting a lead after chief during they badly outshot the caption if they win the game. There are reachable hole than we haven't seen this before. And it wasn't that way at all in the third in the midst of a four goal third capped about it we have games six and it beat Pittsburgh Penguins and a pilot who are. I'm an article in the procedure probably. They actually worked mostly upbeat but it was almost this puzzle is this really but it prod or. And it should it's OK to believe people are not all achieved and stole. It's gonna happen like Todd is going to happen. At some point and why not now and I think that was the Genesis of that little to soak in honor whatever laws by. That's where it's not meet its huge. It started Shaq. And seeing other people were telling it as well sir. You don't just like fueled an idea that you know why he can't have nice things here edit the good old people watched in order to work. Other cities are always seemed to Italy and chip chip taught that we all come up short. We did it. The world champ. It's still adjusting you say that and I generally ask that question I didn't know that I we are bringing this up Friday moments you remember. And everyone remember the save Iran remember the final seconds back. To me watching the game just on TV and you're there right it felt like. The fans threw caution to the wind and it's so crazy that that's the moment you set it because it really felt like people are start to say OK you know what. I've I'm gonna believe and they believed in the team. I did not fail than John Walden I know you've got a busy day to voice their capitals but. You've been so good to me for so many years to be doing the show ungodly hours you jump on after late night. The thing that may be this smile the most and I'm not a cavs fan happy for a lot of cavs fans the thing that made me smile the most to see the photo of you on Twitter. Hoisting lord Stanley on the ice I I just gotta know one broadcaster to another hockey fan to another. What in the what was that like depict I think up over your head. I lose it suddenly I was there it was covered by the way. As it was sitting on the rights of the time I got to you know the top of it as you believe this is about app. They didn't they say by crowds shouted. Don't like to start poking it to based. Each brooding hair I really remember a whole lot of the next sentence. But the pictures probably speak for itself slighted I look at Minnesota I grew up odds it was terrible. But it Cilic cup champion and go to the that that was still as a civil and I'll never ever forget. That was one of the coolest things and I've seen over the past five days John enjoy today. Don't behave however great damage to break thanks so much for doing this. You don't expect to happen. You better believe in my friend 10 AM coverage begins here on fox sports 910. And John Wall like all of our guests on the has deed in Mercer rug cleaning hot I.