Interview: Joe Beninati (4-12-18)

Wes McElroy
Thursday, April 12th

The TV Voice of the Capitals Joe Beninati looks ahead to the start of the Caps' postseason and if he sees the team being more loose than in years past. 


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We will have the game tonight would have your front of it these days. You get to watch and listen to the voice of Joseph beta Nadia on NBC sports Washington. And he joins us now on the deed Mercer rug cleaning hot line. You're out hockey you know the sport you've seen some crazy series and singer in crazy upsets. Why unlike the NBA and baseball why the Stanley Cup Playoffs in times so unpredictable. Parity. Just flat out parity in and the chance that. Any team can beat any other is viable. New year just look at it year after year and with respect to a division champion like Washington didn't. Looking at Columbus I think the difference was what eight points that's four games so it's really not a whole heck of a lot. And yet if Columbus were to take down Washington he would be looked at as an upset of course a wild card beating her top seed in division winner it just. There's so many instances where that happens and what the league is so close. I just I'd look at Vegas sin and LA and right away I would sit there and go low most people are gonna say Vegas is gonna win that series but. People in the know will tell you that LA will push them and put an experience standpoint. LA may take them down. It's just. Did you see it more often than not. Lower seeded teams taking out higher seeded teams in the NHL and that. When I look at the eight series lasts in this first round east and west. The hockey fan wins because this increase are going to be great. That it's going to be an electric atmosphere. And there's that chance there's the chance for the higher ceased. Always get knocked off and it's uncomfortable. Per for the fan base of higher seeds but it really means that when you get through to a Stanley Cup champion you've heard it. Let's dive into this series the capitals and Columbus Blue Jackets putt will drop tonight Joseph Bennett not a Joseph B Willis. And gets along those lines the narrative and there's this feel that way all the pressure last year the past two years have been on the caps and this is the year and they've got to do that. Not so much this year and they still go out they win the match Carlton division they beat they'd wind probably the toughest division all hockey. And I guess there's this feeling of hey if there's no pressure. Well maybe this could be the year and even buried Trott said that this team collectively. Is loose is that how you see the capitals right now you're on and you see a loose team. Let's go back a couple years before I answer that that question directly less I don't think the caps were tight. The last two years they came into presidents' trophy winner they ultimately didn't get the job done. Do I see them as loose or lose certain now. Maybe so are they flying under the radar absolutely because most people are gonna point to Tampa. And Boston. And Pittsburgh as a two time defending champion and say you know that's likely the team it's gonna come these that really good Toronto team I would be surprised that really good Toronto team and then you get to maybe get to wash in age here your fourth or fifth stick. That's wrong I think because it. The caps have wavered away more talent and that. But perhaps it gives them from a mental standpoint. A situation where they considered all the pressure is an all upon us we are not going to be very. The team that did swear in the bullseye percent as they were the last couple of years maybe that helps I'm not so sure anyway you look at it less I'm sorry just just look at the metro division. You get out of the metro division. Big deal you're only halfway there but you'd go to Europe have to get through to. Very good teams just to get outside your own division I am not in love with the NHL playoff format. I think he gives us as hockey fans great matchups but the fact that you're gonna lose. Two of the top fourteen in the lead. In the first or second round and it just doesn't doesn't feel right to me. But I just get the sense that Washington. Will not be the team with a target on its back. And maybe between the years that'll help them relax and let their full talents come come to fruition. Jo Bane ID on the call that night caps Columbus Blue Jackets. Built group dollar in net that was the call made two days ago Braden hoping is played better down the stretch. But as a whole body of work what you see here in just the past two months any question about don't grow Darby in the guy. Some of the toughest decision. Lesson I'm sure it was for for Barry trots are Scott Murray for Mitch coordinate the head coach in the and the goalie brain trust there I know this is not easy. Especially when you have a player of Braden all these capabilities someone who's been arguably at team MVP. In in recent seasons and has been a vezina trophy winner and that the finalists. Great game went off the boil there. For a good month. And they had every set himself but I think he's done a lot of work and more importantly what I think he he said all the right things as far as being a good teammate. He lost his job here at the playoffs began. And yet he knows he needs to be a cheerleader he cannot be divisive force. In that dressing room all that said Philip group Bauer has played extremely well since. I would say. December January. And the numbers buried out. Sure it's a smaller sample size and yes Philipp has very limited. Playoff experience but he was so good he commanded his position so well. Down the stretch that he's. Earned the right to get this game one start. And I know Barry as the one I'm looking over shoulder waiting for the for the first band gold is up there comes Braden. This is a decision they made I hope they're able to run with that and I hope so performs extremely well I know he wants this chance and T here's something that I remembered them even before the end of the year again if you remember. The Olympic Games Germany gets all the way to a gold medal game. They don't get to the gold medal without Philip group arm playing incredibly well in qualifying tournaments so he felt back. Question pressure of important intense games before. At least at an Olympic level internationally. At least in junior trying to win a memorial cup. Each felt that he never been there. And they Stanley Cup level other than filling in for Braden went when Brayton was sick a few years back but I don't Philip relishes the opportunity and he's been in such a good group but he's played just enough west so that you sit there goal and you know it's not like he played three games he had more appearances this year than ever he's ready for art and history major ready to fight with them. Tonight caps Columbus Blue Jackets game want to watch it on NBC sports Washington. How how does the post season change for you you called the game you gotta tell the story but when you walk into the arena how does Joe Banner and Dottie knows the post season. Well. Any chance you get to call a playoff tournament our national tournament as an announcer as a play by play announcer. It's an honor. And locally and NBC sports washed in worldly afforded that first round. From a game called play that place standpoint so where and when Greg McLaughlin and Ellen -- out Coca in and I approached this with our producers and directors. And these are Super Bowl games this is the round that we get to really sink our teeth into and you can feel decision get into the door in the Capital One arena. The fans aren't that much more electric. The intensity of the play in the first five minutes of every Stanley Cup playoff post season. Always catches me and like wow where did this come from I. I know what's gonna happen and yet still. I see everything ratchet up one or two notches in. For us from that from achieving standpoint broadcast telecast standpoint it's the best and and I just wish we could do it for two months. Joseph B arrest those pipes will be watching tonight NBC sports Washington have fun buffer and thank you thank you for the time all guests appearing on the the.